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A STAR IS BORN: Scientology attorney Monique Yingling steals the spotlight on ’20/20′


That was some episode of 20/20 last night, wasn’t it? We had a great time reading back the live-blogging our commenters engaged in last night. And we noticed that the break-out star of the program was Scientology attorney Monique Yingling. You loved her!

Here’s a sampling of how much Monique’s heartfelt, homespun wisdom went over here in the Bunker last night…


We’ve had the pleasure of being in Monique’s company. She was one of the 15 or 20 suits who showed up for one of the hearings in the Monique Rathbun lawsuit down in Texas. But she wasn’t there to defend the Squirrel Busters. She strictly works for her ecclesiastical champion, Chairman of the Board David Miscavige. And what a performance she put on for him last night!

We want to congratulate ABC’s Dan Harris and producer Miguel Sancho for that brilliant program. We met with Dan and Miguel several years ago, and it was clear they were ambitious about bringing home the big story about Scientology. We know how hard they and their team must have worked to put this hourlong package together, and it showed.

We also understand where Tampa Bay Times reporter Tom Tobin is coming from when he said that last night’s program didn’t really break new ground that wasn’t already plowed by him and Joe Childs in their epic 2009 series, “The Truth Rundown,” which first revealed David Miscavige’s tyrannical style and the allegations of his physical abuse of underlings.

But even if the program didn’t contain much in the way of revelations, it still packed a major wallop because of how well it was put together, and also because of its break-out star, Scientology’s most squirmy spokesperson yet, Ms. Monique Yingling!

We want to hear what parts of the show moved you the most, or had you howling. Let’s keep this thing rolling a bit longer.

UPDATE: We want to thank ABC Channel 7 producer Lisa Bartley for including us in this excellent piece on Laura DeCrescenzo and her lawsuit, which was seen in L.A. Last night after the 20/20 special.



Happy Birthday, COB!


Scientology’s supreme leader, David Miscavige, turns 56 years old today. We asked some of the people who used to know him, or were members in his organization, what birthday message they would give to him, if they could…

Jefferson Hawkins: “Although I’m not a Christian, I think I’d give him a nice inspirational Bible quote. Luke 12: 2-3: ‘There is nothing concealed that will not be disclosed, or hidden that will not be made known. What you have said in the dark will be known in the daylight. What you have whispered to someone behind closed doors will be shouted from the rooftops.’

Tom Devocht: “I’d probably wish him a happy birthday, the best of luck, and let him know I don’t hate him or consider him an enemy. There’s enough hatred in the world as it is to hold on to grudges, fight over differences of opinions and beliefs. That doesn’t mean I trust him, but I know that, like any other ‘good Scientologist’ and contrary to its own ‘scriptures,’ Miscavige could never accept such a gesture from a labeled ‘SP,’ and its OK with me that it would just slightly irk him that I felt this way. I’m sure he’d rather I’d get all ‘SP’ about it and say nasty things about him but, oh well.”

Paul Burkhart: “It would certainly be different than the epic birthday poem I wrote for him about 4 years ago! Now I’m imagining that his exit plan is getting readied, because it won’t be long before it’s needed.”

Claire Headley: “Birthday message? None. I decline to communicate with evil sociopaths bent on destroying my family and thousands of others.”

Lori Hodgson: “Give me back my kids and give all the other broken families back their loved ones. Stop disconnection now for all of us and for your own family!”

Amy Scobee: “Karma is a bitch!”




3D-UnbreakablePosted by Tony Ortega on April 30, 2016 at 07:00

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  • Mockingbird

    The worker’s paradise line is actually recycled from Freedom mag.

    The communist propaganda line is absurd since Scientology is anything but a class less collective. It’s a slave caste system with David Miscavige as the totalitarian autocrat running everything with a ruthless iron grip.

  • Lady Squash

    There was something so odd to me that the Church’s spokesperson was, for god’s sake, a lawyer. Think about it. No staff. No actual Scientologist. No Tommy Davis or Mike Rinder. Instead, a hired gun. A lawyer. I thought that spoke volumes.

    • Dave Reams

      I had the same thought! The 20/20 piece was about Ron Miscavige – a personal story – not some legal/criminal battle (next week! : )

      • Juicer77

        It just shows the mindset they are in right now. It’s all about legal cloaking.

        • Cedilla

          “It’s all about legal cloaking.”

          I love the word cloak.

        • Dave Reams

          Instead of creating a slick infomercial of COB worship, why didn’t Dave ask his best friend Tom Cruise to go on camera to dispel the nasty lies being told.
          – “Mr Cruise, are these allegations of David Miscavige beating off people true?”
          – “Absolutely not! We Scientologists are proud to service David Miscavige without expecting anything in return”

          • JaxNGold

            Beating off people? Laughter!

          • Juicer77

            EW ew ew

          • Tracy Schmitz

            exactly! i mean HE IS the MOST DEDICATED scientologist the leader knows and is the public face of it ON PURPOSE and reaches the worldwide masses right? so what gives??!

    • Newiga

      Exactly! But who is left inside to do the job? Of course DM cannot go in front of the cameras because he is too busy leading the fastest growing religion on earth. *rolls eyes*

    • Graham

      The only way they can get anything done these days is to hire wogs. Their own talent pool is totally drained. So much for Hubbard’s tech.

      • Juicer77


      • scottmercer

        Right, they have no people left, only cash to pay wog lawyers. That will run out eventually.

      • FredEX2

        Another factor may be that no Scientologist could withstand the heat ( scrutiny, confront, entheta ). They tend to go into hiding lately when not on the attack.

        • Graham

          Delicate flowers aren’t they! Scientology, the Minus Eight religion.

      • $137608073

        That has been the way for decades Graham. It is the most glaring, obvious evidence about those volumes and volumes of “tech”. When something is important and needs to be done and done right, Scientology has to outsource.

    • 0tessa

      I miss Tommy Davis, his TR’s at least were blinkless.

      • Tracy Schmitz

        I WONDER if tommy cruise misses him too!?

      • Lady Squash

        Yeah, I kinda miss him too. He was a little less obnoxious than a hired gun.

    • scottmercer

      And millions of people watching the show had the exact same thought you did.

      • Lady Squash

        I hope so. I really hope so. Nothing speaks louder than hiding behind a lawyer. “I don’t need a lawyer. I have nothing to hide.”

    • $137608073

      Yes, that’s all that’s left of “management” Scientology is down to ruthless dictator and his lawyers. That’s it.

    • Skabetti

      And not a lawyer that used to arguing law in front of juries (I’d guess), but a tax lawyer. I think some of the questions threw her.

    • Tracy Schmitz

      does make one wonder BIG TIME doesn’t it?!… are they that clueless or desperate for someone, anyone to speak for them? did they think that some lawyer would hold greater weight for all who watched? yeah, because everyone in the wog world has such a high regard for lawyers! especially a lawyer who is representing something so controversial and of course GETTING PAID TO DO SO! DUH AND DOUBLE DUH!..

  • Mockingbird

    Just saw a trailer for a film based on Blown For Good.


    • Cedilla

      No release date yet

      • Robert Eckert

        It’s a student-produced short, not a full-blown (for good) theatrical film.

    • $137608073

      Where did you see this, mk? RM Productions

    • flyonthewall

      nice find

  • Ten Aug

    So after a second viewing and I think the most damning element for the kid is that Yingling stops her epileptic blinking for a brief period to state that disconnection is policy for the church.

    She then goes on to say that scientologists follow it because they believe their spiritual journey will be impeded if they don’t.

    So they’re not forced physically they’re just psychologically black mailed.



    No words.

    • 0tessa

      That blinkless moment was the only moment she spoke the truth.

      • SciWatcher

        Yep, and it was totally obvious!

    • Tracy Schmitz

      exactly.. because don’t you know ALL religions/churches/faiths are okay with this, giving their members not only the favorable impression that it’s okay to do so, but they should do so and their okay with it since it’s ‘cough cough” up to them!.. besides the fact that that is a MONUMENTAL LIE BECAUSE THEIR IS DOCUMENTED PROOF OF DISCONNECTION AS POLICY, what church/religion/faith would be okay with this in the FIRST PLACE? even if their wasn’t any documented factual proof? the only “religion” i know of that does anything like this is the amish who shun…. but i’m pretty sure the amish don’t shun and ALSO attack them for speaking out against them?!….

  • Ten Aug


    Started by sociopathic science fiction writer.

    Hijacked by a sociopathic kid.

    Publicised by a sociopathic movie star.

    Ended by a greedy lawyer who now holds the world record for blinks per second?

    • Tracy Schmitz

      you forgot top 3 most well known scientologist ever (hubbard, miscavige, cruise) 1) all 3 are uneducated and 2) all 3 can’t keep a marriage going and i’m sure their are more then a few other traits they have in common..

    • LillyPond LuLu

      Let’s all go on an Overbearing Party as LingLing say’s “You can go in as an individual or even as a group”
      Party Time-Midget Birthday Bash.

  • And I’m Cute, Too

    Yingling on 20/20, explaining why the Co$ is saying such different things about Ron than they did years ago (14:45):

    “Well, it’s not so much that he decided to write a book — he decided to tell a false story.”

    And two can play at that game! Right, Monique?

    • OOkpik

      Hi, Cutie. *waves*
      Seeing you here again makes me smile.

      • And I’m Cute, Too

        Thanks, Ookpik. *waves back*

        I was busy changing apartments in March, then started looking for new work, so I took a break from the Bunker. Also been spending time on other blogs; there was lots of controversy surrounding a recent evangelical conference.

        Glad to see that the heat’s still on Mr. Four Foot Thirteen.

        • OOkpik

          He USED to be Four Foot Thirteen. He’s been taken down a few pegs since then.

    • Tracy Schmitz

      in reality, even that shouldn’t matter! i mean if he was a “victim” then, how is he now not? nothing changed in the TRUTH of that matter, so because he wrote a book, true or not, how does that change the TRUTH of this separate incident? it doesn’t!… she’s too stupid to be a spokesperson for anything!..

  • hansje brinker

    If I give somebody a “blink” I make that person aware that I am joking and lying………….

  • People tend to look in specific places when they’re thinking about things.

    I think in her upper-right is where Monique Yingling keeps thoughts on her special bank accounts and all the cabana boys it buys.

  • Happy May Day all you smarty-pants communists!

    How’s everyone feeling today?
    Quit your complaining and excuses, please.

    Every time you feel like giving up or think it’s “too late” to start something new, think of Ida Keeling. The 100-year-old runner didn’t start racing until she was in her 60s and now is a reigning national champion. She currently holds the fastest time for American women ages 95 to 99 in the 60-meter dash, 29.86 seconds, and this weekend will compete in the 100-meter event at Penn Relays.

    “You see so many older people just sitting around-well, that’s not me,” she says in a New York Times profile. “Time marches on, but I keep going.”

    And, the sports event of the century 9AM Eastern Time streaming on NBC Sports LivelExtra
    if you can get it: Manchester United vs Leicester City

    One way to view Leicester City’s unlikely title is through gambling odds. Before this season began, British bookmakers listed Leicester — pronounced Less-ter — as a 5,000-to-1 shot to emerge as the Premier League champion. By comparison, the so-called Miracle Mets of 1969 were a 100-to-1 choice, and Buster Douglas was just a 42-to-1 underdog when he upset Mike Tyson in 1990 to win the heavyweight championship.

    • FredEX2

      Love this Shorpy! 😄

    • Robert Eckert

      “the fastest time for American women ages 95 to 99”: isn’t that rather a low bar?

      • Thanks for pissing in her cornflakes.
        Let’s see you beat it.
        I’m planning on setting records in the 120-125 age bracket.

  • OOkpik

    Yingling is an interesting name. It always makes me wonder…what would the fox say?!

    • Ella Raitch

      Damn you Ookpik…damn you to heck

      • OOkpik

        Been there, done that. 😉

      • Rasha

        I know. I’m watching “Massachussetts” and “Stonehenge” now……

    • Dice

      we might learn something here

    • Rasha

      “Yi-yingyingyingyingying-yi-ying-a-ling! Yi-yingyingyingying-a-yingaling!”

      edited, because my iPad actually autocorrected this…. Srsly…

      • OOkpik

        That’s IT!!!

  • Dice

    And so it begins F5

  • nicholas_jordan456

    Batshit Woo Peddler John Kerry Declares War on Lord Xenu while noted Tax Attorney Monique Yingling steals the spotlight as Scientology attorney and—there is more yet folks—Tom Cruise goes into the tubes to explain to David Miscaviage just exactly how time-derivatives work and that they are ↑NOT↑ fiduciary-derivatives but rather invaders in space-time by an exterior galactic force which spends most of its time on the toilet rolling paper

  • Silence of the Clams

    I was out of town and unable to see the special until last night. Does this Yingling woman know that she blinks every time she is about to tell a lie? It was easy to see because we all know the lies since we’ve heard them all of the time. And right as she was about to tell one of them…the flickering of the eyes would begin.

    Super thetan this the best you’ve got?

  • LittleRedSongbird

    She looks a little bit like David Miscavige……..

  • Nessybach

    Monique has that posh b**ch look (pardon my language) that totally rubs me the wrong way.

  • Cpt_Justice

    Thank you for getting the truth out.

  • deanblair

    Monique’s hair style looks like the female version of David Miscavige’s pompadour.

  • BlackPR

    I’d hit that.

  • BillJ (Grumpyfootyfan)

    i’d love to be a fly on the wall in a pre 20/20 meeting between DM and Yingling. I wonder if they actually believe their own BS or are scripting this.

  • Rene Trujillo

    While David’s own food allowance runs into many hundreds of dollars each week, the food allowance for staff members at the base was sometimes reduced to less than a dollar per person per meal. That is less than $20 to feed someone for an entire week—while that person is working upward of 100 hours.
    -Ron Miscavige, “Ruthless”

    There was BC then AD now we are living thru BS ($cientology)

  • phoebequeen

    I just got home from out of town and watched program. I was yelling at the tv the whole time. I know it is only an hour long show, but they left out many stories and people. Still, anything that shows scientology for the true evil it is, is good by me. I now know what Satan’s mommy looks like.

  • ysusan

    Where did her name come from is the real question. Sounds Asian to me.

  • Mission Impossible:DonkeyPunch

    Monique Yingling (sounds like a cheap, box white wine) resembles a legally-inclined Suze Orman. Perhaps a legally-inclined Suze Orman who would never, ever, ever admit she attended a Dinah Shore Golf Weekend because that would be against Scientology’s beliefs to be around those people

  • simon t

    the 20/20 video link is no longer valid, fyi.

  • Indira Singh

    Just look at Ying links body language she answers with zero eye contact her pupils are going crazy and she keeps looking up down keft right because she knows she is lying through her teeth.
    Cannot believe that people have bought into their BS religious organization.
    My feelings are only weak people can be bamboozled into believing thelse ideas.

  • John Balchunas

    Is it just me, or is Monique Yingling (I suspect a name change from “Dingaling”) defending Scientology on 20/20 have a strange purple glow, along with her half-open severely stoned and/or hypnotized eyes, supremely greasy highlights, and strange neck-brace-style-scarf? But I just really couldn’t get past that purple glow! It looks like she is radioactive across a wide spectrum that includes ultraviolet. I was really hoping they would turn out the lights! I’d bet a large sum of money that she would glow in the dark.

  • John Balchunas

    Is it just me, or is Monique Yingling (I suspect a name change from “Dingaling”) exhibiting an eerie purple glow, amongst her glaringly greasy facial highlights, half-mast severely-stoned, hypnotized, and/or prolonged-sleep-deprived eyes, and her strange neck-brace-style scarf? But it was the purple glow that got me! I think perhaps she was emitting broadband radiation over a wide electromagnetic spectrum including substantial ultraviolet to violet wavelengths. I was REALLY hoping someone would unexpectedly turn out the lights! I’d bed a large sum of money that she would have glowed in the dark. Maybe that’s what happens when one becomes an Operating Thetan IX.