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Scientology’s Colombia strategy becomes clear: It’s total war

[Colombian senators Iván Cepeda and Antonio Sanguino]

Always attack, never defend. That’s the motto that L. Ron Hubbard instilled in Scientology before he left for other parts of the galaxy, and it’s a rallying cry that current leader David Miscavige has always taken to heart.

And in Colombia, he is definitely on the []


Hey, Colombia: Here’s the video of Scientology’s David Miscavige you’ve been looking for

 Wow, we are so fortunate that one of our tipsters was able to dig this up for us. It’s key footage of Scientology leader David Miscavige boasting about the inroads he was making into Colombia’s military and national police — exactly what the media in Colombia has been looking for these last few []

Why Colombia’s military was fertile territory for Scientology — and one general’s stunning role

[General (retired) Carlos Ramiro Mena, the man of the moment]

While things have been exploding over Scientology in Colombia, our man in Los Angeles, Jeffrey Augustine, has been looking into the relationship between David Miscavige’s organization and that South American country, looking for clues to how things got to their present mess. We think he’s turned []

Colombian senator cites Xenu, ‘the Hole,’ in wild televised hearing about Scientology scandal

[Senator Ivan Cepeda and Defense Minister Guillermo Botero squared off]

Our man in Bogotá, a local Colombian journalist who prefers that we not name him, sent us this wild dispatch about what happened yesterday in that country’s Congress regarding the swirling scandal involving the Church of Scientology. We can only dream that something like this was []

While the Scientology scandal swirls in Colombia, a key figure relaxes in Florida

[Col. Prado, still wearing his Freedom medal]

Tomorrow, Colombia’s Congress is holding hearings regarding the Scientology scandal that the media there has been feeding on. We told you last time that an upstart federal senator, Iván Cepeda, sparked the congressional investigation when he asked the country’s new defense minister to report back about Scientology’s infiltration of []

Colombian senator asks defense minister to investigate Scientology over medal scandal

[Sen. Iván Cepeda wants an investigation of Scientology in Colombia]

Our correspondent in Colombia’s capital of Bogotá, who helped us cover the Scientology Ideal Org opening there in 2015, has been keeping an eye on the brewing scandal in that country over Scientology’s relationship with various members of the Colombian national police []

Colombian roast: Will Scientologists care about David Miscavige’s latest fraud?

[Like stolen valor, but stupider.]

We are shocked to learn that a public relations stunt involving the leader of the Church of Scientology and a retired Colombian national police general which took place earlier this year on the island of Barbados turns out be a travesty of a mockery of a sham of a mockery of []