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How Lisa Marie Presley became Scientology leader David Miscavige’s worst nightmare


For more than a year, the Underground Bunker has been speaking with sources close to Lisa Marie Presley who tell us that the daughter of Elvis Presley has not only turned against Scientology leader David Miscavige, but has taken steps to coordinate actions designed to cripple Miscavige’s rule.

Lisa Marie is using her media savvy and connections with other celebrities and other important figures inside Scientology to release explosive revelations about Miscavige, while keeping her own role quiet. The result, so far, has been the skillfully timed release of media stories that have damaged Miscavige at the same time that Scientology is in a long term decline.

In Lisa Marie Presley, David Miscavige has cultivated a powerful enemy. And in this story, we explain how things got to that point.

Yesterday, we described how David Miscavige’s family has been ripped apart by Scientology’s toxic policy of “disconnection,” which has left David and his twin sister, Denise Gentile, cut off from other members of the family, including their father, Ron Miscavige.

On May 3, Ron will release a memoir titled Ruthless: Scientology, My Son David Miscavige, and Me. On April 29, he will be interviewed by ABC’s Dan Harris as part of a full hour 20/20 is dedicating to Scientology. The book and interview come as the result of series of events that began with Ron’s escape from Scientology’s International Base near Hemet, California in March 2012.

Ron had been a Scientologist for about 40 years, and was a well liked and popular member as the Sea Org’s musical director. But by 2012, he could no longer take the deprivations of Sea Org life under his dictatorial son, and with his wife Becky Bigelow, he “blew” from the base, as Scientologists say. We’re looking forward to reading in his book just how he managed that escape.

Over the next two years, Ron and Becky worked to re-adapt to life outside the Sea Org. They lived for a while with Ron’s son Ronnie Jr. in Virginia. Then they moved to Wisconsin to be near Becky’s family. And it was there, in 2013, that the West Allis, Wisconsin police department contacted Ron about a strange arrest they had made. A father and son private investigator team, Dwayne and Daniel Powell, had been found to be carrying a massive arsenal of weapons and ammunition that included an illegal homemade silencer. Facing ten years in federal prison, Dwayne Powell and his son spilled their guts to police in taped interviews. They admitted that they were being paid $10,000 a week to follow Ron on behalf of his son, David Miscavige, and the Church of Scientology.

At one point, they say in the interviews, they saw Ron clutch at his chest and thought he might be having a heart attack. When they called for instructions, they said David Miscavige himself got on the line and told them to do nothing. “If he dies, he dies,” Miscavige told them, according to the Powells.

Stunned by the news, Ron obtained copies of the recorded interviews. Meanwhile, as we detailed in yesterday’s story, the Miscavige family in Florida was being torn asunder. Denise and her sister Lori were being told to cut off all ties with Denise’s ex-husband, Robert Covington, and his family. And at the same time, they were drawing away from their father Ron.

Ron reached out to Robert Covington and his wife, Heather, who told us that in September 2014, Ron said he was coming to Florida and asked to stay with them. During that visit, Ron revealed to them that armed private investigators had been arrested who admitted that they were following him on his son’s orders. Heather tells us that Ron played the tapes for them, and said that he wanted his daughters, Denise and Lori, to hear them. He wanted them to understand that it was David Miscavige who was ripping their family apart.

But when Ron went to Denise’s house, she refused to see him. He returned to the Covington house, where a barbecue was going on.

Heather says Ron told them, “You know what? I’m going to write that book.”

And then, that same evening, Ron made a phone call.

It was to Lisa Marie Presley.

Heather heard it clearly, because Ron had Lisa Marie on speaker phone as they talked, and Heather says she and her husband were able to hear what they were talking about.

Lisa Marie was furious at what Ron told her about being turned away by his daughter Denise.

Our sources who are close to Lisa Marie tell us that she is a strongly family-oriented person, and highly values family loyalty. It stunned her, they tell us, that Ron Miscavige would be told that his own daughters never wanted to talk to him again, and that David Miscavige had paid for private investigators to follow his own father.

They also tell us that Lisa Marie was prepared to believe what Ron was saying because of her own investigations into what ailed the Church of Scientology.

Lisa Marie Presley was nine years old when her father Elvis Presley died on August 16, 1977. Her mother, Priscilla, had divorced Elvis in 1973. Last year, Spanky Taylor told us that Priscilla reached out to John Travolta after Elvis’s death, telling him that among her ex-husband’s possessions she had found some Scientology books, and was curious about them. Travolta sent Spanky, who had worked for him in the past, to meet with Priscilla. It was then, Spanky tells us, that she got Priscilla into Scientology, and Priscilla in turn brought her daughter up in the church.

But Lisa Marie’s doubts about the organization have been growing for years. In April 2012, just a month after Ron Miscavige and Becky Bigelow escaped from Int Base, Lisa Marie released a single that contained lyrics which, to us, suggested she was pushing Scientology away. She followed that up a month later with an album that contained lyrics that seemed unambiguous, and she gave interviews during which she talked about getting rid of people she called “nuts” from her life.

Our sources now tell us we were right about those assessments — Lisa Marie had begun pulling away from Scientology as early as 2008, and meticulously gathered information about the organization. But even after she had all but announced her defection in her 2012 album, Storm & Grace, Lisa Marie still considered herself a Scientologist and believed that David Miscavige was a friend.


This isn’t unusual for Scientologists, who often go through several stages of withdrawing from the Church of Scientology and from the subject itself. But as 2012 unfolded, Lisa Marie’s disaffection deepened.

She talked to Ron Miscavige and other people who had left Int Base, asking for stories about what it was like there, and for confirmation that “The Hole” actually existed. She did other research as well, learning the kinds of things about L. Ron Hubbard and Scientology that church members are supposed to assiduously avoid.

(Our sources tell us that the tabloid rumors last year that Lisa Marie has been attempting to help Tom Cruise leave Scientology are false. Cruise is as dedicated to the church as ever, and Lisa Marie, our sources say, has no interest in trying to change his mind about that.)

As she continued her project, Lisa Marie then reached out to her mother, Priscilla Presley, and her daughter, Riley Keough, telling them she needed their support. If she decided to leave the church, they needed to come with her.

And after talking with Ron Miscavige in September 2014 about his own daughters disconnecting from him, Lisa Marie was ready, after all of her research, for a showdown with David Miscavige.

The next month, in October 2014, Lisa Marie traveled to Scientology’s “spiritual mecca,” the Flag Land Base in Clearwater, Florida, having notified Flag officials that she wanted to meet with Miscavige.

When she arrived at the offices of the Religious Technology Center, where Miscavige is chairman of the board (and known as “COB” to Scientologists), the church leader wasn’t there.

Instead, our sources tell us, Lisa Marie was confronted by Ron Miscavige’s daughters, Denise Gentile and Lori Verneuille, who tried to convince her that Ron and his son, Ronnie Jr., had been abusive to them.

Lisa Marie was disgusted by the encounter, we’re told. And she left the base no longer considering herself a Scientologist.

But if David Miscavige thought Lisa Marie would go away quietly, he was badly mistaken.

One of the things Ron Miscavige discussed with her was that his book would reveal the shocking news that he’d been tailed by the private investigators arrested by the West Allis Police Department in 2013.

But Lisa Marie told Ron that wasn’t going to work. She explained that revealing that information in a book with Ron’s name on it would allow Miscavige and the church to claim that it was a biased attack by an interested party.

It turned out that Lisa Marie had other plans for that information.

Our sources tell us that she hired an attorney in Los Angeles, someone who specialized in the media. That attorney obtained copies of the police interviews and police reports from the 2013 arrest. And then, the attorney strategically fed that material to three media organizations.

For print, the Los Angeles Times, for online, TMZ, and for television, NBC.

It was a savvy move by Lisa Marie. TMZ had been Scientology’s lapdog for several years, doing the church favors when it wanted to slime a former member, or ignoring Leah Remini’s defection from the church in 2013, for example.

The Los Angeles Times, meanwhile, had done legendary work exposing Scientology in the 1990s, and even as late as 2005 it did a major piece on David Miscavige and the Int Base. But since then, the newspaper has shown almost no curiosity about the church’s controversies in its own backyard. The L.A. Times has still, for example, not written anything about the Los Angeles billboard about Scientology disconnection that has garnered so much interest by other news organizations around the world.

But this material, dropped in their laps by Lisa Marie’s attorney, was impossible to ignore. And each of them did strong pieces that showed up on April 8 last year, and were picked up everywhere. It may have been David Miscavige’s most damaging news all year.

It was Lisa Marie Presley who made the decision that the story about the private investigators should show up in these mainstream outlets before it appeared in Ron Miscavige’s book.

And our sources tell us she has more planned.




3D-UnbreakablePosted by Tony Ortega on April 21, 2016 at 07:00

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    So whatya got in your bag of tricks davy? Going to lie about Lisa Marie like you have done over and over about Karen De La Carriere? Captain David ” let him die” Miscavige someone is going to talk. You, Andrea,and her family of outlaws have fewer rocks to hide under. You can never forget Alexander Jentzsch. Set Heber free.
    davy you have spent a lifetime hurting people.I hope you lose everything you hold dear, which of course is money.

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            Won’t work tho Dodo…it’s too late for him to fool people anymore. Even those still in are beginning to take a good look at him and doubt his sanity & leadership.

            • I hope you are right. They should start doubting their own sanity too.

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        I Love this! So many things he has done should have made him look at himself, but no, he has no conscience.

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    Kind of like that movie Ground Hog Day, eh little one, waking up to the same shit day after day….except it’s gonna get even worse and your story, unlike the movie ends tragically, sorry to say.

    Sweet dreams.


  • daytoncapri

    Thank you for this article Tony. I found it puzzling that the LA Times would only rarely do piece on Scn. This explains a lot.

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      Otherwise there was only the version with the NFL commentary.

      Thanks much, this was pure magic.

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  • Bob Crouch

    It’s truly amazing. These guys surely have “the touch.” They make enemies even when they absolutely don’t have to. They are the master race and still…

    They have the PR and biz tech. Amazing how they run their cult into the ground anyway.

    They have the communications tech. And whenever they open their mouth they make more enemies and go cruising for more ridicule.

    They have “the book” on ethics. And get caught in lies and other malfeasance on a daily basis.

    They know the “Way to Happiness.” Then why are they so hateful and defensive?

    They have the learning tech. And their top three guys (LRH, DM, Cruise) are high schoolers–at best. And many of their writings are not even HS worthy!

    They have the marriage and family tech. LRH was married thrice–and that worked out awfully for all three wives. With all of his money and Hollywood glamour, Cruise is a three-time loser. DM disappeared his wife.

    I could go on. Truly amazing that they’re still trying to sell this shit to ANYBODY–for lots of dough, no less. And the most ironic part is that whenever you criticize their hackneyed wares, their first argument is: You just don’t understand; we’re in it because it works so well.

    Well, par for the course when someone is trying to sell you “a bridge.”

    • WOG with Attitude

      Scientology is opposite world! Freedom = slavery. Orwell would be impressed!

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    i just keep thinking wow, just wow! Tony you are blowing my mind! It takes years to develop the kind of relationships that can turn up this kind of inside information.

    finally turned my friend Pam into a bunker addict! Down the rabbit hole she goes.

    I am getting a group together for Ron Sr’s 20/20 interview. can’t wait. Everyone’s invited! πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰

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        In college, (early 60s) we had a brand here in California called Red Mountain wine. It was $1.49/gallon, and it was better than Triple Jack. That isn’t saying much.

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    • There’s a party at my house tonight
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  • noseinabk

    I need to post this for burythenuts and myself. I loved all his crazy videos back then.

    • Chee Chalker

      Another great story about Prince:

      • noseinabk

        Will watch after I am done trying to figure out why Purple Rain was my favorite post breakup song to cry to back in those dramatic teen years.

        • Chee Chalker

          I remember watching Purple Rain when it came out and thinking it was the greatest – the Citizen Kane of our time! It clearly addressed all the deep social issues of the day and offered solutions to world problems.
          It was on TV last week and I re-watched it. The scene where he breaks his parents up while they are fighting was, in retrospect, hilarious. It looked like 3 adults, one of whom is man dressed in a blouse, wrestling.
          Then again, I thought ‘Breakfast Club’ was also profound. Why couldn’t adults see what us high school students could see!!
          But both movies will always be dear to me.
          The Charlie Murphy stories are some of the funniest things you’ll ever watch. He also tells several stories about Rick James that are classic. Charlie is a natural storyteller with a lot of great material!

          • Missionary Kid

            As one of the oldest Old Farts here, I’ll say that when the hormones start kicking in during adolescence, and we all try to distance ourselves from our parents, songs, movies, and stories become significant for us for the rest of our lives, and have much more meaning for us than things that affect earlier or later generations.

            Since I’m 71, I’ve seen a lot of great talent pass from their mortal coil. It used to hit me much harder than it does now, but it still makes me sad to see a great talent gone. I’ve also seen musicians who are so good that even with diminished talents, they’re still great.

            Clapton maintains that he can’t play as well as he used to, but there are probably a lot of musicians who would sell their soul to the devil to play as well as he does. I have heard some greats who can’t hit the notes they used to, but I choose to remember what they brought to us when they were younger.

            I’ve been privileged to hear Stevie Ray Vaughn and Ray Charles, Joe Cocker, and some other greats in person. I cherish the memories. I was busy raising kids when Prince made his splash, so I didn’t pay that much attention to him, but grew to appreciate his talent over the years.

            As a performer, the sheer brilliance and intensity of Robin Williams was incredible. His performance in Garp and Moscow on the Hudson unfortunately were overshadowed by his TV persona as Mork, because taken by themselves, they showed that he was truly capable of acting very well.

            There are others, too many to list, that I could mention, who were forces of nature that all I can say is, “I’m glad I got to see or hear or read your work. It moved me. RIP.”

      • L. Wrong Hubturd

        Classic skit from Chappell and Charlie Murphy.

    • Ella Raitch

      Dammit – can’t find ‘Kiss’ which was one of my favourites from the time – the shared little glance between Prince and guitarist Wendy Melvoin – classic 80’s moment

      • Ella Raitch

        Here’s the moment:

      • Tom Jones did a very creditable version.
        Even Marshall Crenshaw did a Prince tune.

      • Yeah, he had a thing about the internet.
        Not enough out there.

  • Snippy_X

    Celebs jump to weigh in at times like this, but if Prince did have an opiate addiction and not the flu, I hope he wasn’t taking advice from Will and Jada.

    • Opium, AIDS, his new “religion” – we going to hear it all.
      Man was addicted to Art.

      • salin

        *Smooches, Dodo* This is how I see it as well. He was addicted to Art.

      • Oh man opium sounds so good right now.

  • JanInThePan

    I’m gobsmacked. If this is true.. then Lisa Marie truly is a royal hero.

  • Mitch Ryder doing a kick ass version of “When You Were Mine”.
    A friend of mine, Chris Brantley, is on guitar. Funny story about him having to quit a weekly gig at the Stone House Bar in Detroit because one night he had to dodge a bullet. True story.
    Another friend, Gerald, on drums.

    • Baby

      Ahhhh Yes Mitch Ryder and the Detroit wheels.

      ” Devil with the Blue Dress On..” Saw them in Concert in the 60s

  • Local Berkley MI boy and of whom the New York Times said “The best songwriter of this, or any generation.”
    did a Prince tune.

    • jazzlover

      If you’re so into all this “Detroit pride”, I would seriously suggest you research the relationship the city has with jazz. Start with the Jones brothers. If you want serious funk, and what’s really what, check Donald Byrd.

      • Hmmm. I lived with some of the Blackbyrds.
        And I enjoyed seeing Donald at Watt’s Club Mozambique.
        But thanks for the advice.

        • jazzlover

          Point is that with THAT history, pimping Kid Rock and Marshall Crenshaw as Detroit’s finest seems ludicrous, at best.

          • I could understand that.
            Thank you.
            I’ll let your strawman know.

            • jazzlover


            • Where you going with this?
              I’ll meet you there.
              If I don’t show up, start without me.

            • jazzlover

              Jazz musicians are the best musicians that Detroit has ever seen. When you mentioned Marshall Crenshaw as one of the best songwriters even, Elvin Jones woke up, laughed his ass off and died again. Like Strangerfield, jazz still gets no respect. Wake up.

            • ” jazz still gets no respect”
              well, you should show it some

            • jazzlover

              I have been. Please stop with the obtuse bullshit. It’s sophomoric and gets old fast. And stop mentioning Kid Rock and your buddy, the unknown sax player. Knowing people doesn’t give anybody cred. Knowing stuff does.

            • So very true.

            • Baby

              jazz.. come on now.. Jazz is your passion.. and I respect you for that.. everyone should have a passion in life.

              I personally don’t like jazz.. I like blues.. I like funky blues.. I don’t like jazz.. doesn’t make me a bad person.. Especially when the notes go all over the place and doesn’t have a beginning or an end.

              As you know I’m an artist. My hubby isn’t a fan of my art..( AT all) he likes modern abstract
              ( That I could paint in 5 minutes)

              but that’s ok..

      • Glen

        You’re so right, amazing Detroit lineage in jazz. Cass Technical High School had an unbelievable music program. Some of the luminaries: McKinney’s Cotton Pickers, Slim Gaillard, Wardell Gray, Barry Harris, Lucky Thompson, James Carter, Geri Allen, Yusef Lateef, Tommy Flanagan, Sheila Jordan, Kenny Burrell, Regina Carter, Gerald Wilson, Marcus Belgrave, Dorothy Ashby, Betty Carter, Kenny Garrett, Curtis Fuller, JD Allen, Alice Coltrane, Milt Jackson, Louis Hayes, Roland Hanna, Charles McPherson, Gerald Cleaver, Paul Chambers, and oh, those Jones brothers.

        • Robert Eckert

          “Cass”, not “Case” Tech

          • Glen

            You’re absolutely right. I blame it on auto-correct. That’s my story and I’m sticking with it.

            • Robert Eckert

              Auto car wreck has a lot to unswerve four

            • Glen


        • jazzlover

          It ain’t NY, but it’s something πŸ™‚ Certainly better than being known for American cars. LOL. Yusef’s not a native, btw.

          • Glen

            I know Yusef started on life in Chattanooga but he moved to Detroit when he was still a very young child.

            • jazzlover


    • Jimmy3

      Hey. Jazzlover suggests you look into jazz. He thinks you’ll love it.

      • “What is jazz?’ someone asked.
        And the answer, “If you have to ask, you’ll never know.”
        I told this story to a guy over dinner in Greektown (bones in my vegetarian plate….what?), and he pulled out a pad and wrote it down.
        “That’s going to be on my next album”, Steve Forbert said.
        And it was.
        I’m still waiting for my royalty check.

        • Glen

          I like Shelley Manne’s reply, “Jazz, you never play the same thing once.”

          • Yeah, how boring that would be.
            And really, nothing is ever played the same way twice.

        • Baby

          Is that a true story.. If it is it is really cool.. wow..

          • True.

            • Baby

              That really is a cool story..

            • Steve Forbert was touted as a new Dylan when he came out. Had a couple things sell. Really good songwriter.
              Many of them carry something to immediately put down thoughts.
              From Meridian Mississippi home of Jimmie Rogers (the “Singing Brakeman”, not the “Honeycomb” guy) who had a huge influence on American music.
              In a crowded backstage room I yelled across the room “Hey Steve, I hear you are going to star in “The Jimmie Rogers Story”, as a joke.
              He came over and told me there actually was such a project. Never happened, but that’s how it goes.
              He did a Jimmie Rogers tribute album, I see now, from Wikipedia.
              I got to meet a lot of acts because a friend was a local rep/promoter or something.
              Here’s his “hit”. I see that Keith Urban has covered it.
              And oh myyyy, I just now saw that its on the soundtrack to “Everybody Wants Some” Richard Linklater’s latest movie. That’s very cool, and rather synchronous with talking about him right now.

            • Baby

              That is my kind of music.. I had visions of me in a cozy bar with old friends swaying back and forth with a beer in my hands.. I love it!

      • noseinabk
        • Jimmy3

          I am sorry to hear that.

      • Yeah, I’ve heard of that.
        How is it?

    • Baby


      OMG Berkley.. OK that is where there is the Beer place is… with so many beers… duh..

      • Yep Berkley Front.
        Still there.

        • Baby

          Yep that’s it.. Used to go in there.. and upstairs too when there was a band.

  • salin

    For those of you posting Prince videos – thank you – I both want to
    watch the videos -and want to run and hide and close my eyes.

    – was years ahead of his time – but he was just a bit older than me –
    and he drug me and a generation into our future with innovation and
    artistry. At times we were chasing this path with fervor, and at times
    we were pulled forward – compelled while at the same time having our
    conventions tested. (All for the good.)

    Prince’s sudden passing,
    has me a bit in a state of denial. Some of it is generational – and a
    sense of my own generations mortality (I am at the border of Boomer and
    Gen X) – and some is beyond the awe of his raw talent, but also that he
    took on a battle at his own personal cost – and in the face of great $
    intimidation – he challenged an industry for a stand for intellectual
    property/product. Bold, courageous, and crazy in terms of conventional
    wisdom at the time,and in terms of the futility of taking such a strong
    stand against such a wealthy and powerful industry/organization. I am
    in awe of his talent, his music, and his strength to risk it all to take
    a stand.

    I can’t think of a better community with which to share
    this moment of loss. Thank you for those sharing various great
    videos. All that said – I find myself still a bit of in
    denial/wanting to put blinders on to pretend that this just isn’t so.

    • Baby

      My daughter is just so sad.. She adored him. She was born in 68.. just so sad.. ;’ /

  • Tom Jones showed he was still cool with this:

    • salin

      Interesting cover. Thanks.

    • PJK

      With thanks to The Art Of Noise for bringing their unique musical style to Tom Jones’s cover.

  • Prince’s First Photo Shoot: ‘My Gut Said He Was Going to be Huge,’ Photographer Robert Whitman Recalls

    In 1977, Prince Rogers Nelson was a 19-year-old musician in the midst of recording his first album while looking to sign with a major label. An equally fledgling creative, 26-year-old photographer Robert Whitman was approached by friend Owen Husney, Prince’s first manager, to shoot the artist for a “brochure” to send to record companies.

  • Ronn S.

    Wow, just wow !! The plot doth thickens !! Much love to you Lisa Marie !!

  • Supper Powers

    John Cedar’s perspective on Prince as a JW.

  • Let’s give it up for Prince’s respect for women musicians.
    Let’s start with Sheila E.

  • I surprised many by letting them know that a song by Sinead O’Connor “Nothing Compares 2 You”
    originally written and composed by Prince..

    • noseinabk

      He helped a huge amount of celebs with his song writing. I never followed him after the 80’s but I owned his album and admired his dance skills and appeal.

      • Kay

        I believe he wrote the lyrics to “manic monday” on a plane in first class on a dinner napkin for The Bangles, who were sitting in coach, and then sent them the chords to it later. They had come up to first class to say Hi to him. Amazing.

    • His songs were so universal. Covered by many great artists.

    • dreamcatcher

      wow, I didn’t know that…

    • Fink Jonas

      wow! I didn’t know that. great song.

  • noseinabk
    • 5 Feet Long and Luminous

      I’d forgotten about that! It was a glorious moment of redemption for all the people in the world with taste.

  • “Those sons-of-bitches only want my money” – Elvis, after five minutes in an Org

    • Even more to the story, per Skip Press, somewhere down the line.

    • Baby

      Vat es thees ?

      • Missionary Kid

        Paisley Park. Prince’s domain. RIP.

        • Baby

          Of course.. thank you Kid..

          RIP.. sweet Prince.

      • Robert Eckert

        Prince’s studio, where he died.

        • Baby

          Oh Robert I am gettin too old. sigh

          • Robert Eckert

            People younger than I am should not be allowed to die.

            • Baby

              I think we are pretty close to each other in age.. OK I promise..

    • Skabetti
  • Gus_Cox

    Good on Lisa. I’ve always liked her.

  • Sh00pZ

    I had forgotten about this tweet. (Refresh)

    • Newiga

      Oh yes!! That’s a brilliant tweet.

      Also, you avatar gets me every time! x)

      • Sh00pZ


      • Baby

        So does yours Weigie..

        Where ya been SeaGull?

        • Newiga

          I’ve been a bit busy for the week or two. I’ve only had energy for staying up to date and lurking…. πŸ˜€ Missed you guys!

          • Baby

   always know where we are.. I just want you to know I missed you! xo

            • Newiga

              xxoo, Baby! You are the bestest, lean in for a big kiss. *^_^*

            • Baby

              Yeah..and don’t you forget it..

              OK.. Between your Starfish and my Cigarette .. That was an awkward Kiss..ha

  • I cried when Ian Dury died.
    I cried when Garry Shandling died.
    I laughed when Ava Paquette cried when LRH died.

  • PerpetualOutflow

    Watch out $cientology, even the middle schoolers are on to you now. Mine came home from school today and told me the teacher was talking about world religions and mentioned Scientology in passing. One child immediately chimed in that Scientology is not a religion. Another told the class the story of Xenu. Mine added some additional detail. This is a very bad sign for the clams’ future dissemination efforts. It’s a great time to be alive.

    • Snippy_X

      Looks like LRH’s teachings will truly live on, as entertainment for middle schoolers.

      • PerpetualOutflow

        Perhaps that’s appropriate as Ron never seemed to mature beyond the age of about 13.

      • cdub

        I think the market for pulp science fiction back in the 30’s and 40’s was that age range. Hoo haa that all the kids know the story. My wife comes home from work telling how a co-worker laughs and laughs as he recounts the Xenu story. Scientology is so screwed.
        By the way, there is practically NO scientology presence in our area of at least 8 million peoples.

        • I’m in Santa Rosa, the Sonoma county seat and the largest city between SF and Portland. Zero presence. Zip. The mission “moved temporarily” to Sonoma. It’s never coming back. The Mission holders used to associate themselves with the church on their cookie cutter website. No more. They know it’s toxic to their mortgage company. Even their zealoty daughter in law has been quiet on the subject lately. The other missions in Marin and Napa are on life support. Totally empty. I have no idea how they even keep the lights on.

    • salin

      Cool to hear. Curious – are you in an area with a Co$ presence, or like me in an area where Co$ is almost nonexistent? Only ask b/c it speaks to the effect of media saturation even penetrating kids’ views. In LA or Tampa/Clearwater area – I would expect some awareness – but outside of those areas – if numerous kids are aware – that suggests that the ‘inoculation’ effect is really wide spread.

      • PerpetualOutflow

        Not in either of those areas. Although there is an empty idle morgue in the area, no one really knows about it. I think their awareness came exclusively from the widespread media coverage of the chult these days. Deepest thanks to our Proprietor for his singular, pioneering and courageous contribution that has helped spark so much interest in the subject from his media colleagues.

        • salin

          Thanks for your response – that is a really big deal – how media saturation the public psyche far beyond areas where there is a big presence. I agree and double the thanks to our Proprietor and his years of intrepid and constant coverage that sowed the seeds for such an awareness to grow. Tremendous work over years (decades). On such a day of both exciting news (TMP!) and such very sad news (Prince), I chose to close out on this – kids at school – in an area that is not in a heavy Co$ presence, have enough kids with knowledge and skepticism that a conversation ensues that was likely lively and curious enough that kids not aware would become aware through the conversation.

          Inoculation Tech – Employed! πŸ˜€

          Good night – and again, thanks for the report. Peace!

          • PerpetualOutflow

            Spot on Salin. And did I mention the teacher himself had a very negative opinion? A win all the way around. Go inoculation tech!

            • Baby

              That is what I call a WIN! Woo Hoo..

          • Baby

            Night sweetie pie..

            • salin

              Morning, Baby!

            • Baby

              Good MORNING.. Piggie. .. Woke up at 4:30PM today.. ( shhh don’t tell anyone)

              actually I tried to go to bed but couldn’t sleep.. and watched a movie on Netflix… So I didn’t really sleep 12 hrs.. ha

    • this is so cool
      you should be proud

      • PerpetualOutflow

        Thanks Shorpy. I am! My other half helps out too by making sure to place any Scio mail I receive in a prominent place in the house where we can all see it and thus recognize its importance. The sea org promo pieces have been of special interest. πŸ˜‰

    • Baby

      Good for the Teacher.. Current events.. and I am so proud of the little students.. and your child uh.. A+

      • PerpetualOutflow

        If we can prevent even one young person from succumbing to a sea org pitch, it’s all worth it.

        • Baby

          absolutely..and then that person will tell the next person..etc.. and the beat goes on.. Love it.

    • scottmercer

      Ten year olds know more about Scientology than Scientologists do. Good luck selling your snake oil, Davy Wavy. I guess there’s always Russia and Ukraine.

      • Fink Jonas

        Rusia don’t want them either because is an American movement.

    • Fink Jonas

      I always make comments on YouTube on the most watched videos or whatever is hip at the moment, Beyonces videos, Kanye, whatever is trending that I know young people will be reading, my comments are nonsequitur but from time to time I get responses, people telling me yeah I know, or if they debate me like is just crazy like any other religion I debate back like no is not etc etc, but YouTube is a good media to spread the word for the youngsters to be aware.

    • TheHoleDoesNotExist


  • Sidney18511

    MTV suspended regular programming and is having a prince marathon.

    • Do they still play music?
      Oh yeah, now I understand.
      Music TV suspended regular programming so they could play music.
      Sorry I get confused.

  • Lisa, life is so ironic, as you know. Keep rocking. Hugs.

  • Anthrax – Breathing Lightning Lyrics

  • Linda Clement

    $cientology aside .. this is the celebrity story of the year. Way to go Tony! Not only have you given David Miscavige ulcers on his ulcers, but celebrity newshounds all over Hollywood must be turning green with envy that you got the scoop. I wonder how long it will take for this story to be reported second-hand in the gossip columns?

    Kudos to you, Tony. Kudos, kudos, kudos!

  • Steve Bazemore

    Wow. I had been catching up on the ross and carrie shows the last few days, and have bern sick, and havent dhecked the bunker, and i fome back to two amazing posts. Huge news in the wormld of scientology, and i pray that this is the fuel to the fire that finally makes the organization pay for their crimes against families.

    • Baby

      It is amazing times Steve.. Such a beautiful baby.. look at those rosey cheeks.. and sunglasses..awwww

  • Missionary Kid

    $cientology has a talent for making enemies. They were able to crush or strike fear into many critics and exes at one time, but now that talent for making enemies has really taken hold, and the multitude of enemies has grown over the years to such an extent that $cientology is getting their ass kicked in the court of public opinion, thanks to the internet and the courageous people who withstood their attacks and have publicized $cientology’s cruelties, lies, and deceptions.

    $cientology always has pointed towards celebrities as targets for recruitment. The problem is that, especially with the special treatment of those high profile people, once they wake up, like many people who have left, they’re pissed off when they learn to listen to the truth, and discover how extensive the personal and financial damage that they had endured, even with the special treatment.

    The celebrities who have left leave giant tracks on the ground when they go stomping out. LMP is not the first, but she’s the biggest celebrity so far. It will be interesting to hear what the shore story is going to be about Lisa Marie from Miscavige. I predict it will bring about another meme here on the bunker to go along with statements like “provable bullshit.”

    • chuckbeattyexseaorg75to03

      The patterns of how Scientology’s system tries to character assassinate their defectors is so familiar that average citizens know the story now.

      The Scientology system carries on on auto-pilot, the OSA idiots do what LRH’s writings which are in their “Hat Packs” for their positions in OSA that Hubbard legacy of staff orders to them tells them to do their nasty OSA jobs and that system of staff training and job expectancy is what they’ve done for decades now and what will keep this Scientology nastiness going, “protecting” them in Hubbard paranoid style.

      I’d like to see a book on the history the Guardian’s Office and bring it right up to present time, on OSA, interviewing extensively all of the decades of ex GO and ex OSA staffers, covering the never ending tactics, use of attorneys (Moxon is such a key long term player for OSA himself being old Guardian’s Office) and use of PIs.

      There’s a book just on this history of Guardian’s Office and now OSA history.

      That might lure more fresh OSA and DSA defectors out to speak the latest.

      There’s been a decade of OSA “route outs” and maybe some of those “route out” ex OSA staffers who are still playing ball as good Scientologists or silent polite ex OSA staffers who are just exited and not doing anything, those that routed out in the last 10 years might be enticed to speak up and provide the background details of OSA’s running around doing damage control in the last decade, and their nasty ops.

  • Lady Squash

    Go Lisa…

  • Flying High
    • Baby

      Thanks High.. several Bunkeroos over there..

  • Alex De Valera

    I wonder how Miscavige is going to end. First there was Jenna who is so loving, caring and inspiring and then the father, a man who met Hubbard ant gave his life for the cause because he believed he was making all these sacrifices to make a better world … What is Karin Pow going to say this time? I think the bubble FΓΌhrer will be hit with more and more disconnection from reality and his handlings will be more and more foot bullets.

  • TheMirrorThetan

    If things get much worse for the Dickless Midget, and too many more people leave, he is going to be reduced to slapping himself in the face in a padded cell. The poor thing.

  • OOkpik

    Respect and gratitude to Our Proprietor. Every day he hits us with yet another great post.

    • Ella Raitch

      Indeed, we are fortunate. And what will today bring? I see on twitter that Tony has followed up on Wil Wheaton’s tweeted statement about Scientology deserving repeal of its tax exemption status. So many connections, so many strings. so many sources, so many stories.

      We don’t know when the end is coming, but it feels like time to start laying down the timeline, ordering the big events and the smaller, incidental moments. This last few years has had the feeling of history being made.

      Earlier this year we were told to expect big hits back from Scientology, but I haven’t seen any sign that they can drag themselves up from the canvas.

      My dearest hope is that we will soon start to hear stories of reunited families.

      • OOkpik

        Yes, the earth is definitely moving under Miscavige’s tiny Lobbed tootsies. It’s a beautiful thing!

    • Ella Raitch
    • Baby

      Ohhh good one sweet owl..

  • Baby

    Night everyone.. and/or good morning.. Going to bed.. Here’s hoping fabulous news when I wake up.. It’s been a Great day to be a Critic..Yawwwn.. xo baby

    • Ella Raitch

      Morning Baby – are you getting up or going down?

      • Draco

        Baby explained her sleep schedule to me yesterday when I noted she was posting at 4am her time. In summer she goes to sleep at 6am and wakes up at 2pm. Hence all the late night early morning posts.

        • Ella Raitch

          okey dokey

      • Baby

        El.. hahaha.. Some days I just don’t know.. Right now I’m upbut check with me in 5 minutes. xo

  • aquaclara

    What a story this is.

  • OOkpik

    At the eagles’ nest-
    You’ve come a long way, baby!

    • salin

      Whoa, and Wow!

  • WOG with Attitude


    All hail the King’s daughter!

    Lisa doesn’t tweet excessively, but when she does it’s mostly about her wonderful family, her triumphs with Elvis exhibitions, meeting with other rock royalty, and Graceland.

    So, these tweets are a tad unusual. She’s diplomatic, vague, but anyone who knew what was going on in Scientology land knew exactly what she meant! She tweeted the “s##t hitting the fan” after Going Clear was released. She tweeted about the ‘bully’ and ‘karma’ after the PIs were exposed!

    While she still has CCHR listed among her charity on her website, it’s listed last, and is not given the prominence it once had. Hopefully she’ll remove that too!

    I look forward to the cult attempting to attack Lisa Marie! There should be some lovely s##t vs fan noises if or when that goes down!

  • Ella Raitch

    Minutes to go….what’s in store for us today?

  • Mission Impossible:DonkeyPunch

    Glad to see a high-profile Celeb like Lisa Marie going after the COB and his minions.

    I work down the street from the new COS building in suburban Sandy Springs GA. I keep seeing these creepy looking people in solid black suits, white shirts and black ties (they look like either undertakers or limo drivers). Finally figured out they are COS members out recruiting members. Fortunately, there is little foot traffic in our car-oriented neighborhood. Any pedestrian traffic most likely is not English-speaking.

    Spotted a quite animated COS member out “spinning” an OPEN HOUSE sign in the shape of a giant arrow. At first I thought it was for an open house for a local McMansion, however he had on the Black suit/Black tie combo, which explained everything.

    I think the lack of “SCELEBRITIES” at their dedication a couple weeks ago speaks VOLUMES about the church’s current status. There should have been several high-profile Scelebrity attendees, but it was only the COB present. Atlanta is a major movie-making and television center and they couldn’t even get one famous COS to show?

  • LMP rocks!

  • Moonshot

    Knowing Denise Gentile as i do, i can recreate in my mind exactly how that meeting with Lisa Marie at Flag went down. I have never known anyone who exalts in lying the way Denise does. I’m sure she was dramatic and over the top “reavling” in detail all the ways her father abused her, even though none of it ever happened. And to be ordered to do it by her brother i’m sure was icing on the cake for her.

  • aegerprimo

    I haz a sad…..

    • One Human

      As a Minneapolis native who grew up in the neighborhood of his Jr. and Sr. high schools, along with being a huge fan, this sucks tremendously.

      • aegerprimo

        A big loss for your neighborhood AND the world.

  • bellaluna30

    Wow. I clicked on a link from another site to get here, and I’ve been clicking and reading since yesterday. It truly is like falling down the Rabbit Hole. I simply cannot fathom how this faux religion (read: cult) gained religious exemption status, but I suspect money and strong-arm tactics are the main reasons.

    I also cannot understand wanting to be a part of something that is so obviously toxic and controlling. And from what I’ve read the last five or so years, CO$ redefines those words.

    • whoever


    • Free Minds, Free Hearts

      Have you seen Going Clear? It is HBO (Alex Gibney, won Emmy for best docu last year, a;so to other Emmys). Paul Haggis describes how he got in. Also there is description of the 2,400 lawsuits they filed against IRS to get IRS to cave in 1993 to tax exemption.

      Scientology targets you when you are vulnerable, and brings you in slowly – first, they find an area of your life that troubles you and say they can fix it. Then, they love bomb you telling you how wonderful you are. Then they have early” training routines” that pretty much hypnotize you based on repetition and suggestion, and stopping any thoughts of disagreement.

      • bellaluna dans le soleil

        No, but I plan on downloading it. So, like any other cult?

        • Free Minds, Free Hearts

          Jehovah’s Witness has been criticized for its coverup of massive child sexual abuses. But Scientology seems to be the worst. I think it is worse than most cults because it has so much money to attack people – it doesn’t just leave people alone, but goes after them tooth and claw. Also, it is the only cult I know of that has its own prison camp/gulag, the RPF, where people stay for months or years at a time. Also, I do not know of other cults where I have had multiple members (Nora Crest and Laura Dieckman/DeCrescenzo) drink bleach to escape, or threaten suicide as Jenna Miscavige Hill did climbing on a ledge and ready to jump. Also, it is very threatened by psychiatry so as a result, took Lisa McPherson out of treatment in 1195 nd locked her in a hotel room until she finally died 17 days later. Took Kyle Brennan’s psych meds away so he killed himself. Etc.

    • ccyankee

      Welcome. Many of us fell down the rabbit hole through websites that reveal one tragedy after another. My interest started 11 years ago after South Park’s “Trapped in the Closet” episode that revealed the Xenu story. Then I found out about Lisa McPherson, Mark Bunker’s creepy confrontation videos, the Hole, the “Truth Rundown” series, Laura De Crescenzo, Marc and Claire Headley, etc. there are some worthwhile books out there, if you haven’t read them yet: headley’s “Blown for Good,” Russell Miller’s “Bare Faced Messiah,” Tony O’s “The Unbreakable Miss Lovely,” Jenna Miscavige Hill’s “Beyond Belief,” are fantastic, plus ones by John Sweeney, Amy Scobee, Jon Atack, Janet Reitman, Kate Bornstein, Jefferson Hawkins, and some I can’t recall. All are engaging and show several perspectives with the same recurring themes and outcomes. It took until the “Going Clear” documentary and Leah’s book before my family finally understood my “weird” fascination with this destructive group. Now they discuss it openly, too. It’s such an odd convergence of circumstances that allow this cult to continue. For some reason, freedom of religion rights have superseded other fundamental rights. I follow every scientology court case with the hope that a common sense balance will be restored and ex members will have the freedom to live their lives without harassment.

      • bellaluna dans le soleil

        Mine also started with “Trapped in the Closet”! But the Rabbit Hole started with the Yellow Couch Incident and all the stuff that came along with it. Everything else since then has just led me further down said Rabbit Hole.

  • Charlotte Mingledorff Dickson

    I guess Katie H and Suri have been disconnected and even the ‘great’ TC has no contact with his daughter. Disconnection is a despicable thing–however Suri is better off..

  • The COB sounds like a real SOB!
    I have never been affiliated with Scientology, but I can believe that it is Evil and Satanic!
    Tom Cruise seems to be the only reason the Church continues to exist.
    Kudos for Lisa Presley.
    She has demonstrated real intelligence and maturity.
    Elvis would be proud of her for “disconnecting” from the Church and its leaders.

  • Red

    I’m just curious as to why dad (Ron)bought this load of crap. Was he trying to make his son feel supported in all this nonsense?
    Scientology is a money making scheme, thinly veiled by a bad science fiction author’s ideology in order to make it vaguely palatable, and legal.
    It is only that. Pathetic.

  • lisa4172

    only hope Lisa Marie can get her mother and her oldest two children out of that cult

  • chriscato

    Miscavige looks like the Antichrist in many of the end time movies….

  • Bless you Mr. Ortega and to all the others who risk so much and have sacrificed so much to get the truth out there. You all are in my prayers.