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This is your brain on L. Ron Hubbard: Watergate, Scientology, and late-night radio


[Jim Dincalci says he took this photo of L. Ron Hubbard in Queens in 1973 — or did he?]

We thought we’d toss off a bonus post this evening to let you know about something happening late tonight. Alabama resident and former Church of Scientology member Randy McDonald, who was once the editor of Scientology’s Celebrity magazine and a Sea Org worker from 1971 to 1983, will be appearing on the “Coast to Coast” radio program from 1 am to 3 am, Eastern time.

We plan to be sleeping soundly by that time, but we thought we’d alert our west coast readers that they might tune in and catch what should be a fun treat.

Jon Randall “Randy” McDonald is a really interesting if minor figure in Scientology history who uses a lot of different names to put out books and music. As either Jon Storm, or Jon Randall, or Ashton Gray, or even as Mercedes Malmesbury (long story), Randy puts out some wild and wacky stuff, and this time he’s really topped himself.

On “Coast to Coast” tonight, he’ll be talking about his new book, Watergate: The Hoax by Ashton Gray, which proposes the theory that James McCord, who was among the five burglars arrested at the Watergate Hotel on June 17, 1972, and E. Howard Hunt and G. Gordon Liddy, who planned the caper, used the break-in so they could be arrested and then confess to it, all in an attempt to cover-up what they’d really been doing just a few weeks before: Kidnapping and assassinating (or at least incapacitating) L. Ron Hubbard in Morocco.

We bet Woodward and Bernstein didn’t see that one coming.


We’ve been through the book and managed to come out the other side. And we do recommend it for those wondering what Hubbard and Scientology can do to what appears to be an active and meticulous mind.


The book rests on the idea that the CIA, in 1950, had decided — with the help of the Soviets — to enslave the world’s population through mind-control, just as L. Ron Hubbard was doing the opposite, freeing mankind with his new invention, Dianetics…

Dianetics was a dire threat to the entire psycho-establishment, its Big-Pharma twisted sisters, and the CIA…Dianetic processes had exposed the very techniques that the CIA, the KGB, and the psycho-establishment on both ‘sides’ were using in their tireless, costly, and very secret efforts to create a ‘Manchurian Candidate’ — a sort of automaton who would carry out post-hypnotic commands laid in with pain, drugs, and hypnosis. Dianetics could penetrate the ‘veil’ of amnesia that the CIA and its psycho-establishment sycophants had labored so long to be able to produce in its subjects, and Dianetics even could reveal the very methods that had been used to create the amnesia.

The biggest threat to this worldwide conspiracy was Hubbard and his “OT Levels,” the top-secret stuff Hubbard came up with in the 1960s that only high-ranking Scientologists can get access to after they’ve spent huge amounts of money. The CIA and the KGB could hardly contain themselves: They wanted to get their hands on this stuff and see what Hubbard could do with theta, the mind-force involved in OT powers. “Hubbard’s Science of Survival…suggested to the deviously spy-mad minds of the CIA and KGB the possibility that theta might become the ultimate weapon of war.”


And once Hubbard released OT levels 4, 5, and 6 in 1968, he all but assured his own doom.

“That sealed Hubbard’s fate. And that is what set into motion Watergate: the hoax.”

Yeah, you see, the CIA couldn’t just go and zap Hubbard and take his OT levels. It needed a distraction. So that’s why Watergate happened in June 1972, so then Hunt and Liddy and McCord could have alibis for what they’d really been doing over Memorial Day Weekend — which was nabbing Hubbard and then covering it up with the help of all the Sea Org people who were around him at the time. People like Jim Dincalci, Janis Grady, and numerous others (who all, for some reason, didn’t want to cooperate with Randy and his book. Curious.).

Oh, and Susan Meister, the poor girl who committed suicide on the Apollo in 1971? Turns out her death was faked because she knew too much about the plan to take out Hubbard, apparently. And even though George Meister testified in the May 1982 Clearwater hearings that he had gone through the unpleasant experience of verifying through dental records that the corpse from the Apollo was, in fact, his daughter, McDonald says Meister was lying because Susan wasn’t killed or committed suicide, her death was faked and she disappeared. And then? Well, McDonald never explains what the point of that was.


[Randy McDonald]

Anyway, just about everyone was in on this thing, Randy tells us: “The [Watergate] break-in occurred when the CIA knew its treachery was complete. L. Ron Hubbard had been eliminated. George Wallace had been nullified. Richard Nixon was all set up to be taken down. Gerald Ford and Nelson Rockefeller were waiting in the wings, briefed and primed, ready to oversee, facilitate, and sanction the greatest crime against the knowledge of mankind in the history of the world.”

Gerald Ford, criminal mastermind. This never occurred to us.

Does McDonald have proof of any of it? Ah, who needs proof: “There is no way to know where [Hunt and Liddy and McCord] were, but they very well could have been halfway around the world, working on an unspeakably dirty crime.”

So who was that forlorn figure we see in the 1973 photo that Jim Dincalci says he took of Hubbard when they were hiding out in Queens? He was “not the real L. Ron Hubbard,” McDonald tells us. But then he offers no proof of what happened to the real Hubbard, nor does he offer any explanation of how this substitute Hubbard managed to invade Clearwater in 1975, write the screenplay to Revolt in the Stars in Nevada in 1977, make training films with David Miscavige in the California desert in 1978, regale John Brousseau with tales of his past in Hemet in 1979, or the other things witnessed by Steve Pfauth up to Hubbard’s death in 1986.

But you just sit tight. Randy is promising a sequel he’s calling Stargate: The Hoax, and we can hardly wait.


3D-UnbreakablePosted by Tony Ortega on June 23, 2016 at 17:30

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