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Leonard Cohen: This awful year strikes again with the loss of a transcendent genius


You probably heard the news last night that Leonard Cohen died at 82. And today, you’ll be seeing some really great remembrances of him and the many different chapters of his life as an author, a songwriter, and a performer. (New Yorker editor David Remnick profiled Cohen in a brilliant piece just last month.)

Cohen’s stature is such that when it was announced last month that Bob Dylan had won the Nobel Prize in literature, fans couldn’t help wondering how Cohen would greet the news that he’d been passed over for it.

Cohen’s reaction was classic. He said that giving Dylan a Nobel Prize for writing was “like pinning a medal on Mount Everest for being the highest mountain.”

What a mensch. We are writing about Cohen at the Underground Bunker not only because of his surpassing genius, but also because he did spend some time as a Scientologist.

We mentioned it in our book, The Unbreakable Miss Lovely, which is about the journalist Paulette Cooper. In 1968, Paulette began her investigation of Scientology by spending a weekend taking classes at the New York org, which in those days was located at the Hotel Martinique in midtown.

We wanted to get a sense of what the org was like then, and we talked to several people who were involved in it. One of them was Jim Dincalci, who spent his early involvement in Scientology at the New York org before he ended up serving as L. Ron Hubbard’s medical officer aboard the yacht Apollo.

Jim told us he distinctly remembered the buzz of the place in the summer of 1968.

“You could go in day or night. It didn’t matter. It was full. Especially at night,” he told us. And he recalled the thrill of seeing Cohen come in.

“Leonard Cohen had his two beautiful girlfriends with him, taking the courses with him,” Jim said.

This photo, posted at, shows Cohen at the busy New York org but we don’t have a way to confirm that as Len Zinberg confirms. (You can clearly see a man with a Scientology e-meter behind Cohen in the shot.)…


It’s often pointed out that Cohen’s time in Scientology produced a couple of memorable lines in his 1971 song “Famous Blue Raincoat”…

Yes, and Jane came by with a lock of your hair
She said that you gave it to her
That night that you planned to go Clear
Did you ever go Clear?

Cohen’s involvement in Scientology was brief. He had been raised in the Jewish faith, but he was a seeker all his life and tried out several spiritual pursuits. He also struggled with depression. Here’s how Remnick described some of Cohen’s religious adventures…

Since his days davening next to his uncles in his grandfather’s synagogue, Cohen has been a spiritual seeker. “Anything, Roman Catholicism, Buddhism, LSD, I’m for anything that works,” he once said. In the late sixties, when he was living in New York, he studied briefly at a Scientology center and emerged with a certificate that declared him “Grade IV Release.” In recent years, he spent many Shabbat mornings and Monday evenings at Ohr HaTorah, a synagogue on Venice Boulevard, talking about Kabbalistic texts with the rabbi there, Mordecai Finley. Sometimes, on Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, Finley, who says that he considers Cohen “a great liturgical writer,” read from the pulpit passages from “Book of Mercy,” a 1984 collection of Cohen’s that is steeped in the Psalms. “I participated in all these investigations that engaged the imagination of my generation at that time,” Cohen has said. “I even danced and sang with the Hare Krishnas — no robe, I didn’t join them, but I was trying everything.”

When Remnick interviewed Cohen earlier this year, the singer spoke of preparing for death. Marianne Ihlen, the woman he lived with on a Greek island in the 1960s and who was the inspiration for the song “So Long, Marianne,” died on July 28. Cohen had heard she was slipping away just in time to get her a note that was later made public…

Well Marianne, it’s come to this time when we are really so old and our bodies are falling apart and I think I will follow you very soon. Know that I am so close behind you that if you stretch out your hand, I think you can reach mine. And you know that I’ve always loved you for your beauty and your wisdom, but I don’t need to say anything more about that because you know all about that. But now, I just want to wish you a very good journey. Goodbye old friend. Endless love, see you down the road.

Cohen was told that his note reached her just in time so that she heard it read aloud and smiled.

He told Remnick that he was ready for his own death, but Remnick said that Cohen was “anything but haunted or defeated.”

“I know there’s a spiritual aspect to everybody’s life, whether they want to cop to it or not,” Cohen said. “It’s there, you can feel it in people—there’s some recognition that there is a reality that they cannot penetrate but which influences their mood and activity. So that’s operating. That activity at certain points of your day or night insists on a certain kind of response. Sometimes it’s just like: ‘You are losing too much weight, Leonard. You’re dying, but you don’t have to coöperate enthusiastically with the process.’ Force yourself to have a sandwich.

“What I mean to say is that you hear the Bat Kol.” The divine voice. “You hear this other deep reality singing to you all the time, and much of the time you can’t decipher it. Even when I was healthy, I was sensitive to the process. At this stage of the game, I hear it saying, ‘Leonard, just get on with the things you have to do.’ It’s very compassionate at this stage. More than at any time of my life, I no longer have that voice that says, ‘You’re fucking up.’ That’s a tremendous blessing, really.”

It’s good to know that Leonard Cohen felt that compassion in his final days. But truly, 2016 is taking a prodigious toll on us all.


3D-UnbreakablePosted by Tony Ortega on November 11, 2016 at 07:00

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  • flyonthewall

    Man if Trump was here right now I’d go right up to him and be like

    • flyonthewall

      man that’d be sweet

  • Illinoisian

    WANTED: SOME ELECTORS WITH COURAGE. The first of our checks and balances: electors can choose to vote as they see fit — they can change the outcome in order to deal with a disaster. It’s the Omega 13 of the election system. It can be done, but what courage it would take!
    (I’ve been in fetal position, sobbing, for two and a half days — still stunned, but back to lurking.)

    • Liberated

      I’ve been in a fetal position too.
      Ya know, I keep thinking about Naomi Klein’s “the shock doctrine ” good stuff.
      Check out the documentary if ya can.
      Just rearrange stuff until you get the outcome you want.

      • Illinoisian

        I’ll try to find the documentary and view it when I feel a little less like I’ve been hit with a Mack truck — and can face the subject matter. Hadn’t heard of it. Did a quick wiki check. Thanks. I need to keep up with all the ways we are manipulated.

        • Liberated

          It will blow your mind. Uncovers the truth about Pinoche and the u.s. business interests,
          hurricane Katrina on and on. You’ll see.

  • They can repeat this and probably will

    • Mockingbird


    • Anony-Lurker

      Ann Coulter, the most self serving piece of shit around…worse than Palin. She’s a whore in the worst sense of the word. I have much more respect for the poor street walker, trying to support herself and a kid by turning tricks, than Coulter.

      • it doesn’t looks like she likes republicans
        ETA: or maybe she does 🙂 her name does looks familiar now that you wrote this
        ETA#2 Not sure how to read that tweet, must be miles reed’s composition or comparison!

      • Mymy88

        I know das right.

      • Liberated

        I’ve got two words for Ann….the first one starts with F.

        • Mockingbird

          Feel love ?

          • Liberated

            Ha, you’re funny.

      • Mockingbird

        Don’t hold back. How do you really feel ?

  • daisy

    20|20 Donald Trump Critical.

  • Mymy88
  • Mockingbird

    In protest news on the Trump tyranny resistance network. I heard a protest in California on Saturday has twelve thousand confirmed participants and is looking for MORE.

    David Miscavige may call it an ideal grand protest. He can get Scientology stats way up if he just held Trump protests in his empty ideal orgs.

    • salin

      Such a deliciously ironic, and improbable, scenario.

      • Mockingbird

        Miscavige could not handle that many new people.

  • salin

    10:35 EST – faint but active Auroras can be seen on this Swedish webcam. It’s a live cam (worth bookmarking the link) – later tonight they may be stronger — or absent. I post such links as a reminder to upvote our Proprietor’s daily edition (and the ensuing conversation in the UB comments.)

    • Rasha

      Totally bookmarked! Thank you!!

      • salin

        Glad to share. Can I ask for a Rasha favor? I love your CoS Madlibs. Sometime when you have the time/space… could you give us some new ones? Heck you could repeat the old ones…. Don’t meant to put pressure on you, but istead express appreciation.

        • Rasha

          Will do, soon. ^_^ I’m also thinking about the “Who Wrote It – Source, or a 15-year-old?” contest for HowdyCon Denver….. Gotta put it together and deliver it on time…..

    • Anony-Lurker

      Just beautiful! Thanks
      There is beauty in the world…I must keep remembering this!

  • gtsix

    OT: BAH! US 1-2 loss to el Pee. Stupid 3-5-2 first half formation Jurgen. Need to win in Costa Rico now. What a shit week.

    Why do I call them el pee? Their name is el Tri for their tricolor flag. And my mate had piss balloons tossed on him in 96 or 97 when he went to Azteca for a match. They will always be el pee to me. I don’t hate mexico or mexicans, I hate the Mexican national team. It’s a sportsball thing.

    One final note: to those Americans who started chanting “Trump” and “build the wall” when el pee went ahead…FUCK YOU. Sports is not politics you fucktards.

    Good night Bunkeroos.

  • Mockingbird

    WOW ! Rawstory reports Trump has backed off four major promises. The repeal of the ACA, coal, mass deportation and the wall !!!! Newt Gingrich admitted the wall promise may have been an electoral devices an acceptable truth !

    I only hope Trump is not pretending to be moderate so the people stop protesting for months, then he can gradually attack us one group at a time. Take away social security then a month later gay rights then ban Muslims a month after that then use stop and frisk a month later and so on.

    Do not let him pull a rope a dope.

    • Mymy88

      “Do not let him pull a rope a dope.”

      Don’t worry. I won’t. I got that sucker’s number! He’s pure shit.

      • Mockingbird

        Thank you.

    • Anony-Lurker

      I don’t care if he throws out his agenda totally, the piece of pond scum needs to go, if anything for making hate in all its forms ok!

    • People are reporting that many of his statements are disappearing from the internet…

      • kemist

        From now on, he never said those things, guys. You better remember it straight.

        Ah, the joys of a narcissist’s promises.

        • Mockingbird

          Narcissist’s Promises a great band or book name.

          • kemist

            Or an expensive but disappointing wine that stains your teeth.

            • Mockingbird


      • Mockingbird

        Like some other people who erase things from photos…nothing ominous about that club…

  • Rasha

    Woke up long enough to steam some rather lively crabs, and thanked each one in turn as they went in. Thanked them again afterward with a sip of white wine and a slice of Chinese scallion pancake dipped in ginger, soy and vinegar sauce.

    And music. From those who are still here and those who have slipped this mortal coil. I thanked them too. Then I went out into a windy night and just enjoyed it.

    My world kicks ass.

    (edited for wine-induced misspellings. LOL)

    • Jimmy3

      Met some crazy human lady who kept thanking my family members before throwing them in one of those hot death pots. She said she had pancakes but it wasn’t pancakes. It was some weird China vegetable stuff

      And I escaped, but not before stealing a gulp of her wine. I thanked her for that. Then I crawled out into a windy night and prayed to Crusty Jesus because I’m a still a lively crab.

      I need some ass.

      — Lively Crab

      • Rasha

        *sets out inflatable swimming pool full of salty water, because I live like, 40 miles from the ocean, on a hill. Sets up lawnchair, puts on Cohen and just waits….. muahahahahaha……..*

        You’ll be back. Thank you.

        • Rasha

          To be honest, I still can’t stop laughing…….

    • noseinabk

      I had a great hour or so today driving some beautiful back roads with the radio turned up. Somthing about loudly singing off key even if you I don’t know all the words is a great stress buster.
      Say, ( somthin somthin )have you seen them yet
      But they’re so spaced out, B-B-B-Bennie and the Jets!!!!!
      Oh but they’re weird and they’re wonderful
      Oh Bennie she’s really keen
      She’s got electric boots a(somthin) suit
      You know I read it in a mag-a-zeeeeeen
      B-B-B- Bennie and the Jets!

      • Jimmy3

        and mohair suits

        As a kid I thought they were called mole hair suits, and I wondered how many moles it took to make a suit.

        • noseinabk

          I sang it wrong for so many years that I habitually skip that part. My favorite song misunderstanding was Macy Grays I try. I always heard ” My world crumbles when you are not here…” as ” I blow bubbles when you are not here.” Still like my version better.

          • Rasha


          • Jimmy3

            My mom loved Will Smith’s “Gettin’ Jiggy With It” when she first heard it, but she started singing along, “Get the chicken with it! Na na na na na na naaaa!!!”. I think she may have thought it was a fast food jingle.

            • Jimmy3

              In her defense, no one knows what the hell jiggy is or means. Get the chicken with it is something we can all understand.

            • Rasha

              “Ain’t no chicken from China, I’m blastin’
              I’m grabbin’ a routine vaccination
              with chicken and sweet carp on the side…”

              -BLR version of Rebecca Black’s “Friday”


            • noseinabk

              I was going to say that both versions make as much sense. The funny thing is that once you do that and learn the correct lyrics the wrong one gets stuck in your head. Can never hear Blinded by th Light and not hear the guy say that a douche was a runner in the night.

            • Rasha

              Wrapped up like a douche, as well….

            • noseinabk

              I don’t even want to admit how many years I didn’t know it was deuce. What the hell does revved up like a deuce mean anyway?
              I know it’s a car reference now but cmon?

            • Rasha

              Hey, Springsteen wrote it, so I guess it’s awesome. It was Manfred Mann who couldn’t pronounce it (but who made a fortune on it). I think it’s just a PSA on Calliope maintenance..

            • Jimmy3

              Sup with writing music for less talented musicians when you could record it yourself? I’ve always wondered why that happens. Like, oh, yeah, David Bowie wrote that. Really? For Mott the Fucking Hoople? Why is that not a Bowie song.

            • Robert Eckert

              Wrapped up like a douche, a nutter-butter in the night…

          • TheLurkingHorror

            There used to be a site called ‘’ where people would submit their mangled interpretations of song lyrics. I don’t know if it still exists, it was probably ten years ago or more when I last saw it, but I would laugh my ass off at some of the submissions.

            (‘kiss this guy’ being a misinterpretation of Jimi Hendix’s ‘Pardon me, while I kiss the sky)

            ETA: Ha, it’s still there.

          • Robert Eckert

            Jon Bon Jovi: “we’ve got to hold on, to what we’ve got, doesn’t make a difference if we’re naked or not… oooohhhh, we’re halfway there, we’ll be naked I swear…”

      • Rasha

        I will drive around the block until that song is over, singing all the way….

        “She’s got electric boobs, a mole hair, too….”

      • Mymy88

        She’s got electric boots, a mohair suit! Ah good song.

    • Observer
      • Rasha

        ^^^^^^ THIS!!!1ELEVEN!!1 YES!!!! THANK YOU!!!

        Jimmy, you were WRONG!!!!!! Obs is RIGHT HERE!!!

        eta …Thank you, Obs. This is brilliant, and totally is what I was imagining….

        • Jimmy3

          My dumb joke about Obs dying on Facebook almost killed Baby. I felt bad about that. I probably need someone to Trump away my Disqus account.

      • tweeted

      • iampissed

        It’s quite beautiful.

  • Tony Ortega

    I swear, earlier today, I thought to myself, “He’s not going to move into the White House. He’s going to want to be president from Trump Tower.”

    I mean, I was just guessing.

    • Liberated

      I had the most awful thought today, he and the future First Lady will decorate in 1970’s playboy mansion chic.

      • ha ha… good lord

        • Edison tried his best, but Benjamin Harrison just wasn’t convincing in the role.

        • Liberated

          The u.s. should be so proud.
          I bet the first thing the trumps do is tear up the beautiful organic garden Mrs. Obama created to give children a “hands on” teaching experience of growing one’s own food and eating a healthy diet, then install a playboy “grotto” in its place.
          Must keep his scumbag cabinet happy…really happy.
          I think I’m gonna die.

          • Maybe all our BT’s will attack him in his bed? brb… phone is ringing!

            • Liberated

              Fingers crossed.

        • Mockingbird

          Hah. I would’ve preferred just about any other porn star.

          • while your at it, try turn your radar over Europe! There is some serious elections coming up in 2017 – it does not look good :-/

            • Mockingbird

              I have to deal with American politicians first.

            • deal!

        • kemist
      • Snippy_X

        Here’s hoping he doesn’t last long enough to do Trump Christmas in the White House 2017.

        • Liberated

          Now, that’s something I can get behind.

      • Kay (aka Nasty Lady)

        It’s more likely that they will do it in that awful gold rococo French faux Versailles style that his homes are done in. He even painted the ceiling of one of his rooms at Trump tower in a style that was supposed to be like the Sistine Chapel. He even stated that he thought it was better than Michelangelo’s. Money does not equal taste.

        • Liberated

          God help us all.
          I still think I’m gonna wake up and it’s all been a very bad dream.

          • Kay (aka Nasty Lady)

            I know…. I just cannot believe it.

            • Liberated

              Ever since Tues. night I can’t eat and have a wave of nausea or (grief) flow thru me like I’ve never experienced before. This really is new territory, I’m lost.
              Even when it passes ,I still feel a profound sadness, all I can think about now is “this isn’t real how can normal people undo this travesty ”
              There must be a way.

            • just listening to David Icke for 8 hours on youtube and you will be completely numb!

            • Liberated

              Oh no, anything but that….anything!

    • he might just do that… i have seen the movie

    • Mymy88

      I’m trying to describe how I feel right now… it’s kind of like… hmm, I don’t know…

    • EmmaDaoust

      I was thinking the same thing. Picturing him with his head on the pillow in the President’s Suite in the White House is just too much.

    • Kay (aka Nasty Lady)

      I agree….I cannot picture any of it. He will probably want Air Force One repainted with TRUMP on the side. I feel like I’m in the land of OZ, this is all so weird.

    • PJK

      I wonder if the order for the gold paint and the gigantic T, R, U, M and P letters has already been placed, because if he is moving into the White House he’ll want to turn into the Gold House. And as with all his “properties” it will have his name slapped across it in Juuuugge letters multiple times.

    • Eivol Ekdal

      Will he do business on the government email system or will he have his own server?

  • noseinabk

    Wrong link. Deleted

  • Snippy_X
  • Mymy88

    Ooops, fatigue slam… time to hit the sack.. long day… too much going on, G’night!

    • Liberated

      Oh the irony in that, back in the early 70’s there was a thing about “coat hangers”.

      Women would wear a pin showing a coat hanger to protest the law against legalized abortion.
      Now that it’s our legal right, the right wing political nuts will do everything in their power to overturn Roe v Wade.

      This time they might succeed, so I guess it’s back to the back alley non-sterile procedure. It’s a real thing.
      The men that make these ridiculous laws don’t care two cents about women,
      in my opinion they hate us and want us dead.

      • Have you read the book “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”?

        • Liberated

          Well no, but I saw the movie…I liked it.

          • oh yes the movie… i need to find the US version i only tried to see the Swedish version – no good!

            • Liberated

              It’s very good, the one with Noomi Rapace is in sub-titles and the really american one with Daniel Craig and Rooney Mara is good too.
              I almost think I prefer the Swedish one. Is that the one you mean?

            • waiting for the Graig version, no subtitles for me. I tried 2 time to watch the swedish version and i haven’t read the book

            • Liberated

              You’ll like the Daniel Craig version.
              You know what I did today, signed up for Netflix.
              I watched the 1st episode of unbreakable Kimmie Schmidt, it’s funny.
              It’s about a young girl escaping from a cult…ha!
              Have you seen it? I feel so far behind on non-tv programs, I’ll just have to catch up.
              So much entertainment, so little time.

            • no i havent seen that. Since NetFlix is so easy to exit, i normally just pay for a month, see and get updated, bail out for a couple of months and so on!

            • Liberated

              I know what you mean, the only reason I did it now is the 1st month is free.
              I don’t start paying till Dec. 10th.
              If you liked “30 Rock ” …Tina Fey, you’ll love this.
              Anything to do with freedom from cults, I love.

    • Jimmy3

      Safe my ass. I tried to open one just now and damn near lost my finger. There’s blood everywhere.

      • Mockingbird

        They are safe if you don’t open them.

  • Mockingbird

    Trump was asked if his campaign rhetoric went too far he answered “No – I won ” knowing he has encouraged beating of protesters, and violence against minorities and attacks and bullying are being done every day in his name.


    “the foremost law, if one’s ambition is to win, is of course to win.”
    Ron Hubbard The Responsibilities Of Leaders HCOPL also found in Introduction To Scientology Ethics book

    And “If you win, you need not have to explain…If you lose, you should not be there to explain!”
    ― Adolf Hitler

    • I make money so i must be right!

    • kemist

      Of course.

      A narcissist does not give a shit about whatever happens to others – no matter whether they’re enemies or allies. A lesson his followers will soon learn.

      He truly has no idea what’s wrong, since he, The Most Important Person in The Universe, won.

      • Mockingbird

        Yep. That is the problem. To him he is the only real person in the universe.

    • LongtimeLurker

      “Propaganda must facilitate the displacement of aggression by specifying the targets for hatred.”
      Joseph Goebbels

      • Mockingbird


    • Bob Crouch

      Boy, this is REALLY obsessive with you. You may want to give it a rest some time. You’re making up more stuff (to put it politely) than Hubbard on a bad day! It’s getting just a tad tiresome!

      • LongtimeLurker

        Now who’s being the comment police, you hypocrite.

        • Barb is a bird watcher!

        • Bob Crouch

          Oh boy, you poor thing had to sit there all this time, “lurking” as it were, waiting for just the right moment to call me a name! Feeling better?

      • Robert Eckert

        Nobody has to make up anything. Trump reveals himself constantly because he has no filter.

        • Bob Crouch

          Yes, he is definitely outspoken. How refreshing around all the usual equivocators and seasoned liars such as Hillary. I think that’s a big part of why he was elected as our new POTUS. Of course, there were other reasons…

          • Robert Eckert

            Trump equivocates and lies constantly, it is part of his self-revelation. Everything he says should be prefaced with “It would be convenient for me now if…” (especially “…I never said that” when he just did say exactly that).

      • Mockingbird

        Ad hominem in every post from you.

        • Bob Crouch

          Actually, this one was directed against your obsessive posting which makes it increasingly hard to find relevant posts on this site anymore. So if speaking out against your actions makes this ad-hominem, then so be it. So feel free to hide behind a big, authoritarian sounding term.

          On the other hand, while you’re all touchy about it you sure don’t mind labeling others with terms that are rather inflammatory such as “fascist.”I am still awaiting your factual justification for using that term. “I’m bummed I didn’t get my way” is NOT good enough to justify this label.

          The closest I’ve seen to fascist activity have been a bunch of people acting like the brown-shirts in Munich in the 30’s in my town: violently attacking people, destroying property others worked for, interfering with the free moving about of others, and so on. All because they believe they ought to force their will on others until we all give them what they want. Now THERE are some real fascists for ya!

  • Ella Raitch

    Just spent the day at our town’s equivalent of the county fair. In the art and craft section there were a bunch of lego creations from kids of different ages.

    There were some great Star Wars creations in first and second place, but off to the side you might be able to see a depiction of “Trump’s Wall”, complete with a sleepy Mexican in a sombrero, under a tree. The artist was in the 7-8 year old category. I’m choosing to believe that the child was inspired by parents laughing about how insane this is.

    • so the rebels are attacking the Trump Tower and Helena is Trump’s father?

      • Liberated

        Dice, I need help, I’m trying to continue watching Netflix and go to the site and it won’t budge.
        I have an account but is there something more I need to do?
        It says episode 2 of kimmie schmidt and I press the arrow and nothing happens.

        • it will try to start off where you left? is it something like that or is it not playing at all?

          • Liberated

            I finished episode 1 then I left and went back to begin 2 and the screen is there but I punch the arrow and nothing. I’m gonna try now…….

            • if this is on your iPad i have no clue about apple products, but cleaning out your browser cookies might help as a last resort

            • Liberated

              Yes this is an apple ipad, I thought apple was the only ones who make iPads , that what the guy at Best Buy told me.

            • it is… all other is called Tablets (incl. iPads) iPad is a brand name.
              Try see if you can skip this episode?

            • Liberated

              The screen would not move at all.

            • ohh it froze up… stay with LL he knows more about this stuff. I just know how to take it apart 🙂

            • LongtimeLurker

              Yeah, that’s the part I’m scared of.

              : )

            • we could team up. you make it and i break it

            • LongtimeLurker

              : )

            • Liberated

              Nothing man.

            • LongtimeLurker

              Lurker butts in…

              Can you access anything else on the iPad? Other Apps?

              Or is the whole thing frozen?

              Also are you Netflixing through the Netflix App or a browser (Safari, etc)?

            • Liberated

              The rest of the iPad is working fine, after I signed up tonight I began watching a program and I think I finished it completely.
              Then I left and went back for episode 2 and the screen is frozen. I went to Netflix help and all it said is install app which is already there but I don’t get it.
              I’ve pressed every button but nothing.

            • Liberated

              I already had a Netflix app on my pad, but I originally went thru safari.

            • LongtimeLurker

              So it’s in Safari, that it’s not working?

            • Liberated

              No safari is ok. Everything else works .

            • LongtimeLurker

              First, it’s not impossible this is a Netflix problem. I’ve had them occasionally.

              But we can’t do anything about that, so…

              It probably means the app has crashed.

              It will happen occasionally, it’s no big deal. No application ever runs perfectly.

              It’s like a car cylinder misfiring.

              It just means you need to close and restart the app. If you already know how to do that, you can skip all my yammering.

              If not, what you’re gonna do is double tap the ‘home’ button.

              That’s the indented button on the iPad’s face, just next to the screen.

              Then you will see something similar to the image below. F5.

              That’s all your recent, and current apps.

              You can shuffle left or right along the row. Do that until you find the Netflix app.

              Then flick it upwards with one finger, so it disappears from the row. That means it’s shut down.

              Then press the ‘home’ button again. Once only.

              Now you’re back at the main screen of the iPad. Open the Netflix app again, and it should play fine.

              Although it may not remember the episode you were at.

              Let me know what happens. There’s other options.


            • Liberated

              Thank you so much love, I think I’ll try again tomorrow.

            • LongtimeLurker

              Too much? Sorry.

              Let me know.

            • “It’s like a car cylinder misfiring” 🙂

  • This is the European version of Trump F5 – I think it’s something about the hair, idk?

    • Snippy_X


    • LongtimeLurker

      Geert Wilders?

      Yeah. Europe also has le Pen, Dugin, Haider (well, he died), etc.

      Lucky Europe.

  • Dave Reams

    Tony Ortega, your piece on Leonard Cohen is just beautiful. Thank you!

  • OOkpik

    Leonard Cohen
    “Long after I’m gone I’ll be speaking to you sweetly in my tower of song.”

  • TheMirrorThetan

    A great Regraded Being Today.
    I dont even know what It means but I wanna scream “Now take your fucking mis-emotion out of my space. I don’t want to get re-stimulated because of you.” at the next person who pisses me off, just to see their WTF? face. 🙂

    • the language! he he… we did talk like that

    • What do you mean you’re late because you couldn’t find your fucking keys? Next time just Postulate that they are in your top drawer and you won’t be late!!!! Moron.. fucking pts!

  • coonellie

    Very OT. Mr C is an immigrant to the US. The work we had to do to have him come to this country legally was enormous. Letters from all the countries he worked in, letters from his home country, exams, money in my bank account to show that he wouldn’t be a drag on the US economy and many other forms were tremendous. We even had to provide our years of correspondence. The bottom line…he was granted a fiancé visa. After a number of years he had the opportunity to become a US citizen. He did so with great pride. My point is that immigration policy works if you follow the rules. I’m sorry for those who want the easy way out. They’ll probably get it in the end, but only because it’s America. Try the same thing in England, France, Canada, New Zealand or any other country. Their immigration laws are strict and enforced. I know, because I lived in the UK for over ten years and even with high level connections I couldn’t get a work visa.

    • Juicer77

      Big thank you to Mr. C for applying and going thru the process. Proud to call him a fellow citizen of the United States!

      • coonellie

        Thank you! I wish I could tell you more about how he was instrumental in helping the US in secret stuff. He used his knowledge and experience to help our country. Funny thing is that I told him not to…because I didn’t trust “them”.

    • Impressive!… In 2000 i contacted a lawyer when i was in US and with this woman. The lawyer told me on the phone, that the fastest way, was to get married (my status was an illegal immigrant) and they could not deport me and then do the whole process etc. But the circumstances made me chose to go back home and apply for this fiance Visa, but never got any further with that! Point is, the lawyer made it sound so easy, almost to easy. This was Florida and before 2001 so time has changed. I am happy for your both and it’s much better to do it by the book!

      • coonellie

        A fiancé visa is never easy but all of the hard work is done upfront. My advantage is that I understood the process and made my elected representatives work for me. They didn’t like it, but I didn’t care. I pressed them. I reminded them that they worked for me and it was their job. I think the difference is having the knowledge about the system.

        • yes! and now you probably know even more!

        • One thing i like to add, is that, when i got out of the Scio thinking and stopped working against the Evil “system” and actually pulled up a chair and read up on it. I found it pretty amazing how one can read the same thing, like documents, and get 2 different outcome. One negative understanding and another positive understanding. It pretty much depends on what mood or thinking you are doing before you start reading. Sometimes when i read something and say – this is BS! Then read the same damn thing weeks later, i can read something else out of the same text! – Irritating 🙂

          • coonellie

            I totally can relate. And it is irritating. Having lost most of my brain cells after giving birth (and no one warned me that would happen) I can safely say it’s a weekly occurrence. It’s one of the reasons I have my better half read the same thing 🙂

    • 9001

      You’re right about the immigration laws in the UK. Spotted some of these vans yesterday in London. (F5)

      • coonellie

        I lived in the UK for more years than I care to remember. I know your post is a joke, but not being able to work in my favorite country was no joke. And I had connections. At least the UK enforced their laws.

        • 9001

          Sorry you couldn’t work here coonellie but that might change if the UK Government bring in an Australian type points system.
          Why do you say you know my post is a joke? No joke. These vans were brought in by the Home Office a few years ago. First time I’ve spotted them was this week.

          • coonellie

            Yikes about the vans, awesome about the change maybe happening. The U.K. was my home and I still pine for it.

    • kemist

      Yes, it’s very hard to remain in Canada (or any of these other countries) as an illegal immigrant.

      That raises the question : why is it so easy in the US ? Why aren’t immigration laws enforced in the US ?

      One thing which is very difficult for an illegal immigrant in Canada, UK, France, ect. is to find a means of subsistance. For instance, until very recently in Canada, it was illegal for even a person here legally under a student visa to hold a job. That was changed because it made it very difficult for foreign students to live here – no one would hire them without a working permit in order.

      So to live in Canada as an illegal, you either come with your own money or get supported by a citizen, who if they have enough money to do that, can also ask to sponsor you legally, because no one will hire you.

      If you show up in any hospital without a state insurance card or private insurance for foreigners, you’ll be instantly found out. Our hospitals do not take credit cards. An uninsured person is almost invariably here illegally.

      So some citizens have been supporting US illegal immigrants – because it’s convenient for them to have workers without state-mandated benefits, who’ll work for less than minimum wage and, if need be, can be threatened with deportation. People they can more or less treat like slaves, because they do not have the same rights they have.

      Those citizens are not at all worried of deportations. Other people, or the deported themselves will come back using their own resources and life will continue as usual. They’ll have an even more credible threat to use to control them.

      By all means enforce you own immigration laws. But don’t forget to take a nice good look at those who enabled the current situation, because if you don’t, you’ll never solve the problem.

  • Eivol Ekdal

    Coffee is on.

    • Ella Raitch

      Hot chocolate in my timezone

      • LongtimeLurker

        Hot water with lemon juice. : (

        • Eivol Ekdal

          Cleansing breakfast? What fuels the rage?

          • LongtimeLurker

            If it was any more fuelled I’d explode.

    • NOLAGirl (Stephanie)

      *yawn* I’ll take some if you’re sharing. 🙂

      • Eivol Ekdal

        Medium dark Kenya Peaberry roasted today. It’s a bit lively, it will be perfect tomorrow after a day of rest.

  • Eivol Ekdal

    Tony better have some good news for us today or he is inside big trouble.

    • Ella Raitch

      Maybe Jon Atack?

      • Eivol Ekdal

        That would be nice!

      • Eivol Ekdal

        Leah will do nicely.

  • LongtimeLurker
  • richelieu jr

    Wasn’t the ‘Bat Kol’ that thing Commissiner Gordon used to shine in the sky to get Christian Bale to come growl talk at him?