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Scientology’s hypnotic suggestion: What’s true for you is what’s true for L. Ron Hubbard

Jon_Atack3Jon Atack is the author of A Piece of Blue Sky, one of the very best books on L. Ron Hubbard and Scientology. He has a new edition of the book for sale, and for more than three years he’s been helping us sift through the legends, myths, and contested facts about Scientology that tend to get hashed and rehashed in books, articles, and especially on the Internet.

To be a true Scientologist, it is necessary to submit to various phobias. It has long fascinated me that certain topics are simply beyond discussion.

As a teenager, I was taken by a friend to a Christadelphian meeting, where the whole audience joined in mirth at the idea that we might be related to primates. It was the same sort of knee-jerk humour that Scientologists show whenever psychiatry is mentioned. No thinking is required.

I happened to have met a few psychiatrists before joining Scientology, and for the most part, I agreed with the condemnation of that profession, because with one exception the psychiatrists I had met were haughty and authoritarian. I was not at all impressed with the routine use of electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) either, so needed no urging to join Scientology’s campaign against it.
Robert Jay Lifton’s remarkable model of thought reform includes “ideology over experience” or “doctrine over person.” This is where the dogma of the group is accepted even when it contradicts personal experience.

For instance, if the cult says that cigarettes are good for you, you have to put aside your beloved uncle’s struggle with emphysema and toe the party line. Hubbard said people smoke to imitate volcanoes. As a 100-a-day man, he had significant volcano problems, and was bedridden every winter with bronchial problems that both the Clearing Course and OT III attempted to cure. David Miscavige has still failed to quit, although, like Hubbard he suffers from asthma (inhaler in one hand, cigarette in the other, is the image I have).

In line with Lifton’s observation: The cult’s doctrine is true, even if your own perception disagrees. Its ideology is more true than your experience.

I was willing to accept that ECT and psychosurgery were wrong, but I had been befriended by a psychiatrist as a thirteen-year-old and known her for five years by the time I wandered into Scientology.

She opposed the use of drugs and psychosurgery. She felt that ECT was over-used. So, I never managed to adopt the party line – that all psychiatrists throughout the universe are part of a conspiracy to destroy humanity. Hubbard also added all other professions with the prefix “psych” – so psychotherapists and psychologists are all locked in this immense conspiracy.

This spurious belief takes no account of the reality (unless you believe that “reality is agreement,” of course): put any two “psychs” in a room together and you will quickly have a disagreement; these people are not joiners. The hundreds of differing schools of psychotherapy prove this point rather easily. Conspirators have to agree, and the “psychs” evidently do not. But Scientologists titter on cue when listening to Hubbard’s ceaseless psych-bashing.

To resolve any doubt, Hubbard even thanked psychiatrist William Alanson White in the acknowledgments of Science of Survival: ‘Acknowledgement is made to fifty-thousand years of thinking men without whose speculations and observations the creation and construction of Dianetics would not have been possible. Credit in particular is due to…’

Psychotherapists Sigmund Freud and Commander Thompson are also on the list, as is “alienist” (i.e. psychiatrist) and hypnotist Jean-Martin Charcot, and psychologist William James. Scientology could not have existed without these “psych” pioneers who were nonetheless part of a conspiracy to ensure that Scientology would not exist.

The “psychs” are far from the only phobia induced by Hubbard in his followers. Although he clearly stated that he had practised hypnosis intensively for almost 25 years before founding Dianetics, the subject is taboo (he also said: “Never believe a hypnotist”).

Hubbard said, “A lot of people are in a more or less hypnotic daze,” and that Scientology would release us all from that daze, yet we learned precisely nothing about hypnosis. Or rather, we learned a great deal about it, by being constantly subjected to it, but the topic itself is almost never mentioned.

Hubbard even asserted that it is not possible to “audit” well without understanding hypnosis (I would agree that no one should attempt counseling without such an understanding). But I have yet to meet a Scientologist who has such an understanding.

Hubbard was unequivocal on the subject: The auditor “must be prepared to use hypnotism, he must know how it works, what he should do to make it function, how to regress a person in hypnotism and so on…” By these criteria, there are no properly trained auditors in Scientology.

Instead, Scientologists share the general public fear of hypnosis, which is based in the mistaken notion that hypnosis is done to you, rather than the understanding that we have hypnotic abilities as a part of our mental capacities. If we control those abilities, they are useful, if someone outside controls them, then we are ourselves controlled.

The unwillingness to consider evidence is the fundamental trap of any totalist group. The leader says that the earth is flat and the moon is made of cheese.

Contradiction is impossible: The earth is flat, the moon is made of cheese, the Fourth Invader Force lives in the boiling heat of Venus, we are the descendants of clams, and Ron Hubbard is the first person to make any valid contribution to the fields of mind and spirit in 50,000 years (his gratitude to White, et al., did not last).

Scientology is not alone in offering complete “self-determinism” by surrendering the right to consider evidence or make any decisions. In her excellent book, Bounded Choice, Professor Janja Lalich (not a “psych” but a sociologist, if your phobia is beginning to twitch) speaks of her time in the Democratic Workers Party and the notion of “unity,” which pretty much adds up to doing as you are told.

As the DWP’s guru, Marlene Dixon, put it: “Unity of will is the substance and harnesses us together … demanding the surrender of individualism into the greater social whole.” So it is that all Scientologists ultimately join Hubbard’s personal cluster.

Curiously, the phobia of hypnosis is a key to Scientology’s erosion of individuality. This is not to say that the manuals on hypnosis are inevitably true. The field is beset with frauds and charlatans. We have much to discover about this aspect of our behaviour.

However, there can be no doubt that Hubbard’s “reactive mind” was an attempt to define the hypnotic aspects of human response – an unthinking, automatic mind below the level of conscious decision.

In the last couple of decades, the “psychs” have pioneered the “new unconscious,” showing that the Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde notions of Freud are simplistic and wrong. The unconscious mind is not a vicious beast driven by ignorance and lust.

Freud’s id (and Hubbard’s genetic entity) have disappeared from the picture. Almost all of our responses are automatic, and rather than simply saving us from a fire if unconscious, our behaviour from moment to moment is generally unthinking.

By comparison, the conscious mind has a span of three seconds or less and can include no more than seven chunks of information, each the equivalent of three digits. In my most recent book, Opening Minds, I compare the conscious mind to a pebble on top of the unconscious Everest, and that is about the scale of it.

In a recent interview in New Scientist, Laurence Sugarman gave this useful description: “Hypnosis is simply a skill set for influencing people. It involves facial expression, language, body movement, tone of voice, intensity, metaphor, understanding how people interpret and represent things. It isn’t something you’re in, or that you do: Hypnosis is something that you use. That means its not a therapy; it’s a means to therapy.”

Asked about “trance,” Sugarman continued: “Trance is a process of intense learning. It happens when we change our minds in significant ways, when we become neuroplastic [with the development of new neural pathways]; we are thoughtful, we pause, we change our breathing. There is a shift in the parasympathetic part of the autonomic nervous system – an intensified focus of attention and narrowed peripheral awareness. Trance happens when we are traumatised, and when we fall in love. There’s no such thing as ‘hypnotic trance’ as distinct from the trance of yoga or of prayer, for example. But part of the skill set of hypnosis is recognising and facilitating trance, because it makes whatever you’re learning more effective.” (New Scientist, 12 March 2016).

My significant concern is the inhibition and prevention of thought through phobia induction. Hubbard said, “In learning, study what you want to know, think what you want to think about it, recognize institutionalism for the bogus straw man it is, and keep the analyzer whirring.” And the Church of Scientology is most certainly institutionalised.

Despite all of his pronouncements about self-determinism and freedom of thought (“keep the analyzer whirring”), Hubbard actually induced phobias about communication that echo the information control of the Catholic Church’s index of prohibited books or the book-burning of the Nazis.

True self-determinism includes freedom to “think freely, to talk freely, to write freely their own opinions and to counter and utter or write upon the opinions of others” as the Creed of the Church of Scientology says. Yet, if you try to exercise these privileges in Scientology, you will be sent to Ethics in a heartbeat.

Freedom of thought also includes the determination to understand opposing views. To do this, it is necessary to consider those views, rather than simply dismissing them out of hand.

It is never enough to simply adopt an opinion because it has been expressed by an authority figure: We should only adopt opinions that we understand and that are consistent with our experience of the world.

Let me end with a quotation from one of the most important texts in human history, John Stuart Mill’s On Liberty: “The fatal tendency of mankind to leave off thinking about a thing when it is no longer doubtful is the cause of half their errors. A contemporary author has well spoken of ‘the deep slumber of a decided opinion’.”

Liberty is, above all else, the liberty to make up our own minds. Submission to dogma is abandonment of liberty.

— Jon Atack


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  • ONE: George Estabrooks (1943) “Anything said to a hypnotized subject is TRUE FOR THEM”


    TWO What if I told you That I could PROVE IN A COURT OF LAW
    that the E-meter is not just the Galvanic Skin Response function of the standard Lie-Detector,
    but is a TRANCE DETECTOR?

    THREE: RELIGION was only a legal maneuver in 1969:

    Edit: Estabrooks was mentioned by Hubbard in PDC tapes, where he bluffs, saying something like “And if you think DIAnetics has anything to do with hypnosis you need to read good old George Estabrooks”

    So I did..!! It turns out George Estabrooks was the founding father of militarized, weapo0nized covert hypnosis, and worked for the office of Strategic Services in 1943… who contracted to Stanley Milgram and Erickson (cite Letters of Milton Erickson) OSS was later the DIA and CIA… You can read a couple of his books on LermanetDOTcom

    • Oh hi , Arnie.
      Should I stop taking that Lithium Sulphate, now?
      Cause its working.
      Peace bro.
      Keep on, keepin’ on.
      Glad I was here in this synchronous moment when you appeared.

      • You meant Lithium Carbonate I believe, and no don’t stop, Lithium works… It is a vital brain nutrient. Perhaps one of the toxic effects of flouride is that it binds to the trace amounts a lithium in drinking water.. Also google Lithium Orotate – a bioavailable form that crosses the blood-brain barrier (Ionic forms do not until being metabolized)

        The only side effect of lithium suppliemntation is a more grey matter. In the sea of lies we are immersed in, that has to be a good thing. I take some from time to time myself

        • Yeah, I knew that was wrong, and thanks for the correction. I didn’t want to bother pulling out my bottle.
          Still, one of my favorite trolls of Flag. Ever get feed back on it?

          • I haven’t heard from any of that guys customers yet… If I were amongst them I might feel embarassed to admit it… but one day I’m sure I will. It took twenty years for me to get my first apology from an actual osa employee who witnessed the cash changing hands from DSA DC SYlvia Stanard to my ISP to screw with my website… Google OSA OPS against Arnie Lerma + Scott Gordon

            • He he, I believe this her attempting to intimidate me in DC.

            • Excuse if this is a double post, I posted the first one from a mobile, and I don’t see it showing up yet.
              I believe it was Sylvia that attempted to intimidate me in DC.
              I pretended to cower behind an obviously inadequate-for-the-task light pole. I really think I detected a slight grin.
              There’s a few more on my channel you could check out.
              Or save for later.


            • This isn’t Sylvia, nor is it Sue Taylor This one is a new one for me.
              THIS is sylvia stanard in 2004

            • They appear to be clones.
              Thanks for responding.

            • the names are changed, but the games the same, eh?

            • Absolutely, $cientology, duplicating farce for 66 years

            • flyonthewall

              1sub? Why didn’t you tell me you were going by a different name? I don’t get it man. We talked offline and even exchanged letters. I said some really mean shit to you as Shorpy but you kept provoking me. I find it hard to believe you didn’t remember me. Wth man?

            • I very much appreciated your magnanimous gesture and consider any misunderstanding of the past to be in the past.

            • Didn’t expect you’d hear from “them”, but was curious as to whether you heard of any fallout, from any other source.

            • I heard FSO’s income crashed from people floating through their OT eligibility sessions… OP:

              A Telephone Call from Ten Years ago:


              MR. FRANK FAISANO

              Frank Faisano, an RN, special-forces trained, who did baby watches under
              Dr Denk’s watch in Beverly Hills… he was that guy that called me from
              CW, where he had a stable of OTs who were coming to him for his
              expensive whizzz-bang nutritional drinks, so that they would get through
              their sessions faster, started reading my stuff and called me a decade
              ago. He told me he was the one who wrote up the CSW to “Ron” that
              created the Volunteer Ministers, with the yellow shirts and yellow
              tents.. he created the program…

              We talked for a long time. He was seeing that it was all just hypnosis,
              and 30 minutes on the telephone and he was OUT… We started talking
              about nutrition and told him that a little lithium, especially if the
              person is deficient, makes F/Ns. If you drink flouridated water it binds
              to the trace amounts in water, so most people ARE deficient. I
              explained that it is a required trace mineral nutrient that modulates
              sodium ion channels in the BRAIN or something like that.

              Sodium Flouride is rat poison, but it isn’t THAT kind of poison in the
              trace amounts used in water supplies that affects us, (IMO). What it
              DOES do in water is, it removes all the Lithium…binding to it, which
              will modify brain chemistry and modify behavior. (note)


              Anyway, So I told Frank about Lithium Orotate, which you can get from
     and told him to throw a little 10ml scoop or two
              into his drinks (Per directions on the bottle). Well, Frank called me
              back, and told me he was having AMAZING results, and selling tons of
              these drinks to OTs in Clearwater. He said, Ot’s were going in for
              auditing and flying through their OT checks..with F/Ns!

              I asked hi how much are you using? He said TWO TEASPOONFULLS!

              I said, Oh my gawd! I bet they were feeling grand…(it must have reduced Flag’s income by tens of thousands of dollars!)

              THE HORROR

              Then he told me a story that about broke my heart, he said that the were
              getting rid of old people, when they would reach a point where they
              were crazy old farts… and could no longer or would no longer produce a
              stat… They would drive them across the state line (I assumed he was
              talking about from Florida to Georgia or Alabama) and goto a cafe in a
              small town, with the old person… then they would ‘stage’ a disruption,
              so the restaurant owner would call the cops, and then they would leave
              the incoherent old person, without any ID on them, babbling about Xenu
              and the space cooties sitting in the booth, after telling them to WAIT
              there until they got back, and they would high tail it out of town..

              Mr Faisano might answer questions about this if subpeona’d, but due to
              stuff he told me, he cannot come forward on his own. I believe that is
              why he told me this story so that this information would become known..

              Arnie Lerma

              PS: It was a written proposal to LRH from Mr Frank Faisano that started
              the Volunteer Ministers program.. He wrote up how they should wear
              yellow shirts, bright tents, etc.

              PPS: I also pointed to Mr Faisano that statistically the city in the
              United States with the lowest percentage of mental health problems is El
              Paso Texas. And El Paso’s tap water happens to have the highest amount
              of lithium of any city in the united states.


              (note) if anyone wants to argue about this, look at a periodic chart for 20 minutes, first

    • Roger Hornaday

      What is the difference between the claims that the emeter detects ‘trance’ and the claim it detects ‘mass’? We know it detects skin resistance to an electric current which indicates change in metabolic activity which indicates other stuff presumably. Also, what exactly is a “trance” and according to whom?

      • Dice ✓

        That electrical “flow” can be altered by so many parameters. What it measures is up the entertainment of it. The trance thingy, could well be, that nothing is going on!

      • George Layton

        So does that make it a mass trance it system?

        • nicholas_jordan456

          With Quantum Field Effect and Loop Gravity

      • I’m a fan of the descriptions of hypnosis by the founder of the 2nd Nancy School in France, Emile Coue, a pharmacist, who noted that when handing a doctor’s prescription to a patient with a suggestion “This is very effective” there was a notable increase in effectiveness of the treatment.

        Well, re what Hubbard says… 90% of the stories he told us were shore stories, a suitable guise, for what we were really doing… When I encounter a Hubbardism that makes no scientific sense I now chalk it up to another METHOD called The Confusion Technique.

        I trust myself more than any con man..I suggest you do too.

        • Roger Hornaday

          I’m not so inclined to ascribe a method or ‘technique’ to Hubbard’s madness. He was just a good bullshitter in my opinion. The findings of the French pharmacist are consistent with the human nature exploited by advertising companies who hire a well-liked personality to endorse a product. It is that same human nature that makes the logical fallacy called, ‘appeal to authority’ such a persuasive little con. We are all influenced by these tricks to some degree largely because we are a trusting species. One of the problems with subscribing to the terms, ‘trance’ and ‘hypnosis’ is that you must define them precisely and empirically. And you have to argue how those terms have utility beyond giving the user of them a certain influential altitude.

          • I’ll let the first official governmental investigation into scientology reply, in better words than this old electronic engineer can craft… Pay particular attention to bottom of third paragraph:

            “The common practice of Hubbard is to change the names of hypnotic
            phenomena to names of his own invention, purporting thereby to change the nature
            and significance of such phenomena. Thus, a form of unconsciousness experienced
            in hypnosis he has renamed variously ” anzten “, ” boil-off”, and ” dope-off ” ;
            hypnotic hallucinations he has called ” mental image pictures” ; and ”
            dissociation ” he has called ” exteriorization “

    • Kim O’Brien

      a” trance detector ”


      • Dice ✓

        Need one?

      • Get someone who grasps electronics and some physics to explain it to you.
        Scientology takes longer to recover from than any other cult, (Flo Conway, Snapping)
        Denial is a self protective psychological response for truths one is not yet ready to deal with.
        Without truth all is delusion.
        PS: yes I’m impatient but then I’ve been at this since 1993….

    • Dice ✓

      ONE: check!
      TWO: Prove it 🙂
      THREE: check!

      Good to see you here Arnie.

      • Good luck “proving” that the F/N is merely the end phenomena of a scientology process…

        • Dice ✓

          I wouldn’t even try as i don’t believe in EP’s other than what you describe on your blog. So how would you prove a trance? unless it’s a chemical compound to measure. Maybe a brain scan! What you are writing on that page, is the best explanation i have gotten close too. Virginia backs it up on her blog and imo you should continue to pursue this odd phenomenon and i am sure there are others that do it, but don’t talk about it!

          • Read up on brainwave patterns associated with trance… with enough understanding it becomes self evident. The predominant brainwave frequency appears measurable hand to hand. That the predominant brainwave frequency ‘rides’ on the hand to hand resistance measured by the E-meter is my own discovery and observation due to having played with that brain wave analyzer using soup cans made for the E-meter… The circuit topology can be approximated using Kirchoff’s laws. Wish me luck explaining this yo the masses who think electricity is magic…

            Magic is not knowing how the trick was done.

            • Dice ✓

              Yeah i read about it. I also read about how the whole Earth has a pulse in those frequencies. Bio or not, it’s very interesting.

              Quantum physics also having a hard time explaining what it’s all about and they even go so far to say, that electrons is not what we use to know and has to be considered in new ways to even understand remotely.

              At times, i agree with you… that Hubsy and others, got there knowledge from outside sources, and they used it without even knowing a damn thing about it.

              I could probably write a list of events in history, where these “jumps” in “evolution” has taken place and just been implemented only to get “discovered” centuries later, by some pole dancer! (no pun intended)

            • Without truth there is only delusion

  • FOTF2012

    Real alkalized water? What a bunch of crap. See for example:

  • Panopea Abrupta

    Dog Bites Man
    “Clams ain’t kosher, Grant”, he said
    “I’d sooner head or else be dead.
    A dog like me can’t stay with ye.
    The rebbe told me I must flee.”

    “A talking dog, a stalking COB,
    Will wonders never cease?”
    The hamhock there, with vacant stare,
    His wonder did increase.

    “Your powers are weak,” the dog did speak
    “OTVIII is naught but grease.
    Your “Church” a scam, a source of spam,
    Barely ahead of the police”

    “So Mazel Tov, farewell,” the dog
    Barked, heading out the door.
    “Your cult’s a fog, a dangerous bog,
    That will leave you on the floor.”

    • Vaquera

      The rabbis dog!

    • Baby

      You just think these Diddys up on the spot Pan.. Good Lord amazes me..

  • Aha! This is how rumors start:,-120400147,34419&tbm=lcl&tbs=lf:1,lf_ui:2&rlfi=hd:;si:

    Narconon Redwood Cliffs
    No reviews · Drug Addiction Treatment Center
    1364 Ruthhaven Rd
    +1 530-539-9042
    Permanently closed

    Except that it’s not. The current license is for Elevate Addiction Services – Santa Cruz. And “Emerald Pines Rehab” is now licensed as Elevate Addiction Services – South Lake Tahoe.

  • Roger Hornaday

    I don’t buy ‘hypnosis’ or ‘trance’ as anything but exotic terms for ordinary, everyday characteristics of human nature. I think it’s far from necessary to employ those terms when explaining the whys and wherefores of the extreme indoctrination we call, “brainwash”. “There’s a sucker born every minute”. If you get that then you’re at the halfway mark of understanding the whole silly business.

    • Yeah. I hear you.
      But its all a matter of degree.
      I think you agree, and disagree with the nomenclature.
      Discard the words, or “terms”, and ….

    • Dice ✓

      the word “brainwash” is something Hollywood invented, try Mind Control –

      • Roger Hornaday

        I think I know what you mean by ‘mind control’. I usually buy the spaghetti sauce that has the best labeling. Is that it?

        • Spike Robinson

          gawd, this is gonna sound like a pitch, but seriously, it’s a great subject and you’re asking some great questions. If you want some more data to ask some more questions, buy Jon’s Opening Minds book, or check out our website. We don’t have the answers, but we’re asking the same questions, too… 🙂

          • MaxSpaceman

            I love this from the Website: ““The key to an open mind is doubt – the freedom to agree or disagree with any idea or belief, even one’s own, as one sees fit.” Alan W. Scheflin.

            Juxtaposed to Hubbardspeak: “what’s true for you is true.” AND, you! — Don’t talk about your auditing, your case, your study, your developing beliefs **with anyone**

            Making Scn a totalitarian, unbridled Prison of Belief

          • Roger Hornaday

            Thank you. The person who asks questions is but a thought within me, non-changing, ever-present, beginningless awareness.

            • Spike Robinson

              Very nicely put. I like you! 😀

            • Dice ✓

              and did not understand any of this 🙂

        • Dice ✓

          Yes! – In a supermarket after a long day, you run around in a maze and just pick what is suggested the most. Problem solved and your out of the confusion and the store. In marketing you present a (problem or confusion) and then a solution. Like low price!

        • Now you’re in my territory. It’s not control, it’s tailored suggestion, based on knowing what makes humans tick.

      • If you try to use another term, apologists will redirect it back to brainwashing and say that it’s been disproven. QED.

        • Dice ✓

          as of this point in time, i find “Undue Influence” as a better description than Brainwash. Some words will get so meaningless as they become more and more perverted.
          And since Undue Influence is somewhat accepted as a legal term – Scientology will have a hell of a time to deflect on this. imo!

      • Hmm. The fourth cite in that article, which has a quotation using circular reasoning, is for Usarski, Frank (2012-12-06). Cresswell, Jamie; Wilson, Bryan, eds. New Religious Movements: Challenge and Response. Impressive since Bryan Wilson died in 2004.

        (Article edited by Sfarney of TeamScientology. )

        • Dice ✓

          Not an expert in any of this, but it’s interesting to see how is a battleground on different opinions on definitions. This is why i am building my own library of real books as they don’t change over night!

    • Spike Robinson

      you are right; the nomenclature is unimportant. The fact is that our own biological impulses and social conditioning all work together, along with our cultural assumptions, to create a dangerous atmosphere where some people can then use simple, well-honed tricks to get people to do, well, just about anything. Have you sen Derren Brown? thought-provoking stuff…

      • Johnny Tank (Forever Autumn)

        Sorry, but I’ve got to put this in here: I saw Derren Brown’s ‘Fear and Faith’ which aired in 2012 and was about curing fear with placebo drugs. A woman on the show had a fear of singing in public, her name was Katie Kneen. While watching the show I Googled her name, and what results came up? Well, one was a Youtube clip where Katie Kneen was singing in front of an audience at a club called ‘The Cavern’, and the clip was from 2008. So in 2008 she walked right up on stage and sang like nobody’s business, but in 2012 she could not even stand on the street and produce a single note. Of course you can lose self confidence, but nowhere in the 2012 episode did anyone mention that Katie had previously been a club singer.
        Although I found the episode with Derren Brown somewhat entertaining, he has no longer any credibility with me as an illusionist, as I believe he uses actors in his shows. And I am not the only one to make this claim.
        Here are two screenshots of Katie Kneen (F5), and both videos that these are taken from can be found on Youtube:

        • Spike Robinson

          H’m; your links aren’t showing up, but I shall check that out.

          it’s a shame that he’s lost credibility, then. However, I would contend that that does not invalidate all of his message that social pressure and cultural programming can lead us to do horrible things.

          • Johnny Tank (Forever Autumn)

            Not links, just pics. I’ll leave links below. I just checked, and Derren says that Katie is an actress, and then goes on to say “she has never sung in front of an audience”.



            • Spike Robinson

              what a shame.

              Well, I shall have to investigate further.

              It’s sad when folks do things like that -especially if they’re espousing valuable messages. When they dip below ethical (not Scn ethics, real ethics) behavior, they tarnish the image of the message, which then suffers due to placement, which is part of the cultural phobia conditioning we’re talking about here…


            • Johnny Tank (Forever Autumn)

              I’m not a fan of fraudulent behaviour, and that’s what I saw here. I know Deren has an audience who loves him, and as an illusionist he is supposed to create illusions. In this case however his trick was supposed to be using a placebo to cure people of fear, not deceiving his viewers by hiring an actor who actually didn’t suffer from the ailment she was supposed to be getting help for.

            • Spike Robinson

              agreed. Flim-flammery of that sort is a dreadful betrayal.

            • Baby

              Talk about getting busted.. damn.. thanks Johnny

        • Have you ever asked him about that directly? He’s pretty approachable.

    • 5 Feet Long and Luminous

      I think that’s basically what Atack is getting at with the Sugarman quotes.

  • Cosmo Pidgeon

    Thanks Jon for another fine essay.

    • Me, I wish, he would shut up already.

      • Dice ✓

        why? he he

        • Because I love.

          • Dice ✓

            I know.. It’s irritating

          • Or, as Mrs. Gross used to say, “We kid. And we kid because we love.” She also used to say “Who are you , and how do you get your hair to go like that?”

      • Spike Robinson

        Why do you say that? Tony asks him to write these.

        • Yeah, sarcasm doesn’t translate to writing.

          • Spike Robinson

            oh. Sorry – long day already. I do apologize.

            • Juicer77

              XD this picture!

  • Elizabeth Lavet

    I recently took Jon Atack’s new edition of “A Piece of Blue Sky” with me on a road trip and kept it by my bed. I can open it any where and get good information as well as entertaining reading. Really a wonderful book.

    • Spike Robinson

      have you read his nonfiction? his Voodoo Child is an amazing work, sharp, witty, and just a rollicking good read.

      • flyonthewall


        • Spike Robinson

          0 _o


          • flyonthewall

            is that your unbiased opinion? 😉 I’m teasing u

            • Spike Robinson

              I’m sorry; I’m a bit raw. In fact, I’m in the middle of reading it.

              Okay, I might be biased in that I really am Jon’s Watson and have been known to snap before thinking at any implied insult to him, much to his embarrassment. (and I apologize again)

              That said, reading Voodoo Child – or, better yet, his unpublished novels – is like reading Joyce with the clarity of Hemingway. You know how clear he puts things in his non-fiction? Ya know how he plays with and juggles phrases and words around like balls in a literary game of snooker/quidditch/rugby?

              Well, imagine that talent unleashed from having to stick to the facts, as he so assiduously does in his nonfiction. If you’ve ever met the man and heard him riff on about anything else but the dreaded clut, as he calls it, you know the joy he takes in crafting language as an art form, painting an imaginary landscape of vivid emotion and raw poetry.

              hugs and apologies again.

            • flyonthewall

              all good

      • Elizabeth Lavet

        I have not read his fiction yet. I did just google it at your suggestion and it sounds interesting. Might give it a try. Thanks.

        • Spike Robinson

          we’re working on his translation of the Tao Te Ching right now. I hope to push him to publication by autumn.

        • nicholas_jordan456

          Often it is available at the library or at least more recent works • we see in his Scn a tendency to express the S/F Writer impulse though generally that is kept where it should be

          • Spike Robinson

            isn’t it interesting, the impulse to write Scifi? 😀

    • Roger Hornaday

      I remember when I received my copy of his original book in the mail. I was shaking with excitement. Seriously, I was actually shaking.

      • Spike Robinson

        That’s my fault; we were experimenting with a new prototype of ink designed to tone your muscles while you read.

        It wasn’t a success.

        • Roger Hornaday

          Well whatever you put in the paper did yield a euphoric sort of buzz when you smoked it.

          • Spike Robinson

            be sure to hold on to a sample; I’ll be over immediately to investigate.

        • Dice ✓


  • aegerprimo

    My money is on Beetle Bomb…

    • Spike Robinson

      I used to chant: “Beeeetle-baum” at school when I was a (very strange) child.

    • Gads where do you come up with this crazy stuff!?

      • aegerprimo

        Kentucky Derby crazy stuff? I think.

    • No! I’m in the future and NyQuill wins.

      • aegerprimo

        Good night. ☺

  • flyonthewall

    last night the Brent vid only had 60 views. It’s up to almost 600 now and that’s not even counting those who viewed from here. Stats boomin like a mofo

  • Snippy_X

    Horses are in the paddock. They can’t even show the horses as usual. 13, 14, ad the fussy grey

    • Snippy_X

      Ok liked gun runner and exaggerator too. No trifecta today.

  • JJ

    Was reading the posts about the happiness thing. Just an out-out-outsider’s opinion here. The tone scale? If being histrionic is the peak of Scientologist existence mood wise, it certainly explains why TC is always smiling, over the top, almost certifiably “happy”. I can see being positive and upbeat and wanting to minimize negativity in one’s life, but the be “that happy”, that cheerful and forcefully upbeat seems a bit much.?
    Was it just me, or in one of those clips was TC sooo enthusiastic at an event he almost knocked David Miscavige over when they climbed up on stage to, pull a rope or cut a ribbon or break a champagne bottle or shoot a starters pistol or cut the cake or drop the curtain or what ever act of pre-hip hip hooray they were doing…?

    • Spike Robinson

      part of the cultic mind trap – you have to be happy! you must be happy! if you aren’t happy, then you’re doing something wrong – so, are you happy?

      Are you happy yet? Are you??? ARE YOU?!?!?!?!?

      WHY NOT!?!?

      also found in abusive family relationships and corporate retail indoctrination.

      • Yup.
        “Everyone else is happy. See? Happy. Happy. Happy. Get with the program.”
        A cult classic.

    • Douglas D. Douglas

      Was it just me, or in one of those clips was TC sooo enthusiastic at an event he almost knocked David Miscavige over when they climbed up on stage to, pull a rope or cut a ribbon…

      Here. At 11:15. From the Madrid Ideal Org opening:

  • Spike Robinson


    I Just swatted the first mosquito of spring…

    • Flying High

      Understood as I know this early May has still been kind of cold up where you reside. Some friends of mine in New York are saying they are finally looking towards seeing tomorrow reach 65 degrees with nothing higher all week so far. I loved your Ying-a-Ling song greatly BTW! 🙂

      • Spike Robinson


        Yes, despite the sub-70 weather, I’m actually out on the porch, with the mosquitoes and the chickadees. I don’t mind the cool weather so much in the spring, because anything that doesn’t freeze yer lungs when you inhale is a good day in my book.

      • MaxSpaceman

        no Spring in Manhattan yet, just cold, damp, rainy.

    • Johnny Tank (Forever Autumn)

      I swear I am not trying to outdo you, but I just found this little guy outside my door (F5). Spring is here (in Norway), but it’s not treally been that warm here – today was probably around 66F, which is the warmest so far this year. Second thing is that I live prolly around 4-500 yards from any water where this guy would have come from. Haven’t seen one of these guys in years, and never while I’ve lived here, I guess they don’t really stray far from water.

      • Spike Robinson



        It looks like the little orange dudes we get here in deep summer.

        • Johnny Tank (Forever Autumn)

          He hardly moved when I picked him up, it’s past 1AM and getting chilly outside, but his chin was moving so I know he was breathing.

          The hair on his tail is from the cat, who often sits where I found him :-/

          • Spike Robinson

            well, let’s hope he’ll be able to skitter away before your cat gets him! Here’s what my local variety looks like. This lil’ fella posed nicely for me up in Emerald Lake, Vermont, USA:

            • Johnny Tank (Forever Autumn)

              I put him in the grass, under some bushes. I just hope he finds some water. Wow, that guy is brightly colored – nice spots as well.

        • 3feetback-of-COS

          Its a body thetan!!!

      • Kay

        Cute !!!

      • Eileen

        Are you going to release him back by the water? A lot of these guys migrate in the spring. Last year in Massachusetts they closed a road for a couple of days that is on the migration path. I think they are a threatened species.

        • Johnny Tank (Forever Autumn)

          I put him out in the damp grass. I prolly should have taken him to some water, and now I feel a bit sad that I didn’t 🙁

      • JJ

        Sooo cute!

  • worstcultever

    Great Jon Atack essay, in fact I’d put it in his top ten.

    Hypnosis really is a thing.

  • Spike Robinson

    For those who want to know more about Scn and hypnotic induction (or whatever name you wish to put to the phenomenon), here’s Jon de-construction of the TR’s with Steven Hassan, Chris Shelton, and Christian Szurko. If this link brings you to the menu, they’re episodes 13 & 14, which are free. Share and enjoy.

    EDIT of edit:

    okay, this one should work – click on ‘vimeo’ in the lower rt hand corner, then scroll down to the list of vids, and choose 1, 13, or 14 for free Atack fun!

    • MaxSpaceman

      getting this error

      • Spike Robinson

        yeah, I just figured that out – for some reason, I can’t get the right link. Working on it.

        • MaxSpaceman

          Love that 2:20 second ‘trailer’

          Excellent production value, loved the music score

          • Spike Robinson

            Yeah, Gary put together a lovely trailer. Sorry about the vid. We have hit one of the barriers of my technical ‘eptness.’

  • Vaquera

    Ahem…I can’t find the bunker’s julip bar.

    • Spike Robinson

      I didn’t even know there was one.

      • Nat-leficent

        Oh, there’s one. We just packed up the Margarita bar to make room

        • Spike Robinson

          is that where the hot tub used to be, before it was moved next to the bowling alley?

          • No, that’s the periodical library and reading room. You need to turn left at the bowling alley and go up the escalator. it’s easy to miss because, when you get to the top, the pool table is right in your sight line.

            • Spike Robinson

              Ahhhhh. Then the hookah room is over by the arboretum?

            • Vaquera

              Actually, it’s by the rare orchid greenhouse. Easy mistake. xo

          • All aquatic facilities are on sublevel 47. Don’t want any leaks ruining our day.

          • Nat-leficent


        • Vaquera

          ‘Cause boobs Cinco de Mayo.
          (Nods head to Colorado)

        • Flying High

          I totally love your new smiley face, which means even more great fun for us bunkers is a comin’ our way!

          • nicholas_jordan456

            And you guys say I am nuts?

            • Flying High

              No not at all. I was complimenting Nat on her cute new avatar that she switched to that also aligns with her slogan: For the humanity and the lulz! 🙂

            • nicholas_jordan456

              well anyway i see one comment and go look it up: Histrionic and the book well it just says exactly what we are seeing from DM

            • nicholas_jordan456

              Oh gee I thought I was getting some attention.

      • aegerprimo

        Of course there is. NOLAgirl is the bartender of the Bunker.

      • Sublevel 14, in the Lanai Room. Let me put some Martin Denny on the hi-fi, light the Tiki-torches and turn the fake rain on for the full effect.

    • aegerprimo

      Nola Girl…. where are you?

      • Vaquera

        She was slacking yesterday, too. Why does she get to have a RL?
        (Just joshing Ngirly)

        • aegerprimo

          I can do a good martini. Would you like yours shaken or stirred?

          • Vaquera

            Make it a Gibson, stirred.

          • Vaquera

            Why don’t you whip up a pitcher of them and have a sit down next to me? Could be trouble. 😉

            • aegerprimo

              HELZ YEAH!
              (…sipping in the corner with cowgirl boots girl Vaq…)

            • Vaquera
            • Ella Raitch

              Love this woman

            • Vaquera

              Me, too, for many reasons…and because Baryshnikov….and because Sam Shepard.

            • Frodis73

              Ahh…Misha fan?? Love that man.

            • Vaquera

              A long time friend of mine is his executive assistant. Reminds me, I need to get said friend to arrange an “accidental” run-in with Misha. Hmmmm…

            • Frodis73

              Ah shit, that is awesome!! I’ve been in love with him forever. never saw him dance live…had tix but he got hurt and canceled. I’d totally stalk your friend, lol

            • Vaquera

              Misha and gravity have yet to meet. His entrance on the second solo is eye watering, as in it actually brought tears to my Hallmark-hardened heart.

            • Frodis73

              He is absolutely amazing…I could watch him dance for hours. I haven’t seen this in awhile either actually so it’s a joy to watch. I’m so glad that there is tons of film and video of him since I never did see him live. I watch both Turning Point and White Nights at least once a year. 😉 You also reminded me that I used to have a full size (like door sized) poster of him when I was a teenager. 🙂

          • Johnny Tank (Forever Autumn)

            I love a good Martini. Stirred, with a lemon twist 🙂

          • Spike Robinson

            I don’t do alchohol. Can I have mine rolled? 😉

            • aegerprimo

              Pack it in a bowl… anything goes.

            • Spike Robinson

              thank you. And are there any pretzels?

              or, better yet, oreos?

            • aegerprimo

              Cheese doodles. I got some. Want some?

            • Spike Robinson

              does the pope work Sundays?

              Hella, yes. Pass ’em over…
              yeah, that’s the stuff.

              Good Cheese doodles…

              – F5…

            • Make my Cheesy Poofs™ please.

            • aegerprimo

              Oh cheese, or course!

            • Spike Robinson
            • Oreos and weed. Reminds me of my 21st birthday when my roomie who was a daily smoker gave me a joint for my birthday. He said it made him see colors. That should have been a warning. All I remember is sitting and talking with my sister and some friends, high as a satellite, eating Oreos an not realizing that I was shoving them in my mouth so frequently that it actually became impacted with Oreo. The realization caused me to laugh and blow a huge chunk of barely-chewed Nabisco’s finest across the coffee table. Stoner mayhem ensued.

            • Spike Robinson

              Now, who said anything about weed?

              (refresh or f5)

            • Spike Robinson

              I am simply enjoying these lovely cheese doodles…

            • Spike Robinson

              yes, these lovely, lovely, cheese doodles.

            • Douglas D. Douglas

              It’s so Keane…!

            • pat k

              My son does that with Oreos too! I prefer my wheat via beer.

            • Spike Robinson

              my husband likes beer because it makes him hoppy.

            • Vaquera

              (had to google that one. sheesh)

      • pat k

        She out today…I can pour you a beer.

  • JJ


    • Snippy_X

      totally. attitude.

    • aegerprimo
    • NyQuil!

    • SLIM

      Rumored to be named after Detroit Red Wings
      Hockey player…Gustav Nyqvist…
      Also…There was a horse named Stanley Cup..
      My team is out of the playoffs…

      • SLIM

        But for THDNE….Go Bolts Go!

        • chukicita

          …and for me, too!

          • SLIM

            If Stamkos and Strallman return…
            Watch out…Heck…Watch out anyway..
            Go Bolts Go!

      • pat k

        Mine too! But we will still watch.

        • SLIM

          Hockey fan first…
          Kings fan second..

  • Lucille Austero

    Guess what my wonderful wonderful son got me for Mother’s Day? (f5)

    • JJ


    • nicholas_jordan456

      Quantum e-meter?

      • nicholas_jordan456

        time-like gamma matrix?

        • nicholas_jordan456

          infinite-dimensional harmonic oscillator?

          • Snippy_X

            in a box?

            • nicholas_jordan456

              Hilbert curve: A continuous fractal space-filling curve first described by the German mathematician David Hilbert in 1891, as a variant of the space-filling area near my thinking.

            • Snippy_X

              Interesting critter there. I was thinking Foch space.

            • nicholas_jordan456

              Consider a Fock space where a variable or unknown number of identical events ↑could↑ occur dependent on a tensor which is neither a manifold nor a product of previous events such that the participants determine what is to occur as a matrix-product of the influences where the states depend upon the actions of the participants which are non-local in «space-time» and space is some consequence of Gravity as a soul-attractor ○ do the participants arrive at the scene via a cognate-directorate or as a free-running system which is leaderless and may behave as a flocking: Do the decisions of the participants have a tensor in the event by way of decision?

              Does Gravity have some preset which is cognate?

              I not only doubt it, it scares some to consider the what-if on it.

              A quantum space is by its very concept lacking in a wave-function which is self-directed if the participants are non-cognate: In other words ○

              get ready:

              Invisible Lizards whom are remnants of a disaster which is causal to why we are seeing light rather than being light: If—as posited by GR—time does not exist for light then have to stretch our minds beyond the ψ time-condenser—yet if quantum is only a non-definitive with no partials which can be isolated then a tensor-metric can be attained at the quark matter triple point where the bony Invisible Lizards can de-cloak.

              I’m jacking with Hubbard not you guys; space-time is not a limiting bound for him though I do suggest caution as the bony-tissue is very close to the edge.

              Ever see that Kansas album cover?

              I did when I stepped off the edge into theVoid:

              Circa 1960

              Ontology anyone?

            • Snippy_X

              Wait – need to check that album cover…

            • Snippy_X

              Ok album covers don’t help with the ontology.
              You ask, “do the participants arrive at the scene via a cognate-directorate or as a free-running system which is leaderless and may behave as a flocking” … I doubt you could distinguish between them as they only manifest as external potentials anyway.
              “Do the decisions of the participants have a tensor in the event by way of decision?” Participant input will arise from a compact internal space. Again, best to not assign motive to an inherent structure.

              I’m afraid if the universe ever was in a state where the bony Invisible Lizards would have de-cloaked, we would have seen definitive evidence of this in the cosmic background radiation by now, so I wouldn’t want to speculate further on the metric there.
              quark-matter triple point – good one 😀

            • nicholas_jordan456

              The Invisible Lizards metaphor well we all need to have and want entertainment. To be clearer about the metaphor we may take it invisible references what convention is misnomered as dark-field due to not being able to see it in visual form. Drives in the self well like today I have to sort out the dream after awakening—postponing why much of the body parts on my C1500 have been removed for use by others ( and so on ) then after contemplating I realize the value of the visual images in the dream and what they represent. There are one of the vanity-publisher works by Hubbard where he has this image on the cover of removing snake from a tree & skipping the obvious critical observations such as the space-uniforms and like that—which occur as consequence of favoring Sci Fi—it may be noted as remarkable that for me to have this dream so close visually hence I take up your «manifest as external potentials» and the internalization of input / participation to be that you are female. Not to be critical they are just behavior traits not in issue independent of responsive post which is clearly based on thought and contemplation.

              Where I mentioned Ontology I was hoping to speculate further on the metric. I did do work on this in what I call Yellow Rose which is going reverie early in life due to running Yellow Rose of Texas on 45-rpm of the era. The harmonics resonated me directly into a state where I could observe events decades into the future with remarkable clarity and detail, though Clarice was not there.

              Another one was. That person is now certified OT-4 and on a formal SP Declare so I will slip in under that as I am not going to bother with getting one myself. Mouthy pretenders do not take precedence for me though the discussion on Quantum e-meter, well that is where I look for items. Not that I have to it is just that it is entertaining. In the work of Hubbards authorship it is mentioned that more productive gain—over the longer term—may be noted from S.F. reads that are actually ethos rather than entertainment.

              On the album-cover thing I wish to note the ship which goes over the edge. Other details are there in the artistic work and the artist can pull those things in for creative ( purpose ) though taking so much in well there is this tensor which I was using when i made the Invisible Lizards thing ~ if it gets too-dense then distortions occur.

              Spare me the quip of how distorted my mind is as I can move in and out of the too-easily for critical rebuttal to be productive here right just now as things are occurring as we have a «reprtillian» which occurs in the visuals which spooks most females.

              Spooky action at a distance needs Ghostbusters; one of whom I am training right now.

              Fear mongering and perhaps subtle: Big Bang and Spooky action at a distance?

              There should be a professional term for what we call «wearing it on your face»

              Somebody call ward-robe. I guess they are in the Ward.

            • I have been looking for this reply for days since it is so good.

              RE: doubt you could distinguish between them as they only manifest as external potentials anyway

              The whole thing with eso/exo which is internal-external well have you seen Alignment of Quasars Across Billions of Light-years? Not literally but seen the reports about it.


              Beyond the quark-matter triple point individuation is not as distinct as it is with manifest potentials, as internal-external ( eso/exo ) has no value as a concept, or is shared-mind rather than Hive Mind

            • Snippy_X

              Cool link! Thanks, I’ll check it out. Looks like early universe started out with some overall angular momentum (shared mind analogy?) which was conserved in the expansion.

            • I am going to take the position there is no «time-zero» as Time Xenu is an illusion by our captors, whom wear Sailor Caps and claim themself to be Captains.

              Rather than starting with angular phase-vector I have work in place already which suggests going with Chroma as a sort of • dunno yet but recently I have been saying «time-compression» / «time-condenser» and there is something to that I think as when an incursion of mesons is observed with ?

              Dunno, working on it but there is an event at nano-scale nucleons where a color-shift of something actually occurs as a zero-time linkage • exotic work as that can be promptly speculated as having some substantial progress available in what some claim to be an influence-field around the individual where communication with Tomatoes & Potatoes •••••••••••

            • Snippy_X

              Your «time-compression» idea is lovely. I guess the simple minded questions was, “if at some point, there was no space time, ie the metric was compact, how did it transition to non-compact?” I very much like your idea. Are you suggesting that at small scales, the metric may have been, say, non-Hausdorff or somehow chaotic?

            • I have to do profoundly fundamental work to explain and right just now am trying to figure out if richelieu jr is Div-6 Austin & knows Susie. I met Monique prior to her going to Los Angeles & Terry is husband of person whom I speak of often and not only here.

              I have what we will place-hold as «remarkable-abilities» and am on stable with one whom has the same 1-st name as my fascination in Austin • we «telepath» as routine and for what one is asking here so for Hausdorff «space» we have a non-topological space in which distinct points which have disjoint neighborhoods may be taken as separated if they are not aware of one anthers existence then we do an exotic known as theVoid

              Remarkable for lack of about much of anything we have persons whom are Solopsistic reporting efficient work in Ontology with no prior exposure to doctrine or practice.

              We then speculate on a Chaotic Space where extant work ↑models↑ but does not describe how events come to be tangible • the challenge is non-trivial and is in the area of ±Gravity as an as yet incomprehensible effect which for some is non-incomprehensible which we seen in critical rebuttals of my scattered style

              What I am suggesting is a sort of tensor which only occurs above the QCD Triple point and time does not exist where that density has not been attained ~ for whatever reason though we speculate a Chaotic Model and how events which may occur may have probability-spaces which have—to some extent —an indeterminate which is the individual and choices which may be made.

              It will only be those who came here eons ago who have these gifts…those who came from same places vibrate and can feel the frequencies… this transfers information between them… no need to speak

            • In the simple case which can be developed we model participation as mulit-partite graph with individual vertex is an individuated ψ which may act either freely or as a unit in a greater probability-space which be subjected to tensors which may be measured with a density-metric • at that level we can allow a spin-tensor as an yet unknown metric which I speculate is a vortex-like model ○ here the hard-edge of singularity modeling leads us astray with schematic drawings which do not occur in-fact.

              Consider a Gravity-field which drives a Galaxy. As there is no «edge» to the central-region then simple matter as we know it can then become a local-effect of the gravity which has large-scale structure as seen in the post though to call it structure is misleading as it appears swarmy or something like that with regions of vast-empty then filament-like stuff which could be a condensate of sorts

              Great but how do they align?

              Space Cooties!

            • Funny I saw just now: You can try to hide in the shadows, but there’s no hiding from gravity.

            • This alone shows that we can dispense with all accepted notions:


            • Expected as it takes development to fill in where I skipped along to get all the major points. You cited a math so i used formalized notation that I have become familiar with due to interest in linguistic for programming these machines we talk on. Important to note is that we are studying what is a notation done on often a sheet of paper or the like yet to walk in nature and observe the actual life-form takes contemplation and review.

              At essence, what I am working towards is a diffuse idea which has yet to be separated as a bi-parte where «soul» as it is usually taken has to be considered as an electronic sort of thing such that it’s vanishingly negligible ( response? ) to gravity makes for eerie response in most people

              Watch for 17 and dump everything else until we see how often 7 shows up in the work.

              I can easily guess-at and prompt is not available for all of my work, yet waiting decades for what I now see on John Atack free-zone which for others is invisible / nonexistent is for me a rather simple and remarkable issue which is for me glaringly absent in the notation which has been developed as the record of these VicSims of space-time.

              almost to become

            • Snippy_X

              when it’s all said and done, thoughts do not have mass. They represent a local reduction in entropy due to an expenditure of energy on our part. No standard laws of physics are violated by this. Hubbard was an idiot.

            • nicholas_jordan456

              no experimentally known violation of the CP-symmetry in strong interactions occurs though it does at the scale of electron-proton mass difference • thoughts yes, they do not have mass yet the proton which is much more massive can be positioned by the electric field or force hence you screw up when you call Hubbard an idiot and move right to the top of my shit-list ○ can you accomplish causal manipulation of tangible hadronic matter with thought?

              I can though these are not done via «levitate ashtray» type events and I must yield that I am subject to Randi’s position on that narrowly though over a broader span I have seen enough beyond 7-sigma correlates that I no longer entertain critics as such is tantamount to taking their bait—some of which is below and I need to get to.

              What do you do when you go below, Clarice? Remember cats are true rulers of the universe and their position must be taken from the mongrel dogs.

            • Snippy_X

              What does CP violation have to do with <>? You said, “I’m jacking with Hubbard not you guys,” yet you are offended that I find him idiotic to claim thoughts have mass. He certainly accomplished manipulation of tangible human beings with thought control, but no electric field from brain activity will result in a net force on a distant object large enough to overcome friction or gravity. If you disagree, fine. Put me on your shit list, if that helps you, but the creepy Silence of the Lambs crap isn’t funny.

            • nicholas_jordan456

              Hubbard was an idiot is your remark, not « find him idiotic to claim thoughts have mass» and yes correct no electric ( as you state ) and the creepy Silence of the Lambs crap isn’t funny not even slightly.

              An «electric-field» ↑can↑ accomplished manipulation of tangible human beings with thought control & I not only have done it but have multiple complaints to prove it though I will not do it here as what is involved just at the moment would be manipulating me. My adviser states: You are manipulated by others just now and that is her reading you—not an obtuse effort by me to reach in to exotic / arcane issues to find some traction somewhere ( using the term traction loosely for the common and ordinary use of the term as most would do it )

              I am out on a fringe here but will attempt to work it: CP violation is said to occur and when I clipped a citation that was saying that CP violation did not occur in the region of the strong-force hence: Rather obvious to me is a color-charge thing which zeros time at the nucleonic scale hence since light is ( electro-magnetic? ) thence I was expecting to see a situation where we spread over time by way of consciousness which is capable of dispensing with time-limitations as a bounding constraint thus arriving at a power-state where {?}

              I am working on this as I speak and do not have enough to hand to avoid drifting into speculation but yeah;

              I did not levitate no ashtrays.

              Weaklings in my opinion.

              Note for-record: Some of this is expected to be contentious so I said what i did about the listing to avoid building up emotional-charge. Just pinning a post-it note which was a manner of speaking for the task at hand, not an NP Hard problem.

            • nicholas_jordan456

              And anyway, what exactly do you snip?

        • Snippy_X

          gamma naught

          • nicholas_jordan456

            Zero point?

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        Thanks! I don’t know why it flipped!!!

        • aegerprimo

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        • Skabetti

          I like it either way.

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      That’s hard bound isn’t it

    • chukicita

      What a good son!

    • I should send that to my mom for mother’s day…

      • thetastic

        It’d be an even better father’s day gift for some people.

    • Baby

      Now that is what I call a FABULOUS present from someone who truly knows you Lucy! How sweet.

  • Vaquera

    I live in a New England hamlet of >3,000 people. There is one pub and three retail outlets: a general store, a wine shop, (add: oops, forgot about the yarn shop) and a very small, independent bookshop. Today I asked the bookseller if by chance she had a copy of Ruthless on her shelves. Without missing a beat she excitedly said, “The supply is scheduled to arrive on Tuesday. What’s your #? I’ll give you a call when it’s in.” She had heard about it on one of the book podcasts to which she listens…no prompting from Vaq was required. Tickity-tick-tick-tock.

    An aside: I found an out of the way, al fresco reading space today. Lovely place to pass a few chapters. f5
    (I was in the red chair)

    • 3feetback-of-COS

      beautiful — in every way!

    • Joe Hurtado

      That is heartening to hear.

    • iampissed

      Yes please

    • thetastic

      Oh that’s just gorgeous.

    • Baby

      I got dibs on the blue chair Texas.. That is a cool place to relax and read..

      • Vaquera

        In that case, I’ll bring the beer-filled Yeti. 🙂

  • MM

    This is kind of O/T, but fits the pattern “alkalized water; trance detector; re-defined words; foreign languages” (all of which were mentioned today) 😀


  • I like my water alkalized by Guinness.

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      I think I’m in your valence here.

  • chukicita

    I’m having a homemade mint julep with alkalized Kentucky bourbon.

    • Ella Raitch

      And in another part of the world I am having rooibos in bed for mother’s day

      • Panopea Abrupta

        Do you get this in Western Australia?
        It seems readily available in Hemet.
        We are having some Sierra Nevada Torpedo IPA
        in honour of Lord Hubris’ sinking of body-thetan
        Japanese submarines.

      • chukicita

        Happy Mother’s Day!

    • aegerprimo

      Lucky you!

  • I’ve made sure tonights’s chicken is full of extra electrons . . . and booze.

    • Glen

      Alkalized red dragon for me.

    • Ella Raitch

      That explains the attitude!

    • Ben Franklin

      Are you planning to blow a charge tonight?

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    OOOhzzz way too many alkalized electronz in my potatoez and grainz booze tonight.
    Good nite y’allzzzzz.

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  • nottrue

    Hollywood Blvd smoke break….Better not let DM see you standing around like that ..

    • Nicotine is antideppressant.

      • aegerprimo

        Or the only time Sea Org members can take a break.

      • Juicer77

        Never thought of that…

    • Flying High

      They are all in complete apathy as the public are on to them and now walk on the opposite side of the street that they are standing upon. Still awaiting the details of the latest PAC Command Team being busted and/or demoted as mentioned by Mike last week.

    • PerpetualOutflow

      A couple of them appear to be looking at their smart phones, no?

      • Juicer77

        Do they have NetNanny or some equivalent installed on their phones? Like they did with everybody’s computers in the 90’s?

        • PerpetualOutflow

          Yeah, I wondered the same thing.

  • Anyone read Rinder’s post today? It’s pretty funny and telling.

    “One might ask – what is The Underground Bunker? Well my friends, it’s where you meet free and able SPs.” ~ DodoTheLaser

    Edit to add: Feel free to add your own quote below. It’s a fun trend.

    • Flying High

      “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” ~ Ron Miscavige Sr. ABC 20/20 Interview.

      • This is cool, but you have to quote your epic self. Made up example:

        “When communication fails to communicate – disconnect without sorrow and punish hard.” ~ Flying High.

      • JJ

        Some it corrupts, some it merely unmasks. Didn’t Ron say his kid was a little shit at times?

        • Linda Clement

          Even serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer was a nice kid according to his father, who continued to support him even after realizing what he was. You can’t develop anti-social personality disorder gradually. It can be diagnosed as early as age 3. There is no treatment for it.

    • outraged

      Great first comment. A compliment about The Bunker! Wow. lol


    • But, the big question is, do we make the suppressive more suppressive, the able more able and the free more free?

      • And the answer is you, always and forever. We are the builders of our own what the fuck ever.

        • Number one axiom of the New Age: You create your own reality.
          Number two axiom of the New Age: If it all goes to shit, it’s your fault, not ours.
          Number three axiom of the New Age: Do it again until you get it right.

    • MarcabExpat

      “Tick Tock, Davey.” — Tory Christman

    • Juicer77

      This will be hard to narrow down the many times I’ve postured and pontificated here, so I’ll just go with: “KITTY!!”

  • PerpetualOutflow

    Oh sure Brent the flimflam peddler, it’s the Establishment trying to take you out. Couldn’t have anything whatsoever to do with you trying to shove $cientology down your employees’ throats. Repulsive reptilian opportunist.

  • Mockingbird

    Sorry for my late arrival. Big gravity keeps me busy as a trash journalist at my vanity blog.

    Someone asked where a particular Hubbard quote came from earlier that Jon Atack used. I looked for a reference online and hope this is accurate and useful.
    (Regarding an auditor)
    “must be prepared to use hypnotism, he must know how it works, what he should do to make it function, how to regress a person in hypnotism and so on, which is definitely very different from Dianetics in that one produces a trance.” (R&D 1, p.307). Research and development series volume 1 Ron Hubbard source Jon Atack

    • Spike Robinson

      Thanks, Mockingbird! In fact, that is exactly the quote… I was supposed to be looking that up and answering that…

      … bad Spike, no biscuit.

      • jazzlover

        “No soup for you”

        • Spike Robinson

          I thought that was “no fruit cup.”

          • jazzlover
            • Spike Robinson

              Oh, indeed. But before there was the soup Nazi, there was the inimitable Cloris Leachman:


            • jazzlover

              Ya got me, Spike. I had completely forgotten about that. LOL. She was great in all those Brooks movies, including this one:


            • Spike Robinson

              “Then my uncle Viktor was -”

              “YES! He vas my BOYFRIEND!!!!”

              Wonderful, wonderful actress.

            • jazzlover

              Absolutely. She was also Miss Chicago and placed 16th in the 1946 Miss America Pageant.

            • Douglas D. Douglas

              Little known fact about Cloris Leachman: She was originally cast as little Timmy’s mother on the Lassie TV series and quit when she came to the realization that the scripts forced all the actors to look stupid so the dog appeared all that more clever.

            • jazzlover

              I did not know that. She has had quite the career — even better than most realize.

            • Spike Robinson

              I wonder if that was the case on Flipper, too.

              Whenever my birds are squawking and flying circles and shouting at me to come see something at the window, I always ask them: “is Timmy in the well?”

            • Baby

              Wonderful actress.. Her comedic timing is wonderful.

      • Mockingbird

        Ha ha. It takes a village to raise a child, or something like that, but it takes a lot of critics to expose all of Hubbard’s lies.

        • Spike Robinson

          and only one child with a book of matches to raze a village.

          • Mockingbird

            Um, what is your daycare center like !?

            • Spike Robinson

              I don’t run any daycare center, lol. I used to work in an Alzheimers’ unit, but, no, the only kids in my care have feathers, fins, or shells (that is, I keep budgies, a betta fish, and a tank of snails).

            • Spike Robinson

              and since you asked, here is the daycare center, also known as the Contraption, also known as the indoor jungle gym conveniently located above the cage… 😉

              Dr. Who is the more teal/aqua one, Captain Jack Harkness is the darker blue one. The gray one in the photo behind them is Oliver, who went to the Big Birdcage in the Sky at the ripe old age of eleven a couple years ago. Below him and very chewed, is a picture of the original tenants of the cage, Kitty (yellow) and Skye (blue and white). To the left of that and just over the tiffany lamp is the centerfold of an old issue of BirdTalk magazine (so I don’t know those keets’ names).

              The Contraption is made of 1/4 inch wooden dowels braced to the main cage and then lashed and braced together with their collection of ladders and perches, then hung with an assortment of toys – it’s a lot sturdier than it looks. The boys are free-flighted, but enjoy scrambling, climbing and hanging upside down and performing amazing feats of acrobatics –

              but never when mom has her camera running, bless them.

  • MarcabExpat

    People will believe that which furthers what they already believe.

    I have a work acquaintance who’s a Licensed Mental Health Counselor. He hates psychiatry and psychiatric drugs, and even holds psychiatry partly responsible for the Holocaust (blaming psychiatrists who participated in it). He never got any of this from Scientology, never knew anything about them; it’s just part of the hippie attitude he never shook off.

    Not so long ago he ran across some Scientology propaganda and was all willing to work with them, until he discovered to his indignant dismay that, to them, he also qualifies as a “psych.” I read him the riot act for being so gullible but it didn’t faze him. He was stuck on the thought of losing what he’d hoped would be a whole bunch of new allies who shared his outlook, never mind why they shared it. I gave him the backstory, the cosmology, and he straight up ignored it, preferring to latch onto how important it was that they were “sounding the alarm on the psychiatric industry.” I was so angry I had to leave the room. We both now pretend the conversation never happened.

    Anybody is capable of this kind of thinking. Being whatever sort of intellectual elite you think you are will not save you. We look for what reinforces our world view.

    My friend has never belonged to any totalitarian group. He set these boundaries for himself, building them over a period of years, and he gets angry if anybody attempts to poke a hole in that wall.

    TL;DR: Yes, Jon, you’re right as usual, and it’s not just Scientology, it’s all of us.

    • Spike Robinson

      Very, very, very well put!

      It’s not just cults and gangs, it’s advertising and political parties and even football boosters…

      • MarcabExpat

        Yeah, reading the new Penn State stuff was really unsettling.

    • Juicer77

      Makes me wonder for his counseling clients… he sounds likely to pin them with his own diagnosis/opinion and frame all later interactions in that view. I hope that’s not the case.

      • MarcabExpat

        Fortunately, I think most of them don’t need drugs. He’s a big “talk therapy” proponent and to some extent attracts the sort of clientele who respond to that. Of course, that can become its own echo chamber, but he does take his mandated reporter status seriously at least.

        I can’t see him ever jeopardizing anyone’s health; I just don’t think that it’s really putting the client’s needs first if you are so dogmatic about something that you can’t admit that it’s not never useful. Or (more seriously IMO) if you willfully misinterpret the motives of those administering it. Psychiatrists don’t drug patients to keep them from becoming true thetans, but they also don’t drug them as part of some “get rich” conspiracy theory.

        At least he’s not a vaxxer, I guess?

        • Juicer77

          That’s somewhat reassuring…

  • JJ

    I’ve seen the comparisons of David Miscavige to Kim Jong Um, Hitler, Stalin etc. But here’s one to consider: Caligula. Gaius Julius Caesar Augustus Germanicus (31 August AD 12 – 24 January AD 41). The man, know as Little Soldier’s Boot, arose to power in the traditional Roman way: out living other male relatives disposed, killed in wars, murdered, etc. He may have started out O.K. but in the end, his perversions and sadism and extravagant lifestyle were what stuck with most historians. Caligula sought absolute power and what power he did achieve led him into absolute despotism. He was cruel, arrogant and often considered to be mentally unbalanced…He is rumored to have put his horse in a seat of the the senate, turned the wives of high public officials into whores and kept their earnings, and dug up a dead man to be re-tried for his crimes. Well it’s two thousand years ago right. Little information exists about Caligula’s reign, but mostly he is painted as an mentally unbalanced ego-manic. Toward the end, he stated that he was a God, and wished to be worshiped as one?
    I’m thinking the saluting the beagle stuff here…I don’t know, too much? Perhaps a little more auditing might unearth…oh wait, he doesn’t do that anymore. Ah well, back to DM with out checks and balances then…

    • 0tessa

      History has seen so many tyrants and they all have something in common. I don’t know where to start.

    • Scream Nevermore

      Current thinking on Caligula has redrawn him a bit, and pointed out that his story was written by his enemies, but who knows? Anthony Barrett’s biograpy of him is interesting – tries to strip away the myths, and compares the sometimes contradictory things written about him. He also places him in the context of the political system of the time. It’s an interesting book.

      • JJ

        Agreed. What can we possibly know. Epilepsy? Very possibly.

  • Jimmy3

    Excuse me. Pardon me. When are the Sunday Funnies?

    • On Mike’s site. On Thursdays.

      • Jimmy3

        You a buzzkrill

        • There’s a baleen joke in here somewhere . . .

    • Kay

      YOU are our own personal Sunday funny, Jimmy.

      • Jimmy3

        You a kind person

  • Kay

    I’m going to go take a bath in alkalized water so that all of those electrons will mystically combine with all of my already existing electrons to make me magically younger and more theta-like with powers over MEST. I hope this doesn’t cause accidental electocution due to all of the force fields a-flying. G’nite y’all !

    • Sejanus

      Be careful…
      this sounds like a supervillian origin story in the making!

      • Kay

        Hmmmmmmm……that’s an interesting thought.

        • Spike Robinson

          do it… do it…. do it….

  • JJ

    This is crazy funny if you answer it as DM…OK not funny…

    • Missionary Kid

      That was actually an excellent interview. While it does show that Ron still believes in parts of $cientology, it also highlights the extreme cruelty that David Miscavige has visited on everyone, including his father.

      The thing that is striking about the interview is Ron Miscavige’s matter of fact detailing of his experience. It really adds credibility.

  • Spike Robinson

    I’ve been washing my face in alkalized water for years and it’s done me wonders!

    • Baby

      Spike!! good job..but so creepy.. GUH .. I’ve been called 2 faced before, but this is ridiculous.

      • Spike Robinson

        it looks like I’m breaking out in little me’s…

        … or I’m just very full of myself?

    • Quick! Sign up for Scientology! You should get rid of all those pesky BT’s.

    • iampissed

      Well done

    • Scream Nevermore

      Ooooh, lookit the pretty BTs!

  • Mockingbird

    Here’s a comment that was posted at ESMB on Hubbard’s use of repetition for hypnosis.
    Default Re: Ron THE Hypnotist
    Hypnotist control words.

    PTS SP Tapes, word counts

    St Hill special Brief c. 1965, 66

    1-Anti-social person YOU (348) YOU KNOW (46) NOW (70)THEY (215)Do you follow?, see?, understand? (34)

    2-Sup-pressives YOU (415) YOU KNOW (33) NOW (117) THEY (239)Do you follow?, do you see?, understand? (60)

    3-Scio Zero YOU (296) YOU KNOW (21) NOW (50) THEY (42)Do you follow?, do you see?, understand? (45)

    4-Org & Ethics YOU (340) YOU KNOW (17) NOW (87) THEY (149)Do you follow?, do you see?, understand? (70)

    5-Handling PTS YOU (498) YOU KNOW (45) NOW (90) THEY (115)Do you follow?, do you see?, understand? (88)

    6-Out Tech YOU (447) YOU KNOW (19) NOW (95) THEY (92)Do you Follow?, do you see?, understand? (65)

    7-Brief Review YOU (410) YOU KNOW (10) NOW (58) THEY (75)Do you Follow?, do you see?, understand? (99)

    Total YOU =2754 They=927 Do you follow?=491 Source Jachs at ESMB

  • Baby
    • daisy

      That was funny. He sometimes does a bit where he gets his guests read mean tweets to them. It is hysterical. They are on You Tube if you haven’t seen them.

      • Baby

        Yes I have..cute.. How is Daisy tonight? or this morning.

        • daisy

          I good. Happy Mother*s day. We are taking mom out for breakfast soon.

          • Baby

            Oh.. Have a great day with your Mama Daisy.. xoxo

  • Excellent piece from JA. as always!

  • One comment about Jon’s article:

    What struck me about what Jon wrote here is on the subject of hypnosis. About how Hubbard stated that auditors should know about hypnosis, Yet scientologists fear hypnosis same as general public.
    My impression (as a never-in) is that when scientologists follow session procedures, they are really engaging in lite-hypnosis without realizing that it is such. But it doesnt work on most people, which I think is a big factor that has limited the size of the cult, even at its peak.
    There must be many other contradictions in scientology like this.
    ie, what scientology actually is vs what scientologists think it is.

    • ReallyMGM

      Steve Hassan spoke about this during one of the Toronto conference with Jon Atack. He actually conducted TR drills demonstrating the elements used. I don’t know it is still on Vimeo, but that session was free and about 45 minutes. Steve Hassan and Jon Atack talking about coercive persuasion is worth it.

      • Spike Robinson

        Yup, still on Vimeo. This link brings you to the menu – click the word “vimeo” in the lower right hand corner, then scroll down to choose number 13 and 14 (number 1, Jon’s history of Hubbard, is also free and quite good). The TR deconstruction starts at about 41 minutes in.

      • Re TR’s this is page 45 of a once classified CIA interrogation manual (google Kubark Interrogation) Title is “ALICE IN WONDERLAND” Sound Familiar?

        • LOL “This technique may be especially effective with the orderly, obstinate type.” What a load of horse shit that LRH guy was.

    • Hubbard could not call it hypnosis or he would have had to be regulated and licensed…
      Instead he says “duplicate my instructions exactly” because he cant tell you what he is really up to.
      see Biggest Secret of Dianetics Hypnosis Cliff Notes

  • 0tessa

    Captain Miscavige is now quoting himself (see Rinder’s)! He took the next step towards immortality: he’s become his own prophet. He has one more step to go: the status of saviour or messias. When he has reached that state he will probably be locked up in a camper and sent off to oblivion.

    • Baby

      I bet he cringes every time someone Thanks LRH.. Those days will soon be gone.

    • chukicita

      Can it be a vault instead of a camper? With nuclear blast-proof doors?

      • 0tessa

        In any case rage-proof doors, to protect the environment.

  • Fink Jonas

    In todays world an institution that has career opportunities, is that still a church? (careers without pay)

  • salin

    I missed this – Ron’s Scientology story breaks into progressive news commentary site Salon: The story keeps reaching wider and wider audiences.

  • DexterSka

    I’ve always said that anything that says “Workers Party” in it is a cult. I just finished Darkness At Noon, which takes place in the USSR and I couldn’t get past how the protagonist couldn’t seem to completely accept that Stalin isn’t helping anybody except himself.

    I must read this every few weeks

    “Reverse Blockade: emphatically insisting upon something which is the opposite
    of the truth blocks the average person’s mind from perceiving the truth.
    In accordance with the dictates of healthy common sense, he starts
    searching for meaning in the “golden mean” between truth and its
    opposite, winding up with some satisfactory counterfeit. People who
    think like this do not realize that this effect is precisely the intent
    of the person who subjects them to this method. ” age 104, Political
    Ponerology by Andrew M. Lobaczewski

    • Saved for later.

    • califa007

      OMG! Someone besides me, and the friend who lent this book to me, has read Political Ponerology! I have no issue with its premise – I just wish the book would go through further editing so that it might have a wider audience. As it is, it is a ponderous read. In translating the work from Polish, some of the most obscure words in the English language have been resurrected. And sentence structure is sometimes mysterious; the passage you quote above is unusually clear. I also wish he still had his original research, if in fact it did exist. I get just a little skeptical about “lost” data after being subjected to LRH’s definition of research. Nevertheless, with these caveats, it is an important work and I applaud you, me and my friend for having persevered to the final page 😉

      • “OMG!” is also my response to you who has actually read this..maybe we should start a cult?

        This book makes Boris Sidis seem like Dick and Jane…
        Written by a brilliant Polish professor, from memory, after the original was destroyed, in his 2nd language… English about a topic that has been suppressed for centuries…because it destroys the control systems used control what humans believe to be true.
        See: Dr Robert Oppenhiemer’s warning:

        I wish someone better at writing than this old electronics guy would translate this nearly impossible-to- read-without-aspirin book into something for ‘we the people’.

        Re skeptical: Look around at what is going on today. If what you write supports the ruling control structure you get published and paid. This pattern has been going on since the beginning of time.

        That last sentence is how we got to where we are today.

        Because of this, I weigh 1st hand experience and descriptions far more heavily than is socially acceptable.

        Arnie Lerma
        Without the truth all is delusion.

        “War is the greatest injustice. We are not fighting the culprits. Those who pay, who incite, who use the media to make people turn against each other – this is who we should fight against.” – Alexey Mozgovoy, commander of the “Ghost” brigade, killed May 23, 2015

        • califa007

          What do you think of David Icke? I’m about halfway through the 900 pages of The Perception Deception, but at least his writing is straightforward. Sometimes repetitious but not annoyingly so. I keep putting it aside to read other things, but I’ll get back to it. Could our cult include Icke? Oh? He already has a cult? Damn! I keep trying to integrate his views with quantum theory. Gives me something to think about when I can’t get to sleep at night.

          • He’s got big balls…I’ll give him that, willing to say he believes he is the reincarnation of Edgar Cayce, a tough act to follow, and whom I am rather fond of, but I don’t know his work enough to endorse it or not.

            Anything that starts thinking these days should be considered a good thing… in a world that does not want you to think, only obey and toe the line of political correctness, while those that think they own us try to keep us at each other’s throats instead of uniting around theirs…


            dedicated to Alexey Mozgovoy

            “War is the greatest injustice. We are not fighting the culprits.
            Those who pay, who incite, who use the media to make people turn against each other – this is who we should fight against.” – Alexey Mozgovoy, commander of the “Ghost” brigade, killed May 23, 2015

  • Laurence Sugarman is a pediatrician friend of mine. He authored a major textbook on hypnosis and children, is the parent of an adopted son who is high functioning autism spectrum and who has pioneered a bio feedback computer game program to teach people how to manage their anxiety . He is also a ver good banjo player!

  • RK

    “Hubbard said people smoke to imitate volcanoes. As a 100-a-day man, he
    had significant volcano problems, and was bedridden every winter with
    bronchial problems that both the Clearing Course and OT III attempted to

    I once asked a Scientology executive friend why he continued to smoke, while at the same time he was a huge proponent of healthy living without drugs, etc. His answer was “Hubbard smokes.” This was the similar response that I got when I asked about political affiliation (“Hubbard is a Republican.”). I found it ironic when people talked disparaging about Group Think, yet adopt views and habits dictated by the organization with little thought. I see it now with Scientologists lobbying against vaccinations for dangerous childhood diseases, and their relentless campaign against anything with the word psych in it. I understand that Hubbard relied on medication near the end of his life, but I’ve had Scientology friends disconnect from me for participating in as little as attending a yoga class or reading about the value of mediation or daily mindful walks, saying that I should be using Scientology technology and “not promoting psych shit.”

    However upset I was after being vilified and then summarily disconnected from, in hindsight it was a good thing. It helped me by releasing me from the judgemental people in my life and gave me a sense of freedom to make up my own mind about things.