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Scientology’s ‘Battlefield Earth’ campaign, featuring Frank Frazetta and a crashed saucer


It’s time again for Rod Keller’s Scientology Social Media Review. He’s made a specialty of hunting down the odd and wonderful things Scientologists post to the ‘net. He’s a chronicler who piece by piece builds a highly detailed assessment of what Scientology is doing around the world, and this is what he found for us this week…

Scientology is re-releasing L. Ron Hubbard’s 1982 novel Battlefield Earth this week. Sea Org members John Goodwin (dressed as Terl) and Emily Jones from Scientology’s Galaxy Press visited The Red Booth, a YouTube show with Scientologist host Kimberly Quigley. (Emily is the daughter of Phil and Willie Jones, who are known for the “Call Me” billboards.)



The front of the Author Services building in Hollywood is decorated for the re-launch.


Bookstore owners are receiving promotional materials, urging them to order large stocks of the book. Frank Frazetta’s painting, “Man the Endangered Species,” was commissioned by Hubbard’s literary agency, Author Services Inc., and was finished in 1987, the year after Hubbard’s death (Frazetta himself died in 2010). The image will be on the cover of the new edition of the book, and according to ASI’s own history of Battlefield Earth editions, Frazetta’s illustration has never been on the cover of the book before.


Scientologists are being urged to review the book on This is the “hat pack” explaining how to write a review.

If you have read Battlefield Earth, Author Services needs YOU to write an honest review of the book NOW to Amazon and submit it tonite! We need 1800 reviews tonite by midnight!

Instructions below:


And one more Battlefield Earth item. We hear that Scientology will be closing down streets for its book relaunch as they set up a crashed space saucer for the occasion. If you happen to see the scene, please snap a photo for us.

Russian Field Auditors are offering a special briefing called Excalibur to Scientologists on Role of Earth, explaining many of L. Ron Hubbard’s “space opera” theories.



Receive briefing from Ildar Yamaeva From V “The role of the Earth” part 1,2,3.

Part 1
– How and why are we here?
– What are the 5 five kinds of people make up the population of the Earth?

– Where on earth are the station of implantation?
– Is there life on Mars?
– How long do we still have time?

Part 2
– How to in fact there were the pyramids on Earth
– How are the fourth conquest of power and the dollar
– Who really rules the earth
– Who was next to Jesus Christ at the time of the birth
– What happened over the Kremlin that even scientists could not explain
– What is the secret society trying to rule the world, and who is behind them
– They found preclears when LRH began to conduct their special process to exteriorize a thetan.
– A fascinating story about what happened to the man who held the FDC, which provided LRH himself. What he wrote many years later LRH and that he told him.
– Tells OT8 graduate and Super Strength.

Part 3
– The surprising appearance of Darwin’s theory
– Structure of “theirs” control
– Doll bodies and rebellion
– Where are we
– How to set up civilization
– Due which is why there were war, disease, famine and other disasters
– How long have we been OT
– How is it that the bodies were in OT
– 60-second incident with mammoths
– Always earth revolved as now
– What’s happening
– The problem of the Confederation

This week Scientology is celebrating the Maiden Voyage event aboard the Freewinds, marking the anniversary of the opening of the ship as a Scientology org. The ship has a shortage of cooks.

The Freewinds is looking to hire a chef to come help them and cook on the ship for Maiden Voyage. I wish I could go, I really do, but as I am ex-SO, I am not qualled to be hired by the ship for this job. So I want someone to go and show me pictures! Please let me know, as a favor, but call the Food and Beverage I/C (at least I think that is her post) on the Ship.


The Freewinds is the home of the Competence and Leadership Course, in which passengers participate in seamanship drills such as hanging off the side of the ship and operating lifeboats.


Sunday Night at the Pavilion is an occasional event at the Celebrity Center in Hollywood organized by Scientologist Harriet Schock featuring local musicians.


Scientology participated in The People’s Fair, an annual festival held at the capital building in Denver, Colorado, recruiting new members with stress tests and copies of Dianetics.


Scientologist Cary Goulston and The Jam Band are on a tour of Israel to promote and distribute the books Dianetics and The Way to Happiness.


Bernard and Meghan Fialkoff hosted a concert at Percy E. Sutton High School in Harlem, New York to celebrate United Nations Day Against Drugs and to promote Scientology’s anti-drug message.


Erik Gáll is the first Scientologist to attest to Clear at the recently opened Karpaty mission in Bratislava, Slovakia.


Elio Cervi will speak at the Tampa Ideal Org on June 15th on how a thetan creates energy and how to control time.


— Rod Keller


John_Duignan‘The Complex’ author John Duignan unloads on ‘Ruthless’

When Ron Miscavige’s memoir Ruthless: Scientology, My Son David Miscavige, and Me was released early in May, we posted the first review of it anywhere, explaining both how thrilling it was to have a book out by the father of Scientology’s leader, as well as one that confirmed what we’d already reported, that Lisa Marie Presley played a significant role in its development.

We also expressed a few reservations, specifically about the way it tended to give L. Ron Hubbard a pass, and was generally unreflective on the nature of Scientology itself. Others, including our excellent commenter Once Born, have gone into that in more detail.

And now, John Duignan, author of the 2008 book The Complex, has really taken Miscavige’s book to task for not providing a more critical look at Scientology and Ron Miscavige’s own role in it. In a lengthy essay posted to the Steemit website, Duignan says he ran into Ron numerous times during his own career in Scientology and found him to be distant and unsympathetic. But more importantly, Duignan says, Ron really avoids examining his own complicity in what Scientology became under his son’s rule.

It’s a fascinating article, and we think it has some key insights into both Scientology and Ron’s book. And a little criticism isn’t going to hurt a book that’s already a bestseller and has given Ron Miscavige the opportunity to talk about his son’s brutal treatment of others in the major media.




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