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PODCAST: Our never-heard 2021 interview with Ron Miscavige about daughter-in-law Shelly

[Shelly Miscavige and her father-in-law, Ron]

 This week, a story we have been covering for a long time, the disappearance of Shelly Miscavige, suddenly became national news, thanks to a joke by comedian Jerrod Carmichael as he was hosting the Golden Globes []


Can someone let Tom Cruise know that his Scientology bandleader has died?

 In 2004, as part of the plan to turn Tom Cruise into the most gung-ho Scientologist on the planet, church leader David Miscavige threw a special surprise birthday party for the Top Gun actor on the church’s private cruise ship, the []

Ron Miscavige, Scientology whistleblower and father of the church leader, 1936-2021

 We just learned that Ron Miscavige has died. His co-author Dan Koon wrote this touching memorial for us, which we are publishing []

His son may rule moneyed Scientology, but Ron Miscavige needs help to pay for his own funeral

 In 2012, Ron Miscavige made a clever and daring escape with his wife Becky Bigelow from Scientology’s secretive “Int Base,” where the two of them had been living as “Sea Org” []

Leah Remini podcast: Scientology leader’s Fair Game campaign against his own father

[Ron Miscavige]

In the latest episode of Leah Remini’s podcast, which we have embedded for you below, Leah and Mike talk with Ron Miscavige, father to Scientology’s leader David Miscavige and author of the 2016 book Ruthless: Scientology, My Son David Miscavige, And []

Ron Miscavige on life at Scientology’s secretive Gold Base (and getting thrown in its lake)

 Last time we talked with Ron Miscavige, he had some pretty incredible news for us about a laptop computer that may contain some of the most explosive evidence about the Church of Scientology in decades. []

The fight over the secrets on a Scientology spy’s seized laptop that no one is talking about

[Someone is trying very hard to get the secrets of Scientology spies Daniel (left) and Dwayne Powell]

The Underground Bunker has obtained court documents which describe a stunning attempt by a Milwaukee attorney to secure secret government-held documents that are potentially crippling to the Church of []

How Scientology’s smears of Ron Miscavige could end up a bigger problem for his son Dave

 Contributor Jeffrey Augustine has taken a close look at Scientology’s over-the-top attacks on Ron Miscavige for this piece today. We think you’re going to find that he unearthed some really eye-opening []

Scientology’s newest attack on Ron Miscavige: Could his son David be any whinier?

 It’s been nearly three weeks since bookstores received Ron Miscavige’s memoir, Ruthless: Scientology, My Son David Miscavige, and Me, and the news about it is finally dying down. The book has fallen off the New York Times bestseller charts after debuting at #1 in ebook nonfiction. But its rankings at Amazon are still healthy and []

Ron Miscavige’s ‘Ruthless’ includes Lisa Marie Presley’s wild defection scene in Florida

 As we expected, Ron Miscavige’s book being released today, Ruthless: Scientology, My Son David Miscavige, and Me, contains a bombshell that should send the celebrity press into a frenzy.

And we revealed it to you two weeks []