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Tonight on ‘Leah Remini’: L. Ron Hubbard’s stolen valor, and Leah’s tearful goodbye

Tonight’s episode of Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath is not the last we’re going to hear from this A&E series. There’s yet another special episode scheduled for next Tuesday that is apparently going to focus on Leah herself.

But tonight’s is the last episode that Leah, Mike Rinder, and their production team filmed. And so there is a sense of finality to it when Leah signs off tearfully, thanking fans for so much support. And we can’t help feeling a little thrill when she says that this is the end of filming “for season one,” which sure seems to imply that there’s going to be a season two. At this point, however, we’ve heard nothing definitive about that.

So what’s in this episode, the second of the “Reddit AMA” specials? Leah and Mike answer more questions that have been sent in by viewers, including questions about celebrities in Scientology and the church’s reputation for homophobia.

Three special guests also take part: author Lawrence Wright, attorney Ray Jeffrey, and cult expert Steve Hassan. (We wrote at some length about Ray Jeffrey on Sunday.)

We were very happy to see Wright take on a subject that has been a little played down in the rest of the series: Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard. Wright described how, when he was writing his 2011 New Yorker profile of Paul Haggis, then-church spokesman Tommy Davis arrived at the New Yorker offices with seven linear feet of documents in an attempt to derail the article.

Instead, Tommy set himself up for a fall, saying that if it weren’t true that Hubbard was severely wounded in World War II, then it also wasn’t true that he’d healed himself with Dianetics, and that the entire movement of Scientology was a fake.

Wright explains to Leah and Mike what a tantalizing challenge that was coming from Tommy Davis — Hubbard’s war injuries was something they could actually fact-check!

So Wright went to St. Louis to talk to a war records archivist and got Hubbard’s entire file. And the funniest thing happened — the documents on file with the US military didn’t match what the Church of Scientology had turned over. The Scientology documents were fakes!

Wright goes through some specific differences between the church’s fake documents and what was actually in military records, and we’ll just say that some of the differences are downright hilarious. This may be covered at this level of detail in Wright’s book Going Clear, but it sure felt like fresh material, and a laugh riot.

And infuriating, of course. Add Hubbard’s stolen valor to the unforgivable list of Scientology chicanery that Remini has been uncovering all season.

Please join us tonight at 10 pm and live-blog the episode with us in the comments section.



3D-UnbreakablePosted by Tony Ortega on January 17, 2017 at 17:30

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  • Missionary Kid

    I have the feeling that Leah doesn’t want to be our Joan of Arc, but because she has media skills and knows who to hire and is a celebrity who left without a non-disclosure agreement, she has had the mantle thrust upon her.

    To Leah, I believe, the most important thing is her family, and this project has taken her away from her family. On the other hand, in doing her series, she’s discovering a whole new world that was hidden from her all of her life.

    While I can’t wait to see more of the show, I hope Leah does what she needs to do for herself.

    • Jimmy3

      Damn right, MK. She needs to make a Disqus account.

    • Todd Tomorrow

      She got a sitcom with Charlie Sheen.

  • FredEX2

    Good-nite Leah & Mike, …,good-nite Ray Jeffreys, Lawrence Wright and Steve Hassan,
    Good-nite Marc & Claire & Aaron & Mary & Christie Rinder & Paulette, Chris Shelton & John Sweeney, Good-nite Louis Theroux and Alex Gibney, ~Tory & Amy & Matt…and to everyone who has stood up against this Goliath Cult of Scientology…

    Good-nite Tony Ortega and all those who’s stories and encouragement and humor and information you have shared…have helped restore some hope for the future of mankind and faith in humanity…

    Good-nite Bunker….

    Good-nite moon…………..,,.,

    • ExCult.Jan

      Good-nite Fred.

  • Todd Tomorrow
    • April
      • jazzlover

        Wife of west coast jazz tenor saxophonist Curtis Amy!

      • Todd Tomorrow

        I know I love her!

    • jazzlover

      Her and Clare Torry (Floyd’s “Great Gig in the Sky”) put up the 2 best female back-up/co-lead vocal performances in rock. Honorable mention to Marcy Levy for Eric Clapton’s “The Core”.

  • Nat-leficent
  • Andrea ‘i-Betty’ Garner
  • Frodis73

    After reading all the comments here and on twitter I cannot wait until I can watch this episode!! Sounds like Steve was a big hit.

  • 5 Feet Long and Luminous

    It’s true. I think the man has earned a good giggle fit now and again. (F5)

  • Douglas D. Douglas

    Well crud.

    Here i’ve been waiting all evening to watch Leah Remini and live blog, and just realized that everyone else was here three hrs ago when it aired in the east…

    • ExCult.Jan

      I’m here on the left coast… Watched ‘virtually’ via the live blogging earlier, which was a hoot!

  • Andrea ‘i-Betty’ Garner

    Steve Hassan on Facebook.

    “Just watched the A & E show with Leah Remini, Mike Rinder, Lawrence Wright and Ray Jeffrey. I was so tired when it was taped and honestly knew there was way more material that they could fit in an hour, I wasn’t sure how it would be. But I am getting lots of messages that they liked it. Wished they had included my description of phobias and hypnosis but alas…

    Need to go to sleep. Tomorrow is another day! Hope the show helps wake people up to the reality of Undue Influence and that love is stronger than mind control!

    Thanks to all my friends, family and supporters. I wrote a blog thanking my deprogrammers (May 1976) and my family for risking everything to rescue me.”

    • 5 Feet Long and Luminous

      There was lots of love and appreciation for Steve especially on Leah’s Twitter feed–from both Leah herself and her fans. He made an impression on people.

    • Marathon Gal

      Steve Hassan was incredible. He was just so interesting and compelling, talking about his story and his research and the work that he’s done and then BAM! What he managed to convey in just a few emotional sentences about the triumph of the human spirit and the power of forgiveness… well… not a dry eye in the viewing audience.

  • 5 Feet Long and Luminous
    • Juicer77

      Down, girl. 😉

  • Shivani33

    Aftermath is the very best thing on tv to me. Always I receive more from a second or third viewing of an episode. There is such tremendous content to take in, yet Aftermath is presented in a way that’s incredibly full of giving to its audience.

    It isn’t just adroitly informative, is it? What strikes me the most about it is the strength and beauty-of-heart coming from the hosts and their guests. It proves so abundantly how indestructible love is. With all of the conditioning and trials that people experience while adapting to the psychology of a cult, it touches deeply to see and hear individuals who have come out the other side and are full of life, kindness, expansiveness.

    I’ve read and studied a lot in my life from firsthand accounts of survivors of the Holocaust. One man who made it through was asked how some managed to endure. He mentioned the mysteriousness of what we call luck. But then he said that two qualities in particular were noticeable in the stories of survivors of the concentration camps. One is having had an undying, unconquerable faith in something. The other is getting pissed, rebelling, keeping an inner revolution alive and at the forefront. It’s not the same arena, but Aftermath conveys these qualities,so inextinguishable, within us. Feeling very grateful.

  • Mac

    I’m ready for more Seasons. Can’t get enough.

    • Ella Raitch

      Welcome to posting at the Bunker Mac. Whether Leah does more shows or not, there’s always plenty to talk about in the world of Scientology (of course, we would all love for more as well)

  • Xenu’s son.

    Off topic:Right empty planes are flying to the Gambia,a small West African country.They are airlifting the tourists from the beach hotels.
    President Jammeh lost the election but says it was all false and wants to stay.The tour operaters fear violence.

    From Wikipedia:The 22 years of Jammeh’s presidency were characterised by suppression of dissent, restrictions of freedom of the press, and many allegations of human rights violations. Jammeh also expressed idiosyncratic views and took corresponding actions, such as claiming to cure various diseases such as HIV/AIDS and cancer with herbs, conducting literal witch hunts, and persecuting homosexuality.In 2011, he said that, God willing, he could “rule for a billion years”.
    Reminds me of a certain someone.

    • Jimmy3

      So you’re saying less tourists, book now to avoid the crowds?

    • Dave Reams

      When I want to take a holiday to a warm sunny place characterised by suppression of dissent, restrictions of freedom of the press, and many allegations of human rights violations, I go to Arizona.

    • Juicer77


    • Robert Eckert

      Gendarmerie in Cote d’Ivoire shut down the port of Abidjan, claiming their demands for better pay are not being properly listened to.

  • RK

    Leah has the whole world to discover. I hope she feels excited.

  • J. Swift

    Tonight’s show with Leah and Mike was magnificent. Our side keeps getting bigger and better all the time.

    Conversely, Blinky’s horrible showing on ABC was a monumental embarrassment. The Cult of Scientology is literally scraping the bottom of the barrel with Monique Yingling.

    • J. Swift
      • Narapoid

        He’s already run over his tow cable.

        • Dave Reams

          Can you imagine Captain Dweeb in front of a Comm. Ev. ? “I proved it with geometric logic that the Ideal Orgs would expand Scientology to the goal of planetary clearing in 2017, but no! They were all against me!!! I had to do everything myself !!! Ahh! But the strawberries! That’s where I had them! The strawberries growing along side the path from the hole to the pole … I counted them and one was missing! Someone in the hole had picked a strawberry!”

          * For the younger members of our audience … tow lines and strawberries

          • J. Swift


    • Xenu’s son.

      Davey has some sort of magic hand at the moment.
      Everything he touches gets screwed up.
      Is it the stats plus the scoch plus the roids?

      • Dave Reams

        Dave has ‘roids? Surprising considering the amount of Preparation-LRH he consumes.

  • Dave Reams

    Will the new (form of) government in Washington D.C. likely have any effects, for better or worse, on the way Scientology conducts itself?

    • Xenu’s son.

      Trump goes ballistic on any form of ripoff and overcharging.RICO anyone?

    • Juicer77

      I predict no effect. The incoming administration is not exactly known for careful, long-term planning. But the shiny coffers of $4bil might make someone take notice, even if he has no idea the legal battle would last long, long beyond his term.

  • Amy


    Come ON, Amazon. You usually have the new episode available by 3am (5 hours after it airs). I have a firestick and no cable. It’s almost 4AM and STILL no new episode. It is showing on the watch list screen, but plays last weeks episode.

    I’ve been in the ER all night and am fighting the Dilaudid to stay awake and watch this. Screw you Amazon!! ( Until the episode is available, then unscrew you )

    • Juicer77

      Hope you’re doing ok, Amy. Sounds like that infection is giving you a real fight. 🙁
      ETA: get some rest, that’s more important. We’ll catch up on the show later.

    • Marshall

      I’ll vent with you Amy! I usually get up in the morning and watch while I’m getting ready for work. I am so disappointed that it isn’t available.

    • MarcabExpat

      Not just Amazon, iTunes doesn’t have it yet either! Maybe the holdup is on the A&E side. Between this and Tony’s delay, I feel like I’m stuck in not-morning-yet-land.

      Maybe just let the Dilaudid have its way and come up for air later? Then hopefully you’ll have Leah AND feel better. Sorry to hear you’ve had such a night.

      • Amy

        Apparently Amazon doesn’t have it. I had to stream it through A&E with my ex’s password cause he had cable. What a joke

        • MarcabExpat

          Well, I’m pissed — I paid for a season pass and I want my episodes! It’s not on iTunes yet either. So far all the “extras” have been included in that.

          • Amy

            Call and complain to them!

            • MarcabExpat

              The heck with that, I asked LEAH to complain!

  • Juicer77

    Welcome, newbies and lurkers and under-the-radars. There is a warm welcome here for you. I’ll put on a fresh pot of coffee.

  • Juicer77

    Pardon if a repost, but new track from our own Moxie Magee (The Hole Does Exist) just posted! Whistle and Blow!

  • Juicer77

    Just shy of the goal… if you can, support this loving message to Disconnected families. Every donation helps, no matter how small. Check out the location where this one will be!

  • Wow – just watched the show.
    I think I have something in my eyes.

    • it’s a BT don’t rub it!

    • NOLAGirl (Stephanie)

      It was tears all around over here too. Such a good episode. Can’t believe it’s ending next week.

      C’mon A&E. Keep making that bank while Tater Tot sobs in the corner clutching his bottle of Scotch. 🙂

  • Tony Ortega

    Running a little late this morning.

  • Jerseygram

    There needs to be a second season of this series! Mike Rinder suggests writing to Nancy Dubuc, who, as Rinder puts it, is big boss at A&E Networks. Let’s do it, Bunkeroos!

  • What’sup

    Update: Sid the mental kitteh got a home today, a farm, with sheep and horses and chooks. There’s also 2 dogs and a 6 month old kitteh. Sid’s got lots of fresh victims.

    • MarcabExpat

      Great sorry-not-sorry photo — lucky for him he’s pretty! What’s a chook?

      • What’sup


        • MarcabExpat

          Oh, he’s gonna have fun. And he better watch it, because they will have fun with him right back…

  • Tony Ortega

    New post is up

  • PickAnotherID

    Mornin’ all. It’s a good thing El Rum already dropped his body to do “research”. The Vets in the crowd last night were ready to go for the tar and feathers after seeing the ‘Stolen Valor’ revelations about him last night. I’ve tried to explain it to them before, but seeing it for themselves on national TV definately had more of an impact.

  • Kestrel

    New post up.

  • Jen

    This series just broke my heart for everyone involved. I wish there was something I could do to help, so maybe it’s just talking to others about what I’ve learned here and helping to get the word out. The more people speak out about this evil, the harder it will be for Miscavige and his minions to perpetrate it. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a blog post to write…

    • richelieu jr

      Yes, this is exactly the way to move forward, using whatever megaphone you may have, even if it is only a blog post and family conversations.

      Copy the episodes and ‘Going Clear’ and pass them around, give them as gifts, etc…

      May I suggest a letter to your local authorities, congressperson, etc?

      This is much more effective than you may think. REMEMBER: These are our TAX DOLLARS being used ot persecute, lie and enslave.

      Contribute to this blog, or Chris Shelton’s video series, The Scientology Money Project.

      UpVote Tony’s posts when you feel they are good for a wider readership. We aren’t on Google anymore, so every little bit helps.

      Check out local Craig’s List ads offering ‘Self-Help’ or counselling, or acting lessons, etc, and if the number is the local Sciloonery, report hem to Craig’s List (this is very effective, and a few of us were doing it religiously, but it got hard to keep up.)

      Welcome abords!

  • iampissed

    Something very special happened last night while I was watching the show. My wife who to
    be honest could not care less about Scientology was doing some work in and out of the house.
    When she noticed that I was watching the show she said “You are willing to start that over”.
    Leah….shots for 3…..All Net!

  • Jackie Walker Carlson

    I just watched the last show. Wow. Steve Hassan brought me to tears when he got emotional about being so fearful of Mike Rinder. I mean, my God, it was such a real and powerful moment and I appreciate him sharing that so fully with us. Mike is so personable, honest and funny on the show and on every video I have watched since he left, it is sometimes hard to reconcile that with the man that was obviously so feared during his time in the “church”.

    People can and do change. It is really incredible to see people respond to that change in Mike, particularly. He is so sincere and it is wonderful to see people respond as much to that as they once did to the intimidation.

    I also never realized the depth of anxiety and fear that the “church” caused in almost all of it’s critics, not just former members either! No wonder it took the anoynomninty of the internet to really blow the doors off. Hard for the “church” to intimidate everyone and keep it’s secrets with the invention of the internet.

    Steve Hassan said the show is heroic and he is right. Excellent choice in words. Every week I feel more empathy toward the people telling their stories rather than puzzlement on how they got into Scientology itself. But truly, the show is becoming a REAL bridge to freedom, as it seems to be connecting people who were at one time at complete odds with each other. Them and Us at it’s most vicious. This show (Lisa and Mike really) is breaking down so many walls and giving people a chance to heal in this community. That is heroic.

  • parktop

    Sometime in the late ’80’s, I began to read the dianetics book. As an avid science fiction fan, I thought it would be entertaining. Argh! At first I was very intrigued but by the last half of the book, it seemed implausible. By this time, news began to leak about some of the problems with scientology and I was put off quickly Thank goodness! But I’ll never forget that first feeling of “oh, this makes sense!”. I think back in horror of how I was almost hoodwinked.

    You who are speaking out the truths of this cult are true heroes. Hopefully there will be more and more former CoS people escape and speak up to the public. I applaud your strength and courage and wish you all the luck in the world and hope you will stay safe and happy.

  • Phoebequeen

    Thank you Leah and Mike for fighting this fight for those who can’t.