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Nancy Cartwright’s ‘defense’ of Scientology is the saddest thing ever


You may have seen the short clip put out yesterday by the Associated Press which features voice actress Nancy Cartwright — who plays Bart on The Simpsons — talking about her unhappiness with Lawrence Wright’s 2013 book Going Clear and the 2015 documentary that filmmaker Alex Gibney made from it.

We looked around, but we couldn’t find any evidence of whether this was just an advance look at a larger piece by the AP about her, or about Scientology. It’s just a short thing, and it’s not clear why Cartwright is being asked now about a film that’s been out for more than a year and that garnered three Emmy awards, including the year’s best television feature documentary.

And as for her specific complaints about the book and film, well, they really aren’t very specific. Here’s the entirety of what she says in the clip…

Dude, it’s like you gotta be kidding me. It was such a lie. That book and that movie, I don’t even know what to tell you. It’s called prejudice. It’s like, very irresponsible reporting. You know, anybody wants to find out about it you should find out about it for yourself. It’s called integrity. And, look at me. Look at who I am, seriously. Look what it is that I am doing. You can’t knock me for what it is that I’m doing. I am helping.

There’s a whole administrative technology that has nothing to do with religion it’s just how to run a business. And, it’s crucial. I’m quite trained as a businessperson.

Shame on them, anyway. And the truth is, find out for yourself. Go to, or and find out for yourself what it is about.

Here’s the clip…


Nancy’s lazy attack on the film (disclosure: we’re in it) doesn’t have us feeling that it needs much defending. But we will make just a couple of points. One of the best things about the film that Gibney and Wright put together is that it’s not just a collection of complaints by former church members, even though that’s what Scientology wants you to believe. What makes the film so powerful, in fact, is that Gibney and Wright worked so hard to pull together amazing footage and documents that come from the church itself.

And it’s the same with Cartwright. She might be falling back on the typical celebrity line, but the truth is her career in Scientology is well documented in many ways. Years ago, NBC actor Jason Beghe told us that the church’s VIPs are specifically trained to handle the press this way. Never to talk about the specifics of Scientology processes, for example (that’s “verbal tech”), and always to say that an outsider should buy a copy of Dianetics and “find out for yourself.”

Well, for decades, journalists and governments have done just that, and the record is not pretty. While Lawrence Wright’s book was an epic achievement, it wasn’t the first time Scientology was laid bare. The essential story — that Scientology sells past-life therapy at huge rates in the promise that a member will eventually achieve superhuman powers — has been told again and again, using Scientology’s own documents, for decades. From the FDA raid of the Washington DC Scientology org (1963) to the Anderson inquiry in Australia’s state of Victoria (1965) to the New Zealand official inquiry (1969) to the Foster Report in the UK (1971) to Paulette Cooper’s expose The Scandal of Scientology (1971) to the South Africa government investigation (1973) to the FBI raid on the Los Angeles headquarters (1977) to the criminal conviction of 11 top Scientology officials (1979) to the devastating ruling by Judge Paul Breckenridge (1984) to the $30 million Wollersheim ruling (1986) to Russell Miller’s epic biography of L. Ron Hubbard (1987) to the Los Angeles Times series by Joel Sappell and Robert Welkos (1990) to Jon Atack’s illuminating history of the church (1990) to the TIME magazine cover story by Richard Behar (1991) to the devastating release of Scientology’s own materials on the Internet in the mid-1990s, the church’s inner secrets have been spilled again and again and again.

What we’ve learned after all of that investigating and disclosure is that some people will spend between half a million and two million dollars to reach the top of Scientology’s “Bridge to Total Freedom,” at which point they will be presented a certificate for achieving “OT 8.” At this point, they are supposed to have superhuman abilities that give them power over matter, space, and time.


Part of those huge costs are the donations that Scientologists are hounded for. And according to Scientology’s own Impact magazine, in 2007 Cartwright achieved Patron Laureate status, meaning that she had reached $10 million in cumulative donations to the International Association of Scientologists, the church’s legal war chest.

In more recent years, Nancy has showed up repeatedly in Scientology online publications pushing her fellow church members to donate millions of their own to a new building project in the San Fernando Valley, which never seems to have enough money. She’s also been used to raise money in Mexico for projects there. And yet, even as Scientologists are pushed hard for money for these new churches, all objective evidence suggests that Scientology is shrinking fast, and the new buildings are unneeded. But Nancy plugs away, willing to dress up in colorful costumes in order to convince her fellow Scientologists to give, give, give.



We’d love to know if the AP asked Nancy about any of this.

And what’s the point of it? What is Nancy ultimately trying to achieve?

That was answered brilliantly by Australian journalist Bryan Seymour several years ago, when he was given unprecedented access to Scientology’s celebrities.

In this excerpt from Bryan’s brilliant piece, starting at the 2:15 mark, Nancy explains how she understands the notion of “God”…

I believe that there is a power that I am striving for. I think the best way to describe that would be to name that “God,” you know. And ideally I would have to say that I am striving to be that God.

Here, as Nancy says, find out for yourself…

So you see, there’s actually a lot of interesting things to ask Nancy Cartwright about Scientology and her own history in it. It sure would be nice, the next time she’s on camera, that she gets asked about it.


Chris Shelton on Gordon Melton

Says Chris: “Here’s the next installment in my series on deconstructing the book Scientology. I think you’ll like this one, it’s all about J. Gordon Melton, who wrote the first chapter of this book.”



Bonus items from our tipsters

Hey, girl. I’m Clear, and I have the accessories to prove it.


Here’s an interesting mystery. The New York branch of the Scientology front Foundation for a Drug-Free World posted these photos and then yanked them down. In the first, everpresent Foundation gladhander and Queens dentist Bernard Fialkoff (in the kakhi pants) poses with NYPD officers as well as Venezuelan actress Ruddy Rodriguez (left) and Colombian actress Maria Iara, who were in town for the opening of the new Ideal Org in Harlem. In the second photo, Fialkoff imparts his wisdom to NYPD community relations officers. We’re sure curious why these photos were pulled.



3D-UnbreakablePosted by Tony Ortega on August 4, 2016 at 07:00

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  • FredEX2

    Excellent video and info Chris Shelton. Thank you. Look forward to chapter 2.

  • Lousy Ratatouille

    One of the commenters on Chris Shelton’s YouTube channel for today’s vid gives different links for more information on Melton, f.i. this one:

    55% of the reviews on Amazon of the book Scientology by James R. Lewis are rated only one star. I’ve read some of them. The reviews state that Lewis is a sorry excuse for an academic and that Scientology is a cult. They mention their own experience about fair game, disconnection, etc.

    • Mockingbird

      That is funny. One star reviews. Scientology deserves one flush.

  • Mockingbird

    Sometimes it’s easy to forget everyone didn’t spend decades in Scientology and parts of the loaded language aren’t first nature.

    When Nancy Cartwright said integrity she was referring to Scientology’s definition.

    Here it is from Hubbard:

    What is true for you is what you have observed yourself. And when you lose that, you have lost everything.

    What is personal integrity? Personal integrity is knowing what you know. What you know is what you know and to have the courage to know and say what you have observed. And that is integrity and there is no other integrity.

    Of course, we can talk about honor, truth, nobility—all these things as esoteric terms. But I think they would all be covered very well if what we really observed was what we observed, that we took care to observe what we were observing, that we always observed to observe. And not necessarily maintaining a skeptical attitude, a critical attitude or an open mind—not necessarily maintaining these things at all—but certainly maintaining sufficient personal integrity and sufficient personal belief and confidence in self and courage that we can observe what we observe and say what we have observed.

    Nothing in Scientology is true for you unless you have observed it and it is true according to your observation.

    That is all.

    L. Ron Hubbard

    • And I ask myself how does a grown person read something like that and think it is profound? Some mysteries we may never have the answer to.

      And that’s okay because not knowing what you know is knowing what you don’t know so we can all know the things that are there to be known but not currently known by the knowingers. There are many knowingesses that don’t have the ability to know what there isn’t to be known because the unknowable cannot be known by someone trying to know it.

      • Kim O’Brien

        man , i know what ya mean …

      • aegerprimo

        Profound Derek is profound.

        • Profoundness is only as profound as the founds that you pro when you are nessing.

      • Rasha


      • Mockingbird

        Be that as it may, to me the important thing is how thought reform works and how to undo it. The loaded language through repetition and redefinition creates specific effects.

        It can help a Scientologist to have triggers. When they are activated the cult member follows Hubbard’s doctrine. They often feel revulsion and disgust towards critics. Jon Atack pointed that out to me. In my opinion that prompts avoiding looking at criticism and following the logical fallacy of the genetic fallacy and addressing the claimant rather than the claim. Then using ad hominem on the claimant. So criticism is never examined.

        Hubbard set up the A =A he warned about in Dianetics.
        A criticism equals a critic exists equals all critics are evil so this critic is evil. Thought stopping cliche followed, thought stopped. Hubbard combined so many triggers and controls for emotions, thought and behavior that they function as thought guiding and emotion controlling webs of lies.

        Once you are in it can be very difficult to get out.

        • I think the language serves more to isolate the members from general society. It’s a self-sealing mechanism that makes a Scientologist feel neglected and misunderstood by regular people. I don’t think there’s any Manchurian Candidate-type thing going on where someone says a word and you click back into Scientology.

          The key to breaking away is speaking normal English for God’s sake. There are a lot of exes that insist on holding onto parts of the lingo for some ungodly reason. I ditched all of it as soon and as quickly as I could. It sounds so stupid to me now whenever I hear someone talking about reality and affinity and MUs and overts.

          • Mockingbird

            You may find Lifton, Orwell, Atack and others have more to say.

            We all have triggers. If enough are created and linked then an identity that follows them can exist.

          • Kim O’Brien

            i think that is pretty spot on . They don’t seem to want to be a part of society , they come up with their own ridiculous language . Why ? To be special and unique . So weird and so pointless

            • That used to be the case, but the ones you see now are not in charge of what’s happening to them. It’s more of a slow process of morphing them into someone who no longer fits in with society to secure their loyalty to the group. They go home to their girlfriend and start talking about ARC Triangles and Sea Orgs and accusing her of trying to abort her unborn child every 15 minutes with a rusty coat hanger and the relationship is over in no time.

            • Jimmy3

              This is exactly why I’ll never use Free Spirit Singles ever again.

            • Mockingbird

              Give it a billion years. Maybe you’ll find someone.

            • Free spirit usually means they smell like pee and BO and clip their nails (which are thick as tusks) once a month

          • Mockingbird

            You are not entirely wrong. There is a large body of information on loaded language and Scientology epitomizes every form.

            Here’s a quote by Lifton.

            The language of the totalist environment is characterized by the thought-terminating cliche (thought-stoppers)
            Repetitiously centered on all-encompassing jargon
            “The language of non-thought”
            Words are given new meanings — the outside world does not use the words or phrases in the same way — it becomes a “group” word or phrase

        • Kim O’Brien

          not that hard apparently …there are only like 25,000 of them left . The ones who are there …like the Cardone’s . Well , i think they should stay in . Forever .

          • Uh yeah while we are on the topic, Miscavige you can keep Kirstie Alley and the Eflmans too thx

          • Mockingbird

            I don’t support eternal damnation for anyone. Similarly I don’t support lifelong delusion. I can support life in prison for murderers, rapists, child molesters and other especially heinous criminals like David Miscavige.

            But to deny someone their own mind is beyond me.

            • daisy

              You have not experienced some of the truly happy people living with confusion or dementia. I support anyone*s right to choose their own reality if not hurting others. I think the best we could wish for other people to be happy. Many are happy.

            • Mockingbird

              I don’t see the insane as making a sane choice. But it’s a catch 22. I don’t see Scientologists as making an informed choice either.

              We usually can’t choose for others of course.

            • Mockingbird

              I guess I don’t see delusion as a choice. If a disease causes a physical change that creates a mental condition I can’t see it as a choice.

      • Mockingbird

        Honestly it’s the subject of rhetoric. The pathos, ethos and logos are respectively appeals to emotions, reason and authority. Additionally Hubbard used sublime writing to inspire ecstasy.

        His attempts worked very rarely, most people who bought a book or course never came back. But on a rare occasion he persuaded a person enough to get them back. Most quit within two years but a few where influenced enough to stick with it. Many of the methods of persuasion that Hubbard used stack or are more effective in combination and through repetition they grow stronger and stronger. Until finally after years of indoctrination one is a fanatic and zealot ready to kill or die for Hubbard.

  • Panopea Abrupta

    The Pun Is Mightier Than The Hoard:

    DM had spies and allies in City Hall and in the LAPD.
    Eventually, several of them were forced out, Lee Baca among them.
    An ex, formerly of OSA, was asked which of them was the worst.
    He replied “Grapevines stink alike.”

    Hemet? A site for sore “Ayes”

    DM’s awful designs for the Ideal Orgs notwithstanding,
    the state of the Asbestos Albatross leaves even more to be desired.
    In some ways, it is even worse than $cientology’s ineptness in dealing
    with the internet.
    DM? His barque is worse than his byte.

    Richie Acunto, although already bankrupted by his “religion”,
    was invited to yet another truly awful $cientology bash.
    He said it was “a fête worse than debt.”

    Oh, yeah, and from Nancy’s interview at the Chuck Jones Gallery:
    Reverse painting has been around for thousands of years
    where it was widely used for religious paintings.”

    If you say so, Nancy.
    Though what that has to do with these childish cartoons is beyond me.

    • aegerprimo

      I’m laughing so hard at “Asbestos Albatross”.


    • Cedilla

      Keep shakeing it up speare.

  • Mockingbird

    Hubbard’s redefinition of integrity combined with his redefinition of reality as agreement change the definition of truth. Outside Scientology there is a longstanding idea that something exists and human beings don’t completely understand it. Whatever it is has an existence that is not created or changed by our beliefs.

    It is an ideal of an objective truth that is independent of our opinions and perhaps even existence. What we know doesn’t make what we have.

    In Scientology Hubbard projected his own mind. He desired for his magical thinking to change truth, particularly regarding the control of other people. So he suggested that agreement, observation and decision create what actually exists. He wove it into his language and framed all of existence as subject to author approval, with himself as the ultimate editor.

    It denies the need to be humble, to know intellectual limits or that you can’t know everything. It also sets people up to be suggestible. If you believe your thoughts hold power and everything else doesn’t it’s easy to think changing those thoughts changes reality.

    Nancy Cartwright has an integrity that’s tied to faith in Hubbard and Scientology. To a Scientologist only listening to Hubbard and for some Miscavige is having integrity.

    That they used a cruel con to win their trust is a thought they must bury deep down and never face. By agreeing it can’t be they think they can escape it, but they only escape real integrity and perhaps sanity.

    • daisy

      Scientology reminds me of those old bizzaro Superman comics , everything is actually the opposite definition of the word. It still makes me wonder why they bother with wog dictionaries .

      • Mockingbird

        He used normal dictionaries to hide that he was remaking you with Scientology. It’s windows dressing to make study tech indoctrination look like it’s not just what it is: cognitive restructuring.

        His loaded language reframes reality so everything must fit his definitions and assumptions. The opposite definition use is intentional. Using opposite terms sets up double think and the obliteration of understanding. It confuses the mind in a particular way. Orwell understood this in politics and it’s used hundreds of times in Scientology.

        Auditing claims to remove incidents but adds hypnotic content. Clearing is supposed to remove the fictional reactive mind but adds a hypnotic cult identity. Study Technology is supposed to make learning rational and efficient but uses mind control to induce deep trances of thoughtless submission to Hubbard’s authority. It obliterates critical, independent, rational, logical and linear thinking. The elite Sea Org is a low slave class in the Scientology caste system. The Freewinds is a slave ship for enslavement of others. The spiritual freedom Scientology offers is slavery in mind and body. Dianetics the modern science of mental health is the ancient plagiarized practice of hypnotism and pseudoscience with failed stolen Abreactive Therapy as a disguise.

        The running off of hypnosis in auditing is hypnosis.
        The objectives that are alleged to bring one to present time are old school hypnosis from Mesmer and the books of the thirties and forties that create and increase suggestibility.

        • daisy

          Good to have you back MB.

          • Mockingbird

            Thank you daisy.

    • Liberated

      Speaking of crazy, I’ve just learned about the relationship between Trump and Roy Cohn, Wow
      Trump considered Roy his mentor—just when ya think it can’t get any crazier
      A wonderful writer, David Cay Johnston has a new book about Trump and his mob connections, also info how ruthless he can be, and the baby was a relative that he cut off health care from to seek revenge. Trump is a real prince, he is truly a sick pathalogical SOB.
      How is he different from L. Ron ?……he’s not.
      I will be learning more, if I sound like I’m rambling, sorry. This stuff just gets me wound up.

      • Mockingbird

        I have written thousands of words on Trump as a malignant narcissist like Hubbard. He has a devoted group of followers that are Scientology critics that don’t want to hear a word of it.

      • Harpoona Frittata

        It’s a fascinating story which gives you a real context of understanding for all things Trumpian, that’s for sure!

  • OOkpik

    Chris Shelton is doing a bang-up job in his new series on deconstructing the book Scientology. (of course!)
    And it’s no hand-jobbie!

    If you haven’t yet had a listen to today’s posted video, you might want to. It’s easy on the eyes and ears and is packed with great information.

    Way to go, Chris! <3

  • You guys, I was wrong. Thankfully Nancy Cartwrong has shown me the way. I will be completing my A-E in short order and returning to the ever-loving bosom of Miscavige. Thank my postulates that this inheritance just surfaced and how strange it is that it’s exactly the amount of money Nancy Cartwitch said I needed to rejoin Scientology. Now if you can all just give me your full names phone numbers and addresses I will be able to return to Scientology and they will make me like vagina which is what nature apparently intended. Yay Sea Org. Hip hip hooraay for the Freewinds and OT levels. Alex Gibney your movie sucks and everyone hated it after they saw Nancy’s video.

    • Mockingbird

      Uh…straight guys don’t say like vagina…

    • Hey Tony?…. Derek is broken!

      • Hubbard is the truth and the way and the light. Let him enter you and purge you of your disembodied alien demon souls that plague your every waking moment.

        • Eivol Ekdal
          • Must follow Bart Simpson. Must follow. ARC, comm, org boards, sec check, no case on post, must follow now.

            • Eivol Ekdal
            • LOL okay my co-workers are wondering why I am laughing so hard now. That one got me.

            • Pheeew! You scare me

            • Eivol Ekdal

              Back to work, wipe the smirk and we will say no more about it.

            • Baby

              ” That one got me..”
              Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh me too darlin

            • Hehe i love the flag, nice touch.

            • Baby

              I love Johnny’s shit eatin grin at the end..hahahha

              OK I love everything about Johnny.. I am a fan.. I wouldn’t say #1 because many would fight me over him..

            • daisy

              If anything unifies us as a cult , it is our shared admiration of Johnny*s video*s

            • Baby

              Hahhaha This is true Daisy.. He is actually rather shy in person..I love that in a man.. Listen to the women with a nice butt..

              Wow THAT is one in a million ( and I got one too..) a listening man..not me having a nice butt.. hahahhahaha

              OK I thought about it.. I know he is thinking of anything but what I’m blathering about, but he does throw in an ” Uh huh” once in a while..

            • 5 Feet Long and Luminous

              Yeah…it’s his–ahem–videos that we admire.

              (Kidding, JT. You know we adore you for you. ; )

            • Daffy Duck to the rescue…

            • Omg that’s Darkwing Duck!


            • Ohh yes… Darkwing Duck 🙂

    • Spackle Motion

      I probably won’t be thanking your postulates, if that’s OK with you. Sounds like you need a doctor to check that out. Besides, I’m the wrong gender.

    • Baby

      I would Bitch slap you to the moon.. and back.. Here hold this instead of a meter.. xxo love baby f5

      • daisy

        I just disimpacted my mom*s dog an hr. ago. Not so cute the other end of a shitz zu

        • Kestrel

          What a thoughtful, loving child you are.

          • daisy

            LOL-You have no idea, I disimpacted her the hr before.

            • Kestrel

              Good grief! What are they feeding that dog?

            • daisy

              lol-I meant my mom . I won*t go into details but I am only half kidding and yet my sister is still her favorite.( instead of presents at X-mas I offer coupons )

            • Kestrel

              I was afraid of that, but asked about the dog to give you an out.

            • daisy

              I wish I had taken it .

        • Baby

          been there !

    • aegerprimo
      • Oh you’re killing me. Not the Cure. Now i want a beer and friends.

        • aegerprimo

          That is the best cure…. beer and friends.

  • Steve Brackett ~~ Former fiance of Nancy Cartright who did his OT levels and then killed himself.
    As of 2006, he was listed in IAS as GOLD MERITORIOUS $1 MILLION donor (IMPACT
    Some time later both Steve and Nancy Cartwright are listed as major
    IAS donors
    Here he is extreme right, holding Nancy’s hand (she is in white) posing with David Miscavige who scammed $10 million out of them for this one cause alone.

    • OOkpik

      Miscavige is taller than the trio in the center?? PFFFTT!

    • aegerprimo

      It seems to me that Miscavige is always in the same pose in these IAS trophy posed photos. Maybe that is really not the real DM but a cardboard stand-up.

      • Graham

        He’s probably so apprehensive about appearing in public and the possibility of something going wrong and making him look less than perfect that he rehearses, rehearses, rehearses. Result: acts like and looks like a robot; a perfect Action Man with all the humanity drained out of him. Not a cardboard cut-out but he might just as well be.

  • Todd Tomorrow

    I wish they would have asked her if she read the book or saw the movie. We all know entheta is a no no.

  • aegerprimo

    Oh Nancy… I wish you could see that Scientology made you cray-cray.
    (F5 refresh) ………………..

  • MaxSpaceman

    OT. A Scn whale, going political commentary.

    The F’er vescent Grant.

    • aegerprimo

      That actually IS funny.

    • Kay

      THAT is funny !!!!!!! (and there is so little to laugh at these days)

  • Fox owns Nancy -she should not promote Scietologophy using her mouth

  • Mockingbird

    Here’s a description of Doublethink from Changing Minds:

    Doublethink was described by George Orwell as simultaneously holding two conflicting beliefs. Orwell describes it thus:
    “The power of holding two contradictory beliefs in one’s mind simultaneously, and accepting both of them….To tell deliberate lies while genuinely believing in them, to forget any fact that has become inconvenient, and then, when it becomes necessary again, to draw it back from oblivion for just so long as it is needed, to deny the existence of objective reality and all the while to take account of the reality which one denies — all this is indispensably necessary. Even in using the word doublethink it is necessary to exercise doublethink. For by using the word one admits that one is tampering with reality; by a fresh act of doublethink one erases this knowledge; and so on indefinitely, with the lie always one leap ahead of the truth.”
    — George Orwell, Nineteen Eighty-Four

    Orwell describes doublespeak as being a part of newspeak, which is the method for control of thought through subtle language. Doublethink adds control that eliminates uncertainty and so the whole belief system seems coherent.
    Doublethink is not hypocrisy as the person actually believes in both things, even though they contradict.

    • sashiebgood

      Sometimes I really wonder if Hubbard knew that he was creating this meta world of 1984, and if DM knows he’s perpetuating it, it just seems too perfectly aligned with George Orwell`s work. Or if Orwell was simply a genius that could see into the dark heart of sociopaths/tyrannical douchebags.

      • Mockingbird

        I believe Hubbard studied Orwell and his comments on him and his use of propaganda by reversals to create double think is textbook Orwell. As is his changing verbs into nouns. The appendix to 1984 described exactly the methods Hubbard used.

        I believe he understood some aspects of influence incredibly well and others he merely plagiarized and used because they worked.

        Miscavige is far more an enigma. He mimics Hubbard to a degree but few people learn how the methods of thought reform work.

        Miscavige knows he is lying but his knowledge of hypnosis and loaded language is a mystery. A devoted student could learn as much as Hubbard but it would take work.

      • These kinds of behaviours emerge spontaneously from the social situation of totalitarian regimes wherever and whenever they arise.

        If you examine North Korea, the Soviet Union or any number of high-control religious or political groups you will see the same phenomena. Orwell observed this and expressed it perfectly in a fictional form.

        If you read “Animal Farm” as it was intended – a history of the Russian Revolution (no, seriously) that, too, is absolutely perfect. However, nobody suggests that Hubbard used “Animal Farm” as a template for the way in which Scientology developed from a relatively permissive organisation which was going to ‘save the world’ to a repressive and controlling one, which turned its back on the world.

        To think that ‘gurus’ like Hubbard were copying Orwell is to mistake the image in the mirror for the reality it reflects – and to overrate Hubbard. Despite his boasts he evidently didn’t read very deeply and books like “1984” would have gone right over his head. The man was far too superficial to think like that – I mean, read his incoherent books – if this was a great mind, he was hiding it incredibly well.

        He was just recapitulating the development of almost every other repressive regime in history, dressing the repression up as Scientology, and congratulating himself for being so original. He did not understand what he was doing.

        • sashiebgood

          you are right, I doubt Hubbard would have had the insight and patience necessary to regard any author of anything as superior to himself, let alone learn anything from one. he was not without low cunning though, and I suspect that he was delighted with the results of the cult he founded leading to his being regarded as a “great man” among his followers even if he had to keep cramming it down people’s throats and pad his history with lies. he likely would not have seen the forest for the trees though,and would not have realized that he was no better than the “communists’ or dictators that he supposedly railed against.

          • His incredible arrogance enabled him to take ‘credit’ for his ‘sucess’ but it was not down to him. In fact, I think Dianetics would have failed if Hubbard had not have had the extraordinay good luck to have encountered John W Campbell (the editor of “Astounding Science Fiction”) when he was wiriting pulp stories for a living.

            Campbell fell for it, and used the resources of his magazine to promote Hubbard’s creation. This is what gave Hubbard a critical mass of followers, and started his career as a guru. This is something that he could never have acheived for himself.

            Once he had an organisation around him, Scientology took on a life of its own and the members, fortified with a large budget, could make his most insane orders at least seem to work.

            The secret to Scientology’s longevity is that it inherited Hubbard’s obcession with money, and can overcome almost any obstacle by throwing cash at it. It’s now approaching a strange impasse where it has cash reserves, and impressive property portfolio and hardly any (ageing) members.

  • Observer

    This is what I thought of when I saw Nancy’s interview.

    If you never watched Twin Peaks, I’ll reply to this post with a YouTube video of the Red Room. It makes every bit as much sense as Nancy does.


    • Observer
      • daisy

        This in a nutshell is why I would never be a good scientologist. I just can*t follow weird shit. I tried like hell to like the new show everyone was talking about. I carried a log around and everything.
        ETA- actually I would have been the perfect scientologist pretending to understand what is obviously nonsense.

        • flyonthewall
        • flyonthewall

          or the perfect film major

          • Baby

            or philosophy major.. OMG.. Wait .. Psychology Majors were the worst. Always diagnosing everyone.

            PS except Perry who I met in Cleveland was NOT like that. Wanted to add in case he is lurking..

            • flyonthewall

              Perry’s a psych!!?? *shrug* Cool

            • Baby

              Yep.. He will be.. He is studying away.. I told him that he would be great with assisting with decompressing counseling ..

        • Liberated

          I was in, but I wasn’t a good one. It wasn’t long before I realized the definition of a good scientologist——-the one who gives the most money!
          I swear the person that did , had a license to do anything he/she wanted and everyone kissed his/her ass. Every area was actually a micro-cult, whenever someone came back to town after doing OT 3, the arrogance was ridiculous, they actually thought ” my shit doesn’t stink “, Ron said so.
          Made me sick.

      • I’m not sure…. What did i just see?

      • Baby

        I loved twin peaks.. Unless you saw it.. It is difficult to explain. You know like uhm

        Hubbard being able to get a woman… you know one with a pulse and breathing on her own.

        • redfisch

          Ha! I just choked on my sandwich! Good to see you Baby, I was worried about you.

          • Baby

            Oh thanks Red.. I am slowly getting back to being me.

            My personality and behaviors drive me absolutely nuts some days, but when I don’t feel like me.. I miss me. xo

    • aegerprimo

      (4 realz)

    • daisy

      Worth the wait.

    • flyonthewall


    • Vaquera

      That shoop was SO worth the wait!

      • flyonthewall

        this is a master shoop of masterful mastery!

        • Vaquera

          What you said.

    • flyonthewall

      that’s Tommy Davis on the couch!

    • Frodis73

      I am so happy I just happened to catch this awesome shoop!! This is one of my favs from you yet Obs…an that is hard because you have so many great ones.

      • Observer

        Thank you!

        • Baby

          hahhaha oh Obs.. great classic shoop!

      • Baby

        DOOOOOOOOGie.. I haven’t seen you since Cleveland.. (((HUGS))) You are so special to me..

    • Vaquera

      COB as “the man from another place.” Does he reverse-speech in Shermanspeak?

      • Observer

        I don’t know that we’d be able to tell if he did.

  • nottrue

    Nancy telling people to go to Freedom Mag to learn the facts is just showing what a bubble she lives in. Yes people go there and see what a fuckin joke that Mag is. I don’t want to be mean but she has aged 20yr in the last 5yr. Why doesn’t she confront Lawrence Wright or Alex Gibney on the subject

    • Baby

      It is not mean to say she’s aged NT.. it is just the reality of the situation. We have seen how those in long term have aged. ( of course there is always those who get plastic surgery..) ugh..

      but those untouched by surgeons have truly aged.

      • Mary Smith

        Yes look at her now vs. after she finished OTVIII–not a good selling point for those that have supposedly reached Nirvana.

        • Baby

          Absolutely Mary!

  • Baby

    Nancy is 58. Her eyes show how she has aged in Scientology. PS.. No one says Dude anymore..Not even the Ninja Turtles.. f5

  • Mockingbird

    Nancy Cartwright epitomizes the long term Scientologist who will go to the grave convinced Hubbard sold them salvation. It’s tragic.

    • Simi Valley

      Sometimes I wonder if any more still-ins will wake up one of these days or if the remaining clams are hardcore lifers.

      • Mockingbird

        I know from people I have talked to the consensus is that people leave Scientology every day. People get SP declared and have friends and family choose to leave with them.

        I always tell people with family in Scientology to not give up hope.

        The abuses and lies are so extreme that people wake up every day. I just wish they all would immediately. Certainly for their families’ sake.

  • flyonthewall

    I have a playdate with SupperPowers tomorrow!

    • Supper Powers


      • flyonthewall

        so many activities we can do!

        • daisy

          pics please.

          • Supper Powers

            We’ll make a Johnny Tank video.

            • daisy

              YYYEEESSS !!!!

            • beauty for ashes

              I call your leftovers if you cook!

            • Supper Powers

              Ha! I’d cook you a 5 course meal if I visited you!

        • Douglas D. Douglas

          Paddle boarding! I hear it’s very popular just now.

  • Supper Powers

    I can neither confirm nor deny that I have a date with an insect coming up very soon!

  • Kay

    OK…I stay away from politics in the Bunker, but truly I can’t believe no one has used this for a teaser or title of an article regarding this current controversy, (at least I haven’t seen it used) so I’m going to post it here just for the heck of it and because this week marks the 50th anniversary of Star Trek, and because I think the current Mr. Khan has a right to be angry. I shall make no more poiitical statements after this post…just temporarily couldn’t help myself.


    • beauty for ashes

      Someone said, I’ve never seen a pamphlet used like a middle finger before!!! That speech was soo beautiful.
      PS you forgot to say F5!

    • There’s been a great meme on F’book with Trump making one of his angry faces with KAAAAAHHHHN! Printed at the bottom.

    • Missionary Kid

      I believe that The Raw Story used it. If it wasn’t them, it was the Huffington Post a couple of days ago. It’s also been used by a conservative site that claimed that his speech was written by a Democratic speechwriter.

  • Jo

    Nancy, shocked that you keep this lie going, but I’m guessing your in too deep. Sad, really sad.

  • beauty for ashes

    I’d love to hear what Y’all think about this vid. I found his thinking patterns like wave crashing into the shore only to recede and crash again. I’ve never seen someone talk while they are still decompressing. I think he could benefit from a strong ex mentor.

    • Kay

      OK….first tip off is that this guy is still in his bathrobe !! Usually people at least put on a T shirt before they post a video on You Tube. Yes, I think he needs help or support poor kid. I skimmed through it but didn’t watch the whole thing. He needs a mentor.

      • beauty for ashes

        Just saw three other videos with three different bathrobes. Is this a thing the kids are doing now?

    • daisy

      I am so glad social media did not exist when I was this kids age.

      • PerpetualOutflow


  • Baby

    Just got an alert on this.. hahaha.. I think Hannan pushed my buttons.. ( On a youtube video)

    Baby Bunker5 months ago
    +JessietheLookout It’s an interview .. He is asking questions that Tom’s fans want to know. ( Not me..I can’t stand him)

    He is just creepy.

    ****Hannan1111 ****
    +Baby Bunker Liar! If Tom Cruise said to you he wants to meet you, you will be all over him in a hot minute…
    Baby Bunker1 second ago
    I do not lie..I wouldn’t walk across the street to spit on that guy if he was on fire. He promotes nothing but evil. He is vapid. He is an A**Hole.

    Scientology is nothing but a con game. What kind of man doesn’t see his daughter Suri in how long? Years.. He is a joke. That is why Scientology has to interview wives for him. PUHLEASE..

    The thought of him makes my skin crawl. UGH.. You couldn’t pay me to watch any of his movies. I have boycotted him for years. The last movie I saw him in was Jerry McGuire.

    How dare you call me a liar. I threw better than him away in High school.

    • Kay

      LOL !! Good job. I wouldn’t cross the street for him either, and I haven’t seen a movie of his in years, not even on TV. I refuse to. I always thought in particular that what they did with Nazanin Boniadi was tantamount to forced prostitution….how revolting that was. (not to mention everything else everyone has heard, but that one thing has always really really bugged me a lot) To quote you “pffftttt on him.”

      • Baby

        I got a google alert.. on my phone.. and I am not kidding.. I was ready to run around the house with my hair on fire.. OMG.. I would be all over him in a hot minute..

        I showed Mac and he’s still laughing at my reaction Kat..hahahha

        • Kay

          That’s funny !! I would have run around the house too had that happened to me..that is startling !

    • beauty for ashes

      She’s obviously never seen you jump out of a cake! 🙂

      • Baby

        Bawwwwwwwwwwhahahhah OMG beauty.. I was that fat girl with my face broken out with glasses in HS..

        We were such a small school that anyone who showed up for tryouts could be a cheerleader.. and I remember a person on the other squad saying..

        ” I didn’t know fat girls could cheer..”

        Well Bitch look at me now.. Old and chubby..hahahhaa ( I love you) f5

        • Kay

          Hey that girl probably tops 350 lbs now, eats pounds of cheetos, sits on the couch and obsessively orders products to lose weight in the middle of the night !!!! Who’s cheering now ??? hahahahah

          • daisy

            Is that bad ??

            • Kay

              LOL !!! Not if you are me…….I am eating cheetos as I type !! And I order everything online to try to lose weight…..arrgh. None of them work.

            • Baby

              Pizza here.. haa .. Shit it’s Friday.. Amiright?

            • Supper Powers

              Just as long as it doesn’t have Provel on it, that’s awesome.

            • Baby

              haha.. I am a pizza connoisseur..I love pizza.. When I die in the Electric Chair I want Pizza for my last meal.

            • Douglas D. Douglas

              Yes. Friday.

            • Baby

              Hey 3d always good to see you darlin.. I wonder if there are those out there that think that is your real face..hahhahaha

            • daisy

              I cannot eat Cheetos any more, reminds me of Trump.

          • Baby

            That is funny.. That’s exactly how I see her too..

            On Sadie Hawkins day the girls could ask the boys out.. So for the dance I asked a guy named Gary Rudder..

            Well Gary said..” Why don’t you lose about 50# and come back and ask me? ”

            Saw him at a reunion.. He was about 70 # overweight.. and looked miserable with his wife..
            and that was during my ” Jumpin out of cake days.. ” and I worked it..hahahahhahaha

            and he asked me if I wanted a drink.. and I quoted him from 1965.. and told him I waited 10 years to tell him that..

            Oh Karma I am a Bitch..

            • beauty for ashes


            • Baby


        • beauty for ashes

          I’m sorry but you don’t qualify as chubby. Nope. <3 <3 <3

          • Baby

            The steroids I was on put me over the top.. slowly getting back to my fighting weight..

            ( Very very slowly..) xo

        • Vaquera

          Babe, you can still rock a cheer and I have Cleveland video to prove it!

          • Baby

            Texas..hahahah I forgot about that! ha

            ” Open up the Barn Door
            Pitch in the Hay..
            We’re from (blank)
            Hip Hip hooray..”

            OMG.. That is so Gay ..and not in a sexy lesbian way..

            • daisy

              LOL pee funny.

            • Baby

              Here is another..
              All set.. You Bet..

              We are the ( fill in blank with town ) Girls
              We wear our hair in curls..
              We wear our Dungarees
              Above our dirty knees..

              We are too old for toys, but we’re just
              Right for boys .. We are the ( town name) Girls..

              YOU LUCKY BOYS.. Cartwheel JUMP..

              Yep 1965 .. We were way ahead of our time. ( Dungarees) ha

          • ReallyMGM

            Oh please….make this go viral!!!

    • outraged

      BABY!! You go girl. Cruise is a pathetic excuse for a dad. Very sad. Glad Suri has a what seem to be a VERY nurturing mom. Better than I got!

      • Baby

        Pushed my buttons O.R. hahah.. Suri has a fabulous Midwestern raised Mama now.. very nurturing.. ( From Knit and my town) I know many that know her parents..Although they are very tight lipped..

        Sorry you were dealt a bad hand honey as far as Moms go.. sigh f5

      • Liberated

        Remember, it’s ok to be a pathetic excuse to be for a dad, It’s not his hat!

    • Jo

      Don’t hold back, say how u feel, lol.

      • Baby

        Hi JoJo.. I know.. hahhahahhaha I loathe Tom Cruise.. Loathe

    • Cedilla

      “I wouldn’t walk across the street to spit on that guy if he was on fire.”

      I just can’t believe that of you.
      You’re a good human.

      I’m not calling you a liar, either.

      Yours truly, Ms. Budinsky

    • sashiebgood

      I absolutely agree! I have NEVER thought much of TC,even before I knew he was a Scio. I always felt he was terribly overrated as an actor and a good looking man (meaning he’s a shortarse with a crap personality to boot.). Reading the VF article about his treatment of Nazanin Boniadi (who IS a great actor and beautiful to boot) made me sick, and further stories about him from Going Clear and Troublemaker only cemented my view. I’d hate to say that no one is irredeemable, but TC seems right up there with DM on the sociopath scale. His movies have been banned from my house, I’d stand next to you, Baby, hocking loogies that just miss the mark. Xoxo

      • Baby

        Amen Sista sashie..

        When my daughter and granddaughter visited I heard my daughter say..
        ” Mom would kill us if she knew..” ( Hmmmmmm)

        I opened the door and I’ll be damned they were watching some lame ass TC movie..

        I said to my daughter..” I thought I raised you better than that..” I was serious and she laughed..hahaha ( She’s 48)

  • outraged

    That Nancy Cartwright is one scary looking person. She seems to be getting more and more…..ummm…well….you know.,,,,more. Must be all the hate she spews.

    • beauty for ashes

      Does it say anything about Disqus Dice? That beeotch makes me crazy 😉

      • Disqus is seriously psychotic and out this world, so nope!

    • iampissed

      Never happened Dice…your crazy. Really go look it up!…just wanted to say Hi
      No that never happened either.

    • Liberated

      Dice, you have no idea how much this link means to me. I am a survivor.

      • I think we all have been there at some point and lot’s of it is very familiar to me also.

    • Baby

      Good write up dice.. and one of my favorite movies..

  • Douglas D. Douglas

    Yeah, O/T, but…

    Mrs. D and I got out to the movies. Among the trailers was one for some sort of spy/revenge/caper flick, set up with a series of cut shots that did not reveal exactly who was causing all the on screen mayhem. After several unsavory characters expressed amazement at the sudden appearance of the unseen protagonist, it was finally revealed that it was Tom Cruise as Jack Reacher in Jack Reacher 2. And in our audience there were audible giggles and catcalls.

    (Not from us, though. We would never disturb our fellow movie-goers. We confined ourselves to coordinated eye rolls.)

    • beauty for ashes

      Not even fake throwup noises? lol Naw I bet Y’all are to klassy!

      • Douglas D. Douglas

        We keep it 100. What can I say?

        • beauty for ashes

          I might actually hurl if I saw puffy face that big on the screen. Plus Jack Reacher 2 just sounds like a bad porn. I hope it bombs spectacularly.

          • You’re thinking of Jack Reacharound 2: Where’s my Purell?

          • Harmless Weirdo

            I hope it bombs spectacularly for no better reason than Tom Cruise is not Jack Reacher. Daniel Craig? Sure. Viggo Mortensen? You betcha. Tom Cruise? No, no, a thousand times NO.

            • beauty for ashes

              IKR? Jack Reacher is supposed to be really tall, isn’t he?

    • Cedilla
    • Baby

      You would have died of embarrassment if I were with you 3D.. f5

      • Baby


        • Baby

          OMG.. IT’S SUPPOSED TO be a freakin GIF.. hahahhaha.. oops my bad..f5

  • outraged

    Is this a PRO $cientology statement?

  • noseinabk

    I didn’t know that Camelot castle had been used for filming before. Doc Martin is on Netflix and the opening of season one, episode one shows the front of the building and a dining room. No butterflies and glitter spotted. 😕

    • Baby

      No but UGH spotted nose.

  • JanInThePan

    Wow.What happened to her? She looks.. not well. Sad.

  • allioops

    I think that the pictures of NYPD community relations Officers were pulled; because of Poor Community Relations they might cause if the NYPD is shown with this evil cult. I cannot imagine one Harlem resident going into this monstrosity of a building without walking right out – what will they see there? No place to pray, obviously not a church. Nor will they have some community activities without a high price. iT IS A “FLUNK” on the Cult of Scientooledgy.
    On another note; last Monday, 8/2/16; was the NYC “Night Out Against Crime” gathering. I mt with our Queens Borough President and asked her why she posed with the “foundation for a drug free world” front group last year? She said: “Oh I pose for so many thousands of different groups.” I explained that she should be careful who she connects herself with; especially if she wishes to have a successful political career.

    • Baby

      Good one Alli! The word has got to get out about these.. ” Subgroups..” that aren’t Scientology my ass.

    • Juicer77

      Good job, Alli!

  • daisy

    Finally listened to Chris S. video. I love that he has so much fun with Hubbard*s lies. This is a man who once held these beliefs to be true. The ability to laugh about it now and the ability to heal , is inspiring. Hubbard*s and Trump*s names could be interchangeable.

    • PerpetualOutflow

      Just listened to it too and am appalled by J. Gordon’s shoddy “research” and spin on behalf of $cientology. Worst of all, he wrote this AFTER it would have been much easier to ascertain the truth. Thank you Chris for shining a bright light on this sad effort to prop up the clam cult.

      • ReallyMGM

        What disgusts me is there are SO MANY academics out there in colleges and universities teaching this shit to students drilling it into there heads. I looked up a colleague of Melton and her classes she teaches in Relious studies at a Southern CA university. The syllabus was unbelievable. All apologetic perspective. And guess what? One lecture day and assignment is devoted “The Church if Scientology” with readings from Dianetics and the speaker was a “reverend” from a SoCa Scientology “church.”

        • PerpetualOutflow

          Wow, cant believe it’s gotten that bad. That’s truly stat-worthy for them. Shows their outreach to these academics is working. On the other hand, religious studies departments have always had a sprinkling of offerings about bizarre “«religious” groups and minority practices. This could just show that $cientology has come out of nonexistence and into the fringe minority practice category.

          • ReallyMGM

            I will try to find the the syllabus link and post it. It was crazy. One of Melton’s apologist colleagues.

  • Baby

    Sunset on my Island ( Not my photo) found it on FB today..But it looked just like that.

    Watching the Original King Kong.. always a classic..1933

  • Jim Buchan

    I wonder if a person that is so brainwashed, would they be crushed after the realization it was just BS?

    • daisy

      I often wonder that too. At what point is it kinder to let them have their delusion , IF they are not hurting others. The evidence on the bunker alone is encouraging . Our exes are proof it is possible to heal .

      • OOkpik

        The sticky fact is that those who are supporting the cherch are, inadvertently or not, hurting others.

        • daisy

          Yes I totally agree.

    • OOkpik

      The embarrassment and shame would indeed be crushing and, sadly, the huge sacrifices and shattered dreams have been enough to drive many beyond endurance. No one escapes unscathed.

      Processing the sense of betrayal and loss can take years. Without effective support, some don’t make it at all. Thanks to the internet, the heroes who have dedicated their efforts to exposing Scientology­­­ lies and abuses and to the courage of the exes themselves, recovering from the mindf–k can be a lot smoother and quicker than was previously likely. Life and love await the bubble-dwellers who reach for it.

      • ReallyMGM

        I don’t know if it can be said any better, OOkpik. PTSD and stages of grief.

    • Juicer77

      Depends on the person. Some may feel crushed, others incredibly angry, and everything in between. “Waking up” or “returning to one’s authentic self” (as Steve Hassan puts it) is incredibly jarring. For someone who has been fanatical for years, it must be earth shaking.

  • Mockingbird

    I don’t know if anyone else posted the Scientology Money Project story on Nancy Cartwright.

    It’s terrific

    • ReallyMGM

      Thanks, M’bird. I love the articles there and didn’t have the site bookmarked to have it on my reading list.

      ETA: Great article!

  • Baby

    Night good people.. can’t sit anymore.. love you all.. Going to snuggle with my babies.. love baby..xo f5

  • Well, a couple of thoughts on todays’s post. First, what’s with Her Imperial Governess-ship of the Valley of the Porn? She seems wound tight as a drum, shaking actually. She looks tired. And it’s like she knows that nobody’s gonna buy what she’s selling. “Look at me!” she says. I see a sad looking person for whom money and fame seem to offer little satisfaction.
    Then there’s J. Gordon Melton. What an epic crank. He’s pushed my buttons for years with his creepy shilling for the cult. This new series of Chris’ is great. I learned a few new things about Melton and also had no idea that he sank so low as to try to put a shine on the murderous Aum Shinrikyo and Asahara. I hope ol’ Gordo is watching.

    • Franklin Adams

      Anyone doing apologia for assholes who use weapons of mass destruction on unarmed civilians deserves to be lit up with a White Phosphorus grenade. Just my opinion but I’m likely not alone in this.

      • I’m sure a lot of Asahara’s victims would join you.

    • ReallyMGM

      J. Gordon Melton is the wack job who has asserted that the People’s Temple was not a cult but a mainstream religion. Also Children of God. This is an old story from the Milwaukee Journal buried in there archives, no link so copy/ pasted it. He is a despicable man.
      Lawyer Daniel John noted that Dr. J. Gordon Melton when interviewed by an American newspaper in 1988, had defended groups such as the Peoples Temple which was involved in the Jonestown mass suicide in 1978.
      In the Milwaukee Journal report at the time, Dr Melton had said that the mass suicide had been transformed into a “definitive cult horror story” by the media and anti-cult groups.
      He was quoted as having said of the Peoples Temple: “This wasn’t a cult. This was a respectable, mainline Christian group.”
      When questioned in court yesterday, he said that he had been quoted correctly.
      He also replied that another US-based group, Children of God, was not a cult, although he found the group’s teachings of encouraging sexual intercourse and masturbation as forms of worshipping God to be “immoral and distasteful”.
      He was also reported by the US paper as describing the Peoples Temple as “a congregation in a Christian denomination recognized by the National Council of Churches”.
      He also said at the time: “Overwhelmingly, so-called cults have a positive impact on people’s lives. The worst thing that most of these groups can do is waste your time.”
      Counsel for the defense noted that Dr Melton had been criticized for being a “cult apologist who has a long association of defending the practices of destructive cults” by another expert quoted in the Milwaukee report.
      Dr. Melton also told the court that that Jehovah’s Witnesses, a religious group that is banned in Singapore, was not a cult.
      He said: “They are obnoxious people, but they are not dangerous. They will not kill anybody.”

  • OOkpik

    I could use a little help here.
    The screen on my PC has suddenly gone sideways and I haven’t a clue how to change it back. Any ideas?

    ETA: Solved. Patrik to the rescue.

    • Patrik Axelsson

      Did you accidentally press ctrl + alt + right-arrow all at once by mistake perhaps? Try pressing those keys again.

    • Patrik Axelsson

      Actually, try ctrl + alt + up-arrow as well. I experimented on my own PC that and that did it for me,

      • OOkpik

        Bless your fuzzy heart, Patrik. It worked! I’m laughing my silly head off!
        Crazy things are always happening if I rest my wrists below the keyboard (which I do) but this is a new one on me. I didn’t even know it was possible. Fascinating!
        Thanks for the education. Mmmwwaa!

        • Patrik Axelsson

          My pleasure! The feature is mostly there for people who use tilted screens for pictures or reading long articles, presumably. Glad it worked for you!

          • OOkpik

            Me too. Trying to use the touchpad was driving me barmy. 🙂

    • Juicer77

      Sorry, I just couldn’t resist. (f5) Wish I could help!

      • OOkpik


  • Juicer77

    Someone is trying to hide…tweet that had Emily’s photo from ComiCon “is unavailable”

  • OOkpik

    This morning’s “wrinkly”.

    • wtf! 🙂 i thought it was only dogs

    • YellowSubmarine

      Whaa! Love those!

  • Mooser42001

    “I believe that there is a power that I am striving for. I think the best
    way to describe that would be to name that “God,” you know. And ideally
    I would have to say that I am striving to be that God.”

    That is a big sin. I hope she is grounded. That is lightening-bolt stuff.

  • JJ

    Integrity Tech.

  • Delraye

    Awesome video, Chris. You are very enlightening.

  • clarknt67

    Venturing a guess the NYPD asked the pictures be pulled. They have official rules about members being photographed in uniform. They are broken all the time but in a case where officers are with an unpopular scary cult they might get enforced.

  • Phoebequeen

    The , ” I am helping” line always reminds me of the Tom Cruise dialogue in the film that was not meant to go public. When he describes that if he saw a car accident, he would be the only one to be able to really help. Good Lord. The brain washing.

  • What it look like

    Lordy Lordy Lordy