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Scientology’s champion endorses ‘Ruthless,’ and more in our weekly social media review!


Time again for Rod Keller’s Scientology Social Media Review! Rod has made a specialty of hunting down the odd and wonderful things Scientologists post to social media. He’s a chronicler who piece by piece builds a highly detailed assessment of what Scientology is doing around the world, and this is what he found for us this week…

John Alex Wood, Gemma Harris and other Scientologists provided free “nerve assists” to runners following the London Marathon this week.


Wood also sparred with doubters on Twitter during Friday night’s ABC 20/20 special, pointing out that Ron Miscavige said that Scientology had helped his son, church leader David Miscavige, with his asthma problem…


He had no comeback, however, when he was asked what he thought of Ron’s other allegations about Scientology in his brutal forthcoming book, Ruthless: Scientology, My Son David Miscavige, and Me.

The opening of Scientology Media Productions was supposed to happen yesterday, April 30, on David Miscavige’s birthday. The SMP is a media complex that Scientology has constructed out of the old KCET television studios in Los Angeles. But then word went out that it was being postponed. This morning, Pete Griffiths spotted some chatter in Australia that the event might be happening today — which would be nice for all the Scientologist who had flown in to L.A. for it. If you’re in the area, please let us know if you see anything happening.


A new dating site for Scientologists is looking for beta-testers,

Our original research revealed that the options for you to meet another person belonging to our group, in order to date, get to know or create a relationship with, were rather limited. You could go online to Free Singles/Affinity Exchange. You could join the Facebook Singles Group. Or you could go to a Church-sponsored singles gathering or meet someone.

What we found by reviewing the online dating sites is that there appeared to be many of the same faces on those sites without knowing if you or people on those sites actually got the product of finding someone to create a relationship with. There are men and women on the above sites that we factually know who still have not found a 2D partner or if they have, that they are no longer looking, etc.


Scientology plans to protest the annual meeting of the American Psychiatric Association in Atlanta on May 14. The planned march is from Woodruff Park at 10:30 am to the Georgia World Congress Center on Marietta Street, a distance of about two miles.


Scientology opened a new mission in Yekaterinburg, Russia this week. Oleg Sgonnikov (bottom photo, center) will be the Mission Holder, and the mission rents office space on the 16th floor of a downtown office building.


The Barcelona Org participated in the Sant Jordi Day rose and book festival held in front of their building. The fair is held in honor of St. George, the patron saint of Catalonia. The org reported selling 152 books on the first day of the fair.


Scientology is launching a tour of Volunteer Ministers in Quezon City, in the Manila metro area on May 1.

The famous Yellow Tent will be put up in Quezon Memorial Circle where the various disaster response and social betterment trainings will be available for FREE! At the opening of the tent this Sunday, there will be music and dances, honored guests, tour and food!


The Foundation for a Drug-Free World set up a literature tent on a rainy afternoon in Zurich. The Swiss branch calls itself “Sag Nein zu Drogen,” or “We say no to drugs.”

Total 956 Booklets. 1 DVD also went out. Positive reactions: 16



Scientology set up a Volunteer Ministers tent to provide touch assists and distribute literature at the Heroes’ Causeway Arch in Leon, Mexico.


Los Topos and Volunteer Ministers from Quito continued their efforts in the earthquake zone this week. Los Topos worked to recover victims of the quake, and the VMs performed touch assists on residents.


Scientologists dressed in costume to deliver anti-drug literature at a triathlon held this week in Puglia, Italy.


The Scientology booth at the Buenos Aires book fair this week attracted a visit from city council member Juanjo Castro (bottom photo, right).


Scientology presented talks on human rights this week to correctional officers at the Cárcel la Modelo and Carcel La Picota prisons in Bogota.


David Romero and other Scientologists distributed anti-drug literature at the Corferias business center in Bogotá, Colombia this week with the help of a colleague in a sheep costume.


Scientology held a Youth for Human Rights lecture at the school Preparatoria 13 UANL in Bogota this week.


Rigo Alberto Cruz Enciso and other Scientologists gave an anti-drug lecture and distributed literature at the school Colegio El Minuto de Dios in Bogota.


— Rod Keller


Live coverage of today’s talk at CFI-Los Angeles

Chris Shelton and Jamie DeWolf will be speaking today at the Center for Inquiry’s Steve Allen Theater in Hollywood, and Nora Crest tells us she’s going to be streaming it live on her Periscope channel.

We’ll get you some more info about it, and a link, later today.


Ray Jeffrey and why he jumped in a pool

A Facebook post that explains what kind of person Ray Jeffrey is, in case you were wondering…



Scientology Media Productions update from the scene

Phil Jones dropped by SMP and gave us this update…

“SMP at 9 am is pretty quiet. Security was on us in 2 minutes. We’ll check back later on.”



See you in DC at the Reason Rally

A reminder that we’ll be in Washington next month, and we hope you will be too…





3D-UnbreakablePosted by Tony Ortega on May 1, 2016 at 07:00

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  • Flying High

    Here is a much better picture and purpose for us to look at and tip our glasses to in support! Can’t wait to hear her radio program!

    • Hoping the cubs will come back home to Mama very soon.

  • ThetaBara

    The Sacramento Bee visits the LRH life exhibition in LA at the HGB building, correctly detects that it is mostly BS and lies and that it leads to a sales pitch, but then kinda acts all ¯_(ツ)_/¯ about it. Clearly they didn’t do any real background research at all.

    The reporter even asks “why be such a factual stickler” about the LRH bio being made of lies. I figure some of us might have some thoughts on that question, or information to offer…

    • nottrue

      I liked…..

      • Observer

        I’d be surprised if it was in the top 2,500.

    • There are people out there who are aware of how crazy Scientology doctrine is, but unaware of how malign and harmful the organisation is. This is, perhaps, a legacy of the Xenu story breaking out. If you only know this part of it, you might say to critics “they’re entititled to believe crazy things, leave them alone”.

      This is a potential problem with the general public, but there’s no excuse for journalists, who should do their research. Perhaps they were hoping to jump on the media bandwagon with a ‘distinctive’ approach.

    • it’s good to be cautious of what you read online, but i think the whole tone of the article is more along the line of humorous sarcasm … he kept referring to the Kelly Clarkson-router as FFD (fresh faced docent), was dubious of the e-meter, and pointed out more than a few Church hypocrisies.

  • Eclipse-girl

    This is my spidey sense tingling
    Please be wary of Mr Future.

    The account is new.
    They ask about how to get in touch with Tony O.

    I apologize in advance if my paranoia is more than yours.
    Just be wary

      Truth had to be revealed.

      • flyonthewall

        now you must die

        • You have to contact Scott Pilutik to discuss this matter further.

      • Eclipse-girl

        Not worried about that. Just want others to be cautious

    • Robert Eckert

      Had a touch of “Why you no take survey?” to it, but we’ll see.

    • Aslan’s Own

      I had a similar feeling…

    • nicholas_jordan456

      yeah • either an OSA in-training or some one whom purchases the same Black Ops that the PI uses ○ no-worries Zorro Bunnie will fix him some muffins with a help-me message inside then he can take them and redeem them with our agents at Studio 542

      • jazzlover

        It sounds like you’re speaking in tongues too. What’s with the dots and pauses? Down below I felt like I was in a dark cave trying to read hieroglyphics.

        • Frodis73

          Almost every post of his is like that.

          • Robert Eckert

            I thought at first he might be a bot, programmed to imitate human speech and echo back fragments of what he is told. Do you remember Roger Larssen, an earlier poster who would give us puzzling bits of babble? I suspected that was a bot, too.

            • jazzlover

              LOL. I didn’t even know that was possible 🙂 All I know is that I was getting a creepy feeling while reading that exchange with references to Black Ops, CIA, “my team members”, etc. Yowsa.

            • Robert Eckert
            • jazzlover

              Thanks! I had no idea. Osa has dropped mimeos and embraced AI, eh? Interesting.

            • Robert Eckert

              If there is anything to my speculation about bots, it might not be OSA but could be any old experimenter who just wanted a high-post-count community with a distinctive style to test out how well the bot evolves.

            • jazzlover

              That’s interesting as well. Since there are so many boards and forums with tons of activity, I’d have to think it could be fed into many simultaneously. What’s the end-game in this? In other words, where’s the real value for it? Is it being developed for spyng, or other gub uses?

            • Robert Eckert

              Things like Siri and the new one whose name I forgot had to be tested somehow.

            • jazzlover

              Do you mean the Amazon Echo?

            • Robert Eckert

              Yeah. Other such products are in the works; the next generation will probably be annoyed by talking everything. Big companies like Apple and Amazon don’t need to resort to dishonest ways of testing, but there lots of hopeful startups that don’t have a lot of R&D money that might road-test a bot in a forum like this. (I have no idea if this is really happening, just a speculation of mine.)

            • jazzlover

              Then they’ll pretend that they’re recouping their R&D costs when they charge a mint for it 🙂

            • jazzlover
            • Robert Eckert

              But each of those clever responses was obviously hand-crafted by a programmer. Siri has to be able to improvise responses to odd queries, “Is it safe for dogs to eat General Tso’s Chicken?”

            • jazzlover

              I think programmers get bored every once in a while, and do stuff like that to remain interested 🙂

            • Hal would like me to say that he would want a new motherboard if he was ever “embraced” by the OSA.

            • Jimmy3

              I used to suspect you were a bot, way back before they reprogrammed me. Now I know you’re a bot.

            • You don’t speak CIA. Shut up.

            • Frodis73

              Oh yeah…I do remember that name. I don’t know if I was a lurker or poster then though.

        • nicholas_jordan456

          Okay noted and you are not the only one saying that about me

          • jazzlover

            Well, now there’s the English I know and love so well 😉

            • nicholas_jordan456

              I am best categorized as special case or something like that as what goes through my mind in a response to something that interests me is stuffed with plausible responses and normally i get frustrated trying to cram it all in and revert to something which recently i have seen documented in conventional literature as being a development of human tissue in the area of the mid-brain ~ this results in powers of perception which leave some wondering what blunder the guy is talking about but is far from a blunder

              Simplified we can say trying to reduce a book to a few words in a conversation well really the person needs to go read the book

            • jazzlover

              We just thought you were starting to use covert spy speak, as that obvious “bot” was. No problem, I understand that you may experience difficulty. My only suggestion would be to first take a deep breath, decide what you want to say, organize your thoughts and then let ‘er fly. There are no time limits here and nobody’s racing toward a finish line when it comes to posting.

            • nicholas_jordan456

              I have been broken by folks whom just wont think and can be expected to make the mistake several times while I acclimatize to the commenting system also i got an r/s from some 6-million yeas that is outstanding and am trying to dig into it but is rife with what we are up against and elicits responses in marginally aware whom then become agents of what we are concerned about

              I did not realize it was a mechanical bot and thought it to be a typical Paladin type

            • jazzlover

              No problem. Just be yourself, and try to say what you want to say as clearly as possible. Given where we are, anything else is always perceived with a certain level of skepticism.

            • nicholas_jordan456

              I realized that and was setting up the robot to step into his own pookie • my concern is that others whom are not as informed not become his robots ○ like he asks if there are any other concerns he should be aware of and i told him yeah; the nutters here

              I did not really think he would get the joke as it would be over his head since he would be wearing his r/s on his face ○ basically i was trying to pump the situation up and blow up a balloon in his face

              Hopefully he actually could be made to think but i dont seem him trying to prick my balloon so i will pass it to Zorro Bunny whom can lead him to the baked-bread or whatever those were and we can like make him one with an SOS in it and phone-number to a real Red Tapes type sitting there at the correctional officers at the Cárcel la ( someone corrected it ) and have the cell-phone camera on the red-clay where the water makes it look deeper red

              This could make a really funny production if we had the time and tools to do it:

              ( tcu on correctional officer )

              ¿Quién coño te funciona para hijo de puta?

              ( cut to robot )
              ( goes into intense contemplation ~ fingers his Paladin business card )

              I work for a confidential client whom does not wish to reveal his sponsors

              Fade to flying Spaghetti Monster

            • jazzlover


    • Frodis73

      I thought the same thing, but replied to be nice. Are they really that dumb that they can’t find TO addy? It’s not like it’s a big secret or anything.

    • outraged

      His little speech IS a bit weird.
      Perhaps not a native english speaker.

      • Frodis73

        Where did this post go? What weird questions…he doesn’t seem like a scientologist so where is he getting these secrets? What ex would talk to him over somebody already established if they did have some kind of secrets left. why even ask about being in danger…just read the net to find out what they will do. Def weird post. Probably somebody fishing for info like egirl said.

        • outraged

          Had a feeling the post would disappear so I snatched a screen shot.

      • Frodis73

        Btw, does anybody out here think there are any secret scientolgy documents or even secrets still out there? When it comes to lrh I think we pretty much know everything worth knowing.

        • jazzlover

          Who knows? Let’s ask Mulder and Scully 😉

          • Frodis73

            IKR? We all need a Mulder and Scully around to take care of business.

            • jazzlover

              Or at least the Smoking Man 🙂

            • Robert Eckert

              We have a Smoking Baby, so we’re cool

        • Ella Raitch

          Right? Good grief. And Nicholas happens to be around to response?

          • Douglas D. Douglas

            Friend to new poster was able to response in fashion that left many feeling strangeness in manner of speak ^ that should be not a + WARN + that the speaking was response > No response < No the talker was the talker III Pay no attention -_- I have terrific headache

            (Are you saying responses like the above were somewhat… off putting?)

            • Qbird

              YOU! DDD ~ you just made me laugh really hard. Astonished, Mr. Q asks, wha!?!
              & I can’t explain it AT ALL to him.
              Oh my. thank you for that.

            • Ella Raitch

              It has a feeling of taking off one mantle and putting on another, to create a conversation (as weird as that conversation may be)

        • Eclipse-girl

          Not really. The only stuff that could be secrety is material that was written when Ronnie was in hiding

          Even then I would be highly suspicious.

          • nicholas_jordan456

            I got two Ronnies here so I am not sure which one that refers to but really this Future guy well he says he has 5 team members and is in progress on a «book-series» but if that were the fact of what is going on then his request for information does not match a professional in that industry

            • Eclipse-girl

              I was referring to Ron Hubbard SR.

              He was jealous that star wars made such and impression in 1976/77.
              The trops involved were simple, surely Ron could do better.

              Ron had written recently written a massive 10 book series, Mission Earth.

            • nicholas_jordan456

              Yes; There is this issue in there which I am keenly aware of that takes somebody like Karen de la Carrier as c/s to even open safely in-session and that has to be an auditor whom is experienced enough that I can just unload the date on the r/s and go to work on it without risking the guy wadding up on me ○ telepathy opens risks which are not p-r able and is involved in the pts on III thing where we like have to be aware of what our own internal faults are and I have one on this jazz-musician thing with is popular here so like some may even classify me as enemy within but they do not grasp my ability to keep my own space such as i want it

              Whatever happened to Mission Into Time?

              Methinks the McCabbage bunch uh; well lets just say they keep it all in the family

            • nicholas_jordan456

              Yes it is a «jealous» thing and he has it to the point it is so stuck that that is just the way he is and chooses to be so ▬ you can pull it like eager helper and he will just put it back in place there where he wants it ~ like a ribbon in his hair

              He wants it that way ○ it is his self-determination and this is not 1-st time around when he and I have inter-acted though i never met him in person in the mortal-body but this ↑is↑ Mortal Combat

              Just like the shirt Chris Shelton was wearing

              Bring it on bitches: We announce ready!

            • nicholas_jordan456
            • nicholas_jordan456

              My new job as Reg for the Empire

            • nicholas_jordan456

              had an elaborate comment either pulled or cannot find it again ○ exotic stuff that is not street-level material and very true like most cannot wrap their head around • changed my screen-name to the one for NSA trackers as they do not concern me ○ not sure what happened yet but is strong material few are aware of

        • Free Minds, Free Hearts

          Only from ex’s – if Pat Broeker came forward, or quite a few that Chuck Beatty has mentioned have good info. But they wouldn’t be asking these questions – seems like an odd set of questions. Well, he can email Tony whose email is at the top of the blog.

        • Captain MustSavage

          People in Russia might not know if books havent been translated.

        • We have enough to know the character of Scientology well enough for all practical purposes – but I suspect that there is a lot of material in really seret archives.

          For example, there may be transcripts of Miscvige’s every word, as recorded by acolytes as Richard Nixon did. Also, internal reports which would detail the day-to-day activities of the OSA.

          When East Germany collapsed, Stazi archives were captured almost whole. There was just too much paper to destroy in the time available. When Scientology collapses, I hope that whoever comes into possession of its records recognises their value.

        • nicholas_jordan456

          Well really now that i have read work that has been up awhile and reading some other stuff which I expected to occur subsequent to me routing off—which i did cleanly at the time and would be much more difficult now—i wish to respond to Eclipse-girl on the matter of «spidey-sense-tingling»

          Well maybe we can pump this to a line-charge

          There is an issue in there with pts on 3 which is capable of profoundly altering the course of human events and before anyone takes that to be cloaked C-of-S promo it is far from that ▬ I have «nailed the wall» on this just flat-splat right up against a rather deeply embedded r/s that i have which dates to multiple events over time and is extant only in the «ether» ( or whatever some may want to call it ) and i dug this admittedly robotic or something hoping to light a fuse and dig in a hooked-barb right in the middle of ▬ it so okay Eclipse-girl: «apologize in advance if my paranoia is more than yours» I am going to try to up-end you with an Excelsior Paranoia that we can look back around and roast our muffins in their wall of limp-flame

          Dunno how many 3 or above there are here on this thread of discussion but ••••••••

          I opened with this an got thrown off )

          I like after years of making it I go to ( major-retailer known as the wall ) and suddenly the CF mailings start again after getting chastised by private-mail-box in Grapevine Texas about postal regulations will not allow her to throw them in the trash • i decide to fix the situation:

          I write FLB legal then write them back and tell them look; i asked-off and no action has occurred so like what we are going to do here is we are going to do forest-fires and so that you do not think I am ( jackin around ) we will have the largest Gamma Ray Burst humanity has ever seen and then within days they cannot get public in as the interstate is shut-down due to forest-fires and I wait on the GRB before nailing the guy

          No known process in the Universe can produce this much energy in such a short time ( gamma-ray burst ) and like GRB 090423 occurs—→→after i told him i said i would do it←←—and it is okay i have a good sense of intuition and yeah I checked but these GRB events are watershed event as it marked the beginning of time as we know it and is just not gamer material in the sense of a pts-3 ( there was another thing about ross ice shelf thrown in for filler ) and like—really—eclipse-girl:

          Are you really sure you want to let all that energy you are hiding behind you let-loose upon these Earthloid Sappies?

          What if the Stringent Time Stranglers are released?

          Wont C-of-S Int just repackage it as a «run-down» under the hooves of the Invisible Lizards? If you want I can have them come and visit you in theVoid ◘ they can be very friendly if you treat them right

      • madame duran

        I saw that and rolled my eyes. “Truth has to come out”…but I don’t want to be strongly committed to it where I’m taking personal risks like the countless number of Scientology critics before me. The information in this book series is soooo explosive–more of a threat than any other book written by ex-members/critics, including “Ruthless”–that it could “shut [Scientology] down”…but I don’t really want to end Scientology’s abuses that badly because, y’know, fear and cowardice forbids me.
        “Mr. Future” is not worth the time.

    • Illinoisian

      We are tingling in the Midwest as well.

    • Qbird

      Survey Man. No introduction. fuck it.

    • Captain MustSavage

      Tony’s email address is listed openly on this site.

    • Juicer77

      Not Survey Guy again… 😕

    • nicholas_jordan456

      Dunno what Mr. Future really is but the timing and the way it is worded I made an assumption i was being back-trolled with bait made custom for me but he is the one whom took it by focusing on «baddie» and when he asks are there other concerns i ( he ) should be aware of i dumped on him by telling him: Yeah; the nutters here

      In other words we are ready to engage him but needs to show for-cause what it is his actual intent is

      I doubt he revealed ○ in-training wanna-be OSA troll in my opinion and really the guy should be expected to have a Paladin toy collection somewhere • he has got an r/s somewhere that he needs to clean and i dont think he will be able to do it

  • Cars
  • Living it up SP style. It was a FANTASTIC Event today. Thank you to Everyone who came out to see it at CFI and to the 127 people that tuned in ONLINE!!!!! XOXOXOXO

    • jazzlover

      Thanks for giving us a Bird’s Eye View, Nora! How’s the after-party going? 😉

      • A few of us had a lovely meal together but I am home now. I needed to squeeze and kiss my kiddo’s. I have been out and about all weekend and I really missed them. Plus it’s a school night. Gotta get them to sleep! I am sure there are more people partying it up somewhere!

        • jazzlover

          Well, I can certainly understand that. Glad you had some fun (with and without the kids).

        • pat k

          You r the mom!

    • Cars

      What a great photo! Thanks for letting us ‘be there’ with all of you today on Periscope. You’re the best! Your goodbye wave at the end was pretty sweet. I know I waved and smiled back in RL.

    • Thanks to you too Nora. I suppose if I scroll down thru 1809 comments I’ll find the link to your Periscope? Hint hint 🙂

    • aquaclara

      Way to go, Nora!

    • Who is the suspicious character eating delicious pretzel sticks in the background?

      • I have no idea but he offered me one. I politely declined. I am just too old to be taking pretzels from strangers. 😉

        • Jimmy3

          I stopped accepting pretzels from strangers weeks ago. Grew out of that phase quick

        • Pretzel Man reveal yourself! We need more pretzels!

        • good call 😉 great meeting & chatting w/ you!
          (biker beard Motörhead shirt guy)

          • You too!!!! Next time I gotta get a look at that Triumph!!!!

            • if you promise to lean when I lean, i’ll even bring a spare helmet

            • jazzlover

              Don’t want no SPs flying off the bike! LOL

            • dchoiceisalwaysrs

              Do you mean like El Con did. He should have stuck with atomic powered race cars.
              ohhhhh maybe he was all out of his little white uhmmm niacin pills

            • jazzlover

              LOL. I’ve always pictured him as more of a Fred Flintstone kinda guy 😉

            • L. Wrong Hubturd

              And for xenu’s sake, do not put your foot out around corners.

            • …and stop wiggling around back there!

            • I am DOWN for that. I am hoping to learn to ride and get my own Triumph one day!

            • i recommend it! anything w/ 2 wheels is great in my book. the modern Triumphs are very reliable and, imo, you’ll get the most bangs for the bucks. my wife started riding about a year ago. i’ve done lots of research and would be happy to answer any questions or point you in the right/safe direction!

      • That’s our famous photographer. He was feeding chips to the SP puppie

        • Some more

          • MaxSpaceman


            So many SPs it it it it it it’s Super Power !!

        • so nice to meet you earlier Cece!

        • L. Wrong Hubturd

          That’s some serious power over MEST to be eating pretzels and taking pictures while seated and looking the other way! Sign me up!

          • Robert Eckert

            Eating pretzels AND feeding chips to the suppressive puppy, while taking pictures facing the wrong way: OT powers!

    • Frodis73

      Thank you so much for doing the periscope thing!!! Great event. Hugs.

      • It’s doing. Sorry.

        • Frodis73

          I just noticed that. lol. I’m leaving it…I like dong better dammit.

    • Frodis73

      That is a *great* pic btw. I had to refresh so I didn’t see it first time.

    • salin

      What a great picture. Each of you are an inspiration to me.

    • 5 Feet Long and Luminous

      Now that is one gorgeous group of troublemakers…Thx so much for the live stream today, Nora! Jamie, ya blew my mind, son. And Chris, you were the cool and engaging cucumber, as always. Here’s hoping there are more events like this to come…

    • Free Minds, Free Hearts

      I love this picture!!!

    • Baby

      Oh you guys make my heart sing… You Sps you.. ; D

    • Dee Findlay-DeElizabethan

      Yay! Nice ! Always thanks to you and what you do, Nora!

  • MaxSpaceman

    If anyone meets a Scilon or wonders what they may be thinking in response to, well, anything …

    From ‘The Technical Dictionary of Dianetics & Scientology’ by you know who

    ABSOLUTE RIGHTNESS, the immortality of the individual himself, his children, his group, mankind and the universe and all energy—the infinity of complete survival. (DASF, p. 80)

    ABSOLUTE WRONGNESS, the extinction of the universe and all energy and the source of energy—the infinity of complete death. (DASF, p. 80)

  • MostEthicalPimp

    I am back!

    • Oh boy.

      • MostEthicalPimp

        I really should wear the bunny Ears next time.

      • MostEthicalPimp

        Any wild parties happen while I was away?

    • Free Minds, Free Hearts

      But where did you go???

  • salin

    Thanks all for helping keep an eye on ‘Kate from Winnetka’s’ college scholarship essay competition. The voting phase ends in a couple of hours. The boost in votes yesterday seems to have given her the cushion to keep her position in the top ten.

    Context of what I am talking about:

    Current vote count on top ten essays (voting ends at 11:59 tonight):

    Oh – and Click the Recommend for today’s Bunker (at 148 at 10:40 – surely we can hit 150…)

  • I glanced up at the Big blue this afternoon and saw a person smoking a cigarette. Since when were those bars mounted on the fire escapes? OMG Are they to keep the crew from blowing? If only for protection from the ‘DBs’ (excuse me) then why are not the windows also barred? Not needed because lowly crew are not allowed in those rooms anyway.

    • And I can’t be sure but is she PG?

      • MostEthicalPimp

        I like the fan in the window. Someone needs to save up their allowance for potable AC soon.

        • It was so hot while on staff at AOLA I used to get a 5gal bucket full of water and keep it under my desk. The nylons wicked the water up and kept me cool.

          • MostEthicalPimp

            Maybe we need ex SO to write a book of tips we can give out on surviving in the SO like good ways to cheat a SEC-CHECK where to hide pain killers, etc!

            • How to read the ‘entheta’ news and hide the fact in session. I hid in a bathroom by the cashiers office at AOLA with the ’91 times magazine the week it came out and read it. Course that’s why I never made ‘case gain’ because I did shit like that.

            • MostEthicalPimp

              How to secretly communicated with your declared parents and not get caught!

            • And tips for us guys out: sending messages and cell phones in Victoria Secrets boxes to our loved ones. What would you put ones for the males in?

            • Harbor Freight box?

            • Regularly send them things that are of no use to anyone else in boxes that you have made very difficult to open. After a while, the censors may stop opening the boxes (too much trouble) then you can can send them the ‘phone

            • Juicer77


          • There are a lot of tricks you can do with evaporative coolers. The main idea is that evaporating a liter of water takes as much heat energy out of the local area as boiling it dry on a camp stove: a lot! The tricks usually involve getting rid of the humidity created by the process.

            Knickers Swamp Cooler: It was a damp cool. 😛

            • My favorite hot weather go-to is a neck scarf with crystals that absorb a lot of water, then they slowly release it to the material of the scarf, where it evaporates, taking away a lot of heat energy.

              Stuff like these:

            • Haven’t checked your link yet but I make those out of diapers and keep them in water in the fridge summers 🙂

            • Ella Raitch

              I wonder if they come in menopause?

            • pat k

              It’s not the heat it’s the humidity…where are those folks?

            • TexasBroad

              Here I am!! In Texas. Sweat off half my body weight today doing a historical home walking tour.

            • Frodis73

              I’m one of those folks…hate humidity but love heat.

            • Baby

              HATE HUMIDITY

              HATE HEAT

            • Spackle Motion

              Today’s weather by my house (LA area, closer to the water than any valley) was perfect. Sunny, breezy at around 74. I hate heat too. ANY kind of heat.

              Hollywood can get very hot during the summertime, so I can’t imagine what it’s like in Big Blue without air conditioning in the awful days of summer.

            • Baby

              90 here

            • Baby
            • Frodis73

              This is my new fav gif.

            • Baby


            • Trust me it was the heat. I spent my first 20 years in Alaska with 200 inches of rain a year. I was 24 then and hot as hell in Hollywood.

      • edge

        Holy shit. All that money and they still need DIY cooling? Even though the first floor walls are high, that person is still just on the second floor. Those bars are definitely just to keep people from blowing. It’s the same thing as razor fences with the razor facing inwards as well as outwards.

        But of course they’re not a cult, right?

      • Baby

        Sure looks like it.. and is that even up to code?

    • What do all those people do all day?

      • L. Wrong Hubturd

        MESTy stuff.

      • Haven’t been there for going on 20 years on this 14th of July. Not sure what they do these days. Well actually I saw a bunch of kids re-painting the red curb on the side of busy Fountain Ave a few weeks ago, one weeding the plants along the side a couple months ago and one smoking today, oh and a bunch on bicycles with radios, and some walking around in uniforms scowling at me.

        • I’m serious. I cannot get an answer for this or what all the bots at Flag do.
          As a start, what did you do all day when you were there? And maybe a description of what others you observed did all day.
          That would be a start.
          Everyone doesn’t just weed, or paint curbs.

          • Gosh Shorpy. For me I first worked in the AOLA registration area bringing selected customers to the Reg, making sure TEs got done, Making sure PC folders arrived b4 the customer mostly for the guys out of town (The reges routinely took care of the customers and helped ensure their service was good). Writing letters as dictated by the reg, driving to pickup checks at offices and LAX freight buildings, USPO downtown main office, getting customers on the phone, sorting out pre-payments and accounts sometimes just finding the account or lost PC folder was a 1/2 day job. I could go on but it makes me tired 🙂

            • Thanks, that’s helpful, and the first straight answer I’ve gotten on the subject.

    • Mymy88

      Hmmm, the bars give it a kind of mental asylum ambience.

    • Juicer77

      Report that to the fire department. So dangerous!! 🙁

  • I saw the first of the young toads bouncing across the drive just now, very fast!

    No sign yet of Mr. Toad on the front steps. No enough bugs yet to make it worth his while, I suppose.

    • Qbird

      I heard the Spring Peepers tonight on the way home!!!

    • Since we adopted a family of cats, we haven’t had any birds or toads in the back yard for a month now. I’m looking forward to our persimmons not being pecked at by the birds this year.

  • Fred G. Haseney

    This is Photojournalist Fred G. Haseney. Well, I had quite a day. Scientology called the cops on me AND proved that’s it has combed through my Pre-Clear (PC) and Ethics Files.The day began with the event at the Center for Inquiry. What an event! Then Cece Marie Gangle Smith, Simi the Poodle and their support did a drive-by around PAC Base. They actually drove around PAC Base twice, but I missed the second photo opportunity because the police arrived to investigate me. Just before that, a PAC Base Security Guard got pretty antagonistic with me, prodding and poking me verbally, mentally, trying to find my buttons. When he said two words that sounded a bit too close to home, I realized that scientology has been combing all of files (PC, Ethics) looking for stuff they hope to hang over my head (hahaha). Well, it didn’t stop me, that’s for sure, because I just kept taking photos. I took photos of the cops as they arrived and as I walked to their car to hand them my ID and tell them ALL ABOUT why I was there. I also found out that to one Security Guard at least, when I show up and take pictures (because that’s all I do), he calls it “Creepy.” I have all kinds of photos and a story to post to JennyAtLAX, but I just wanted to give you a teaser of what’s coming. I made some new friends, today. We had lunch and did a “walk-by” (kind of like a drive-by at PAC Base, but without the billboard car sign courtesy Phil and Willie Jones, who were at the Center for Inquiry, too).

    Here’s a preview of JennyAtLAX’s next blog. In this photo, the cops have arrived at the northwest corner of Sunset Blvd. and LRH Way, where they meet up with a PAC Base Security Guard who points me out as their “suspect.”

    • pat k

      Your tenacity is such a gift. Thank you. You are awesome!

    • L. Wrong Hubturd

      Be careful, Fred. But, this is a good sign. It means you’re getting to them. Bravo!

    • Qbird

      Were the cops fair & reasonable?

      • Fred is probably in the production lab so I’ll tell you, yes they were 🙂

    • jazzlover

      Just stay safe, my friend.

    • Free Minds, Free Hearts

      Fred, I love your posts, but I agree to be careful. It seems that the Call Me poster on the car may have alarmed them more than your earlier photography forays.

    • outraged

      Isn’t it RIDICULOUS that we have to WARN Fred to be careful of his own RELIGION??

    • Douglas D. Douglas

      Their awesome, awesome power over MEST involves calling the LAPD?

      How… unimpressive.

    • Creepy was Tommy Davis’ favorite passive-aggressive attack word.

      You could always counter it by raising the ante: “You think that legally taking pictures on a public sidewalk is creepy? Doesn’t that seem crazy to you? It seems kind of crazy to me. I’m not saying that you’re crazy, but that’s pretty crazy..”

      • What is creepy is a church that writes down every confession and then pours thru the thousands of records and uses it to attempt to cave in another human being. That’s creepy. Worse then Frankenstein who was the creepiest person in the whole wide world I’d ever heard of until at 21 I joined and spent 35 years in the fake church of scientology…. and finally the brainwashing is wearing off…

    • Aslan’s Own

      Maybe you could have a friend come with you and film you while you’re taking your pictures. Just in case.

      • Fred G. Haseney

        You’re not the only one to suggest that. Short of a friend to accompany me, I could wear one of those crazy video camera hats! Hey, scientology, beware!

        • Aslan’s Own

          Ha! That would be a good look! 😉 Although I wouldn’t put it past them to knock it off your head.

          I would really urge you to have someone with you with a video camera — it seems like they’re escalating. Just from watching what has happened to other people and how scientology will lie to the police, etc., I hope you’ll protect yourself from all that. I don’t know if you follow Darth Xander on YouTube or other sites, but he has a video of a protest he and “Strong Strength” did last year where a member hit SS’s camera and damaged it. They took it to court and SS won based on the video evidence. I just think you do such a great job, I’d hate to see you get in trouble because they lied to the police and you didn’t have any evidence to show the truth!

          • Fred G. Haseney

            Such a good point you’ve made (as have others), Aslan’s Own. Maybe I could take movies with my little camera in my right hand, and snap photos with the other camera in my left. Great video, awesome impact. It’s given me something to think about.

            • Aslan’s Own

              I’ve never protested, but I’ve watched lots of the videos, and one of the main things I’ve learned is that people ALWAYS have someone who is filming continuously. You might be able to film and take photos too, but if someone gets up in your face like they did in this video, you’d need both hands. Plus, I think the strength of having the second person is that they can show the big picture of what is happening to you. Even though I could see the guy hit his camera, it wasn’t really clear how it all happened, but the long shot at the end showed very clearly the guy was extremely aggressive and just went on the attack. Now that you’ve met some other people who want to go with you on your photo journeys, I would really encourage you to have them tape everything.

              I know I’m being a mother hen here (I’m old!), but it’s obvious that you are really getting to them, and their response to you is escalating, to the point where they called the police. The next time they do that the officers who come out might not be as fair as these officers were (or they might be ones who are “friendly” with scientology.) Just want you to be safe!

              Here’s a video of the guy whose camera was damaged (and notice that the guy used the same excuse that the SG said to the police in your case, that he was taking pictures of his kids).


            • Fred G. Haseney

              Thank you for sharing the video, Aslan’s Own. I’d like to think that I’m getting to them, what with my Photojournalistic adventures in and around PAC Base. I do wonder, however, if the only reason why scientology called the police on me last Sunday is because there were children along the north end of LRH Way. I’ve been reporting on that so-called “church” for quite a while now, and they have never called the police because of my presence in their little bubble world. Their playbook must have a point about children and how they can use that as a tactic to counter protests, even a silent protest. All I do in and around PAC Base is take pictures. I rarely talk to anyone except to say “thank you” for the photograph I’ve taken of them. Before last Sunday, I rarely ever saw children in the area. Choosing to take someone along with a video camera to record while I do my thing is a good idea, although it would make reporting far less frequent, something I think scientology would like. For now, my new game plan is to stay away from photographing any area at PAC Base if there are children present. We must not forget that scientology treasures children; why else would they forbid Sea Org members from having them? As a side note, you’d think that Sea Org scientologists would be more than happy to repopulate the world with super human beings. But, instead, they choose not to.

            • Aslan’s Own

              You’re right about them treasuring children! 😉 I promise I’ll stop nagging you! (I’ve been told I do that sometimes!!) Love your reports – stay safe!

    • Baby

      this kid called me creepy..f5

      ” What do you look like without your sunglasses.. I bet you’re creepy.. ( Old Ugly etc) ” Bury, Rev mama and I never laughed so hard. He was younger than my oldest grandchild.

      • Douglas D. Douglas

        You could have told him that there were no longer auditions to play the new Dennis the Menace.

      • Fred G. Haseney

        “Creepy” appears to be a new word in the scientology admin dictionary.

    • Baby

      Fred make sure you let us know when you have your story up.. can’t wait.. Good God.

    • Baby

      Fred we will not let you go out there alone.. you know they make up shit.. you have to have someone recording you at all times.. Promise.. Please.

      • Fred G. Haseney

        Baby, you reminded me of the fact that both of my cameras can take movies. For goodness sake, I need to remember that! I’ll work at having someone tag along so we can team up against scientologists (much like Body Routers team up to overwhelm new public). I appreciate your kind words, your concern, Baby. I would not be telling the truth if I said that scientology’s antics, and their calling the police, didn’t affect me. A confessional in scientology and an ethics program coordinated with a scientology ethics officer are done in private.

        Any scientologist still-in who is reading this now knows that what happens in the so-called “church” of scientology does not stay in scientology. What you’ve done, anything you’ve ever said to an auditor or ethics officer will be disclosed for everyone to see the moment you wake up, escape scientology and speak out.

        • Baby

          Good.. It would be their word against yours.. and you know how ” Ruthless” they are…errgh… xo We want you safe..

          ( So you can take more pictures! Duh) ha

    • Juicer77

      Fred they’re skeered of you. So be extra careful. Love your reports!

      • Fred G. Haseney

        Skeered, indeed! The reports will keep a-comin’ and I promise to be extra-keerful!

    • Linda Clement

      There ought to be a Freedom Medal of Valor for those who scare the shit out of $cientology. Glad you’re okay, Fred. I bet it was your recent photo shoot with Sea Org members staring in shock at “call me” that made somebody so spooked that they spent hours looking up and reading your files looking for a speck of dirt they could 47x into actual mud.

      • Fred G. Haseney

        How does one appropriately describe laughing uncontrollably at a computer terminal in a senior citizen center, Linda Clement? I turned 60-year-old recently, and happened upon such a center, brand new, on Alvarado St., between the Hollywood Freeway and Sunset. They serve what looks to be a delicious lunch Monday through Friday, from 11 AM to Noon; donation: only $2.00. I’m mentioning this for anyone in the area (including excommunicated, declared PAC Base Sea Org members) who might be wondering where to find their next meal (or help). I loved what you wrote, Linda. Yes, it seems as if we’ve scared (and will continue to scare) the living daylights out of mankind’s “only hope.”

        • Linda Clement

          Fred, you are adorable. I’ve been assuming that you were much younger. Now I’m trying to picture the SG trying to explain to the police that the 60-year-old man down the street is a dangerous character from whom they need protection.

          That being said, it might not hurt to have someone with you in case they manage to get an LA cop on the payroll. Not that there’s anything you could legitimately be arrested for, but $cientology gets up to some really crazy hijinks.

          Hugs, dude. You are my favorite photojournalist.

          • Fred G. Haseney

            PAC BASE SECURITY (to the Los Angeles Police Dept.): “Mayday, mayday, mayday, get a patrol car to L. Ron Hubbard Way pronto!”
            LAPD: What are you reporting?
            PAC BASE SECURITY: There’s a dangerous character lurking and taking pictures of us!
            LAPD: Can you give a description?
            PAC BASE SECURITY: Well, he’s 60-years-old.
            LAPD: Hair color?
            PAC BASE SECURITY: Silver.
            LAPD: Eyes?
            PAC BASE SECURITY: Bluish grey.
            LAPD: What color pants?
            PAC BASE SECURITY: Pants? He’s sitting down.
            LAPD: “Sitting down,” on what, sir? The sidewalk?
            PAC BASE SECURITY: No, no, no, in a wheelchair. Bring some Geritol, too, will you?

            Enough fun. Everything is true (except for the wheelchair and Geritol). Cece took a recent picture of me (inside I feel so young, thank you). Getting a partner (or reporting from a helicopter) sounds like the ticket. Over and out, Linda Clement.

  • Found on FB by Andy Sewell: LOL. This should be printed and sent to DMs Tax accountant.

    • Baby

      OMG.. bawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwhahahahahahahhahaa.. that was worth coming back for after I brushed my teeth.. ha

    • I am a bad person. This pic makes me want to spank lil Davie.

  • Baby

    NIght all.. What a hell of a weekend.. I will leave you with 2 of our Bunkers.. This picture always makes me smile..
    nite nite.. Both so ornery and free spirits.. baby f5

    • jazzlover
      • Baby

        beautiful..and perfect Jazz..

        • jazzlover

          Yes, ma’am 🙂 Love the song, and the video is brilliant. Leave it to John to capture the spirit of the Bunker!

  • So, how long is the sheet going to hang over the logo at the SuMP? Looking like a funeral shroud…

    • edge

      SuMP is a half-assed idea, even by Scientology standards. Let’s set aside the fact they already have Gold and Mad Hatter Studios. When they release something like say, the Basics, an obvious money grab, at least the books are ready to go as soon as the presentation’s over. It’s a real product that was delivered. With SuMP, they open it and…then what? There’s no product. As they say, ‘there’s no there, there’.. There’s no evidence they have a broadcast license on television or radio, or that they’ve produced anything that could be sold to a willing buyer or even that there are any buyers. There’s no evidence that they’d set up a 700 Club style show or a Fox Family style channel. It’s just a large, state-of-the-art unused space, meant to fool the remaining unquestioning Kool-Aid drinkers into thinking that they are expanding in “orders of magnitude”. And once those Kool-Aid drinkers breathe a sigh of relief that something is happening they and their wallets will be directed to the next boondoggle, the next Greatest Thing Ever, like Valley or L. Ron Hubbard Hall

  • Mymy88

    Help meeeeeee!

    • Baby

      what honey

      Have to go to bed MY… someone will help you..Up early in AM

      • Mymy88

        Oh sorry. I guess it is silly. It looks like a screaming cow to me. I clipped it from one of Tony’s posted pics he put up today.

        • Baby


        • Baby

          you forgot to put f5.. hahahahha cute… Good Gawd do I have to do everything around here myself..hahha xoxoxoox

          • Mymy88

            LOL I can never remember that! Thanks. Night night.

        • Baby

          screaming sheep..

          • Mymy88

            Okay, counting screaming sheep. Go to bed NOW before you plop onto the keyboard.

    • Mymy88

      Okay I give up. Can anyone please tell me what that big black hole in the middle of the sheep’s face is? I can’t work it out. (above F5)

      • Baby

        It is where the people see out of.. and it is supposed to represent the sheep’s mouth.. ( Lame..)
        computer off…………………………………………………..zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

        • Mymy88

          Sweet dreams of screaming cows.

      • Frodis73

        It’s his nose. Lol. I think it looks like a starved and neglected Brian from Family Guy.

        • Mymy88

          Ha ha ha. Leave it to scientology to come up with really weird ideas to try to attract new customers, errr I mean members.

          • madame duran

            A cult member dressed as a SHEEP. And, of course, they see no irony in that. Truth in advertising, I’d say.

      • Newiga

        LMAO!!! First laugh of the morning. Thanks, Mymy88! I needed that. 😀

  • dchoiceisalwaysrs

    Phil ; please do help me pull my tongue out of my cheek and correct me. Were they armed scn security guards in their new LA Police uniforms or were they just being a threat to the public acting as armed vigilante thugs on public property? Whatever they were doing I am absolutely certain as an OTVIII that it would be claimed in a court of law as upholeDing the constitution. Did I type anything incorrectly?

    • Sid (Phil Jones)

      Although the uniform was police/security-ish and he had a lot of items on his belt, I didn’t notice any firearms. They didn’t hassle us, but just rode their bicycle past our car. Just letting us know that they knew we were there.

      • pat k

        Sad state of them.

  • Any one who has a story to tell about what you have seen yourself about the evilness of the cult of scientology please take a bit of time this week to write your story and send it to your representatives requesting they help us regain our freedoms. Freedoms to not have ourselves and our families blackmailed with secrets we told our minister who stated we were forgiven for our sins. And Amnesties when we were promised the past would not be brought up again.

    Thank you

  • Linda Clement

    Thanks, Rod!

  • Dave Reams
    • WOG with Attitude

      OMX! That’s incredible!

      Anyone thinking “it was better under Hubbard”…ugh! Complete nut job!

      For him to go after another cult is such a riot! Is there really a limited supply of vulnerable people looking for a system of living? No wonder he never wrote OTIX & OTX. He was too busy fighting the competition!


  • MostEthicalPimp

    Excerpt from a Profile on YourThetaMatch: “Who is willing to say if he observes something and communicate about it easily, without starting any low tone games.. [Unless it’s entheta then shot your mouth]”

    • MostEthicalPimp

      Another Excerpt: I would like a high ARC 2D with open comm, with full granting of beingness to all
      members of the family.

      Is she trying to hint at being in com. with declared family? Or is just weird meaningless verbiage.

      • I’m afraid it will be the latter.

      • By definition, anyone who was declared would no longer be a member of the family.

      • chukicita

        Could be that there are kids and she wants them to be treated like little adults?

    • MostEthicalPimp

      Excerpt: I will say though that Cause Resurgence was AMAZING and simply say I’m 100% on board with my group, helping others and actively (an yes that does mean daily) and eagerly in pursuit of getting onto the Upper Levels of my Bridge through both study/training and auditing.

      • WOG with Attitude

        Say! You sound so theta! Let’s meet on target 2 and do rice and beans! I know a great dumpster where we can pick up some side dishes! Then onto the purif and grrrrrowl, the oiliness table!

        • MostEthicalPimp

          some poor lady said she had done the purf. 3 times which is pretty standard from exes I’ve talked to.

          • WOG with Attitude

            Ugh! Horrible!!!

    • MostEthicalPimp

      My purpose in life is to create harmony and I want to do this in many ways: being theta for my environment, audit tons of people, get up the bridge, and more I want a 2D who will walk with me and support me with my purposes.

      Short version, you got an extra 200k laying around, right?

    • MostEthicalPimp

      “A man who understands and is ready to practice Condition 4 exchange with a partner who is ready to do the same.”

      • MostEthicalPimp

        conditions 4 exchange was probably what she meant.

        • I already wondered what a “Condition 4 exchange” would be. You pay for her bridge, and in exchange she’ll have your kids?

      • Robert Eckert

        “Condition 4 exchange” refers to “68”. You know what 68 is: it’s like 69, but she’ll owe you one.

        • jazzlover


    • MostEthicalPimp

      “I need a partner in crime! I’m quite a workaholic and my main focus is to make enough money to buy mine and my daughter’s Bridges.”
      thank you for being honest!

      • Juicer77


      • Also called gold digger.

    • MostEthicalPimp

      “i teach dance i love the way it helps women handle many thing in their lives.”

      why is she wasting her time! She knows about the tech that works for everything. Did LRH dance or tell others to dance??? No? okay, ending of thinking!

      • She should stop using other practices.

        • MostEthicalPimp

          Think I might have to KR her to RTC.

  • MostEthicalPimp

    I was kicked off of theta Match. Why? I guess I’ll never find love. 🙁

    • They read your posts here, and thought you were some f*g SP!

      • MostEthicalPimp

        I didn’t put my bunker badger there just my real name so must have been though

        • Or they simply reasoned you being the SP as you were the only male around?

    • Juicer77

      Sigh… you will never find the meat sack of your dreams…

      • MostEthicalPimp

        As long I don’t have to bed down in a clam bed.

  • Eivol Ekdal

    Keeping Scientology Working, not so much a policy as it is a ritual.

    • MostEthicalPimp

      Keep Scientologists working

  • Ella Raitch

    Two sleeps till Ruthless

  • Mark Allen Shreck

    Update, ruthless shipped today from amazon 😀

  • Anonymous Confused Person

    I’m sure someone else has asked this, but in that first picture from one of the prisons in Bogota — is that /blood/ on the ground in front of those officers in formation? 8 /

  • Bradley Greenwood

    I understand Mr. Jeffrey’s dilemma. We spent $X,XXX that we did not have to save the life of my “Buddy” this past week.

  • Ms. Withhold

    OH MY XENU. The jokes just write themselves. Meet your 2D, then make little Scientologists together, so you all can disconnect from one another in 15 years.

  • Wog

    Wow – Scientology cured David MIscavige’s asthma…but then it came back with a vengeance. Auditing off the Bee Tee’s and Cluster’s did not even help. He is sucking down Scotch – slapping and pounding his minions whilst getting his next fitting of John Lobb Loafer’s and Boy’s Size 8 Super Man Costume for his next Propaganda feeding to the clubbed seals.