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Scientology produces miracles — but you only get to hear about them in one place


We want to thank the tipster who sent us our favorite section of Scientology’s newest Advance! magazine, the publication of the Advanced Organization of Los Angeles (AOLA).

We really enjoy the “OT Phenomena” in each issue, a collection of fun stories submitted by advanced Scientologists with all of the miraculous things they can now do since Scientology made them superhuman.

You see, Scientology tries to keep this from the public, but what its members are really doing is getting themselves up the “Bridge to Total Freedom” so they can get to the point where they will be paying several hundred dollars an hour for counseling to remove invisible alien beings from themselves. It’s a form of space-age exorcism that helps you rid yourself of hidden “body thetans.” As a result, your immortal self, a thetan, can then do all sorts of amazing, supernatural things that low-level Scientologists can only dream about.

This is the stuff that keeps people coming back for more, until they’ve spent half a million to two million dollars, and have disconnected from everyone who might frown on this as nothing more than self-delusion. But we love it! We can never get enough of these stories, and we don’t understand why Scientology isn’t more public about all the spooky stuff their OTs can do. So let’s dig in!


In The Heart of a Storm

When I finished OT III, I didn’t yet fully realize what I would be able to do with my new abilities. I felt great when I got home and went back to work the next day in my construction business. I didn’t think too much about it until one day there was a big winter storm blowing through the city. The rain clouds were black and gray and lightning was crackling all through the sky along with a strong wind and heavy downpour. My intention was that I could finish the work that we had to do. I could see the rain pouring down heavily all around us, but not where we were working. In fact, the sun was shining down on us through a small opening in the midst of the rain clouds. I was quite amazed as I wasn’t sure how I was doing this, just that my intention was very strong to finish the job. My partner, George, looked at me and said, “I can see working with you is going to be real interesting.” And that was one of my first OT experiences. — R.F.

Disrupted Dreams

When my daughter was about three years old, she began having nightmares every night. It was always the same dream. She told us that in the dream she was being chased by vicious monkeys. I didn’t think much of it at the time.

One night, in tears, she crawled into bed with my wife and I. Needing more room, I got up and went to sleep in her bedroom. Then it happened — I found myself in a nightmare being chased by vicious monkeys and woke up in a cold sweat!

Since moving through the OT levels, I had gained the ability to be exterior at will, so with my body lying there, I exteriorized and sought out the source of the dream… and I found it. Deep below the earth under our house there was an ancient being stuck in an incident of being chased by monkey-like creatures. I decided to see if I could help him.

When the comm line went in, the being popped out of the incident and moved up to present time. The feeling of relief from him was enormous and quite remarkable. Seems he had been stuck in that condition for a very long time. That was the end of my daughter’s nightmares and she hasn’t had them since! — J.K.


While I was mid New OT V, I was on a break between sessions and decided to take a nap. I was alone in my room, when suddenly I perceived that someone was calling my name or trying to reach me. I got the idea I was supposed to go back in session.

I got up and went to get something to eat. About five minutes after I finished my meal, my Tech Page came to find me in the restaurant and told me that my auditor was ready and it was time to go in session.

They had apparently been trying to get ahold of me but had been unsuccessful on the phone. I realized the Board I/C had called my name for session. Wow, I have super-hearing. I completely perceived that this was going to happen. — T.I.

Disaster Averted

If you ask anyone who knows me, they will tell you the same thing. I love airplanes. I find them stunning, and I am in as high ARC as you can get with an object.

One Sunday afternoon, I was working in my garden, telling my husband about what a responsibility it is to maintain airplanes as they require precision care.

Just at that moment, a large airplane soared across the sky above us. As it went past I felt huge ARC for it but also perceived that something was wrong. There was some technical problem with it, and if not handled it wouldn’t stay in the air. I put all of my attention on the plane.

I found out the next day that right after this incident had happened, the Disaster Protection team from our local airport had made the airplane turn around and return, where they found there was a major technical defect with the plane.

It was very validating to know that my perception was so good and that I actually helped on the theta line to get this airplane back to the airport, safely grounded and avoided a potential catastrophe! — I.A.

Night Vision

I have very bad eyesight due to an accident that I had as a child. I had often addressed this in my auditing and seen improvement, but nothing like what happened to me late one evening.

I was lying in bed one night, relaxing after a long day, peacefully looking around the room when I realized that I needed to turn the lights out and go to bed to be sessionable for the next day.

I blinked and the room was black. I shook my husband and asked him, “Did you turn out the lights?” and he mumbled to me, “Sweetie — the lights have been off for over ten minutes.” I had just been perceiving the entire room with perfect clarity with no consideration on sight, despite the lights being off and not having my contacts in. — L.V.

On An Icy Road

I am a trucker by profession, and I was traveling through the middle of nowhere in the aftermath of a sudden snowstorm. The snow had just stopped and the conditions seemed beautiful. It was shortly past midnight and with no one else on the road, I was cruising along, enjoying the crystal clear sky and stars sparkling bright. About an hour later while going down a slight slope, my truck took a sudden slide about 30 degrees to the right and I started heading towards a ditch. Unbeknownst to me, vapor from an electric generation plant I could see in the distance had coated the road in a slick black ice.

Instantaneously, with no thinking, I popped out exterior about 50 feet above the truck to the right and slightly behind the trailer. I gave the rig a quick “kick” back towards the highway. Then I found myself back in the driver’s seat, a little shaken but okay, and I continued on my way. — D.S.


Scientology releases Kazakh woman after media storm

The Kazakh press is reporting that Regina Hikmatulina, the 20-year-old Sea Org employee whose mother, Dina Tylevich, has been raising such a fuss in the media there about being disconnected from her daughter, is now back in Kazakhstan. Just days after our story about her appeared, Regina was flown from Clearwater to Astana by way of New York and Moscow, where she was reunited with her biological father. Her mother and stepfather, who live in Almaty, were on their way to see her.

We hope to follow up with the Tylevich family, who are set to go on a TV show about their reunion.

Meanwhile, surprising no one, the Russian supreme court upheld a lower court’s banning of Scientology’s Moscow org, just days after the country’s secret service raided 14 different Scientology addresses in the latest round of law enforcement cracking down on the organization there.

To help us understand what’s going on in Russia, former Sea Org worker Chris Shelton has put together a video discussing these developments…



What not to do after drinking strong Oregon ale

Dear Portland,

Scientology is dying on its own. While it can be fun and useful to stand outside with educational signs and watch an Ideal Org decay, pushing inside like this isn’t helpful.



Bonus items from our tipsters

In Volgograd, Scientology actually may be the coolest religion on earth.



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