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Ron Miscavige book out in May: ‘Ruthless: Scientology, My Son David Miscavige, and Me’


Ron Miscavige’s book has a new title and a publication date. What was originally announced as “If He Dies, He Dies” has been renamed “Ruthless: Scientology, My Son David Miscavige, and Me,” and St. Martin’s Press is publishing it on May 3.

Wow, we’re really looking forward to this one. In the book, Ron describes how his son David Miscavige, who had been a happy and funny child, became the ruthless and tyrannical leader of the Church of Scientology, surrounded by sycophants and living lavishly while others in the church toil in relative poverty.

What caused that transformation? The power he assumed on becoming leader of the church, Ron concludes in a book that will describe how he ultimately made his own escape from Scientology after serving it for decades.

Ron’s co-writer is Dan Koon, a former high-ranking technical expert in Scientology who has been behind several of the books written by former church members. With Koon’s help, Ron writes about the parts of Scientology that he still considers beneficial, despite his son’s dictatorial takeover of it. We have a feeling some of the readers here at the Bunker will find that part of the book less savory. But we think there will be plenty of other delicious morsels to please the book’s audience.

The original title referred to an incident in 2013 involving two private investigators who had been hired to stalk Ron in his Wisconsin town. Ron had escaped from Scientology’s International Base in 2012, and the private investigators admitted in police interviews that they had been hired by David Miscavige to follow his father. At one point while they were surveilling him, Ron fumbled with a smartphone in his shirt pocket and clutched at his chest. From their vantage point, the two private eyes got the impression that Ron was having a heart attack. They told police that when they called their handler for instructions, David Miscavige came on the line and told them to do nothing. “If he dies, he dies,” Miscavige reportedly said.

We’re looking forward to reading Ron’s explanation for how he came to the decision to leave his son’s organization, and how he managed to escape from Int Base, which can be notoriously tough to break out of. We can’t imagine that David is going to be very happy about the revelations in this book.


3D-UnbreakablePosted by Tony Ortega on March 16, 2016 at 07:45

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  • It just occurred to me how much money Phil and Willie are forcing Dainty Dave to spend out of sheer terror.

    • Jimmy3

      And you, sir.

      • Phil and Willie are doing all the hard work and dealing with all the culty shenanigans. Say, wait a second, what a great name for a bar in Clearwater. Culty Shenanigan’s Oirish Pobe.

  • madame duran

    The emotional rollercoaster this Bunker blog puts me through is gonna wreck my heart one day. From one disappointing update to the exhilarating news of a release date for Ron Miscavige Sr.’s memoir (love the official book title!)…wow…my head is spinning. Will go and lie down a bit.

    • Todd Tomorrow

      I have to take breaks from The Bunker from time to time. I’d already bought a ticket to go to the unveiling of the billboard. Heartbreaking stories of poor abused children…O.T., but this trump thing is making me physically ill. I have to keep up on the business articles for work and somehow he gets mentioned. It sours my stomach and throws off my concentration.

      • Missionary Kid

        There are a lot of Canadians who come down to the Palm Springs area to vacation during the winter. I got started talking to a Canadian when I was shopping, then I ended up behind him in the checkout line. He had his wife’s Costco card comma and Costco would not let him purchase things. The card must match the person actually making the purchase.

        To help them out, I used my card, and he paid for his items. Jokingly, I said that I was doing it so I’d have a place to move to when Trump becomes President.

  • Fink Jonas

    Tom Cruise and John Travolta should buy this book and read it. oh! yeah I forgot they are brainwashed, do I look brainwashed to you? the answer is yes!

  • latest bollocks

    been a bit busy lately but suffice to say I have a little piece I wrote about Dennis Holt that will make him “rue the day” with knobs on coming in a future post

    • Intergalactic Walrus

      There is a Pulp Fiction themed diner in Sao Paulo that has Travolta on the men’s room door. I thought you would get a chuckle out of this, Lush.

      • needs a glory hole

        • Todd Tomorrow

          John would never leave if it had glory holes. “Rock Slam”

      • Baby

        Gross .. but funny.. hahaha

      • Betty

        Does the girls room have a picture of him from the movie Hairspray????

    • a little suopçon [the only one I could post here] …. please feel free to have a go with your own captions [left a blank pic if you want to make your own]

  • Dice

    Dave should Call his Dad! Ha ha!

    • Todd Tomorrow

      Dave should go smoke a joint with his twin sister.

      • Dice

        Yeah Chill out and help someone..

  • Antonia Willis

    Don’t know if you guys have seen this splendid take-down of the Co$ in the form of a book review for Remini’s Troublemaker; and as Ron’s book is still in the works, we ain’t seen nothing yet:i

    • Juicer77

      Wow. Required reading. Really well done. This writer gets it.

    • Dice

      “Scientology isn’t just dishonest and misguided, but something approaching a crime against humanity.”
      Now we talking! Good article..

    • Jack99

      Good review. Not sure about this line, though:

      “How did this rampaging bull of a woman end up in a delicate little china shop of a religion like Scientology?”

      • Juicer77

        Yeah. Possibly snark.

      • Dice

        $cientology is very fragile 🙂 we will see that all over 2016

      • Ella Raitch

        I take this to mean that Leah’s balls are abotu 20 times bigger than David Miscavige’s and Tom Cruise’s

  • Dice

    This was my first shoop in MS-Paint. It is still valid F5

    • Baby

      You need Help Captain

      • 9001

        Hi Baby. You mentioned yesterday you like Banksy’s work.
        Here’s a couple of pictures for you I took at a street art festival in London 2008. (f5)

        • Baby

          Amazing.. wow.. thanks 9..I would have loved to have seen that in person. I love street art fairs..

          I just watched the documentary ” Exit through the Gift Shop.” Last night actually when I mentioned Banksy.. What a great film.

          If you haven’t seen it you have to 9..I won’t spoil it for you..but did some googling afterwards.. fascinating piece of work by Banksy..

          • 9001

            Yeah I’ve seen that film. Excellent stuff!

            • Baby

              Riveting.. Banksy is absolutely brilliant.. I have always admired Shepard Fairey also.. I like Banksy being anonymous.

              I know he’s been exposed /identified.. but refuse to even snoop through the information. I like not knowing.

              I think Warhol was a sell out ..just was never a fan.

              Oh and I also enjoyed the film ” Basquiat.”

            • 9001

              I had to watch the film a few times to work out if Mr Brainwashed was an artist an actor or both!

              I didn’t know Banksy had been identified. He might be playing games. Hope he’s still anonymous.

              Have you seen the “We can overcomb” Trump poster in the style of Shepard Fairey? It made me laugh.
              Never heard of “Basquiat.” I’ll have a look for it.
              I’ll ask a mutual friend to forward more Cans Festival photos to you, if they can. Too many to post here. Have a great St Patrick’s day 🙂

            • Judith Sylvester

              Hilarious. Gawker had a picture of him yesterday, with his comb over blown off of a totally bald top pate. The view was kind of gross, but it wouldn’t be if he had just left his natural situation alone instead of dying all the long thin stringy hair around it.

            • Baby

              Yes.. Many in the ” Know ” are calling it a Banksy ” Getting one over on us..”

              There are many articles about it.. I’m sure you have read many of them..Here is a good one..

              Trump’s picture a hoot..hahaha .. OH yes I would love to see your photos.. thank you..

  • I’ve ‘had’ to listen to this several times. I got long speaker wires (given me with a set of LRHPuke CDs. They are long in the trash but the Bose headphones was worth it.)

    • ….just Call Me. …. Call me on Thursday, call me on ….. 1,2,3,4…
      Just tell me your all right. We don’t haf to ‘talk’.
      OK – How bout this: Call me and I’ll pay for the Sec check…
      I just want to know you are all right.
      Call me hon. I love you 🙂

      • Dice

        he he… they have to learn how to communicate. They all think they are Auditors, so they only listen. And they think that a discussion is a monolog!

  • Sir Derf

    “..Ron writes about the parts of Scientology that he still considers beneficial, despite his son’s dictatorial takeover of it…”

    That’s part of the problem, this is how these frauds manage to survive decades despite endless felony indictments, civil lawsuits, criminals running the fraud going to prison, the gangsters killing each other and others including their customers, this right here is part of how these obvious outright frauds manage to survive.

  • Intergalactic Walrus