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Stacy Francis, Scientology celebrity

Current lifetime: Born April 16, 1969 in Brooklyn
Most famous for: Acting the fool on reality TV programs
Joined Scientology: Early 2000s
Fun Scientology completion: Clear, 2018

Stacy shattering suppression: “Scientology is pretty phenomenal. I love Scientology… My love for Jesus has not dwindled, but it’s tools that you apply.”

We’ve been watching Scientologist singer Stacy Francis for a long time. At the Voice, we covered a controversy over the stories she was telling about herself in order to become an X-Factor contestant. It was obvious even then that for years she had downplayed her extensive connection to Scientology when it suited her, and that she was someone who would turn on just about anyone if it meant advancing her “career.”

Since then, we’ve watched as she became an attack dog for the church against her former close friend Leah Remini, and in a 2013 article Mike Rinder laid out some fascinating background on how that relationship blew apart.

From serenading Tom Cruise aboard the Freewinds in 2004, to feting Louis Farrakhan at the Celebrity Centre in 2006, to attacking Leah Remini in 2013, Stacy has a very colorful history of advancing Scientology’s interests while crying and caterwauling her way for the cameras.




November 7, 2011: Michael Sandlofer, 1st Husband to X Factor’s Stacy Francis, on Her Past, Her Scientology, and Her Problems With The Truth


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