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On the 30th anniversary of L. Ron Hubbard’s galaxial soul ejection, an obit by an old friend


Thirty years ago today, this planet lost a singular individual to parts unknown. Lafayette Ronald Hubbard had lived one of the most unique lives in history. He had literally created his own personal navy from crew members who signed pledges to serve him for a billion years. He convinced thousands of people that they could become gods by paying him large sums of money and ridding themselves of invisible sentient entities. He had become fabulously rich at the same time that he had spent the last ten years of his life mostly in hiding and fearing that he’d be arrested or sued.

And finally, on January 24, 1986, he left us. Thirty years later, we still marvel at what L. Ron Hubbard convinced people to do and say. At least there’s that, whatever else you might say about a man with enormous problems telling the truth and who often treated other people as less than human beings.

How to sum up a life like L. Ron Hubbard’s? We still struggle with it three decades after his death, even though we write about the creation he left behind every single day. But we take solace that the people who knew him best also found it wasn’t easy to summarize Hubbard after he was gone, and today we have a special example of that.

Once again, we’re indebted to researcher R.M. Seibert, who pounced when she realized that something really unique was on sale recently at eBay. It was the April 1986 edition of Science Fiction Chronicle, a monthly publication edited by Sci Fi superfan Andrew Porter (who happens to be a regular reader of this website). Seibert knew its significance and purchased the artifact before anyone else could.

The Chronicle was concerned that month with all of the recent deaths that had hit the science fiction field so hard. The beginning months of 1986 were, Porter noted, the worst for losing figures in the field since the dismal years of 1958 and 1968. The front page of the publication was dominated by the grim news: On February 11, Dune author Frank Herbert had died, and 1986 had also taken away agent Robert Mills and publisher Judy-Lynn Del Rey. Inside, back on page 26, lost a bit in all the more important news, there was also an obituary for Hubbard. It was written by his old friend and former literary agent, Forrest Ackerman.

Last year, we brought to your attention a rather amazing letter written to Ackerman by Hubbard in 1949, as Hubbard prepared to unleash Dianetics on the world the next year. Hubbard told Ackerman that he planned to send him a pre-publication version of the book, “Then you can rape women without their knowing it, communicate suicide messages to your enemies as they sleep, sell the Arroyo Seco parkway to the mayor for cash, evolve the best way of protecting or destroying communism, and other handy house hold hints. If you go crazy, remember you were warned.”

Hubbard went on to explain that he had “not decided whether to destroy the Catholic church or merely start a new one” with the book. Considering what came afterward, it’s not so easy to say that he was entirely joking.

Anyway, when Hubbard died, Ackerman was called upon to write an obituary of the man he had known so well. The title, we have found, is referenced pretty often in publications about Ackerman and Hubbard, complete with its unique spelling, “L. Ron Hubbard: Fond Rememberance — With Warts.” But we could not find a copy of it anywhere online. So we thank R.M. Seibert for once again bringing us something to post on this website that will likely be new for most of our readers.

Here, then, is how an expert in the field of science fiction, a lifelong fan who had known Hubbard quite well, summed him up for his fellow science fiction enthusiasts.



As far as I know I was the first science fiction person to meet Lafayette Ron Hubbard. It was in the now non-existent “Shep’s Shop” on Hollywood Blvd., the nearest thing to A Change of Hobbit in its day, and the day was one night in 1937. I believe I was the catalyst that started him writing science fiction: on the spot, when I discovered he was a pulp writer and asked if he’d ever written any science fiction. (I think we were still calling it that then), he began spinning a yarn about a new Ice Age 25,000 years hence in California. If such a story was ever written it was never published that I am aware of, but if for nothing else you can perhaps thank me that he gave the field “Final Blackout”, “Fear” and the Ole Doc Methuselah series.

One memorable night LRH came to the LASFS (Los Angeles Science Fantasy Society) and hypnotized just about everybody in the club except me and my wife. One fan, with cupped hands, came to me and showed me the little kangaroo hopping about which Ron had induced in his mind. Arthur Jean Cox’s brother Bill was given a post-hypnotic suggestion: when Ron would casually rub his nose, Bill would instantly fall asleep. A cluster of fans had surrounded Ron when his nose actually itched; he scratched and fortunately I was directly behind Bill because he slumped dead to the world backward into my arms.

During the hypnosis demonstration a forgotten fan was told that a few minutes after he was brought out of his trance he would hear the phone on the clubroom wall ring, he would answer it and the (imaginary) voice on the other end of the line would make him a fantastic offer on an automobile. But no matter how great the deal he would come up with some reason to refuse it. The monolog went something like this:

“A brand new Cadillac? Only $500? Well, gee, yes, that is a bargain, but I only have $400. Oh, you’d take $400? But, you see, I have bills to pay and half that money is already spoken for. — You’d let me have it for $200? My Mother told me…” And so it went. Even when he offered it free he came up with some excuse to turn it down.

Several years later Ron recommended people not play around with hypnotism.

Early in my agentorial career I was both fortunate and unfortunate in acquiring LRH as a client. He was the only Big Name Author from whom I deliberately divorced myself because I felt he was more trouble than he was worth. The problem was, I was supposed to be his exclusive agent but he would be having dinner with a Dutch agent in Washington, DC, and the Dutchman over drinks would excite Ron with promises of how he could sell his work in the Netherlands and the next thing I’d know I’d hear a yelp from my subagent saying, “Do we or don’t we represent Ron Hubbard? I walked into a publisher’s office the other day and there sat an agent with a lapful of Hubbard’s books — !” Double agents (no pun intended) could obviously cause considerable confusion. I explained to Ron why he couldn’t do that and he said he got carried away and he understood and he wouldn’t do it again. And the next thing I knew he’d done it again. I tried patiently to point out to him that such actions were fraught with danger — unbeknownst to each other some day two publishers might print the same book and then he’d be in hot water.

Result: solemn oath not to break the rules.

Reality: he broke ’em.

Consequence: I broke with him.

About the early 70s we got back together again. He made a generous offer I couldn’t refuse: “Just get me in print. Forry, I don’t care about the money: you keep half of it.” He caused me no further trouble but half of nothing was nothing in the case of one anthologist who justified using a Hubbard story without paying because he considered LRH in the same class with Hitler and Satan (not necessarily in that order).

About LRH, Dianeticist & Scientologist. I prefer to say very little, except that I saw some small wonders worked by early Dianetics and, as a secular humanist, I have no belief in past lives, especially lives contactable millions of years ago when one saw Flying Saucer people land on Earth or one was a primordial clam lying on a prehistoric seashore being irritated by a grain of sand, end result, a pearl.

I’m told that 1500 L.A. acolytes were assembled to receive the news that Ron had decided to “drop his body.” He didn’t die. I heard further from an inside source that several days before his demise he told his closest associates that his work in this lifetime was complete and a few nights later he went to bed, voluntarily shut off the flow of oxygen to his brain and shrugged off this mortal coil. The newspapers reported that he died of a stroke. Take your choice. Scientologists may not be too pleased with my attitude; science fiction fans — who knows?

His charismatic daughter Diana and dynamic son Arthur I like a lot. Ditto Scientologists Virgil Wilhite (Hollywood) and Irene Thrupp (England).

In summation:

He was one of the consistently entertaining writers of SF’s Golden Age.

He was a controversial character to the mundane world (and to a certain extent the supermundane world of Sci-Fi) but through all a good friend to me.

As a human being I regarded him as neither saint nor devil but an extraordinarily complex unique individual whom I would rank in the “odd genre”, with Eric Frank Russsell, Ralph Milne Farley, Manly Wade Wellman, Leo Zagat, George Allen England, Victor Rousseau, Otis Adalbert Kline, and Jack Williamson.

You were perhaps the world’s fastest typist Ron: Keep that Typewriter in the Sky blazing!

— Forrest Ackerman

Well, there you have it from someone who knew Hubbard best. Not exactly “Mankind’s Greatest Friend,” or a “humanitarian,” or the Great Thetan. Hubbard was, as Ackerman remembered him, a master hypnotist, a bit of a con artist even with his friends, and an “extraordinarily complex unique individual.”

He was also a recluse, and his demise was a special challenge for the young Scientology executives who were tasked with dealing with it. Russell Miller, Jon Atack, and Lawrence Wright have each written in depth about Hubbard’s final days and the mad dash by his followers to have him cremated as soon as possible (his remains were scattered at sea). They then had the enormous task of breaking the news to his congregation, which was made up of people who had considered Hubbard something more than human, the homo novus who had unlocked the secrets of the universe. How would they react at news of his death?

That episode came three days later, on January 27, so on that day, Wednesday, we’re going to bring you remembrances of the event from people who were there, and we’ll look once again at the video of the announcement by a young David Miscavige. We think you’ll find the things we’ve been told about it really interesting.

In the meantime, here’s that copy of Science Fiction Chronicle

Science Fiction Chronicle, April 1986


Bonus photos from our tipsters

Pete Griffiths found this image posted by the Portland org with the caption: “Getting ready for some life changing wins!”


Another shot from the Portland folks, who are not doing their impression of Invasion of the Bodysnatchers, we swear.


While he awaits felony charges on Medi-Cal fraud, Rizza Islam (second from left) still made the scene with rap mogul Russell Simmons (center). Says Rizza: “Bro. Simmons called me over when he was signing some of his books and asked me if he could ‘take my picture’? I said: ‘Sure’. He then said: ‘I want to show the people that the F.O.I and the Nation Of Islam take care of me’.”



3D-UnbreakablePosted by Tony Ortega on January 24, 2016 at 07:00

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  • TOOT to OT

    Wow. Warts. Normally we try to hide those and get rid of them as quick as possible.

    I was on the decks in LA when this event happened – at the Hollywood Palladium.

    I had blown from Int Base across the USA via train and was forced back (I was underage) to “route out properly” which actually means “you’ll never leave”.

    As a CMO Int HCO staff member I saw and heard so much about how things were being managed internally and with RTC up there. I was still the lowest post (just above expeditor) but I sat in HCO with Lisa, Larry, Shannon, Elaine and Karen (anyone remember those folks?)

    Gold staff were considered low-class, RTC were the elite and as a Messenger I was under the delusion that I was better than others…add to that I was in HCO and wow was I one cool cat. We had a big board and names were listed of who was going to get RPF’d, busted, Comm Ev’d…these people didn’t even know! Only us stuck-up HCO people (I don’t think I was, I was pretty much a loner and as important as paint on the wall).

    Anywho, I never met LRH or any of this personal staff. I knew about PB and AB (Pat and Annie Broker) through being hatted as a M on D. I was told PB and AB were working with LRH exclusively. Boy was I jealous of them. That must have been quite an honor.

    When I was at the event telling us LRH was dead my immediate thought was that PB and AB would know what to do and where to take us. I was only 16 (in the sea org since 13 or 14). Then I remember hearing that they were OUT (whatever that meant) and not the leadership.

    I wrote a letter to DM telling him I thought PB would be a good Leader. I got a letter reply back interrogating me, sending me to ethics for even considering such a ridiculous rumor. Wanted to know who and where I got that idea…and to report to ethics. I had to do lower conditions, Treason.

    Come to think of it, I wonder if we can get a hold of our Personnel and Ethics folders. I think the auditing ones are protected…but are the Ethics and Personnel files?

    Mine would sure corroborate a lot.

    • Andrea ‘i-Betty’ Garner

      Thank you, that’s fascinating.

    • TheHoleDoesNotExist

      Cool story. There is no such thing as folder privacy or confidentiality or getting them back. All lies. And even if it weren’t, since you mentioned “I wrote a letter to DM telling him I thought PB would be a good Leader.” … not a snowball’s chance in hell.

    • jazzlover

      That’s a lot for a mere 16 year old to take on. Thanks for sharing. I’m happy that you made it out.

    • Qbird

      Did you eventually “route out properly” TOOT?

      • jazzlover

        I honestly didn’t think anybody lived to tell about it if they chose that route (no pun intended).

        • Qbird

          I believe people have routed out in the ‘correct way’ — Chris Shelton. Some others as well, IIRC.

          • jazzlover

            I did not know that. I guess I’ve come to assume that scientology never lets anyone out voluntarily without having to overcome an almost impossible to overcome obstacle.

        • pluvo

          Many routed out ‘properly’, otherwise you would have gotten ‘SP’-declared. To get SP-declared is the greatest threat when still being in the cult, and it is used to blackmail and leads to disconnections.

          • jazzlover

            Thanks, I’m learning this now. For someone who was never in, it is easy to get the impression that all of the cherch’s processes are messed up, purposely deceptive and not designed to lead to good will. In other words, they would rarely lead to happy endings for those trying to get out with their dignity and financial well-being in tact.

            • pluvo

              “… to get out with their dignity and financial well-being intact.”

              Well…, mainly Sea Org members “rout out”. Public can’t rout out. Staff who are not Sea Org have 2½ or 5 year contracts (they have to get sec checks before they can leave).
              For a Sea Org member to leave and rout out is a very arduous endeavor: demeaning treatment, ostracizing, being under surveillance, sec checks, signing of non-discloser agreements and at the end you get a hefty “freeloader bill “. The procedure takes normally many months, often over a year. In this time you get treated like a traitor, a criminal and prisoner.

            • jazzlover

              And this is exactly why I believed that “routing out” was merely an idea floated for appearance’s sake. It appears to be so arduous that most wouldn’t even consider it. Walking……or running out sounds so much easier.

            • pluvo

              Sure it is easier. Theoretically. But you get SP declared immediately, what means you get disconnected from all your friends and family members who are Scientologists. Also most S.O. members who get out of the Sea Org are still in the Scientology mind-set and without all the information, which they find later (on the Internet).

            • jazzlover

              I knew there had to be a flaw in my logic! Thanks for bearing with me.

  • Kay

    I’m stuck in a line for awhile here, so I looked back through today’s post and this time caught the line given by CoS staff that LRH “voluntarily cut off the oxygen supply to his brain” so he could drop his body. Hmmmm… does one do that since we don’t have O2 valves sticking out of our skulls? To think that the devotees of Scientology believed this, no questions asked, is a sobering indication of an amazingly massive suspension of disbelief. How DM must have laughed while writing his announcement, and how amused and hopeful he must have been at the spontaneous outbreak of grief when he delivered the news. (ka-ching!) This was calculated and clever…if he had just said “LRH died from a stroke last night ” much of the subsequent legend around Hubbard would have died along with him.

    • Remember there was the guy in an interview—can’t recall his name, I know someone will know who he is!!—who said L Ron wanted him to rig an e-meter to basically kill him?

      • Kestrel

        Steve “Sarge” Pfauth.

        • Thank you!!! 🙂

          • Kestrel

            You’re welcome!

      • Kay

        Wow, really? Hmmmm

  • salin

    Stumbled across video from the Sydney Org – “How to dance Indian Dance”. Odd on multiple levels.

    • jazzlover

      Yowsa! This calls for a scene from one of my favorite shows that always ended up getting completely screwed by CBS:

      • salin

        yikes and lol

        • jazzlover

          Getting to watch David Spade do THAT has now made my life complete 🙂

    • L. Wrong Hubturd

      I don’t know what’s worse. The awkward white people dancing or the creepy Hubbard bust with it’s open mouthed stare.

      ETA: Just noticed the older guy near the front with the really bad Travolta Signature wig. See him tug at it near the end?

      • salin

        It’s almost like their craziness is making him gawk. Now that’s some trick.

        • jazzlover

          I think he just likes Indian women who don’t actually look Indian 😉

      • PerpetualOutflow

        The creepy Hubbard bust with its open mouthed stare–hands down!

      • beauty for ashes

        I really wish he would just get on QVC and just start selling his wig line already. Its no secret Tramolta! Might as well embrace the truth!!!! …oh right that’s where it would all fall apart!

    • We need a safety dance after that….

      • HillieOnTheBeach

        That video could’ve made a billion+ dollars if only there was a ring in it.

        • okay, i’m gonna admit i have no idea how a ring could be involved in the safety dance….

          • HillieOnTheBeach

            I attempted to make a joke by implying that Lord of the Rings without the ring = the Safety dance video. I thought that was funny 😉

            • I know nada about LotR—except for South Park’s parody and that involved a porn tape, not a ring 🙂 Yep, I live in my own little world! Oh wait, South Park mentions LotR again–Hobbit—in another episode, The Hobbit. I learn about current things via Dlisted and South Park.

    • jazzlover

      I know you’ve got a natural curiosity for finding new things in music, and I enjoy introducing people to things which might be new to them. I wanted to post this before, but I didn’t want to derail your thread. Since you brought up eastern dance (and music), here’s a little east meets west fusion I encountered when I first got into jazz. It features John McLaughlin, British guitar hero extraordinaire, teaming up with several excellent Indian musicians, one of which is Ravi Shankar’s nephew:

  • came across a picture that really needed a shoop so I added Bob Duggan and Grant Cardone…. captions escape me at the moment…. also I think the “hats” could have something on them as well…..

    1] after the oilyness table Grant and Bob take a well deserved beach jaunt

    2] although he was smiling Bob was secretly annoyed that Grant won the “jump if yours is bigger” game

    • Ella Raitch

      Beached whales

      • Kestrel

        More hat than they need.

    • BraveBloggers

      This shoop should come with a warning.

      I had just finished dinner. Nauseous now.

      You’ve been warned.

    • Hats should have IAS, as they like to put their logo on everything!! Or maybe the Super Power/Atari logo. That might be more apt, they could pretend they have ‘Super Power’ there. Bob could have jumped higher, were it not for his recent hip replacement—DM assured him if he upped his status to Yellow Diamond Platinum he’d no longer need modern medicine and his hips would never go bad, just another $50 million to go!

  • Ruby

    Great post, Tony. So interesting to see this obituary from someone who knew the real Hubbard.
    I look forward to January 27th, to reading the stories of those who experienced that day at the Palladium, and to adding my own. I was there.

    • Sid (Phil Jones)

      I missed the whole hoopla. I was in India at the time and only found out when I was on the way back. When I stopped in at Denmark I saw a small (very small) newspaper clipping announcing his death. By the time I got back home it was at the ‘let’s not talk about it’ stage.

      • Ruby

        Ya, it got to that stage pretty quickly as to question anything was frowned upon. “Move along folks…nothing to see here.”
        eta: This was supposedly the most awesome achievement EVER…rising above the life/death cycle…but, shhhh…don’t talk about it…move on.

        • TheHoleDoesNotExist

          In PAC at that time then? It was pretty dystopian by then, no? Horrible time. I had the same responses when I asked about Quentin. The second time I asked, there were unsubtle hints a third one would be answered in Ethics.

          • Robert Eckert

            You don’t have the rank?

            • TheHoleDoesNotExist

              Sure didn’t!

          • Ruby

            yes, Hole.
            Having LRH leave without any final words to the public himself, about such an awesome achievement, was so …wrong…to me. Talk about cognitive dissonance. He should have taken pride to announce this to everyone before leaving…in my mind anyway. So, when I expressed some disbelief that all was as wonderful as was presented, it was the immediate accusation that one was an enemy to doubt the word of “management” and it has been that ever since. (Before too of course, but this cemented it in stone.)

            • TheHoleDoesNotExist

              Many left too at that point, and none of us even knew the name david miscavige!

          • L. Wrong Hubturd

            Remind me what year you got out?

  • Mockingbird

    In The Increasingly Poor Decisions Of Todd Margaret season three a Scientology cult is portrayed. They have cans with lines, an Oxford personality test, fanatical members and sit at tables recruiting members like in LA.

    Very funny and obvious to anyone who has dealt with Scientology more than a little in LA.

  • sashiebgood

    whatever happened to Arthur Hubbard? and Suzette? I think I know that Diana just left? and of course Quentin died. but what happened to those other 2?

    • Robert Eckert

      Diana is still in, and is seldom seen. Suzette and Arthur are out. Neither speak either for or against Scientology as far as I have heard. Arthur exhibits artwork sometimes.

      • sashiebgood

        I must have been thinking of her daughter Roanne. I’m sure Arthur and Suzette were forced to sign NDAs and have likely been followed by PIs for their entire lives. I wonder if it bothers DM in his black heart that they are alive and out. I wonder if they have any interest in what’s going on in scn now, if they read this blog…

      • sashiebgood

        just reading the interview w Jon Atack our proprietor posted about Arthur Hubbard and his art, it said the exhibition was set up by Danny Masterson, who we all know is a scn, so I’m assuming that means he’s still in some good standing with the church, or at least he was in 2009.

    • HillieOnTheBeach

      “I think I know that Diana just left?”

      Doubt it. She’s an old lady kept comfortably quiet.

      I probably missed some articles, but she strikes me as Hubbard’s most “deserving” heir, once upon a time. She was convinced, ruthless, charismatic and had a lot of qualities needed to accede as Elron’s heir. Heck he wanted to reincarnate as her son; yet she flinched or Elron himself undermined her.

    • pluvo

      “Multiple sources are telling the Voice that Scientology’s International Base in California has experienced stunning new defections — Roanne Leake, who is L. Ron Hubbard’s granddaughter, has “blown” the base, which was her home for more than 20 years. But just as shocking, at about the same time, the base was also abandoned by David Miscavige’s father, Ron Miscavige Sr.”

    • Robert Eckert

      Arthur painting nudes in blood:

      • Ben Franklin

        My goodness, what happened to the good old oil? Is he using animal blood or human blood?

        • Robert Eckert

          his own, i think

          • Ben Franklin

            He must have a lot of blood

    • MaxSpaceman

      Rinder, in 2015 iirc, said Diana still drinks deep the Kool Aide and works in Video at Gold, on Int base, Hemet Calif.

      • sashiebgood

        I don’t know what’s sadder, Diana toiling away at Gold, or Arthur making prints in blood. I’m not even sure if I know which one is more disgusting, really. I was going to say the blood thing is more disgusting, but then I thought about it for a sec.

        • Not a Scientologist Butt

          He might not be much weirder than a lot of artists out there.

  • Mockingbird

    A character on The Increasingly Poor Decisions Of Todd Margaret just said Scientology is a fraud, it’s a bunch of made up gobbledygook. He has a group of people who have eight rungs of a ladder to sell.

  • Sherbet

    OT: Somewhere Captain Howdy is disappointed and maybe swearing a little, because the Patriots lost the championship and are not going to the Super Bowl. That is all. As you were.

    • aegerprimo

      GO PANTHERS! (They are my favorite team this year.)

      • jazzlover

        They’re already up 17-0 barely into the 2nd quarter.

    • jazzlover

      I was shocked. Didn’t think Peyton had one left in him.

      • SP Wogsy

        Would of been nice to see Brady in the Super Bowl in his hometown. Wishful thinking.

        • jazzlover

          As a lifelong Jets sufferer, I’d be lying if I said I agreed with you 😉

    • Davka

      Little Miss just became a Patriots fan tonight. When Denver scored its second TD, she said “they were cheating, I know it”. And then started chanting “Patriots”.

      She’s five and already that fine Boston sports tradition is in her bones 😊

  • I Like Ham

    I haven’t posted in a while (mostly to do with forgetting my password) but I’d like to take a moment on this 30th anniversary of Hubbard dropping his meat body to post a couple of pictures from Tony’s book tour stop in San Antonio last summer. The first is Tony during his presentation and the second is afterwards with attorney Ray Jeffrey, one of my newer heroes. Thanks so much to Tony for taking the time to come to town and just being an all around nice guy, and also to Ray and his team for doing everything they’ve been doing.

    • salin

      Thanks for posting these. Following the book tour, virtually, was interesting, informative, and great fun thanks to various live bloggers, folks taking and sharing pictures. Glad you were there, and got to hear Tony and Ray. Looking forward to reading more about Ray’s work going forward. Hopeful.

  • trust me I’m a stomach

    Whats hubbarse been doing for 30 years? Can someone in the know get word to him that there’s a bunch of unoccupied mansions and a landing strip to guide him back here?
    I would suggest he comes back sooner rather than later because otherwise OT9/10 are going to be made up nonsensical drivel written for micro psychos tastes, not quite the exact science of his masters hand that never failed to make sense.
    When he does finally arrive I bet his teeth are worse..

    • beauty for ashes

      I’d bet he knows, and is not allowed back for karma reasons, not until it has all but disappeared.

  • Laughter.

    • jazzlover

      Keeping it simple AND honest always best 🙂

    • OTD:OutTheDoor

      Karen, tell us what you recall hearing when LRH dropped bod. We need a good story!

    • TheMirrorThetan

      I’m gonna ring that number right now.
      Then you all have to address me as Guru Mirror Thetan from now on, so I sound like an important big being too. 🙂

      • If Skittles would cooperate for a photo—or video—I have started the First Church of Skittles. Worship is via sending deposits donations for her Meow Mix fund and are secure via the FCID (First Churches of Independent Denominations). Once your donations reach the amount of a bag of Meow Mix, Skittles will bestow upon you one newspaper with her sacred projectile vomit. Something to be treasured for generations, as her vomit is basically whole pieces of Meow Mix. Those who’s donations exceed a bag of Meow Mix, will get one of her very projectile vomit pieces. Skittles has quite the range sometimes. For the ‘holy rollers’ for the FCoS, Skittles will phone you and yell at you for up to 2 minutes. Due to her skittish nature, Skittles does not make personal appearances. Her spawn, Oreo is willing to fill in for her, provided he is given offerings (small, very small) of raw meat.

        • jazzlover

          You are hereby given the name of Guru of Projectile Feline Vomit 😉

          • LOVE IT!!! I shall carry that title proudly!! 🙂

            • jazzlover

              LOL. And I shall hereby be known as Guru of Guru-Naming 😉

    • Illinoisian

      Ever seen the film, “Kumare”? It’s currently available on Netflix. Very thought provoking, and funny. Guru? Well . . .

      • PerpetualOutflow

        Thank you Illinoisian. Just watched this gem and highly recommend it… so many parallels to $cio land. Nice to see that despite the temptation, Kumare did not succumb to believing his own made-up tripe despite the overwhelming temptation to do so.

        Edit: Shows a glimpse of how Hubbard might have come to believe his own yarn and felt trapped himself by the experiences of his own believers.

        • Illinoisian

          Glad you took the time to view it. I think it is extraordinary. It also shows how “made-up tripe” can leave people with the feeling that they have had a deeply beneficial, life-changing experience. Ultimately, it may be that anything at all can be packaged as a beneficial, life-changing experience — and it can be perceived as such if a person (or perhaps a certain kind of person) believes it to be so. Or wants to believe. At any rate, the film brings up a lot of things relating to cults, the power of belief, self deception, placebo effect, human frailty — etc. It is, indeed, a little gem of a film.

          • PerpetualOutflow

            I don’t think it’s evidence that “anything at all can be packaged as a beneficial, life-changing experience,”–at least I hope not. Ironically, this “guru” seemed authentic because he actually WAS authentic…again, how ironic. These were smart, genuine people honestly responding to someone they rightly perceived to be real in contrast to all the guru and follower poseurs one might encounter. A great lesson with lots to learn for those ensnared in one way or another in various chults but espcially in the Venus Flytrap of $cientology.

            • Illinoisian

              Well, “anything at all” may be a little too sweeping of a statement. But I was thinking of all the different practices (some weird and/or damaging to the body, others rather mundane) I’ve heard of: holding cans and talking about your past lives, standing on one leg for hours, walking on hot coals, sitting in a sweat lodge, counting prayers with beads, walking very long distances to places where the body parts of venerated dead people are kept, allowing yourself to be crucified (complete with nails through the hands), making huge donations of money to achieve a status level . . . well . . . the list is endless. And for all of them, there are people who would say they have benefited and that their lives were changed.

              Getting back to the film, I don’t think that it was trying to make this particular point, that is, showing that people will engage in odd practices at the behest of a guru. (I don’t recall the guy in the film asking his followers to do anything embarrassing or harmful.) More pointing up the fact that they will give their trust too easily if a set of expectations (which can be easily faked) are met.

              It’s been a while since I viewed it and this discussion is making me want to see it again.

      • Frodis73

        I love this movie and wish more people would check it out.

    • PerpetualOutflow

      “Speak in spiritual riddles…charge exorbitant rates.”

      Says it all!

    • Rasha

      Of course, a required skill of a Guru is to “seduce attractive students”…

    • MostEthicalPimp

      I feel they’re seting up their students for failure if they don’t give “proven tactics to silence critics” and using disconnection to keep your sheep from finding the truth.

  • MaxSpaceman

    A commenter, earlier, posted the link to this 29 January 1986 New York Times story,

    “In 1984, Judge Paul G. Breckenridge Jr. of the Los Angeles County Superior Court, who presided over trial of the Los Angeles suit, said of Mr. Hubbard:

    ”The evidence portrays a man who has been virtually a pathological liar when it comes to his history, background and achievements,” and who seemed gripped by ”egoism, greed, avarice, lust for power, and vindictiveness and aggressiveness against persons perceived by him to be disloyal or hostile.”

    I wish every Judge have this as required reading, before taking on any case with the Cherch.

    • jazzlover

      What’s really discouraging and disheartening to me is that many, many people saw right through him from the get go, and yet, here we are.

  • J. Swift

    Scientology Money Project: The Church of Scientology’s Great Big Lie About the Death of Founder L. Ron Hubbard —

    David Miscavige and company engaged in a deliberate conspiracy to lie to the Scientology membership about the death of L. Ron Hubbard.

    Lying about Hubbard’s death served no purpose other than to highlight the fact that David Miscavige and his inner circle are chronic liars as was L. Ron Hubbard.

    The truth is that attorney Cooley shoved Hubbard’s body into a crematory oven as soon as legally possible. Likewise, Hubbard’s ashes were unceremoniously dumped into the Pacific ocean as soon as practically possible. There was no mourning for Hubbard at the very top of Scientology. There was instead a huge sense of relief that the Old Man had died; Hubbard could now be entirely blamed for the IRS and other legal problems.

    The Palladium event announcing Hubbard’s death was a shabby, dishonest, and undignified farce which set the stage for how the Church of Scientology would operate to this present day and continues to operate.

    The whales getting their IAS trophies are contributing to this shabby, dishonest, and undignified farce.

    • jazzlover

      Thanks for this, Jeff. Reading this again, especially in light of more recent events, there seems to be that (by now) familiar refrain of “if he dies, he dies” theme to Hubbard’s death. Even a newbie/never-in like me, while watching the event in “Going Clear”, could tell that Miscavige couldn’t have given 2 shits about the founder’s death.

      • J. Swift

        Excellent insight jazzlover. We can only imagine the phone calls:

        PB: Dave, R had another stroke. He slurs his speech and can’t read and doesn’t quite understand what we say to him.

        DM: Get him to sign the new will and have AB inject him with some more Vistaril.

        PB: Should we get Dr. Denk here or take R to a hospital?

        DM: Goddammit Pat! No! Besides, I’m here in Reno gambling with Denk and some of the others.

        PB: So just more Vistaril?

        DM: More Vistaril and get him to sign the new will.

        PB: But…

        DM: Pat I’m C/S’ing Mithoff on R’s End of Cycle.

        PB: But…

        DM: No backflash Pat! People die all the time. If R dies he dies.

        • jazzlover

          Thanks, and that sounds pretty damn plausible. Leopards like Miscavige don’t change their spots, and he has proven that years later by reacting in a similar way to his dad’s supposed impending doom. He’s like a “passive” murderer.

          • J. Swift

            jazzlover, the parallels between Hubbard’s death and that of Lisa McPherson are eerie:

            * Both were locked up in confined spaces. Hubbard in a motorhome and Lisa in a hotel room.

            * Both were being drugged by the Church when they were locked up; Hubbard with Vistaril and Lisa with chloral hydrate.

            * Both were mentally incompetent in the last few weeks of their lives; Hubbard due to multiple strokes and Lisa due to her psychotic break.

            * The Church refused medical intervention and hospitalization to both Hubbard and Lisa. Lisa was only rushed to a hospital when it too late to save her — and even this was done so she didn’t die on Church property. The people taking Lisa to the hospital drove past two nearby hospitals and kept driving until they got to a more distant hospital where a Scientology doctor was on duty.

            * The Church told incredible lies about the actual facts surrounding the deaths of both Hubbard and Lisa.

            • jazzlover

              I never thought about that. Thanks for pointing it out. Murder without prejudice. When even the leader of a movement is considered disposable and treated with little respect, what does it say about the movement itself?

    • Bob

      Jeffrey, good synopsis of the utter insanity leading up to the take over by the tiny despot.

    • J. Swift

      Robert Vaughn Young – L. Ron Hubbard’s PR & Press Assistant – Secret Lives – Scientology – Dianetics

  • OTD:Out the Door, it was a time of tremendous secrecy and even though the news had trickled out, no one was *supposed* to know til the grand
    announcements were made.
    It was too much face-loss to admit to the Founder having 3 strokes when the Cult was selling OT (high advanced spirituality)
    Hubbard was the author of OT 8.
    8 levels *below* OT 8 was CLEAR.
    A Clear:

    1954: a person who can have or not have at will anything in

    1957: a thetan who can knowingly be at cause over life,
    energy, space and time, subjective and objective

    Lawyer Earle Cooley very much stressed in the funeral event the
    enormous good health in mind and body Hubbard was when he departed from
    his body. He just ejected to do “further research on OT levels which
    is done without the encumbrance of a body.”
    I think I started to be bothered subsequently on an incident to do with Pat
    Broeker who was fighting to keep Hubbard’s pet parrot.
    Gerald Feffer A-lister Dc Lawyer who firewalled the Church against FBI and DOJ (
    Gerald is now dead, husband of Monique Yingling) Old Gerald had some
    arm wrestling with Pat Broeker who was fighting to keep the parrot.
    And here’s the epiphany or “Come to Jesus moment” for me.
    Pat Broker told Gerald Feffer he wanted to keep the parrot because L Ron
    Hubbard was channeling conversations through the parrot to him.
    I had had private thoughts for a while.
    When I heard about this private channeling through the parrot, the bells had rung for me.
    Something here was very very wrong …

    • TheHoleDoesNotExist

      Yep, that would do it for me – not the obvious channeling talking parrot, but the fact that Pat Broeker was fighting with a lawyer about keeping a friggin’ parrot. I’ve heard little snippets now and then of others who were sure someone or something was channeling the Ron.

      • I want to be very careful here. I have always liked Pat Broeker. A gentle soul caught into it all like we were.
        I would not put it past the cult to have invented the parrot channeling to make Pat Broeker look crazy. They have invented tissues of lies about me and many many others to make us look *unstable* and *crazy.* It is their stock in trade to manufacture stuff out of whole cloth.
        So whether the Cult invented that, or whether Pat Broeker believed that, I did not know, all I knew is that something smelled to high heaven. It was TRUMPERY
        Definition below.

        • beauty for ashes

          Trumpery, what a fine word! Thank you for this.

          • OTD:OutTheDoor

            Reminds me of shrubbery in Python tradition.

            • beauty for ashes

              C’mon give me a line…. you know you’re dying to !

            • OTD:OutTheDoor

              Sorry I down-voted you by accident. Here is a trivia q for you: what/who killed the killer rabbit?

            • MadMaxi

              The Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch

            • OTD:OutTheDoor

              Mad scores!

            • beauty for ashes

              OWWWW! Sorry my memory is like swiss cheese. I’m gonna guess magic. AMIRITE?

            • OTD:OutTheDoor

              Nope, and MadMaxi beat you to it: the holy hand grenade of Antioch!

        • OTD:OutTheDoor

          Broeker sure is better looking than Cob.

        • TheHoleDoesNotExist

          Oh, so it might not be true then. A sci lawyer spreading false tales to make Pat look crazy so DM could say he wasn’t fit for duty?

          It’s still crazy! This had to have come straight from Dave then, although I don’t know what Gerard was like. What a strange lie.

    • Who knew that the real C/S Int is a parrot.

    • Hubbard’s Parrot

      Squawk, it’s about time someone told my story. Chirp.

    • Robert Eckert

      Broeker’s segment of the Palladium event makes him look really loopy and out-of-it. No wonder Miscavige outmaneuvered him in the “spiritual knife fight”.

    • OTD:OutTheDoor

      Thanks. I never heard the parrot story, nor that Ying Cha-ching has that connection.

  • Qbird

    The very last paragraph of the NY Times Obit:

    Is this true? Miscavige was on the ship as a messenger?

    • salin

      Can’t answer that – but relished the wording – “Hubbad’s servant”.

    • David Miscavige was never on the Apollo and was never part of Hubbard’s personal staff i.e.valet, cook, secretary etc.

      • Qbird

        Thanks Karen, that’s what I thought… never on board a real boat in his whole gd life… {{{Captain}}} – riight.

        eta: Fleecewinds doesn’t count… not when you’re The Head Passenger Jonah.

  • Mockingbird

    For fun here’s a very extensive list of media making references to Scientology or parodying it.

    • For the IT Crowd they forgot to mention how Spaceologist were VERY against massage therapists a la Scientologists against psychiatrists. Plus there was a Guy Fawkes mask in the background for that whole season.

      ETA: They leave out South Park–unless I missed it; they’ve ripped on it quite a few times in various ways, the first time was with the episode of the boys becoming Blaine-ologists.

      • Mockingbird

        They have a South Park section somewhere on the site.

  • Observer


    • Supper Powers

      I’ll buy a comma, please.

      • 5 Feet Long and Luminous

        I’d like them to invest in prepositions myself.

    • Sponsored content that makes your head feel clammy!

  • Cars

    Just do eeet, Grant! [Wish he had worn this for his IAS Patron Laureate photo.]

    • ::nightmare inducing::

      • Cars

        IKR? Sorry. I should have issued an apology to the whole Bunker before posting that one.

        • it’s okay!! we all know anything involving these douches is nightmare inducing! 🙂

          • Cars

            Phew! Thanks. I also thought it would be pretty good fodder for the shoopers in the house.

            • PERFECT shoop fodder and a great find Cars! 🙂

    • jazzlover

      Imagine the look on Elena’s face if he does!

      • Cars

        With her Botoxed face, I don’t think she’d have an expression different from any of the others we’ve seen her wear. *meow*

    • The Dude

      Fahkin racist LOSER!

      • Cars

        Sorry, I didn’t see it that way. I thought he was simply wearing a cheap clown wig, but I could be wrong. I guess it’s because I can only think of him as a clown or buffoon.

        • I thought of it as a clown wig too! I pictured it being dark blue or green or even a dark red.

    • beauty for ashes

      Scary clown Cardone warning! It was creeping me out too much I had to stop working on it! F5

      • Cars

        Scary is right. You’re spooky too. You managed to recreate what I was imagining.

        You know, you’re really good at manipulating these images using color and the painting/drawing tools in whatever editing program you’re using. I still remember the young woman you embellished with purple feather fans and Vegas-style headdress.

        • beauty for ashes

          Thanks Cars! It’s called pixlr, and its a free online photo editing site. People from the Bunker have helped me a lot. I can actually draw much better in real life, than with a mouse. I guess you haven’t seen my dry erase board skills yet! F5

          • Cars

            No, I hadn’t seen any of your other work. I want to live in your head for awhile. Do you show your work and do you add a protective layer on these dry erase boards to protect them? It never occurred to me to use this as a medium. Clever.

            • beauty for ashes

              I just take a picture of it. It’s a very Buddhist practice of non attachment. Then you wipe it all away. Although Mr William Powell trout has been a very cheerful thing to look at, and I’m having a hard time parting with him. I might have to go to the dollar store and get another board.
              It all started as a practice of communication between roommates for things like money owed, or I fed the cat. Also on work that I take seriously I’m a bit of a perfectionist, and if I’m not zen enough, I don’t want to screw them up. So it’s a fun entertaining thing for me.
              You should tooootally get one from the dollar store and doodle. Let me know if you do!

          • MaxSpaceman

            Spawn of Xemu.

            Yikes !!!

          • Juicer77

            That’s really good! I admire people with artistic talent like this.

  • Hubbard’s Parrot

    Squawk! SQUAWK! Polly wanna….wanna…polly wanna cracker. I happened to be online and just saw you all mentioning me around here. My name is Charles……squawk…Charles Parrot…no relation to Charles Swann. I was L. Ron Hubbard’s pet parrot. Squawk! I know it might seem surprising, but us parrots can live a long long time. After that douchebag lawyer made Mr. Broeker get rid of me, I got sent to a bird sanctuary in Toledo. Can you….squawk….believe that? From an avian god to the center of attention on children’s field trips. CHIRP! SQUAWK! POLLY POLLY POLLY!

    (head spins around, shakes it’s wings wildly, dances around cage and closes eyes looking possessed)

    Pat? PAT? Can you hear me? It’s Ron. I’m calling from Target 2 again. Are you there Pat? I hope so….this one-way, bird communication isn’t Ideal yet…damn damn damn. I should have sorted this out ahead of time. Anyhoo……SQUAWK…CHIRP…..listen, Pat, you’ve got to get back in charge somehow. This little midget Davey Miscavige is ruining everything. If things keep going the way they are, there will be nothing left of my precious creation before I get back. Target 2 was A LOT farther than I thought when I blew my meat body, so it’s gonna take a while longer for my Thetan to return. Pat, I’ve gotta run old pal, this bird communication takes a lot of pinks and greys and rum to pull off and…..CHIRP…….the damn thing….SQUAWK…fights me every time…..bird brains are a lot stronger than we….CHIRP…give them credit for……and so on….and so forth…..damn huge gaLAXy…..I will return, Pat. Have some Kools ready…..

    (bird opens it’s eyes, looking dazed)

    What…….happened? Chirp.

    • beauty for ashes

      I love this.

      • Hubbard’s Parrot

        Pretty girl pretty girl pretty girl. SQUAWK!

    • Dafuq?!

      • Hubbard’s Parrot

        I nearly flew into a blimp once….long……CHIRP…story.

      • beauty for ashes

        Did you see Karen’s post about fighting for dead Lron’s parrot? Toooootally will make sense when you do.

        • I did see her post; but I still say to this: Dafuq?!

          • beauty for ashes

            Hmmm….funny.. I thought you might have wrote it.

        • Hubbard’s Parrot

          Smart girl smart girl smart girl. Beauty wanna a cracker?

      • Nat-leficent

        It’s annoying as shit

        • It is, I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks so!

    • Juicer77

      LOL! Poor birdy, having to be Source’s conduit. Eeeeech.

    • Juicer77

      (f5) (**Turn volume down!**) Rocky arguing… this is my friend’s sister’s bird. He’s hilarious.

      • Hubbard’s Parrot

        One of my obnoxious cousins…..SQUAWK! I learned how to behave around Hubbs. If I tried to squawk back, he’d throw empty rum bottles. Partly why…chirp…..after I was sent away, I converted to Judaism.

  • The Dude

    Dude here!

    Just wanted to wish you all!

    Happy “Drop The Body Day” everyone! Has it been 30 yrs.? Time flies when you are trapped in a cult. My friends have made it out. We cannot endure another 30. This madness has to end somewhere!

    • Sarah James

      And a very Happy Drop The Body Day to you as well. Should I have bought flowers and candy?

      • The Dude

        A six pack of PBR would be libations enough for me!

      • The Dude

        Have you heard from Baby? I am worried about her.

        • She was around the other night I think, unless something else happened I believe she’s doing okay. (I’m not in the comments often, especially later in the day).

          • salin

            She was responding to comments (made to her), and/or up-voting such comments earlier today.

            Find one of her comments and respond to it – and I bet you will find (in a few days) a response.

  • beauty for ashes

    First thought when I saw Judy-Lynn del Ray, OMX those are the glasses I want! Do they even make them anymore? F5 for adorable judy.

    • I saw glasses similar to that at Walmart Vision Center!

      • beauty for ashes

        That’s probably all I can afford, although when you buy cheap things just break faster. Which really annoys me, I like things that last forever.

        • They were the more expensive, I believe Sophia Loren brand. I had to get $40 frames as their $9 frame selection wasn’t up to par. So new glasses for $69–really can’t beat that. I have to say I haven’t had glasses break on me either from Walmart. The ONLY time I had a pair break was when I was in the hospital for a week in ’03 and the asshat doctor on rounds moved the bed table, my glasses were on it, they fell to the floor, BREAK. I sent him the bill, he refused to pay, sent it to the hospital—who already knew about it, and they paid. 😀 So yeah a 4-5′ drop to a hard tiled floor will break ’em. I drop mine about 2-3′ feet to the wooden floor quite often with no problem.

          • beauty for ashes

            Claire Headley told someone in SO that she had an apt at walmart vision when she was escaping from gold base. FUN FACT!

            • I think of her every time I go to Walmart Vision!!

            • beauty for ashes

              IKR? I seriously love that when I heard her tell that story, there were moments that she could acknowledge the ridiculousness. I wish they would make audio books on their escape stories.

            • Fuck that—movie!! 🙂

  • American Power and Gas (Tom Cummins, Jim Bridgeforth‎) is looking for a new CFO. From Razzline:

    We Are On The Hunt For An Amazing CFO – CLW
    Publication Date: 30 Dec 15
    10601 Belcher Rd
    Seminole, Florida 33777

    After 17 years our Chief Financial Officer will be retiring and we need to do a Power Change to one very lucky person.

    Contact Name: Emmett Osborn

    We are seeking an established financial expert to join our company as the CFO of American Power & Gas, one of the largest WISE companies worldwide.

    We are not a startup, but a 17 year old established company in the Clearwater area.

    (Incorporation filed 3/11/2010, but who’s counting? [Besides LOU Me, I’m Counting])

    • Additional requirements:
      • Can work with wild and crazy Owners who just love to disagree with “the rules” and who make it happen anyway, especially around Thursday at 1:30.

      Thursday is Coming!

  • Alice Graves

    “Soul ejection” – my new favorite phrase. “Dropped the body” always seemed so glib for such a major human event. We are spiritual beings trying to be human, not the other way around. It just sure as shit isn’t the way LRH tried to sell it to us.

    In my heart of hearts I hope all the loves who have made their way out of scientology and all the other evil, fucked up cults in this world including the largest churches of all denominations, don’t give up on the search to discover who we really are. This question is too huge to relegate to an organization or group of any kind.

    I believe that if we haven’t had a clue yet about who we are, we get real close to it when we see our babies for the first time, when we fall in love, and most painfully when someone we adore and need dies unexpectedly.

    If still confused, start there.

  • Doc M

    O/T and just because I find Sarah Palin so despicable. Found this letter: Please note that I did not write it but found it on a news web site.

    Dear Mrs. Palin,

    I am a former US Marine and US Navy Officer with a Combat
    Action Ribbon as well as service connected disabilities. I am also a
    Republican. I have also served with, and am friends with, dozens of
    combat veterans who suffer daily from various injuries and wounds to
    include PTSD. I recently read your comments related to PTSD in which
    you attempted to excuse your son’s arrest on domestic abuse charges and
    firearm charges by referencing his supposed PTSD.
    Based upon your previous comments I am not surprised that you would
    choose to use this very serious condition as a political football and,
    once again, attempt to divert blame from your own family’s abhorrent,
    violent behavior.

    In 2014 your entire family was involved in a late night ‘drunken
    brawl’ at a party in which Track Palin (the accused domestic abuser) was
    involved in a bloody fight. While you publicly stated how proud you were at your children’s violent actions,
    maybe this should have been a sign that Track has a problem. It is
    certainly curious that you did not feel the need to reference his
    supposed PTSD in this situation and instead stated: “…my kids’ defense of family makes my heart soar!” Maybe,
    instead of encouraging Track’s violence, you should have taken the
    opportunity to get him help. Maybe, instead of being the result of
    PTSD, your son was simply trying to uphold the stated Palin family
    values and “…make your heart soar” by abusing a woman.

    PTSD is stigmatized in the media and not well understood by the general public. An estimated 22 veterans commit suicide
    every day in the United States. This is nearly 8,000 veterans who take
    their lives every year. Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) stated: “Every day in the United States, 22 veterans succumb to suicide — losing their personal battle to invisible wounds of war.” Veterans
    who have willingly given so much in service to their country should not
    have to bear the burden of being further stigmatized by your ignorant
    and foolish statements.

    While I do not propose to speak for all veterans, I am clearly not alone in my views regarding
    your unfortunate statements. They were unfortunate for the many
    veterans who face further disdain and discrimination based upon your
    inaccurate and ignorant portrayal of those who suffer with PTSD as well
    as the causes of the condition.While I would personally prefer that you
    simply avoid public life and simply fade away, if you insist on trying
    to use your “celebrity status” for a cause, please educate yourself on
    the facts of PTSD and try to help veterans by using your significant
    influence in a more productive, and less political manner. There are a
    number of veteran’s organizations to which you can donate time, money
    and energy to make a difference. Two organizations you may want to
    consider is the Marine Reconnaissance Foundation and the Recon & Sniper Foundation.


    Chris Mark

    • Qbird

      good post even if O/T, Doc M ~

    • Frodis73

      She is such a horrible person…I really didn’t think she could sink lower, but that speech proved me wrong. I also wish she would just go the f away. For her to use that as an excuse for her woman beating, violent kid and blame Obama too…wtf. Or as MT says dafuq? Great letter and it would be nice if she took your advice, but I am not holding my breath.

      • beauty for ashes

        If she gets enough negative attention for it, maybe she will stop saying things like that publicly. That’s the only thing I would hope for. Good on Doc M for writing that though.

        • OOkpik

          Doc M kindly reposted this letter for us. At the top of his post he wrote: “Please note that I did not write it but found it on a news web site.” I too hope it gets seen enough to cause Palin to regulate her behavior, but I ain’t holdin’ my breath.

      • Doc M

        A real opportunist. The woman who preaches morality and yet has no sense of it in her own life.
        It’s always the people who yell the loudest..ya know.

        I’ve never used the term “white trash” in my life because I find it so stereotypical and racist, (and it comes in all colors) but in her case, I’ll just say She is trash.

        • MaxSpaceman

          Trailer Park tramp trash.

    • Supper Powers

      Excellent. She is a self serving lunatic.
      ETA Thank you for your service.

    • Robert Eckert

      Track Palin was given a cushy job in Iraq as a driver for officers in the Green Zone. He never saw a day of combat and has no “PTSD” diagnosis.

      • Doc M

        The fact that he received a cushy job, no doubt due to pulled strings, makes Sarah Palin even that much more despicable.

        She really is as bad as DM in that she spews her hate and morality rhetoric which so many of the unknowing public buy into.

        Good thing she’s temporary and will once again fade away after the elections.

        • Robert Eckert

          He was kicked out with a less than honorable discharge. Code “AR 635-200” is described as suitable for “a pattern of misconduct” not including any single offense that rises to the level of a court martial; unlike with the outright “dishonorable” discharge that comes from a court-martial conviction, when the military wants the nature of the offense stapled to every job application you ever put in, the nature of the “pattern of misconduct” is not disclosed publicly, but long-running problems with drugs and/or alcohol are the typical case.

          • Doc M

            This is something that the public should be made aware of.

    • sashiebgood

      how this woman is considered to be a moral authority on anything boggles my mind. her daughter is another train wreck, 2 kids and no husband. and now this asshole being held up as a veteran hero when he’s nothing of the sort. gah!

  • Michael Leonard Tilse

    “Soul Ejection”

    What color was his parachute?

    And did he have help pulling that handle, pushing that button or ripping that face. Excuse me, cord.

    Brings a vision of an unwilling L. Ron Hubbard, leading with his cyst, whining into the outer reaches of the Gul-Lax-See mewling for his goddess and shitting his pants.

    • Karmic horking a loogie.

    • Dice

      hmm… “Soul Ejaculation” Could be a Thing!

  • Juicer77

    Almost certainly a repost… but worth it! New Yawkers, gotta love ’em – including the cops (check out the end). Hope everyone is staying safe and warm as they dig out.

    • EmmaDaoust
      • Juicer77

        LOL – but I do NOT want to see the scratches on top of that car! XD

        • EmmaDaoust

          No scratches, just a big dent. giggle

    • kemist

      They could not have done this here after a snowstorm, or it would have ended badly. The streets look like this :

      • Juicer77

        Yikes! Hope you and yours are doing ok. Still have electricity, etc.

        • kemist

          This is pretty much routine for us 🙂

          • EmmaDaoust

            We used to build forts in the snowbanks on the streets of Montreal. Just had to make sure we got out before the snowblower came..