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[Ron Miscavige’s book, with its US and UK covers, is due out a week from today]

London publisher Silvertail Books has received a letter from Scientology leader David Miscavige’s attorneys threatening that it will be sued for defamation if it goes through with plans to publish Ron Miscavige’s book due out next week. The letter also indicates that Ron’s US publisher, St. Martin’s Press, has received similar warnings.

And according to the way book contracts work, a suit against the book would mean that David Miscavige would be suing his own father.

Ron’s book, Ruthless: Scientology, My Son David Miscavige, and Me, will be featured this Friday night on ABC’s 20/20 program, and it promises to be a devastating look at how Ron’s son, David Miscavige, became the dictatorial leader of the Scientology organization.

But even at this late date, with only days to go before publication, Scientology’s attorneys are trying to scare the book’s publishers out of going through with having copies on sale May 3.

“You are now on notice of the highly defamatory content of the subject book,” the letter states. “In the event that you proceed…our client will be left with no alternative but to seek the protection of UK/Irish defamation and other laws. Accordingly, even at this late stage, we would urge you to reconsider your decision to proceed…[with] what clearly will be a totally unjustified, premeditated attack on our client’s reputation and character.”

The letter claims that David Miscavige has had “no meaningful relationship” with his father since he was sixteen years old, and it indicates that Scientology has been trying to convince St. Martin’s Press of Ron Miscavige’s “sinister background.” (In other words, a classic Scientology “dead agent” campaign, as described by its founder, L. Ron Hubbard, which is designed to smear the reputation of someone criticizing Scientology, in this case David Miscavige’s own father.)

Silvertail publisher Humfrey Hunter tells us the letter has not changed his mind.

“Silvertail will publish Ruthless in the UK on 3 May as planned,” he says.

Full disclosure: Silvertail is also the publisher of The Unbreakable Miss Lovely, our history of Scientology’s attempt to destroy the life of journalist Paulette Cooper. Hunter also published John Sweeney’s 2013 book about Scientology, Church of Fear, and brought back into print Russell Miller’s biography of L. Ron Hubbard, Bare-Faced Messiah.

The letter Hunter received came from the powerful London firm Johnsons.


Here’s the text of the letter…

Dear Sirs

We represent Mr David Miscavige, Chairman of the Board of the Religious Technology Center and ecclesiastical leader of the Scientology religion.

We note from your website that it is your intention to distribute the title “Ruthless” by Ron Miscavige and Dan Koon (ISBN 1250096936) in the UK and Ireland. Indeed, the book is already available to pre-order at the following URL:

We are surprised at your decision to distribute this book given that you must be on notice of the correspondence between the Church’s US attorneys and representatives of St Martin’s Press, in which the Church’s fundamental objections to the false and defamatory allegations contained within the subject book are outlined in detail. As you are no doubt aware, UK and Irish libel laws offer more extensive protection to individuals, and indeed religious organisations, than those in the US.

We are instructed, on the basis of information put to our client, that the book contains malicious, false, misleading and highly defamatory allegations relating to our client, including inter alia:

i. That our client was never officially appointed to be L. Ron Hubbard’s successor but rather seized power by outmanoeuvring his rivals;
ii. That Gold Base is surrounded by spiked fencing pointing inwards;
iii. That working and living conditions at Gold Base were appalling and staff were not permitted to leave;
iv. That our client created “The Hole” as a means of punishing Sea Org members and that people were subjected to deprivation and violence whilst detained in “The Hole”;
v. That our client lives in lavish conditions whilst Church staff live in poor conditions;
vi. That our client’s management style is erratic and abusive;
vii. That our client hired Private Detectives to carry out surveillance on Ron Miscavige.

Furthermore, the summary of the book on your website is equally outragous and defamatory with your allegations of our client’s “brutal approach to running the organisation today: and the disastrous effects that his leadership has had on countless numbers of scientologists and their families”.

We also note from your website that this book is one of a number of vehemently anti-Scientology titles being published by you. Indeed it appears that at least a quarter of your titles are publications which are zealously critical of the Church of Scientology. In such circumstances, the only reasonable inference that can be drawn is that you are pursuing a malicious and vindictive agenda against our client and the Church.

It is clear that the publication of this book has been motivated against the background of an extremely difficult and an unfortunate family history, which ultimately resulted in the alienation of our client and his two sisters from their father and brother, whose misconduct and transgressions over the years have been a source of extremely serious concern.

Apart from the fact that Ron Miscavige would not have been in a position to have any direct knowledge or experience of the totally discredited and disproven claims, the fact that he has made these allegations can only be for blatant commercial gain and vindictive ill will towards our client and his two daughters.

We are therefore putting you on notice of not only the potential reputational damage that this book may cause to our client in the UK and Ireland, but which is also likely to cause serious resultant damage to the extensive charitable work of the Church of Scientology in these jurisdictions.

For the avoidance of doubt, these allegations are unequivocally denied by our client. This book represents the malicious fabrications of a disaffected former member of the Church who has had no meaningful relationship with our client since our client left home at age sixteen to pursue his life in the Church. Indeed, quite apart from the fundamental inaccuracies and inconsistencies in the book, it can be established as a matter of factual record that the author was not, and could not have been, present at many of the events of which he claims to have first-hand knowledge.

We also trust that St Martin’s Press will have provided you with copies of correspondence from the Church’s US representatives, outlining the sinister background of this individual and his propensity for fraud and dishonesty. If they have not done so, you are now on notice that it is incumbent upon you to request sight of same as a matter of urgency.

As the leader of a worldwide religion, our client is entitled to an appropriate degree of respect, and not least an objective analysis of allegations made by or on behalf of individuals who have an obvious motivation and hostility towards a religious institution of which they had previously been willing and enthusiastic members.

You are now on notice of the highly defamatory content of the subject book. Accordingly, in the event that you proceed with the release of this book, in total disregard for the truth, our client will be left with no alternative but to seek the protection of UK/Irish defamation and other laws.

Accordingly, even at this late stage, we would urge you to reconsider your decision to proceed with the release of this publication, otherwise use will be made of this correspondence to demonstrate malice and recklessness behind what clearly will be a totally unjustified, premeditated attack on our client’s reputation and character.

We would also demand that you remove the aforesaid defamatory material from your website forthwith.

Pending a full review of the final manuscript our client continues to reserve all of his rights regarding the material contained therein.

We would request that you acknowledge receipt of this letter by return.

Yours faithfully,


We’ll point out one additional thing about this letter, and then we’re looking forward to your thoughts on it. Looking at those specific complaints in the letter, we get the distinct feeling that Scientology and its attorneys don’t actually have a copy of the book yet — the complaints are too generic, aren’t they?

Wow, this is going to be an interesting week.




3D-UnbreakablePosted by Tony Ortega on April 26, 2016 at 07:15

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  • Todd Tomorrow

    I regret they appointed us their executioners. There are so many other
    pleasant things to do. — L. Ron Hubbard

    • Juicer77

      Just when I thought I can’t be more horrified…

      • Todd Tomorrow

        I know when you wonder what context of his gibberish this falls into.

        • Juicer77

          And he’s so smug-exasperated-happily superior. Barf.

  • Todd Tomorrow

    Church Of Scientology Flag Service Org Spiritual Scam. Clearwater Florida
    bought the book Dianetics, the Modern Science of Mental health 30 years
    ago. In that book a most desirous state is offered; the state of clear,
    and it can be achieved in very few hours. Any where from 30 to 200
    hours of therapy. It sounded too good to be true. A clear has no
    neurosis psychosis, psychosomatic ills, it promises higher levels of
    efficiency and even speaks of improved longevity as well as freedom from
    cold and matters of broken bones and the like healing in one third of
    the time.

    I pursued the
    state of clear finally achieving it in 1989, only it was not as
    promised, in fact it was hardly any different to how I was just prior.
    There were ups and downs on the way, but not the promised result. When I
    mentioned this I was told I needed to do OT III. So I went and did
    those levels up to OT III. I mentioned I had difficulties, I was told
    the answer was to do OTIV. I did, that was awful.

    After a couple
    of years I was sold OT V, then I got into weird mental difficulty and
    was sold OTVII, which should have only taken a couple of years, (‘only’)
    15 years later I was still on it and having to report to Clearwater
    every 6 months, each time I went they had ambushes to sell me something
    else or get me to donate to various things to help mankind.

    in all the experience cost my wife and I around $1.2 million and gave
    them an in to torturously interfere with our lives, Matters of where we
    lived, how we interacted with each other became a matter of interest to
    this insidious cult. Still today the results promised in Hubbard’s first
    book have not been achieved. I wanted my money back and was refused.
    Avoid at all cost.

    • Dice

      This site is full of Scientology and Narconon ripoff stories 🙂

      • Todd Tomorrow

        It was once fun because the cult fought back and put up fake success stories for Narcaloon. Seems most stories are gone that were really damaging. I think I still have a few on the hard drive of my other computer. They have “specialists” you can hire to get reviews/complaints taken off of this site.

        • Dice

          Ok! so you are following this?

          • Todd Tomorrow

            Yep and some good Yelp, Goog reviews. Some are frightening and some actually funny. A body router was tossed some keys by a woman who thought she was a valet was one that is on Goog reviews somewhere, mayhem ensued. I’ll see if I still have it. The reviews of the orgs by tourists will have you in stitches by people led in to see a movie. The psychiatry museum gets some great comments.

            • Dice

              Ha ha… great stuff that you collect those. There are so many collectibles around Scios and One can not do it all.

            • Todd Tomorrow

              My greatest are my invasive comedic phone inquiries I do when I’m Red-exing their Craigslist ads. They have no fucking idea what ads are up and who to talk too. The worse one I’ve seen is going after tweens who cut themselves,sick fucks.

    • Scream Nevermore

      I know it’s not constructive, but stories like that make me angry enough to hurt some of the people involved.

      • Todd Tomorrow

        I know what you mean sadly. Hard to sleep after I read the story by Yolanda up top.

  • Dice

    2286+1 Comments… Holy shit!

  • Todd Tomorrow

    Child Abuse and $cientology. Son killed but “protected by postulates” 5 years old. One little baby I knew in the Sea Org got herpes during
    a Cadet Org epidemic.

    To the inFormer:

    The ill-effects of scientology on my family were
    devastating and permanent. When we joined scientology we
    were generally a loving and happy family. We had just built an
    upscale house in the suburbs with all the amenities. My
    husband and I sought to provide our family with the stability
    and caring that they required. I was only 21, and had three
    children, ages four months, one year and three years.

    Within one year after joining scientology we were
    divorced and had moved the children four times. My children
    and I were living in squalor in the Sea Org.

    I joined scientology staff at the local mission. This
    quickly drove my husband crazy. He came to the mission to
    kill everyone and threatened to blow his head off with a
    shotgun. I acquired sole legal custody after the incident.
    Someone at the mission “handled” him and he went on staff,
    too. He could not pay child support.

    I joined the Sea Org after being told by a Flag recruiter
    that we would be given a “lovely” apartment. My children, over
    my protests, were taken from me and sent to live at the Cadet
    Org several blocks away. I was given training which I later had
    to pay back as a freeloader’s debt. The promises of a
    wonderful environment — the most ethical on the planet —
    were lies. The slum in my home city did not even approximate
    the vile conditions to which we were subjected in scientology.
    My children were kept filthy — their toys and clothing were
    distributed throughout the Cadet Org. No one owned anything.

    My husband spread the rumor that I was starving my
    children when the Cadet Org did not feed them properly.
    When I protested the conditions of the Cadet Org and said I
    needed to route out of the Sea Org to support them or get
    some welfare, I was told it was unethical to use welfare and I
    could not route out. I sent my children to live with my parents
    while I attempted to route out of the Sea Org. My husband,
    aided by his auditor and girl friend, stole them.

    The Acting ED of the mission and my husband (who
    worked there) had spread lies about me. So after I routed out,
    got back to the mission and attempted to retrieve my children,
    no one would speak to me. They gave no thought to the
    welfare of my children or the fact that I had legal custody.
    “Wog” laws don’t matter in scientology. My ex worked on
    staff all day and night. So, from a very early age, my oldest
    daughter was left to baby sit the younger children, including
    neighbors’. He married a woman who believed Hubbard’s idea
    that it was better if the real parents did not raise their own kids
    — mutual engrams, you know. So, they proceeded to neglect
    my children, causing my oldest daughter to become unstable
    and criminal, and my five year old son to get hit — and killed –
    – by a car as he played, unsupervised, in a busy street. They
    swore he was “protected by postulates.”

    I was ostracized by people at the mission and I was not
    allowed input regarding my children’s upbringing. But, at least
    I could see my children occasionally. I had been forbidden to
    criticize their upbringing. I feared loss — yet again — of my
    children, if I spoke up.

    Although I had said I was done with scientology, I was
    told I could never see my children again unless I came up with
    the money for auditing and my freeloaders debt. I was also
    told that I would be declared (Suppressive) if I told anyone
    what they had done with my children. The Acting ED said that
    he intended to lie and say I had blown the Sea Org so no one
    would listen to me, anyway. They paid no attention to the
    harm they were doing to my children by abruptly depriving
    them of their mother. I had been their major supporting parent
    since their births.

    When my daughter was five, she put razor blades in her
    step mother’s purse to “get even.” My son clung to anyone
    with long dark hair (like mine) and my second daughter was
    also hit by a car. She was not killed. Her eye, however, was
    permanently damaged when she was two. Another scientology
    child of eight was left to baby sit her and five other children.
    The scientologist whose house they were using was a
    beautician and had left her supplies lying about. My daughter
    had rubbed hair dye into her eye.

    I baby sat other staff members’ children and really
    loved them. One thing was common in all families (most had
    one or more divorces): the children were all deprived of a
    normal, secure upbringing. In the Sea Org, many exec families
    had me baby sit during my “enhancement time” because the
    conditions in the Cadet Org were so bad. Later they all were
    ordered to send their children to the Cadet Org, anyway.
    Several children got in legal trouble for roaming the streets of
    Los Angeles, unsupervised. Their parents got in trouble for not
    handling their kids, in spite of the fact that they were given no
    time to do so. Sea Org activities demanded the children and
    parents were deprived of each others’ company. The children
    were deprived of adequate love and guidance. Instead they
    were given Hubbard’s trite phrases with which to guide their
    lives. They were never taught to think or reason beyond using
    a “Hubbardism.”

    One little baby I knew in the Sea Org got herpes during
    a Cadet Org epidemic. A 14 year old girl disclosed to me how
    she and a few other little girls were leaving the Cadet Org in
    the daytime and performing sexual services for one of the girl’s
    uncles in exchange for money. A man who worked in the
    Cadet Org admitted he was sexually molesting the children.
    Although these incidents were written up, as far as I know they
    were never “handled.”

    I saw one staff member’s child, who had been declared
    a Suppressive Person at age 12, turned out onto the street
    with no means of support. When he tried to sneak into the
    galley line to get some food, he was physically jumped by two
    adults who forced him outside again.

    One woman’s baby became very ill — thin and colicky —
    after using the Hubbard’s “baby formula.” We were not
    allowed to say it was bad, however. How I respected her for
    saying that it was hurting her baby and she was going to give
    him formula! He then recovered fully.

    Another family always delivered their children at home
    and never reported the births. If their children ever want to
    join society, there will be no record of them. I knew of
    another baby who died during a home birth with the cord
    wrapped around its neck — a simple procedure with adequate
    hospital care. But scientologists don’t believe in that sort of

    My children, those who managed to survive a
    scientology upbringing, are ill adjusted and have all sorts of
    social problems. My middle daughter, who rejected
    scientology as the thing that “broke up her family,” has
    managed to graduate from college through hard work and
    scholarships. Her family made a lot of money, but it was
    dedicated to the “bridge.” She does not really want a career,
    however. She says all she wants is a stable family where she
    can share love — something she never had growing up.

    The atrocities that have been committed against children
    by individuals using scientology “technology” are reprehensible
    enough to provide cause to place the cult in government
    receivership. But if government agencies cannot or will not do
    anything, then we must. We must speak out via pamphlets,
    books, films, videos, interviews and any other media. Only by
    joining together and speaking out publicly can we protect other
    children from the horrors to which our own were subjected.

    Yolanda Howell

    • Dice

      ffs.. keep posting these. Also if you have the live link or ref. to where you got them from!

      • Todd Tomorrow
        • Dice

          Ok! i found a copy here
          And there is more. This site is new to me.

          • Todd Tomorrow

            I’d never seen this one before. Really like how she gets right to the point of what sick twisted fucks they are. And if you have a child being abused in the cult and the FBI won’t help you these people seem to have the midas touch in getting them to investigate individual cases. I talked with someone who got the proper people involved.
            The Center for missing and exploited children.

            Report It

            • Dice

              That originally comes from:
              Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
              Subject: CHILD ABUSE
              Date: Mon, 14 Nov 94 17:33:02 -0800

              so it has been in circulation for a long time and it was before the Internetzz. etc.
              When doing this collections, i have learned to find the origin as best possible else we all kind weird stuff floating around steering up people emotions with less facts.
              ETA: but this one is disturbing!

            • Todd Tomorrow

              OK, I’ll make sure i post my sources.

            • Dice

              not pointing at you, more a note to self, as i just tweeted this link, that I found
              and should have tweeted this link, you found

              🙂 he he. Not playing LRH “Use the souce luke” more like stay with the Origin or something 🙂

            • Todd Tomorrow

              I’ve been asked to at least comment when I post something just forget from time to time. I did find another site where Yolanda’s horrid experience is discussed, however, and numerous others.

            • Dice

              Yeah! but keep posting when you find things as the world needs to know! and also let’s not forget that there are newcomers, where stuff like this is News. So i find it useful when something get’s re-posted as i am only from “2014”
              Anyway – off to work!

            • Todd Tomorrow


            • Juicer77

              Just a gentle reminder… remember that what people post may be true, may be partially true nor not at all true. Also these stories may be very hard to read, especially for those who lived through similar experiences. If your want to post excerpts, you might want to make a courtesy note at the top (“trigger alert” etc.) just to give readers here a little warning. I am a never-in and these accounts are really hard to read, especially if you’re not expecting them.

            • FredEX2

              I would say that these stories and most of the experiences recounted here are mostly true Juicer77. It takes a long time for people who have been in Scientology and are now out…to find their voice, so parts may come out all jumbled and disconnected…so it may not make sense or may even sound untrue…but I would venture a fairly qualified guess that much of it all is true.

              When I first began to tell my story I was very emotional and it all came out in bits and pieces that may have sounded implausible. Especially to those who may know nothing about Scientology and their ‘Fair Game’ policy.

              Surely people don’t go to those lengths to destroy another’s life? Right? But they actually do. It’s shocking to hear these stories. Telling about what we experienced can be overwhelming to those telling it & anyone hearing it. Telling my story made me feel like a knucklehead…at first. Now I could care less what others think…it doesn’t make the things that happened, any less true.

              I’m pretty sure when Paulette Cooper began to tell about what happened to her ~that many didn’t believe her…~it took Tony’s help to get all the details and verify the names and circumstances, put it together and write it all in a book…

            • Juicer77

              Absolutely understood. I would go to the original posts and read them in their entirety and get as much context as possible. Those who speak up truthfully deserve respect for their courage. I’m glad you have been able to share what you’ve been through.

            • Dice

              Yeah! you right.. especially because it could be totally false etc. I am aware of that. “Trigger alert” it is and preferably just the link. thanks!

    • FredEX2

      This story is utterly heartbreaking. I am so sorry you and your family were so destroyed by this organization.This is the kind of story that would have an impact on those that hear it…It needs to be read before Congress, and told everywhere.

    • Betty

      This is the worse thing I have ever read about them.

    • grundoon

      Affidavit of Yolanda Howell

    • Free Minds, Free Hearts

      Oh My God.

  • Eivol Ekdal

    Fresh beans cooling…

    • Ella Raitch

      What IS happening in this photo? I see coffee beans and a hair dryer.

      • Eivol Ekdal

        Just cooling my freshly roasted beans.

        • Juicer77

          Yes, please! 🙂

        • FredEX2

          Good morning Juicer77, Eivol & Ella, Roger, Oopik & Susan & MonkeyNuts! 😊 Yesterday’s post & forum comments were lit up! Over 2,000 comments. WOW. Am I up in time for that macchiato? I wonder who else is up waiting for today’s report from Tony. His reports have been amazing…especially lately. This has been quite a week!

          • Ella Raitch

            And it promises to continue.

            We are all hunkered down in Bunker town:


            • Susan black

              This is great! What a wonderful bunch of SPs!

            • Ella Raitch

              You aware that this is created and sung by our very own THDNE?

            • Susan black

              Yes yes YES!

  • Susan black

    Am I nuts for being awake at three forty five am pacific time waiting for Tony’s new post?

    • Ella Raitch

      Depends. Do you read the article, comment for while and then go back to sleep? Or is this it….up for the day?

      • Susan black

        Up for the day cuz I have early dentist appt. I sleep in short shifts anyway…

    • OOkpik

      If you were, I would be too. Tell me it ain’t so.

      • Susan black

        You ain’t nuts, Oopik! Well, maybe just a little goofy 🙂

  • Roger Yost

    Is it just me, or haven’t I seen numerous pictures of Co$ compounds surrounded by razor wired spikes facing inward?

    • FredEX2

      It’s not just you Roger. We all saw them too. 😳

    • $cnMonkeyNut$

      Yes: F5/RefreshETA: This one’s Golden Era Productions (Gold Base).ETA2: With a cctv camera pointing at the public highway, too (bottom right)… how ecclesiastical.

  • Joe Neighbor

    The irony of this letter is humorous is hell. Amusing, entertaining..thank you you’ve made my day.
    What else could he say? And sounds like it’s straight from the horse’s mouth (Miscavige Jr).

    Reminds of the silly Adam Sandler sketch the “Farting – Hypnotist”.
    The Hypnotist (ironic too is it not?) uncontrollably farts but asserts it’s his client doing it.
    “No, that’s not me, that was you.”

    In the house of lies all you have left are lies..

  • bubba10

    I guess because of the lawsuit, a lot more people will read it.

  • Dan McLeod

    Scientology is nutty, even by normal religious standards.

  • CobGatYour$$

    They must have a copy of the book. With their sleazy connections getting peoples flight destinations, family relations, bank statements, work related information, they would have no problem getting a copy. How could the lawyers itemize complaints? Just by toddler cobby’s speculations? No way, they have seen the 20/20 interview I bet as well, which is why their collective panties are bunched in the tightest wad up their cracks!

  • JJ

    Is it possible this book will finally tell us how many horcruxes Mr. Miscavige has made and where they may be found?

  • Rene Trujillo

    There was BC then AD now we are going thru BS ($cientology)