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Scientology’s newest attack on Ron Miscavige: Could his son David be any whinier?


It’s been nearly three weeks since bookstores received Ron Miscavige’s memoir, Ruthless: Scientology, My Son David Miscavige, and Me, and the news about it is finally dying down. The book has fallen off the New York Times bestseller charts after debuting at #1 in ebook nonfiction. But its rankings at Amazon are still healthy and we expect it will continue to sell well for quite a long time.

Meanwhile, Ron’s son, Scientology church leader David Miscavige, is continuing to hit back. You probably received the same email we did this morning from one of Scientology’s proxies, directing us to the newest salvo at a website set up by the church to attack Ron and his book. This time, it takes aim at an attempted rape charge stemming from a 1984 incident which we told you months ago would be a focus of the church’s “Fair Game” operation against Ron.

In January 2012, reporter Jason Nark wrote an excellent piece about David Miscavige’s background in New Jersey, near Philadelphia. In that piece, Nark got his hands on the original court documents in Ron’s criminal case, and he found that it involved a torn blouse and an identification of Ron that the judge threw out, along with the case. But here’s the important part. When Nark asked the Church of Scientology for its comment on the case, it characterized Ron Miscavige as a “victim” in that prosecution. (Ron at that time was still working and living at Scientology’s secretive “Int Base” near Hemet, California. He and his wife Becky didn’t make their escape from the base for another two months, on March 25, 2012.)

Even the new smear site has to acknowledge that Scientology doesn’t really, today, believe that Ron was guilty of the 1984 crime: “The Church does not debate Ron’s guilt regarding these charges,” the anonymously posted website says.


So what’s the point of the leering, skeezy website then if Scientology, even today, doesn’t argue with the outcome of that court case?

“Ron has no excuse for downplaying and ignoring David’s efforts in ending a horrifying episode in Ron’s life that had him scared to death,” the site says.

So because David Miscavige helped his dad get out of that scrape and then gave him a job in Scientology’s Sea Org, it’s really unconscionable that, 31 years later, Ron would write a book exposing the deprivations of the Sea Org and that his son is a shit heel to his employees?

Seriously, that’s all Scientology has, an extended whine by David Miscavige that he’s getting exposed by his dad?

Is it any wonder that this smear campaign is gaining no traction?


Private message to Mathew Pritchard

Mathew Pritchard, please listen carefully.

Scientology in Manchester, England is not a thing. There may be an org there, but the total number of actual Scientologists in your area could probably fit inside your town’s smallest pub, with plenty of room to spare. They don’t need you to save them from Scientology. They will come out on their own, as the rest of them do while the church crumbles.

You are what, 17? Live life, man. Leave the infiltrating of Scientology to the experts.

We appreciate the link to our site. But please just stay away from the Scientology org. Far, far away.

— The Proprietor




3D-UnbreakablePosted by Tony Ortega on May 23, 2016 at 07:00

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