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Scientology finally uses trillions of years of wisdom for something useful: The perfect burger


A couple of our great tipsters alerted us to the amazing new brochure that Scientology has put out in the Los Angeles area, and we wanted to share some highlights from it with you. Because now, more than ever, there’s every reason to get your billion- and trillion-year traumas exhumed at Scientology’s main Los Angeles complex, “Big Blue,” and then enjoy a tasty meal!

Scientology painted the place blue after buying the old Cedars of Lebanon Hospital on Fountain Avenue in 1977, just a few months before the FBI raided the place that year. It houses a number of different Scientology facilities, including the Los Angeles Ideal Org, the American Saint Hill Organization (ASHO), and an Advanced Org (AO), where wealthy church members move into the beginning “Operating Thetan” levels. Scientologists sometimes refer to the entire complex as PAC Base, for “Pacific Area Command.”

We’ve also interviewed former workers who began their adventures in the “Sea Org” and its billion-year contract by working at PAC Base. (See this story about several young women who began their Sea Org work there, and there’s this story about a young woman, Jillian Schlesinger, who made her escape from PAC Base a few years ago.)

In other words, Scientologists come to Big Blue for a variety of different reasons. Some are earning pennies an hour working in the Sea Org, others are spending hundreds of dollars an hour to get auditing so they can remember their lives on other planets billions of years ago. But there’s one thing they all have in common — they have to eat, and they want to blow off steam!


PAC Base has been through numerous renovations over the years, and after the most recent one, Scientology slapped the name “Pacifica Bridge” on the place. And let’s see what fine offerings the new Pacifica hot spot offers.










Gosh, the place sounds like a world-class resort! We sure would enjoy going to one of those Friday Night graduations.

But we can’t help wondering if this also doesn’t have the whiff of desperation about it. Previously, we’ve noted that staffing changes at PAC Base suggested that all was not well there.

Should one of the chief places on Earth where a person can come to learn the secrets of the universe be trying so hard to get people to come, and by enticing them with waffles and Spicy Cajun burgers?

Veteran Scientologists, tell us what this brochure says to you.


3D-UnbreakablePosted by Tony Ortega on October 17, 2016 at 07:00

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