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How Scientology broke up Tom Cruise and Mimi Rogers: The story you haven’t heard


[Mimi Rogers and Tom Cruise at the Academy Awards red carpet on March 29, 1989. Credit: Alan Light]

When Alex Gibney’s film Going Clear premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in January, much of the subsequent news coverage focused on revelations by former Church of Scientology executive Mark “Marty” Rathbun that the church actively “drove a wedge” between Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman, helping to end their relationship. Rathbun said that Scientology leader David Miscavige had even helped propel that breakup by ordering Kidman’s phone to be tapped, and the organization also worked to have Tom and Nicole’s adopted children, Isabella and Connor, turn away from their mother.

If the Church of Scientology was so active helping to break up Tom Cruise’s second marriage, how involved were they in ending his first, to actress Mimi Rogers?

In 2012, Rathbun told Vanity Fair writer Maureen Orth that Scientology had a hand in ending both relationships: “I participated in the Mimi divorce and in the Nic divorce. Both women got cold on Miscavige. He was integral to the breakup of the marriages,” Rathbun said. But Orth offered no more details on what had happened with Rogers. In Lawrence Wright’s 2013 book, Going Clear, which Gibney’s film is based on, there are a few more details about the split, including a quote from Rathbun about how he took divorce papers to Mimi and told her it was the best thing for Scientology.

But Rathbun tells us that there’s a much more involved story than has ever been published about how Scientology was involved in the breakup of Cruise and Rogers. With the help of Rathbun and several other sources, some of whom have never spoken for publication before, we’ve put together a story that should fill in some important gaps in the record.

Mimi Spickler was the daughter of a Scientology mission holder, Phil Spickler, who had taken up Dianetics in 1952 and had worked with L. Ron Hubbard at the Founding Church of Scientology in Washington DC. He was part of the old guard who helped Hubbard build Scientology, in part through the mission network, which funneled new members into the organization and could be lucrative for the mission holders themselves.

But after Hubbard went into total seclusion in 1980, the missions were targeted by a new cohort of leadership in the church, which included a very young David Miscavige. Miscavige and other members of the Sea Org held an infamous meeting in San Francisco in 1982 which decimated the missions. Phil Spickler left the church in disgust, but he didn’t abandon his interest in Hubbard or the subject of Scientology itself. (By church standards, that made him a “squirrel,” someone who practices Scientology outside of official channels.)

Mimi had grown up training in her father’s Palo Alto mission, becoming a Class VIII auditor. In 1977, she married Scientologist Jim Rogers, and they opened a field auditing office in Sherman Oaks they called the Scientology Enhancement Centre. She divorced Rogers in 1980 and sold the Enhancement Centre, but she still used it with one of her best friends, Kirstie Alley.

In 1985, Mimi Rogers met Tom Cruise, who was already becoming a major Hollywood star. They started dating in 1986, and she introduced him to Scientology, taking him to the Enhancement Centre.


A close family friend to Mimi tells us that part of the reason Mimi wanted to get Cruise Scientology training was that she thought it would help him handle what she perceived to be his major flaw — his philandering. “Tom was fucking everything that moved,” the friend tells us. “But they were all women. I know why the gay rumors started later, but it had nothing to do with who he was having sex with. He slept with women, and he slept with a lot of them.”

Mimi was six years Tom’s senior, and two inches taller, but she accepted when he asked her to marry him. They had a small, secret ceremony in upstate New York with just a few people present, including Emilio Estevez, who was Tom’s best man.

The date: May 9, 1987, a date that is very important to Scientologists. On May 9, 1950, L. Ron Hubbard first published the book that changed his life and led to the Scientology movement, Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health. The family friend says that Tom and Mimi then tried to have children, and when she didn’t get pregnant, the gay rumors started, and Cruise has never shaken them. Rogers later had two children with her current husband.

As Lawrence Wright explains in Going Clear, Cruise’s involvement in Scientology presented David Miscavige with a bit of a dilemma. On the one hand, after L. Ron Hubbard’s death in January 1986 Scientology desperately needed a new celebrity of Tom’s stature to improve its image. But on the other hand, he had got in through Rogers, who was connected to her “squirrel” father. “It would be one thing to have Tom Cruise as a trophy for Scientology, but it would be a disaster if he became a walking advertisement for the squirrels,” Wright pointed out.

If Mimi Rogers was hoping Scientology would help cure Tom of his predilection to sleep around, Marty Rathbun tells us that Miscavige was determined to use Scientology to encourage Tom’s adventures as a way to push Rogers away.

In 1989, Miscavige brought Cruise to Scientology’s secretive 500-acre “Int Base” near Hemet, California and assigned the church’s “Inspector General” — Sea Org executive Greg Wilhere — to be Tom’s auditor. Rathbun says that he and Wilhere shared an office in one of the compound’s buildings known as “The Villas” (Miscavige had another of them all to himself as his residence) and he was privy to the daily discussions as Miscavige told Wilhere what he wanted said to Cruise during his counseling sessions.


[Greg Wilhere]

“Miscavige was micromanaging the living hell out of it behind the scenes,” Rathbun says. “Miscavige wanted to own Tom. He didn’t want Spickler to have any connection to him. Dave was maneuvering himself into being Tom’s opinion leader and best friend. He needed Wilhere to convince Tom that anything good that happened to him, you have to attribute to Dave. The purpose was to make Dave a god in his eyes.” (John Brousseau, who escaped from the base in 2010, tells us Miscavige eventually prevailed.)

Filming for Days of Thunder began in the Charlotte area in the fall of 1989, and Cruise moved into a secluded lake house provided by Rick Hendrick of Hendrick Motorsports. About two weeks later, some household staff came into the dwelling and were surprised to see one of Cruise’s assistants waving at them, warning them not to come any further, and to keep quiet.

“He’s in there with a woman. We need to get out of here,” the assistant said. “He’s in bed with Nicole. I saw her arm and her hair, I know it’s her.”

Cruise had convinced producers Don Simpson and Jerry Bruckheimer to cast Nicole Kidman for Days of Thunder after he’d seen her in Dead Calm. As Wright points out in Going Clear, her presence on the cast doesn’t make a lot of sense — at 22, she was too young to be the neurosurgeon she plays in the movie. But Cruise wanted her in, and he got her. And then, two weeks into the shoot, they were sleeping together back at his lake house.

Soon they were inseparable on the set, but because Cruise was still married to Rogers, they made some concessions to propriety. When the production moved to the Daytona area and a party was thrown at a local nightclub, they were careful to arrive separately.

A few weeks after that relationship started, however, Mimi Rogers was scheduled to visit the set. And Wilhere was ready for her. He was also on set with Cruise, and was auditing him, encouraging him about Nicole, as Miscavige wanted. When Mimi arrived, one member of the crew tells us, “The Scientologists were waiting for her. And they ‘handled’ her, in their language.”

When she realized what was going on, Mimi demanded that she and Cruise go through Scientology’s version of marriage counseling. We’ve written in the past about Scientology’s marriage counseling, which is as odd as you’d probably expect it to be. Mimi and Tom would be asked to sit down with an auditor, with each of them taking turns being quizzed. In Mimi’s case, for hour upon hour, she would be asked only two questions: “What have you done to Tom?” and “What have you withheld from Tom?” Then, it would be Tom’s turn to answer the same questions about Mimi, over and over.


[Marty Rathbun]

Rathbun tells us this process took place after the filming of Days of Thunder ended in May 1990, and at the International Base. He remembers that it took about a week, and Mimi left unsatisfied. “Both sides on that co-audit have to end up saying that they’re happy. That doesn’t mean that they have to stay married. But they never got there — Miscavige made sure of that,” he says.

After the counseling failed, Rathbun then stepped in to deliver the church’s instructions to Mimi that it was time for the marriage to end. He visited her, carrying divorce papers, and with an attorney whose very presence he knew would carry an unmistakable message. It was Sherman Lenske, who had been L. Ron Hubbard’s personal lawyer. Rathbun says the visit was intended to intimidate Mimi, and it worked. As he explained to Lawrence Wright, Rathbun told her something about how it was the best thing for Scientology (“the greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics,” is how Scientologists are convinced to give up their own interests to the group). But visiting her with Lenske sent a more subtle message, that she would regret not signing the papers. She signed, and Mimi was out of the picture.

Disgusted with how she was treated, Mimi quit the Church of Scientology that year, 1990. But her close family friend says that to this day, she still talks about the “tech” with her close friends. Like her father, she still has an interest in the Hubbard philosophy she grew up with. But she isn’t talking about her experiences. “She’s made it very clear she’s not going to talk about Scientology and Tom Cruise. She signed an agreement with Tom not to to talk about it,” the family friend tells us.

Meanwhile, Rathbun says that while the operation Miscavige had put in place through Greg Wilhere had produced the desired result, there was a new problem — it had worked too well. Now, Tom was talking about wanting to marry Nicole Kidman, and she had her own unsavory connections.

“It just shows you how twisted and corrupted Scientology is,” Rathbun says. “Why would Scientology want to promote Tom’s promiscuity? Because Mimi was connected to her father Phil Spickler, and Miscavige wanted to own Tom outright. But then, only a few months later, Wilhere got pummeled because he reported that Nicole had got her claws in, and Miscavige was now worried that she was going to lead him away.”

As Wright and Gibney explain in the film Going Clear, Kidman was “PTS” — a potential trouble source — because her father was a prominent Australian psychologist — a “suppressive person” or “SP” by Scientology’s standards. (Scientology hates psychology and psychiatry with a passion.) As Nicole began her own training in Scientology at the International Base, Rathbun says, it was his job to get her through the “PTS/SP Course,” which explains what it means for someone to be suppressive or a potential trouble source.

“I had to make my best effort to educate her that her father was an SP,” Rathbun says. “That didn’t fly too well.”

During one meeting when Miscavige came to the office shared by Rathbun and Wilhere, the Scientology leader asked Wilhere to drop a suggestion the next time he was auditing Cruise.

“He made this comment for Greg to try to get Tom to take another look at Nicole before getting married,” Rathbun says. “When they were together, Tom was saying how much he was into Nicole, and Dave was encouraging him. But behind his back, he told Wilhere to plant a seed to break them up.” And Rathbun says Miscavige expressed it in his usual tough-guy style.

“He thinks this Nicole thing is for real!” Rathbun says Miscavige screamed at Wilhere. “You son of a bitch, you better start planting a seed!”

But when Wilhere did try to suggest that Tom reconsider his plans, it backfired. “It pissed Tom off, and he reported it to David Miscavige. So then Miscavige made a public show of demoting Wilhere from his post as Inspector General. He was just like Captain Renault in Casablanca. He was shocked to learn that Wilhere would dare tell Tom such a thing. And the next thing you know, Dave is best man at the wedding of Tom and Nicole.” They were married on Christmas Eve, 1990.

Rathbun says Miscavige made a big show of stripping Wilhere of his position. “Wilhere was blown away. All of his certs were cancelled. And Miscavige was bragging to Tom that he’d busted him down,” Rathbun says. The role of Inspector General was then left open for seven years, from 1990 to 1997, until Rathbun himself was promoted into it. Wilhere then was rarely in a position to run anything — but Miscavige later used him to run the Nazanin Boniadi operation in 2004, as portrayed in Going Clear. (Wilhere was also one of the executives who ended up in “The Hole,” Miscavige’s bizarre office-prison, where his employees spent years at a time. Wilhere today is still working at the International Base.)

Meanwhile, Miscavige’s fears about Nicole’s commitment to Scientology proved prophetic. After a couple of years with Cruise, the two of them began pulling away from Scientology and then had very little connection to it from about 1993 to 2000, when their relationship came apart — and then in several ways that mirrored what had happened ten years earlier with Mimi Rogers.

Rathbun, who left Scientology in 2004, tells us he now regrets the part he played in the operation to separate Mimi and Tom. “I wrote to her and apologized for all that. She didn’t know the details of what we’d done, but she was generally hip to what was going on,” he says.


In 1993, Rogers posed for Playboy, and was asked by the magazine why she and Cruise had split up. “Well, here’s the real story. Tom was seriously thinking of becoming a monk. At least for that period of time, it looked as though marriage wouldn’t fit into his overall spiritual need. And he thought he had to be celibate to maintain the purity of his instrument.” The magazine said that she added, drily, “My instrument needed tuning.”

Ever since, this quote has been repeated to explain why the couple split — because Tom Cruise was some sort of celibate seeker.

But her close family friend assures us that wasn’t the case.

“Mimi has a wry sense of humor, and that was just a joke.”


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Posted by Tony Ortega on April 12, 2015 at 07:00

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      Edit: There was once a thriving Mission network but Miscavige decimated it years ago. That’s another story which you can find by googling Scientology Mission holders meeting.

      • PalaceAthena

        Thanks villagedianne. So a mission is like a first-stop shop. Come for the love bombing and communication course, so we can discover your ruin and send you and your money to your local neighborhood org.

        If missions are franchises, then it’s no surprise that that Lil Davey decimated them. No way he’d let something that wasn’t wholly owned and operated by him stand. That would mean somebody other than him was profiting off the Elron Con.

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      The bottom line the it does matter if you go to an Org or a Mission, the result will be the same

      Missions have produced 0 Clears and 0 OTs

      And Orgs have produced 0 Clears, 0 OTs

      The main difference is Orgs will fuck you out of more of your money and faster than Missions will.

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      A mission is a small group (the staff members are not part of the Sea Org – they usually have regular jobs to pay the bills but they are Scn staff during the day or evenings). They deliver basic services to public – mostly lower ‘Bridge’ stuff like Communications Courses, basic auditing (Life Repairs, Purifs, Grades).

      An org, also non-Sea Org, is similar but delivers more advanced courses and auditing. They have a much closer relationship to management than missions.

      Above that you have advanced orgs manned by Sea Org staff only which deliver upper levels (OT levels) and very advanced auditor training.

      The highest delivery orgs are Flag (for OT VII) and the ship Freewinds (for OT VIII).

      There are a bunch of management orgs that don’t deliver services to public but control the lower orgs or have specialized functions like making movies, printing books or spying on critics.

      • PalaceAthena

        Thank you for the breakdown; kind of what I suspected but wasn’t certain. So even someone like Mimi Rogers’ father, who ran the Palo Alto mission, would have had to go to an Org to get more advanced services.

    • Lady Squash

      Missions used to be pretty cool. They were owned as a franchise by the mission-holder. They paid a percentage of their income to the Church for the privileged of delivering Hubbard tech but were left pretty much alone. Then DM took over and things got Draconian. In theory mission-holders still “own” their franchises, but the reality is that Davey runs them with ridiculous programs and demands so much money that owning a mission is no longer any fun. That’s been the case since the infamous mission-holders meeting. Davey killed the goose that was laying some pretty nice golden eggs for the Church. Hard to understand why he would do such a thing, but that’s what he did.

      • PalaceAthena

        I’m guessing Davey killed that goose because people other than him were making money off Scientology — even if it was only a small amount. And he couldn’t have that because he’s far too greedy and too short-sighted to see the missions were actually a solid entry point to get people invested in the cult, giving Davey an opportunity to scam more money off the new recruits later when they eventually moved on to Orgs for further services.

        • MaxSpaceman

          Good guess, but off the mark. According to many sources, including Religion Inc. by Stewart Lamont, Hubbard wanted it done and Miscavige carried it out.

      • Orglodyte

        According to Jesse Prince, who was intimately involved, DM was ordered to do it by Hubbard. I imagine it aligned with his own intentions as well. Here’s Jesse’s affidavit:

        • Lady Squash

          Yes, true enough. The directive seems to have come from Hubbard. What the Hell was he thinking. Oh yeah, he wasn’t.

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        • I’ve challenged numerous sites to provide an ‘official’ sourced picture after the end of June/First week of July 2012… I haven’t seen one!

          His PR team attempted that dodgy Cruise with Suri in a park in upstate NY bollocks [I compared that photo with the most recent pic of Suri available that week and the height difference was clearly laughable…. tellingly no major outlet used those pics. They had a second go with him at some place that had a bungee rope… surprisingly the blurry photo of Suri failed to show her hands as she would have been wearing a caste at the time… that and the fact the article said she actually jumped … yeah, right!!.. tellingly no major outlet used those pics either].

          In essence this June makes it 3 years… not the one the media are going with even though they have access to all the professional picture services… that part really annoys me, I mean, it’s journalism 101… how hard is it to request the most recent photo of Cruise and Suri together and work it out!? Idiots!!!

          • Tracy Schmitz

            well we ARE in the age of the worst most incompetent journalism era of all time. so there you go.. heck, just watching local tv news or national news, at least once a week they can’t even spell words correctly in the headlines or topic headings!

          • Baby

            I am in total agreement. I remember the incidents well that they tried to pass off.. On top of that all the BS about TC spending Xmas with Suri..and Katie correcting that immediately..

            I keep reading ..hasn’t seen her in a year.. HA.. that is laughable.. thanks

      • Tipper

        edit: and he actually went to see that Disconnection play in L.A. {pic was posted here}… who knows if he’s still Cruise’s lawyer now?

        No way, really?

    • How old is that guy? Is his mind still there?

  • Douglas D. Douglas

    The things one runs across when surfing the ‘net. A quotation from Source:

    “Sin is composed, according to Scientology, of Lies and hidden actions and is therefore Untruth.”
    –L. Ron Hubbard, HCOPL 29 October 1962 Religion

    • Snake Plissken

      And Gin is composed of distill botanicals, such as juniper, coriander, citrus peel, cinnamon, almond or liquorice, with neutral grain alcohol.

      • Tree

        It smells like a pine tree. And tasted like one too.

        • Billy Bob


    • I hate that idiosyncratic capitalization. Lazy arrogant %$#@.

    • Baby

      Oh Hubbard… Just Shut the Fuck UP..

    • Tracy Schmitz

      oh yeah, well “peel is a hidden action and therefore untruth to the fruit of the orange” you see i raise you hubbard, your bet! shut the F up scum-bard!…

  • Vaquera

    2222 – well, now 2223

    Add: night friends.

  • Douglas D. Douglas

    Gawker has a great comment thread going:

    (Refresh for an example)

  • jjdoe

    In the ‘Clear’ movie, Tom Cruise never looks smaller than when he’s standing with those goofy medals around his neck. All hail, Freedonia!
    Or taller than when that creep Miscavige stands next to him…

  • PalaceAthena

    Kind of ironic — NOW — that Davey busted up Tom and Mimi’s marriage. I mean here was Mimi Rogers, a dedicated Scientologist and true believer of the tech, but Davey wants her out out of Cruise’s life because he doesn’t like her Mission Holder Daddy. So he encourages Tom to date Nicole and then was best man at their wedding only to eventually bust them up because Nicole’s daddy is even worse (in Miscavige’s eyes) — an SP Psych! So then Tom marries Katie, who Miscavige probably thinks is far easier to handle, only to get blindsided with the help of the true SP — Katie’s Divorce Lawyer Daddy!

    At this point there’s only one thing left for Cruise to do … marry a woman who’s Daddy is in the FBI or IRS. 🙂

    • Snake Plissken

      Islam has arranged marriages, where as scientology has arranged divorces

      • outraged

        And arranged theft and abuse and murder and so on…..

      • scottmercer

        Snake FTW.

      • EnthralledObserver

        ^^^ there it is!!!

      • Menna

        It sure does seem like many scientologists treat marriage very lightly, and divorce ain’t no big thang.

      • No wonder COS and NOI are dating.

      • 0tessa

        and don’t forget, the arranged abortions …

    • KNMF

      Kind of an quirky reverse gay cure. It got Tom off the chick habit and instead he’s hot for a dude midget.

      • Scream Nevermore

        I think the dude midget is hot for him – TC might be determinedly turning a blind eye to it tho!

        • Tracy Schmitz

          i agree, i think miscavige has it BAD for cruise big time. i mean he acts like a controlling jealous hung up boyfriend (or that is wanna be wish he was). it goes beyond i think the simple “power control fetish” that miscavige has knowing and getting off on the fact that the world’s biggest movie star whose handsome is a complete tool and fool for him. also miscavige wishes he was cruise, wishes he was handsome and worshipped by people/fans. he wants cruise, wishes he was like him, but also hates him and is jealous of him.
          2 more points in this regard 1) allegedly miscavige has had only 1 girlfriend in his entire life and he just happens to marry this 1 girlfriend. who does that? i’m just saying 2) i wouldn’t be surprised with his obsession of cruise that miscavige has had people install secret hidden videocameras in the homes of cruise to catch “the action” and i don’t mean them watching TV or having dinner either!…

    • ROFL!

    • Baby

      hahahah Athena.. That is hilarious.. Welcome to the Bunker!

  • Douglas D. Douglas

    The late night hits keep coming. Down thread there was a link to a Fargo clip about “the funny lookin’ little fella.” As I viewed the scene with the two hapless prostitutes, lookie at the popup ad that appeared:


    • scottmercer

      “Nah, just funny lookin'”

  • outraged

    on the topic of no importance whatsoever, I am going to attend the 10:15 am showing of It Follows tomorrow at my local movie place. Hopefully someone else will be there too.

    • It’s got good reviews, if you are into scary movies.

    • Menna

      Poor kitteh! I love him.

  • Jimmy Threetimes

    Was just settling in to watch Game of Thrones bootlegs, only to see that what I downloaded is actually something called Thorn of Gams. It’s a terrible Chinese-to-English subtitled flick about a guy who sells yams off the back of his mo-ped. You can make this shit up. But I’m still gonna watch. Maybe there are boobs, I dunno. Goodnights.

    • TheMirrorThetan

      You are a Boob, Jimmy. 🙂

      • Super Power Wogsy

        I guess Mimi’s boobs weren’t enough…

    • romanesco

      I can make that shit up? No, but evidently you can.

      • Jimmy Threetimes

        I typed it that way on purpose. It was a small, throwaway joke. But you called me on it legit, like some good little spell checker.

        So what is your deal? I wouldn’t say anything or be a dick about it, but this is like the 4th or 5th time I’ve seen you try to correct someone on some trivial bullshit.

        • I perceived her reply, as a light – hearted play on words. May be it wasn’t.

          • Jimmy Threetimes

            It wasn’t. But I edited my reply, anyway. Because who needs razzberries?

            • Razzberitas are good, but they make me angry. What was the question?

            • Jimmy Threetimes

              It was: “What makes you angry?” And you said Razzberitas. Which was strange, yet acceptable.

            • Oh yeah. I think I remember now.

            • Dolly Jones

              You and Jimmy are funny 😉 esp after glass of wine before noon. ha.

            • We are straight edge regarding wine, Dolly. Disclaimer: Beer is not wine.

            • Dolly Jones

              In my defence I’m making a fancy French stew for later and wine being main ingredient I just had to taste it. For research purposes of course. 🙂 Oh would love a nice ice cold beer later. *hic-cup*

            • Oh my god, I can smell that stew, I think! Not joking! Delicious!

  • Intergalactic Walrus

    Has the next Bond villain been named yet?

    • romanesco


    • Mockingbird

      Hubbard and Miscavige really are like Bond villains . They are guys who use thought reform to enslave thousands they needlessly abuse and make work 120+ hour weeks in squalor and concentration camps with unimaginable abuses . They employ bizarre and insane unsuccessful government and world domination plots and espionage operations that are simply twisted . They act like bad comic book villains bent on world conquest .

      • Inb4 script for next Bond movie where James fights Neurotology, a dangerous cult.

        • Ha! I would watch that, TrevAnon.

        • Mockingbird

          I LOVE Neurotology !!!! Oooooooooooowie oooooooooooowie we believe !

  • Intergalactic Walrus
    • Super Power Wogsy

      hahahaha! that is a good one.

      • Dolly Jones

        Yeah it really is.. haha

  • valshifter

    Forget about TC, how many more lives is that asshole been played with?. If I was TC I would be angry very very angry if people played with my life.

  • Gabreya Bradley

    Wow. I tell you. Scientology, David Miscavige, and especially Tom Cruise never fail to amaze me. I finally saw “Going Clear” this past weekend and though I thought it was a great documentary, it pissed me off because of the horrendous and vile things that this so called “church” does to people. I already knew about the terrible things that’s been going on but the heinousness and evil of it still astounds me. When it comes to Scientology, it always gets much worse just when you think it couldn’t get any worse! What Tom Cruise, David Miscavige, and CO$ has done to Mimi Rogers, Nicole Kidman, and Nazanin Boniadi was atrocious and disgusting. I don’t think those two words even cover that. Just reading what they’ve done to Mimi and her marriage to Tom made my blood boil. How she was treated was awful and insulting. All she ever wanted to do was to help Tom. So did Nicole. And look what he has ended up doing to both of them in the end thanks to the influence of his BFF Miscavige and CO$. He ended up betraying them both and allowed Scientology to mistreat them and get rid of them out of his life in such a disrespectful manner. To think, it took somebody like Katie Holmes to FINALLY give Tom Cruise, David Miscavige, and Scientology a serious dose of their own medicine, blindsiding them with the divorce like a boss, and ended up sparking even more public humiliation for them. The fact that she took drastic measures in order to leave and protect her daughter speaks volumes. If she didn’t, it would’ve been a matter of time before Tom would eventually turn against her the way he did his first two wives and Nazanin, harshly dump her with CO$’s help, and most likely would’ve taken Suri away from her. Like hell he would! And not this time, bitch! Luckily, she beat him to the punch and now he knows how Mimi, Nicole, and Nazanin felt! I think for the first time ever, Katie leaving him and putting her foot down against Scientology when it came to her child showed the so called “church”, Miscavige, and TC that they have absolutely no control over her and Suri. It left them in a hugely damaging and humiliating position that made the public see them for what they truly are: ROTTEN, UNDERHANDED MANIPULATORS. Is it any wonder why a lot of people still applaud her for her bravery, strength, cleverness, and role as a protective mother? I guess in a way, Mimi, Nicole, and Nazanin had been slightly vindicated thanks to Katie because she ended up making Tom Cruise look like an unappealing, psychotic, controlling, deadbeat fool who’s just a total joke now in the public’s eyes! I think what’s really sad is that he doesn’t even know that Scientology and David Miscavige are the reasons why he can’t stay married, maintain relationships, and possibly can’t currently find a woman anymore. Seems like more women are staying as far away from him as possible nowadays and who can blame them?

    • Billy Bob

      I agree. TC has drunk too much of the Kool-Aid. He can’t see his own life clearly and can’t see what Co$ does to other people. He will fall right along with DM when Co$ falls and never understand the real reasons of why it happened.

      • Gabreya Bradley

        Thank you, Billy Bob. Indeed, he doesn’t realize how bad Scientology has screwed up his life and possibly his career. He no longer has his adored, popular movie star status he once did. He’s now a disgraced public pariah who’s been exposed as a psychotic narcissist under the influence of a treacherous, evil beast who’s a dictator-like leader of an obvious cult. It’s really sad that he doesn’t realize or even care that Scientology has done more harm than good to him.

        • Tracy Schmitz

          amazing in a sad and pathetic way isn’t it?! NO celebrity had the world literally at his feet like cruise did back in the day and he threw it all away and why? over a fricking self help “religion” (how in the world someone who had it all needed “self help” is still beyond me! personally i would be embarassed that i needed “self help” in some aspect of my life if i had everything cruise had!).. anyone else in cruise’s shoes could EASILY sit down and write on a piece of paper 2 columns, pros and cons on how scientology has effected his life (t.c.) and EVERYONE would be easily able to write the long list of cons versus pros!…

          pros: they helped him? with his dyslexia, they made him? a more positive person consequently helping him and his career to move forward and upward? (even though he was already the world’s biggest star before he had ever heard of scientology!), they have a good message to help mankind and to get rid of those bad psychiatrists and pharmaceutical drug pushing on the public companies… okay, that’s about 3 PROS ( 4 if you count the way they HAVE ROYALLY BUTT KISSED HIM 24/7)…

          NOW THE CONS? countless on that column list!!!

          • Gabreya Bradley

            Exactly! Everything you said is spot on! There are sooooooo many cons when it comes to Scientology. Just ask the former members and the families of the victims CO$ had harmed. Tom, as with many of the celebrity Scientologists, are living in La La Land.

            If you don’t mind me adding, I was having this similar discussion with my mother yesterday. Forgive me if I’m kind of going off topic but I told my mother that I never thought that in a million years that Tom Cruise and Robert Downey Jr. would completely switch places in terms of celebrity and movie star status and how the public perceives them. Think about it. About 15 years ago, these two actors were at the total opposite ends of eachother. Tom, as you said, had the world literally at his feet. He was the biggest movie star in the world. He could’ve had anything he wanted and nobody would’ve questioned it. Whereas RDJ was hitting rock bottom due to his drug addiction. Most people in Hollywood didn’t want to hire him or have anything to do with him, and the public thought he was a washed up actor who was on his way to prison or to an early grave because of his drug problems. If somebody would’ve said back in the year 2000 that Robert Downey Jr. will eventually become a very popular, adored movie star while Tom Cruise will turn into an embarrassing, hated figure in the public, that person would’ve been called utterly crazy. But look at all that’s happened. It’s truly amazing what time does to people. Sometime in the mid 2000s, Scientology really started to take over Tom’s life and it showed through his increasingly bizarre behavior. During his public appearances for “War of the Worlds” and “gushing” about Katie Holmes on Oprah’s show, he morphed from the charming, popular movie star into a raving, maniacal creep before our eyes. It was then that the public started to look at him differently and not in good way. Meanwhile, Robert had thankfully turned his life around, got sober, started getting steady work in some films, and maintained relationships with his family. As the 2000s were coming to an end, Tom’s popularity and reputation was declining as more people became aware of the evils of Scientology, and though he still earned great amounts of money for his movies, the public appeal and charm wasn’t there anymore. By that time for RDJ, his career had been revived, and it was going to be even bigger than before. When he starred as Tony Stark/Iron Man in the Iron Man and Avengers films, it boosted him to movie star status along with roles like Sherlock Holmes and Kirk Lazarus. Also, his public likeability and appeal improved tremendously. Not to mention, him acknowledging his troubled past and learning from his mistakes has garnered respect and admiration. Unfortunately for Tom, it seems to be the exact opposite! As more information about Scientology came out, him hanging with David Miscavige, as you said, having people kiss his ass 24/7, and when Katie surprised him by leaving and divorcing him, his reputation, or what’s left of it, had been in shambles ever since. Sorry for kind of going on and on about this. What I’m trying to say is that the reason I think these two men have switched places is due to Tom Cruise being so brainwashed and narcissistic that he, as you said, threw everything he had more than 15 years ago away over Scientology not even realizing how it’s ruined his life. While Robert Downey Jr. was man enough to see that his problems were ruining his life, got help for it, and learned from them which moved him forward to where he is today. I guess it’s now more about choices, respect, and integrity which is why these two men’s lives and careers turned out the way they did.

    • Dolly Jones

      Well said!

      • Gabreya Bradley

        Thank you, Dolly Jones. 🙂

  • eucliditis

    Tony congratulations on an outstanding article. Thank you to Marty for filling in some blanks on these relationships. It’s just sick that this happens I have a hard time believing Cruise is completely unaware of some of this. Unless he is completely brainwashed or an unfeeling narcissistic.

  • Pierrot

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  • valshifter

    Electricity thru a baby’s body yeah that is healthy,safe and every scientific, there has been tons of research, and does what to a baby who knows ,who cares it makes more money to the cult. the FDA shuld be all over this, oh wait is religious, demm it nothing we can do.

  • LouLouLegs

    Just saw this on facebook posted by a friend………Scientology: the only organization in the world that can make one root for the IRS.


    • Baby

      Lou.. If you can give me the handle of the poster I will make a digital art piece to put the words on.. thanks

  • Viktoria

    I have been scowering the WWW for a free streamed version of the movie, and found nothing. I tried the link someone posted a couple of days ago, movietv, but it did not stream properly and totally quit on me after 1 minute. I will buy the dvd when it is released, but it will take forever. It always does over here and I am so disappointed not having seen it yet. Has anyone, any working link to a legal streaming site that will work in scandinavia? I also wrote the company that own the rights for the movie here in northern europe, 1-2 weeks ago and asked them through what outlets they are going to show the movie. I only got a polite “we’ll get back to you as fast as we can”-answer, The movie is of course “Going Clear” if that was unclear to anyone.

    • It surfaced on line on March 30th and never went away.

      • FromPolandWithLove

        Dodo You mean torrents or on You tube? I think that on You tube full movie is gone now

        • My co-worker told me he saw it in a perfect quality after clicking/downloading it from some torrent. Not youtube.

          • FromPolandWithLove

            I miss MissTia. I haven’t seen her for a couple of days 🙁

    • romanesco

      I think Mike Rinder’s YouTube has a copy. A pretty bad one, but a copy. Hang on while I check again.

    • Andrew Robertson

      Have you tried YouTube? There have been a number of HD copies there. They come and go like the seasons, but just as winter seems never-ending, – Lo, to one’s surprise, spring arrives!


      • Viktoria

        Yes, tried youtube but there is always a “click-on-this-link”-things always with 301 viewings and I have a bad experiance with clicking on those, and so I don’t. I feel very compelled to click now however…

        • FromPolandWithLove

          Better don’t click, better wait. There was full movie on You Tube couple of days ago ( damn I hadn’t time to watch then 🙁 ) , but it is gone now. Maybe someday somebody will post movie again and without this tricky links ;p

          • Viktoria

            Ok. Thanks a bunch! I feel like the cat downthread, who can almost reach the snack… but .. No.

        • Andrew Robertson

          I suppose one could always ask a trusted friend to e-mail you a copy discretely as an attachment with the understanding that it was an unsolicited gift.

          The HD version is 2,689,773 bytes.

          Andrew (

          • Viktoria

            Thank you for your kindness, but since I don’t own the computer (lap-top from work and I don’t have one at home) I need the stream. Sure are nice people here at the bunker!

    • valshifter

      is not available anywhere I already look Im sure it will be on YouTube eventually, but right now is just deceiving ads, HBO won’t post it for free since there are re_runs to be played till who knos when, I already saw the movie but Iwanttowatc it again, but nothing on the net, I bet it will go viral when they post it, jut like the SNL skit

    • The Dude

      It is a bit complicated but if you download the program XBMC. And install Navi-x. You can find it there. I did it on my rasberry pi.

  • Keeping Scientology Waning

    i think Cos might be taking too much credit for breaking them up – that dress had to be a good part of the reason he left her.

    • Harmless Weirdo

      Hey, that dress was seriously to die for back in 1989.

      (That said, I don’t miss the ’80s.)

  • The Dude

    Ugh! I can’t bear to watch that last video. I hate the whole “baby auditing” thing.
    Good idea. Let’s scramble their brains even before they can talk. Sheesh!

    • Bella Legosi

      Tony has a similar “baby auditing” ad in a Sunday funny from a couple years ago and if you check the comments on that it riled us up then.

      When the cult messes with peoples mind and heart we get angry, but when kids become involved this community gets very angry, and that anger is totally justified.

      $cientology isn’t fit for human consumption, much less little kids!

  • LocalSP

    The story I’d like to hear is the Pat Kingsley story. How did Davey get Tom to drop her in favor of his (Tom’s) sister.

    • Baby

      SP..That would be a great story wouldn’t it?

    • Tracy Schmitz

      i’m guessing because kingsley was a big NO NO (was she thought of as a SP by then?) because she prohibited cruise from talking about scientology. i believe the big “it all went down” was when cruise did publicity for the last samurai on the red carpet, was asked about it and went on and on about it much to the dismay of kingsley, she “scolded” him more or less and he was like “no one tells me what i can and can’t do or can or can’t say” and it was ADIOS to her.. by that time, cruise felt i think he didn’t NEED a publicity person that much and anyone could do it pretty much hence, i’ll hire my sister and we all know how that went down! i’m sure tom complained about kingsley to davey and by then he was was already be advised (controlled) by miscavige and he and cruise together of course because no one tells tom what to do (uh huh!) decided she had to go…

  • Bob

    Whenever I think of Mimi Rogers, I always think of the movie The Rapture which was kind of a weird religious end of the world movie. It came out in 91…. It has nothing to do with scientology but I wonder if it has any significance considering she left in 90.

  • Skallene

    Just to add a late word. I think Tom Cruise was an asshole before he ever became acquainted with Scientology. He was always self-engrossed and asshole Miscavige recognized a kindred spirit. TC made an easy mark of himself because he was involved with himself and loved the glory Miscavige covered him with.

    • Tracy Schmitz

      i don’t know about a asshole, but surely full of himself and pathologically determined, stubborn mixed with pathologically needy, insecure, chip on his shoulder. mixed with below to average intelligence. the ONLY way tc and miscavige become ‘bff” is because indeed they are kindred spirits and personalities (which is of course downright scary!)… they probably saw in each other both were powerful and successful in their own right and became so quite young and quite fast, in their own fields, both were catholic for a time, both are of short stature, both had tough childhoods, their around the same age

  • Jgg2012

    So, is it fair to say that Scientology ruined all 3 Cruise marriages, even though he says Davey is his BFF?

    • Tracy Schmitz

      yep, and the entire world can “see it” but cruise can’t? what’s the common denominators in 3 marriages, 3 divorces from 3 different types of women in terms of personality and looks, and a grand total of 18/19 years of marriage? it’s HIM and scientology! and he doesn’t get that? really? don’t tell me it’s ALL THE WOMEN’S FAULT! he seemingly has chosen religion and getting ass kissed 24/7 by it over love and a REAL relationship.

      • Gabreya Bradley

        Exactly! And it’s truly sad and disturbing. The fact that he’s chosen a “church” that’s really a cult over his wives and much of his family says a lot about him. He’d rather live in luxury, have people wait on him hand and foot, as you said, have people kiss his ass, and be immersed in himself than be in a happy relationship and marriage, spending more time with family, and maintain those relationships. Sad.

    • Gabreya Bradley

      Pretty much. Again, as I’ve and others have said, it’s truly sad that he doesn’t seem to realize that it’s because of Scientology, David Miscavige, and most of all, himself that are the reasons why all of his marriages failed.


    NOOOO!! Not Shalto Copley too! I’m so disappointed. I really respected him.

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  • Yvonne Bales

    what is the big deal about scientology…there is millions of of england….that no one care about..these peoples are entiletld to their private life…

  • Margie8

    I’m just starting to review this stuff and I want to know why the government isn’t putting a stop to the child labor, slavery, etc.? I’m getting very angry.

    • Gabreya Bradley

      I agree. Though, the government itself is screwed up and the politicians act like they don’t want to better our society.

  • Stewart Jack

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  • peggy oconnor

    After reading this COB is a very bad parent to his children. Really, they have no minds of their own. Drones….

  • newtiffen

    The punk leader should bring his entire show to N. Korea where it would fit nicely.