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Scientology is totally reading your comments here — and you’re scaring them senseless


If you’ve ever wondered about whether this website is read by officials of the Church of Scientology, we have a pretty remarkable example to bring to your attention today.

What a week it’s been here in the Underground Bunker. From digging up what L. Ron Hubbard actually said about space aliens and Scientology, to Leah Remini’s new jab at the LAPD about Shelly Miscavige, to Nora Crest’s emotional new video about Scientology homophobia, to the stunning news of a possible Shelly Miscavige sighting, and a crushing look at the way older workers are treated in the Sea Org, this place has been on fire.

And all of the action wasn’t only in the stories themselves. In the comments section of the post about Nora’s video, longtime reader Andrei “DodoTheLaser” Organ posted a pretty wild smackdown that hinted at something interesting going on where he is in the Cincinnati area…


You may remember Dodo from a story we did earlier about his son Daniel (2nd item, here). The Organ family is from Moldova, and Dodo is one of our many readers who is a former Church of Scientology member.

He tells us that he is friends with a woman who, like him, used to work on staff at Scientology’s Cincinnati org (which has been replaced by a new “Ideal Org” across the river in Florence, Kentucky). Now that they’re both out of the organization, they still live very close to each other, and their families are tight.

On Wednesday, Andrei got a series of frantic phone calls from his friend. She was being heavily recruited by the Florence Ideal Org, which wanted her to come back on course and on staff. And the Scientologists were pulling out all the usual tactics to overcome her objections, even going so far as to apply for a new credit card with a $40,000 credit limit on her behalf so she could pay in advance for expensive new classes to take her to “Clear.”

Andrei was incensed, and unleashed his rant in our comments section. “Back the Fuck Off,” he wrote. But what were the chances that his message, inscribed here at a blog hosted in New York, would even be read by Scientology officials in, of all places, Kentucky?

Thursday evening, Andrei got his answer. The following note was slipped under his neighbor’s door. (We’ve blacked out his friend’s name for her privacy.)


We especially enjoy the part where Scientology has informed its former member that she is no longer eligible to pay shitloads of money for bogus Scientology courses because she’s mixed up with some “suppressive persons” at this website that is totally not being obsessed over by Scientology officials day and night.

“I just feel like that post of mine on your blog made a difference and saved two people from a lot more turmoil and mindfuck,” Andrei tells us. “It makes me really happy.”

Well, it makes us happy, too, Dodo.


Mike Rinder lays the smack down

Scientology’s former spokesman is speaking some truth this morning, fellow campers.

Please spread around his message that former Scientologists should not be frightened out of reporting crimes by the church’s usual intimidation tactics.



Go here to start making your plans.


3D-UnbreakablePosted by Tony Ortega on December 17, 2016 at 07:00

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  • Intergalactic Walrus

    I didn’t read all comments yet, but this should be reported to the appropriate authorities ASAP. I believe that every state (some counties too) has agencies which take down scams and fraud aimed at the elderly. Laws probably have been broken. These people should be prosecuted and put out of business, so they can’t do this to anyone else.

    • ReallyMGM

      Some states have good laws on the books for elder abuse. The org is in KY, and she might live in Ohio. It could be a jurisdiction problem, BUT someone needs to look into it just the same. Elder abuse would be just icing on the cupcake of what they did, IMO.

      • Kestrel

        If she did not apply for the credit lines herself, but someone else did using her personal information, it is fraud, and probably a federal, not local, issue.

        • ReallyMGM

          Exactly what I was thinking.
          Seems like I remember a story about them doing this to a developmentally disabled adult before. Got him to the Freewinds, then fleeced him of his inheritance, had him apply for credit cards, etc. Seemed like it was the Buffalo org that pulled that one. (if I remember right) It was a number of years ago, but sounds like the same thing.

      • Intergalactic Walrus

        An elder abuse govt. agency is a good place to start. Since victims are elderly and time could be of the essence, they don’t play around. They investigate what happened, identify the potential crime and see that the correct department follows through with charges. I don’t know if other departments would act as fast, but this might depend on the particular state involved.
        ETA: Also the fact that the victim is a senior citizen would result in additional charges.

  • Andrew Robertson

    If my limited intellect has deciphered Mr R*****n’s latest cryptic blog entry correctly, I think he’s implying that if members of the ASC would focus on important issues like the environment and ignore the ephemeral depredations of a minor insignificant cult then the world would become a better place for our children and their children’s children…Or something?

    But, sadly, no:

    If all the good people were clever,
    And all clever people were good,
    The world would be nicer than ever
    We thought that it possibly could.

    But somehow ’tis seldom or never
    The two hit it off as they should,
    The good are so harsh to the clever,
    The clever, so rude to the good!

    So friends, let it be our endeavour
    To make each by each understood;
    For few can be good, like the clever,
    Or clever, so well as the good.

    Elizabeth Wordsworth

    • NOLAGirl (Stephanie)

      How about he goes and focuses on helping the environment and the rest of us grown ass adults will do exactly as we please.

      • Observer

        It really is tragic that he chose to fritter away his chance to do some epic good in this world, and is now reduced to making feeble, ridiculous attacks and empty threats against those who once supported him.

        • NOLAGirl (Stephanie)

          Despite it all, I hope he finds peace.

          • Observer

            I hope so too, especially for the sakes of his wife and child.

  • itsIBBy

    I just saw on Investigation Discovery Channel that there is a show airing tonight called the scientology cure, I believe at 9 eastern. I plan to check out the show and see what the deal is.

  • chukicita

    So where is the promised avalanche of Good News from Scientology Media Productions?

    • Andrea ‘i-Betty’ Garner
      • Rasha

        I hope that’s looped…….

      • lol

      • 3feetback-of-COS

        Is that not the latest production from Scientology Media Productions?

        • Andrea ‘i-Betty’ Garner

          SMP wishes it could produce something as scintillating as 1 hour of crickets πŸ™‚

    • Kestrel

      Yes. The billions await breathlessly.

  • edge

    O/T: So I went to the mall today to start my holiday shopping and obviously it’s real busy this time of year. But I kid you not, I found a kickass parking spot within a minute of arriving. Now I know how OTVIIIs feel. πŸ˜„

    • Kestrel

      One wonders how many OTVIIIs have the money to shop for the holidays.

      • Harpoona Frittata

        Which reminds, how many OaTys does it take to change a burned out light bulb? No amount of OaTys will do it; nothing in $cn can be changed, even if it no longer works!

        • beauty for ashes

          They wait til someone else does it, and they say they manifested it!

      • edge

        There’s a reason why they advertise those $5000 e-meters and $500 Walkmans at Christmas. Sadly there’s at least one sucker out there with money.

    • beauty for ashes

      LOL, we finally got a handicapped mirror tag , and now I feel like a VIP every time I park, so top that OTVIII’s!

      • Baby

        OMG.. I laughed at this..

        One time I had to go to Court ( I was a Child Educator and had to recommend whether a teenager got to keep her kid ..parenting classes etc. or not)

        Well the Social Worker was with me and she had a handicap sticker because she was disabled and couldn’t walk.

        So we were running late and circled around the court house and found a handicap parking spot..and I screamed..


        The minute these stupid words came out of my mouth I could have jumped in a pot hole.

        And I never heard Bea laugh so loud in my life. ( Thank God)

        • Robert Eckert

          There was this dark comedy about a long-term care facility, and one night some of the patients, all in wheelchairs for various reasons, sneak out and steal the van. They have difficulty driving and almost wreck, and the main driver (somebody else is working the pedals) says “Good thing I’m already paralyzed!”

          • I’m actually laughing out loud.

          • Baby

            hahah OMG. Merry Christmas Robert!

            • Robert Eckert

              Merry Christmas Baby!

        • beauty for ashes

          Ha! OMG it is soo convenient. I must say!

        • Missionary Kid

          I tell blind people that I want to get a bumper sticker that says, “I’d drive better, but somebody broke the red tip off my white cane.” They always laugh.

          • Baby

            ha I can just hear you say that!

  • Rasha

    “This is a letter to put in writing the following points……”

    The self-referential description explaining what the letter that is explaining its own purpose is describing as it outlines the points that it is explaining that it is putting in writing in itself…. is, umm… clear.

    I may need a Hubberd Grammer Course.

    • Missionary Kid

      The Hubbard Grammar Course is also called gobbledygook 101.

  • Bob Crouch

    Although undoubtedly meant as a CYA, this little letter is priceless in what it admits.

    1. It admits that the cult was in effect who applied for these credit cards (why else inform the woman about “her” cc).

    2. It admits that they hold liberties over these cards (why else point out that nothing will be drawn on them).

    3. It admits that they were obtained solely for (presumably maxing them out) for “services.”

    4. Big admission: It confirms disconnection. It states clearly that you are ineligible for being in good standing (and “servicable”) unless you disconnect from SP’s. So much for the “parishioner” making up their own mind to “voluntarily” disconnect.

    No doubt, the writer of this letter thinks that this clears the “good name” of the “church.” But in reality, it admits more than it manages to deny, and shows how far removed these people are from what most consider ethical social interactions.

    It’s like writing a letter that says, “I only raped her; but I let her live. So why is everybody picking on me?”

    • Yes. Admissions of wrong-doing wildly.
      And your last sentence reminds me of a local child-killer years ago who vigorously disputed that he had also stolen his watch.

      • Robert Eckert

        When Whitey Bolger was finally put on trial after years on the lam, he didn’t really dispute the killings he was accused of, but was at great pains to emphasize that throughout all the deals he had done with corrupt FBI agents, he had never been a “snitch”

  • Jimmy3

    Someone asked 2016 if it wanted to hear a joke. 2016 thought he said “choke”, so it promptly killed Dr. Henry Heimlich.

    • NOLAGirl (Stephanie)

      After this savage year, I totally buy that.

    • Rasha

      Is 2016 gonna go down to the wire with this crap?

    • TexasBroad

      I’ve told this story before, but I talked to Dr. Heimlich on the phone once, about ten years ago. I was a litigation paralegal at the time and my boss wanted me to find an expert witness who could testify on the subject of choking and obstructed airways. It was so much fun to buzz his phone and say, “Dr. Heimlich is on line 2 for you.”

      • That is way cool. Did he end up working for you?
        Jimmy Hoffa (Jr.) called my office once.
        My secretary (God love her…..somebody should) actually said, “Aren’t you dead?” Ouch.
        But yeah, its thrilling when you can talk to a world famous name.

        • TexasBroad

          That’s hilarious!
          Yes, he did end up being the expert witness and we won the case. I think the jury was ours the minute he was introduced.

          • Great. When you have the foremost expert it kinda is a win.
            I had an asshole attorney cross-examine an orthopedic surgeon, suggesting that he was just a paid whore.
            The doc calmly said, “It might interest you to know, counsel, that I performed back surgery on the judge in this case.”
            Another bad lawyer suggested that a doctor witness couldn’t really testify to the specifics of a teacher’s job duties.
            His reply: “Surprisingly enough, sir, I went to school.”

            • beauty for ashes

              The doc calmly said, “It might interest you to know, counsel, that I performed back surgery on the judge in this case.”
              This is such a great line.

            • Totally true.
              Kelley was the doc, Ravary the judge.

        • beauty for ashes

          Lou Ferigno called the gym I worked at, and was going to be in town for the weekend. He told me who he was at the end and was completely incensed I had no idea who he was. (The real incredible hulk from tv) I pissed off the lead singer of Ween too there,but I think I told that one before.

        • LongtimeLurker

          She sounds … special …

      • Baby

        I have never heard that story before Broad..

        Now this is your claim to fame. I do NOT know one other person who has ever talked to Dr. Heimlich. Kudos..

        • TexasBroad

          I prefer the story about how I got stoned with Stevie Ray Vaughn as my claim to fame. πŸ™‚

          • She drops casually.

            • TexasBroad

              Not so casually…I’ve been waiting for over a year to mention and I had to leapfrog over poor Dr. Heimlich to do it – lol!

            • I was going to suggest that we all list the famous people we have interacted with.
              But there’s no point to that now with the Stevie Ray story.
              Nothing can top it.

            • TexasBroad

              I was a wild child in Austin in the early 80s. I was good friends with his good friend and personal psychic so I got to meet him several times. I was potentially susceptible to all sorts of woo at the time…so glad I didnt meet a good-looking scientologist.
              ETA…I have tremendously enjoyed meeting all you good-looking, good-hearted EXScientologists though!

            • I’ll admit to being good-looking, good-hearted, but I’m no ex.

          • Baby

            Oh that’s true.. Now I remember THAT one..

          • jazzlover


            Here’s to you (my fave Vaughan tune):


            He hits it on the head here.

            • TexasBroad

              Love it. πŸ™‚

            • jazzlover

              I love the way he makes himself vulnerable – just lays it all out there, warts and all. Huge loss.

          • Johnny Tank (Forever Autumn)

            I still remember the first time I heard a SRV song, someone played it at work. I immediately went out and bought two of his CD’s. Less than a week later Stevie was dead.

            Stevie and me in 2009 (F5):


          • Missionary Kid

            I had a kid from Texas emphatically tell me about Stevie Ray in, IIRC, sometime in the 80’s. I forgot about it, then, months later on a week night, I was hanging out at a local bar. The crowd was sparse because it was late, the owner was the only person working behind the bar, and my favorite blues/boogie band was playing, when this guy walked in with a flat-brimmed hat and stood with his back to the bar, watching the band.

            This was before cell phones, so everyone headed out to get friends, or for the pay phone, and were calling their friends, screaming, “Get your ass down here NOW.”

            Soon, the place was jammed, and the band, which had been playing pretty well, was joined by the stranger with his guitar. He started to play with them. He was playing so well that it was amazing. To keep up with him, the band played at a level they’d never had before. It was magical.

            Soon, there were so many people in the bar that I joined the owner behind the bar and helped her sell beer. The band, which was due for its last break, just kept playing until last call.

            That was my introduction to Stevie Ray.

            I told that story to someone from Austin, and they said, “Oh yeah, I’d seen Stevie do that all the time in Austin.” Jealous doesn’t even begin to describe my emotion.

    • But he finally had a chance to do his maneuver this year before he died. First, last and only time.
      So, there’s that. But he’s still dead.
      At least he didn’t choke to death.
      That would have been funny, unfunny, insanely ironic.

      • Robert Eckert

        You know about Miranda? The reason the Supreme Court used him as a test case was because he was supremely guilty and the police had no reason to pressure a confession out of him when there was plenty of other evidence; the Court knew that he wouldn’t go free but would be retried and convicted and do many years. He finally got out and immediately went out to get drunk, and got into a fight and was stabbed fatally. The police came and arrested his killer as he was bleeding out on the floor– so the last words Miranda heard in this world were “You have the right to remain silent: anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to have an attorney present, and if you cannot afford an attorney, the court will appoint an attorney for you.”

        • Actually a brilliantly wise choice for a precedent setting case.

        • Jimmy3

          Why were they reading the guy his rights while the victim was on the ground bleeding? They can restrain someone before officially placing them under arrest. I believe the brunt of that story to be true, but it seems like in reality the last words hed hear were a cop or EMS or someone speaking to him directly. “Stay with me” “Hang on” etc

  • Baby

    I just woke up. I immediately came to Tony’s like I always do.

    DODO .. There are no words that I’m sure others have written here. I am so proud of you.

    I’m so very happy that the anger you felt that day when your friend informed you about Scientology’s harassment
    compelled you to come here to Vent and to let DSA/OSA and RTC know that it was an Injustice.

    They backed down quickly and I hope that that will be the end of it. What a great friend you are. love baby

    • FredEX2

      Hi Baby, hope you’re feeling better and staying warm in this freezing weather. ((hugs))

      • Baby

        OH Freddie.. Yesterday was the most amazing day..I woke up and hopped on my bike.. went off the Island and did some errands like a regular person. Weather was gorgeous and I sang Christmas Carols in my head the entire way

        ( Although I didn’t know all the words I made them up..hahhaha) Watched movies and played with dogs..

        And paid for it today.. Slept maybe 15 hrs. recovering.. BUT it was ALL WORTH IT.. So I overdid it.. PFfffffffffffffft … It was fabulous.

        • Kestrel

          Well, I just got PFfffffffffffffft all over my feathers. It was worth it. Good to see you, Baby!

          • Baby

            OOPS sorry birdman

        • Missionary Kid

          I’m glad you’re feeling better!

          • Baby

            The days I feel good I make the most out of it..
            I could not do a thing and feel OK about my day..

            But I want to LIVE out loud.. and when I do.. the piper comes and I am good with that. As long as it’s not the Grim Reaper..hahaha

        • FredEX2

          So glad to hear you got out and about… but sorry tho that you paid for it later….soon you’ll get your strength back and be riding around on your bike more and more…but maybe take it easy for a little longer? Wish we all lived closer and on days like this could just come over and bring some movies and treats and sit around in big warm socks and enjoy a visit! ~Happy you are doing better…❀️

          • Baby

            Oh Freddie.. I’m fine with the way it is now seriously. I’ve accepted it. ( You are sweet though)

            Love the Movies and treats and being with each other.. The warm socks though? It’s 80 degrees where I live right now. I have the Air on..hahah

            But on Xmas Eve .. that is one day out of the year that I would love snow.. but I’ll live..ha

    • Andrea ‘i-Betty’ Garner

      I’ve seen you, Bury and L.Wrong defend and protect Dee Findlay just as fiercely. The Bunker is packed wall-to-wall with loyal friends and advocates.

      • Baby

        Aww Betty .. you are sweet. You are right though.. Bunkerues are a loyal lot that’s for sure..xo

    • Rasha


      • Baby

        Hello sweet Rashie.. I am slowly waking up with my diet coke.. I have no idea where Mac is.. I hope he is fishing.

        • Rasha

          Lovely fish for Babbeh. Om nom nom nom…..

          • Baby

            hahaha He always catches and releases.. ( I hate fish.. seafood..not even shrimp) Meat and Potatoes for me.. xo

    • Love you back

      • Baby

        Just amazing to me how it all went down Dodo..

        Being sad is a standstill.. Getting angry? Now that is a real F*ckin motivator.

  • FredEX2

    With all this exposure and fallout for Scientology, unfortunately Malfeasance will likely blame everyone else and take his anger and upset out on those around him. I hope he doesn’t hurt anyone, but if he starts punching people…I hope this time those subjected to his abuse…and those that witness it…will find a way to be brave and stop him from assaulting people, punch him back…or leave.

    • ExCult.Jan

      Just another day at the office for most still-ins.

  • I would like to acknowledge Panopea Abrupta for the new Hitler video.
    Oh boy. LULZ.
    Panopea please meet my parrots that you so kindly introduced.
    Dallas and Eli
    Eli can sing a line or 2 of the National Anthem.

    • April

      Pretty birdies!

    • Andrea ‘i-Betty’ Garner

      Aww, I knew you’d love Pan’s newest vid πŸ™‚

      • April

        Where is a link? I missed it.

        • Qbird

          sort by best — bam!

    • Baby

      Absolutely beautiful Karen.. Happy Holidays darlin.. to you and Jeffrey.. xo

    • FredEX2

      Great photo of your pretty & smart parrots with “The Unbreakable Miss Lovely”.

    • beauty for ashes

      You know they are well loved, look at those feathers.

  • Michael Leonard Tilse

    I love Mike Rinder’s blog today.

    You should go there and read the blog and read the comments.

    To all scientologists and former scientologists: If you have been in scientology you probably have been involved in, witnessed or know about criminal activity by scientologists. These crimes need to be reported to the authorities. YOU need to report them. YOU need to go to the FBI or your local police or any agency that might be concerned.

    If you doubt where to report, or even to let Mike know you reported them use this email to find out:

    Those Non-Disclosure documents you signed do not apply to reporting crimes. In fact, scientology using those NDAs and confidentiality agreements to cover up criminal acts is likely in itself illegal.

    You may think it has been too long, it’s too old and your memory is poor or you don’t have the docs. Go ahead and report anyway. This builds a long term picture of the criminality and having the testimony is needed to stop it in the present.

    When something was a crime, yes it might have gone past the statute of limitations if it was just that one time. But because so many of these things were repeated endless times and there is a pattern of many people doing them, I think it attains the status of a conspiracy to commit these crimes. That means perhaps the statute of limitations does not apply. You could be pulled back into things you thought were gone forever. Your testimony is a way to protect yourself by cooperation with law enforcement.

    Even if you were intimately involved in those crimes, your help and testimony is needed. I think that prosecutors and law enforcement look favorably on people who give their testimony and people can receive immunity from prosecution and even protection from the other people involved. The law is interested in prosecuting and stopping the leaders who still exist and the worst offenders, not everyone who might have been involved. Your testimony might be key to shut down the ongoing abuse of people and the commission of crimes. That is a duty that needs no contract.

    Please, now is the time to stand up, say your piece, tell your story when it can do the most good.

    • β€œThe only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” ― Edmund Burke.

    • Let’s shake the bag and see what falls out to be picked up!

    • ze moo

      That could easily be Remini’s season 3 and 4. Followed up by a visit to the People Court and then Federal Court.

      • Michael Leonard Tilse

        I want to see the biggest FBI take down in history. I want to see US Congressional hearings. I want to see IRS reverse scientology’s tax status retroactively to 1993 for fraud and beg forgiveness for all that they harmed.

        I want to see the Lisa McPherson murder investigation reopened with new evidence.

        I want to see David Miscavige in orange, trying to take the fifth in federal court.

        I want to see the billions in IAS and scientology coffers seized and used to try and make whole all those scientology has left destitute and damaged.

        I want to see those monies used to care for the Sea Org “elderlies” who have nothing at the end of their lives.

        That’s a big dream. A star-high goal. But you, and you and you, and you over there, reading this in the dim light of a computer in some OSA entheta monitoring room, can make it happen.

        Because if you don’t, all the crap will keep happening, and then it will happen to you.

        • Kestrel

          …And then it will happen to you. We see this over and over again, don’t we?

  • Sarah James

    David ” let him die” Miscavige time to come clean. Start with Lisa, Kyle and Alexander.

  • ze moo

    For anyone to cause such fear and trepidation in the CO$, they must swing a huge Organ. It took a high level decision to divest themselves of the 40k credit line and to sneak the disclaimer under her door and run away. What no flaming bag of poop? So actual $cientologists don’t have a bag to poop in? That sounds about right.

    Imagine the pressure that the Cincinnati mOrg is under to try this scam? Imagine also that the Chase Bank credit card ‘functionary’ is not ‘on lines’ to every regge in the clamiverse. Someone very high up on the food chain had to authorize that contact and the bogus credit card(s). The whole kerfuffle was approved at the highest levels of Reggedom. With all their hands looking for a commission on the scam. Being told to back off and run away by an OSA/DSA honcho, they did that because any little attention on the scam makes it too dangerous to try.

    How desperate was the Florance mOrg to try this? Very desperate indeed. I like desperation in eyes of my foes, I don’t like innocent people being caught up in that desperation.

    Dodo, you swing a huge organ. And OSA/DSA is afraid of you. Very afraid.

  • Lousy Ratatouille

    Isn’t this the worst, the craziest “letter” of all times, delivered in the sneakiest way?

    • Bobby Tolberto AKA TDA

      Repudiation and footbullet in one packet.

  • Michael Leonard Tilse

    Ok, all you Office of Special affairs people: You have to know this has just started a stampede. Think of how many ex-scientologists there are or even current under-the-radar scientologists who read this blog and Mike Rinder’s blog.

    If you want to get in the front of the line for immunity, you better take yourself in person to the FBI and sing your heart out.

    Because you know, someone who you know is headed there already.

    PS: This also goes for Miscavige’s security detail.

    • ze moo

      Only the first in line gets the immunity. Everyone else does jail time.

      • NOLAGirl (Stephanie)


        First to roll gets the best deal. πŸ™‚

        • jazzlover

          Roll what? πŸ˜‰

    • jazzlover
    • “If you want to get in the front of the line for immunity…”
      First one gets immunity.
      Powerful motivation, thanks for mentioning it.

  • ze moo

    On track for another 1 thousand comment day. I am as happy as a clam.

    Meanwhile, back on the farm little Timmy has fallen down the well, again. Timmy, Lassie is not a seeing eye dog. And in Fredrick County Maryland, the Trout Run story goes on and on and on again.

    From Mary McConnell

    December 15 at 12:40pm

    Social Betterment Properties International & Frederick County
    Council attorneys agree to yet another extension ( no set amount of
    days, probably 30 days like the last 2 times ) for SBPI to file it’s
    Memorandum of excuses on why they deserve to have the Council veto
    overturned. Must be hard to come up with valid reasons, lol! Here is the
    info from the docket: Court System:
    Circuit Court for Frederick County – Civil System
    Case Number: 10C15001859
    Title: In the Matter of Social Betterment Properties International

    Case Type: Administrative Agency Appeal Filing Date:07/01/2015 Case
    Status: reopened/Active

    Doc No./Seq No.: 50/0
    File Date: 12/14/2016 Entered Date:12/15/2016 Decision:
    Party Type: Petitioner Party No.:1
    Document Name: Stipulation Extending Time for Petitioner to File Memorandum in Support of

    Petition for Judicial Review Filed by PET001-Social Betterment
    Properties International, PET002-Social Betterment Properties
    International, ADA001-The Frederick County Council, ADA002-Frederick
    County Council

    Mary McConnell also rules!!

    • jazzlover

      I hear ya, ze, but are clams REALLY happy? hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

      • ze moo

        As they lack all but the most rudimentary nervous system, I doubt that they feel anything beyond the temperature and tides. But their water appears to have reached the boiling point.

        How desperate for cash is the Cincinnati mOrg to try this scam?

        • jazzlover

          It’s the playbook. They know nothing else, unfortunately.

    • Andrea ‘i-Betty’ Garner

      Mary McConnell is tireless.

  • Panopea Abrupta

    Hungover, today, DM?
    Dodo suggests the hair of the wog that bit ya.

    $cientology? With fiends like these, who needs enemas?

    $cientology: It’s a brig, not a Bridge.

    Are $cientologists who have not been seen missing parsons?

    Allo, allo, allo, wot ‘ave we ‘ere?”
    asked the three headed alien bobby.

    “Ever ‘eard the one about the unindicted co-conspirator?”

    These are barnacles, clinging to a driftwood log, near Auckland.
    They remind me of the last remaining clams, clinging desperately
    to the teachings of a fat fraud from Tilden.

    • ze moo

      Why is my Scottie Dog engram being stimulated?

    • beauty for ashes

      I must know, the story of how you found this picture. And how is there hair?

      • Robert Eckert

        Kelp, I think.

    • Rasha

      That is one pissed-off Bantha, I’m sure…..

  • Hi folks! Thank you for the kind words.

    My friend and her daughter are glad that they are left alone now.

    Thank you Tony for this blog and thank you to every reader and poster.

    • jazzlover

      Fly high, Arghhhhh πŸ˜‰

      • Thanks for reminding me of this song Jazz. I really love it.

        • jazzlover

          I knew that ya did πŸ™‚ See Bonamassa’s version above.

          • Ruby

            Love that Joe! I saw him at the 3 Kings concert tour. πŸ™‚
            Best ever.

            • jazzlover

              He is extraordinary! Glad you got to see him live.

    • Rasha

      *raises glass*

    • PickAnotherID

      Contact info for filing Federal fraud reports can be found at:

    • jazzlover
      • Oh man. You are spoiling me. Love Joe.

        • jazzlover

          That’s some kick ass stuff right there. Love how he started with the old Skip James delta blues (I’m So Glad) which Cream made famous on their first album.

    • Now can I name drop you.
      “Dodo The Laser? Yeah, I partied with him in Cleveland.”

    • beauty for ashes

      I think we should all toast Dodo with some Metal tonight. I found this song particularly apt πŸ™‚ XOXOXO

      • Robert Eckert

        You know what kind of music wind turbines like?

        They’re big heavy metal fans!

        • Missionary Kid

          You win the worst pun of the day.

    • I like to credit you for what you have started here if i may? Can i use your Avatar profile in this campaign going on elsewhere on the interwebz? People love DoDo’s

    • Johnny Tank (Forever Autumn)

      You’re a good man, Andrei.

    • Qbird

      Every time we gather together to share stories, something special happens.
      I feel honored to have witnessed a piece of a good thing this day.
      Thank you Dodo [and others] for sharing your stories with me. It is a true blessing.

    • *fist bump to you and your friend*

      They’d better be left alone… although, no one is ever alone around the Bunker if they don’t want to be, you dig?

    • Jimmy3

      I tried to slip a note under your door, but i wrote it on an etch-a-sketch and it wouldnt fit through

  • Intergalactic Walrus

    I hope the authorities lift the author’s fingerprints off of that note.

    • beauty for ashes

      **teehee** cause.. the irony…..**hahhahhah***

  • PickAnotherID

    Stray thought…I’d really like to see the latest $cientology ‘Thursday Stats’ graph for “Enemies Created vs Clears Made”

  • mockingbird

    I asked for crimes by Scientology at ESMB nearly three years ago. I was overwhelmed with a long list of various offenses that Scientology has been associated with. I had to refer the avalanche of heartbreaking stories of horrific crimes to other people, like Tony Ortega. I didn’t feel able to take on everything and give it the attention it should get.

    I hope some of those people come forward now.

  • NOLAGirl (Stephanie)

    Diving into a Star Wars marathon Bunkeroos. Have a good night, see you in the AM. 😘

    • Douglas D. Douglas

      May the Force be with you.

      • jazzlover

        The Greeks would say: May the FOS be with you πŸ™‚

      • Bobby Tolberto AKA TDA


      • Glen

        Or as we say up here amongst the coastal redwoods, “May the Forest Be With You.”

        • Missionary Kid

          Is that why your nickname is Glen?

    • beauty for ashes

      i want to know if it affects your dreams! πŸ™‚ I hope you get a good light saber!

    • Andrea ‘i-Betty’ Garner

      I’m midway through a Hobbit marathon; I’m in Tolkien heaven. Enjoy your evening, young Padawan!

    • beauty for ashes

      Can’t wait till you get to this part!

    • PickAnotherID
      • beauty for ashes

        thank god we don’t have more of that right?

  • PickAnotherID

    For any watching OSA or Sea Ogres, you can have a ‘break from it’.

    • Robert Eckert

      Oyster cult much better than clam cult.

      • LongtimeLurker

        Har! : )

  • Fink Jonas

    They also troll comments on Youtube videos where Leah is speaking, Leah appeared on the Wendy Williams show to promo her book and there is a guy there very defensive about any negative comments against scientology pretending to be impartial to the comments but is very obvious he only responds to negative comments against the cult. They must be very busy because you type Leah Remini and a gazillion videos show up.

  • Jimmy3

    Jason Lee is doing the voiceover on IHOP commercials.
    Bodhi Elfman is trying to sell his IHOP gift card outside an IHOP.

    • Shayne

      By IHOP are you referring to International House of Pancakes? And what do you mean re a Bodhi Elfman IHOP gift card? No one knows who he is. I’m so confused.

  • stillgrace2

    I’ve been keeping up with my local A&E channel schedule. The network is featuring the second and third episode of Leah’s show a few times tomorrow (sandwiched between blocks and blocks of “Hoarders” and other shows).
    The last block of Leah’s shows in the evening (Sunday) is followed by a seven minute preview of Episode 4: A Leader Emerges. So far I’ve only seen the 57 second version. This should be good.

    It really hit me today: This show is a hit. A real hit. And the topic coming up has probably deeply enturbulated David Miscavige so much that it is terrifying to imagine what it is like to have to work closely with him at this time.

    I just finished rereading Jefferson Hawkin’s “Counterfeit Dreams” and so the concept of being abused by this sadistic dictator is sitting pretty raw with me at this moment. David Miscavige has a lot to answer for. I also reread Robert Vaughn Young’s and Jesse Prince’s accounts of the death of LRH.

    It’s pretty clear that LRH NEVER intended David Miscavige to be the leader of scientology. It was a coup. RVY mentions he started writing a book “Who Killed L. Ron Hubbard?”

    What I read today in the rabbithole I dove down would make a great True Crime Whodunnit Special on any network.

    • PickAnotherID

      DM’s greatest fear, being in the spotlight of reality…

      • Missionary Kid

        *Laughing with the image of DM scurrying away in my head*

      • madame duran

        Maggots and cockroaches. Grossest things EVAR.
        (blobfish running in third place)

    • dungeon master

      Hey! I went down that same Rabbit Hole last month! RVY writes well, and makes excellent points, and Jesse knows a lot of whys for things I’ve wondered about. Great reading.

  • gtsix

    Fabulous story, hell ya Dodo, stand strong. Off to read Mike’s smackdown, then into bed. Long work today and more tomorrow. Love to all.

    • Andrea ‘i-Betty’ Garner

      Back attcha πŸ™‚

    • Baby

      sweet dreams 6

    • beauty for ashes

      night night <3 <3 <3

  • AntoniaW

    Going to sleep here in the UK after being much inspired by Dodo’s excellent intervention. As a quick O/T bed-time thought, here, for a snapshot of a failing organisation, is Saint Hill’s current website events page. It points you to an exciting evening’s entertainment in, ahem, July 2016:

  • Observer
    • beauty for ashes

      that goose is so bad ass his feet look like doc martens. πŸ™‚

    • flyonthewall

      I just ordered pizza hut online and got myself all excited for pizza and cinnastix and sodie but then they called and said my order was cancelled bc the store is closing due to the weather. Yes, I know the roads are covered in ice, why do you think I ordered delivery?? Think I want to go out in that shit and kill myself?? So much for “in rain, sleet or snow” Bastard cowards.

      • Fly Lady

        So no pizza? I stayed home from work because of the ice and you’re telling me there’s no pizza?

        • flyonthewall

          if you loved me, you’d go buy Taco Bell

          • ExCult.Jan

            Fly, you must really be hungry. No pizza. No pancakes. How’d the Taco Bell work out, for you?

          • nose

            You guys have kids. Bundle them up and send them out.

      • Get this guy a parka and send him out:

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          • Sure, it’s on the back of the box.

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            • No can do. My passport expired, and I’ve been taking my time renewing it. (It’s only good for five years, and will I need it in the next four?)

            • flyonthewall

              damn it

            • kemist

              You can get a canadian passport that’s valid for 10 years. Cost a little bit more. Got one 3 years ago.

    • Ben Franklin

      Duck delivery just in time for Christmas. Busy time of the year.

    • iampissed

      I thought they were working with drones not ducks.

  • Observer

    The show about Elli Perkins is starting on ID now.

  • Once in a while there is a Christmas song I don’t hate.
    Sometimes there’s two:

  • WierdHarold

    “The Scientoloty Cure” is on ID right now. Found it by accident. Didn’t know it existed. Very good so far. Tony has part.

  • Tony Ortega

    “In retrospect I’d have to say yes, she made the wrong choice.”

    You think?

    • Supper Powers

      You’re pretty great.

      • Tony Ortega

        That was a fun one. I did the interview down at the South Street Seaport. They kept me much longer than they were originally planning.

    • LongtimeLurker

      Who made what wrong choice? I hate missing out on snarkasm.

      • Robert Eckert

        Ellie Perkins, the choice was to treat her mentally ill son with woo instead of medicine, cost her her life.

        • LongtimeLurker

          Thanks Robert.

  • nottrue
    • 5 Feet Long and Luminous

      Where ARE they, btw? I would’ve thought they’d be jumping all over the CoS now Leah has the cult on the ropes. Are they working on something behind the scenes that we don’t know about?

      • They are everywhere.

        • 5 Feet Long and Luminous

          I hope they start to make some noise again soon.

          • Whenever “they” will feel like. That’s how it works.

    • Haha! This is great.

      • You are Great!

      • Kestrel

        You did a good thing, DodoTheLaser.

        • That’s why when you witness an accident, you call an SP.

          • Ha!

          • Todd Tomorrow

            Seriously Dodo you are a hero. It goes to show that indeed one person can make a difference while most think they are so helpless fighting ScioCorp. The example I like to bring to people is how Warren Jeff’s., who had been allowed to continue raping children(despite an ongoing investigation) was finally brought down by his nephew who went to the police and agreed to testify his uncle molested him and his five year old brother, repeatedly, growing up. When they finally raided his Texas compound they found a “deflowering” room complete with audio recordings of unspeakable acts perpetrated on underage girls. Their parent’s knew and of course never considered going to the police in fear of being(disconnected) thrown out of the LDS sect. Worse was the FBI knew, yet tip toed around because it was a religion. State law enforcement knew, but they’d just let Jeff’s knew he was no longer welcome in his state so he’d move. My point is that finally after years of nothing happening (think of all the shitty set backs) that one by one people are coming forward. No step is small when these examples are adding up very quickly. “Tick Tock…”

            • Thank you Todd. I am no hero at all, but I get your points.

            • iampissed

              Your right your no hero, as most of us are not. But you are one fine human.

            • Trying to be one.

            • Todd Tomorrow

              I ramble but with everybody doing something(You, Leah, Rinder, A&E execs Amy, Tony..) it tends to add up very quickly. That’s what I took from today’s topic it takes a village and together we are an army.

            • ExCult.Jan

              Not rambling. Clear as Clear can be. πŸ™‚

            • Todd Tomorrow

              Thanks, Jan!

            • Well put.

    • iampissed


  • Dear Scientologist,

    Check this out.

    Love, Dodo.

    Real Humanitarians

    Snip: “For ex-scientologists, I believe it is a valuable exercise to visit such
    congregations. I understand the Unity church is very similar. And for
    some it might even open the door to a group you would enjoy
    participating in (as the loss of β€œcommunity” when everyone in
    scientology disconnects from you can sometimes be difficult). I am not
    promoting anyone to join up, just sharing my experience. I suspect many,
    like me, are done with any form of organized religion. But this is
    where I would head if I felt the need for some sort of group experience.”

    Snip: “It was their normal Sunday Service. About 250 people were there.

    Their church was built from scratch, funded by donations from
    members. It is functional. Unassuming. Certainly NOT opulent. Though I
    would bet they are generally well respected and loved by their neighbours
    and the local community.

    They go to great lengths to make newcomers welcome. You really get a
    sense that they are happy to see you and are genuinely interested in

    They are completely non-judgemental. People of any faith, colour and sexual orientation really are welcome.
    It is not just a platitude not born out in reality.

    Their β€œpitch” for money is to let you know that contributions are
    welcome to help them with their programs, currently focused on
    supporting refugee families from Syria and Afghanistan they are

    No hard sell for anything at all, just very interested, caring
    people who want the world to be a happier, kinder and more harmonious
    place and believe that by encouraging people to act that way they can
    bring about a bettering of the state of things.

    They sing nice hymns, have a piano player and violinist and a choir,
    but everyone in the congregation heartily sings along. No β€œWe Stand
    Tall.” Messages of hope for the world. Something that really makes a
    gathering place feel like a religion.

    Things remain light-hearted. A lot of laughter and humour is incorporated into their service.

    They socialize afterwards β€” coffee and snacks. Everyone participates
    with a lot of social interaction. Nobody trying to get your money.
    Nobody standing at the door refusing to let you leave. No β€œpass the
    pen.” No Big League Sales. No big display of books you are supposed to

    So, yeah.

  • itsIBBy

    Just finished watching the scientology cure on ID. I’d seen it before bet it’s nice to see it get replayed. I’m left feeling torn. I have a lot of compassion for jeremy, seeing as I have my own mental illness issues, and almost none for eli. She failed her son. Scientology caused her to fail her son. I’m so angry right now

    • Juicer77

      It’s such a tough balance. The line is very thin where the brainwashing ends and the conscious choices begin. And sometimes they are intertwined. It’s hard not to get very angry at the “choices” people make sometimes. Sigh.

  • nose

    I was just thinking… I know Jason Beghe did his part to inform and protest the cult and he may very well be done with thinking about them at all and I wouldn’t blame him. But, how fun would it be to have Leah and Jason together riffing on the cult?

    • Very fun. And in Chicago P.D. So meta/l.

    • iampissed

      Oh Jason and Leah…..think of the poor guy who has to be on the 5 second delay.
      It would be fun but someone is going to get a workout.

      • Juicer77

        ^^^ XD

  • Phatpharm

    Isn’t this letter proof that the “Church” is who dictates who you can associate with? I was raised in a very fundamental Christian religion. I have friends that no longer associate with the church and don’t say nice things about it… I have never gotten a letter telling me I cannot attend services and if there is a program happening and one of them wants to come into the Sanctuary and support me, they are never turned away. Guess this makes that letter they sent A&E about disconnection a lie AND blowing it off all the religions do it stupid. The Amish and The JW are very much villified for doing this. Maybe they should just stop “talking” for a while. They are really giving proof Leah and her show is the truth. (Excuse errors. I’m trying to write this on my little phone screen).

    • moonnfire

      I don’t know much about the JWs but I was watching a documentary on the Amish a while back. According to the show, the Amish can still speak to the shunned person but there are certain things that can’t do with them, like have a meal together and things like that. As far as I know, they do not harass the exmember or have them followed or spread rumors and lies about them or send them threatening letters.

      • Phatpharm

        I did not know the complete story of shunning in the Amish communities. ex-Amish still loose their families to some extent and as a group do get some negative feed back about it. JW have someone that give many speeches about what happened to member when they are excommunicated. They can be kind of harsh to the member.
        I was reading Scientology’s response letter to the show’s producers about disconnection. The letter makes is sound like the individual is making up their own mind about not contacting “evil” people. That letter shows that a woman that was still a practicing Scientologist with the corporation was informed that she no longer was eligible for services because she is talking to someone that left the church. I would say that letter proves the letter that A&E has is lie.
        The “fair gaming” that doesn’t exist yet appears on camera over and over and over…. that is evil. The lies about people to destroy their lively hoods to pressure them back and just plain evil. We are living in a world that gives people video proof of what the most ethical people on the planet are doing. Sorry to ramble. The behavior that is happening with Scientology is very upsetting to me and I was never in the church. I feel for those that were strong enough to make it out and for those that are still there because they cannot see away out. Those that choose to stay… I do believe you have to the right to believe what you believe, but I don’t believe you get to lie about it to bring in believers. No Buddhist group hides the main teachings of The Buddha. No Christian says “sure you can worship what ever god you want as well as the Christian God” and hides the Resurrection story. Just toxic. smh

  • Dee Findlay-DeElizabethan

    Just finished watching “The Scientology Cure”. Tony’s explanations were perfect. What a horrible story and glad it’s still out and seen.

    • jazzlover

      Just found this on YouTube while searching for “The Scientology Cure”. Hysterical:

      • Dee Findlay-DeElizabethan


        • jazzlover

          I know that I never saw that on TV when I was a kid πŸ™‚

      • That gay and tuberculosis is all in your head!

        • jazzlover

          I wonder if scientology can cure that nagging hypochondria……….

  • Tory Christman

    You all are a riot, wonderful…and thank you. πŸ™‚

    • Juicer77

      You set a good example. πŸ˜‰

  • Tory Christman

    IF I could give you (All here and never ins)…. and Tony and Leah and Mike and ALL the Ex’s, Critics, and Anonymous ONE thing for Christmas…it would be: DAVID MISCAVIGE IN ORANGE, BEHIND BARS FOR LIFE.
    Merry Christmas. Ok, it’s just an idea…but *many* great things began with just that: An idea. πŸ™‚

    • jazzlover

      Great thought! If Jeffs can go “up the river” (once thought to be nearly impossible), so can Davey. Happy holidays to you and yours, Tory!

    • Liberated

      That was my Christmas wish for last year…..oh well, I’m not giving up.
      Only thing, do orange jumpsuits come in kiddie sizes?

    • Todd Tomorrow

      Not his head on a stick?

  • Taffy Sinclair

    I finally visited a Co$ for the first time in my life!! Wow, is all can say. Anyone wanna hear about my experience?? It was ….weird.

    • ExCult.Jan

      Do tell…

    • Missionary Kid


    • LongtimeLurker


    • jazzlover

      I posted that downstream. I will have to check with my trademark attorney and get back to you πŸ˜‰

      • Hey! I got it from the Internet so it’s all mine

        • jazzlover

          You’re right. It’s the new socialist order. Everything belongs to everybody πŸ™‚

          • it’s a copy so you don’t steal it! …fair and square. Man! Just wait until we can copy our neighbors new Cadillac with a 3D printer.. He is going to be pissed?

  • Supper Powers
  • Todd Tomorrow

    I don’t Facebook but I have an old acct. that I checked today. Didn’t realize I had a sock in Kirstie Alley’s page. I’d bet she doesn’t ck. it much. Here is a recent discussion;

    Joseph A. McNath Get the hell out of that fucked up Scien”TomCruise”ology cult. That’s why you’re fat because you’re brainwashed and not happy. Anyone who is a member of that douchebag cult is a mental mess.
    Like Β· Reply Β· 10 Β· November 30 at 3:44am
    Hide 12 Replies
    Matthew Wood
    Matthew Wood Angry much
    Like Β· Reply Β· November 30 at 5:49am
    Joseph A. McNath
    Joseph A. McNath Yeah I am angry that these douchebag celebrities are only members of this goofy fucked up cult because the other “low class” members are ordered to be their slaves.
    Like Β· Reply Β· 1 Β· November 30 at 2:43pm
    Tera Nelson
    Tera Nelson freedom of Religion dude.
    Like Β· Reply Β· November 30 at 6:15pm
    Joseph A. McNath
    Joseph A. McNath It’s not religion dude. They have no freedom in that cult.
    Like Β· Reply Β· 3 Β· November 30 at 7:10pm
    Irene B Crouse
    Irene B Crouse L Ron Hubbard started it to evade income taxes- its a messed up cult!
    Like Β· Reply Β· 4 Β· December 4 at 8:56am
    Kathleen McCarty Brown
    Kathleen McCarty Brown Were you blocked for bad mouthing? I know on twitter she does!
    Like Β· Reply Β· December 6 at 8:51pm
    Joseph A. McNath
    Joseph A. McNath Not yet. I’d love to know if Kirstie has to do all of the treacherous things the “low class” members have to do.
    Like Β· Reply Β· 2 Β· December 8 at 5:36am
    Paul Gregory
    Paul Gregory She’s a nut case, end of story. Anyone Ina destructive controlling cult like that is bonkers
    Like Β· Reply Β· 3 Β· December 8 at 2:15pm
    Bob Smith
    Bob Smith such tolerant commentary .. Joe get back on the Meds man !!
    Like Β· Reply Β· December 15 at 1:40pm
    Joseph A. McNath
    Joseph A. McNath Bob go join that fucked up cult, you’ll fit right in.
    Like Β· Reply Β· 15 hrs
    Joseph A. McNath
    Joseph A. McNath Bob go join that fucked up cult, you’ll fit right in.
    Like Β· Reply Β· 15 hrs
    Joseph A. McNath
    Joseph A. McNath Bob go join that fucked up cult, you’ll fit right in.
    Like Β· Reply Β· 15 hrs

    • Juicer77

      Interesting tone. It’s a shame no one on there is schooling about how thought control groups work. But the usual tone has moved from weird spaceship cult to dangerous criminal slave organization. Another sign that the $ci brand is toxic.

    • jazzlover

      That ‘freedom of religion’ counter never gets old. LOL

  • Todd Tomorrow
  • Great result for Dodo!

    I’m a little miffed that I can’t find the reports of the deposition (of Mike Rinder and Marty Rathbun) where lawyers for the criminal organisation known as the “church” of $cientology wheeled in boxes and boxes full of print-outs of various Internet forum messages and the like and explained that this was what Captain David “he is NOT insane!” Miscavige personally objected to.

    So, DM is getting printouts of the Internets (only the bad things said about him…). What a delightfully futile way for the leader of a criminal organisation to waste his time πŸ™‚

  • I like how they sign their letters these days. As post titles, generalities. Hey HCO Cincinnati, you afraid to put your name down for the world to see? I thought so. Keep hiding behind your veil of lies.

  • Rachel Sue Nichol

    I work for a company in Palm Harbor FL which is owned by Scientologists. Watching the show on A&E has helped me draw parallels between how the company operates and the culture they attempt to shape. I’m totally disgusted and am looking for new employment.