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Some churches take care of the old — Scientology instead works them to death


[Claire Reppen, left, with Carol Kramer, circa 1994; and Claire about five years later, on the RPF]

We have another disturbing document to share with you today. It contains private details that you may find difficult to read. But the person who brought us the document, the son of its author, wants the public to see what Scientology put his mother through.

Her name was Claire Reppen, and she was well known among our readers who were longtime Scientologists. She was a Class XII auditor, the most technically superior Scientology counselors on the planet, and she worked at the organization’s spiritual mecca in Clearwater, Florida. But Claire eventually fell afoul of Scientology’s leader, David Miscavige (as so many do), and she was sentenced to heavy manual labor at 64 years of age in the Sea Organization’s prison detail, the Rehabilitation Project Force.

She then fell ill. And if there’s one thing you don’t want to be as a dedicated member of Scientology’s Sea Org, it’s advanced in years and sick.

While the plight of children working in Scientology is getting more and more attention, particularly as Leah Remini’s A&E series Scientology and the Aftermath finds a huge audience, what gets less emphasis is that many idealistic young people who joined Scientology in its heyday are now working into their older years for the church, some of them having never had a life outside of it. And when the inevitable ravages of age come, the Sea Org, unlike other religious organizations, has no interest in people who are unable to work around the clock in spartan conditions.

The aging Scientologist is a Scientologist at risk — something we were acutely reminded of yesterday with the stunning news of a Shelly Miscavige sighting, and a report that she appeared “frail.” What kind of future does an aging, sequestered Sea Org executive have in a church whose slogan is “we make the able more able”?

Today, we have one example which addresses that question. And it is a troubling example.

Claire Kay was born on December 11, 1932 and grew up in Toronto. She married Jack Reppen, a talented cartoonist for the Toronto Star. Jack Reppen was also gaining a reputation for his serious abstract paintings when he tragically died at only 30 of cancer in 1964. Claire had two young children to raise on her own, and her son says it wasn’t too surprising that she turned out to be vulnerable to a pitch from a friend about Scientology. Two years later, in 1966, she was at Saint Hill Manor in England training to be an auditor at the UK headquarters when it was operating at a fever pitch.

At Saint Hill, Claire took its famous Special Briefing Course and became Scientology’s Clear #422.

Claire also took courses with L. Ron Hubbard while he was running Scientology from sea, and then she ended up in Los Angeles to continue her auditor training. In 1970, she returned to Toronto and reunited with her children, who had been in boarding schools. But then in 1972 she was back on the ship with Hubbard, having joined the Sea Organization, and then later was back in Los Angeles.

In 1981, Claire went to the Flag Land Base in Clearwater to become a Class 12 auditor. She would be delivering the most expensive auditing at the worldwide center where Scientologists came for the most exclusive experience. She personally brought in huge amounts of revenue to the church for auditing that cost subjects hundreds of dollars an hour, while Claire herself, as a Sea Org member, was making pennies an hour, if she was paid at all.

But then, her son explains, David Miscavige, who had succeeded L. Ron Hubbard as Scientology’s leader, issued changes to the way auditing would be conducted in 1995. He called it the “Golden Age of Technology,” and it infuriated many longtime Scientologists, including Claire. (Miscavige arbitrarily decided that the phenomena for indicating a successful auditing session — the movement of the indicator on the E-meter — should take three swings of the needle. To Claire, a strict traditionalist, a “floating needle” was indicated by only two swings. Such are matters on which Scientology’s fortunes rest.) When a parishioner named Lisa McPherson died at the Flag Land Base that December, Miscavige angrily blamed the “Class 12s” for not supporting the Golden Age of Tech strongly enough. Claire was singled out for punishment, even though she’d had nothing to do with McPherson’s case.

“Mom was a ‘head on a pike,'” her son says, echoing a familiar Hubbard phrase, that when things went wrong, someone needed to be blamed.

At 64, Claire was assigned to the RPF and its brutal regimen of privation and hard labor.

While Claire was being punished in Florida, her son, who had joined the Sea Org in 1973 at only 13 years of age, was also doing hard labor in the RPF, but in Los Angeles. In May 1998, he’d had enough and walked away, leaving the RPF and the Sea Org itself. And it was only then, after getting connected to the outside world again, that word reached him about his mother.

Claire, while she was laboring in the RPF, had been diagnosed with breast cancer. Her son learned that she had been moved to a non-Scientology facility called Magnolia Manor, and she had already been through a mastectomy and several rounds of radiation and chemo. He raced to see her, and then visited her numerous times over the next couple of years.

When he first saw her, he says, she looked terrible. The illness and its cure — the radiation and chemo treatments — had taken their toll. Claire was bald, and she looked frail. But at Magnolia Manor and away from the Flag Land Base and the Sea Org, at least she could recuperate. He says she improved rapidly.

In the summer of 2000, Claire Reppen was so much better, she traveled to Los Angeles to visit with her son and to get expert treatment at the City of Hope, where doctors told her that her breast cancer was in remission. But they told her she was still in danger — the cancer had spread to her lymph nodes.


[Claire in 2000 during her visit to L.A., looking much healthier after cancer treatments and time away from the Sea Org’s brutal RPF.]

After the trip to Los Angeles, Claire returned to Magnolia Manor in Florida. Her son says she planned to get more treatment and to continue to fight her cancer. But then, in a move that surprised them both, she was ordered back to the Flag Land Base.

She moved into the Sea Org’s berthing at an apartment complex known as The Hacienda on Saturn Ave, but she was too ill to work as an auditor. On “medical leave,” She was given a menial job of writing letters to convince former members to come back in for Scientology courses.

“It was total degradation for a Class 12 auditor. She was in a back room, going through central files, and sending letters to people trying to get them back on course,” her son says. “And at the Hacienda she didn’t have the freedoms she had at Magnolia Manor. She just wanted to read a newspaper every morning, for example, and at the Hacienda that was a pain in the ass.”

Nearing her 68th birthday, Claire was increasingly suffering symptoms as the cancer in her lymph nodes was developing.

Sea Org workers sign billion-year contracts and work 112-hour weeks for pennies an hour. It’s the last place an older worker fighting cancer should be. But in the Sea Org there are no excuses, there’s just “making things go right,” and Claire was being pushed to get her work done by a supervisor named Sherri Rabey.

On November 13, 2000, Claire decided to write about what she was going through to the Religious Technology Center, the controlling entity of Scientology. In the typical Scientology way, she is frank and graphic. Her son, however, asked us to publish the entire document unredacted.


13 Nov. 00

RTC Reports Officer
Claire Reppen (FSO Crew, currently on medical leave)

cc: Sr. HAS FLB

Dear Sir,

I need your help again, re: getting handled medically, while on my MLO leave, and judgement on when it would be survival to return to work.

I am not debugged yet, on my medical situations (i.e.: finding the source of my physical situations and the correct handlings).

Sherry, yesterday, came to M-10 (HAC, where I relocated from Magnolia Manor about 2 weeks ago) and ordered me to go with the tech ESTO (who was also present) to find a uniform and go into work at 3:30 (i.e.: about 2 hrs later).

This came as a shock, as she hadn’t been in comm with me for about a week. She did not ask me how I was doing physically.

When I told her I had planned on finishing eating lunch and needed to take a nap right after, she wouldn’t listen and started yelling and arguing. When I tried to stop her and told her we needed to establish some ‘R’ on the situation, she wasn’t willing to listen and wasn’t interested.

She began berating me and invalidated my viewpoint. I could see I wasn’t going to get anywhere, talking to an angry person, so I told her I would get fitted for the uniform.

The tech ESTO made arrangements to meet me tomorrow, in the MLO office after I do a dental appointment, after which I’m sure she plans on ESTOing me onto post.

When trying to sort it out with Sherry (see above) I reminded Sherry of my physical problems:

I.e., I still have to get up 3 or 4 times a night (to urinate)(and sometimes diarrhea). I can’t always get back to sleep (sometimes it takes 15-30 min. sometimes up to more than an hour). I also reminded her I need 2 to 3 naps a day, and still have somatics. I’m having trouble with diarrhea each morning. She invalidated the originations and negated that I needed time (more) to handle. In her viewpoint, by staying away from me, and out of comm, she felt she’d “given me more than enough time.

The missing ‘R’ came from not hearing from her and her not asking how I was doing for last two weeks. Sherry also says my incomplete medical cycles are small, and I should be on top of them. She and nearly every elderly she handles has what I have. However, how can Sherry have an accurate viewpoint, if she hasn’t undergone the 14 mos. of cancer handling that I did. (I.e. months of chemo, two surgeries — lumpectomy then a week later mastectomy, removal of 8 lymph nodes, more months of chemo, then 33 radiation treatments, from May 99 – July 00. I take the oncologist’s prescription of “tamoxifen” to help reduce the re-occurence of cancer and will for 5 years. It by itself has side effects, i.e. hot flashes, fatigue, appetite problems.)

So, I have incomplete cycles with the following:

The urologist (for the urination problem I am taking “ditropan” tablets prescribed by the urologist. I am to see him in 2 weeks if not handled, he recommends doing a surgical procedure on the bladder (requires anasthetic). I have an appointment.

Able to follow his nutritional pgm. (Been out of his prescribed nutrient for 3 weeks and the MLO float, per Crystal, is too sparse to cover my capsules.) I have noticed a differnece with not taking thm.

I.e. more fatigue, more aches and pains and even the surgery wound area (left breast and under left arm remains sore. (This per Dr. Elliot — the surgeon — is common for some time after this surgery.) It is most troublesome when I try to go to sleep.

I do have one of the 4 nutrients Dr. Cooper prescribed, “Biotrophic nutrient.”

Other ongoing or incomplete cycles include

a) An incomplete dental cycle (2 front teeth are caps and are loose and painful.)

b) Need new eyeglasses prescription (4 years out of date, and get eyestrain).

c) I have an ongoing cycle trying to get “Medicare.” I have instructions on how to go about it from D/LGL CHF, OSA FLAG (Glen Stilo). I was routed his instructions Oct 18, but Sherry has been too busy to be in comm and help me do the steps. This is an important cycle (re: Medicare approval) to complete so that FSO is saved thousands of $ on any further medical bills I have. Sherry has put aside $110.00 needed for this cycle — for 2 weeks (instead of spending it on medical needs for me). However, we haven’t done anything on it for over 2 weeks and no comm from Sherry on when.

Sherry has told me, in the past, “That I am out-ethics for still needing to handle fatigue — by taking 2 – 3 naps a day.” (She did this outburst on the way to a dental appointment, when I was in pain and repeated the same yelling — that I was out-ethics for needing naps — on the way back from the dentist, still in pain and also just having novocaine at dentist. When I asked her to stop yelling these remarks at me while coming off the novocaine and in pain, she continued. (Finally stopped about 3 min. later. This was 2 mos. ago.)

When I write to RTC and Sr. HAS, FLB, about 3 mos. ago, asking for help on sorting out my MLO lines and status, she (Sherry) at that time started being my MLO terminal. I gave her a copy of the dispatch to RTC and Sr HAS that I wrote at the time. She said she would help me. However, she warned me that she didn’t want any KRs or dispatches written concerning HER (by me), and that I should talk to her first.

This is what I tried to do this time (i.e., get the KRC in on my cycles). However, she couldn’t do it, using comm. This is why I am writing to you (RTC & Sr. HAS) for help. (Also, after that last call for help I wrote to you, about 3 mos ago, Sherry discussed the content of my dispatches to RTC and Sr. HAS with Mary Skapple (FSO staff — former Ls HGC DOFP). Mary had just come back from hospital and was recovering from a stroke and not in good shape (at Magnolia). Sherry put entheta on Mary’s lines about me and my cycle. She told Mary my reports to RTC & Sr. HAS FLB were nothing but “natter.” (Mary and I are still good friends.) This upset me as I was truly asking for help.

Sherry has also discussed her opinions about other elderlies to me, spreading entheta:

a) She told me “Ann Saunders is insane” about 2 mos. ago.

b) “Margo Clark is out-ethics,” “not acting like an S.O. member” — as she wouldn’t agree with Sherry about work. (Margo is 94 years old and a 30-year vet.) Sherry has mentioned this to me at least twice in the last 2-3 mos.

When Sherry’s cycle with me yesterday blew up and went “off the rails,” I ended up being over-tired, enturbulated, and had more somatics. She came about the time I was going to take a nap, which she disagreed with. I did not sleep hardly at all last nite.

I tried to get a handling going with the Sr. HAS last nite — but she was tied up with (I’m sure) much more urgent matters. She and I had good comm cycles on my cycle a few months ago. She told m to let her know when I felt ready to come back to post. Sherry did not want to hear this from me. When I brought it up about a month ago and told me she was “in comm” with the Sr. HAS on my cycle. I decided in P.T. that I would still follow the earlier dispatch and suggestion from Sr. HAS — so I called her last nite for help.

One other sit[uation] I need help with. My 2 wog sisters (both in their 70s) are coming to C.W. (from Toronto, Can.) to especially see me. They are concerned about the cancer condition and handling I am undergoing. (My eldest of the 2 had cancer herself 5 years ago.) They have not seen me for about 12 years, and have been planning this visit to see me for 2-3 mos. They were to come earlier (for my grandson’s wedding — i.e., Brian Juss (Sec guard) and Stephanie Bruneau (OSA FSO).

But didn’t — due to illness of one of the sisters — they are OK to come now, and will be arriving this week (Thursday 16 Nov.). They expect to see me during their week’s stay (they will be in some local hotel). I had info’d Sherry about this “sister visit” for almost 2 mos. (At the time it was first planned I would have been still at Magnolia Manor.) Sherry & I talked about it 2-3 times. When I reminded Sherry yesterday about their visit, Sherry said “she did not know anything about it” (till P.T.) and yet she and I discussed it earlier.

Sherry was B.I.’s on me telling her of their visit this week. I need some reassurance that I won’t have any stops on visiting with them. (Part of the consid. is they may not get the chance to see me again.)

I need some smoothing of the lines (whatever is needed) for me to visit with them (they arrive Thurs. 16).

I won’t visit with them all day as I still need to keep in my successful actions re: naps, nutrition, etc. This was workable when my son came to visit me (about a week ago). I still kept in my regimen — re: rest, food, quiet.

(Sherry OK’d this, but doesn’t have good indicators on the visit with sisters.)

Please tell me what is needed.

In summation:

I was caved in by this order of Sherry’s yesterday, due to the no ARC/KRC. The enturb lasted till today — but is wearing off. I just need to complete more of these medical cycles so I feel able to work.

I must keep my code of honor and integrity and do it when I know I can.

I do know I am needed and I do appreciate all the help and do have a purpose to contribute. (These haven’t waned.)

Off-hand, my estimate to get back (on a gradient) to work would be sometime after I get to see the gastrologist and get a debug/handle (which could include a surgical procedure, an anasthetic like I had 2 mos. ago on the colonoscopy (lower). This procedure should help alleviate the problem. As it will find my source for the trouble.

When I can get this done is vital.

I should estimate 2-3 weeks to try a gradient of work.

Thank you for your attention!


Not surprisingly, there’s a lot of Scientology jargon in that letter, which was written by someone who had been a Scientologist for 34 years and a Sea Org member for 28 of them. But even if you don’t get all the references, the thrust of it should come through pretty clearly.

This was a nearly 68-year-old woman with advanced cancer who was being punished because she needed to take naps. And because she needed some dental work and a new pair of eyeglasses.

Naturally, it gets worse. Two months later, Claire’s supervisor, Sherri Rabey, submitted her own “Knowledge Report,” complaining about the lousy work ethic of the terminally ill woman working for her, just one of the “elderlies” Rabey was responsible for. (Claire’s note is published here for the first time, but Sherri’s Knowledge Report was posted by Marty Rathbun at his blog in 2010.)


17 Jan 2001
Chief Staff MAA

Sen SO Vets Liaison Off
Dept 14 FSO

cc: RTC Inspector for the AO
Sen Has FLB
Sen Dir I and R FLB
Security Chief FLB
Hacienda Daywatch, Max
Captain FSO
Supercargo FSO
Dir I and R FSO

KR: Claire Reppen

This is a general write up regarding specific Out-Ethics I have observed Claire to be involved in.

I have checked up/seen her about 100 times since I took her on in November, 2000. Every time I see her she is doing the following things:

Putting on make-up
Getting ready to dye her hair
Buying a St. Pete Times newspaper
Plucking her eyebrows
Reading the newspaper
Reading a novel
Drinking coffee with a roommate or friend
Visiting her daughter
Chatting with friends
Giving me bad or critical remarks about RTC, CMO terminals, Security and other crew.
Causing out PR with non-Scientologists

I have only once seen her resting.

I have never seen her exercising, like she is supposed to.

I also have not seen her twinning on Assists even though I gave her various elderlies who were happy to do this with her.

With my other elderlies I handle them myself if they are slack or out ethics. This is my job and any responsible SO member would do the same. When I have tried to take up these points with Claire her response is to write to very high Org terminals and spread black PR about me and natter about how I am mishandling her.

She seems a bit obsessed with reading the newspaper. When I took this up with her she insisted how the paper is not entheta and is informative. This is a bizarre viewpoint for a Scientologist — let alone a S.O. member. She also reads the obituaries and tells me who died. This is destructive for her first Dynamic and will not contribute to her getting well. Hacienda Security says that she goes out every day like clockwork just to get a paper. One day she did not get one as we had to go to an early morning medical appointment and she was very PTPed about getting one later that day.

She is also very addicted to coffee and cigarettes and when she left her coffee at Magnolia she was very PTPed about me getting it to her that day and asked me numerous times to get it as if it was some emergency. She smokes a lot and of course has been told to stop smoking many times by her doctors.

When I take her to doctors offices she is loud, rude, and sometimes curses loudly.

A few weeks ago I got her in with a government official (a Mr. Casisis) who in the past has gone out of his way for the Church and has been very helpful in getting our elderly crew onto Medicaire [sic] (this saves us 100s of thousands of dollars). I have been working on my comm line with this guy for about 2 years and it has been going very good and proven very valuable. Anyway, I was very pleased he was going to see her and fit her in. At this point she decided she was too hungry to do the cycle right then. This was bad as it is extremely hard to see him and can take months to get a appointment for him. I asked the receptionist if I had time to get a snack for my friend and unfortunately he went off and told Mr. Casisis that Claire was hungry.

Anyway at that point Mr. Casisis called us in to see him and we sat as his desk in the back room of this proper government office. He then asked Claire if she was hungry and I expected her to say no, she was fine, she could wait, etc. and to my horror she said yes – and he asked her if she wanted some of his pizza and she said yes. He went off and got her this. Then she proceeded to eat this at/on his desk. It was hot and she used her fingers to scoop stuff off the top and it got messy and she got tomato sauce around the val docs etc. Then she asked him for a cup of coffee! This was so inappropriate that I could not quite believe it was happening.

This was absolutely creating a shore flap and she should do lower conditions for that alone. This is just one story in dealing with her – I just thought that as I kept saying she is troublesome without giving lots of specifics – I should give some – so there is one story.

Anyway the next day the Hibo capered him with an Italian (he is Italian) take out meal brought to his office and we dead agented this as best as possible.

She also has done some inappropriate 2D stuff, like tightly hugging Ernie, who is 86 and he commented on it and she thought it was funny.

After she got back to the Hacienda she would frequently return to Magnolia Manor and would spend the day there visiting and socializing. All the time saying she was way too ill to do 2 hours of light desk work 1-2 times a week, as I had asked her to do. She even arranged for them to give her meals there. This was out exchange and of course — out PR.

Also after she was back at the Hacienda for a few weeks she heard that someone elderly from Magnolia Manor had died and she went there and closed the manager at Magnolia to take her to the funeral. I do not even know if she was invited.

Also all these times she goes to Magnolia – she walks. This is outpointy as again she has been “too sick / too weak to work” but can go off around town socializing.

Per security – when her family was here she went off with them for the entire days for 1-2 weeks.

Also per security she often goes out shopping at night with Dorothy Cosby.

I also saw that she was writing to the Feshbachs – this needs to be investigated to see if there is something bad going on. In the past she was very social with public and had received inappropriate gifts like a cell phone, and I think a VCR.

While she was at Magnolia she arranged for a public, Sandra Litchfield – to take her out shopping and to help her do personal cycles. When I went over this with her and enlightened her on the current FLB rules regarding fraternizing with public – she did not think she had done anything wrong.

It also should be checked out to see if she has gotten any other special favors or money from public. She has been too open with them – telling how rough it has been and how sick she has been, etc.

She also mentioned to me that her son had sent her money. This should be checked out as he is a recent freeloader.

A main complaint she has is that she needs to use the bathroom often. When I took her to Tampa to get a green card (to get her on medicaire) I was with her the whole day and she used the bathroom 1-2 times.

I also have wondered if she is faking being ill – so as to not have to work. I doubt it – but factually her physical universe actions cause me to wonder about that. When I have had elderlies too sick to work they are mostly bedridden, and they dream and postulate about the day they can return to post and serve the group.

Katie Botha, a dorm mate of Claire’s, told me she has stolen things and used her things without asking.

There is more – but I think there is more than enough data here for HCO.

This is true

Claire’s son says that his mother never went back to Magnolia Manor. In June, she went from living at the Hacienda and working at Flag to being rushed to the Morton Plant Hospital.

“She was pretty much on her death bed at that point,” he says. But Claire lingered into the summer. “She was on morphine and pretty drugged up. The last night before she went into a coma, we had a big sit down with my sister, and mom went on a rant about the Knowledge Report that Sherri had written.”

He says that she was angry that she’d been sent back to the Hacienda and put to work when she’d done so much better at the Magnolia Manor, away from a Sea Org work schedule.

Claire Reppen died on August 2, 2001.

“There are a growing number of elderly Sea Org members,” former Scientology spokesman Mike Rinder said when we told him that we intended to publish Claire Reppen’s note. “They don’t have anywhere else to go. They have no savings, they haven’t paid into Social Security, and they have often disconnected from whatever family they may have. It never occurs to them that the Sea Org will not be taking care of them. Children in the Sea Org is troubling enough, but it’s important to remember that the organization has another ugly secret — how it treats its older members.

“Every Sea Org member is seen as a cog in the machine. The ideal Sea Org member would be a robot — literally. They would work 24 hours a day and require no food or a bed to sleep in or health care — all those things cost money and there is never enough money to pay and care for staff in any Sea Org organization. The closer one approaches these ideals, the better one is as a Sea Org member. Conversely, the ‘needy’ or those who are sick are a ‘distraction’ and are treated that way. This becomes particularly cruel when you grow old. Despite 10, 20, 30 or more years of service, working day and night and getting virtually nothing in return, once you are no longer able to perform at the level of ‘normal’ Sea Org members you are treated as a liability. Seen as lazy. A distraction. A nuisance. Sea Org members view those who are ‘not pulling their weight’ for any reason as a burden,” he says.

“Elderly Sea Org members are burdens. They get shunted off to facilities where nobody really takes care of them. They are derided for their inability to ‘contribute.'” Rinder adds. “It’s sick. And it is a reflection of Scientology ultimately eradicating compassion from its most dedicated believers.”



Go here to start making your plans.


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  • Qbird

    How can an organization with so much money NOT help its own dedicated adherents?
    LRH’s ideas & way of doing things — sheesh, his organization is perverted. sick.
    and makes my heart hurt.
    Scientology can help ppl, save the planet — yeah sure.

  • Sherbet

    And it’s way too late to shake Claire and try to get through to her that she doesn’t have to subject herself to the abuse. I’m sure her son tried many times. “Prison of Belief.”

  • ONEpointONE

    What kind of miserable person mercilessly hounds and berates a woman eaten up with terminal cancer? No doubt Sherri Rabey has many other reprehensible deeds on her resume. She’s not getting any younger herself.
    Let her reflect on her actions as the Grim Reaper makes his way to her doorstep.

  • Joe

    I’m so sick of them saying they’re “just like any other religion.” I mean please name any, ANY, religion that does half the shit that you do.

  • Scientology doesn’t believe in medical treatment of Alzheimer’s and dementia:

    • Ben Franklin

      No wonder they have been convinced very easily that L Ron Hubbard never had a second wife, and they can’t remember either any of the numerous lies Miscavige has been telling them every year about Scientology growth, planetary clearing, and all that bullshit.

  • mockingbird

    Another important thing regarding Scientology and charity is how Hubbard teaches people they are responsible for everything that happens to them. He taught that intention is cause and by postulate a thetan creates everything they experience. In other words he claimed magical thinking creates the universe.

    He got Scientologists to think they are rich (if they are) because they created it and deserve it. In contrast they see poor people as degraded beings that choose to be suffering. They divorce themselves from compassion.

    I saw a picture of Paris Hilton with a shirt that had “stop being poor” written on it. That is the philosophy some people have. They think being rich is natural and you have to work at being poor.

    • Jenny Griffith

      Paris never worked a day in her life.

      • kemist

        That does not mean anything anymore either. There are very few people left who are dumb enough to believe rich people work harder than the poor people.

        People merely need wish things now, see ? The Universe is a big shopping mall, you need just ask your stuff. If you don’t ask stuff, you won’t get it. You’re only poor if you think you’re poor.

        Write that check, the money will come. Postulate / visualize.

        What better way to feed the industry of debt ?

        • What if I want her stuff, how does that work?

          • kemist


            Legally or illegally ?

        • Princess Squishy

          I had a person I’m Facebook friends with (she went to school with my mom so I knew her well when I was a teenager) post a video about how to explain to college students distribution of wealth (and why it’s bad).
          The ‘parable’ was about a well off college student who was disappointed because her dad was a Trump supporter and did not believe in any sort of distribution of wealth. So dad asks daughter about her grades and how school is going and she says it’s going well, she’s got very good grades, and he asks how hard she’s worked to get them and she talks about how hard she works, how many late nights studying and parties she’s skipping etc etc to have good grades. Then dad asks daughter about her friend and her grades and work ethic, and daughter says her friend parties all the time, skips classes, drinks, never studies, and is barely going to pass any of her classes and she is worried about her. Then dad asks daughter how she would like it if they took her 4.0 GPA and split it with her friend and her 1.5 GPA and they could both have a 2.7 GPA. That way her friend would pass and all that, and of course daughter says no I worked hard for my GPA I’m not giving my GPA to that slacker! And dad says well that’s the same thing as distribution of wealth.
          The implication here is of course that if you are poor then you must be a slacker who doesn’t want to work and if you are rich you worked super hard and earned every dollar you have in your bank account by working for fingers to the bone 100 hours a week.
          It took everything I had to keep my comments to myself. This friend is well off. So of course she identifies with the well off dad in the story, and I know she has had irresponsible people come to her and want her to give them hand outs. But she did not get to be well-off because she worked her fingers to the bone working 100 hour weeks and eating only rice and beans. She got to be well off because her dad owned 4 heat treating factories and she got to be put through a college not at her own expense and she got married to somebody well off and later they got divorced but she got to keep the house (I don’t know if she had alimony), and now she is married to somebody else well off. In this country there are some poor people that work themselves into being rich. And there are a lot more poor people who work themselves just as much or almost as much into being able to afford food and rent. There are of course poor people who do want hand outs and don’t want to work, but you can’t clump all poor people into the slacker category because some poor people are slackers, just like you can’t clump all rich people into the douche category just because some are douches. Comparing inheriting wealth to working hard to get good grades is a very poor parallel to draw, though there is one thing that is similar: to some people good grades come easily. I didn’t do much college but when I went to high school I got great grades and I barely tried. Others have to work very hard to get great grades, and I know there are people that work really hard just to be able to pass and get passing grades. That’s what wealth is actually like. Some people get it for hardly any work, some people get it because they worked hard for it, and some people never get it no matter how hard they work.
          So I guess all that was a super long way of saying that some people do still think that poor people don’t work as hard as well-off or rich people. Just like the people that think if you want to be skinny all you have to do is stop eating donuts.

          • kemist

            It has become harder and harder to believe as those people who expect to become rich working hard lose their jobs to automation or offshoring. You’ll never work harder than a robot, and you’ll never become rich working for as little as the Bengladeshis do.

            You still find a few oblivious souls who don’t realize they’re an endangered species, but those are vanishing fast as well. That’s why the justification is changing – to keep the blame squarely on the poor.

      • Bobby Tolberto AKA TDA

        Very true, in that she never punched a time card or time clock:

        What appeared to us to be a simple case of spoiled rich kids doing what spoiled rich kids do was actually a carefully crafted marketing campaign. The only reason we didn’t recognize it was because Paris wasn’t selling anything we recognized as a product — she was selling herself. Every time she showed up on the red carpet, got photographed at parties, or opened her stupid, stupid mouth, she was, quite simply, creating a brand, the same way Coca-Cola or, say, Hilton Hotels does.

      • Todd Tomorrow

        What do you mean she never worked? Did you see that sex tape? That guy was huge!

      • mockingbird

        She knows she worked hard on her sex tape.

        • Jenny Griffith

          You said ” hard on” .

          • mockingbird

            Yep. I did it.

    • kemist

      It’s comforting for them to think that way. It’s like plugging their ears chanting “Lalalalala I can’t hear you” whenever that little voice in their head whispers : “It can happen to you, too. And there is fuck all you can do about it.”

      Compassion can only happen when you listen to that little voice.

      All that positive thinking, magical thinking and personal power shit has that flip side of terrible callousness, no matter how cheerful and airy-fairy its adherent might seem. You only need to dig a little.

      • mockingbird

        You got it. It’s disguised cruelty. Hubbard used pseudoscience to justify greed. Lots of economic theories ultimately are the same thing.

    • Dagnabit

      The very, very un-American 1/10th of 1 percenters and their relentless PR hacks (radio, tv, press, ‘net)
      Plus- the Evangelical Religious right wing. And Fundamentalist Christian right wing.

      Poor in society are not to be helped. They are to be punished.

      • mockingbird

        Cruel. It took me a long time to realize the complex explanations for economics and trickle down and libertarian ideas are packed with false basic terms and Orwellian reversals of truth to justify pure greed.

        Money isn’t a natural resource. It’s a monopoly controlled by a government. Right there you will never have the theoretical free market libertarians worship as a magic cure all.

        We have so many resources. We have so many people. We should share the resources. That a person had a rich father or lotsof stocks etc. should not give that person far more power than others. Period.

        Once you are ready to utterly reject the basic assumptions behind our economic system you are very unpopular with greed centered people.

        • Dagnabit

          the massive power that is the Military-Industrial-Financial Complex — they control 32 of 50 Governorships and State Govt. Legislative Branches — who now control ALL Federal Branches of Govt. (with their upcoming Right-wing Supreme Court Appointment(s) ) will alter the global situation for decades to come. Even if they’re only in 1 term with Trump. There will disaster we can’t imagine.

          • mockingbird

            I try to be open to optimistic ideas and possibilities but the vast majority of information I have regarding this situation strongly supports your statements. The current neo fascist regime is terrifying.

    • Bobby Tolberto AKA TDA

      The ‘Bling Ring” targeted her residence first in their crime spree, they had reasoned, quite correctly, it turned out, that her security would be minimal to nonexistent. OTOH, they said she had great coke, and not the kind you get in a bottle. โš›๐Ÿ‘ฝ

  • mockingbird

    Paul Ryan loves today’s story. The Koch brothers and Heritage foundation deeply admire Scientology now.

    • Dagnabit

      It’s Ayn Rand economics.

      John Galt and Atlas Shrugged comprise their vision.

      • mockingbird

        YES. Libertarianism is tyranny from corporate power rather than government power. I agree with the assessment by many other people that if you gave all power to corporations they would become rapidly huge monopolies that would function as totalitarian regimes answerable to no one.

        • Dagnabit

          Philip K. Dick’s vision of that — Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? — is that even all the huge monopolies would consolidate into 1 Corp.! Great book.

          • mockingbird

            Interesting. I know he was a unique fellow and admire many projects inspired by his vision like Blade Runner and The Man In The High Castle. He has a fascinating biography too.

  • Panopea Abrupta

    John Travolta: ” Name me another philosophy, religion or technology where joy is the operative concept.”
    Tom Cruise: ” It’s a beautiful religion.”

    Wake the f#@k up, you enablers.
    Sometimes, these whales need to be shaken.

    Elder abuse, child abuse, Sea Org abuse, while
    your well-coiffed Punching Pontiff promenades
    around in $4,000 shoes.

  • Ann B Watson

    I have followed this very important documentation regarding Mike’s Mom.As I go through my breast cancer treatments I feel the echos of all those caught in the nightmare of Miscavige,Sea Org and Scientology Policies,especially the young and old.May Claire be in Peace and Love and Light.Not one single soul deserves to be treated as she was.Cowardly,cruel,craven and crass are some of the kinder adjectives I can use to describe the total mess Scientology had become.Then again rumbling underneath -it always was so.My heart goes out to all who have been harassed harmed hurt humiliated and otherwise destroyed by “this most beautiful of religions” TC & JT you see through the glass very darkly.๐Ÿ’—๐Ÿ’”

  • kemist

    Sherri Rabey :

    I don’t know if you were born such a monster, or if scientology turned you into one. Either way, even if your shit about saving the planet were entirely true, even if OTs had all the superpowers promised by that psycho you revere, I’d prefer the human race became extinct and the planet destroyed rather than it becoming filled with things like the worthless creature that wrote that shit.

    This is true

  • FredEX2

    You don’t see me. I’m still taking the day off…but wanted to add a couple more comments. After today’s report I decided to revise my Christmas list to be this:
    Dear Santa,

    Its me, FredEX2. I am happy to be an ‘SP’ and join in opposing an organization that mistreats, uses up, disconnects, discards and destroys people. I hope you can find my name on Scientology’s naughty list bc I have merrily thought and said bad things about them. To everybody. So, ~All I want for Christmas this year is:

    1. My Official SP Declare on goldenrod paper
    2. A frame to put it in
    3. A nail to hang it prominently on my wall
    4. A hammer to hit that nail
    5. A box of Sees milk chocolate covered divinity and those pecan turtle things to celebrate
    6. A bottle of good Champagne to wash it down
    7. A new lipstick for my smile afterwards
    8. Some new leather boots that are made for walkin’
    9. A new Calendar for 2017 to count the days this coming year until the evil Empire falls.

  • mockingbird

    Inspired by Scientology (not really) Newt Gingrich boasted at the Heritage Foundation that we will role back ALL the advancement from FDR on. Bye bye social security, unemployment, unions and workers rights.

    • Todd Tomorrow

      I always thought his name sounds like a dreaded disease. Dr. to patient,” I’m very sorry but you must get your affairs in order, you have newt gingrich “

      • mockingbird

        Yeah, not exactly the stuff of Hollywood blockbusters.

    • Still_On_Your_Side

      Does that including dismantlng NATO, and “unwinning” WWII? He had better act fast since the GOP will lose the House in 23 months.

      • mockingbird

        Haha you have a cool come back there. I hope we survive the reign of the Trump fascist regime and do so with our integrity as a nation intact and our most vulnerable citizens and residents free from losses of their basic human rights. Granted our nation isn’t giving all its citizens and residents all their human rights already, but I hope we don’t decline any further and can be decent citizens of the world.

  • Oooh – look what I stumbled across. From the always wonderful DOX meister Martin Ottman comes another Scientology write-up concerning Claire. Back in 1967, she fell foul of the rules concerning the protection of the “deadly” Xenu story. This was before the days of the “Mud Box Brigade” which L Ron Hubbard subsequently developed into the even more degrading and brutal RPF. Still, even then, Claire was required to spend “at least” 75 hours on an “Amends Project” and face the dreaded “JoBurg Sec Check” before being allowed to go on and learn how to deal with L Ron Hubbard’s imaginary Body Thetans.

    • Qbird

      Besides other penalties, for leaving a locked suitcase, in a bathroom, @ 2 a.m. :
      “She must have a thorough Joburg Sec Check at her own expense.”

      well isn’t that just perfect & will fix everything right up. assholes.

      • Phil McKraken

        Yes, I can see how answering questions about baby farming is the perfect rehabilitation for the crime of leaving a locked briefcase, full of alien invasion nonsense, lying around.

  • GrangerFX

    There is enough evidence in the two letters to show that the CoS is guilty of the crime of elder abuse. Elder abuse is a very serious crime and is prosecuted routinely in the US. If any prosecutor is reading this, may I point out that not only would you be doing a very good thing by launching an investigation into the treatment of the elderly by the CoS but it would also be very good for your career. There is no doubt who the bad actors are. The CoS has no ethical leg to stand on. Assigning the elderly to years of physical labor as punishment is the very definition of elder abuse. Taking all their money and assets is also elder abuse. Forcing them to disconnect from their family is again elder abuse. Because the victims are elderly the CoS cannot use the defense that they are accepting the abuse willingly. Federal prosecutors should also be very interested in investigating the CoS since it is a criminal organization that spans the entire nation with money and people crossing state lines every day.

    “Elder abuse is an intentional act, or failure to act, by a caregiver or another person in a relationship involving an expectation of trust that causes or creates a risk of harm to an older adult. (An older adult is defined as someone age 60 or older.)”

    Does any other church assign the elderly to physical labor as punishment?

    • Xenu’s son.

      Actually there is a culture of elderly abuse.The story of elderly ladies being thrown overboard on the Apollo comes to mind.Sure there are plenty of others.Heber?

    • Todd Tomorrow

      It’s not really a “church” but a multi-billion dollar company that hides under a cloak of religious persecution that should be prosecuted. Most church’s don’t have numerous profit making business’s that are immune from taxation. The JW’s have their real estate schemes and the mega-god church’s their tv stations but these fuckers run treatment centers, consulting companies…Religion, the closer you look the worse most of them are.

  • Lousy Ratatouille

    After reading just part of this letter I want both Hubbard’s head and Miscavige’s head on a spike!

  • Observer

    To any lurking young Scientologists: you’re about to find out the magnitude of COB’s lies about expansion. With the majority of current Scientologists aging out of the Scientology definition of usefulness, and wrung dry financially, the relative few of you are going to be expected to pick up the slack of the hundreds of older Scientologists whose offloading is imminent. And when you’re used up, you too will be cast aside like so much trash.

    Think about that for a minute.

    • ze moo

      And then wait for your turn to be ‘off loaded’. Everyone, except the Niblet, is disposable in $cienoworld.

    • Harpoona Frittata

      Very well said! And to all the middle-aged Sea Orgy staff who’ve dedicated themselves to this uncaring cult: Do you think that you’ll be treated any differently when you get old? The cult cares nothing for those that can no longer produce for pennies and, if there was an ice flow handy (and the cult could keep it secret), they’d set these oldsters out on it and be done with them…after all, they’re immortal beings in worn out bodies, so why not save them the suffering, and $cn the expense, and just help them to get that new healthy young body a little sooner?

  • flyonthewall

    So Sherri says in her KR ” Anyway the next day the Hibo capered him with an Italian (he is Italian) take out meal brought to his office and we dead agented this as best as possible.”

    Basically she’s saying they baited the govt contact with food in order to get into his office and talk trash about Claire bc she had pizza/coffee at his office the other day? O.O

    • Qbird

      ikr?! It is all twisted up & sick/wrong. i can’t even..

      • flyonthewall

        I wonder if Sherri ever considers what will happen to her once she becomes one of the “elderlies”? She should

        • Susan black

          Meanies like her often do not make it to great old age. i think they burn themselves out.

    • Still_On_Your_Side

      What is glaringly missing from Rabey’s KR is any recognition of the fact that ordinary people, when faced with a hungry, frail woman, will want to be kind and will want to feed her.

  • Still_On_Your_Side

    I wonder what Miscavige was doing while Sherri Rabey’s KR on Claire was being read to him?
    Having his hair colored and trimmed by his personal barber while he got enraged that Claire spent time grooming herself?

    Eating a five course meal prepared by his personal chef while he yelled about Claire humilating him by admitting she was hungry at the meeting with the government official?

    Screaming about Claire reading the newspaper while he scrolled through the dozens of cable news channels on his brand new t.v.?

    Checking the interest rate on his millions of dollars in offshore accounts while he ordered Claire to be punished for receiving money from her son?

    He probably was so angry that Claire needed naps that he ordered his staff to wake him up from his nap in two hours, and before he dozed he yelled that Sherri Rabey should be sent to the RPF for wasting his time.

    And this is the “burden” that Miscavige has to deal with everyday. Every scientology celebrity and whale needs to make a public statement regarding Claire and the unbelievable abuses Miscavige heaps on any vulnerable SO member.

    • Harpoona Frittata

      And the official cherch response is likely to be, “We take good care of all our elderly members,” then trotting out a bunch of them for elderly POW video in which they all testify to just how well they’ve been cared for.

      As more and more long-time Sea Orgy staff grow old, get sick and demented – just like Elron did before he died – the cherch is going to have to devote more resources to their care at a time that its revenues are falling. The only way that situation doesn’t get worse for those $cn elders is that a very bright light gets shone on the cherch and stories like this one hit the mainstream media and continue to be exposed on television in programs like Leah’s. Elder neglect, abuse and warehousing in the Sea Orgy needs to given its own special treatment in efforts to expose the cult for what it is – a heartless, uncaring and merciless group that claims to be the most ethical religion on the planet while systematically engaging in the most corrupt business practices, crimes and human.civil rights abuses imaginable.

  • Xenu’s son.

    Great title:Some churches take care of the old โ€” Scientology instead works them to death

  • Xenu’s son.

    Davey is a just low level street thug with roid rage.A real maffia don understands you cannot take meat and milk from the same cow.

    • Bobby Tolberto AKA TDA

      Your statement is truer than you think: PDF link ahead

      Alcoholism is on the increase in his demographic, old white men, and this would explain a lot of what we see with him physically. Look at pictures of him from 10 years ago, compared to now, and you can see the difference unmistakeably.

  • Jenny Griffith

    I’m so sick of people asking me (I hear other activists asked the same thing) ” why do you care” , ” how does it affect you” .

    I tell them ” why don’t you care” , ” do you not care about human rights issues? ‘
    Why do people care about ALLEPO, Standing Rock, and rapists? Because we have compassion for others. We cry when we see others in pain. We want to help those in need. We want people to experience joy. That is human nature. Be cautious around those who don’t care. They are probably sociopathic and if they don’t care about human rights, they don’t care about you.

    • Sherbet

      I get asked that a lot, and I find myself stuck for one good, brief, pithy answer that will catch the questioner’s interest and, at the same time, not sound preachy or bore anyone to death. So far, all I can do is stammer and say, “Oh, you wouldn’t believe how rotten the church is!” which doesn’t help.

      I’m taking note of your response, Jenny.

      • Bobby Tolberto AKA TDA

        My sister was an RN, and got grief from some of her peers because she boycotted Nรฉstle Foods for a time. I was so happy to tell her that I had done so as well, and that It was her right to boycott whatever, whenever, as an American citizen.

        My response is more succinct: “Ask not for whom the bell tolls, you might be next, ASSHOLE!”

    • jazzlover

      To my fellow Americans who say this to me, I usually respond with:

      Why don’t YOU care? Human rights abuses aside, this evil organization is using YOUR tax dollars to carry out its insidiousness, just so the IRS can then squeeze the average Joe’s like you and I to make up the shortfall in the revenue needed to run this country.

      • Harpoona Frittata

        My standard response to that question is, “because I’m a human,” which is to imply that if you don’t, then you’re…umm, well, we don’t really need to go there. It’s a kind of virtual slap in the face that almost always elicits a long pause, a confused look, then that dawning-of-awareness look that signals that they finally caught a clue.

        Occasionally someone will respond belligerent with the comeback, “Are you saying that I’m some sort of sub-human?” to which I just shrug and look away, as if to imply, “Well, why not ask yourself that?”

        • jazzlover

          Of course, that’s a valid response. In my experience, it doesn’t always work, simply because not everyone has the same level of compassion for others (“I don’t have time to worry about that”, etc). We are taught to worry mostly about ourselves. That’s why I’ve figured out that it’s easier to get a more universally positive response when I point out how they’re being hit where it hurts them personally – in the pocket.

          • Harpoona Frittata

            You’re right, it doesn’t always work. Suggesting or implying that folks without much of a conscience towards others who are not family or direct acquaintances often goes right over the head of many. Sadly, that diminished circle of caring seems to be on the rise in today’s world.

            There’s just too much corruption, too much evil, too much hate out there, and through the magic of the internet we’re made even more acutely aware of it. As a culture, we’ve become semi-inured to it all because it’s just too much to dwell upon without the ability to change much of it.

            My own personal approach to that is to focus in on that which I can have some effect upon and to support those who are in a position to do something about those things that I can’t directly affect. I don’t have any grand solution that I can recommend for all; I just know what seems to work best for me.

            • jazzlover

              I agree with all you’ve said, and give you props for recognizing what works for you. Believe it or not, that seems to be a lost art. I have a friend who has decided that when given the choice between the high and low roads, most will gravitate towards the low one. I hope he’s wrong, but I’ve yet to see overwhelming evidence that he is, unfortunately.

            • Harpoona Frittata

              I hate to be pessimistic, but I’ve been paying pretty close attention for quite some time and, sad to say, there’s been a marked trend towards caring less about folks who are not family, friends and direct acquaintances, as far as I can see.

            • jazzlover

              I think you’re right. I also think some of it is circumstantial based on “diminishing conditions” in the world. Keeping one’s circle small has almost become a necessity for survival. But hey, on the upside, I read today that the FBI agrees with the CIA that the election was rigged by Putin. The stars must be aligned because those 2 agencies usually despise each other. Now let’s see if we do the “right thing”.

    • Harpoona Frittata

      ” Be cautious around those who don’t care. They are probably sociopathic
      and if they don’t care about human rights, they don’t care about you.”

      Absolutely! There is just no better way to evaluate a group (ANY group) than the care, nurturance, respect and value that it places on the young and the elderly. In $cn if you have no money to contribute and can not work for the cherch, then you have no value to it. I’m sure that if wasn’t sure to cause a huge PR flap, the Sea Orgy would be off-loading these oldsters to the streets, right and left!

      There are plenty more stories like this one, I’m sure of it.

  • Roger Larsson

    Younger are blue-eyed, older black-eyed.

  • Davka

    My mother is and has been in treatment for cancer for years. Yes, years. And good quality of life years because she has access to treatment and good medical care. Without it, when my mother was diagnosed with stage iv in 2006, that would have been it. Cancer still may get her in the end, but 10 more years and a chance to watch her grandchildren grow? I’ll take it. What saddens me and makes me angry is the real possibility that Claire too could have lived quality years a little longer. No gurantees in life, but that the chance was taken is infuriating.

  • Xenu’s son.

    Scientology’s disconnection policy is causing it to get it disconnected implode and disappear.

  • It’s amazing what people do to “help” other people!

  • nottrue
  • Xenu’s son.

    His roid rage and alcoholim gets him to mistreat people who are making him like $50.000 per week.
    He seems more psychotic than evil.

  • RK

    Seniors need opportunities to socialize to maintain their mental and physical health. I worked at an org in the 1970’s where we had a woman in her 70’s as the receptionist. People loved her and were very patient with her. She started off with a 40 hour work week, then only worked 4-5 hours each day and as time went on, reduced this to fewer and fewer days and hours per week until she needed to “retire.” She greeted everyone who came in by name. People brought her gifts at Christmas and her birthday. She was really lovely. I don’t think that work is the problem here. It is the type of work, the hours demanded and the demeaning treatment and, past a certain age, it needs to be voluntary. There are other jobs that Claire could be doing that is more fitting and respectful of her age, health and contributions.

    • Bobby Tolberto AKA TDA

      The problem isn’t just the work, but that she was dealing with cancer as well. Cancer knocks you on your ass and having a woman her age go through the additional stress of working was nothing short of criminal manslaughter.

  • Ben Franklin

    Scientology is a very dangerous thing that has been able to hide in plain sight for so many years under the guise of being a good thing. When people talk about Scientology being no different from any other church or religion, they often make the mistake of not realizing that this thing is not even a church or religion. One can not compare two different things as if they are comparable.

    • Mark Foster

      They can call themselves a religion; it doesn’t negate the reality of their destructive, intentionally abusive policies and actions.
      On a side note, whether dealing with Inquisitor’s Manuals of the Catholic Church in The Middle Ages or the centuries long cults of personality in Tibetan Buddhism and the assorted institutionalized abuses they practice or the scripture-driven wars of the Muslims against infidels or the tit-for-tat slaughtering of populations that Hindus and Muslims have engaged in in Indonesia, the institutional structures of many of the world’s major religions have enslaved, murdered, raped, and pillaged in the names of their respective gods and holy causes for centuries. I am not addressing the merits of belief versus non-belief in any deity; I AM addressing the fact that scientology’s practices are mere sadistic refinements of long established cult and religious practices from all over the world. That’s my opinion, of course, based on the reading I have done so far…

      • aquaclara

        I think only MIscavige still follows that comparison you noted back to the Middle Ages.

        For those for whom Scientology is their only example of a church, I’ll offer up just one simple comparison. Our church, Catholic, has a nurses and medical professionals staff that will visit the homebound, answer questions the family may have, and help provide care and support at no cost to parishioners. We also have a Meals on Wheels and Aid for Friends programs that makes and delivers fresh meals to those in need, along with clothing, coats, blankets and other items.

        This is in addition to the food pantry, clothing and coat drives, help for young families and pregnant women, bereavement support, and Catholic Relief Services, which offers an array of support and access to aid, housing, etc. All of these are free, and staffed and supported by volunteers of all ages. And this is just one church among many.

        If a church isn’t giving back and helping those in need, what is it doing? This is why Scientology utterly fails.

  • Newiga

    Scientology, a tax exempt religion where the operative concepts are
    – abuse of the elderly, disabled, children and other less fortunate
    – medical abuse
    – bankruptcy and financial extortion
    – emotional, mental and physical ruin
    – slave and child labour
    – destruction of families and friendships
    – blood, sweat and tears

    The list goes on and on. When does it stop?

    • When everybody is tweeting about it? j/k

      • Newiga

        I wish…. ๐Ÿ™

    • Rasha

      (From Pan’s excellent reminder downstream)

      John Travolta: ” Name me another philosophy, religion or technology where joy is the operative concept.”
      Tom Cruise: ” It’s a beautiful religion.”

      • Newiga

        Thank you, Pan and Rasha for reminding us.

    • And they do it in the lowest, worst and most horrible fashion of each thing on your list, and without remorse. Some even seem to relish in the abuse they administer to others.

      • Newiga

        Exactly. Breaks my heart.

      • Harpoona Frittata

        With a sadistic, sociopathic leader modelling the most heinous behavior imaginable, it’s no wonder that the cult attracts, retains and promotes other sociopaths who do exactly the same.

  • flyonthewall

    This reminded me of that case where Scientology sued the Sally Jesse Raphael show in 1991 and lost. An elderly woman, Dorothy Dickerson, was sucked into Scientology and joined the Sea Org at 61 yrs old. In a last ditch effort to get her out, her children went on Sally’s show and told how their mother was washing dishes etc and being a slave for Scientology. Hana Elttringham was also a guest and regarding how elderly SO are treated said,
    – ” She will be worked as hard as they can work her. We call the members of the group now — I mean, Hubbard was practicing slave labor, basically. She will be worked as long as she has a breath in her body. And then, when she either gets ill or she’s unable to continue on, she will be dismissed from the group. She will not get a pension. She will not get health insurance, medical insurance, life insurance. It doesn’t exist.”

    I wonder whatever happened to Dorothy? She was a hard core member and was elated that Sally’s show was sued. Said it would stop other shows and media from talking badly about Scientology. Do you think Scientology was as dedicated to her as she was to them?

    • Sherbet

      Interesting story. I hadn’t heard it before. And here it is, 25 years later…

      • flyonthewall

        Yep. I so wish there was a tape of the show out there but I haven’t been able to find one.

      • flyonthewall

        It happens over and over and over with them, it’s SOP. Just look how they did Yvonne Gilham

    • Harpoona Frittata

      An excellent reminder that the cherch has been neglecting and abusing its elderly staff members for a very long time.

    • Jenyfurrrrr

      Fly – thanks for posting this! Reading it, I actually remember watching this way back when! I was in high school and home sick. It was, beyond my dad telling me to stay away from Scio when I was little & we saw the volcano commercial, one the first few instances of awareness of the cult.

  • Rasha

    It’s these reports and others – about disconnection, predatory coercion, emotional abuse – that make the case for not pushing the “wacky space alien cult” line. Yes, we laugh and J&D them, but it is in light of the true nature and horror of Scientology – The Church That Never Was.

    Scientology has one goal and purpose: to extract everything from everyone it can. It wasn’t enough to take the full financial reserves from someone, if they are still able to talk about it. They had to take that away as well. By relentless recruiting and pressure, they found the staff who were willing to continue the process. Some are so steeped in it they don’t register any other reality. Some have quietly left, and thankfully some are leaving noisily.

    Those out there who are reading surreptitiously, who just know something is wrong – Keep reading. When you de-lurk, there’s a place for you – for free – to come. From Never-Ins to former execs, we’ll skootch over for ya.

    grammar edit. On my phone at the moment..

  • stillgrace2

    Boy, this was a tough read even with the much appreciated warning from Tony at the beginning.
    Scientology is always worse than you think it is. Must remember, must remember.

    If Claire Reppen’s son is lurking here today, I would like to say to him: I am so sorry for the loss of your mother. Thank you for sharing her story with us here today. You have given her a voice. You have honored the memory of your mother who worked so hard for something she believed in. I think she would like and appreciate that. You are a good son. Blessings to you and yours.

    • 196714

      Yes I am reading the comments. Thanks very much for the kind thoughts. Even though I am expelled from Scientology which I was a Sea Org Member for 25 years, It took a lot of thought to release this last report as it’s quite personal. After 15 years, I decided it was time to make this public.

      • jazzlover

        No doubt it took tons of courage, but rest assured you’ve done a good thing. If one wakes up (and I’m hoping it will be many more than that), it will have been worth it. Respect and peace to you and yours.

      • Princess Squishy

        I’m very sorry for your loss and very sorry for the treatment of your mother in her time of need. I can’t speak for anybody else but I am ashamed as a human being that this horror was perpetrated on her by fellow humans.

      • pluvo

        Thank you for going public and expose this! It’s so important as the more is exposed the less the CoS and its leadership can hide behind their claim that these are single occurrences and all lies and their hypocrisy is shown. These are “Knowledge Reports” for the public view and the general public will be the judge over the CoS and its doings which it tries to hide behind their PR-facade.

  • Staci

    It is heartbreaking to me that her last waking thoughts were of KR’s not saying goodbye or sharing (probably nonexistent, I suppose) happy family memories to ease the mental pain of those last days. What a disgusting way to treat a human being.

  • madame duran

    Disqus is acting weird (again). I’m not seeing any automatic updates (i.e. notices of upvotes, replies, and new posts by me). I would have to find my original comments by searching for them. It’s frozen in time. Thank you for letting me vent. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Sherbet

      I was having problems yesterday, but everything seems OK now.

    • Rasha

      Same. I was hoping I didn’t get kicked out of the Fringe.

    • Bobby Tolberto AKA TDA

      Yeah, it’s been showing the same “new” replies since this morning for me. FWIW, we didn’t break it this time.

    • Princess Squishy

      Yeah I’m having problems. not getting any of my notifications.

    • Draco

      yesterday it swallowed at least 2 of my comments. They posted okay, got a couple of upvotes, then they simply disappeared as though I had never typed them. They are still gone.

    • Qbird

      same here, madame — very frustrating to not see replies.

  • Mark Foster

    Wow. I couldn’t even read the whole story, it was so upsetting.
    This article highlights a significant and central ingredient of the “new civilization” scientology wants to build:
    HEARTLESSNESS(had to get that “ness” suffix in there).
    Really, the operative word is EVIL.
    It’s all there, writ in fucking turgid cult gobbledy-guck arrogance and ignorance…

    • Qbird

      Theta doesn’t seem to exist in KRs. Where’s all that super-dooper flow?

      • Mark Foster

        Q, you have a misunderstood word: it’s super POOPER flow.

    • PerpetualOutflow

      Absolutely–the clampire schools them to become heartless, arrogant and blind.

  • GrangerFX

    I am glad that this story is public but how many other elderly are suffering and being worked to death by the CoS that we will never hear about? Knowing how the CoS tries to nickel and dime its SeaOrg members, I have a hard time believing that their elderly members are getting the healthcare they deserve. With fewer young people entering the cult thanks to the now uncontrolled media attention on the CoS, Leah’s show being the latest example, they will be left with an ever less productive elderly membership needing more and more financial resources every year. All it would take is one good prosecutor to pierce the veil and CoS will collapse like a house of cards.

  • Mat Pesch

    The “crime” there is in the Sea Org is doing anything besides working every possible minute. To do less is “out ethics” and letting down the entire planet and the future of mankind, bla, bla, bla. When I joined the Sea Org in 1978 I would estimate that the average age of a Sea Org member was about 21 years old. Only a small percentage had been in the Sea Org for 5 or more years. When I left in 2005 I would estimate that the average age in the Sea Org was between 35 and 40 years old. At least a third of the members had been in the Sea Org for over 15 years. Many for 20, 25, 30 years. Those are years of extreme mental and physical wear and tear.
    The whole mental and financial make up of the Sea Org is counter to the care of the sick and elderly. It got to the point that in about 2001 it was announced at a meeting with the entire Flag crew that anyone who could not do the full Sea Org schedule due to age or sickness would be off loaded. It was a wake up call for me. I had been there over 20 years and had always been told I would be cared for in old age. Now I was told that when I could no longer work for 100 plus hours a week I would be off loaded with $500 minus the cost to ship me out of town and out of sight. I was thinking “F#@* this, I have to get out of here while I can still provide for myself”. Easier said then done but at the age of 48 and after 28 years in the Sea Org I forced my way out. To understand better the financial obstacles of caring for the old and the sick one can watch the two interviews I did with Jeffrey Augustine. I think the series of interviews he did was called Surviving Scientology. In one of the Little Dickie Bed Time Stories that I posted (I think it was story #6) I broke down item by item what is done with the millions of dollars that is brought in by Flag each week. Despite all that money there is little to no money allocated to crew uniforms, medical, etc.

  • joan nieman

    We all know that scientology is always worse than you think. Today’s story confirms this. Deplorable.

  • Richard

    Here is a reply I got from RTC after I wrote to them, in desperation, having not got anywhere with any terminal in Saint Hill. Yes, can you believe it, they sent me back to ethics in Saint Hill. Just where I had been before!

    But thinking about it, with the knowledge I now have regarding the truth about Scientology, sending someone to ethics is the way that they can really control you and break you so that you become a “good” Scientologist.

    • Qbird

      nice letterhead. crappy non-reply.

      • Michael Leonard Tilse

        Yea. I especially like the SS lightning bolts nicely arranged in an occult wreath around the edge.

  • kemist

    I recognize most of the scientologese in there (*shudder*), except for one thing :

    What does PTPed means ?

    • 3feetback-of-COS

      PTP means present time problem.

      Eta: Using the noun as a verb.

      ETA2: I knew that Super Literacy Course would come in handy someday!.

      • kemist

        Ok, so that’s how they say “upset” or “pissed”.

        • 3feetback-of-COS

          Actually, upset or pissed off would be an ARC break. A PTP would a problem distracting a PC’s attention. These two along with missed withhold are three ‘rudiments’ aka ruds that are checked for at the start of each auditing session.

          • Michael Leonard Tilse

            Yep. A PTP would be any situation that the person was troubled with, needed or felt that it needed handling, was more important to the person than their post, work or other things you wanted to get done.

            Like: “I couldn’t get her to keep shoveling the garbage she was ordered to do, she was so degraded she was PTPed by her broken ankle and wouldn’t work.”

  • Kim O’Brien

    this just makes me actually sick to my stomach …..

    and I just want to say to any lurkers or readers of Marty’s blog ….do NOT KEEP ALL OF THIS A SECRET . I am so disgusted that anyone would ever, ever, ever suggest that anyone who would DARE to share their stories and DEMEND accountability ….should just keep their mouth shut cuz if you talk about it you create an ” upset ” pr whatever for other people ..and somehow you are craving pity . It is a disgusting suggestion


  • 3feetback-of-COS

    Scientology is a horror story that is too real!

  • nottrue
    • Qbird

      um… whoa! Way, way back, Lois recruited DM. yowza.

  • kemist

    She also has done some inappropriate 2D stuff, like tightly hugging Ernie, who is 86 and he commented on it and she thought it was funny.

    Uhm, yeah. ‘Cause it is pretty funny of you to think hugging somebody is akin to sexual abuse ?

    WTF is wrong with these people.

    First we hear that it’s totally normal for an adult man to discuss his sexual habits with a 14 year-old, but it’s perverted for two elderly people to hug each other.

    You know what ? I actually prefer to stay “aberrated” and “degraded”, thank you very much.

  • Lousy Ratatouille

    Claire went to the RPF rather than to commit out-tech,
    R.I.P. Claire.

  • Lousy Ratatouille

    “David a heavy smoker? Damn, he’s not a kid anymore, it’s just his height!” (refresh)

  • Todd Tomorrow

    Just got off the phone with my Mum and she asked if Tony’s book (she loved it) was ever going to be made into a movie. I know sometimes we joke about it but as the clock ticks it doesn’t seem to be such a far fetched idea. Who would have imagined just four years ago how the media’s attitude has come to expose $cioCorp’s crimes.

  • Andrea ‘i-Betty’ Garner
    • flyonthewall

      So I try to laugh about it
      Cover it all up with lies
      I try to laugh about it
      Hiding the tears in my eyes
      Because kitties don’t cry

  • Jenyfurrrrr

    This is one of those posts that leaves me with anger and so many other feelings – mostly wanting to get up right now & wishing I could find some helpful, tangible way to put a stop to this nasty organization and help get these people out. It’s a tragedy on SO many levels!

    Claire… ugh my heart breaks for her son – this has to be SO hard to know her end was filled with this degree of stress! RIP sweet lady, you’re free of this mess wherever you are now & I’m so sorry you endured this!

    Sherri – it’s easy to simply view her as an evil, horrible person. Her actions in this case were certainly terrible. Sadder still is that she was shaped into this persona by the cult. She likely had a superior screaming at her for not meeting some ridiculous stat like getting these “elderlies”back up & performing, which she was destined to fail. Not that she couldn’t have infused humanity into her dealings with each person (don’t get me wrong – I’m struggling to feel for her at all) but she’s as much a victim of this vile cult as Claire – it’s removed her humanity & understanding.

    It’s time for this cult to be dealt an “effective blow” by gov’t action! THIS is why!

    • ze moo

      We can’t trust the government to do anything. It is up to us. Get your Guy Fawkes masks ready, time to raid all the mOrgs. Bring your dancing shoes….

      • Jenyfurrrrr

        Good point! I’m all about protesting & being vocal about them needing to be gone (dance shoes – check!) but DAMN I want someone in a position of power to pay attn and do something BIG – I feel so small/insignificant when I read things like this!

    • PerpetualOutflow

      You are so right–Sherri’s actions and attitudes were intentionally fostered by the teachings of $cientology. I posted a few days ago about this. If you think about the key personality traits of a hardcore clam (i.e. arrogance, self-centeredness, deep seated fear and insecurity, callousness, greed, etc.) you can easily find the teachings and processes that foster these traits.

      • Jenyfurrrrr

        Yep! I totally want to slam her, but she’s simply being a dedicated clam. I saw your post and it very well-described!

        • PerpetualOutflow

          Thank you Jeny. I don’t think they should get a pass for their actions OR their beliefs because the latter lead to the former…inevitably.

      • Jenyfurrrrr

        *was very well described

  • pluvo

    Scientologists – The Great Humanitarians!

    The Sea Org: The โ€˜elite of the humanitariansโ€™ are treating their fellow human beings like disposables.

    • PerpetualOutflow

      The followers of “man’s best friend.”

  • Todd Tomorrow

    She mentions how much they’ll” save in medical bills” if she gets her signed up for medicade. Does anyone know if they’d ever actually pay anybody’s medical bills? I remember the Sea Arghh bloke who was hit on his bike in L.A., didn’t he have to start a go-fund me page for his care from the accident.

  • Baby

    In memory of Claire Reppen. We are sorry for the way that you were treated in Scientology..You were not given compassion and caring for your illness. It saddens us today. Rest in Peace Claire.

  • Baby

    Too hard too handle today. Off for a bike ride. See you tomorrow. love baby.. Thank you to Claire’s son and Tony for bringing this story to the forefront.

    It needed to be told.

  • Jenny Griffith

    I posted this on yesterday’s blog –

    There is a Christian campsite, adjacent to where Shelly is. I bet they rent it out to groups. We could actually surround the compound, by marching and calling out to her. Wouldn’t even need a megaphone. The road is public and close to all of the structures. There’s even a trail, adjacent to the fence. I live very close to that compound.

    • MarieSue

      My son goes to that camp quite frequently with his church groups. I will have to ask him more about it.

    • Its only an hour from me too. I’d bring the SP puppie ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Jenny Griffith

        It’s snowing this weekend and the camp is probably closed for winter, but maybe some locals could offer housing for a ” day” march.

    • LongtimeLurker


      Doooo eeeet!

    • April

      Wee Davey making an offer to purchase that campsite in 3…2…1

  • Panopea Abrupta


    Imagine there’s no Hemet
    It isn’t easy when they cry
    Saint Hell’s a racket
    Selling the blue sky

    Imagine all the people
    Longing to get away

    Imagine no possessions
    I wonder if you can
    Only DM’s greed and anger,
    A befuddlement of man

    Imagine there’s no Hemet
    It isn’t hard to do
    Nothing to shill or lie for
    End the religion, too

    Imagine all the people
    Finally set free
    You may say I’m a schemer
    But I’m not the only one
    I hope someday you will join us
    $cientology will be gone

    Imagine all the people
    Regaining all their world
    You may say I’m a schemer
    But I’m not the only one
    I hope someday you will join us
    $cientology will be gone

    TY, Dice, for the collage ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Johnny Tank (Forever Autumn)

      I spy with my little eye, something beginning with ’26’…

    • Techie

      They had that John Lennon song in the music show line-up at one of the Freewinds events. But “Imagine no religion” was too much for Ron Miscavige Sr., he arranged with the soloist to change the lyrics. I guess “no hell” and “no heaven” is Scientological enough, but “no religion” goes too far. I don’t know why they didn’t object to “no possessions”, they are possessed with obtaining more possessions.But when she did the song she forgot all about the lyrics change and performed it with the original words, with all the senior Scientology executives including Dave Miscavige in the audience. Oddly I don’t think she got in trouble, they probably didn’t notice.

    • MarcabExpat

      Oh man, Pan, this one got to me. What a rough few days it’s been here at the Bunker.

      A rough few days here, a rough lifetime in the Sea Org.

      • LongtimeLurker

        Me too.

  • Draco

    Sherri needed to make up her mind – She never saw Claire doing exercise, which was part of her medical handling. Then she complains that Claire was well enough to walk to Magnolia every day to visit her friends there. Walking is not exercise? What was she expecting her to do – Jane Fonda’s aerobics?
    Of course, the thought never crossed her mind that Claire was treated a whole lot better by her friends at magnolia than by her colleagues at Flag, which is why she went there as often as possible.

    The thing about being on staff in scientology, is that what you did in the past, whether it was yesterday or for the past 30 years, is absolutely not important. Only what you do NOW is of any significance to them.

    This treatment of the elderly is shocking…complaining about a 94 year old woman not pulling her weight? Being out ethics and not acting like a sea org member…I just have no words for that one.

  • Jefferson Hawkins

    This is a subject that really makes my blood boil – the treatment of elderly Sea Org Members. And the Sea Org population is rapidly aging. There is no real provision for these people. They are expected to work until they drop. There is no program of dignified retirement or care. At most they are given reduced schedules (only working 12 hours a day rather than 16) and given menial sit-down jobs like writing letters or filing. If they get sick they are shunted off to the cheapest senior care facilities they can find, or dumped on family (if they still have any family they are allowed to communicate with). Or they are offloaded on some pretext. And Ex-SO get little or no Social Security – the SO only pays in to Social Security on the tiny amount they dole out as “allowance.” People are used up and discarded. This is a whole area of Sea Org abuse that has gotten very little publicity – thanks, Tony, for highlighting this.

    • True – after 20 years of SO my estimated retirement at 62 amount was less then 50 $.

    • PerpetualOutflow

      What he said ^^^^^^^^^^

  • Unfortunately, this is consistent with all the treatment of all elderly Sea Org members. I have no doubt that the other elderly folks under this witch’s care were being treated similarly, despite their frail conditions. I witnessed it many times in my three years. Elderly Sea Org members who were ill were always reviled by the rest of us because we had to work so hard and they got a free pass. It was a case of jealousy and one of the many feelings that I was brought up with that I regret. I remember wishing I could get cancer or something a few times while I was on post, just so I could have one good night’s sleep.

    Reading the knowledge report, as someone who has recovered from my Scientology-based upbringing, it makes me cringe. I can’t believe the petty things we would write people up for. An elderly woman seeking medicare, after barely surviving cancer is being ratted out for asking for a piece of pizza and some coffee. That’s ridiculous. Ludicrous even. I was similarly ratted out for receiving gifts from my parents for my birthday.

    I think this gives great insight into what being in the Sea Org was like. This poor woman, and all the other people she was suffering alongside. This cancer survivor was expected to be dreaming and postulating about the day that she can return to post and “serve the group.” Fuck you Sherri you cold-hearted bitch. But also fuck me because I’m sure I’ve had the same feelings before.

    • MarcabExpat

      It’s a despicable culture. And you don’t need to beat yourself up about it, Derek. These are feelings, for crying out loud. If you’re exhausted and abused and worn out, feeling jealous of someone who’s at least allowed to sit down isn’t evil. It’s a symptom of what’s happening to you. I remember having to write myself up again and again for feelings of “rebelliousness” or “resentment” or what have you. Not that I actually did anything, I was just guilty of being resentful. Emotions themselves were a crime.

      I have read testimony by concentration camp survivors who told similar stories of being jealous of fellow prisoners who were given a little more water because they were ill, for example. This is what you sounded like for a minute. You blamed yourself. Don’t blame yourself. That’s what they want you to do.

    • LongtimeLurker

      Stop that!

      We’re all angry at Sherri, but it’s the culture Derek, and you were young.

      • Draco

        What LL said.

  • Still_On_Your_Side

    If Casisis truly worked with Medicare to help seniors get on it, he was not doing scientology any favors, he was doing his job. The fact that Sherri bragged about bringing him an expensive Italian dinner as a gift, presumably in a long line of such “gifts,” should raise a red flag in today’s Clearwater city government, especially if this is still Miscavige’s SOP. In most jurisdictions, that “gift” would be unlawful, and it begs the question as to how much of this “gifting” scientology is involved in.

    • Draco

      Also – we can’t pay our staff’s medical bills, but we do have money to buy you a dinner you didn’t ask for. Just because you were kind to someone who behaved badly. SMFH.

  • 196714

    Thank you all for your comments. As Claire’s son I had gotten a hold of this report from my mom belonging’s in the hospital when she died. It angered me for many, many years. I also got the Sherri Rabey KR. I gave the Sherri Rabey report to Marty Rathbun about 5 years ago, but the other one was even harder to take. Finally after 15 years of hanging onto it, I after careful consideration decided to give it to Tony. The Leah Remini “Aftermath” series, I think helped ease this decision. Because of my profession and google I am using a discus name other than my own. Thank you, it was time to make this public.

    • Observer

      Thank you for sharing it. I am so sorry for your loss and the anguish this must have caused you for all these years.

    • 196714

      PS: If a Sea Org member today read these reports I know for a fact that they would think my mom truly is a whiny, weak out ethics bitch, that is ‘a problem” for them.

      • Todd Tomorrow

        Giving someone ” a hug” is pretty horrible. They sure are sick, twisted fucks.

        • Draco

          IKR? What did they think she was going to do? Whisk him away to her room and have her wicked way with him?

          People need hugs! Especially when you are sick and scared about what the future holds for you.

          • Robert Eckert

            And what would be so wrong if she did?

            • Draco

              I would say “Go Girl!” But yeah…in the Sea Org, there’s this little thing called “The 2D Rules”. You know, where Ron doesn’t interfere with people’s personal lives?

    • MarcabExpat

      We are so sorry your mother isn’t here today. We’re also very glad that you are. There has never been a better time to go public, and I hope it will be helpful. Thank you for your courage and for sharing your beautiful, out-ethics love for your mom.

    • LongtimeLurker

      Thank you. And all my best thoughts and wishes for you and your family.

    • aquaclara

      I am so very sorry for the treatment your mother (and you) received. There are really no fitting words to describe how truly sad this is, so I hope that you just know how much all of us here are weeping for you both right now.

      I was raised in Clearwater as a regular never-in, and it burns me up that the city, the county, the state does nothing to try to stop this. Your mom deserved better.

      Your speaking up is incredibly important, and I hope the power of your words reaches far and wide. Tony has a huge audience, built up over years of hard work and meaningful reporting. While nothing can bring her back, this story has brought her memory to all of us, and trust me, we do not forget. It’s also brought you here, and this is another reason why this story will not be forgotten or overlooked.

      There are too many here who are in shoes like yours, or know someone who is. Mike Rinder’s right — this has not been covered as much as it should. And it needs to stop now.

      Thank you for being the voice of so many, and for giving us a memory of your brave, hardworking and loyal mom. She did her best to do what she thought was right. And she passed that on to you, too.

      Wishing you all the best, 196714, Claire’s son. Remembering…..

      • 196714

        Thank you aquaclara.

    • Gladys Kravitz

      you are brave and you are honoring your mother’s memory by making this public. you will save lives by doing this. >>>HUGS<<<<

    • Robert Ramsay

      Thank you so much for sharing this. Another spot light on the all the wrongs committed.

    • abdaman

      Thank you for your contribution. Every little bit helps chip away at the giant mountain of bullshit that is the CO$. And I know that nobody here reads this post and thinks your mom was a whiny b word, cancer is not a fucking joke or something you can just walk off >:^|

    • Dee Findlay-DeElizabethan

      Thank you, loving son.

    • Anoymouswillgetyou

      Please give it to Leah. The world & especially the U.S. needs to hear this. Please tell me she was not in a Scientology nursing home or facility. Because if they are getting government money to do this I am going to be doing something about this. We need to a petition our government & law enforcement agencies, for the abuse, neglect & murder of the elderly by Scientology to stop. This story needs to be on Anderson Cooper’s CNN show & many other media outlets. I am sure Tony could advise you on how to get your story printed or shown on more media outlet’s. Since he wrote about it they could just use his reporting & just get it more coverage. He know’s Leah & was on her show the other night. That is what YouTube was commenting on. We have all been watching her documentary series. Your story has to be on the next season. As a memorial to your mama. I really think you could get them(Scientology) on this situation & maybe save others. I want to see you be compensated although you cannot bring her back, it is because they are bastards. I want them hit in any way possible. I have never had anyone in a cult but been following Scientlogy for years. But I have known some bad people that get away with bad things because they have power. This got me so upset I cursed! My own dear mama has suffered needlessly. And I have too, but thankfully as ugly as it has been I am not in a cult, although it has made me feel powerless, & quite alone at times. Because just as this cult has money which equals power & intimidation, corporations & their lawyers, wealthy people, do too. And when you are in a fight with someone with more resources than you, it can be intimidating. I swear though if you had been. my friend & told me what that witch did to your mom, nothing could of stopped me from punching her lights out. I am usually a pussycat until you hurt the weak & defenseless. I was raised to protect & honor & love the vulnerable. I hope that makes you feel better knowing that this deeply moved me, & outrages me that she had to suffer as well as you who I am sure at the time felt helpless. Which is a horrible feeling when you love someone & feel powerless to help them. I believe in a compassionate higher power but am not a fanatic. I also believe that we will make the evil people in this world have to answer in this life & hopefully there is another life where they will answer as well. One thing that has driven me crazy is well meaning people saying God will punish them for that. Because I want them punished right now in this life & I want the victims to be safe & loved for the rest of their years. That is why we have laws. This is our human rights. We cannot let our basic human rights be trampled because then what is the point of working, & living. We are not here just to survive, we are here to live & have joy. Otherwise, who would want to just exist. I watched a speaker say we have forgotten righteous anger in this country. That we can’t just pat someone on the back saying one day they will get theirs. And yet let them live a nice life until their end comes. I say the cult is cracking after Leah. You should see the comments which are full of people, on YouTube in support of what she is doing & for Tony as well. And I refer people to Tony’s site, just yesterday, so I will be passing your story to as many people that I just was talking to who are already angry & want something done by our government & our law enforcement agencies. Your mother could have been pulled out of there because of her health. Scientology could not have stopped them if they tried that with what I know about the elderly & being sick especially cancer for God’s sake. I use a different name on YouTube, & don’t even know why I changed it for discus except I was pretty sick that day. And feeling inspired by anonymous. You will be in my thoughts. My heart just hurts for you, but you & your mama will not be forgotten by me. And I bet if this gets out a lot of other people will not forget you or her either. I think it is important to tell each other we care. After all we are supposed to be brothers & sisters on this earth, good Samaritans & neighbors to one another. Not all of us were blessed with large families or people to help us. So we have to be caring, kind & compassionate to each other. I have a hot button & that is any injustice to the vulnerable. Unfortunately, I have seem too much that has upset me in the last several years. We must join together in numbers & by doing that we will have power. Your story is a powerful one that needed to be told. I know those idiots in Scientology can harass people but try not to be intimidated. We think they may have tried to send a couple to bug us on YouTube after tons of people with long comments were outraged wanting to do something & praising Leah’s new show. We got rid of them fast. Much love to you. If you reply I will be checking.

      • 196714

        Thank you, first of all we don’t know if Leah will do a second season, I would have to carefully consider this as I would put my whole profession and career on the line. I was in the Sea Org for 25 years, and believe they know me. Anyway she spent most of the time when she was ill at the Magnolia Manor on Magnolia Ave which is not church connected at all. Though many elder’s were there at the time, and it’s very close to the Church facility where they can keep an eye on them. If you want to reach me

  • Willie Jones

    This not just a sad story, it is I consider abuse of the elderly! There are laws against this I am sure. Years ago I was driving past flag and observed an elderly woman in a sea org uniform. She was very old and frail walking slowly with her head down crying as she approached the flag bus. My heart went out to her and it was the first time I wondered what the church does for people who cannot work anymore. I am glad that this story made it to you Tony to be exposed. This is in a way the ultimate disconnection story, the sea orgs staff who must utterly disconnect from any life outside the church and produce for them no matter what, even if you are elderly and sick. I am disgusted!

  • stillgrace2

    To read a loving, heartfelt eulogy written by Carol Kramer that captures Claire Reppon’s spirit of integrity, click on the blue “at his blog” link embedded above (after Claire’s letter to RTC and before the KR BS written by Sherri Rabey).

    Fair Warning: if you click, you are going to Marty’s place. For those who dare, read Marty’s 2010 words after the eulogy. You may be impressed … or not … I’m ducking out of the bunker forthwith.

  • Tony Ortega

    This has been an amazing day of comments. Particularly those this morning had us tearing up, and we can’t remember the comments doing that to us in a long, long time.

    An amazing day. But, uh, we hate to do this, but we have an afternoon post coming.

    • Draco

      Oy … there goes the early evening I planned…

    • Rasha

      Hope it’s something more lighthearted than Scientology – like maybe dysentery.

      • Draco

        Cholera is always a good topic.

        • Rasha

          Sometimes you need something to take your mind off the really bad things.

      • jazzlover

        Is that really the best that you can do? ๐Ÿ˜‰

        • Rasha

          LOL (In Rasha’s defense, I am – again – on a support call with a customer…)

          • jazzlover

            Hopefully, you’re not that tri-lingual woman (everything ‘cept for English, it seemed!) that I spoke to about my dipsy doodly internet service this morning ๐Ÿ™‚

            • Rasha


            • jazzlover

              roflmao. It’s all Greek to me.

            • Rasha

              (me, too! XD )

    • flyonthewall
      • Rasha


  • Tony Ortega


  • Gladys Kravitz

    i cannot shake the rage i experienced after reading this earlier today. i cannot wait until next week when that putrid bastard DM is called out.

    • Paul V. Tupointeau

      I nominate “Putrid Bastard” to be added to the list of official Davey nicknames! :-))

  • Thank you for posting this Tony and Mike. I named my daughter #1 born 20 June 1981 at the Hollywood Inn after Claire. Claire helped me figure out the middle name ‘Elan so the name ment clear spirit. Claire was not working for Ron to help herself. She was only there to help others and from her capacity that’s what she did. I’d go in session with a big upset and the upset was gone when I got out.she was a special type of being which working for Ron seemed to attract. Mind you this was long before the truth about Ron had leaked very far. RIP Claire we are working on fixing this ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Michael Leonard Tilse

    This is so sad. Rest in peace Claire Reppen.

    The discarding of people. Just throwing them away or using them up. It reminds me strongly of this:

  • Harpoona Frittata

    Elder abuse and neglect within the cult is endemic and likely to grow worse with time as the cult’s revenues continue to decline and Sea Orgy staff grow older and more infirm.

    If the cult is willing to abuse and neglect their highest trained and most productive earners, then Xenu only knows how the mid-level and lower underlings are being treated as they age and can no longer tolerate 100+ hour work weeks and constant threat of being consigned to the cult’s internal forced labor gulag.

    We should also never forget those who have also been consigned to internal exile and have not been heard from for years, like Heber Jentzch, who was born in 1935 and is now quite aged, if he’s still alive. Lil davey the despicable may have done away with The Hole in its original physical form, but the “black hole” of internal exile continues to exist and should be exposed for exactly the kind of evil that it represents. No one should be treated like that, regardless of whether or not they’re employed within a church organization or a secular one!

  • Out and about

    This is cruel beyond belief! I’m devastated by this report. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse.

    • iampissed

      Welcome to Scientology.

  • iampissed

    Oh my sweet Jesus….I can read most of that. I really need a new hobby.

    • John Prince thoughts are with You ๐Ÿ’œ..(I lost me Mum 3 yrs. ago, a week before Christmas, Stay Strong. .i’mpissedtoo )

      • iampissed

        Thanks today was at least a little better.

        • John Prince

          I’m beaming You my Super-DOOPER-Wog Powers (which are considerable! ) for Best Possible Holiday wishes to You &Your Family ๐Ÿ‘ฝ

  • JJ

    You know, the very fact that this “religion” formed with a code of action for dealing with detractors that involved everything and anything, including assault and ruining a persons life, is very telling of the core value system hidden beneath all the self help and how to talk in public and how to get a handle on your life tec.

  • Douglas D. Douglas

    I am sitting here on the verge of tears. Claire’s situation before her death resonates with me. You see, my dear wife has been going through a prolonged medical situation for the last four years. We have things under control. but she has (as they say) good days and bad days. The good days are a blessing, and the bad days… well, they can be bad.

    My wife has a great circle of support. I do all I can to be here for her. We have family and close friends. Her medical team is truly amazing. But even with all this, there are times she is convinced that everything is going the wrong way. She frets that I will leave her. She worries that others will find her medical condition disgusting. She has fears that grow into doubts about the care she is receiving. And through all this, the illness (illnesses, truth to tell) in her body do insidious things.

    My grief for Claire is based on this. Knowing that a woman with so much going for her (my wife) can still have such overwhelming fear, what must Claire’s quality of life have been? Her “circle” of support was someone who was actively working against her. Sherri’s utter lack of empathy and even the slightest shred of understanding was good for Scientology. (Must have been, as she was given charge of several “elderlies.”) But at what a cost to those who were in her care.

    As a person of faith, things like this leave me shaken. It goes against everything I believe. And yet– there it is. And this is not just some story that happened in the past. This describes a situation that is still going on. This is why I care about what is happening in Scientology.

    KSW? God forbid.

    • iampissed

      You are a man to be saluted.

    • Liberated

      Your wife is blessed to have a loving husband like you.

      I wish there were more good men like you around.

    • Frodis73

      You just made me tear up. You are a wonderful husband and your wife is lucky to have you. Hugs to both of you.

    • OOkpik

      <3 <3

    • PerpetualOutflow

      May your faith, strength, love and support buoy your wife’s spirit and speed her recovery Doug.

    • arcinva

      I’m with you. My mother-in-law was diagnosed with stage 4 GI cancer a few months ago and she is so weak and with such a lack of energy from her body fighting the cancer and from her chemo treatments, that she’s lucky to be able to fix herself some soup and a sandwich and read a magazine. So I just picture what Sherry said about Claire being applied to my mother-in-law. It makes me so angry and so sad.

  • FOTF2012

    Compare the term “elderlies” with the grace that Spanish uses to describe us as we advance into the latter parts of our lives. Even better than “old age,” Spanish may use the phrase “la tercer edad” — the third age, which is a logical and non-pejorative sequel to middle age.

    And compare Scientology’s sick (aberrated!) treatment of the older generation with the veneration bestowed by various other cultures in recognition that age brings and embodies wisdom and experience — and that none of us are here in the first place other than through the successful survival of those who came before us and their nurturing of us when we were children.

    Just think how different the Scientology world could have been if Scientology said “after 30 or 40 years of service, you get to take a break if you want and all services, courses, housing, and living stipend are free to you.” Instead of having a bunch of sick, suffering, and dying “elderlies” wasting their time on endless, useless central files projects, they would have a corpus of positive spokespeople and recruiters who could be writing up their life stories about how Scientology was meaningful for them and who could provide younger Scientologists with a sense of reason that comes from experience.

    But no. Scientology can never think a thought outside Hubbard’s limited brain residue, splattered in red and green and black across tomes of idiotic pages. It can never evolve and adapt. It cannot innovate or use applied research to try to validate itself. It is in short the perfect Gumpian example of “stupid is as stupid does.”

    These attitudes toward “elderlies” are, by the way, why Scientology had to make up the story that Hubbard intentionally “dropped his body” to pursue “higher research” that could only be done in an “exterior” state. The alternative was the truth — that he died old, frail, in horrible physical and mental health, and with a buttock’s full of psychiatric medicine (vistaril). Since his body failed, I guess he must have been out ethics and down stat like the examples in today’s article? No, Scientology couldn’t have that! (Literally, in Scientology terms, Scientology does not have the “havingness” for truth in cases like that.) Hence the lie about how Hubbard died (some would even say he might have been murdered or died through neglectful action — or he might have even shocked himself to death trying to zap a stubborn body thetan, that being something he had tried before with a juiced up e-meter while in seclusion).

    I am so sad about people who have been trapped their entire lives, laboring futilely for an aim that has never been achieved and never will be because it is not real, only to find themselves wiped out and without resources, support, or even empathy while facing the falling curve of physical and mental maladies that is a part of the final years of every human’s condition who lives long enough — including Hubbard’s.

    Scientology certainly does not represent the only cult and the only ridiculous set of unfounded beliefs, but having other partners in imprisonment through belief does not make it any less culpable. Shame on it. I suggest the Sea Org change its motto from “We come back” to “Stupid is as stupid does.”

  • LeahRocks

    Where, pray tell, is this “Sherry” now?

    • 196714

      Still there with a dedicated glare as always. She must be my mom’s age at death by now. Sherri as much as I fucking hated her was just a victim of the system. It sucks.

      • lori banister

        I am so sorry for this pain in your heart. Your mother sounds like a wonderful, kind person. Seems like people are coming out of the wood work to announce and spread the word of how much she was valued. What a tribute to a life treated so poorly by her supposed religion/support system. What an indictment of the same self congratulating, corrupt and despicable cult. Your mom made a difference in people’s lives, and that’s all any of us can wish for. Thank you for exposing this horridly painful part of your family’s life for the education for the wogs, exes, almost ins and trying to get outs figuring out this weird, nearly inexplicable “church”. Much positive energy and love coming from I’m sure, everyone here. Stay strong.

        • 196714

          Lori, thanks so much I really appreciate it. My mom has long been gone but I wanted to say what she went through. I hope I did.

  • beauty for ashes

    My mom volunteered for the cancer society, for road to recovery. This is finding volunteers to give rides for people who would otherwise not have transportation to treatment. A hard, crappy job that involved a lot of emails and scheduling and continually evolving rules. She had to retire her position months ago, but today the people from the cancer society sent us dinner from publix. It made me cry, and the delivery lady took a picture to send to the office. You just want everyone to support your mom, and keep telling her how important her recovery is. Like this giant net of love.

    I am just so sorry Claire’ s children had to go through this. My heart breaks for them. Your poor Mom. <3 <3 <3

  • Cynthia

    To anyone who has a parent stuck in the Sea Org,I am so fucking sorry. Sunny ah honey there are no words. I don’t know if anyone has thought about contacting the authorities,all states have a department of elder services,that works somewhat like child protective services. Generally states do a better job with the elders then with kids. I really believe if you have a seriously ill parent in the Sea Org you can get some real help. It can’t hurt to try

  • Joel Bruner

    “I asked the receptionist if I had time to get a snack for my friend and unfortunately he went off and told Mr. Casisis that Claire was hungry.” … “He then asked Claire if she was hungry and I expected her to say no, she was fine, she could wait, etc. and to my horror she said yes” … “Then she asked him for a cup of coffee! This was so inappropriate that I could not quite believe it was happening.”

    Well, Sherri Rabey I can’t believe you are such a petty b****!

  • BuberZionist

    I just looked up “Sherri Rabey” of Clearwater on the internet. She is 61 years old. Soon the tables will be reversed and she’ll be a victim of Scientology’s elder abuse.

    Bridge to Total Freedom? More like a Bridge to Total Slavery.

  • T-Marie

    I’m so sorry, Mike. As I’ve said to you before, your mother was absolutely admired and adored by my executives who knew her so well and received auditing from her. They LOVED her. Sadly, they were too far removed from the scene to see what was actually going on, especially with it being hidden like we know it was, so it wouldn’t be “out-PR” for the church. They would have NEVER allowed her to be treated as such. NEVER.

  • ClearwaterNative

    I’ll never forget seeing a lady who must’ve been in her 70’s…it was right after Super Power opened, and she was cleaning the steps on her hands and knees with a bucket and scrub brush. It was in the 90’s outside (the heat in Clw is oppressive…steamy). She was wearing a blue workshirt and blue pants so I assumed she was RPF.

  • Gus_Cox

    “…โ€œMargo Clark is out-ethics,โ€ โ€œnot acting like an S.O. memberโ€ โ€” as she wouldnโ€™t agree with Sherry about work. (Margo is 94 years old and a 30-year vet.) Sherry has mentioned this to me at least twice in the last 2-3 mos.”

    Jesus, what a fucking cunt.

    • Tory Christman

      I think I met Margo….way back when “in”. I still had (hold on….)
      Dreams of going back in the Sea Org (I know, I know!)/
      So since I was getting on in numbers age wise…I figured I’d ask someone older IF they *really*
      had the “Senior Hours” I had been told elder Sea Org had.

      She looked at me stunned. I sat there: “What?”
      “Tory, TORY! I work with 20-30 year olds. You KNOW
      the “tech”: We are ALL expected to keep our “Stats” up,
      no matter our age.”

      That ended my dream….at least for being in the Sea Org again.
      Thank goodness!! ๐Ÿ™‚

      • 196714

        Margo Clark was an old warrior I knew, my mom loved her this is incredibly fucked up. Margo was next door to my moms room at the Magnolia Manor. ( Assisted Living Facility)

  • Tory Christman

    Mike (Reppen)…You asked last night if I’d read the updates, “New info” after I posted about your Mom.
    As I said, I’d just gotten home, so just wrote a brief note about her.
    Now I have read it and It’s ever amazing to read about another medical abuse/torture really that someone
    had to go through at the hands of “Church” members of $cientology.

    Good Gawd! I knew your Mom, as you know. She was one of *the* hardest workers, someone every.single.person I knew loved her! Reading that “KR” and just thinking about $cientologists “in” and how “all-knowing” they can be, self-righteous, and snide that fits to the tee. I only wish I could have been with her, as I know you do and ALL who knew her.

    I have spoken out about Scientology’s Medical abuses for 16 years now. There are **way** too many!!
    I can say what I said before: Thank goodness she is FINALLY FREE!!

    So sorry you had to experience this, Mike….and thank you for sharing your story, too.
    Blessings and love ๐Ÿ™‚

    • 196714

      Stunning response.

  • Ms.P

    Tony, wow just wow, I’m so distraught reading this about Claire (I’m behind on my Ortega news). She was a remarkable, sweetest woman one could encounter. She was one of my auditors back in AOLA circa the ’70’s. Was considered at that time top notch. She was what an IDEAL auditor definition should be. Compassionate, understanding, NO EVALUATION, just there- I can go on and on. Those that have been scientologist can understand what I’m saying. Ran into her in the ’80’s at flag where she had become la creme de la creme auditors and I was elated that she remembered me as her pc from years prior. She was a true GOOD SOUL (i’M CRYING now) because I’m disgusted at what I have just read. My heart goes out to her family. Just know that those of us audited by Claire loved her dearly.

  • maria spencer

    I just read the story of Claire Reppen horry

  • RedShoeLady

    Reading these stories about the so called “elderlies” is heartbreaking. What a POS $ci is. smh.