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‘Horrifying’ autism ‘cure’ exposed by BBC turns out to be Scientology: Now, the inventor speaks


Yesterday, we heard from a number of people who were alarmed by a disturbing report that aired on the BBC about autistic people in England being subjected to a frightening “treatment” of intimidation and bullying.

It was an excellent undercover investigation by the BBC’s “Inside Out” program. But what the BBC’s reporters didn’t mention, and perhaps didn’t know, was that the treatment the autistic victims were subjected to looked an awful lot like Scientology.

The BBC had found that a man in Hungary, Zoltán Tóth, operates a company named Stabil Point Technologia — or “SPOT” — that claims to cure autism, a condition that medical science says can’t be “cured.” When they contacted him, Tóth said “I can kill autism, the first that did.” He then put the BBC in touch with his colleague in England, a man named Joszef Kanta. And it was hidden-camera footage of Kanta treating a supposedly autistic young man which appeared so disturbing. For several hours at a time over several days, Kanta subjected his patient to staring exercises, then shouted and tried to intimidate the subject to make him flinch. It was like an extended session of Scientology “bullbaiting” with especially awful alternative techniques thrown in. (At one point, for example, Kanta has the subject’s mother record herself saying that she didn’t love her son, and then Kanta plays that back while belittling the young man. It was hard to watch.)

Here’s a recording of the show. You will see why numerous observers were calling this a strange version of Scientology…



Sure enough, Pete Griffiths soon tracked down examples of Zoltán Tóth calling himself a Scientologist at his Facebook page. And it turns out concerns about SPOT have been around for some time.

In April, an autistic woman in Cork, Ireland, Fiona Pettit O’Leary, raised questions about Tóth and his treatment at her blog. (She also helped the BBC with its undercover investigation.) And the Underground Bunker’s friend in Hungary, Peter Bonyai, first pointed out at his blog that the Hungarians making these claims were local Scientologists.

Peter tells us that Tóth’s description of his treatment comes right out of L. Ron Hubbard’s Dianetics. “In the original Hungarian reporting about the method, the way Zoltán Tóth talks about the method sounds very much like the description of Book One Dianetics auditing,” Peter says. “Autism is caused by a traumatic ‘before birth’ incident, suffered in the womb. The incident has to be ‘run out.’ The basic incident has to be erased, as the chain of later incidents to built on that basic one – by running that out, the whole thing disappears and the incidents are converted to experience.”

We communicated with Fiona O’Leary last night, and she told us that Tóth holds her responsible for the BBC expose and plans to respond to her “defamation,” as he refers to it in private messages, which she shared with us.

With all of this as background, last night we reached out to Zoltán Tóth, and engaged in a lengthy conversation with him. We decided it might be best simply to recreate that conversation in full here, exactly as it unfolded. We have preserved every character as it occurred.


Tony Ortega: Hey there. I’m a reporter in New York, and I was hoping to ask you about SPOT.

[Tóth Zoltán Sagi accepted your request]

Tóth Zoltán Sagi: Hello Tony

U can ask

Tony: It looks like you’re using Scientology TRs to cure autism?

Zoltán: Ok, i learned it , but it wasnt good to autism
I had to changed
This technics are many other kind of technics togethet

Tony: In the BBC special, it looks pretty obvious that you’re using TR 0 bullbaiting.

Zoltán: Tr0 is yes, but this is a small of all

Tony: Does the church know that you’re using Scientology TRs to cure autism?

Zoltán: Yes
I talked all Flag*

Tony: Interesting.

Zoltán: They know it

Tony: Anyone in particular?
At Flag, I mean.


Zoltán: Scientology couldnt finished the panic, autism…
We did
They know what we doing
The autism is a really hard trauma system

Tony: You’re saying that the Church of Scientology couldn’t cure autism, but you used its techniques to find a cure?

Zoltán: Tr0 is not enough
And harder autism u cannot do it
Sometimes we do it sometimes we not
Not Tr0 is a technik

Tony: According to the report you were asking 6000 euros up front for treatment (or was that pounds?). Do you have to share that with the church?
Does the church ask for licensing fees for using its techniques?

Zoltán: Ok, u know Wise?

Tony: Yes

Zoltán: I suppert them


Tony: Is Stabil a WISE* business?

Zoltán: No.
Im not a scientologist
Just i learned
And i suppert
Nothing more

Tony: How did you learn TRs if you’re not a Scientologist?

Zoltán: Tr0 was shaolin too
Im a breakdancer from 1992
I saw many things of world

Tony: But you said you talked to people at Flag. They are not in the business of allowing non-Scientologists to sell Scientology processes.

Zoltán: I know them
But i dont wanna stay inside

Not my type of life
But good for many people
I support , but im not there

Tony: Are you saying that you told officials at Flag that you picked up bullbaiting and the concept of engrams from your life as a breakdancer, and they were ok with you charging thousands to cure autism?
Can you give me the name of someone there who can confirm that?

Zoltán: Im not cure
R u a scientologist?


[Zoltán Tóth, breakdancer, 2005 (Illustration by Chad Essley)]

Tony: No. I said at the beginning that I’m a reporter.
Don’t you tell people that you cure autism?

Zoltán: U learned scientology?

Tony: I report on Scientology.

I understand that when you bullbait someone and tell them that you can lessen their traumas through repetition, you are doing Scientology.

Zoltán: Ok, nobody knows now, what i know
I know exactly the autism start point, trauma system, what its doing, wich type of have, … everithyng
Nobody knows this

Tony: And how did you learn that?

Zoltán: When i wanted to finished my life, there i find out what is my last chance
This was the spot start point

Tony: That doesn’t really answer the question.
Where did you learn about autism?

Zoltán: From many trainings
I have a video too, where tha autistic guy tell everyting the cause of autism 😉
That guy now is not autism

Tony: Where did you learn Scientology TRs? At the Budapest org?

Zoltán: Yes


Tony: So you have a background as a breakdancer, you learned how to bullbait at the Scientology org, and this makes you qualified to tell people that you can cure something that the medical establishment says had no outright cure?

Zoltán: U know i have a big life ! Im an airplane enginier, magic man, breakdancer champion and teacher and organiser, i was Redbull marketing, i made Mlm in ForeverLiving 9 years, i lived in farm and city both, i had phone shop, i learned scientology, im a founder….
I did everithings

Tony: Something tells me you’re a fan of Grant Cardone.

Zoltán: 😉 i don’t see TV, im working many things

Tony: You definitely have an interesting resume, but I don’t see any medical training on it.
What makes you qualified to treat autism? And offer a cure for a condition that has no cure?

Zoltán: Its no medical, but we have one professor, more psichologyst, ….
It no cure
Because just a people can cure himself

Tony: You haven’t offered a cure, for 6000 up front?

Zoltán: Price is not true
We will starting an attack against this video, cause it wasnt true

Tony: What do you charge?


Zoltán: Many lieing were inside
We knew before thet

Tony: Speaking of an attack, did you threaten Fiona O’Leary?

Zoltán: But we just left them playing
Fiona was a problem
I have maniy liing in his writting
This girl is chriminal

Tony: How is she a criminal?

Zoltán: Crazy
She lost her brain
She didnt belive nothing
We tell the true
And she starting a black propaganda


Tony: She’s autistic.

Zoltán: Yes
This is the problem

Tony: How so?

Zoltán: How she can control BBC if she an autistic? She need treathment not controll

Tony: I’m not sure I understand. Wasn’t the video she made an accurate representation of the treatment SPOT offers?

Zoltán: Ok, Fiona asked me half year before , what is it the technics
I tell her
When i answered all question, she started a black propaganda abouth us
She treathened us…
And she organised this manipulation
This video was a manipulation
Fiona was a starter

Tony: How was the video a manipulation?

Zoltán: Secret camera, lieing …
This was planned
My luck, we knew that
We recorded them
And now we will tell that to media

Tony: Did you complain to the BBC?

Zoltán: Yes
We starting legal proceeding

Tony: Against the BBC?

Zoltán: Against the riport
We have many letter, recorded video , recorded voice
Where everybody can check the lie
They did a big mistake

Tony: But you do use Scientology TRs to treat autism, and Flag is aware of it. That’s what you said.
Is the problem that you were mischaracterized, or just that you were exposed?

Zoltán: Ok, u will see soon
From media

Tony: Which media?

Zoltán: All
We are a first in autism who finished
This is a really big news

Tony: Are you saying that a press report is coming that will support your claims? Who is doing it?

Zoltán: We have all informations to help
I have a big contacts network
U can check soon

Tony: Scammers always say that. Are you a scammer?

Zoltán: We are starting the communications
Ok, if u can meet many people who stepped up by training, than am i scammer?
Richi was a first guy , who changed
U can speek with him

Tony: You really don’t understand how medical treatments are developed and tested, do you.

Zoltán: Am i a scammer?
I will publicate soon everithing
Do u know what is epigenetics?

Tony: I’ve read criticism of it.

Zoltán: From epigenetics?

Tony: I’m not really qualified to debate it. But I’m not sure you are either.

Zoltán: I know epigenetics, and i know how does it work
And i have more information many thingd
Like visual cortex
I know what happening inside an autistic person
I know what the hormons doing with DNS too

Tony: If you know all that, then why use Scientology techniques from the 1950s?

Zoltán: Scientology is half from budhism
Dont forget
Shaolins used tr0 too
Before 1950
I respect Hubbard
But he first time discovered
After make it better
Inside scientology have many technics from other cultures
U know?

Tony: If you say so.
Thank you for the information. I look forward to seeing the press reports you say are coming.

Zoltán: Ok
Ill send for u it ifs good for u

Tony: Please send any links to

Zoltán: [thumbs up]
I will
And if u meet Zoltan Khlel , tell him i greeting him
He is scientologist from LA

Tony: Ok
And you’re in Budapest?

Zoltán: Yes

NOTES: *Flag = The Flag Land Base, Scientology’s “spiritual” headquarters in Clearwater, Florida.
*WISE = World Institute of Scientology Enterprises, a Scientology front group that licenses Hubbard “administrative technology” for businesses to use. Tóth denies that SPOT is a WISE business, but says he “supports” WISE (presumably with payments), which is the same thing.

We’re glad the BBC is paying attention to Tóth’s business. We have a feeling things in Hungary are so lax, he’ll continue to operate there with impunity.

Charging thousands to have an autistic kid bullbaited. How Scientological.

UPDATE: Zoltán Tóth complained about the use of his photos in this article. So we’ve removed them and replaced them with an illustration by Chad Essley. The photos can still be seen at Tóth’s Facebook page.


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