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If the Sea Org doesn’t legally exist, how does it run Scientology?

LRHSeaOrgLast week, Underground Bunker contributor Jeffrey Augustine began explaining to us the essential structure of the fiction known as “the Church of Scientology.” This week, he dives even deeper, examining how the Sea Org really runs things even though it doesn’t exist, legally. Confused? That’s exactly the point. Scientology’s byzantine internal structure was intended to make it difficult to follow lines of responsibility as a defense against lawsuits or government investigations. But sense can be made of things, and we’re fortunate that Jeffrey has this stuff down cold…

Nothing in the Church of Scientology is as it seems. As we covered last week, there is no single entity known as the “Church of Scientology.” Rather, as the Church told the IRS in 1992, the term “Church of Scientology” is one of convenience:


The Church of Scientology describes itself as consisting of an “ecclesiastical hierarchy of churches” in which all of its churches are legally separate religious corporations. So who exactly manages and operates this transnational, multibillion dollar ecclesiastical hierarchy of Scientology churches on a daily basis? We focus this week on the Church of Scientology’s Sea Organization – the Sea Org — and its central role in Scientology. While the Church of Scientology likes to call the Sea Org its clergy, we will see that the Sea Org is not what it seems to be.

The Church of Scientology, tax exemption, and Founder L. Ron Hubbard’s ongoing pattern of financial misconduct, megalomania, spying on his enemies, and Scientology’s internal culture of brutality are intrinsic to the creation of the Sea Org. From Scientology’s founding in 1952 until 1967, the movement was managed and operated by staff members and volunteers. These people received very little in the way of pay, worked long hours, and often had to “moonlight” by working a second job to make ends meet. After Hubbard purchased Saint Hill Manor in East Grinstead, Sussex, England in 1959, he took up residence there with his family and quickly expanded it to be the global center of Scientology’s growing international operations and the destination of massive cash flow.

The Hubbard Communications Office Worldwide was established at Saint Hill in 1959. This operation was proof of Scientology’s growth and burgeoning financial power. Telexes were sent and received around the clock from Saint Hill to an expanding global network of Scientology orgs, operatives, lawyers, and private investigators. In this period, it became apparent to Hubbard that he needed an inner circle of Scientology careerists, people who would devote their lives to Scientology and to him and have no other purposes. An inner circle of permanent and trusted Scientology careerists was needed to give the movement stability and provide standardization of Scientology’s technology and management policy amid international growth. Scientology careerists were also needed to manage and supervise the growing cadre of non-Scientology lawyers and private investigators needed to counter the rising tide of criticism from the media, lawsuits from former members, and investigations from governments in those countries where Scientology operated.

The IRS revoked the Church of Scientology’s tax exemption in 1967 after finding the Church of Scientology of California (CSC) – the original Mother Church – existed for the private financial benefit (inurement) of Founder L. Ron Hubbard. The IRS objected to Hubbard ordering the church pay him lavish royalties on the sale of his books, tapes, and auditing services. The IRS further took exception to Hubbard and his family living aboard a church-financed private yacht that sailed the Mediterranean at Hubbard’s will and pleasure, this while Ron and Mary Sue Hubbard were waited upon hand and foot by church staff.

Hubbard could have cleaned up his finances and those of the church in a way that would have allowed the church to file a new application for tax exemption. However, Hubbard chose not to clean things up financially or morally. Rather, in 1966 Hubbard created the Sea Project and purchased a small flotilla of ships. In 1967 L. Ron Hubbard morphed the Sea Project into the Sea Org and appointed himself Commodore of the Sea Org. Hubbard took to international waters to avoid lawsuits, the service of summons, and the scrutiny of the taxing authorities in those countries where Scientology operated. Hubbard used the Sea Org and a global system of land and sea based telexes to run his empire.

Sea Org members signed billion-year contracts to serve Scientology and devote themselves to L. Ron Hubbard. Sea Org members had no other purpose than to serve where needed. No case on post was allowed. The Sea Org embodied the unquestioning fanaticism and the wanton disregard for “wog laws and customs” Hubbard required.

To fortify his Scientology empire, Commodore Hubbard additionally created the Guardian’s Office on March 1, 1966 and appointed his wife Mary Sue as the First Guardian. In her role as Guardian, Mary Sue was in charge of the Guardian’s Office and second in command of Scientology, subordinate only to Executive Director L. Ron Hubbard. In November of 1968, Hubbard issued the following policy letter: “The Intelligence Section has been formed and placed in Division 7, Dept 21, Office of the Guardian. It is under the direction of the Guardian WW [worldwide].” The GO became the in-house intelligence bureau of Scientology. As such, the GO was tasked by Hubbard with investigating and silencing Scientology’s enemies. Failing to silence them, the GO was tasked with destroying them per Hubbard’s imperious diktat of Fair Game.

The Snow White Program (1973-1977) was a Guardian’s Office intelligence operation that became the largest infiltration of the US federal government in its history. The Church was the subject of a massive multi-location FBI raid on July 8, 1977. Mary Sue Hubbard went to prison along with ten others in the Guardian’s Office. The years long fallout from the Snow White Program allowed Sea Org member David Miscavige and his clique to destroy the Guardian’s Office, drive Mary Sue Hubbard into exile, and push L. Ron Hubbard further into hiding and isolation.

As “Action Chief” David Miscavige’s job was to get things done for the Commodore; Miscavige’s ability to operate on an unimpeded basis both inside and outside of the Sea Org showed that “Scientology command channels” had no meaning or relevance to Miscavige; he was a law unto himself in the Church and reported only to Hubbard. Moreover, as the GO had been morphed into the Office of Special Affairs (OSA) and merged into the Sea Org, Miscavige now controlled Scientology’s nefarious intelligence apparatus.

In the early 1980’s, Scientology’s attorneys created the CST-RTC-CSI franchise system that exists today. After the Commodore died in seclusion on January 24, 1986, Sea Org Captain David Miscavige emerged in a very public way as Chairman of the Board, Religious Technology Center. At the time of Hubbard’s death, the vast majority of public Scientologists had never heard of David Miscavige or RTC. If anything, Sea Org member David Miscavige was notorious for his role in the infamous Mission Holder Massacre of 1982.

In his Last Will and Testament, Hubbard left the bulk of his personal fortune and his vast and financially lucrative intellectual properties – books, tapes, trademarks, copyrights, service marks, signature, etc. – to the Church of Scientology. However, Hubbard stipulated in his Will that his intellectual property could only be owned by tax exempt Scientology churches.

Thus, David Miscavige’s main focus was to a) use whatever means were necessary to secure and consolidate his power as the new and unchallenged Scientology Dictator, and b) gain tax exemption for CST-RTC-CSI and all other Scientology churches. Assisting Miscavige were some of the best tax lawyers in the US; his dedicated clique of loyal Sea Org members; an army of private investigators; and an unlimited budget.

November 1992, Washington DC: Secret and intense negotiations between Church of Scientology officials and IRS officials bogged down over many issues. The IRS wanted far more precise answers from the church concerning the question of inurement and what exactly the Sea Org is. The IRS asked Question 3-a:


Source: Church of Scientology, Nov. 23, 1992: Third Set of Responses to the IRS — page 19 ¶ 1ff

The Church of Scientology replied:


op. cit. page 19 ¶ 3-4

The Church of Scientology thus characterized the Sea Org as:
— A religious commitment, specifically a commitment of one billion years.
— A religious order.
— A religious order having no corporate form, no property, no assets, and no personnel who administer the Sea Org.

Quite possibly fearing that the IRS would go past a word it did not understand and thus suffer from a deadly “misunderstood word” – a phenomena Hubbard warned of as being the root cause of failing to understand his invented Scientology terminology or anything else — the Church of Scientology became typically pedantic in elaborating upon its use of the word “organization”:


op. cit. page 19 ¶ 6

This clarification offered the IRS even more information about the Sea Org:
— The Sea Org does not have an org board.
— The Sea Org does not have a command channels chart.
— The Sea Org has no secular existence and is neither incorporated nor unincorporated.

Poised precariously on the edge of a nightmarish abyss one billion dollars deep, the church next, and very uncharacteristically so, told the IRS the actual truth about the Sea Org. And keep in mind that the church expected a secret agreement with the IRS. It never expected that Scientologists or the general public would ever read the following words:


In 1992, therefore, the Church secretly admitted to the IRS “there is no such ‘organization’ as the Sea Organization.”

Sea Org members are, in legal terms, nothing more than Scientology staff members who have elected to become Scientology careerists for various reasons. Rather than signing a 2.5- or 5-year contract like regular staff members, Sea Org members sign a symbolic billion year pledge. In practical terms these days, however, Sea Org members sign five-year staff contracts at five year intervals. In exchange for their labor, Sea Org members receive a meager weekly stipend and subsistence-level room and board. For legal reasons, the Church classifies both the Sea Org and Staff as religious orders. The legal net effect of this classification is that workers in religious orders are exempt from minimum wage, overtime pay, and other worker protections.
The obvious question: Why does the Church of Scientology pretend that the Sea Org exists when there is no such organization as the Sea Organization?


While David Miscavige and his lawyers were secretly telling the IRS in 1992 that there is no such “organization” as the Sea Organization, the US Claims Court ruled in that same year in Church of Spiritual Technology v. The United States:

“…After carefully examining the record and attempting to understand the nominal corporate structure of Scientology it is apparent to the court that it is something of a deceptis visus. Real control is exercised less formally, but more tangibly, through an unincorporated association, the Sea Organization, more commonly referred to as the Sea Org. This group, in the nature of a fraternity or clan, began with Scientologists who pledged themselves eternally to Scientology and who accompanied LRH in his sea-going spiritual research in the Mediterranean. In 1967, LRH and other Scientology staff moved onto a yacht, the Apollo, ‘to pursue [LRH’s] research of the upper levels of spiritual awareness.’ LRH and his Apollo staff performed Scientology services, managed the Scientology organization, and conducted spiritual research. If LRH could have been compared to Achilles, members of the Sea Org would have been his Myrmidons.

“The Sea Org appellation survives in Scientology as a distinction afforded to those Scientologists who have dedicated themselves to serving Scientology for the next billion years. It is described by CST as a way to distinguish Scientologists worthy of great deference and respect. Sea Org members are initiates into the highest levels of Scientology, and bear concomitant responsibilities.

“CST staff and officers are required to be members of the Sea Org, which gives CST the distinction of being a Sea Org Church. CSI, RTC, the Flag Service Org (which employs over 900 Sea Org members), the Saint Hill Churches, in short, all high ranking organizations are Sea Org Churches. Being a ‘Sea Org Church’ means that the church’s function is important enough to Scientology to warrant the attention of a significant number of Sea Org members.

“Sea Org rank nominally carries with it no ecclesiastical authority in the sense that Sea Org members still take orders from the ecclesiastical leaders of whichever Scientology organization they join. Upon closer analysis, however, this appears to be a distinction without a difference because in a Sea Org church the ecclesiastical authority necessarily resides in a Sea Org member.”

As mentioned in our previous essay, the Church of Scientology is composed of legally separate religious corporations. Ostensibly, each corporation is independent and responsible for its own affairs. This is stated in contracts Scientologists sign to receive services from these legally separate churches:


The deceptis visis cited by the US Claims Court in 1992 thus becomes apparent: In order to achieve a unity of command over the legally separate and independent Scientology religious corporations and their employees, the Sea Org exists as the secret governing body of the Church of Scientology. Therefore, whoever commands the Sea Org commands the Church of Scientology. This person, at present, is Captain David Miscavige.

The Sea Org is like the Mafia: It exists and it operates and controls the Church of Scientology, However, Scientology and its lawyers have made it virtually impossible to prove that Sea Org members derive any power whatsoever from their ceremonial ranks in a symbolic and legally nonexistent religious order. Again, to reiterate what we discussed in our last essay, David Miscavige’s attorney Wallace Jefferson declared in 2014 in Rathbun v. Miscavige et. al.:

Plaintiff asserts that Mr. Miscavige exercised control because he leads the Sea Organization, a religious order within Scientology. But the “Sea Org” is not a corporate entity; it has no physical or legal existence. It is not incorporated or established pursuant to legal formalities. It has no constitution, charter or bylaws, and no formal or informal ecclesiastical, corporate, or other management structure. It has no directors, officers, managing agents, or other executives; no employees, staff members, or volunteers; no income; no disbursements, no bank accounts or other assets; no liabilities; no stationery; no office, home, address, or telephone number. It does not create or maintain any financial, personnel, or other records. It can neither give nor receive orders because it has no one to either give or receive them or to carry them out. It cannot sue or be sued. The evidence Mrs. Rathbun has submitted fails to establish a prima facie basis for an alter ego finding, because none of it involves the defendants’ purported contacts relating to this suit, nor does any of it speak to the organizations’ current practices.

— Per David Miscavige and his attorneys, there is no such organization as the Sea Organization.
— Per David Miscavige’s attorney Wallace Jefferson, the Sea Org cannot have any members or volunteers.
— There can be no “religious commitment” to the Sea Org because the Sea Org does not exist to be committed to.
— The Sea Org cannot have volunteers as the Sea Org does not exist to volunteer for.
— The Sea Org has no address and does not exist anywhere. Neither you or I nor anyone else can mail a letter to the Sea Org.
— Sea Org members sign a “religious commitment” that is craftily worded so as to say nothing about the Sea Org being an actual organization:


The real details of the Sea Org are found in the staff contract Sea Org members sign:


The Sea Org controls the Church of Scientology and yet there is no such organization as the Sea Organization. If this seems contradictory and confusing it is because it was designed to be so. The only way any of this legal tissue of lies begins to make any possible sense is when considered in terms of L. Ron Hubbard’s words about the design and construction of the Church of Scientology:
“If anybody tried to attack a Scientology organization and pick it up and move it out of the perimeter or go over the hills with it today — this happened to us once — why, they would find themselves involved in the most confounded weird mass of legal — well, it is just like quicksand. Quicksand. It’s an interesting trick. Every time they shoot at you on the right side of a horse, you’re on the left side of the horse; and then they prove conclusively you’re on the left side of the horse, you prove conclusively that you’re on the right side of the horse. They go mad after a while. This is what the basic legal structure is.”

Marty Rathbun’s affidavit in Miscavige vs. Miscavige et. al. is very instructive in this regard. See the Underground Bunker’s in depth coverage: THE MARTY RATHBUN AFFIDAVIT: Scientology Leader David Miscavige Lied To Texas Court

— Jeffrey Augustine

Thank you, Jeff! Back in 2002, former Scientology spokesman Robert Vaughn Young, while he was battling cancer, put together an affidavit that comes to many of the same conclusions about how David Miscavige wields control of the church through his captain position in the Sea Org. That affidavit was to be submitted in a May 2002 court hearing in Lawrence Wollersheim’s long attempt to collect money he’d won in a judgment from Scientology. The morning Vaughn Young’s affidavit was to be heard in open court, the church showed up with a check for nearly $9 million to keep the hearing from happening and end the Wollersheim saga — many years after it had vowed never to pay “one thin dime to Wollersheim.” We wrote up that dramatic story for the Village Voice in 2008.


Michelle Stafford makes a Scientology joke on General Hospital

We were the first to tell you, two years ago, about the fun jab the folks at ABC’s soap General Hospital took at Scientology when they named a fictional location the “Miscavige Hospital for the Criminally Insane.”

Since then, General Hospital became the home for a Scientology actress, Michelle Stafford. And it was only after yesterday’s piece, which included a glossary by Chris Shelton, that the folks at GH realized that Stafford had managed to sneak in a Scientology term while ad-libbing on a recent show!

In the clip, Stafford was asked to describe what the “youngsters” are calling sex these days, and while riffing, she came up with “mystery sandwich.” What the folks at the soap didn’t realize until they saw our story was that “mystery sandwich” is an L. Ron Hubbard term that is used to describe the way Scientology lures in people by convincing them they have some tantalizing secrets newcomers will want to bite into.

So watch Stafford get a little Hubbardese into this fun scene in a recent episode…


Hey, maybe they can get her to slip in “theetie wheetie” next!


Bonus photos from our tipsters

From the new Auditor magazine — a tipster tells us this photo portrays a fundraiser at an unnamed European org. Looks like an orgiastic good time!





Check out the interactive map to our ongoing tour.

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Posted by Tony Ortega on June 5, 2015 at 07:00

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  • chuckbeattyexseaorg75to03

    Jeff Augustine just keeps understanding Scientology like no outsider amateur follower in recent decades!

    If the IRS takes Scientology on again, I hope they hire Jeff as a consultant!

    Excellent all time important article on Jeff’s all time best breakdown of the Sea Org.

    Historical post today.

    • Sid

      I had that same thought. He would be a great consultant to bring in by them.

      • Eclipse-girl

        He should get a finder fee / whistle blower’s fee for helping the IRS.

    • Mockingbird

      I have been diving into info on narcissists, sociopaths and their victims lately to understand Hubbard , his cult and the doctrine it follows .And the effect becoming a mental pseudo clone of Hubbard has on his slaves.

      One factor Mr Augustine would have to face is that the severely mentally disordered ( meaning those with full blown conditions like narcissist personality disorder and anti social personality disorder , or Hubbard who had in my opinion malignant narcissism – both together ) are so extreme , so utterly lacking compassion , humility or decency or restraint as to seem unbelievable .When you describe their conduct to most people they think you are either lying or exaggerating grossly.

      They don’t think or operate like others .So they can seem much saner and more reasonable than the outlandish seeming truth .

      Critics of Scientology have always had the personal incredulity fallacy to overcome. The cult and Hubbard are not rational or logical. Just as Hubbard’s mind was fractured and simultaneously had a part that knowingly lied and another that pretended perfection and superiority , so too do his followers practice double think and simultaneously know Scientology is infallible and useless at the same time , but deny the truth.
      Getting that across is quite difficult.

      • NOLAGirl (Stephanie)

        Jeff won’t have to explain anything to the IRS. If they decide to force Dave’s books open, the numbers will speak for themselves and they’ll need no convincing from Jeff that Dave is a narcissistic sociopath. Also, when it comes to the IRS, they won’t care if Dave is “tin-foil hat” crazy, all they’ll care about is the gross misuse of the tax-exemption.

        I look forward to it with unbridled glee. 🙂

      • J. Swift

        Mockingbird, I have looked into the Scientology Abyss long enough to recognize the Cult for what it is at its core. Go here to see:

        However, none of this is of use to the secular authorities. What they want are financial and legal details; names of key insiders; evidence of lawbreaking. They don’t care if Hubbard was a narcissist and DM is worse or vice versa.

        The Church of Scientology is embedded within a peculiar legal and financial structure because, at the end of the day Dr. Hubbard so ordered and so wrote:

        “Make money. Make more money. Make others produce so as to make more money.”

        Thus, for me at least, the goal became that of understanding of how Scientology is structured as a business and how it takes in money as a business. Evil and demented though it may be, the Church of Scientology still has to give people receipts and parishioner statements. There is still a money trail.

        Hubbard wrote something that should never be ignored:

        “Incredulity of our data and validity. This is our finest asset and gives us more protection than any other single thing. If certain parties thought we were real we would
        have infinitely more trouble. There’s actual terror in the breast of a guilty person at the thought of OT, and without a public incredulity we never would have gotten as far as we have. And now it’s too late to be stopped. This protection was accidental but it serves us very well
        indeed. Remember that the next time the ignorant scoff.”– L. Ron Hubbard, “Scientology Review”, HCO Bulletin of 29 July 1963

        • Mockingbird

          The incredulity actually helps tremendously. It fends off the curious who will not join. They just see the cult as a kooky little religion. It is a thought reform program to enslave until death. Quite different.

          The validity is the con fooling people. That is underestimated, sometimes fatally.

          I understand your idea of focusing on certain crimes .It may bear fruit in prosecution someday.

          I emphasize understanding Hubbard’s mind and the cult because quite often victims if narcissistic abuse are not believed in telling their stories and that compounds the problem. In Scientology the crimes and abuses are so outrageous and extreme they are often discounted out of hand.

          I never would have dreamed they would run an OSA op on me to drive me to suicide or madness , while I was still a loyal fanatic!
          Or would have done 1% of 1% of the crimes and abuses I now am aware of .

        • Mockingbird

          Regarding your excellent article on the master race cult. I agree.

          In fact for months I have been telling people Hubbard plagiarized from many sources and I was taking apart his doctrine and found a batch from a source I had not seen before .

          It reminded me of someone .I then looked at a couple hundred quotes and instantly knew .

          I also have gathered further supporting evidence regarding Hubbard’s conduct and eyewitnesses.

          He wanted to repeat the ” successful actions ” of one man in particular and repackaged much of his doctrine covertly through Dianetics and Scientology .

          Hitler .
          Hubbard and Hitler .

        • Mockingbird

          I think we all see different aspects as more or less important. I have an agenda primarily focused on recovery and helping others find the areas that may help them to progress with that .

          Your emphasis may yield results mine never will . Our agendas may shape us .

          • J. Swift

            Mockingbird, the various emphases people have are all important. Given my particular goal to see the Church lose its tax exempt status I have a different focus than others.

            • Mockingbird

              I see your goal as the Hiroshima or blowing up the Deathstar type goal -( not offense to anyone from Japan ) .

              It can change the game forever , especially if it leads to prosecution under RICO for the slavery , abuses and conspiracy to defraud including murders via medical fraud going back decades .

              If those dominos all fell in the US with convictions it would effectively cripple the cult in the US and leave their PR 100 times worse than it currently is !

              The other nations would have a hard time accepting DM .Even beloved Bulgravia.

              I hope you win , thousands suffer abuse and disconnection every day .

        • Ella Raitch

          Incredulity keeps people thinking that Scientology is bad joke, rather than a public menace

    • J. Swift

      Chuck, I was in corporate B2B sales for 30 years (business-to-business). One of the most important things to know in B2B is how your clients conduct business internally. It is not uncommon to find that the internal conduct of a business is at odds with its public PR persona. For example, when a client launched a major new product at a major trade show I would, as a key vendor, know the often acrimonious engineering vs. finance vs marketing vs production fights that went on inside the company as the product moved from concept to R&D and through to production and market launch. I knew the same things about the corporations for which I worked.

      Because I had insider knowledge and sold “mission critical” components for use in manufacturing medical devices, aircraft, military systems, airport runways, forensics, etc., I was always working in a legal and regulatory context with the FDA, FAA, the US Military, Mil-Spec, ISO 9001, patent law, SEC rules, NDA’s, intellectual property transfer and licensing, ban on sales to certain countries, etc, I worked with my Legal Dept and that of my clients quite often. What I did professionally was often complex. One of my jobs was to translate complexity into simple essentials for my various internal clients: Profit margins, ROI, time to market, forecasting, what percent of production capacity on a particular line is required, do we partner with a key client, do a JV, or do a technology transfer and license them to build our products in-house? What are the short and long term risks associated with what we are contemplating?

      Based upon my business experience, I long ago concluded Scientology is not complex but is rather dishonest and therein lies the key to decoding its inherently bad faith corporate structure.

      Again, based upon my business experience I began to ask how Scientology does business internally and externally. As such, I began to map out in my head and on paper the structure and conduct of Scientology as a transactional business. i.e. what is the nature of the transactions Scientology conducts?

      * How does Scientology bring in revenue?

      * What products and services does Scientology market and sell?

      * How does Scientology market and sell those products?

      * How does Scientology avoid, or evade, product liability given the demonstrable lies and misrepresentations it makes when selling its products and services?

      * How is Scientology constructed as an actual business?

      * What unrelated business does Scientology have?

      * How does Scientology treat its unrelated business income? This question is how I found the 990-T’s.

      What sequence of questions, if logically followed, would allow me to decode the deliberately evasive Scientology Inc. corporate construction?

      * If I were a lawyer how would I construct Scientology as a corporation given Scientology’s goals:

      * Make as much money as possible
      * Spend as little money as possible on employees and production
      * Avoid all legal accountability to the greatest degree possible
      * Meet the absolute bare minimum requirement to retain 501(c)(3) status
      * Conceal the true nature of Scientology to the greatest degree possible from both customers and the public

      * If I were a prosecutor how would I unravel Scientology in order to expose it deceptions and thus make it prosecutable under existing laws that require no extraordinary legal efforts of expense?

      • chuckbeattyexseaorg75to03

        Scary how well you understand.

        It would have even been scarier had you been a follower, and had you moved up to being ASI staff, where your breakdown of all of “LRH’s properties” and you read the ASI advices, you then saw Hubbard’s “property” selling mentality.

        You’d make mincemeat of Miscavige’s failures when he was COB ASI.

        That was a scary missed history opportunity, had you been ASI staff in 1983 onwards!

        You’d enjoy reading the ASI advices and reading through the filing cabinets of the ASI Treasury Division where all the license agreements for all the various “LRH Properties” lie in those files, detailing all the agreements of the corporate entities (Gold, BPI, NEPI, all the front groups, who ALL use various licensed “LRH Properties”).

        All those ASI contracts and agreements list out just the whole shebang of why those corporate lower bodies must pay their amounts, weekly, to ASI.

        • Mockingbird

          A one way trip to the RPF is what that would earn anyone.

        • J. Swift

          Chuck, this is why it’s so deluxe to have you and other former SO who were there blow and then share what you guys know. Former SO allow non-Scientologists to vicariously experience the SO without having to actually join.

          Because I had DoD security clearances in the early 1980’s, I was an illegal pc. Otherwise, I might have gotten more involved beyond the courses and some auditing I did.

          • Suzanna Nielsen

            Holy crap….this may be one of the first times ever I saw a benefit to the DOD’s security clearances.

            OK, I may have understood a couple of them……..groans..!!!

      • Robert Hammond

        Excellent analysis. Your conclusion that Scientology is “rather dishonest” seems to be quite an understatement, though.

      • Mockingbird

        Gee, it sounds like you analyzed the mob . With your knowledge imagine if you did the OEC/FEBC course to learn Scientology admin tech !

        I have said the admin tech is to hide the fraud , slavery , thought reform and actual organizational structure .

        • Mark Foster

          It doesn´t ¨administer¨and it sure as hell ain´t a ¨tech¨ , in my opinion. More confusion technique, more bullshit with an attitude from an assumed ¨altitude¨ , complete with an ¨org board¨ fresh from the ¨whole track¨ (Hubbard´s asshole). Any workable bits(often common sense re-packaged as Hubbard genius) are nullified by its overall pretension, self-contradiction, and hodge-podge assembly of policies based on skirting/subverting the law internationally and duping members of the ¨church¨ into believing they were studying cutting edge management policy that could not only be used in the real world to run businesses and other groups, but for running El Wrong´s ¨new OT civilization¨. It´s an unwieldy, inefficient , bogus ¨system¨.

          • Mockingbird

            I tend to agree .It is cult indoctrination .

            Hubbard plagiarized bits and pieces to seem coherent but really never was .

            • Mark Foster

              You said it very succinctly:)

            • Mockingbird

              Thanks, one of the biggest challenges in taking apart the con is length and complexity of analysis.

              I want it to be thorough , and have enough depth and precision and relevance for an ex cult member to follow, but not so long or difficult they will give up .
              It is hard as some cannot follow a few paragraphs after Hubbard indoctrinated them to blindly follow him . And some swear off dictionaries forever .

            • Suzanna Nielsen

              ” And some swear off dictionaries forever”


          • Mockingbird

            I was bring sarcastic ! Admin tech is like the rest meant to covertly enslave and confuse.It administers thought reform .

      • Ruby

        Jeff, you are a very knowledgable and able man in this arena, thus you are Captain David Miscavige’s worst nightmare.
        Thank you.

      • George Layton

        LOL, if you can turn a human you can turn a buck.

  • lmnop

    FYI: Airing LIVE Sunday, Jun 07 12:00pm EDT on C-SPAN 2
    In Depth with Lawrence Wright

    Book TV’s monthly program, In Depth, is LIVE from the Chicago Tribune Printers Row Lit Fest on Sunday, June 7, from Noon-3pm ET. Our guest is Pulitzer Prize-winning author Lawrence Wright.

  • PappeKak

    Atomic, Biological, and Chemical waste is to be preferred over the criminal and toxic cult of scientology. What obscene leaking scum.

  • nottrue

    Scientology working on a new e-meter with better sensing abilities for easy BT removal…

    • Mark Foster

      This rig is missing the 1000 watt IAS rectal suppository.

      • Eivol Ekdal

        The patron meritorious trophy is not just a decoration.

    • Mockingbird

      Is this the Sarge special?

  • Saltarello

    And that fundraiser photo…. Christ. (As it were.) Just when you think it can’t get any more nightmarish. You know the beginning of Rocky Horror…? “Brad please, let’s get out of here… It seems so unhealthy here…. this isn’t the Jr. Chamber of Commerce, Brad!”

    • SarahDB

      Dammit Janet!

  • Observer

    Well, well, well … look what member of the LAPD is still shilling it up with Scientology front groups:


    • Mockingbird

      Please send this Hubbard supporter this educational link. Ron the racist.

      • Sookie Sookie

        I thought I’d heard all the racist stuff already. Turns out I’d only heard about 5% of it.

        L. Ron Hubbard: the absolute worst.

        • April

          Whether LRH or the CO$, it’s always worse than you think.

          • Mockingbird

            Always and forever.

        • Mockingbird

          This was well hidden from me , or I would never have joined

          • Sookie Sookie

            That’s the thing that gets me about the people at the very top. I truly have sympathy for the thousands that are taken in by this scam. But at some point in the hierarchy, there are people (and more than just Miscavige) who are saying to one another, “yes, he’s the infallible source and his words are pearls of wisdom, however… it might be best if we just edit out these few unseemly statements.”

            They fucking know.

            • Mockingbird

              Yeah , I have been working on facing the unpleasant reality of many others knowing about the affirmations for example and crimes and…well enough to see Scientology is really a criminal organization. And lies constantly to its own members ( Tommy Davis please stand tall ).
              It is hard to face such growing disappointment .But I still see possibly 90-95% as mainly dupes – like myself .Humbling does not begin to cover it .Admit it , accept it and try to move forward .

        • Mockingbird

          The funny thing is with Hubbard’s claims of us all being quadrillion years old Gods , I felt Scientology rebuked racism .While Hubbard’s con did not fool him regarding his own extreme hate fueled prejudice .

    • Snake Plissken

      Artists for Human Right … that’s kind of like The Clear Skies Act that relaxed standards and allowed more pollution to be released into the air.

    • Sherbet

      What, was Lee Baca out of town that day?

  • Richard

    Tony, the other day, said he was very excited to have been invited to Samuel Clemens’s house.

    Mark Twain is one of the most brilliant and funniest writers of all time.

    Many years ago I badly burnt myself and I was in hospital for ten days.

    To pass the time away while in hospital, I bought a book of short stories by Mark Twain.

    I was in a room with five other people. One night, I was not feeling at all tired and so about one’o’clock in the morning, I started to read a story called My Watch. Everybody else in the room was, of course, fast asleep and although the story is only about a page long, I literally had to put a cushion in to my mouth to suppress my laughter!

    The wonderful thing about Mark Twain is that his stories are so real even now, to the point that they could all have been written just yesterday.

    • lmnop

      You remind me that when I was much younger, I read “Letters from the Earth” by Mark Twain and loved it! So disappointed that the man who wrote it was dead and there was no way to meet and marry him! 🙂 (entire book can be found here:
      From Wikipedia:
      Letters from the Earth consists of a series of commentaries in essay and short story form. Many of these pieces express Twain’s discomfort with and disdain for Christianity, both as a theological position and a lifestyle. The title story consists of eleven letters written by the archangel Satan to archangels Gabriel and Michael,[1] about his observations on the curious proceedings of earthly life and the nature of man’s religions.
      ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I was so surprised and delighted to read this note from the book:

      *NOTE: In the Sandwich Islands in 1866 a buxom royal princess died. Occupying a place of distinguished honor at her funeral were thirty-six splendidly built young native men. In a laudatory song which celebrated the various merits, achievements and accomplishments of the late princess those thirty-six stallions were called her harem, and the song said it had been her pride and boast that she kept the whole of them busy, and that several times it had happened that more than one of them had been able to charge overtime. [M.T.]

  • Suzanna Nielsen


    • Sherbet

      Stick the pitchfork in him. He’s done.

    • Observer

      It does give that side of the room an authentic hellish touch, don’t you think?

      • Suzanna Nielsen


      • aegerprimo

        HELZ yeah!

    • April

      LRH fits right in with a room full of devils.

    • Mockingbird

      King of the damned.

      • Snake Plissken

        I think I might have found L Ron Hubbard long lost brother, the resemblance is remarkable

        • Mockingbird

          What an insult… to a piece of shit !!!

        • Ella Raitch

          Ugh – some of us are eating breakfast!

          • Snake Plissken

            I know Tony should have warned us about that picture of Hubbard, it made me want to gag too.

          • Mockingbird

            Not anymore…

          • Suzanna Nielsen

            A sprinkle of powdered sugar over that brownie might make it a bit more edible.

        • Saltarello


    • Snake Plissken

      They probably originally took the picture with out but decided it wasn’t creepy enough to get the message across so they brought in the creepiest thing they could think of and it definitely worked. That bust of Hubbard will creep the fuck out of anyone.

      • aegerprimo

        You know, the bronze bust of LRH …. (is creepy) – I think especially to exes.

    • Ella Raitch


    • aegerprimo

      I saw that too, that the bronze bust of Hubbard is on the SATIN side of the photo. I did not think EeeeWWWWWW…………….!!!! when I saw it… my reaction was more like So F’ing ACURATE………!!!!!!

      • Suzanna Nielsen

        Sorry…I was thinking of the rather erect pitchfork and sort of needed to go take a ‘Silkwood shower’.

        • Mockingbird

          Not enough soap in the galaxy.

          • Suzanna Nielsen

            Or wire brushes?????

            • Mockingbird

              Or brain bleach .

    • Saltarello

      The forced abortion scene from Golden Era’s “Rosemary’s Baby” remake?

      • Suzanna Nielsen

        GAH…………………..I knew I had an ENGRAM!!!

  • Zebulun Stock

    Off topic question but why do you think Miscavige in all the time since the release of OT VIII, didn’t attempt to write himself (not likely) or have someone else write up some fake OT levels. It’s not like Hubbard was responsible for writing all the OT material anyway. It seems like if people are in that deep they would believe just about anything. In all the research I’ve done on Scientology, this question still bugs me. The best i can think is that since OT VIII wasn’t received well, he didn’t want anyone to see it. Now instead of completely getting rid of the level, he just keeps everyone at OT VII except a select few for PR purposes.

    • Mockingbird

      OT IX and X were promoted heavily as coming out when every class V org reached and maintained old Saint Hill size.
      That has a long checklist that has varied but included two hundred full time staff and lots of students and auditing .You will never see it met . All the old guard Scientologists from the nineties and before remember that and would have to be disposed of quietly and without sorrow before that could be edited out without any fuss .

      DM either has to get a hundred or so orgs with two hundred staff and a thousand or so dedicated public and about twenty five to forty thousand Sea Org members to run them and support them with books , CDs etc .

      He would need to recruit one hundred and fifty thousand hard core Scientologists who all stay or R2-45 several thousand exes and current Scientilogists without raising any questions .

      So , I think OTIX and X are permanently off the table.

      • aquaclara

        Since that St Hill thing isn’t really working out, they’d have better luck trying to get every org to aspire to Valley size. It’s so aptly named….

        • Mockingbird

          Well, the old guard would still need to be disposed of…

      • Saltarello

        When Hubbard died, or exteriorized, or whatever, weren’t the faithful told that he was busily continuing his researches? And aren’t they still actually waiting for him to come back? This part of the story has never made any sense to me. I mean really never made any sense. Are they still waiting for the return of Hubbard? Wouldn’t New Hubbard keelhaul Miscavige?

        • Mockingbird

          We fanatics and zealots were told Hubbard had written up OT levels up to XV before departing to target two to give Scientology to another world .

          We were told he realized just thinking of Earth was too small an order of magnitude for Scientology and beneath Hubbard’s actual abilities.

          In his grand magnanimity he sacrificed his chance to depart this universe and all its many traps to labor heroically and save another world out of his kindness and infinite generosity.

          Now , I know it is all like the rest of Scientology bullshit .

          • Saltarello

            Jeeze… it’s like he was crazy or something.

            • Mockingbird

              Like the book said – Messiah or Madman .I tried the first for 25 years…now I go with the second .

        • Mockingbird

          A few wait for Hubbard but orthodox Scientology has Hubbard meeting us on target two. After Earth is fully cleared .

          • Saltarello


      • daytoncapri

        It’s interesting how some phrases stay with you. Recently, I advised the properties manager in my place of work “to dispose of a piece of (seemingly) valuable equipment quickly and without regret.”

        • Mockingbird

          That one is the most gruesome once you know its true genocidal meaning. I love working them in in ways that show the absurdity , deception and double think clearly . Good for you .

    • Baby

      Welcome Zeb.. nice to see a new face in here..

      Mockingbird has the best response for you..

      I do want to add that many indies have upper levels not reveled in the ” Chirch..”

    • Zebulun Stock

      I have read the Saint Hill Size criteria for OT IX and X before and that to me felt like a boondoggle meant to keep people busy. If they are never able to complete that criteria, you don’t ever have to worry about producing OT IX and X. I do not believe Hubbard had any more OT material written up. He was clearly winging it by the seat of his pants and mentally gone his last few years.

      Just seems like to me that if there ever truly was these levels they would have been released. Miscavige clearly only cares about money and power. These levels would have brought a great deal of money in.

    • Zebulun Stock

      Ok so additional question, do people believe that Hubbard make this requirement for these orgs. Was it promoted as Hubbard doesn’t want this released until the orgs are at this level?

  • Bert Allen

    I have moved the below info from an earlier post, because I think it is worth considering. I was responding to a post revealing that CSI had secured the domain name “”

    I inputed “” and received a message that the domain is not in use. I then googled the Sea Org and found these revealing descriptions on the website:

    “The Sea Org was established in 1967 and once operated from a number of ships. It was formed to assist L. Ron Hubbard with advanced research operations and to supervise Church organizations around the world. The Sea Organization is entrusted to minister the advanced services of Scientology.

    … Today some five thousand members of the Sea Organization hold staff positions in upper-level Scientology Church organizations around the world, …”

    As often happens, Scientology’s own words establish the legal existence of the Sea Org, and that the purpose of the Sea Org is “TO SUPERVISE CHURCH ORGANIZATIONS AROUND THE WORLD” (Emphasis Added), and that they do this by staffing the “UPPER-LEVEL SCIENTOLOGY ORGANIZATIONS” and performing “ADVANCED SERVICES OF SCIENTOLOGY,” which I interpret to include OSA black ops. (Emphasis and paraphrasing added.)

    Bottom line is the COS admits that the purpose of the Sea Org, as established by LRH, is to supervise everything. And we all know that whatever LRH did cannot be undone by anyone else in he COS.

    • Snake Plissken
      • aegerprimo

        Reading that made me sea sick.

      • George Layton

        Wash, rinse, repeat, ad infinitum.

    • Snake Plissken

      I’m not sure how they could make it any clearer than this F5

    • Saltarello

      The nice thing about talking out of one’s ass, as Scientology does, is that one can utter the most astounding balderdash with a straight face.

      Er, ass.

    • Dr. Hunky Jimpjorps

      Notice that the description is all written in the passive voice: “was established”, “was formed”, “is entrusted”. There’s no mention of who is doing that establishing, forming and entrusting — as far as CoS is concerned, the Sea Org just sprung fully-formed onto some boats one day and ended up running everything by pure serendipity.

      • Bert Allen

        Good point. Current COS leadership is hiding the Source (pun intended). I believe there has to be one or more documents authored by LRH which explain the establishment and purpose of the Sea Org, but whether or not these documents ever see the light of day is another matter entirely.

  • Suzanna Nielsen

    So, bunkerites!…
    I was in Clamwater the last couple of days and I did my usual Downtown drive-by.

    I only counted three (seriously…3) of the “fake navy” on the streets.
    Boy has that changed over the last couple of years!!!
    Where did all those slaves go?
    I am guessing an ‘Underground Bunker’???? 🙂
    Please read Ayn Rand’s novela “Anthem” for my personal visual fantasy (please don’t interject any politics…totally not necessary and it will also screw up the cool visual I am implying).

    What a ghost town.
    All the pretty buildings just seem so dystopian now.
    Like they are inhabited by unseen zombies.

    Damn….It is SO COOL!
    Maybe Clamwater will finally start to “Get it”, and start looking for a solution to the fact that their downtown corridor looks like an urban graveyard…but no headstones………….just ghosts.

    • aegerprimo

      Jeez, I can’t wait until Tony O book tour to Clearwater Library. That event will bring out some vibrant PEOPLE.

      • Suzanna Nielsen

        Oh hell yes! I am thinking about wearing a crown of harness-bells on my head to the library that day!

      • Eclipse-girl

        you will get Ms Copper also.
        It sound like a wonderful time.

    • beauty for ashes

      This is totally what I imagined when I saw a picture of the Ft. Harrison. Maybe in fifty years it will be abandoned and decrepit and they’ll tell weird stories about the rituals that went on in this crazy cult that used to be a legal religion.

      • Mockingbird

        They are too free to be Scientologists .

  • TheMirrorThetan

    Thanks, Jeff for explaining this. Iam not quite as confused as before.
    I don’t have a head for business, legal and contract technicalities.
    but if Iam right it is set up to basically get out of their financial and moral responsibilities to their religious slaves, sorry I mean volunteers.

    • Suzanna Nielsen

      Nice distillation.

  • Douglas D. Douglas

    Can Disqus get anything right? Just saw this announcement. Getting Yoda to endorse this is… ok… I guess. But everyone knows what he would actually say: “Much to discuss, we have.”

    • Suzanna Nielsen

      If only ‘Discusttttt’ didn’t suckus!

    • Frodis73

      That is a big time fail actually…how in the world could they mess that up?

    • PappeKak

      ‘Discuss”, we have much to.

      I have a compelling desire to ask simply, WTF? And then ‘discuss’ it on disqust.

  • Frodis73
    • lynn

      After buying “Blown for Good”, Jenna Hill M. book, “Scandal in Scientology”, Nancy Many’s “My Billion year contract”, and TUML in both paperback & kindle version…my entertainment fund is spent, sorry Tom.

      • Missionary Kid

        That’s as good excuse as any to avoid TC’s movies.

  • lynn

    As usual, I was following a link from down thread & ended up here: I found it interesting that a subject that had spawned years of torment for Paulette Cooper & lord know how much $ in legal fees only commanded an explanation to about 2 1/2 measly paragraphs on a “pro-scion” site. This truly is a case of some spin doctoring…

    “Operation Freakout was the name of a program thought up by members of the Guardian’s Office
    in 1976 with the goal to get Paulette Cooper – that time a psychologist
    who (in her own words) had infiltrated Scientology for a scandal book –
    to stop spreading derogatory information about the Church of

    Since the beginning of the 1970s the relation between the Guardian’s Office and Paulette Cooper had escalated to million-dollar damage claims and harassment.

    Operation Freakout however was never executed and
    got shelved before it even reached the attention of Church officials.
    The story however made its way to the media and is one of those
    half-truths you read about when looking at biased anti-Scientology
    websites. Aside from loads of dramatized stories I only found a few
    sources which could be called “cool, calm, collected”, and eye opening.
    One of them is here.”

    • Suzanna Nielsen

      They really do the work for us, don’t they?

    • Frodis73

      The denial of these people is truly epic.

    • J. Swift

      Public Advisory: Scientology Myths Wesbite is an OSA-Lite website. Awash in deceptions, half truths, and lies, this ratty website is a propaganda job.

      • lynn

        they give their parishioners just enough info to not be shocked & to have an “acceptable” idea incase some sp should bring it up.

      • daytoncapri

        An apologetics site. In some cases, apologetics can be useful in explaining some truths.

        For this Scientology Myths Wesbite, “The apostate is generally in need of self-justification. He seeks to
        reconstruct his own past, to excuse his former affiliations, and to
        blame those who were formerly his closest associates. Not uncommonly the
        apostate learnt to rehearse an “atrocity story”
        From the very start of this explanation, I call bullshit. I left to get the hell away from you Scientologists. You almost had me. Shit, you did have me. Self-justification? You crazy.

        • J. Swift

          Apologetics requires a group to make a reasoned philosophical defense of their faith. Apologetics is not afraid of open debate and addresses criticism.

          Apologetics makes and defends truth statements in the form of propositions that can be debated and argued openly.

          Scientology Myths is largely revisionist history and various justifications offered in the defense of Hubbard and the Church.

          Revisionist history and justifications are not Apologetics.

          IMO, Scientologist Laurie Hamilton at at least tries to give somewhat logical answers, or at least to the extent one can within the tautological-Gnostic-Hubbardian system that is Scientology:

    • Sid

      I know right? If it hadn’t been for her and all of Scientology being PTS then there might be real Clears today. Unfortunately, not a single one exists. So sad.

      • lynn

        exactly, her being a “psychologist” & all. lol

        • Sid

          I think you’re mistaken.She was CIA and FBI at the same time.

        • Frodis73

          It seems so stupid to still be using the lie that she is/was a psych as it is such an obvious one to prove. Then again I must have forgotten that we are talking about the Co$.

      • PappeKak

        Wow. So that must have been the why and the who! No wonder there are no clears today, much less OTs! If only the old man had known about this! Maybe there’s another SP that hasn’t been found yet! Keep looking, co$ers, keep looking.

        • lynn

          since it didn’t “reach.. the attention of the Church officials”, it must’ve been those few rogue GO’s.

    • Eclipse-girl

      The book is better 😉

  • PappeKak

    Has anyone else noticed that the red and black demon-dressed are on the side with the lrh-swampthing bronze bust, while the white clothed angelics are on the other side?

    • Elron, shoved in the corner because Hell wouldn’t have him.

    • Commodore H. McCringleberry

      That is an excellent point. Also, while I am a Photoshop luddite, I would think that this pic has massive potential for shooping. . .

      • PappeKak

        How’s this?

  • Vinay Agarwala

    Wouldn’t the legal controlling entity be that which is in receipt of the money from all organizations and ultimately directs the money for the “welfare” of those organizations?

    • No one falls for your passive aggressive questions anymore XD

      • Suzanna Nielsen

        Our buddy Vinay, is just as passive aggressive in person!
        But taller, cuter and nicer…when he isn’t being an insufferable snob.

        Love ya, Vinay!!!!

        So…again…who is the cute girl?

        • Commodore H. McCringleberry

          You actually met the Sophistomagnificent Vinay? That’s amazing!! When I see his name, my skin crawls, then when I read his comment, i giggle like a child. Never has the term ‘navel gazer’ been put to better use. I’d bet that the girl is either a long since fled child that stopped back in for an exploratory ‘hope you might have stopped self-worshiping’ lunch in a public place, or he convinced someone he’s the guy in the Iron Man suit. . .

          • Vinay Agarwala

            You guys haven’t stopped being like a Scientologist… always evaluating!

          • Vinay Agarwala

            Intolerance and hate = “prison of belief”

        • Vinay Agarwala

          Did you get the answer above? She is my daughter.

      • Vinay Agarwala

        Nat whatever… looks like you are being mental… Now is that aggressive enough!

        • Thanks for showing your true colors!

          • Vinay Agarwala

            Looks like truth comes easy to you just like it came to L. Ron Hubbard.

    • Suzanna Nielsen

      who is the pretty girl in the AV….?
      Inquiring minds wanna KNOW?

      • Vinay Agarwala

        She is my daughter who is an architect in New York.

      • Vinay Agarwala

        There is another similar picture with my son on my FaceBook account. My son is the VP of sales in an emerging company.

    • PappeKak

      I donno. Trusts and foundations are often set up to separate inflow from outflow AND control of capital.

      • Vinay Agarwala

        Thank you. Money is an area that I understand very little about.

    • daytoncapri

      Interesting but confusing. Good to see ya.

      • Vinay Agarwala

        The whole subject of money is confusing to me. Now that bank notes are disappearing with the advent of Credit cards, it all seems like a number game.

  • Eclipse-girl

    reminder time

    There is a heart to click.
    Go to the top of the comments, and on the lef tlside click that heart.

    Then go and flag some ads

  • seriouslyWTF

    Packed house for Going Clear at the Sydney Film Festival.

    • Eclipse-girl

      I hope you have a good time.
      The film can be wrenching, but knowing others are being educated will help

      • seriouslyWTF

        Oh. I wasn’t there. I just posted a link from twitter . I wish I was there though.

        • Eclipse-girl

          I just read Alex Gibney’s interview with Sinead Stubbins.
          I wish I was at the Sydney Film Fest, too.

    • PappeKak

      Excellent. And I also couldn’t help but notice that the only headless thing in that pic is the ice-cream cone middle-left foreground.

    • Baby

      OMG fabulous.. Hi to all my fellow bunkeroos..I hope you still count me as one.. Jeeze.. between traveling with company to the ” Shell Beaches.. going out to dinner and ” Shopping ( hate to shop) with guests I’m pooped.

      and more on the way.. Good Lord People..It’s Florida..It is OFF season and it is fuckin hot! UGH..

      I miss you all and hope you are all staying safe.. Will go to CW when the Shit will hit the fan when our noted Author arrives with Paulette of course.. love baby

      • Mark Foster

        Hello Baby!

        • Baby

          HHHHHHeeeeeeellllllllllooooooooooooo Mark! xo


      • TheMirrorThetan

        No, of course we don’t count you as a bunkeroo anymore, baby.
        Your big pharma checks have been cancelled and if you want to rejoin you will have to sit the 6 hr exam again, prove you have at least one cat and show a pic of your Miss Lovely copy and then say something nasty about little Captain Cock-up.
        Otherwise we cannot accept your membership to the bunker.

        • Baby

          Hahahhahaha.. I gots 5 fur babies.. I feel so guilty though..I cut my little one’s nails about 5 minutes ago and cut too much.. I felt awful. She is still bleeding.. sigh.. ; /

          Now she’ll never trust me again.

          David Miscavige is a creepy teeny evil jerk wad.. who is power hungry and beneath the level of a slug.

          Picture of me at the Grande Opening of a local Org in Bum Fuck Egypt..

          There.. Now GIMMIE MY CHEEEEEEEECK.. My roots don’t get done without Moooohlah.. xox

          • TheMirrorThetan

            Ok now we have verified your bunkeroo credentials your official big pharma checks will start up again with the bonus psych pills.
            I hope your fur baby is OK. I used to hate trimming the dogs nails when I had them.
            I can trim anyone else’s dogs nails no problem, but I used to shake doing my own.
            Me and the dogs were happy when I found a dog groomer down the road who did them for $10.00 and I could pop in any time.

            • Baby

              Oh YIPPEE.. Loving the bonus..

              My hubby was holding her tight and just when I went to clip it..she jerked and awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww…I felt sick to my stomach ..Sick Pookey..

              I do them..That is the first time in all my years of doing them that this happened..I was absolutely devastated when she yelped..sigh..

              But she got treats and babied.. she finally said ” Forget it..” and jumped off my lap.. ha.. I put flour on it to seal it and she is OK.. thanks honey

          • Todd Tomorrow

            Flour will help that stop bleeding.

            • Baby

              Wow.. that is exactly what I put on it Todd..thanks..

              It made me sick to my stomach that I hurt my little girl..She let out a big yelp and knew it immediately.

              Gave her treats while I held her and babied her..sigh.. thanks babe.

          • AintMizBahavin

            thats our baby we’ll never let you blow the bunker missy we’ll hog tie you in the underground hole before we let you blow

            • Baby

              Ha.. THAR SHE BLOWSSSSSS

              OMG I love your avi.. You look absolutely darling Aint..Great picture of you..xoxoxo baby

      • Sydjazz

        Send some warm down here baby. I am freezing

        • Baby

          You can HAVE it Kitteh.. It was beautiful today..I must admit! Sorry you are freezing. I really am..But I paid my dues and did my time in the freezing weather..ugh..xoxo

    • Tony Ortega

      Let’s hope some of them find their way here.

    • Sydjazz
  • Quitty

    Fox News just interviewed the “19 and Counting” Duggar sisters about being molested by their brother. Of course, they they blamed everyone but their brother and their parents. Montel Williams had the best response:

    • Supper Powers

      Did I just feel a moment of respect for Montel Williams?!?

      • Frodis73

        IKR? He made a comment earlier in the week that was very spot on too! I don’t remember exactly what it was but it was about the Duggar’s and I was surprised that it was him.
        Glad to know he is another one that is hip to scientology and their BS too.

      • Todd Tomorrow

        He’s channeling Sylvia Browne.

  • Supper Powers

    Why would the church “allow” the soap opera actress to continue on a show that routinely disparages DM’s name? I looked her up and she apparently left another soap bc her colleague became an Indie or left altogether. I know that celebs are treated differently and that money means almost as much as DM’s pride, but this seems peculiar. Sure faithful Christians star in shows that are decidedly anti-Christian bc it’s only a job, but everyone and everything about Scientology revolves around DM’s ego. Any ideas as to why Stafford gets away with this? Or is her salary going straight into sec checks?

    • Missionary Kid

      She’s a celebrity. They have different rules than the other Klams.

  • EnthralledObserver

    Just a quick observation I’ve got around to mentioning: If David Miscavige was the youngest professional auditor at age twelve… then did he just get showed up by an 11 year old via that documentary the other day… where was that again? Is this the next leader in line? Is Miscavige not so special after all… as young kids auditing is pretty routine?

    • ReallyMGM

      Good call! 🙂

    • Missionary Kid

      IMO, it’s a measure of how few $cientologists are left: all they can come up with is a kid to audit.

  • valshifter

    I’m so excited!!! I have been officially invited to join the Sea Org….. pretty soon I will be making pennies per hr, I will start working 20 hr a day with little or no sleep, I would have to leave my beautiful bed and start sleeping in bunkers with other six male Sea org members, and most of all I would have to disconnect from the only people that care about my well being; my beautiful family, because they are definitely anti-scientology, but I will do this all for dear leader, I just hope while I am in there I would not be forced to commit criminal acts all in the name of the church of scientology like infiltrating an IRS office or something like that.
    I’m sure the readers will be happy about my calling as I’m. I will be right back, my stomach is turning.

    • Andrea ‘i-Betty’ Garner

      Remember those of us you are about to leave behind! And when you blow, as blow you will, bring us some rice and beans 😀

  • Pierrot

    *** RED X +–+** RED X ** +–+ RED X *** Saturday, 06 June 2015
    Good morning Night Owls and Early Birds,
    Friday: NO result from complaints and NOoo result from flagging!.
    We will not win the lottery if we do not buy a ticket

    SpamTrack and the complaint templates for Boston, LA & Tampa have been updated today 6th of June at 2:30am est :

    RedX tips :
    Flag co$ lies :

    F5…for Slorp by Mark, flickred by Aeger Primo

  • Sydjazz

    Hey all. We have alex gibney here downunder. Awesome interview last night on a popular tv show. Link is enjoy

  • Sydjazz

    I thought mystery sandwich was a tinder date

  • MostEthicalPimp

    For everyone waiting on the next article. Here is a little XKCD

    So is liking beer a cult or not?

  • AintMizBahavin

    running in and out. not feeling emotionally good right now had a huge fight with my son. im emotionally drained and dont know how to fix it. the tears just keep coming …anyway i hope everyone is having a good day.. someone enjoy the day for me please. also being woke up late at night with my left hand literally lock and in such pain that it bends me in half the pain is very very intense im scared that i may be having a mild stroke or heart attack. will try to check back in tomorrow. ooooo to everyone GOOD NIGHT.