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Scientology leader’s father signs a book deal, for ‘IF HE DIES, HE DIES’

RonMiscavigeSrRon Miscavige Sr., 79, the father to reclusive Scientology leader David Miscavige, 55, has signed a deal with major publisher St. Martin’s Press to issue his book about his son and Scientology titled “If He Dies, He Dies.”

The title is a reference to a now infamous story that came out in the Los Angeles Times this April about the arrest of two private investigators in Wisconsin who told police they were being paid $10,000 a week by David Miscavige to surveil his father, and had been doing so for more than a year.

At one point while they were watching Ron in a Walmart parking lot, he clutched at his chest and the private eyes believed he was having a heart attack (he was actually fumbling with his phone). When they called their handlers for advice, the private eyes say David Miscavige himself came on the line and told them to do nothing — if it was Ron’s time to die, then so be it.

It was a stark moment that confirmed what other longtime former Scientology members have said about Miscavige and his ruthless style of running the 63-year-old organization. And this won’t be the first book taking a hard look at him that comes from his own family. In 2013, Miscavige’s niece, Jenna Miscavige Hill, painted her own harrowing portrait of the man in her memoir, Beyond Belief.

Ron has reportedly been working on his book for several years. When the private investigators, Dwayne and Daniel Powell, spilled their guts in lengthy taped police interviews (Dwayne was facing a serious ten-year charge for possession of an illegal silencer at the time), one of the things they claimed was that Ron had been paid off by the church to keep him from completing his book.

In the 1970s Ron introduced his adolescent son to Scientology looking for a cure for David’s asthma. The entire family then joined and went to England for more training. Eventually, David became the movement’s leader as its founder, L. Ron Hubbard, went into seclusion in 1980 and then died in 1986. Ron, meanwhile, played trumpet at Scientology events, and was living at Scientology’s secretive international base near Hemet, California when he made a dramatic escape — we broke that story in July 2012.

After living with his son Ronnie Jr. in Virginia for a while, Ron Sr. then moved to Wisconsin to be closer to his wife’s family. According to the Powells, the church purchased him a home there, in another apparent attempt to keep him quiet. In the meantime, Ron sold exercise equipment (pictured) and put out a couple of self-published books of early family memories.

But then in 2013 the Powells were arrested and Ron learned that his son had him under surveillance by heavily armed men. And he learned about what his son said about his apparent “heart attack.”

Now, Ron has signed a book deal, and we hear he’s hoping it comes out as soon as next spring. We sure look forward to reading it.

In the meantime, expect Scientology to attempt to “dead agent” Ron by smearing him. One possible method will be by bringing up Ron’s 1985 arrest for attempted rape — an incident that Philadelphia Inquirer reporter Jason Nark dug into three years ago and found that the case involved a torn blouse and an iffy accusation. But expect Scientology to make Ron sound like a fiend.

He also might want to make sure he’s not being tailed.


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Posted by Tony Ortega on June 30, 2015 at 16:10

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  • Walter Mitty

    How about this book cover? (refresh)

    • Colonel Ry

      Co-authored by Ivan Drago.

  • ElleGee

    Dwarfenfuhrer is losing his stranglehold. Tic. Toc.

  • Dave Reams

    Poor COB, a mother not even his father could love.

    • dagobarbz

      His nickname as a wee teen was Enrico Entheta, or so I heard…

  • Tony Dunsworth

    The Huffington Post just ran the story now. However, they also ran a statement from the Little Fearful Leader stating the PIs lied, he doesn’t know them, he has never heard of them, yadda yadda, yadda…

    • AnyOldName1

      The article was written by the “Entertainment Editor”. Scientology is now “entertainment”? LOL.

      • Tony Dunsworth

        With all the entertainment types whose wallets they vacuum, I would have expected it to show up in the Hollywood Reporter first

  • chuckbeattyexseaorg75to03

    Hubbard didn’t endear himself with the world, he died.

    Now the Scientology top boss Miscavige isn’t endearing himself to the world.

    The bigger pattern someday will be what the next top boss of Scientology does to change this pattern or continue it.

    I’m glad Ron Snr is getting a book deal, and I hope others can cash in.


    I’m late to the party but… this is going to be delicious. Hahahahahaha!

  • photojack53

    I hope these new revelations by David Miscavige’s father are read and disseminated far and wide to bring down that brainwashing CULT, once and for all.

    I’d love to see a sequel or a “director’s cut” for the film “Going Clear” which would include the material omitted from the released version of this film. L.Ron Hubbard “created” Scientology as a money making scam, plain and simple. But simpletons bought into it and it sadly perpetuated his cult. I don’t think Scientology even meets a rational definition of a church and it certainly should NOT have tax-free status! And its bullying tactics and strong-arm litigious nature, shows that those who have the most to hide, resort to the most desperate measures. I hope this film and these new revelations cause the complete ruination of that UGLY CULT! They “blaspheme” the good name of science by incorporating it into their IMMORAL CULT’S name! Scientology MUST be made to answer to what are CLEAR human rights abuses. This “church” bullies and indoctrinates, commits psychological extortion and even tortures those who counter them in a manner equal to Nazi Germany’s Gestapo and the Soviet KGB! This MUST end A.S.A.P.

  • Volunteer Ministers

    “L. Ron Hubbard, went into seclusion”

    Actually the violently insane criminal went in to hiding from Federal prosecutors.

  • Volunteer Ministers

    Does anyone else realize that the title of the book is already a heavy metal rock band?

  • Tony Ortega

    I love being on Jillian and John’s show at KABC radio. I was in studio with them at the start of the book tour, last month. And today, they’re having me call in to talk about Ron’s book and Tom’s misadventures. I think I’ll go on about three minutes after the top of the hour, in about 20 minutes.

  • custard ganet

    Ouch,That’s gotta be a particularly personal kick in the balls to Slappy M.