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Colombian senator asks defense minister to investigate Scientology over medal scandal

[Sen. Iván Cepeda wants an investigation of Scientology in Colombia]

Our correspondent in Colombia’s capital of Bogotá, who helped us cover the Scientology Ideal Org opening there in 2015, has been keeping an eye on the brewing scandal in that country over Scientology’s relationship with various members of the Colombian national police force.

He tells us that things have really begun to break loose, and at a time when the country is in some flux. Colombia held national elections in May, a runoff in June, and the country’s new president, Iván Duque, took office just three days ago, on August 7. Because of that, there’s a lot of turnover happening in the government and military, just as the Scientology scandal has hit the Colombian media.

And now, an upstart federal senator, Iván Cepeda, has put the new government on the spot about Scientology’s inroads into the national police. Cepeda is a member of Polo Democrático Alternativo (PDA), a democratic socialist party, and his petition was also supported by the centrist Green Alliance party. Cepeda’s petition formally asked that the country’s defense minister conduct an investigation of Scientology’s influence on the national police force.

“It is worrisome that allegedly they were using public resources of a state that according to our constitution is secular and non-denominational, to promote the ideas and doctrines of a particular church,” Cepeda told a parliamentarian commission yesterday. “It is obviously a matter of political control to investigate whether public money has been used in the promotion of this ideology, and that is why I have asked the Minister of Defense to report on the money spent on these courses and decorations, and also about the material that was distributed to the uniformed officials and what kind of courses were those dictated by the members of this church.”

Our correspondent says that Cepeda’s petition is being treated pretty seriously. “It’s worth noting that the petition is supported by right and left parties, which is quite uncommon in Colombia,” he tells us.


Meanwhile, he says, Scientology’s Spanish-language Twitter account is working overtime to counter the scandal. “The account had almost no activity between April and August. Now all of its tweets are replying to the Colombian media with the same set of videos.”

The scandal started over Scientology leader David Miscavige being pinned with a national police medal at the end of Scientology’s “Maiden Voyage” celebration on June 23 on the island of Barbados. Miscavige received the medal from retired national police general Carlos Ramiro Mena, who was apparently not authorized to be in uniform and decorating Miscavige.

Last Thursday, we expressed our lack of shock that the ceremony was a sham, and explained that for years Scientology has been using Colombia’s police forces as props in a clearly fraudulent campaign claiming that distribution of its “The Way to Happiness” booklets and other efforts have led to dramatic declines in Colombia’s crime rate, and other typical Scientology public relations blather.

We were interviewed that night on Radio W, a national Colombian news station, which asked us why national police forces would be willing to take part in Scientology’s schemes — and we answered that we were hoping the Colombians could explain that to us.

Now, W Radio has followed that up with a new story reviewing the history of Scientology’s ploy in Colombia, which began in 2008 with national police Colonel Ricardo Prado (a Freedom Medal winner) and Guillermo Smythe, public relations director of the Scientology cruise ship the Freewinds.

They’ve apparently been somewhat inseparable since then, as suggested by this ad which Mike Rinder posted at his website in November 2016…


Digging into archives at Scientology’s propaganda magazine Freedom, the W Radio story found that Scientology claimed its efforts in Colombia had resulted in a 60 percent drop in crime and — get this — a 700 percent increase in the country’s economy, and that Colombia was now the happiest nation on earth.

W Radio didn’t seem very impressed by those claims. We’re glad they’re digging into this. And we’re excited to see what happens with Senator Cepeda’s petition.

[PS: Dear readers, the nation is spelled Colombia, the university in New York City is Columbia. Please try to keep that in mind, because as Americans we have a tendency to confirm the impression that we know very little of the world outside our borders when, for example, we continually misspell the name of this South American country. Gracias.]


This is what the end of Scientology looks like

Peter Bonyai once again brings our attention to a Scientology video, and wow, this one is really something. Says Peter: “This is the Scientology Volunteer Ministers European Tour in Hungary — Grand Opening on July 17. Sounds grandiose, right? Just watch the video and see for yourself at 1:42 how many people turned up to watch this watershed event in the history of the planet.”


Years from now, when you want to explain to someone about the sad decline and fall of Scientology, this may be the go-to evidence. Straight up and vertical!




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Scientology disconnection, a reminder

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