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Why Scientology’s inability to pay its tax bill in Montreal is not a sign that it’s struggling


There was some interesting news out of Montreal yesterday regarding Scientology’s empty and derelict “Ideal Org” project there. For those joining us recently, the “Ideal Org” program is church leader David Miscavige’s desperate attempt to give the impression that Scientology is not shrinking rapidly by opening new, unneeded churches in cities around the world and calling it “expansion.”

Beginning in 2002, he’s been pushing local members to donate money in order to purchase buildings for the program. But after many of the cities complied and purchased historic buildings in the period 2005 to 2007, they were tapped out and couldn’t raise the millions more that it takes to renovate these historical structures to turn them into gleaming “Ideal Orgs.” In cities like Chicago, Philadelphia, Kansas City, and Detroit, Scientology owns an eyesore that sits, year after year, rotting away, racking up code violations.

But at least, in those cities, Scientology isn’t racking up tax bills. Tax exemption for churches is so absolute in America, there’s no property tax on empty buildings that an organization like Scientology owns, even if it’s not being used at all.

But in Canada, that’s not the case. Because Scientology has done nothing with the empty building it bought in Montreal in 2007, it now owes more than $80,000 in property taxes and a bill for $60,000 is coming due in June.


The CBC is reporting that the city has threatened to seize the building and auction it off if Scientology doesn’t start paying up more of its debt.

If you didn’t know more about Scientology, you might think that its inability to pay an $80,000 tax bill in Montreal might be a sign that the organization is on the ropes.

But remember, the Ideal Org program is just a public relations project, and even though Scientology is dwindling and losing members fast, it’s still sitting on a mountain of cash.

We asked former Scientology spokesman Mike Rinder this question: Miscavige can easily write a check to make the problem go away. So why doesn’t he?

His answer: “He will. It just has to be very desperate before that happens and some heads have to roll first.”


Marc Headley has some ‘splainin’ to do

Last night, a comment by one of our readers got people pretty worked up over something Marc Headley said during his recent appearance on the Ethan McKinley podcast.

We were on Ethan’s show recently, and it was a real pleasure. Marc’s show is a lot of fun, and you can listen to it here.

So here’s the exchange near the end of the program that got people excited…

Ethan: There’s all those crazy conspiracy theories, like David Miscavige is the real father of Suri and stuff, and like…

Marc: Oh no. It’s not David Miscavige. I know who it is, but it’s not David Miscavige. And it’s not Tom Cruise, either.

Ethan: What!

Marc: Anyway…

We can see why people got excited by this exchange, even if it comes off as pretty unserious.

We’ve asked Marc Headley to explain himself, and we’ll try to find out if he has something solid to tell us.

We’ll just point out, however, that Marc previously claimed that he had information about the birth father of Connor Cruise, but we checked into it and it proved to be a false lead. Just sayin’.


Bonus items from our tipsters

Hm, let’s see. We’re already pretending to benefit the public through our front groups. And we love to hand out certificates and awards. What can we do next? Hey, how about the First Annual Charity Coalition Awards, and we’ll have it at the Fort Harrison Hotel in Clearwater and get all of our shills in one room!


“The Charity Coalition, established in 2014 by the Church of Scientology, is now comprised of over 160 nonprofit organizations. The next Charity Coalition will be a luncheon in the Fort Harrison Ballroom on 29 June. To receive an invitation, please contact the Public Affairs Office for the Church of Scientology in Clearwater at 727-467-6860.”




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