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Scientology’s next big opening — its totally unneeded ‘Advanced Org’ in Australia


It’s time again for Rod Keller’s Scientology Social Media Review. He’s made a specialty of hunting down the odd and wonderful things Scientologists post to the ‘net. He’s a chronicler who piece by piece builds a highly detailed assessment of what Scientology is doing around the world, and this is what he found for us this week…

Scientology is recruiting Sea Org members to work at the new CLO and Ideal Advanced Org under renovations in Chatswood West, NSW Australia. The facility is the former National Acoustics Laboratory and will replace the facility on Greek Street in the Glebe area of Sydney. Staff will still be berthed in Dundas and travel to the Advanced Org by bus. Scientology has informed neighbors that the grand opening will be held in September. The Underground Bunker previously reported that Scientology is paying $37 million for this project, and admitted in its own economic impact report that this costly and huge facility will only serve about 87 Scientologists at any one time.



Rev. Alfreddie Johnson and Dr. Larry Muhammad have launched a new Scientology front group – Master Learners Academy to promote Scientology “study tech” to revolutionize education in the United States and the world.

All of those who have been trained in some way in Dianetics or the Social Betterment programs, we are recruiting 1,000 trainers to deliver the Master Learners Academy curriculum across the country and world.


Scientologists Bernard and Meghan Fialkoff hosted the Drug Free Heroes Awards ceremony this week, honoring those who have worked with the New York chapter of the Scientology front group the Foundation for a Drug-Free World over the past year. Guests included Anthony Miranda of the National Latino Officers Association of America, Tamara Chalvire of the greater New York Police Athletic League, John Redman of the California High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area group, Sgt. Manuel Rodriguez and Michael McCormack of the Delaware Water Gap, Pennsylvania State Constable’s office, Jose Nunez, Deputy Sheriff of the Rockland County Sheriff’s Department, Rabbi Levy Abdurakhmanov, Benny Abdurakhmanov, and a number of New York city police officers.


Scientologist and Power FSM Matthew Terrenzi are holding a summer camp for children at the Celebrity Centre International in Hollywood June 13-17.


Saint Hill Manor will hold its annual Arts Festival on July 31 – August 7. All are welcome to come and “join the create.”


The Nashville, Tennessee org is hosting a Dianetics seminar for members of the Nation of Islam to celebrate the start of Ramadan on June 4-5.


The Scientology front group Youth for Human Rights distributed literature and encouraged visitors to chalk in the group’s logo to indicate their favorite human right at the Round Tower in central Copenhagen this week. The 35-meter observation tower was completed in 1642 as part of the Trinity Church complex and the Copenhagen University Library.


Scientologist John Dobos (blue shirt) and others protested the annual meeting of the Hungarian Psychiatric Association in Budapest this week.


Scientologist Dasha Chernykh and friends distributed leaflets from the Scientology group CCHR at the Kiev train station this week, warning the public of the dangers of Psychiatry.


The Buenos Aires org held an Ideal Org fundraiser this week, and announced that space plans have been completed for the new building. All reports indicate the building is in very poor condition and renovations may never be completed. The event featured funny hats, tango dancers, and a visit from Pepe, the Ideal Org frog.


Scientology is planning to protest the Royal College of Psychiatrists annual meeting on June 29th at the ExCeL Center in the Newham Borough of London.


— Rod Keller


John Sweeney, novelist


BBC journalist John Sweeney sent us this note about his new book, Cold….

When you’re writing your first thriller, coming up with names is something of a challenge. The hero of my spy novel, Cold, is called Joe Tiplady. He’s an ex-IRA man who went to North Korea to learn how to kill the British. And then he realised the people in North Korea were brainwashed. And perhaps he’d been too. I’m going to write about the real Joe Tiplady soon. Cold is about brainwashing and spying and killing. It’s set, chiefly, in Russia and Britain and the United States. There’s an ex-Mormon CIA man in it called Zeke. And his boss? Mike Rinder — nothing whatsoever to do with the Mike Rinder who was, once, the head of Scientology’s spying agency. The real Mike Rinder now leads a very different life. Is Cold‘s Mike Rinder like the real Mike Rinder? To find that out, I’m afraid, you’re going to have to buy the book. It’s currently number two in USA.




3D-UnbreakablePosted by Tony Ortega on June 5, 2016 at 07:00

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