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Scientology at Comic Con: An attempt at a minor intervention, as told by Phil Jones


[Emily Jones with a Terl model at the Salt Lake City Comic Con this week.]

For several months we’ve been following the drama surrounding the Jones family, which has been ripped apart by Scientology’s policy of “disconnection.” Phil and Willie Jones are former members of the Church of Scientology, and they are prevented from seeing their grown children, Mike and Emily, who are each members of Scientology’s “Sea Organization.”

Phil and Willie have made a stir with their attempts to see their children, and they raised money to put up a billboard in Hollywood asking Scientologists to called their loved ones in defiance of disconnection. Twice, they’ve signed contracts with billboard companies who each caved under pressure from Scientology and declined to put up the billboard. The Joneses are now looking for a third company to take their business. In the meantime, we had received reports that Emily, who works for Scientology’s Author Services Inc. and its imprint Galaxy Press, has been working sci-fi conventions to push L. Ron Hubbard’s 1982 book Battlefield Earth and other works. ASI even put out a notice about which conventions where Emily would be working. Phil saw an opportunity and took it. Here, we’ll let him tell the tale…

It’s been a few years since we’ve seen or heard from our daughter Emily. This has been agony for both Willie and me. There has been no chance for us even to get a message to her. Then, recently we found out that Emily was going to be at Comic Con in Salt Lake City. A friend very kindly offered to go and pass along a note to Emily.

Our friend went to Comic Con to deliver the message. When they observed Emily in the booth, they noted that John Goodwin, her husband, wouldn’t let her wander more than two feet away from him at any time. They felt he was very controlling of her and that she didn’t look happy at all. They said more than once how unhappy Emily looked and how controlled by her husband she was even before our friend approached her. Emily got married last year sometime. We weren’t even told and only heard through the grapevine that she was married.



[Emily Jones and John Goodwin at an earlier convention.]

After our friend waited a while, Emily finally left the booth and went out into the aisle. Our friend approached her and asked if she was Emily. “Yes,” she said. Our friend handed her the note and said, “This is from your parents.” The look on Emily’s face was shock and dismay, but she did take the note. She then turned to give the note to her husband, too afraid to open it. Our friend then left right away before any of the men from the booth could come out and confront them. They weren’t sure if Emily opened or read the note or not.

I hear this and it just makes me sad. I hear that our kids are suffering abuse and feel so helpless. This is the reason we fight this disconnection practice by Scientology. It’s not just the disconnection issue but the abuse that goes on that our kids, and so many others are subjected to. And it is abuse.

— Phil Jones


[The Jones family on Christmas Eve, 2011: Mike, Willie, Phil, and Emily.]


Bonus items from our tipsters

Easter at the Fort Harrison Hotel! It’s a time when Scientologists celebrate Jesus escaping between-lives implanting on Venus and his thetan re-entering his meat body after three days of “death.” The dude just didn’t want to jump into a new baby yet, and instead restimulated his experiences living as a large anthropomorphic rabbit on the planet Farsec who laid colored eggs for a living. Or something.


Actual caption: “Ian and Jeremy both just had the first session on Survival Rundown together! As you can tell they are blown out!”





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