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The dapper CEO’s detailed response: Scientology wasn’t forced on disgruntled employee


On Friday, we told you about Vick Tipnes, CEO and founder of Blackstone Medical Services in Tampa, who is being sued by a man named David Bunting. According to the complaint filed by Bunting in federal court, Tipnes pushed him to get involved in Scientology, and threatened him with “financial penalties” if he didn’t comply. Bunting refused, and claims that he was fired as a result.

Before we filed that story, we called Blackstone Medical and asked to speak with Tipnes. We were told he was in a meeting, and we left a message. Tipnes hasn’t called us back. But we did hear from Vick’s attorney, Hunter Chamberlin, who told us that Tipnes vigorously denies the allegations in Bunting’s lawsuit.

Before he filed his lawsuit, Bunting filed a discrimination claim with the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. Chamberlin then filed a detailed response, describing Bunting not as a victim of religious discrimination, but as a disgruntled former employee who had failed to live up to expectations. Not only did Tipnes say he had not forced Scientology on Bunting, but his response to the EEOC included affidavits from twelve Blackstone Medical employees who all said Tipnes had never brought up Scientology with them.

We thought it was important for you to see the EEOC response, with its attached affidavits, that Chamberlin sent to us.

“None of the individuals employed at Blackstone have ever been told, asked, or in any way pressured by any Blackstone principal, agent, officer, or any other Blackstone individual to attend any Scientology meetings, services, or any other Scientology events,” the document says. “Simply put, Mr. Bunting was hired and employed as a salesman, and he was not selling.”


The response does acknowledge that Tipnes and Bunting talked about Scientology. According to the document, Bunting confided in his boss that he was having marital difficulties and wanted some guidance. Tipnes responded that he had benefited from Scientology marriage counseling, and took Bunting to the Scientology org in Ybor City to show him around.

“He was simply responding to Mr. Bunting’s request for help by bringing him to the program so he could make his own independent determination as to whether it was something in which he was interested,” the document says. “[At] no time did Mr. Tipnes ever put any pressure on Mr. Bunting one way or the other, or suggest in any way that his decision would have any effect on his employment at Blackstone.”

The document also acknowledges that Bunting complained to his bosses that he felt his job performance was suffering because of the pressure to join Scientology. But Tipnes flatly denies that Bunting had been pressured. In fact, Tipnes says, Bunting was specifically told that they didn’t want him to get involved in Scientology after he claimed that it was hurting his job. After that, they had to let Bunting go not because of his aversion to Scientology, but simply because he didn’t do his job.

“In short, Mr. Bunting’s termination had nothing to do with discrimination, religious or otherwise. It had everything to do with chronic underperformance and falling sales and revenue-generation,” the document says.

As for Bunting’s side of things, we talked briefly with his attorney, Richard Celler, who told us he didn’t think much of the EEOC response. After the EEOC gave Bunting permission, the former employee filed his lawsuit in federal court this week.

“Needless to say, we have two different stories about this case,” Celler says.

Here’s the response filed by Chamberlin on behalf of Tipnes. Please give it and the exhibits a good look, and let us know what you think.


Bunting v. Blackstone Medical: Tipnes EEOC Response


Bonus items from our tipsters

You mean Trump has even lost the Scientology vote? Oh, he’s in worse shape than we thought.


Hey, girl. Let’s take the Flag bridge to infinity.


Salvation Army gold!



3D-UnbreakablePosted by Tony Ortega on August 9, 2016 at 07:00

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  • Sir Hartley Kyk-Yerarse KCMG

    I’ve had one of my depressingly… regular clients harassing poor Ms. Pickles, again (although on this occasion not for public nudity or flinging excrement, which makes a change at the least). He’s been filling Ms. Pickles’s box with an inordinate number of large ones–it’s just not good enough… it’s not as if we have no other emails and enquiries to deal with at the moment, of slightly greater import–like, for example, Britain’s exit from the European Union. (we’re rubbing our hands with concupiscent and acquisitive anticipation, too… every lawyer in the country will be employed for years dealing with that shower of bureaucracy!)
    But I digress… as I was saying, my client has been sending an almost distressing amount of shocking information about this “church” (I use the term only very loosely, and under advisement) of Scientology–to the extent that Ms. Pickles has positively had to have a day off… a day off, dammit! Fortunately she was back today and able, therefore, to advise me (via my client’s copious email correspondence) that there was a grotesque parvenu in sore need of some gentle guidance in the direction of subtlety, graceful elegance and not being so vulgar as to be displaying your wealth (such that it is, of course) all in one go.
    It seems a great many Scientologists of the cetacean variety would be well advised to heed some small part of this advice, which is provided gratis pro deo. I enclose, for information, an image of how not to do it–kindly modified by Ms. Pickles from the top-most picture of today’s article.
    Sincerely,HartleyOh… apparently F5/Refresh… whatever that means… H
    PS You might have to zoom to read some of the text… sometimes I worry about Ms. Pickles… I mean, really… Red… and CYAN for God’s sake… I don’t know… *mutter grumble*

    • Sir Hartley Kyk-Yerarse KCMG

      PPS Please accept my sincere apologies for Ms. Pickles’s choice of (perfectly illegible, frankly) colours–I suspect I shall be giving her another couple of days off…Whatever is necessary to make images appear… F5 or whatnot…
      *grumbles* now we’ll have to get some thoroughly useless troglodyte from the temp agency… *mutters all the way to the club*

    • Lucille Austero

      Huge thumbs up for “arriviste.”

      • Sir Hartley Kyk-Yerarse KCMG

        Many thanks, madame–I love the English language, in all it’s variety, with a passion…… which is why I utilised a French word (because sometimes it sounds better that way!)

  • JaxNGold

    Looks like Vick Tipnes is doing his damnedest to nose Grant Cardone out of first position for biggest douche on Teegeack. This guy is seriously embarrassing.

    • Kestrel

      I’m thinking that’s not the only nosing he’d do with Cardone if he had the chance.

      Edited for spelling.

  • Dave Reams

    no self control

  • Observer

    Hmmm…is COB having Lafayette’s “wisdom” inscribed on stainless steel, or is he doing something like this?

    P.S. Snark.

  • murmur

    Awesome. Happy 44th !

    • flyonthewall

      • iampissed

        Not you

        • flyonthewall


  • Observer


    • littlefish

      what’s a “fellowman?”
      bad kerning? bad philosophy? bad everything? his self made memes kill me.

    • Jimmy3

      I know you’re commenting on the irony, which is rich, but that quote itself is just horrible. It’s one of those sappy sentiments that’s supposed to read profound when glanced at by an idiot. Let’s examine:

      First of all, what the fuck is a Fellowman? Since you’re speaking of setting apart, start by setting your words apart properly.

      Secondly, since you’re speaking of defining character and how one gets along with others, “sets you apart” doesn’t make sense. You’re not supposed to be set apart. You’re talking about coexistence in this context.

      It’s supposed to be inspirational in a positive way, but its vagueness makes it completely meaningless. If you’re a total dick to everyone you meet, and you slap your subordinates around and treat your minions like slaves, that sets you apart even more so than being a kind person will.

      And who shakes with their left hand? That’s why you’re set apart, you weirdo. Stop it doing that ok.

      • Jimmy3

        And no, it’s not a word. I don’t care about 18th century bullshit.

      • Observer


      • littlefish

        of all the dumb stuff on the internet vague “profound” memes and quotes drive me up a WALL. Its on FB. Twitter. IG. Pinterest.


      • Supper Powers

        Fellowman sounds like a nickname some douchebag would give his nether regions.

      • What’sup

        We shake hands with our left in the Southern Hemisphere, everything is opposite.

        • Jimmy3

          So if I’m in Australia, and I tell someone to go fuck themself… I get laid, right?

          • Kim O’Brien

            go hit on Enthralled Observer and see what happens 😉

            • Jimmy3

              On our first date, we’ll just curl up in our tinfoil blankets, watch Fox News and chat about how the sand people are ruining our lives.

            • Do you mean the Fremen?

            • Juicer77

              (different universe 😉

          • What’sup

            Yeah. If you’re in prison

      • Kim O’Brien

        Yelloman is a good reggae artist . Fellowman …well …he’s a hack

        • JaxNGold

          Love Yellowman!

    • madame duran

      This reminds me of when Kirstie Alley goes off on one of her tweets about the importance of kindness, self-control, peace, etc….then follows that veneer of enlightenment with a volley of vulgar, hateful and idiotic tweets spewed out to her “enemies”. Dignity is like a size 2 pair of skinny jeans…it’s something that Kirstie will never be able to wear with ease.

      • distachio

        Madame, you slay me as usual with your pithy and on-point observations! <3

        • madame duran

          Nice seeing ya! MWAH! *blows a kiss*

    • Lucille Austero

      Special hint just for you, Vick. Fellow man. Two words, asshat.

      • Kim O’Brien


    • Elegant Mess


  • Dear anyone who is being ridiculed for your actions, “brand” and your cult on the internet,
    It’s not the sign of success, no matter what they taught you to think for yourself. Think again.

  • Observer

    Which is the lesser of two big, dumb evils?

    ETA: the pic of Tipnes is the way I found it on the internet, but if you look at his left arm you can see he was lazily shooped against the background. Whoever did it didn’t erase all of the original photo.


    • FredEX2

      I think they’re gonna have to put him a bit deeper than 6 feet just to stifle the smell of all that ‘sh*t’ he claims to be born with. That and the thousand BT’s all over him…

  • nottrue
    • daisy

      Poor darling she doesn’t do so well when she tries to think.

      • Todd Tomorrow

        It must be hard for the poor thing to eat and think and diet all at the same time. Poor slag!

        • daisy

          All evidence shows she is successful at only one of those things.

    • daisy

      I thought I smelled something burning.

      • Juicer77


    • daisy

      Good for her trying something new.

  • Cymboli

    A Google search on the name Vic Tipnes produces an interesting article published in 2005 from the Tampa Bay Times.

  • Keeping Scientology Waning

    I love it that even the Salvation Army Thrift Store clerks know to file Dianetics in the Comedy Section.

    • Todd Tomorrow

      Sadly, they themselves are slaves to a cult. Payed well under minimum wage…

      • daisy

        The Salvation Army Thrift Store Clerks are a volunteer position in our town. In Wpg. where I lived they ran a homeless center as well as a re-hab center. The recycling centers were all volunteer positions. They fund soup kitchens all over Canada. I have no idea about the church itself, but the organization in our country does an enormous amount of good. I would be willing to read any literature saying otherwise , however.

        • Todd Tomorrow

          Prisoners on parole are often used as slave labor and are threatened if they don’t do as told they’ll be sent back to jail. A president helped by allowing them to pay the disabled and ex-cons less than a living wage. Read about it, they are Christians. Abuse is all too common.

          • daisy

            I am not trying to be oppositional , but I have never read about that. Can you provide a link ? Saying you are a Christian with Christian values does not make it so. That can happen in every belief.

            • Todd Tomorrow

              I’d wasn’t trying to be abrasive with you Daisy. It’s pretty common knowledge with ex-cons. I guess I could give you his phone number. He is very handsome. I think it was Coolidge that gave them the ability to pay them less than a living wage. They also are missionary’s in foreign countries. I donate all my stuff to a local AIDS charity after I heard about the abuses. Serious things like if you don’t sleep with me Illl tell your parole officer you are a problem employee and then it’s back to the hooscow (Sp-?) Sounds like your mileage may vary in your town and that’s great. The Catholics also helped people pay there rent but can’t afford it anymore. Just not a fan of religion I guess.

            • daisy

              runs to get a pen. Other than cons , ex-cons are my favorite date.

  • iampissed

    To Willie and Phil happy anniversary my wife and I are at 35 or so. Also married in August
    Must be something in the weather…Best to you both

  • Davka

    Completely off topic but totally COS related, by way of Star Wars, sort of…..

    Talking to Mr. Davka in that late overtired really should go to bed sort of way. Annoying him in that teasing, been married for a long time tone.

    Mr. – “Leave me alone”

    Me – “No, I’m like a Scientologist, always attack, never defend”. 🙂

    Mr. – “Oh my gosh, they’re like the Sith! Jedi only use the Force to defend, never attack. The Sith always attack. Scientologists are like the Sith!”

    Score one for Mr. Davka.

  • Intergalactic Walrus

    PHOTO CAPTION: “Come to the AO opening there will be 5000 people see you”

    • Harpoona Frittata

      Rumor has it that they purchased that acoustics lab property in a last ditch effort to become less tone deaf as a religion. After that “Scientology the coolest religion” ad campaign fell flatter than a squirrel under an 18 wheeler they realized that they just weren’t catching on the way they desperately wanted to.

      Then, after the re-release of that so-bad-it-was-almost-good Battleship Earth couldn’t even be pumped up to hit the best-seller’s list by ordering every poor over-regged $cilon on the planet to buy 25 copies each, they were sure they had a real problem tapping into pop culture desire.

      Who knows what super OaTy shit they’ll invent there…maybe a $cn version of Pokemom Go, where folks catch some even cuter body thetans?

      • Juicer77

        “…. less tone deaf.” LOLing!

  • Fink Jonas

    Typical scientology underhanded lying move, if their intentions don’t stick they will say “oh we didn’t want you anyway because you are disgruntled and no good” yeah right but they did try to lure him in, in the first place right, so the first intention counts, they try and they failed so they tossed him out, they toss anybody to the curb if they see they are getting in trouble, Mary Sue is the first example of that, they will drop you like a hot potato if their name becomes involved in a bad PR.

  • Jimmy3

    Gymnastics would be more exciting if they were allowed to play defense. Like, maybe just once per routine, a rival team member can come out and make a tackle. You’d have to strategize and plan your tackles well.

    • Frodis73

      Lol, I love this.

    • Ella Raitch

      Australian radio comedians Roy and HG do the best gymnastics commentary (this from the Sydney Olympics)….p.s. “sav” is short for saveloy, type of sausage and see urban dicitonary definition #9 for date.

      Their greco-roman wrestling commentary, and synchronised swimming commentary from the same games was also pretty awesome. Best olympics coverage ever!!!

  • Commodore H. McCringleberry

    I would personally go to work for Blackstone Medical just to make neckbeard comments all the time. That shit has to kill that guy inside. Its blatantly obvious enough that only about 30% of those grey hairs are authentic, but he’s clearly going for the chiseled jaw machismo look and it failed the cost-benefit analysis versus the “1000 Yard Stare of Wisdom” pose in the photo. Also, Vick, black and white photography can’t hide the fact that its a cheap jacket. You can tell. The shoulder looking like a ski slope isn’t something you can blame on weight loss, and even if you could, it’s wrong in the wrong direction. Your only two excuses are off the rack or you cut back on the ‘roids. It’s a bad choice for what you’re trying to say. We won’t even get into the spread collar. I know it’s stylish, but again, not the look you’re going for here. The only positive comparison you can really pull off with any of this is Jim Mathers and that same weird blue shirt that he wears when he works, eats, sleeps, picks up Russian whores, swims, and shovels mulch. You can smell that guy in photos. Classy and simple are not alien concepts, Vick, regardless of what your religion might teach.

    • Todd Tomorrow

      you can “smell him in photos” well put. Slime ball.

  • Harmless Weirdo

    I keep coming back to that first image, and all I can think whenever I see it is, “Boy, he’s a real pole smoker, ain’t he?”

    Not the effect he was after, I’m sure.

    And that b&w image? If you’re going to be that vain, it helps to know your angles. His jawline looks half-defrosted.

    What a douchebag. He’s like a living cartoon of narcissistic tough-guy vanity–a walking (and pole-smoking) caricature. He’s obviously a terrible person (and I predict he’ll end up in prison, someday), but at the same time he’s fucking hilarious.

    • Todd Tomorrow

      “jawline looks half-defrosted.” That would/could be a chin implant. I met a plastic surgeon on a plane a decade ago and he told me it was his most popular surgery at the moment. Not sure I like the pole smoker comment. i’d bet he gets cheap crack whores to do that. Gotta make that lease payment.
      Edit; Gum job, i think they call it.

      • daisy

        If I knew people needed chins that bad I would be glad to donate a few of mine.

  • JJ

    This is gonna sound uber stupid, but smoking, like drinking, eating disorders, cocaine use even are (psychologically) said to be related to breast feeding. Touching the nose,mouth lips, eyes. It is a way of self soothing and holding in emotion. The action of covering the mouth to protect yourself or stop yourself from expressing feelings with a huge cigar. And when is a cigar just a cigar? Was it ever?

    • Todd Tomorrow

      So you think it could be to placate his desire to ingest DNA shakes? My mum breast fed me and I hate Bolivian Marching Powder.

      • JJ

        Depends entirely on what he personally gets from them.

        • Todd Tomorrow

          In one of his vids he was asked the meaning of life and he quipped ” A good cigar a nice bowel movement and a pork chop”

          • Frodis73

            Seriously? Oh gawd, it just gets worse. Such a d bag. And on that note…I am outta here! LOL. G’night Bunker!

            • Todd Tomorrow

              Great to see you! Sleep well.

    • daisy

      Addictive behaviour has more to do with genetics than breast feeding. I think the other things like touching noses etc. is an old wives tale. It is an amusing theory however.

      • jazzlover

        Nature vs. nurture isn’t quite so easily broken down as you imply.

        • daisy

          Of course it is not simplistic. I was responding to his statements. I certainly didn’t mean to imply that any behaviour can be wrapped up in 3 sentences.

          • jazzlover

            OCD: 20% genetic, 80% not genetic. Almost fully opposes what you said. The same applies to all other addictive behavior.

            • daisy

              Again you were reading what wasn’t there. Genetics vs. breast feeding was the argument not nature vs. nurture. ( by nurture I mean environmental factors )

            • jazzlover

              That’s what I meant as well.

            • daisy

              The words breast feeding and nurture are not the same thing. Breast feeding is a sub-division of nurture ( environmental factors ) I am correct in saying there is no link between breast feeding and addictions You would be right if I had said there is no link between addictions and environmental factors . : )

            • jazzlover

              You know what I meant. This isn’t a competition. And if there’s one thing you can count on from me, it’s the avoidance of obtuseness that a few others here rely on to appear clever.

            • daisy

              No I actually didn’t know what you meant. I did think it was a debate I wasn’t looking for a heated argument , just a clarification of the point I was trying to make. If someone calls me wrong I can either defend my position or not . I did this time

            • jazzlover

              Daisy, I respect your right to defend yourself. However, I was not attacking you. For various reasons, the subject we were discussing hits close to home. Although, you seem to like to appear goofy, I know you’re not. My point was that, regardless of the version of nurture we’re talking about (even if one could consider breast feeding ‘nurture’), generally speaking, environmental factors play a much larger role in mental illness than previously thought. Blaming genetics has become common…….and lazy. When in doubt, blame your parents, as they say. I have been told by experts that OCD (and if you think about it, there’s no bigger sign of addiction than that) comes about more due to environment than genetics – by a wide margin. As a matter of fact, I recently found out that there’s a HUGE connection between eating disorders and OCD.

            • daisy

              I ran a residential group home and managed another. Both had OCD clients. It was the most difficult thing to deal with in my whole career and that includes my nursing career. I was constantly having to break compulsions If a client sat on a bus seat once, she would need to sit in that same seat always , to the point of kicking another passenger out of it. Sometimes medication helps a little but is not an answer by far. It is an exhausting diagnoses for client and loved ones. From what I understand it is brain chemistry that is the culprit and people are born with it . Genetics can play a part but not necessarily. Compulsive eating is one way it manifests itself, but not all overeating disorders are OCD . I am sorry that OCD cuts close to home. I agree that environment is at least as important in the causes of mental illness, especially emotional disorders. When I present differences of opinion, it is not usually done defensively or with hostility

            • jazzlover

              I know that. And thanks for the acknowledgment. Fwiw, I prefer smart Daisy to dumb Daisy. Also, fwiw, my reasons for being here stretch far beyond the fight against scientology. As I’m sure you’ve noticed, I post a lot of music here. I try to make a connection, but I also find it difficult to say something original, especially on days when that something original is said over and over again. At that point, anything I could possibly say becomes a waste of space.

            • daisy

              I rarely type on the topic. Anything I have to say is usually said either up or down thread better . I try to stick to learning mode when it comes to scientology. Even though I am interested in all of scientology, I pay closer attention to the emotional , social aspect and its abuses. I prefer smart daisy too, but she doesn’t come in an either or package. I enjoy the music postings

            • jazzlover

              No doubt, there are many aspects about Scientology to learn about – some are obvious, some not so much. But let me tell you what I pay attention to. I pay attention to those here who are desperate to gain a fan base. That in itself is a large part of the social aspect surrounding cult watching. The damage evident in the ex’s is often better reflected in the behavior of some of the never in’s than it is in the behavior of the ex’s themselves.

    • Todd Tomorrow

      That’s why cigarettes are so addictive too. You stimulate areas in your body that have high concentration of nerve endings. When someone smokes they activate their fingertips, mouth, sight, taste and …Anyway, nicotine is a natural anti-depressant too.

  • Todd Tomorrow

    OT. I haven’t been on much. Anyone know how Fred a.k.a. Jenny at LAX is?

    • What’sup

      Yeah, go back 3 days to the Garcia’s story and sort by best. He got top comment and answers your question.

      • Todd Tomorrow


      • Todd Tomorrow

        Thanks I was once a friend of his and it’s wild he chose Hubbardsville. NY to move to. Glad to hear he is well thanks again for the info. Does Hubbardsville have anything to do with $cientology or is it just Fred being Fred?

        • Robert Eckert

          Fred’s joshing. He sounds happier, and I’m happy for him.

    • From his Facebook posts, it seems he’s settling into a new life in . . . wait for it . . . Hubbardsville. It actually looks really lovely, and I hope he finds some peace and stability there. His photography is really good, only now it’s the beauty of nature, not man’s inhumanity to man.

  • Hello Bunker Nightcrew (USA) and Continental Morning and Asian Afternoon Crews. I’ve been working on my Hubbard imitation, I posted this about 500 comments ago before work. It’s from some hare brained article he wrote on “Magellanic Clouds” that opened the latest issue of Source magazine. Enjoy the finest batshittery in this gaLAXy.

    • Todd Tomorrow

      Amazing work Artoo. So this you, truly?

      • jazzlover

        So amazing that a few thought it was actually Hubbard when he first posted it. LOL

        • Todd Tomorrow

          I did.

          • jazzlover

            I was unsure at first, but the over-the-top inflections in Artoo’s voice eventually shone through.

      • And so forth.

    • Graham

      You could really have fun with a talent like that. Get a message to Slappy: “Hey Dave! Ron here, come back from the far side of the GuLAXy. My researches on Target Two have revealed we could easily have a big breakthrough in Asia. I need you to make a video and distribute it world-wide. Trust me on this Dave. I need you to dress up as a Geisha and rapidly repeat the words of the old Siamese national anthem “Oh Wata Na Siam”. Trust me Dave. My researches have revealed that this will activate a major implant and the riches of Asia will be ours. Do it Dave.”

      • Ella Raitch

        I’ll chip in to that fund

      • Now there’s an idea . . .

    • JaxNGold

      Dying! Can’t believe that’s your voice! You sound so much like that crazy fool 😆 At first I thought it was really a recording of him. I’ll say this about Hubbard — he put some serious time and effort into making up such ludicrous strories. Seriously, who can come up with such nonsense?

      You have some mad skills, Artoo! Can’t wait for another one of your hysterical $ci-lawyer-letter reenactments!

      • Thanks! It’s really hard to judge whether it sounds like Hubbard or if I just hear it through my own filter.

    • Juicer77

      Your impression is so good!! Love the laugh tracks, too. Well done!

  • Todd Tomorrow

    OT(as usual) Can you sign one of our petitions?

    • Andrew Robertson

      Signed. I strongly oppose cruelty to any animals!


    • JaxNGold

      Animal cruelty makes me so damned sad. Signed.

  • Lady Squash

    It’s very hard (nearly impossible) to work for a Scientology company (a company where the boss is a Scientologist) and not feel like you need to get with the program. The boss/owner will use the language and expect you to know what they are talking about. They will bond with the Scientologists. it’s in the air, whether one is directly pressured to do Scientology or not. It’s called “group pressure”. Good luck to David Bunting in your law suit.

    • OOkpik

      Hunter Chamberlin’s reply on behalf of Tipnes seems to be well written and documented and MAY, on an off chance, contain a good deal of truth as far as it goes.

      It is not beyond the realm of possibility that David Bunting WAS overwhelmed by various circumstances and not performing to expectations, either Vick Tipnes’ or his own. If his morale was low, it is hardly inconceivable that his performance would suffer. Scientology business practices demand ever-increasing and typically unrealistic production statistics. If it is a WISE-run business, staff would be expected to comply with Scientology procedures, whether or not they are Scientologists.

      Tipnes took Bunting to the Org to seek Scientology marital counseling where he would immediately have been given the standard hard-sell and all the grief that comes with it. The similarities between the tactics of the cherch and the business would surely have revealed themselves in bold relief. More pressure!

      Bunting should probably cut his losses and go find employment in a saner environment but, as it is, I hope things work out for him, too.

  • Dave Reams

    Debunking Hubbard in a world where Trump runs amazing amok may seem pointless … nevertheless the Piltdown man, the very same Hubbard cited as fact in his “History of man”, is in the news again.

  • Eivol Ekdal

    Good morning. And isn’t it a lovely morning?

  • richelieu jr

    I’m sorry, I am bit lost– What does Dick Tipless have that can’t be taught?

    And if he does have such a thing (such as being born rich, the indelible taste of Grant Cardone’s taint, the name ‘Trump’, etc..), then why is he offering counseling and advice?

    There’s thin line between advertising and simple boasting (actually it his a very wide nuanced strip, but he is so far over it that it looks like a line on the horizon, or the thin, oily surface veneer of truth and usefulness in Scientology.

    I think he is what you anglophones refer to as a “Major Shower Sack”, right?

  • Turgidson

    I usually like to take a “wait and see” approach when it comes to disputes as history has shown that initial reports are rarely accurate, it is hard to when any scientologist is involved. Lying just seems to be a central part of being a scientologist (Especially when it comes to us wogs.) that it is very hard not to jump to conclusions and immediately believe David Bunting over Vick Tipnes.

  • Stay Puft

    Jim Meskimen. What a sad man. He has no clue how totally brainwashed he is. A talented impressionist but a total idiot and shill.

  • Jgg2012

    “Tipnes flatly denies that Bunting had been pressured” Denial is a river in Africa.