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Former Scientologist found guilty of defrauding other exes — ALSO: 1998 film re-release

Frank_PateOn Tuesday, a federal jury convicted Frank Pate, 47, of two counts of wire fraud and one count of mail fraud after a five-day trial in Sherman, Texas. He is in custody and will be sentenced at a future date.

Previously, we told you about Pate, a former Scientologist who, according to some of his former clients, used their connections as former church members to convince them to invest with him.

Pate ran something he called the Infinity Companies, which he used to attract investors for foreign currency trading. But at trial, Pate was unable to show that he’d actually invested the money people gave him — instead, the FBI testified, he’d used the money for personal expenses.

His indictment described his business as a classic pyramid or Ponzi scheme, with money he took in from newer investors to pay off some earlier ones.

One of those was Michael Laws, a former Scientologist who told us he’d become suspicious of Pate and asked for his money back in time to avoid losses. Laws said he’d cooperated with the FBI and encouraged others to come forward. He told us yesterday that Pate’s trial had been scheduled for the 18th, but Pate didn’t show up. “He was arrested and trial began on the 20th. He fired his attorneys and represented himself,” Laws told us.

We talked to one person who attended the trial and who lost considerable money in Pate’s scheme. “Frank used Scientology terms a lot during my investment with him and spouted his ‘huge wins’ with his version of Scientology,” the person told us. But he said he’d still trust another former church member. “You may not know this or not believe it but most Scientologists are pretty moral and honest people. Frank is an amazing exception.”


Pate faces up to 20 years in prison on each of the three counts. We’ll keep an eye on his sentencing.


David_Miscavige2Going Clear success prompts 1998 film’s re-release

A common misconception among Scientology watchers is that church leader David Miscavige hasn’t given an interview since his 1992 Nightline appearance with Ted Koppel. For some reason, his involvement in a 1998 documentary that was aired on A&E has been somewhat forgotten.

But footage from that special, which also featured Mike Rinder as Scientology’s spokesman, showed up in Alex Gibney’s hugely successful HBO film, Going Clear.

That’s prompted the producer of the 1998 doc, Jonathan Stack, to bring out that fascinating film as a web release.

In 1998, the show aired on A&E as “Investigative Reports: Inside Scientology.”

Now titled “Going Deeper: Inside the Church of Scientology,” Stack has released the documentary as the full 1998 film, at $4.95, or for $14.95 a series of three full interviews of Mike Rinder (who was then the church’s spokesman), Aron Mason (then the editor of Scientology’s Freedom magazine), and Scientology leader David Miscavige.

In the trailer Stack posted, we spotted Jon Atack, Dennis Erlich, Robert Vaughn Young, Mark Ebner, and Prof. David Touretzky. Interesting!


That Dutch program on Scientology

We mentioned this “undercover” report on Scientology last week. Now there’s a YouTube version with English subtitles.

We’re actually not big fans of this kind of reporting approach, but we understand why it’s getting a big reaction out of some people, so we’ll let you decide how you feel about it.





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Posted by Tony Ortega on May 28, 2015 at 07:00

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