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Scientology’s biggest lie: That it will teach you to take control of your own life

Jon_Atack3Jon Atack is the author of A Piece of Blue Sky, one of the very best books on L. Ron Hubbard and Scientology. He has a new edition of the book for sale, and for more than three years he’s been helping us sift through the legends, myths, and contested facts about Scientology that tend to get hashed and rehashed in books, articles, and especially on the Internet.

It is difficult to accept that you’ve been following orders from a guy behind a curtain with a megaphone. Better to make up any excuse than accept the Wizard as he really is and own the embarrassment. How was it that we became dependent when we had been promised “self-determinism”?

We are assured that through the strict application of “standard technology,” followers will become progressively more “self-determined.” Once this is achieved, they will seek to become “pan-determined,” but before entering this bodhisattva-state of compassion for all beings, “self-determinism” must be attained.

This is the heart of Scientology: if you don’t become more self-determined during your involvement, then Scientology has not worked for you – or you’ve been subjected to “out tech” in Hubbard’s justification for the usual failures. Either way, it’s time to quit. If you are losing “self-determinism,” then you should run as quick as quick can in the opposite direction.

Let’s forage among the many definitions of “self-determinism” in the Lexicon Hubbardicon (OK, the Tech Dictionary):

Self-determined gives us: “One can only be self-determined when one can observe the actual situation before one; otherwise a being is delusion-determined or other-determined.”
Sometimes there are spooky inferences in the “scriptures” of Scientology: “Only,” “actual situation,” “delusion-determined,” or in the case of the Scientologist “other-determined” (I’ve long called it “Ron-determined”).

I can certainly fit “delusion-determined” to the clam story of evolution, the Piltdown Man (Hubbard was the last to give credence to that hoax), life on Venus, or even those little gold discs in front of our eyes through which we allegedly see (darn it, where have all my anchor points gone?).

Moving on swiftly, “self-determinism” has a full-scale ramble of ten definitions in the Technical Lexicon, and I frankly grew bored (though neither “dizzy” nor “spinny”) while reading them, and I’m certainly not going to spend any time typing them all in, but I think we can leave the first on the shelf: “The ability to locate in space and time, energy and matter [yep, think I’ve managed that]; also the ability to create space and time in which to create and locate energy and matter [not met anyone who can do that, so far, and I do keep asking].”

Definition three is more fruitful: “Self-determinism is that state of being where in [sic] the individual can or cannot be controlled by his environment according to his own choice. In that state, the individual has confidence in his control of the material universe and the organisms within in along every dynamic.”

Oh, well, maybe not. How about definition nine: “A condition of determining the actions of self.” (He goes on to say how selfish this is). No, my favourite, for the purposes of this aimful stroll, and well worth waiting for, is the ultimate – number 10: “Self-determinism meant, in essence, control by the awareness of awareness unit [a/k/a “thetan”] of that which it conceived to be its identity.”

Now, this is in the past tense, which is a little unsettling – as if written for some future time (perhaps soon) when self-determinism will be a thing of the past, but “that which it conceived to be its identity” was under the control of the individual, and when that happened, it was called “self-determism.”

What precisely is the identity of a Scientologist and who defined it? Usually not the Scientologist, in my considerable experience, but the Founder.

The self-determined person would think for her or himself, make decisions based upon the best evidence, and not be swayed by obedience to other people’s rules, but be capable of making rules (and living by them!).

Indeed, the self-determined person would be the Tone 4, would be the Clear, as originally promoted as a done deal in Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health in 1950 (273 cases, remember?). Or, after 1967, the self-determined person would be the OT III completion – having crossed the Wall of Fire (or traversed the Forest of Body Thetans), the individual would finally be alone in her or his own head.

Ah, the peace of solitude! Until OT V (NOTS), and then VI and VII (SNOTS) where new ways of playing with your own internal demons are revealed. At each of these stages, the individual is breaking the chains of conformity and becoming a unique, authentic, and totally free being, who can, yes, think for herself or himself.

Does this happen in Scientology? Do people come up with ever more different and wonderful ideas? Not really possible, because you can’t have any idea that disagrees with a tenet of Scientology. And Scientology has more tenets than you can shake a stick at – it is positively tenet-bound. Hubbard laid down thousands of little rules.

Hubbard also segregated those rules clearly – in What is Greatness (broad public issue) he booms that we must forgive all offenses against us and persevere on the high road: “The hardest task one can have is to continue to love one’s fellows despite all reasons he should not … A primary trap is to succumb to invitations to hate.”

In Attacks on Scientology – written a few days earlier and with restricted distribution (top secret sacred scripture) – he wrote:

1. Spot who is attacking us.
2. Start investigating them promptly for FELONIES or worse using own professionals, not outside agencies.
3. Double curve our reply by saying we welcome an investigation of them.
4. Start feeding lurid, blood sex crime [sic] actual evidence on the attackers to the press. [elsewhere he said, “find or manufacture”].

Actually, even What is Greatness reveals the true nature of Hubbard’s version of compassion: “There are those who appoint one their executioners. Sometimes for the sake of the safety of others, it is necessary to act, but it is not necessary also to hate them.” Which is nice for the victims of the executioner – at least they’ll have been murdered kindly and without malice.

In terms of the much-vaunted self-determinism, the Sea Org contract has long bothered me. The very first commitment of the Sea Org member is this: “I promise to uphold, forward and carry out Command Intention.” How can that possibly tally with “self-determinism”? The routine defense is that SO members are “pan-determined” – which is to say “acting for the benefit of all,” but if they do not have self-determinism – or at least some say in their life conditions – then they cannot be pan-determined. They are, as Hubbard says, “delusion-determined” or “other determined.” And they renounce self-determinism for not one, not ten, not a hundred, nor even a million but a thousand billion years – which by my reckoning is more than 70 times the duration of our universe (and, yes, I’d rather believe the measure of the background radiation of the Big Bang over Hubbard’s guess).

That idea of compliance with the Source may feel comfortable to a determined Dev-OT, but the truth is far more comfortable. When I left, I gradually found that it was safe and liberating to change my mind – to disagree capriciously about anything without rancor or disdain, just for the hell of testing ideas. This traditional Buddhist method is far more comfortable than the spinny, dizzy confusion of believing a pair of Hubbard contradictions simultaneously: Self-determinism = doing what Ron says!

The terminal argument concerns the god-ploy, which I pointed out in 1990 is the “end phenomenon” of Scientology. The purpose of Scientology is to elevate Hubbard to godhood. Even Mark Rathbun agrees with me on that one, though he may not have had the next “cognition” on the Bridge to Total Freedom: The true purpose of auditing is to reveal Hubbard as the Source of the Universe, so that he can be properly venerated.

Hubbard stated his goal most explicitly in a 1938 letter to his first wife (a letter copyrighted to Hubbard, lest there be any concern about its authenticity): “Personal immortality is only to be gained through the printed word, barred note or painted canvas or hard grabite [sic]. Foolishly perhaps, but determined none the less, I have high hopes of smashing my name into history so violently that it will take a legendary form even if all the books are destroyed. That goal is the real goal as far as I am concerned.” (My spine tingled the first time I read that 1938 letter – as authenticated by Author Services Inc).

I had not heard of the notorious OT VIII “I am Lucifer” bulletin when I figured it out – I learned the “End Phenomena” of the almost forgotten breakthrough of 1965, the “Power processes,” and reckoned that the use of the word “source” (sorry, “Source”) was as deliberate as all of those other words, like “process” and “indoctrinate” (!). He wasn’t just talking about Scientology, but, well, take a deep breath here: He wanted his Dev-OTs to believe he was the Source of the universe (sorry, Universe!).

OT VIII confirmed this – Hubbard is the demiurge (oh, all right, “Creator God”), as well as being Lucifer – and it is written into the “scripture” that around 1965, Hubbard realized that no one had made any significant contributions to Scientology but his extraordinarily good self (despite all the “doctorates” he’d handed out for significant contributions, and the lists of lauded precursors in Science of Survival and Scientology 8-8008).

Hubbard had become the only person in 50,000 years to have contributed to the science of mind or spirit, or so he claimed. And he would forever and for always be the only”‘thetan” capable of perceiving the workings of other thetans to the degree where they could be fixed up and sent out to “make more money” (the Governing Policy of Scientology).

As L. Ron Hubbard Jr. put it, after seven years of devoted service to his father, Hubbard senior was a god maker, which is surely a higher status than a god.

Hubbard will always be superior to we mere immortals – we will never be able to advance to his level. Which is to say, there is only one self-determined being in the universe, and if you want a really subtle twist, go and read (or watch) One Was Stubborn, an old time Hubbard story about the only man in the universe who refuses to agree. As he said, the game-maker doesn’t have to follow the rules, just make them for those trapped in his game.

Only Hubbard can be self-determined in the Scientology belief system. We are his inferiors, as he so often boasted (“how I came to rise above the bank…”). Or we can walk away from Scientology, dust off the tenets, carefully examine them, discuss them, and even think about them (yep, “verbal tech” and “thinking” – two forbidden practices in Scientology. “Looking” is better than “thinking” which is just “figure-figure” anyway, at least according the Source).

The tenacity with which some hold on to the rules of the self-proclaimed game maker is simply staggering. There is no doubt that Hubbard usually exaggerated both his history and his successes, and his endless contradictions prove that he was ever ready to lie (“honesty is sanity,” as he assured us).

There has never been a “Clear” – “phenomenal intelligence,” perfect memory, unremitting enthusiasm, immunity to every disease or accident, let alone an “OT”: “At cause over physical matter, energy, space and time.” Communications “releases” often have significant problems communicating; Problems “releases” have problems, well, with problems (far from uncovering their source and “as-ising” them out of existence).

Scientology doesn’t achieve what it absolutely guarantees on the tin (“we always deliver what we promise”) – it just provides boosts of the traditional faith-healing adrenaline and opioid mixture, and gets you high and pain free for about three days (when potential trouble sourceness sets in on the “rolly coaster” of Scientology).

The good news is that you can break free from the circular reasoning of Ronald Hubbard and regain your self-determinism. It may be a let-down to realize that you are no longer saving the world, but you may well be able to help your fellow-sufferers to escape from the total freedom trap, and that is worth so very much more!

— Jon Atack


Mark Bunker faces eviction

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3D-UnbreakablePosted by Tony Ortega on October 19, 2016 at 07:00

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      Wow. Seriously? Unfrickinbelievable.

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      ETA: he was safe!

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    Hillary bears a striking resemblance to The Hamburglar

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          • Jimmy3

            Nice try. Youve been talking about tic tacs all day.

            • Vaquera

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    I got up early (4 am) to roll my eyes at “I have more respect for women than anyone” so hard that my eye balls almost fell off? Need coffee, who’s gonna join me for a cuppa?

    • Mymy88

      Laughing out loud! That was my favorite part of the debate. I’m glad you managed to keep your eye balls in though.

      • Newiga

        I managed to keep eyes intact, thankfully. 😀

        Trump managed to call Clinton a nasty woman in the end of the debate. So much for respect… Also, FYI: Women can and do have independent opinions regardless of their husbands…

        • beauty for ashes

          Doesn’t it say in marriage vows that wimmens are to OBEY their huzbens? 😉

          • Newiga

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            • Newiga

              Yes, at this hour I’m pretty sure the vows say that I am to obey my need for coffee….

    • kemist


      I bet he’s also the most polite and humble man in the universe. According to himself, of course.

      Egads. I pity the people who have live around that man. I don’t think anyone can doubt he has severe NPD after watching that.

      I’m betting other chiefs of state, especially those from nations which are not that fond of the US, are taking ample notes too.

  • Mymy88

    Ouuuww, my ears. I hear people screeching at each other on CNN (sound coming from my mom’s TV in her bedroom).

    ETA: You just can’t escape this crap no matter what you do.

  • Liberated

    Can you just imagine what Donald is gonna tweet tonight?
    The little loser will be up all night saying crazy shit.

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      Don’t you just know it. Sheeesh, what a psycho bozo.

    • Mymy88

      No I can’t imagine. Not after his bad hombres remark. I got nothin.

  • Techie

    Off topic, more Mappin silliness from the UK Independent:

    John Mappin, the hotelier and part of the family that founded jeweller Mappin & Webb, stands to make £103,000 from the bookie should Trump win. Mr Mappin, who owns Camelot Castle in Cornwall, has already made a substantial profit from backing him to take the Republican nomination at 20-1.

    “I’ve only ever placed one bet – this one,” he told The Independent. Explaining that his conviction was based on conversations with Americans and his experience working in the country, he continued: “I was on baby duty with my son when I watched Mr Trump announce his candidacy. I saw the media had got it wrong. They were saying the guy has no chance. They were saying he’s doing this for a joke. That’s not the case. His supporters, they’ve been watching media bullshit for years and they see through it. Polls are very rarely reliable. I am more confident than ever that Mr Trump will win. ”

    • LongtimeLurker

      “Polls are very rarely reliable.”

      Like TripAdvisor reviews, eh John?

  • Mymy88

    56s56 seconds ago
    On Donald Trump’s #DebateNight performance, @VanJones68 quotes @llcoolj:

    “He lied about the lies that he lied about”

  • Robert Eckert
  • Spackle Motion

    While I empathize with Mark Bunker, this is the second or third time that he’s try to hit up the public to pay for his rent.

    I am really getting fed up with people using the Scientology Critic Community Channels to hit up the public for money on things that are NOT directly related to fighting the abuses of Scientology. Doing so can degrade and desensitize when others ask for money for real Scientology critic purposes.

    Tony, please stop putting these out there. It’s working against your brand’s goodwill and the reputation of this blog.

    • Tony Ortega

      A person I respect and personally admire had some trouble that was beyond his control. He faced homelessness because of a petty dispute with an unreasonable landlord.

      So he asked for help.

      He didn’t, by the way, ask for me to post a link. I chose to do that myself because I happened to notice a tweet he made about it.

      Without even telling him, I posted a link and suggested that people who might want to help could do so.

      Within about two hours, the readers of this website poured enough money into the fund to meet his goal and then some.

      It was another shining moment for this website, and it made me proud to be its proprietor.

      Even your shitty comment hasn’t dampened my feeling of satisfaction over it.

      Thanks everyone.

      • beauty for ashes

        🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

        • TheMirrorThetan


      • Jimmy3

        You’re welcome.

      • TheMirrorThetan

        If people didn’t want to donate, they didn’t have to.
        Or did I miss that part where you threatened them with swirlies and purple nurples if they didn’t?
        And if people are shitty at the way you run your own site then maybe they could email you directly instead of dirtying up the comments with their bitching.

        • What’sup

          Go Adelaide.

          • TheMirrorThetan

            I don’t like it when people piss on good deeds. Participation wasn’t compulsory.
            And I need coffee and Im waiting for bloody coles to deliver my groceries. 🙂

            • LongtimeLurker

              How did you let your coffee supplies get so low?

              Must always have one container in reserve.

            • TheMirrorThetan

              Coz I’m a poor bum and I drink far too much of it. 🙂

            • LongtimeLurker

              I hear. I poor too.

      • LongtimeLurker

        I thought it was immediately obvious from your wording that he hadn’t asked you to mention it.

      • Spackle Motion

        Your shitty response to my shitty comment hasn’t dampened my respect for what you do, Tony. Comments exist for a reason.

        • LongtimeLurker

          Can’t we all just hug?

          Won’t someone think of the children?

          • What’sup

            Downstat little meat sacks.

        • Chee Chalker

          I’ll give a shitty upvote to the shitty response to the shitty response to the shitty comment if we can agree to disagree………or just agree that it’s a great night because the Cubs are not going down without a fight.
          It’s always been my opinion that (as long as we’re not being abusive) we should feel free to comment how we feel/think.
          I can understand feeling the way you did. It helped to know the link was unsolicited and
          it was just Tony’s desire to help a friend. There’s a difference there.

          • Liberated

            Don’t say the Cubs are going down.

            • Chee Chalker

              I’m bracing myself.

          • sizzle8

            @ SM Just NYC cultcha. Don’t take it personally.

            • Chee Chalker

              It makes us Midwestern people uneasy when people argue

      • Spackle Motion

        Hey…Mr. Ortega. You have a knack of eating your own and bitch slapping the hands that feed you.

        Consider my generous financial help of about $500-$600 over the last 2 years the last you’ll see from me. Voicing an opinion is why you have comments. Your commenters are likely your main donors and supporters. Being vicious to your commenting base is not a good practice.

        You’ve done this to me several times in the past and I’ve seen you do this to others that are loyal to your site. I think you strike out like a baby when your ego is bruised, so I’m going to stop giving you money. I have an opinion and so do you. Instead of name calling, acting like an adult is the better path.

        Maybe you’ll learn. Maybe you won’t. Good luck.

        • I see your point and I see his too.

        • What’sup

          Not rushing to his defense Spackle, he doesn’t need me to. I think you’re being a bit sensitive here. He said “shitty comment” otherwise his reply seemed measured and respectful. He’s given you the platform to reply, he didn’t tell you to fuck off. I agreed with some of what you said truth be told but that’s before i realised it was totally on Tony. Marks gotta have helped Tony a bunch of times, I think Tony’s just returning the favour.

          • chukicita

            Mark has helped all of us more than most will ever know.

            He has faced decades of harassment, even though he was never even in.

            I don’t think it’s far-fetched to entertain the notion that his struggles with his landlord may be related to the continuing harassment.

            I have no problem with the inclusion of information about Mark’s situation on Tony’s blog. It’s Tony’s blog after all, and editing decisions are not up to any of us.

        • noseinabk

          I hope this doesn’t mean you will give up posting here Deckard /spackle. Thank you for all you did with the rodeo and keeping people together between the vv and bunker days.

      • Bob Crouch

        Thank you for posting Mark’s request. So many posts here proclaim that they are willing to help. Thanks for providing the opportunity!

    • Elizabeth Lavet

      I consider giving to Mark Bunker directly related to fighting the abuses of Scientology, his videos and interviews are still on the air and great. Currently I am limited in what I can do publicly and am glad for the opportunity to make a decision in a timely manner to help someone that has done so much in the public arena. The consequences and stress of speaking the truth about The Church of Scientology publicly does not necessarily stop when you stop. I also consider opportunities to help ex-scientologists and those wanting to leave The Church of Scientology as being directly related to fighting the abuses of Scientology, not that I think this blog is limited to that at all. I am personally not concerned about whether it was unsolicited or not, as I am so grateful to Mark Bunker, but did find that information interesting. Others have expressed it did help them to know this information and your comment is what brought it out in the form of further explanation from Tony. Great! This is a positive. I am sorry your comment was directly shit on, even though I have a different opinion than yours. Opinions are only opinions, including mine. I can understand why some people would be sad and upset that something they viewed as a positive thing was commented on in what they could view as a negative way. They might also fear someone they care about might have been hurt, if he read it. I think the open discussion of your comment ultimately has been positive and brought out information that was better off being said. Free open discussion often has positive results. I totally approve of your olive branch comment, “Your shitty response to my shitty comment hasn’t dampened my respect for what you do, Tony. Comments exist for a reason.” This speaks volumes about your character. Best Wishes, Elizabeth Ann

    • OOkpik

      Goodwill is precisely what this was about. I’m pretty proud of everyone who contributed (by choice, I might add).
      It sure doesn’t hurt this blog’s reputation to help a friend in need, and Mark Bunker has campaigned for decades to stop Scientology abuses.

      Does someone need a hug?

    • Bob Crouch

      It’s not exactly like Tony keeps plastering the UB with questionable requests for money.

      Regardless, I see all these posts here of people saying “I got your back” for this and that and the other. Really, what does that mean? With Mark, there was a real opportunity to help. So if you want to, go for it. If you don’t… you get the idea.

      Charity ALWAYS means giving something to someone who does not technically DESERVE it or who is unable to earn it. So someone would be worthy of charity if last night they ran away from the RPF and now they could be the Bunker’s cause celebre for a week or two? After all, that’s “directly related?” And Mark is NOT, because this is his rent we’re talking about? And what has he done for us–or against the cult– LATELY?

      If nothing else, we should applaud Mark’s integrity. He could have easily claimed that this was money for his documentary, and paid it to himself as a well-deserved salary or bonus. He would have save himself from having to humble himself like this; and not even you would have questioned his cause.

  • beauty for ashes

    Oh Hai!!! This is my brother’s dog. He wanted to say hi. Or rather I wanted him to, and say,
    “Look how cute ma brotha’s doogie is!!”
    Buster was not having it. you’d think I was pointing a vacuum cleaner at his face. He slept outside my Mom’s room everynight. And sometimes I stepped on him. Poor guy 🙂 F5

    • Liberated

      What a sweet face…..good dogie.

      • beauty for ashes

        I like I got his eyelashes in focus !) It’s so funny because he’s usually an attention whore. Camera’s terrify him. I felt so bad I stopped trying. I love his eyebrows when you ask him questions, and I really wanted to get that picture. Nope. He is so pretty anyway. 🙂

        • Rasha

          Yes. Yes, he is. <3

    • TheMirrorThetan

      He has those sad doggy eyes that they use to make you feel bad and give ’em another treat. 🙂

    • Cute puppy boy!

    • chukicita

      He looks like someone just called him a BAD BEING.

  • Lady Squash

    So true Jon Atack. Thanks for the post.

    • Lady Squash, I’ve always wondered what your name means — is it the veggie, the verb or the sport?

      • Lady Squash

        You made me laugh. Many years ago, I was into gourmet cooking and had a cooking blog. A friend suggested “Lady Squash” for the title. I didn’t really like it, but I was in a hurry and plugged it in. I thought I could change it later, but never figured out how. Funny, life.

        • Lol, that’s a good story. I’m glad you solved the mystery for me 🙂

  • LongtimeLurker

    I’m not a Trump supporter, but if he really can get rid of these Bad Zombies, I’d consider voting for him.

    • Liberated

      No you wouldn’t, my dear.
      You are in a bad dream, time to wake up.

  • sizzle8

    OT re the debates:
    This is a pretty good look at why Trump has gotten as far as he has.
    How Half Of America Lost Its F**king Mind

    • Princess Squishy

      Good article. It makes sense for the population he’s talking about, the super-rural people, the “rednecks” the “hicks”, (like lots of people in my county). But there is a lot of Trump supporters that aren’t “trailer park trash”, including middle class republicans and people I consider true Christians, that are supporting him and I can’t understand them.

  • sizzle8

    Re Jon Atack’s article:
    Although Hubbard didn’say much directly about God, there’s one quote that I remember from the Route to Infinity tape #6 (21May 1952):
    “God is everywhere… he isn’t watching you… you are it.”

  • Eliza Doolittle


    From ‘The Sun’

    “Carrey described Sweetman and Burton’s allegations against him as a “shameless money grab”.

    He attached emails and text from Sweetman to him, where she revealed she wanted to find a new house and said she was worried that the “science” crowd may have caused White to kill herself.

    White was believed to be a Scientologist.”

    Finally it’s starting to be addressed..

    • LongtimeLurker

      Next a non-Murdoch tabloid, hopefully.

      • Eliza Doolittle

        Let’s hope.

    • April

      “… she was worried that the “science” crowd may have caused White to kill herself.”

      I think she may have mis-spelled scientology.

  • Jgg2012

    More people should sue Scientology for fraud. If it doesn’t do what they say it does, that is fraud. Of course, there is a statute of limitations problem (for fraud, it’s usually 6 years) but this starts when you become aware of the fraud, which is usually after you leave Scientology.