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Scientology’s champion endorses ‘Ruthless,’ and more in our weekly social media review!


Time again for Rod Keller’s Scientology Social Media Review! Rod has made a specialty of hunting down the odd and wonderful things Scientologists post to social media. He’s a chronicler who piece by piece builds a highly detailed assessment of what Scientology is doing around the world, and this is what he found for us this week…

John Alex Wood, Gemma Harris and other Scientologists provided free “nerve assists” to runners following the London Marathon this week.



Wood also sparred with doubters on Twitter during Friday night’s ABC 20/20 special, pointing out that Ron Miscavige said that Scientology had helped his son, church leader David Miscavige, with his asthma problem…


He had no comeback, however, when he was asked what he thought of Ron’s other allegations about Scientology in his brutal forthcoming book, Ruthless: Scientology, My Son David Miscavige, and Me.

The opening of Scientology Media Productions was supposed to happen yesterday, April 30, on David Miscavige’s birthday. The SMP is a media complex that Scientology has constructed out of the old KCET television studios in Los Angeles. But then word went out that it was being postponed. This morning, Pete Griffiths spotted some chatter in Australia that the event might be happening today — which would be nice for all the Scientologist who had flown in to L.A. for it. If you’re in the area, please let us know if you see anything happening.



A new dating site for Scientologists is looking for beta-testers,

Our original research revealed that the options for you to meet another person belonging to our group, in order to date, get to know or create a relationship with, were rather limited. You could go online to Free Singles/Affinity Exchange. You could join the Facebook Singles Group. Or you could go to a Church-sponsored singles gathering or meet someone.

What we found by reviewing the online dating sites is that there appeared to be many of the same faces on those sites without knowing if you or people on those sites actually got the product of finding someone to create a relationship with. There are men and women on the above sites that we factually know who still have not found a 2D partner or if they have, that they are no longer looking, etc.


Scientology plans to protest the annual meeting of the American Psychiatric Association in Atlanta on May 14. The planned march is from Woodruff Park at 10:30 am to the Georgia World Congress Center on Marietta Street, a distance of about two miles.


Scientology opened a new mission in Yekaterinburg, Russia this week. Oleg Sgonnikov (bottom photo, center) will be the Mission Holder, and the mission rents office space on the 16th floor of a downtown office building.



The Barcelona Org participated in the Sant Jordi Day rose and book festival held in front of their building. The fair is held in honor of St. George, the patron saint of Catalonia. The org reported selling 152 books on the first day of the fair.


Scientology is launching a tour of Volunteer Ministers in Quezon City, in the Manila metro area on May 1.

The famous Yellow Tent will be put up in Quezon Memorial Circle where the various disaster response and social betterment trainings will be available for FREE! At the opening of the tent this Sunday, there will be music and dances, honored guests, tour and food!


The Foundation for a Drug-Free World set up a literature tent on a rainy afternoon in Zurich. The Swiss branch calls itself “Sag Nein zu Drogen,” or “We say no to drugs.”

Total 956 Booklets. 1 DVD also went out. Positive reactions: 16



Scientology set up a Volunteer Ministers tent to provide touch assists and distribute literature at the Heroes’ Causeway Arch in Leon, Mexico.


Los Topos and Volunteer Ministers from Quito continued their efforts in the earthquake zone this week. Los Topos worked to recover victims of the quake, and the VMs performed touch assists on residents.


Scientologists dressed in costume to deliver anti-drug literature at a triathlon held this week in Puglia, Italy.


The Scientology booth at the Buenos Aires book fair this week attracted a visit from city council member Juanjo Castro (bottom photo, right).


Scientology presented talks on human rights this week to correctional officers at the Cárcel la Modelo and Carcel La Picota prisons in Bogota.


David Romero and other Scientologists distributed anti-drug literature at the Corferias business center in Bogotá, Colombia this week with the help of a colleague in a sheep costume.


Scientology held a Youth for Human Rights lecture at the school Preparatoria 13 UANL in Bogota this week.


Rigo Alberto Cruz Enciso and other Scientologists gave an anti-drug lecture and distributed literature at the school Colegio El Minuto de Dios in Bogota.


— Rod Keller


Live coverage of today’s talk at CFI-Los Angeles

Chris Shelton and Jamie DeWolf will be speaking today at the Center for Inquiry’s Steve Allen Theater in Hollywood, and Nora Crest tells us she’s going to be streaming it live on her Periscope channel.

We’ll get you some more info about it, and a link, later today.


Ray Jeffrey and why he jumped in a pool

A Facebook post that explains what kind of person Ray Jeffrey is, in case you were wondering…



Scientology Media Productions update from the scene

Phil Jones dropped by SMP and gave us this update…

“SMP at 9 am is pretty quiet. Security was on us in 2 minutes. We’ll check back later on.”



See you in DC at the Reason Rally

A reminder that we’ll be in Washington next month, and we hope you will be too…





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