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Scientology caves: Fred Haseney avoids court hearing, will take camera to Big Blue tomorrow


[Fred Haseney, with ‘Call Me’ sign, at June 24 ‘Battlefield Earth’ event]

“Fred Haseney has entered into a settlement agreement, and he will be continuing his First Amendment activity around Big Blue,” says attorney Graham Berry, explaining why there will not be a court hearing today over a Scientology lawyer’s request for a restraining order against Haseney that accused him of stalking a Scientology employee.

For months, Haseney has been documenting Scientology activities with his camera, particularly Scientology’s attempts to “body route” new people into its L.A. facilities. A former Scientologist himself, Haseney told us that he had decided to leave the church after reading pages from this website. And his activities were not popular with the church. In May, Scientology vice president Janet Weiland visited the transitional home where Haseney lived (he’s been out of a permanent job since 2009), and tried to get the Baptist pastor who runs it to convince Haseney to stop his photography sessions. The pastor refused.

On June 24, Scientology lawyer Kendrick Moxon filed for a temporary restraining order against Haseney on behalf of Beatriz Castro Macias, claiming that Haseney had been following her to her apartment with his camera. Haseney denied that, and said he didn’t know who Castro was. A hearing was scheduled for July 15, today.

But earlier this week, Moxon indicated that the church was willing to settle the matter. One of our sources tells us that happened once Fred’s side let Moxon know they planned to call Karen de la Carriere and other witnesses at the hearing to talk about Scientology’s own history of stalking and photography.

Graham Berry would only say that a settlement had been reached, and that the terms were confidential. He was hired by Haseney after Fred raised money through the Internet.


“I was more than happy to assist,” Berry says.

But all is not good news for Haseney. At the same time that he was learning his legal problems were going away, he was getting kicked out of the transitional home, Hope Again, where he had lived for the past four years. We asked him why that had happened, and he said that right around the time that Weiland made her visit to the home to talk to the pastor, a new resident also showed up who took an instant dislike to Haseney.

Over several weeks, Haseney says, that developed in odd ways until he found himself being screamed at in the house in what he perceived as a clearly targeted campaign. Under the house rules at Hope Again, when a conflict develops between two tenants, both of them are asked to leave. So, on Tuesday afternoon, Haseney found himself having to trash a large portion of his possessions so he could move out. He’s now staying in a cheap motel and paying for it from savings he managed to eke out from temporary jobs he’s had over the last four years.

Still, he plans on being at Scientology’s Big Blue complex on L. Ron Hubbard Way tomorrow afternoon with his camera to cover the final Maiden Voyage event, and he is hoping that several people can join him.

“I really want to thank everyone who donated for the legal fund. I don’t have much access time to a computer now that I’ve left Hope Again, but I did get a chance to send an email to Paulette Cooper, thanking her for her donation. I’m hoping to get time to thank everyone else,” he said.


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