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Now that Scientology has a TV and radio complex, will it air what Scientology really is?


Now that Saturday’s grand opening in Los Angeles has happened, Scientology is thrilled that it possesses a new state-of-the-art media center with cavernous television studios and piles of expensive equipment.

So what does Scientology leader David Miscavige plan to do with his new toy?

According to a promotional booklet that was handed out to Saturday’s attendees, the new media headquarters (built from the old KCET studios, which Scientology purchased in 2011) is “Designed to take the Church of Scientology’s message planet-wide across every conceivable media channel — there simply is no other facility like it on Earth.”

OK, so just what is that message?


Could it be the same message that Scientology has been blasting out to the world in its Super Bowl television ads? Those commercials have been seen by huge audiences, but they are vague and don’t really tell onlookers much about Scientology except that it’s a curious mix of “technology” and “spirituality.” Does David Miscavige really need a hugely expensive five-acre compound to put out even more slick propaganda like those ads?

We’re hoping that Miscavige instead uses his new power as media mogul to level with the public. Why not use those studios to broadcast what Scientologists are actually doing when they do Scientology?

We have a really good example of that, and it was forwarded to us recently by one of our tipsters.

It’s an interview that Scientology itself did with one of its more enthusiastic practitioners, a Florida man named Greg Smith. (This is not the Scientologist Greg Smith in England who became a footnote recently in a Scientology lawsuit that we’re following.)

The Florida Greg Smith is a guitarist, and he works at a Scientology after-school facility for children, to help them get their first experiences in Scientology’s brand of counseling, called “auditing.”

And Greg himself, like any good Scientologist, has also been getting that counseling as he moves ever onward through L. Ron Hubbard’s esoteric teachings. In fact, Greg is being celebrated by the church as someone who has rocketed up Scientology’s “Bridge to Total Freedom” faster than most.


As for his career as a musician, at his website Greg describes himself as a smooth jazz guitarist who has performed with Scientology celebrities all over the country.

John Travolta hired Greg to coach him on guitar playing for John’s guitar debut on the feature film A Love song for Bobby Long. Greg took part in a rare Billie Holiday tribute performance by award winning actress Juliette Lewis.

This is a guy who is a real superstar for Scientology. We can’t think of someone better for the new “Scientology Media Productions” complex to feature in maybe a television spot or radio show. And to give you a sample of what that might be like, we’ve taken some material from his interview that was recently sent out to Scientologists, with some translations to help you with the Hubbard jargon.

Greg: There is a very personal win I experienced on Super Power which has changed my whole orientation as a being in relation to my whole track.

Translation: Greg paid tens of thousands of dollars to experience the “Super Power” processes that take place in a new building Scientology opened in Clearwater in 2013. During those processes, Greg learned some things about his “whole track” — the entirety of his existence, going back trillions of years. Scientologists believe that each of us are “thetans,” immortal spirits who have lived countless lifetimes in places around the universe. During the Super Power exercises, Greg experienced some kind of major revelation about his distant past on that whole track.

Greg: I have been a professional musician since 1966. I have had many of my “15 minutes of fame” as a musician and have considered my whole life that my life purpose was, to some degree, to play music.

Greg really is a talented musician. Check out a sample of his playing in this video.

Greg: Mid my Super Power, this came up in full force, to the point I felt I should “drop everything else I do in life” and just go after my true purpose of music. This gave me, at first, a feeling of elation, but as this particular session progressed, the elation faded and I started to feel stronger case-wise than I ever have.

Well, who wouldn’t feel super while on a high in the Super Power building? Greg is in middle age now, but it’s never too late to be seized by the idea of dropping everything and chasing your dream. Thankfully, Scientology was there to crush Greg’s hopes.

Greg: Suddenly, I had a major cognition: this “purpose” of music was actually part of some deep-seated whole track GPM and in actuality, was based on falseness and lies.

Scientology not only asks its followers to accept that they have lived countless past lives, but that with L. Ron Hubbard’s counseling “technology” they can actually go back in time and re-experience those previous moments in their whole track. Scientologists, during auditing, recall what happened to them thousands, millions, and billions of years ago on other planets. But in this case, Greg went really deep: He went to the time of GPMs, which were laid into your whole track trillions of years ago.

The Scientology flier that features Greg’s interview helpfully provided this definition for GPM: “Abbreviation for Goals Problem Mass, a mental mass created by two or more opposed ideas which, being opposed, balanced and unresolved, make a mental energy mass. GPMs are composed of beingnesses that the person has been and has fought, these identities being hung up on the postulate-counter-postulate of a problem. Each GPM is founded on a basic goal. Some cover 2.5 trillion years and some much more.”

Oh, much more. In our series about the steps on Scientology’s progression of courses, Bruce Hines helped us understand these GPMs. Hines explained that Scientologists believe that evil psychiatrists (who were from the planet Farsec, according to Hubbard) infested our whole tracks with mental implants, sort of like booby traps in your head, and dealing with those implants caused GPMs, which confuse you and hold you back. And when did the evil psychs mine your head with those sabotaging implants? Trillions of years ago. Hundreds of trillions. Millions of trillions. (Scientists say the universe is only about 13.8 billions years old, but what do they know.)

To Greg’s horror, he had a “cognition” — Scientology’s term for an epiphany — that he was chasing musical stardom because some evil psych, trillions of years ago, had placed that suggestion in his head. Thankfully, Scientology’s processes helped him remove it like a wart.

Greg: At first, I felt a bit dismayed, like this old burden of “music purpose” was now gone and I felt naked without it. But, then I had the rest of the cognition: who needs some old, greasy, smelly purpose from the depths of the whole track? I can still create music to my heart’s content, but I will create totally in present time and not guided by some long ago set of postulates and purposes. This was huge, and utterly changed my view of music, life, C/Sing and auditing. As a result, all my dynamics freed up megatons of free theta to direct to whatever I choose.

So you see, thanks to the genius technology of L. Ron Hubbard, Greg Smith realized that he could give up his dream of musical success which was compelling him because of some greasy, smelly implant that he’d been dragging around for trillions of years, and now he can spread around his Scientology mojo — “megatons of free theta” — wherever he wants to direct it.

Which, happens in Greg’s case to be aimed at children.

Greg: I have been working at a field group that specializes in helping children, where I have been a C/S and auditor for 23.5 years. During this time, I have especially paid attention to the data that LRH relays about the subject of children and their cases, and I went out of my way to collect and document this data for use on my child pc programs. I’m very certain we are helping to create a new civilization by getting kids in for their first auditing and subsequently taking them up the Bridge.

What a guy. And boy, wouldn’t this stuff make for a great episode of Whole Track TV? Come on, Miscavige, give us the good stuff. We can take it.




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