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When Tom Cruise go-fer and budding flak Tommy Davis was getting his Scientology hat on

While we’re dealing with the roller coaster ride of Leah Remini’s third season, the fun things tipsters send us keep rolling in.

So, as we wait for another devastating episode, we’re going to distract you with something odd that came across the hopper recently.

Our correspondent was perusing the wares of a thrift store in Hollywood when he stumbled upon a curious item. It appeared to be a Scientology coursebook which contained the previous owner’s handwritten responses to some exercises. When he saw who that previous owner was, he figured we’d want to see it.

Tom Davis? Getting “hatted” in 2002? Ooh, yes, this interested us…



Here’s our best attempt to decipher Tommy’s chicken scratch…

The subjects covered in these chapters are the primary Scientology services in an org. Using the data you can properly enlighten someone on their introductory services and then fully cover auditing and training thereby giving them the understanding they would need to see how Scientology can help them in their life.

If a person feels dull and lifeless and that they are not getting all they can out of life you can use the section on The Purif to elighten them…

…If you are dealing with a person who wants to understand more about themselves and why people are the way they are the chapter on training can be used to get them on the road to being an auditor.

Someone who is having emotional trouble in life and who is really being beat down by his/her environment can be enlightened on auditing using the chapter. These chapters describe all the intro routes for a new person and this is how someone gets onto and up the Bridge

This chapter gives you the real world examples of what Scientology can and does handle. Using it one can make clear to his prospect exactly how Scientology can help him/her and show that it has helped many others.


— Success stories on how Scientology helped someone with their marriage could be used to enlighten someone on how it could help their trouble marriage

— Success oon using Scientology to handle one’s children can be used to show how someone can use Scientology to handle kids better

This chapter gives you the data you need to know to be able to correct a persons false ideas

— success on the use of study tech can get someone interested in services that handle study

— Successes on

We asked technical expert Sunny Pereira for some help understanding what Tommy was doing in this exercise.

“He’s doing a course to teach him how to introduce people to Scientology. Presumably, because he’s dealing with non-Scientologists in his job, Scientology would want him to try to enlighten them to get them onto services. The course teaches him simple answers to give, and directions on various ways to say, ‘Scientology can help you with that.'”

She said it was curious that the document was printed in Denmark, and wondered if Tommy had been over there then. The timing is also interesting. In 2002, David Miscavige was working hard to help Tom Cruise recover from his 2001 divorce from Nicole Kidman by putting him through intense auditing with Marty Rathbun. The goal was to wind up Cruise to be massively gung-ho for the church again. Davis, meanwhile, had been assigned to work on Cruise’s adopted children with Nicole, Isabella and Connor, to convince them to side with their dad and consider Nicole a “suppressive person.”

Davis had been a go-fer for Cruise for some time, but as Sunny points out, he was being groomed for dealing with the public — within a couple of years he would emerge as Scientology’s most visible mouthpiece, a role for which he is still fondly remembered by a lot of our readers.

Alas, Tommy ran afoul of Miscavige and was axed as Scientology spokesman around the end of February, 2011. He and his then wife Jessica Feshbach moved to Austin, Texas, where her family had property. In 2013, Tommy testified that he was “on leave” from the Sea Org but still a member of the church. In 2014, Tommy and Jessica moved to Los Angeles, where Tommy went to work for Santa Monica real estate investor Tom Barrack. But then in 2016 Tommy was hired away by Australian billionaire James Packer, who put Tommy in charge of his North America holdings, including his interest in the RatPac mini-movie studio. But only a year later, that plum situation fell apart. Packer’s life crumbled, Tommy left RatPac and went back to work for Barrack, and he filed for divorce from Jessica.

What’s he up to now? We haven’t had a report about him in a while. How about it, tipsters? We can never get enough of Tommy D.


[What’s new with the new Tommy D?]



Bonus items from our tipsters

Mark your calendar!



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Scientology disconnection, a reminder

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