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Leah Remini books the Bill Maher show, gets swung at by Giovanni Ribisi

We know that many of you have been anticipating this but no, Leah Remini will not appear on tonight’s Real Time with Bill Maher on HBO.

That’s the bad news. Here’s the good news: Leah tells us she’s been booked for Maher’s February 17 episode.

Since her nine-episode A&E series concluded three weeks ago, Leah has remained in the public eye after Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath ended up being a huge hit for the cable channel.

She’s appeared on Conan O’Brien’s talk show, and on Joe Rogan’s popular podcast, and Maher’s program should really be a treat: Maher has been poking Scientology in the eye for many years. (But knowing Maher, we have a feeling he might take Scientology’s side against Leah just for fun.)

Leah’s raised profile is bringing some interesting reactions. Last week, for example, singer Lance Bass made news when he said that he had spent a brief time in Scientology, and it was Leah’s fault!

Actually, Bass has been telling that story for some time. When Leah’s book came out in 2015, he spoke up and said that Leah had “sponsored” him for the Hollywood Celebrity Centre when she was still in the church. On an episode of the Meredith Vieira Show that November, Bass said he was never really a “member” of Scientology, but he did benefit from some of the “therapy” he said he received there during his short association with it.

He said essentially the same thing last week in a podcast with comedian Heather McDonald, but this time it caught fire on the Internet.

Bass said that he had visited the Celebrity Centre about five times over a month and paid a total of about $200. When he was getting pressured to take more expensive courses, he stopped going.

Leah says there was more to Lance’s experience with Scientology that has never come out. She says that what Lance wanted was marriage counseling to help him figure out a failing relationship, and Leah was concerned when she realized that’s not what he was getting at the Celebrity Centre.

“He called me for help, so I brought him in. He was asking for some kind of marriage counseling. But later I asked what we were doing for them, and I was told that they wouldn’t get that kind of counseling because they were gay,” Leah says. “I told them I didn’t understand why they weren’t giving Lance and his boyfriend what they were asking for. It didn’t look like we were trying to help them.”

Leah says a Celebrity Centre official told her, “Our experience is that people who come in who are gay are 1.1, and they end up blowing off anyway, so we don’t want to invest much time in them.”

That’s a reference to L. Ron Hubbard’s “emotional tone scale” that Scientologists believe maps out emotional states. Near the bottom of the scale is 1.1 for “covert hostility” — people who might present a pleasant front but are plotting to harm you when they can. Hubbard said that homosexuals were 1.1, and he called homosexuality a “perversion.” Ex-Scientologists say the organization took that to heart and the church is deeply homophobic. Anyone judged 1.1 would be required to do “auditing” to raise their “tone level” — in other words, Scientology holds itself out as a gay cure.

“I felt bad. Lance had come to me and Scientology couldn’t help him. I don’t think anyone in Scientology can deny that there aren’t many gay people in Scientology, as well as ethnic minorities. There’s really no diversity in Scientology,” Leah says. “They’re really not interested in the LGBT community because of what Hubbard said.”

Besides Scientology’s homophobia, Leah shined a bright light on the organization’s many controversies and alleged abuses during her series. And yesterday, one of its celebrities struck back at her.

Appearing on a Sirius FM radio show to promote his new Amazon Prime series, Sneaky Pete, Giovanni Ribisi was asked about Leah’s series and what he thought about it. Last year, we wrote that Vonnie is in a very precarious situation — his daughter, Lucia, has spoken out about leaving Scientology, while Giovanni’s parents are among the old guard’s most hardcore bitter-enders. On the radio yesterday, Ribisi seemed not to have actually seen Leah’s show…

Maybe Leah, who I’ve known since I was a teenager, had a problem with — I have a sneaking suspicion it was probably an issue with one or two people in the Church of Scientology. Or maybe it’s broader than that and then it just seems to have festered.

I do have to say, though, I can’t help but wonder, somebody who’s doing a series, a whole season, about that subject, that they’re not getting paid. And there’s a lot of money behind it. It’s turned into such a controversy to where you go out, you make a documentary about it. You know, the person who’s doing that is making money off it.

Again, it’s not even necessarily something that I would care to discuss because it’s something where if somebody has a question the only thing you can really say is yeah, it works for me and if you’re curious about it, go ahead, go pick up a book.

Those talking points are right out of the Scientology playbook. Rather than address the allegations in the series, Ribisi questioned Leah’s motives and gave the standard “pick up a book” that Scientology’s celebrities are trained to say.

“I feel bad for Vonnie,” Leah told us. “He’s only doing what we were all taught to do.”


Bonus items from our tipsters

Houston is the largest city in the western world without its own Scientology org. It only has a mission, but those folks are getting revved up for this week’s Super Bowl, and they’ve announced plans to hand out huge numbers of Scientology’s anti-drugs pamphlets, some of which will be handed out by Daniel Cortez, who is midway through his Purification Rundown.


Football fans can also expect to see Houston Scientologists offering them Scientology’s version of faith healing, which they call “touch assists” and “nerve assists”…


Pete Griffiths points out that another Scientology org in Russia was raided by police this week. This time it was in Yekaterinburg, the country’s fourth largest city.



HowdyCon 2017: Denver, June 23-25. Go here to start making your plans.


3D-UnbreakablePosted by Tony Ortega on February 3, 2017 at 07:00

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  • Intergalactic Walrus

    I guess this is the difference between being a Grammy winning/nominated singer and someone who promotes themselves as being a Grammy “considered” singer…

    • Douglas D. Douglas

      Wonder if the recently married Princess Joy knows what a “Sugar Mama” is. I mean, really is:

      • daisy

        The bottom lady is my younger sister . We are so lucky our poor brothers didn*t end up with our beauty.

        • Intergalactic Walrus

          Honestly, at first glance I thought it was George Burns in drag.

        • Douglas D. Douglas

          To thine own self be true. I think they are both lovely.

    • Mrs. B ( noseinabk)

      Found it. Following. I dont currently own any plastic clothing items but you never know.

      She should have taken the time to search the name as she would have found that Sugar Mama has a clothing brand and a salt scrub among others.

      • Intergalactic Walrus

        Everybody’s dream is to dress like Joy Villa, right? Alas, I’m afraid that her Harry Potter leotard wouldn’t fit a walrus, so I’ll have to pass ๐Ÿ™

        I doubt that she owns that orange plastic fencing-material dress. Since it was created by the designer while he was a contestant on a Project Runway-type show, and is practically his only claim to fame, I think she just borrowed it.

    • stanrogers

      Must have gotten a great deal on a couple of rolls of snow fencing.

  • Rasha

    *enters, throws down bag and plops down on Bunker sofa*

    • Rasha

      *plugs in iPhone to BunkerOutlet*

      • Rasha

        *Kicks off shoes, grabs the Hello Kitty pillow*

  • mrssandoval

    Is there any way to inform the general public that those drug-free handouts are Scientology-related? It would be a shame if they found someone who’s in the grip of addiction and then churned out a new scientologist.
    I know that when I was in the grip of addiction, I would have sought anything to alleviate my suffering. Mentally, I was so drained that I would have — even though I am religious — easily fallen for some “caring” individuals.
    They’re so manipulative, cunning and just plain evil to prey upon those afflicted by his disease, only to gain membership and further propagate their agenda.

    • The tricky part – they truly believe they are fighting a good fight and helping others by informing them.

      The solution is to inform scientologists of the real facts and informing general public of scientologists, their front groups and their mindset, as above. All with kindness.

      • mrssandoval

        Dodo, that’s so unfortunate. I was an iv cocaine and heroin user — speedball — for years until I was admitted to a 9 month inpatient, plus 18 months outpatient, accredited program. I’ve been sober for almost 5 years because I worked the program. I’m not sure how I, or any other addict, would fare in a program that has an end-goal of indoctrinating you into a cult.
        Sadly, as sick, confused, suicidal and scared as I was, I would have fallen for whatever they told me because I believed the professionals that were helping me.

        Someone/thing has to warn those people! Maybe another kiosk set up next to them with an arrow and a sign that reads “This is a Cult!!”??

        • What program helped you?

          • mrssandoval

            A basic hospital-based 12 step inpatient setting. Once that was completed, I did IOP (intensive outpatient) for months and months, but it slowly went down to just once a week outpatient. I also do NA meetings, rather than the typical AA. NA is designed specifically for drug addicts. I have a sponsor and I work the steps.

            For heroin, I got on Suboxone. I started at 4 strips a day, but I’m down to a half. I kinda wish I went the methadone route, as I’ve heard it’s easier to get off. Maybe even cold turkey? I’ve been on Suboxone for almost all of my recovery; however, I had a very low success rate with drug treatments.

            It took about 10xs in detox and a few times in outpatient before I got sick and tired of being sick and tired. What worked the most is that it was me, I wanted to be clean; not my parents pushing me, friends, doctors telling me I’m going to die. Like I cared about that when I’m slamming dope into my veins?!

            • dagobarbz, fine Italian shoes

              Methadone helped me until the end of the course of ‘taper down’ came, at which point the ‘counselor’ told me I was a “chronic user” who should be on maintenance therapy.

              I didn’t cheat, like many of the people. Tapered down to a point of mild discomfort rather than full-blown withdrawals.

              And then some cheap suit tries to get me into a methadone program that costs more than street drugs! Boy, that pissed me off! The clinic was owned by a MD. He was basically a legal drug pusher.

              Ah well…one day the dumbass parked his nice bright yellow Porsche too close to my bike. Hot day, asphalt melted, bike fell over onto his vanity car. Revenge is sweet, or was it karma?

        • Harpoona Frittata

          “Someone/thing has to warn those people!”

          Darned right! I’d just change the first word of that sentence to “everyone”. And that’s exactly what we’re doing here and on other sites by keeping the conversation going, sharing links, etc.

          Here’s a cheap, easy, fun way to get more active if you feel like it.: Put your “Ask me about Xenu!” t-shirt on and go out into public once or twice a week. It’s a lot of fun, and you’d be surprised at how easy it is to talk to people about the whacky cult, especially after Leah’s series aired. This is an exercise in street theater/activism that’s best accomplished in groups of two or more.

          • mrssandoval

            Harpoona it’s great that everyone’s exposing here and elsewhere online, but what about at the Super Bowl? I can send my family, but I’m sure I’ll owe a big favor if I ask them to sit out there with “Ask me about Xenu” shirts!

            I’m buying a house there in a couple of years. I wish I knew about this much sooner, because I swear to god, I’d be a one-woman show, warning people about their toxic agenda!!!

            • Harpoona Frittata

              The great thing about the “Ask me about Xenu!” t-shirt idea is that it’s cheap and you can adjust the level of your activism from one moment to the next, merely by carrying a sweater to wear over it when you’re tired of fielding questions or being “out” about your anti-cult stance.

              I’m not much into confrontational politics or very fond of getting into screaming matches with folks in public either, but I’ve never seen or heard that happen to anyone wearing an “Ask me about Xenu!” t-shirt, perhaps because there’s no non-$cilon who knows about his place in $cn’s very whacked alt history of the universe, but feels motivated to defend the cherch’s space opera cosmology. But also because $cilons can’t even admit that Xenu is a crucial historical figure for the cult or they have to pay a $100K penalty each time they admit it in public.

              I’m always interested to learn just how much knowledge about Xenu and the cult’s other very whacky beliefs that have filtered down to the general public. Many folks have seen or heard about the classic South Park episode and recall a little bit about the story, but few have “the real tech,” straight from Elron’s own mouth and it’s always fun to give it away for free!

        • That’ how Narconon (a Scientology front that presents as a drug rehabilitation service) continues to operate – by exploiting desperation.

          The way people fare in that organisation (which is absolutely dedicated to recruiting addicts and turning them into deployable agents or Scientology) is very, very, badly indeed.

          • mrssandoval

            Once Born, I’ve read on here about deaths at Narconon. I know it’s not Hands Across America for us former/current addicts, but something ought to be done.

            I’m not quite sure why the FDA or surgeon general isn’t investigating. I thought it was serious to takes one’s life, even if that one is an addict?

            • I’m English. Here, the Narconon name seems to be limited to ‘drug education’ fronts, which occasionally cause a fuss in the press when it is discovered that the organisation is a cover to get Scientology concepts into schools.

              In the US, Narconon has run ‘drug rehabilitation’ facilities for some time (although the business model seems to be gradually collapsing, now, along with the rest of Scientology).

              Narconon is Scientology. Beginning with the TRs, Scientology ‘training’ is substituted for an effective rehab programme. This is revealed by their ‘workbooks’, which I have been examining in detail here People who complete the programmed (termed ‘graduates’) are immediately taken on as councillors for very low wages, explaining why these places are dangerously badly run.

              The only reason why Narconon get away with so much is that State regulators are afraid of taking on the notorious litigious ‘church’ of Scientology. Sadly, there simply isn’t the political will to take them on.

            • mrssandoval

              I had to drop out of law school because of cervical cancer. Once the cancer was cleared, I was deemed infertile. Oops. I’ve got a 3yr old! He has definitely pushed back my education.

              I was in school to fight for those who can’t fight back. I’m still going to finish my dual masters in public policy and my Juris doctorate. I want to fight this, because it ENRAGES me!!

              These are sick people who need help by medically trained staff, not dried up users! Alcohol withdrawal can kill you! Ever hear of the DTs? The only thing you can give an alcoholic for withdrawals are psychotropic drugs like Librium or other benzodiazepines, something the cos is firmly against.

              I am mentally ill. I was born this way. For as long as I can remember, I had irrational fears and bouts of depression. I coped with drugs because of the stigma attached to mental illness and the fear of taking psychiatric meds indefinitely.

              Many people in my family have died by suicide because these drugs weren’t available back then, plus the much larger stigma of decades past regarding mental illness. I’m eternally grateful for my caring psychiatrist and my psychologist. They saved my life! I can’t imagine being in a cult that would deny me these lifesaving meds and brand me and my docs evil.

              What’s it like in England? It always seems overcast, rainy and foggy. My mom has been to London countless times, but I’ve yet to go. I’d really like to. Y’all are so proper. Did you see that? Y’all? That’s the southern belle in me.

            • One of the reasons I hate Narconon with a will is that my friend was an alcoholic. I went with him to hospital on a number of occasions when he had a proper medical detox.

              Sadly, he died before he came to grips with his addiction. One of detoxes involved being given muscle relaxants and tranquillisers so that he was out of it for 2 days instead of experiencing dangerous seizures. I’m familiar with the potential dangers of Narconon’s ‘no drugs’ withdrawal policy.

              I think of how he might have been treated if he had fallen into the hands of Narconon, instead and realise that very many people are suffering that fate right now.

              One of the reasons I hate Scientology doctrine is the way in which it demonises scientific medicine – and especially psychiatry in order to eliminate a potential rival and to make money. I know people whose lives have been transformed by antidepressants, carefully supervised by good doctors. I think of what they might be suffering now, if they were encouraged not to use the medication that they need, as Scientology would.

              What’s in like in England..? Nice in the summer ๐Ÿ™‚

            • mrssandoval

              How long is your summer? I’m a southerner and it’s like 5 months, but 3 out of those are in the 115-130 farenheit degree range. Luckily, every place you go is air conditioned!

              Do you know of Howard Hughes? He was a genius, but succumbed to his OCD. If the meds I have now were available then, he could’ve had been even greater! The way he died is deeply disturbing.

              A girl who shared a bathroom with me had the DTs. She didn’t know her name, the current president, nothing. She had to be strapped down for her own safety, but they did tranquilize her to prevent seizures. Days later, she was completely normal and on the way to an inpatient facility.

              Sadly, there are quack doctors out there. They’re usually general practitioners trying to play psychiatrists. I advise anyone with mental health issues to see an actual psychiatrist and not just any ol doctor.

              It boggles my mind to think of Narconon patients. Can you imagine if you had a genuine mental health or drug addiction, asked for help and got indoctrinated? I shudder to think about my psychiatrist doing that to me at my weakest. He’s very obviously Catholic, so I doubt he’d do that :D. And he wears spandex, which bugs the ever-living out of me!!

            • Longer, now – more 3 months with days around the 20 Celsius mark. and maybe another 3 of comfortable temperatures. Not hot, by any standard, but we don’t have extremes of weather either, so it’s swings and roundabouts.

              Hughes succumbed not only to his OCD but to the money that surrounded him by yes-men, prepared to follow his instructions despite the fact that his isolation was evidently making him worse. You do wonder how he would have been with modern medication, instead.

              In the UK, we have the advantage of free medical treatment. Consequently, drug rehabilitation is there for the taking, and there are fewer niches for quack remedies in this difficult area because the risks are too high for the crooks.

              I think this is what has saved the UK from Narconon – that and the fact that we are a very small place, which can sustain a strict national regulatory regime that just would not let them get away with clear abuses.

              I can’t imagine someone in desperate need of sympathetic, evidence-based treatment being sat down to do TR0 instead, and hallucinating. Scientology could have been designed to drive recovering addicts out of their minds.

            • dagobarbz, fine Italian shoes

              That Narconon in the news for a number of deaths; state politicians were all shocked and making “someone should do something” noises.

              Then alla sudden, this one state senator turns 180 degrees, claims a relative was in the program, and at least Narconon is trying to help.

              I thought that was friggin odd as hell. Even weirder, the putz was never challenged over it which is too bad because I’m sure his reasons would be incomprehensible and lulzy.

    • I wish there was – as the Scientology brand becomes increasingly toxic, front groups such as the one that distributes that leaflet are proliferating – they dare not identity themselves honestly.

      Those particular leaflets present as ‘information about drugs’ but sneak in Hubbard’s made-up notions (e.g. that all drugs – even medicinal ones – are poisons) and get in a few digs at psychiatric medications.

      Apart from promoting Hubbard’s simplistic misconceptions, they don’t even get the easy stuff right – I once showed the UK version to a copper I know, and he laughed heartily at the ‘street names’ for illegal drugs, telling me that either nobody had ever called it that, or that they had stopped doing so decades ago.

  • Douglas D. Douglas

    As much as I deplore vandalism in any form, young Danny Cortez could do better for his fellow Man this Super Bowl Big Game weekend:

    • ithilien

      very clever takeoff

    • outraged

      Much Better!!! Thank you!!!

      Drugs SAVE Lives.
      Mental Illness Kills.
      Scientology Kills.

    • Harpoona Frittata

      Hilaaarious! What you don’t know…about SCIENTOLOGY could kill you!

  • Missionary Kid

    I had the TV on, and happened to have it tuned to HLN (formerly Headline News) and they had a rehash of the O.J. Simpson trial as a part of a series on it.

    All of a sudden, our proprietor showed up, making a brief statement (IIRC) to the effect that the alternative theories were ridiculous. I was so surprised to see him that I lost the full context.

    • Tony Ortega

      Oh, they’re finally running that now? They didn’t let me know.

      • Missionary Kid

        It was so brief that I was surprised. It was just the one brief statement. I have the feeling that they’re going to use more in some of the subsequent programs in the series.

      • Douglas D. Douglas

        Oh, you know. Fake News outlets never tell people anything.

  • John Prince

    ..about those “scientific solutions for Athletes “..I wonder what that stupid-looking bimbo on the left would do if I laid down on her massage table in her little tent and she started touching me and I got a Big ol’ Boner?

    • John Prince

      ..and those two “trained experts” in the middle, practically begging with their eyes “come, let me touch You,Baby”๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜ƒ..are these stooges wanna-be actors or what?

  • TexasBroad

    Houston is in a pre-Superbowl frenzy tonight!
    I only know this from friends & local news…I am sensibly in my jammies.

  • Jimmy3

    Can I get a random number 1-99? I would appreciate it

    • daisy


      • Jimmy3

        Pretty flower

        • daisy

          handsome acorn

    • 34

    • $cnMonkeyNut$

      Here, have a piece of ฯ€: 3ยท14159 26535 89793 23846 26433 83279 50288…… random enough? ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Susan B.

      Did you mean Jenny’s number?

      • Susan B.

        What a dumb 80’s video. Close your eyes when you play the video.

    • Robert Eckert

      The answer is FORTY-TWO. Don’t they teach anything in schools these days?

      • Scott H

        What is this world coming to Robert? The answer is ALWAYS 42, just ask the mice.

  • Susan B.

    Wondering if this cut and paste of a political cartoon will work.

  • ExCult.Jan

    Channel surfing and see James Gordon show lists Giovanni Ribisi as a guest. Stay tuned…
    Edit, dang, I got there right at the end. So either I missed or maybe he’ll be a guest on the next show.

  • madame duran

    Giovanni Ribisi wonders if Leah Remini is getting paid off to criticize Scientology yet he doesn’t question why, as a Scientology supporter, his donation dollars aren’t paying off in terms of producing equally effective results. Aside from making hate websites against its critics, what is the cult doing to boost its own profile to the general public? Why is the SMP studio sitting idle while Remini’s docu-series is tracking successfully?

    • chukicita

      Why aren’t they even broadcasting Hubbard’s old entry-level lectures on a loop? If they’re so Rondamned important to saving our planet, isn’t it a crime to prevent access?

    • dagobarbz, fine Italian shoes

      Cult claims protesters are paid.
      President claims protesters are paid.

      The word ‘altruism’ is an alien concept, I guess.

  • Fink Jonas

    When Joe Rogan ask Leah about the tax except status I wish Leah would have focused on the 20000 law suits they brought the IRS to their knees rather than talk about bonified religions because the IRS doesn’t really have a definition for what is a religion or what’s not and that’s why the Scienos won.

  • dgirlinpink

    There is so much information out there about the crimes of Scientology you have to willfully not look. I won’t support any show/movie/event that has known Scientologist benefiting from it.

  • Joe Neira

    As a big fan of Bill Maher, I’ll definitely be looking to seeing her on Real Time. :x3:

    Ribisi’s rather lame attacks on Leah are disappointing. I had hoped that his love for Lucia (probably the Scientologist celebrity whose story interested me most, along with Presley) combined with Leah’s show woukd make him reconsider his support for the cult, even if only privately.

    • JJ

      It sounds like walking the fence. G is sort of awkwardly saying something, this and that ,and I don’t know, read it for your self, and maybe she is getting paid but I am not sure…” Way to make a strong point G. Probably the best way to not say something say something.
      Unlike most other religious converts who are more than happy to give you the goods on their life enhancing, leaf turning, mind altering, lifestyle change, CoS seems to think less is more. We got clay, we got celebrities, we got the cure, the answer, the low down, THE TRUTH, the real estate and a massive (if invisible) growing population of converts, we just like to keep a low profile… What’s that, did you say something I don’t like? I’LL SUE!

  • Eliza Doolittle


    Didn’t realise he was a clam.
    Looks like the role of the predatory kidnapping weirdo in ‘Ted’ wasn’t too much of a stretch, then….

    • dagobarbz, fine Italian shoes


  • Aimless Rambler

    You guys probably already know this, but it is new to me. Their is a russian Scientology app on the google play store. It was updated January 12, 2017 and it says it is an unreleased app. ะกะฐะตะฝั‚ะพะปะพะณะธัยฎ (Unreleased). I had this translated from Russian. Keep up to date with the latest developments. All news about Scientology.

    • dagobarbz, fine Italian shoes

      News, or ‘alternative facts?’

      • Aimless Rambler

        I don’t understand your question? I was in the google play store and I looked up scientology and this app popped up in my search results and I figured it was something this site has seen before, but it was the first time I had seen it and I wasn’t exactly certain if this site had seen it before so I thought i’d bring it to their attention.

  • Lanie

    The Church of Scientology in Houston is on Fondren and Westheimer. I have been by it when a protest was going on a few years ago.. The building is very unassuming and every time I have been past it – it looks deader than a doornail.

  • Ary Rosh

    why doesn’t he says, ”google Scientology” rather than ”pick up a book”?
    you need to walk in a bookstore or where else, while right in your hand,
    you are just at a clic’… i think he is very well aware that scientology is a fraud..