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Scientology used an ice cream ‘date’ to run up $20,000 on senior’s credit cards

[Efrem’s ice cream dates]

The day after we reported last week on the ordeal of 75-year-old Efrem Logreira — who says the Church of Scientology ran up charges on his credit cards for courses he would never take, and which cost him thousands in interest payments — he heard from the church in a letter disputing his numbers.

Until our story appeared, he had heard nothing from the Los Angeles Org for months, despite sending numerous letters complaining about the way he was being treated. He only joined Scientology last year, at 74, and took a couple of introductory courses before running into problems with a third course. The church then opened up numerous credit cards in his name and put $73,000 in charges on them for various reasons, including 200 hours of auditing that he could never complete.

After being heard to complain about the long drives he was making to the Los Angeles Org from where he was staying at a friend’s house in Palm Springs, Efrem was barred from entering Scientology’s New Year’s event, held in December at the Shrine Auditorium in LA. Since then, he’s been sending letters demanding refunds from the church as the interest charges on his credit cards have impoverished him.

Not long after we first started talking to him, Efrem did receive a payment of $45,379.82 in refunds from the church. In its July 19 letter, Scientology says it had earlier refunded him even more — another $20,000, which Efrem acknowledges was returned to him on October 12 to make up for one of the unauthorized charges made to his credit cards, and under particularly troubling circumstances.

In that case, Efrem says, three female Scientology “registrars” offered to take him from the Los Angeles Org to a local ice cream parlor, singing along with the radio in the car, and plying him with flirtatious pleas to “keep helping us out,” along with touching and kissing him until he agreed to help — but he didn’t realize until later that his “help” meant a charge to his credit cards for $20,000 of future auditing. (Efrem acknowledged the return of this money in his previous letters to the church. It was our oversight not including that refund amount in our previous story.)


Efrem sent us a photo of the three registrars on his ice cream date (see above). He says their names are, from left to right, Roxanne, Natalie, and Lindsey.

Scientology now tells Efrem it owes him only another $8,415 to complete his refunds, and it’s being pretty aggressive about it: “If you continue to decline to provide an address to send the check, I will conclude that you are not seeking to resolve this matter in good faith, but rather, are seeking to further some other agenda that you or others may have,” the July 19 letter states.

But Logreira tells us that Scientology will have to pay a lot more to make him whole. The church not only ran up $73,000 in charges for auditing he would never use, but he had to pay interest on those charges for nearly a year, and it has drained his savings, wrecked his credit, and made him essentially homeless.

He told us he is not going to accept Scientology’s $8,415 check, and this week he sent copies of his documentation to attorney Graham Berry, who has a long record of representing former Scientologists in litigation.

Part of that documentation, which Efrem shared with us, is a current accounting of the credit card balances that he owes which come directly from the fees, charges, and interest he paid for his Scientology adventure. Over five different accounts, that balance totals $43,006.99 as of June.

“The only thing I want is those credit card balances zeroed so I can re-establish my credit. How can I pay that if I don’t have any money? That’s my situation,” he says. “Scientology has treated me like garbage. And I want satisfaction.”


[Efrem Logreira]




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