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Actor Jim Carrey and his girlfriend Cathriona White were spotted in New York earlier this year after the couple apparently started dating again following a breakup. Now, news organizations are scrambling for more information about their relationship after the 30-year-old woman killed herself this week.

People magazine and other publications are reporting that Cathriona was an Irish citizen, had first started dating Carrey in 2012, worked as a make-up artist in the fashion industry, and was pronounced dead on Monday night.

But two of her friends tell the Underground Bunker what the rest of the media hasn’t reported: That Cathriona (pronounced “Katrina”) was a Scientologist who took classes at the Hollywood Celebrity Centre, and was currently working on her “objectives” in the “Survival Rundown.”

Her friends tell us that Cathriona originally got involved in Scientology about four to five years ago through members of musician Beck’s circle of friends. (UPDATE: Cathriona had come to California from Ireland in 2009, and there met Beck’s friends and began Scientology in 2010 or 2011.)


When Jim Carrey met her and they began dating in March 2012, her friends say, Carrey was aware that “Cat” was a Scientologist.

That’s interesting, because over the years, Carrey has ridiculed Scientology numerous times. There was this exchange in a Canadian television interview, for example…


And former Scientology spokesman Robert Vaughn Young, who died in 2003, related another incident about Carrey: “One time Carrey delighted in calling [the Hollywood Celebrity Centre and] wanted to sign up for the OT 3 course. He had all these ‘things’ on his body, he said, and he wanted to get rid of them. The execs freaked a bit, saying that he had to do other things first. ‘No, no,’ Carrey said, ‘I’ll pay for all those. Get me on that body thetan course, that’s the one for me!’ I mean, can’t you just imagine a Jim Carrey routine on body thetans?”

After they began dating in 2012, Carrey and White reportedly soon broke up, but then they were spotted earlier this year in New York after they began seeing each other again.

Cathriona’s friends say that they were concerned about Cat dating Carrey again, but they were assured by Scientologists they knew that Cat was emotionally prepared for the challenge of dating Carrey because, they said, “She had just finished the Purif and was doing her objectives.”

“Purif” is short for the “Purification Rundown,” a process invented by Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard that he claimed could “detoxify” the body through an intense regimen of daily sauna sessions and massive doses of the vitamin niacin.

The “objectives” are exercises that in recent years have been made part of a newer version of a course called the “Survival Rundown” which Scientology leader David Miscavige has made a prime requisite of Scientologists, both the new and the experienced. The “SRD” is being pushed to all Scientologists, even those who may have long ago previously done their “objectives” on their way up the Bridge to Total Freedom.

“An example of a command in an objective process would be ‘Look at that wall’ or ‘Walk over to that wall,'” says Chris Shelton, a former member of Scientology’s Sea Org who talked to us about the Survival Rundown for an article in May.

Paul Thomas Anderson’s 2012 movie The Master demonstrated objective processing when it had Philip Seymour Hoffman’s character instructing Joaquin Phoenix’s character to move back and forth between a wall and a window.

One of the objective processes is known by the strange name “Op Pro By Dup,” which is short for “Opening Procedure by Duplication,” or also goes by the name “Book and Bottle.” The commands for the exercise sound like this: “Go over to the book. Look at it. Pick it up. What is its color? What is its temperature? What is its weight? Put it down in exactly the same place. Go over to the bottle. Look at it. Pick it up. What is its color? What is its temperature? What is its weight? Put it down in exactly the same place. Go over to the book…”

The Survival Rundown itself has been around for a long time, at least since the late 1970s. But Shelton explained to us that a new version of the SRD is being pushed now by Scientology leader David Miscavige, with alterations to the exercises that L. Ron Hubbard originally designed, and recent reports from inside the church contained troubling descriptions of how the SRD was affecting subjects. “You can end up with people going into semi-hypnotic trances and all sorts of other nonsense which I think is psychologically damaging,” Shelton told us. “So what you have here is Miscavige altering the technology to ensure it is done in the worst possible way to the worst possible result on every single person. He is making sure that almost everyone who runs these Objective Processes are going to be on them for hundreds and hundreds of hours and that they are very likely going to be a bit insane when they are done with them.”

Our sources say that Cathriona had not finished the SRD, and had stalled on it in the last six months. They also say they were stunned to learn that she had killed herself.

“I am shocked and deeply saddened by the passing of my sweet Cathriona,” Carrey said in a statement. He called White “a truly kind and delicate Irish flower, too sensitive for this soil, to whom loving and being loved was all that sparkled.”

We requested a comment about Cathriona’s involvement in Scientology with the church’s spokeswoman, Karin Pouw, and we’ll let you know if she gets back to us.



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Posted by Tony Ortega on September 30, 2015 at 07:00

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