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If you want the IRS to re-examine Scientology’s tax exempt status, it’s time to get real

IRSOver the weekend, filmmaker Alex Gibney wrote an op-ed for the Los Angeles Times arguing that the Church of Scientology deserves to have its tax exempt status taken away. And after the March 29 airing of his documentary about Scientology, Going Clear, a growing number of people seem to agree with him.

“It seems to me that our government has a ‘fundamental, overriding interest’ in protecting individual liberty by not subsidizing harassment or surveillance by gun-toting private eyes. The First Amendment should not be a smokescreen to hide human rights abuses and possible criminal activities,” Gibney wrote, making an allusion to recent revelations about Scientology leader David Miscavige allegedly paying two private eyes $10,000 a week to follow his own father, Ron Miscavige Sr.

So if people are interested in motivating the IRS to revisit its 1993 decision to grant Scientology tax exempt status, what can they do?

For one thing, they can stop emailing and messaging us about a pathetic White House petition. Badly written and pointless, the thing has gathered twenty thousand signatures or so, and will almost certainly fail to gather the 100,000 signatures required so that even if it did meet that minimum number, the White House would then just blow it off like it has previous ones.

If you’re serious about getting the attention of the IRS, forget the White House petition and get real. The IRS already has a well-defined set of rules for complaining about an organization’s tax exempt status.

Jeffrey Augustine has been investigating this, and sent us a primer on how to complain about Scientology’s activities to the IRS. And hey, if you follow his suggestions, it just might take some of the pain out of that other thing you procrastinators are sending in to the IRS this week.

Jeff found, for example, this happy language from the government about how it really, really wants to hear from you! “Go ahead and complain. The Internal Revenue Service is all ears — particularly about complaints alleging any abuse of the tax-exempt status granted to a non-profit organization,” says an agency information sheet.

He recommends that you grab a copy of the official form the IRS wants you to use to submit a referral (which is IRS lingo for a complaint).

“The IRS Form 13909 is a one-page form that allows anyone — you don’t have to be an American citizen — to report the Church of Scientology and its related tax exempt entities for abuses of tax exemption. Sections 1 and 2 ask for basic information,” Jeff says. And he’s supplied this information to help you fill out those first two sections. Choose your favorite Scientology entity to drop a dime on!

Church of Scientology International –- EIN 59-2153393
6331 Hollywood Blvd., Suite 1100
Hollywood, CA 90028

Church of Scientology Flag Service Organization — EIN 59-2143308
210 S. Fort Harrison Avenue
Clearwater, Florida 33756-5109

Church of Scientology Flag Ship Service Organization — EIN 98-0133545
118 North Fort Harrison
Clearwater, Florida 34615

US IAS Members Trust — EIN 52-1840679
1311 New Hampshire Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90027

Church Of Scientology Religious Trust — EIN 91-6254980
6331 Hollywood Blvd., Suite 1011
Hollywood, CA 90028

After you’ve filled in that basic info, here’s what the next section of the form looks like…


Now, which of these boxes should you select? We think you can confidently check the first three, and the second to last, about deceptive fundraising. And Jeff supplied the following examples that you can select from for the next section, where you’re asked to supply a “Description of activities.”

Examples of Scientology using 501(c)(3) tax-exempt funds to engage in systematic violations of public policy:

— Paying attorneys to hire private investigators for the purposes of engaging in systematic acts of spying, harassment, and terroristic intimidation directed against former members of the Church, critics, journalists, and filmmakers who expose church abuses. Private investigators are paid tax-exempt funds to follow, photograph, and collect data on their “targets” and report this information back to the church. This is part of a Church of Scientology conspiracy to attack, intimidate, silence, and destroy these people.

— Paying attorneys to hire private investigators who then illegally purchase the phone records of former members of the church, critics, journalists, and filmmakers who expose church abuses. This illegal invasion of privacy is done in order to have Scientology-paid private eyes track the calls and contacts of former members of the church, critics, journalists, and filmmakers.

— Using illegal means to obtain the flight and other travel information of former members of the church, critics, journalists, and filmmakers in order to stalk and harass them.

— Making public the contents of private confessional data of former Scientologists in an attempt to smear, impugn, and humiliate former members who speak out against the abuses of the Church.

— The Church of Scientology’s Office of Special Affairs pays tax exempt dollars to hire writers, videographers, and social media specialists to create false, defamatory, malicious, and deceptive propaganda in the form of hate websites and publications. This malicious content is directed against former members of the church, critics, journalists, filmmakers, and others who publicly expose Church of Scientology abuses.

— Paying for Google ad campaigns to promote Scientology’s malicious hate websites and smear campaigns directed against former members of the church and critics, journalists, and filmmakers who expose church abuses

— Spending millions of dollars on lawyers to defend David Miscavige and the church from the legal consequences arising from their own illegality.

— Deceptive and misleading fundraising activities to gather funds to “defend the Scientology religion” which are really meant to fund David Misavige as he spies on former church members, critics, people in the media, and even his own father.

Write up your report, include any relevant documents, and add your personal information. “You may wish to check the box marked ‘I am concerned that I might face retaliation or retribution if my identity is disclosed’ if you have concerns about Scientology retaliation,” Jeff tells us.

You can send in your report by email as a PDF to, or fax it to 214-413-5415, or mail it to IRS EO Classification, Mail Code 4910DAL, 1100 Commerce Street, Dallas TX 75242-1198

“You can also write letters to the Ms. Tamera Ripperda, Director of Exempt Organizations, IRS. She is located at 1111 Constitution Avenue, Washington D.C. 20224,” Jeff says.

Thanks for looking into that for us, Jeff. We hope the IRS gets an earful.


Scientology spies supplying Ron Miscavige with “friends”

One of the many fun things we noticed in the police report that described the 2013 arrest of a couple of Scientology spies was the revelation that they had been instructed to find “friends” for their target, Ron Miscavige Sr.

Dwayne Powell and his son Daniel were questioned and spilled their guts about spying on Ron for his son, the leader of Scientology, David Miscavige, who was allegedly paying them $10,000 a week to tail Ron, who had escaped from Scientology’s secretive “Int Base” the year before.

Yesterday, Gawker had some fun with that detail from the report, and it reminded us of a previous example of Scientology spies using third parties to befriend targets for gathering information.

Specifically, we’re thinking of the ruse that Paul Marrick and Greg Arnold admitted to when we spent a day with them, and they described the incredible lengths they went to following Pat Broeker for 24 years on order of Miscavige.

As part of their operation, Marrick’s father, “Big Paul,” was enlisted to befriend Broeker. Over time they became close, and Big Paul was invited to the Broeker house. He gave Broeker’s girlfriend a gift of a cordless phone for Christmas in 1988.

Over the next year, Marrick and Arnold taped every conversation that Pat Broeker made over that phone. They still have the tapes, and listened to them again recently with their attorneys to prepare for their lawsuit.

At the time, in the late 1980s and in California, it turned out that it was actually legal to record the phone calls that emanated from cordless telephones in the form of radio waves. So Marrick and Arnold rented the house next door, had “Big Paul” befriend Broeker and give him the phone, and then recorded every conversation he had on it.

Scientology spies are incredibly resourceful and determined — they don’t want their gravy train to end. Marrick and Arnold reported that their operation cost Miscavige somewhere between $10 and $12 million over a 24-year period.

That Miscavige, he’s awful snoopy, and he has so much cheddar.


Bonus photos from our tipsters

Caption: “My lady congratulating my successes of joining staff at Tampa”


Some images from last night’s Writers of the Future awards. We’ve made a big deal of this ceremony in the past, but at this point, if these science fiction folks are going to continue to turn a blind eye to the direct connection between the contest and Scientology’s abuses, then they can have their silly dances, we don’t care…


Scientologists are using social media more than ever. Drop us a line if you spot them posting images to Instagram or Facebook!


Posted by Tony Ortega on April 13, 2015 at 07:00

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  • Tipper

    I just looked at the twitter followers of S…video and S…youtube — Video is ramping up the “meet a S…” tweets, but they have only 2,200 and the S.YouTube has a dismal 484 , and the main twitter account has only 19.6 followers! Hilarious. freedomethics has 736. I mean that’s just pathetic. If the “church” really has 10 million members worldwide, then um, shouldn’t they have WAY more followers and I mean come on, they could demand members follow to A) use social media as a tool to members at the same time making their follow count elude to the 10 million members worldwide Number.

    • Robert Eckert

      19.6 followers? I feel a little sorry for the .6 guy.

      • Tipper

        I know. That really is pathetic given they could demand members follow in order to legitimize their claim of “10 million members worldwide”

        This could be anther project for people who had the time to delve into those twitter “followers” – not harass or Soc tactics, but I’m betting there is a significant amount of curiosity followers, anti-Soc and then even journo types. Like wouldn’t be interesting to find of the whopping 484 60 make fun of SoC, 25 total anti and say 15 journalists…so really only 384 are true believers.

        but taking the 100 million members, one would think that at least more than half the members would follow them in this day and age and even if 10% of members (which seem so low) that would bring their follow count to at least 100,000!

        If you extrapolate the roughly 20,000 followers that to my guess would value member ship conservatively to 200,000? But I really suck at math :-‘

      • Jimmy Threetimes

        Don’t feel bad for the .6 guy. He’s the ecclesiastical leader of the fastest growing religion in the world, and he has billions of dollars.

        • what’suppressive

          Don’t forget GREAT HAIR.

      • BlondesAreDumb

        That .6 guy was just informed that he was a potential trouble source. He’s considered no longer a whole person until he does his reparation, etc.

    • Tipper

      I started looking at the pages of twitter followers to and the cursory look indicates many appear to be young south americans or spanish, a few africans and europeans, but not many North Americans…and um none seem to tweet about SoC at all. Interesting.

      • Tipper

        yup. the followers all appear to be foreign, speak nothing of SoC, a few mocking…and this is my favorite follower so far:

        Indulge Yourself
        sex cam

  • Looks like the Legacy Church of Christ has been taking lessons from scientology…


    oh… and new post

    • Super Power Wogsy

      heh! that is uuuuh pretty modern for a church. The Co$ doesn’t even have one those yet.

      • Newiga

        I hope the Giving Kiosk doesn’t call you 4 am trying to sell you the Basics/ask for a donation… :O

        • Super Power Wogsy

          oh i’m so sure if they could they would

          • Newiga

            The Co$ could modify this to a “gate” for it’s events. Minimum deposit 5000$ or you don’t get out. Parking Hall already use this tech. 😉

            • Super Power Wogsy

              Don’t give them any ideas Newiga!

    • Ecclesiastical ATM tech.

    • PickAnotherID

      A little research finds the use of ATM type devices to collect donations is a growing trend with churches today. It eliminates the need for handling cash, making ‘bank runs’, and the pressue to “put something in the basket” because the person sitting next to you did. It can also be used to register and pay for church camps for the kids, material used in classes, etc.

      Unlike the Cof$, making donations and payments this way is completely voluntary, and donation amounts are not ‘fixed’.

  • Tipper

    Seriously, I don’t understand why this community hasn’t crowd sourced the dismal number of scientology twitter followers as a way to further disprove their membership claims…I mean I was just on their main twitter and dispersed among the multitude of largely south american followers (why is this?) are just people who appear to exploiting the link or making fun of SoC in general. ohhhh, if only I had the time…this is a great avenue

  • Tipper

    182 likes on Facbook mainpage? HA

  • PalaceAthena

    This little trivia gem more likely belongs in yesterday’s post, but I figure more people are here

    Apparently Christian Bale partially based his performance as the lead in the movie “American Psycho” on a Tom Cruise interview on David Letterman. Isn’t that just … poetic!

    (Letterman video in link)

    • Snake Plissken

      And Tom Cruise based his interview on David Miscavige

      Best David Miscavige impersonation ever

      • Frodis73

        I love both the book and movie and was just tickled pink to hear that he based him on TC. Too funny…and fucked up. Great scene.

    • YNDOT

      I just watched the Letterman interview for the first time. Maybe I haven’t had enough coffee this morning but I didn’t find his story funny. Actually, it was scary, even his over the top laughing at the incident was scary. The dude has no self-awareness. If I ever flew with him and recognized this story, I’d be pissed.

  • Super Power Wogsy

    O/T: I have an exam tomorrow, and I’m cramming on 4 hours asleep. I was thinking about dedicating an art journal to the Bunker. Anyways here is some Art journaling for the cool people here. courtesy artist Nika. Gnite Bunker. f5

    • BlondesAreDumb




    …. is the only headline to surpass this past 7 days

  • Shelly Britt Corrias

    Has anyone else seen the new “L. Ron Hubbard” ad – I saw it for the first time about 60 minutes ago on CNN. I think it’s new, anyway. Changed the channel after, so don’t know if it’s replaying. It’s the opening feature on their “LRH” website and they’re promoting it on Twitter, so I assume it’s meant to counter Going Clear. If so, weak weak weak. it’s all about his “fantastic” past (youngest Eagle Scout, master mariner, blah blah) and ends with something like “This is L. Ron Hubbard. Founder of Scientology” all proud and pompous. The only tweets I saw were people complaining about Scn doing paid promotions of it.

    • Snake Plissken

      This is L. Ron Hubbard. Founder of Scientology … The Master of our Universe, who never mastered how to use a toothbrush.

      • Tipper

        seriously, weird…I don’t why that he et his teeth rot out of his mouth was never a bone of contention to members.

        • Snake Plissken

          Especially when he claimed Dianetics could regrow teeth.

          • Tipper

            yup. the youngins’ had to know it was bullshit since they and celeb’s seek out veneers

        • Beth

          hard to believe a fear of dentists could completely override any desire to fix that mess. Ew ew and ew.

        • jazzlover

          Probably because they “knew” his body was just the shell he used for the lower levels of research 😉

      • Sir_Real

        LRH, DDS

    • Vaquera

      Over the past week, I’ve read a few tweets about an ad for LRH’s autobiography, once during an episode of The Ellen Show.

      • Shelly Britt Corrias

        Amazing. I left the Int base 12 1/2 years ago and the LRH biography was being worked on – and had been for years already. Dan Sherman was supposed to be writing it and he was always being pulled off it to write speeches and other stuff or give speeches about LRH because “no one else could”. If it ever comes out, can you even imagine what this book is going to be like?

        • Vaquera

          Not even good enough to use a door stop.

        • Lady Squash

          I believe it already has come out, but not like you’d expect. Instead of writing a book, he wrote the Ron Magazine’s. Instead of a running chronology like you’d expect, Hubbard’s life is divided into activities. So there is Ron the Humanitarian; Ron the War Hero; Ron the Photographer; Ron the Writer and so on. So nothing really needs to hang together in one believable narrative. Pretty resourceful cop-out, I’d say.

          • Missionary Kid

            They missed one: Ron the asshole.

            • Lady Squash

              Good one. That would be several volumes, I believe.

  • “How to Simply and Effectively Report the Church of Scientology to the IRS”

    • Vaquera

      Good evening Dodo.

  • Sir_Real

    Featured on the Writers of the Future home page is LRH”s ugly mug urging you to click on “About L. Ron Hubbard”, but, alas something seems to be out of order:

    • Yeah, fuck’em and their front groups.

      • Frodis73

        That pic never fails to crack me up…Bobby nailed it.

  • Tipper

    As a mother of an eagle scout I take umbrage in the SoC bullshit and easily refutable claim that RLH was the youngest eagle at the age of 13…and now I figured how this bullshit artist incorporated a “bridge” into his bullshit religion.

    • Beth

      Are bridges a theme for Eagle Scouts?

      • Tipper

        Webelos Bridge to Boy Scouts Ceremony

        Cub scouts walk over a bridge to Boy Scouts…thought it was weird Ann Archer’s husband was awarded this strange award.

        • The Dude

          Sad. The Scouts were soo cool to me.
          They have been getting a bad rap nowadays.

          • Tipper

            but think about the evolution of LRH bullshit thesis…he incorporated his experiences in boy scouts into his BS religion. It’s incredible, really.

            • Beth

              He cut and pasted (ripped off ideas) from pretty much everything and everyone. And never gave any credit where it was due. EVER. Always presented it as his amazing genius. A total ripoff artist monster.

            • The Dude

              I really don’t think he ever was a scout. He just read the “Manual” and took what he wanted.
              Never a true Scout.
              He took from everything he could read.
              True fraud.
              Nowhere man…..
              He just absorbed everything he could and called it his own.
              In a world with no internet to scream “Bullshit!” at him.

          • Missionary Kid

            The largest segment of scouting today, IIRC, is the Church of Latter Day Saints (Mormons). I’ve been told that just about every young boy in the church is automatically signed up for scouting. As a consequence, the politics of the Mormon church has had a large influence on the political stance of the Boy Scouts.

            The scouts have kicked out boys and leaders who are gay. They have also insisted on kicking out boys who profess to being atheists. Because of the outcry against kicking boys out for their sexual orientation, the Boy Scouts have changed their policy in regards to boys, but not leaders. This is in spite of the fact that the great majority of pedophiles classify themselves as heterosexual.

            What has also hurt the Boy Scouts is that they have hidden reports of pedophilia.

        • Beth

          Ah yes. I poked around on google at scouting sites – I see the bridge builder poem. Exactly the kind of thing Hubbard would eat up with a fork and spoon and then twist around into something evil.

          • Tipper

  ’s apparent to me he incorporated previous experience and then writings into his dictates that just cominated into whole cloth blathering.

            • Beth

              yes a class A blatherer. And a shameless thief and liar.

          • chukicita

            At least the Boy Scouts bridge goes somewhere. Hubbard’s bridge, you notice, only goes *up.* You never get *over* it. You never arrive anywhere.

    • The Dude

      I made it to Life Scout. I did not have the impetus to go on any further. I got too old and distracted.
      But The Scouts was a great thing for me. I loved it.
      LRH is and always will be a fraud.
      He claims to be a Scout. But there is no evidence that I know of that he was even in The Scouts.
      I am sure I am wrong. Someone will come up with a pic.

      • Beth

        From what I remember, I believe he did make it to Eagle Scout , but that there was not proof about his age at the time or if it was a record for being the youngest. Something like that.

        • The Dude

          That is a lie.

          • Beth


        • The Dude

          As far as I know there is no record of him ever receiving Eagle. And they are very good at recording who did. Google helps.

          • Beth

            sounds right. I’m trying to remember where I read about it quite recently. I’m not one to give Hubbard the benefit of the doubt.

            • The Dude

              He is the master of lies.

            • Beth

              Found where I read it. In Jon Atack’s book “Let’s Sell These People a Piece of Blue Sky”:

              “In a diary, written when he was about 19, Hubbard recalled his acquisition of the boy Scout Eagle.

              A photograph at the time shows Hubbard in uniform, all freckles and acne, with the 21 necessary merit badges stitched on to a sash. There is no way of knowing if he was the youngest Eagle Scout in America………
              But the Boy Scouts do have a record of a Ronald Hubbard who became an Eagle Scout in Washington DC, and was a member of Troop 10. The Eagle was actually awarded on March 28, 1924, some two weeks after L. Ron Hubbard’s 13th birthday”

              Make of it what you will.

    • Sir_Real

      It chaps my ass that that charlatan would make such a claim, but he told so many other blatant lies about his military record and so much else it’s of no surprise.

      • The Dude

        War Hero. Eagle Scout. Blackfoot Indian Bloodbrother. Slept with bandits in Mongolia(That sounds a little Gay).
        Who would doubt a word this guy says……

        • Beth

          Actually it was the Blacktooth Indians. har har har

      • Tipper

        it does me too. My son worked hard for this distinguished recognition and for this bullshit artist to lie A and B used his experience in it “bridge” it disgusting if not LAZY too

        • Beth

          Welcome to the freak show 🙂 The more you know, the worse it gets.

    • Eclipse-girl

      It is hard to disprove that Ron was the youngest eagle scout because the BSA didn’t keep records like that.

      My father, brother and husband were / are Eagle Scouts

      It is an award to be proud of.

  • indie8million

    Well, I gotta say, Ron was right about one thing. “Handle the world with Scientology.” If something’s not right, write a knowledge report. hahahahaha Now Miscavige is being handled by a whole bunch of “Knowledge Reports” going into the IRS! Bwahahaha

    The irony makes me laugh.

    Let’s not forget the details of the hole, for those poor people who can’t report it for themselves. Debbie Cook getting ice cold water dumped on her head while “labeled” a lesbian, ridiculing people (Guillame and Mark, was it) for “being gay.” That’s a big button these days. A cab driver got fined $15,000 for telling two girls to stop kissing.

    Heber. the former President of Scientology, being mistreated, however you witnessed it – in the hole or in the ship engine room for 8 years, which, according to a very competent source, left him a babbling idiot as he emerged from the engine room – should be reported. All because, as I understand it, Miscavige was jealous of Heber’s popularity and competence in doing PR work for the church. Cruel and vindictive, terrorist manipulation causing mental and physical exhaustion as punishment for crimes Heber was falsely accused of.

    And THEN Miscavige made TOMMY DAVIS the international spokesperson?? THAT is cruel and terroristic to people in AND out!! 😀

    Make sure that Miscavige’s name is mentioned (and his involvement in the crime) in every complaint. Pin the tail on the jackass.

    Well done Jeffrey (and Tony). Finally, someone to write reports to since real Int Management (Sr. C/S 1 through 7) and the WatchDog Committee are gone!

    Are you ready keys? Start typing!

    Oh yeah. Scott Campbell, anyone?

    • The Dude

      And Tommy is still Angry! REAL Angry!

      Marshall sent Tommy a note through his Colony Capital email address…

      “My regards to Thomas (Tommy) Davis, one time right hand man of David Miscavige. So glad you escaped from his evil clutches. I know you haven’t left Scientology yet, but you still can. Be strong Tommy.”

      Davis replied…

      “Yes. I am a Scientologist. Moreover, David Miscavige always has been and always will be my friend. Keep your bigotry to yourself.”

      Marshall responded…

      “Great to get a reply. Hope you’re OK and that your wife is too.”

      And Davis followed up with…

      “You don’t care. Don’t act like you do. Don’t ever email me again and I haven’t a clue why you emailed one of my colleagues. Unlike you, my friends and colleagues respect my religious beliefs and have a intense dislike for people like you who preach hate.”

      -From The Bunker three days ago

      • The Dude

        I have no idea why you emailed one of my colleagues?
        Fair game is fair game. My dear friend.

        • Frodis73

          That is a great reply to TD. Wish we could send it now. Ha.

          • indie8million

            Tommy Davis is on the Indie/SP Fair Game list. His crime? Denial, lying and being way too freakin’ angry. 😀

  • silly late night shoop I did looking for some kind of title or caption

    • Orglodyte

      That’s what I call fully hatted!

    • Frodis73

      I can’t think of anything clever, but it does make me laugh…those hats are ridiculous.

    • what was that expression the put in the blurb for GAT II … everyone had to be re-hatted… get a new student hat or something?

  • AintMizBahavin

    something that appears to be misunderstood and /or ignored is that the militant midget belongs to the group of elites. yea yea i know people dont want to believe it but just take a step back and reflect on that the fact that this information has been coming out about cos, lrh and misbitchave for years way back when rons wife and scis went to jail and nothing NOTHING was ever done. no one investigated.the exemption cos was allowed to roam and run free doing any and everything they pleased. there is only one way that can happen and that is it is was allowed to happen. lrh didnt just come up with these ideas he stole every idea, book and phrase he put into place into cos ex: much like the thieves of crime (wall) street was allowed to force the people into a recession among other things. and NO ONE i mean no one re: bankers, auto execs, etc has been charged much less indicted and sent to jail for the deliberation of it all. the irs has billions to pay for specialized military weapons, multi millions for consultants to tell the corporation how to screw up the system. and billions to pay for new private prisons and fema camps , but none for education, youth and senior centers, to fight homelessness and to bring the jobs back to our side of the planet. so im more then damn sure they have and had the resources to take on lyingtology and yet not only did they acquiesce but they also put into place a gag order. so no one would know the truth of what really happened..

    and fyi seems to me the tone of the above article has taken some very good notes from cos on how to humiliate people for trying to help. no matter how misguided no one deserves to have their efforts to make cos accountable called pathetic. as if the efforts of everyone else has been / is perfect accept theirs. However misguided it was at least they were trying.

    • Frodis73

      Hey girl! You know I adore you…hope you do anyway and please don’t take this wrong, but please watch this video by our own Chris Shelton.
      Don’t obsess about this stuff that is just not true…focus on the true horrors that our (and others) govt and corporations are doing…that shit is way worse than anything these conspiracy theories allege.
      Tony was maybe a bit too harsh, but he is also right that the petition will have little effect other than PR, if that. I did sign it by the way. However, I’m writing (and have written) my congress critters and I am going to fill out some IRS forms as this truly seems like a better way to make an impact. Especially from ex’s that have first hand experience.
      Be well.

    • Jimmy Threetimes

      My cousin’s girlfriend was at a FEMA camp. They cut off three of her toes when an elite needed a new toe. The elite only needed one toe but apparently they wanted to present options. We all just thank God the Elite didn’t need a whole foot. But they did take her pinky toe, so now when she walks, she gradually veers off to the left. My cousin has to catch her and straighten her course. It’s really sweet to watch, actually.

      • Frodis73


      • flyonthewall

        u check the email for your gen sock accnt still? I sent a message to generic sock

        • Jimmy Threetimes

          Do me a favor and copy/paste it to ?

          • flyonthewall

            is that a for real email or u just fuckin w/me?

            • flyonthewall

              guess we’ll see. Just sent it, you can delete your comment now if you want

            • Jimmy Threetimes

              the address says “thisisnotafakeacct”
              trust the address! for real

            • flyonthewall

              I threw caution to the wind, as is my style, and sent it there

  • Diane

    This is the first I’ve read about Scientology (or their lawyers) purchasing the phone records of their targets. How do they pull that off, and who is selling it to them?

    • Frodis73

      I’m just guessing here, but probably an employee at the phone company. Lots of people prob have access to that info…you would just have to find the right person who has both access and is willing to break the law.

  • Buddhaontheroad

    Your longer post “today” was very written and a pleasure to read. There were many important posts about
    IRS procedural matters, while yours dealt with Ron’s subjective reality. And that sort of thing is especially
    difficult to communicate. I’m quite impressed.

    • Buddhaontheroad

      Sorry NEVERIN. I’m having trouble getting your name in. Very WELL written. Sorry for the omission.

  • PappeKak

    I don’t think so.

    • Frodis73


      • PappeKak

        ‘Twas a failed photoshop. Don’t know why, I saw it briefly, then it was gone. I let it rest for a few hours and nothing. I’ll try again tomorrow night.

  • PappeKak

    I don’t think so very much.

  • PappeKak

    I can’t say otherwise due tu disqusydt.

  • PappeKak

    ! ?

    • Frodis73

      I have no clue what you are trying to say or post. Pic maybe?

  • Frodis73

    Any disqus experts here? What does it mean if somebody has a yellow/gold bar/line next to their name?? It’s obviously highlighting the person for some reason (like new comments with the blue bar/line) but I have no idea how or why this happened. I googled it and went to the disqus faq page and that was totally unhelpful.

    • Missionary Kid

      If you click on the time stamp of a comment (the time since a comment is posted, just to the right on a person’s nickname) a yellow bar appears to the left of that avatar.

      At the same time, #comment- xxxxxxxxxx appears to the right of your address bar, so if you refresh, that comment will be the one featured.

      • Pierrot

        You learn everyday. I did find it annoying that everytime I refresh, I was taken back to the top of the comments. Thanks

        • Missionary Kid

          To correct it, click on the address at the top of your page, which will turn it inverted, then use your right arrow or the “end” key to take to to the end of the address, and delete the #comment- xxxxxxx, then refresh, (I hit enter while my cursor is still in the address bar) and you’ll be back to normal, which for me, is the setting that sorts the newest comments at the top.

          • Frodis73

            Thanks so much MK! You’re the best….I couldn’t figure out what I had done. Lol.

    • Diane

      I’m new to this Disqus format, too. I haven’t seen a yellow line yet.

  • Jenny Lee de Becker

    Excellent information and resources. Anyone from UK have similar info we could use here? Scientology snuck in the back door in 2013 to get it recognised as a “religion” for weddings slippery slope for the UK, so any advice and help a UK lawyer could provide for how we can pressure the UK government in a similar way to this would be really helpful 🙂

    • Eclipse-girl

      I wouldn’t be worried abut scientology being allowed to have their weddings.
      As far as I know, the tax exempt laws of the UK require proof of charitable causes and scientology has not won that battle.

      • Frodis73

        I think John Sweeny made a great comment about ppl being allowed to marry at a grocery store didn’t make the grocery store a church/religion. I don’t remember exactly what he said, but it was a great snark reply to a sci on twitter bragging about them finally being recognized as a religion.

        • Jenny Lee de Becker

          Thank you. I love John Sweeney and his humour. The point though is a grocery store must adhere to health and safety, minimum wages, pay it taxes (yes I know). Staff have rights and external help to redress abuses……… etc, etc, etc. I think with any public PRIVILEGE there must be responsibility to the PUBLIC. More pressure is needed in the UK. In the UK the general public will not even get to read the books by Sweeney and Wright and most other critics of the church here because their books CANNOT be sold here! (due to libel laws). Thank universe the UK interested parties are at least able to get these books off internet or we would be living in the dark ages of knowledge.

          • Scream Nevermore

            The Church of Fear is available on Amazon UK. So is Going Clear, and several more. I also thought you couldn’t buy them here, but that appears to not be the case – unless they are sanitised versions to take our libel laws into consideration.

      • Jenny Lee de Becker

        Thanks I agree, but the slippery slope I mentioned is the insidiousness of one step at a time. I think all charities and religions should be required to sign at least the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and prove they practice it with free and open access to non-members before being granted ANY privileges. Beyond that though the more important issue is that they really only pay business rate taxes in the UK, because of the financial structure they set up to show UK branches don’t make a profit to pay tax on. Again that slipper slope and the only way to halt it is lots of pressure from the public.

  • Jack99

    “David Letterman’s Star-Studded Farewell Guest List Revealed. Bill Murray, Oprah Winfrey, Jerry Seinfeld, John Travolta and Julia Roberts are among the A-Listers who will help usher David Letterman into late-night history.”
    I’d be disappointed if Letterman didn’t ask Travolta, So, seen any good films lately?

  • IMO Cookie Cutter reports on form 13909 or letters to the IRS are not a good idea.I’m sure $cientology watches Tony’s Blog and will copy this TOOT SWEET and provide it ( with tons of other crud along with their circus act of Tax Attorneys ) to the IRS in the hearing $cientology is entitled to per IRC Section 7611. If the IRS is inundated with similar reports that tend to look too similar they will know what is going on and if not you can bet that $cientology will be happy to point it out to them. IMO personal experience, ones own words, story and any documentation to bring the truth home is good !! For those who don’t have personal experience but are concerned Citizens I can think of a couple of examples. 1. They watched the HBO Special Going Clear, check off the box or boxes you feel applies, state your case and send it off. 2. If you read a book written by an Ex-Member of $cientology. 3. Know an Ex-Scientologist that told you things or you observed things . After all EVERY Citizen has the right to bring the violations they feel need to be reported to the attention of the Powers that be. And god knows it needs to happen when it comes to $cientology. Its gone on WAY TOO LONG and something needs to be done about it. 🙂

  • Viktoria

    I just have to say, I just watched the movie. Spanky T.’s story brought me to tears. I have heard this story before but not in the way it is portrayed in the film. One thing she said, that stays with me is (paraphrasing) “I can make these decisions, to save the planet, for my own self, but I cannot make them (impose them on) for my children”.
    This is so true, and I continue thinking of the children in the Sea org, in there right now, who’s parents think that it is their duty to turn their kids into SO slaves. I know, there are so many other horrific things going on in the world but it is just mind boggling to me that this is happening in the U.S, and the western world. We have to take this “church” down. Now.
    Question to the big cheeses in the IRS; Do you have kids?
    To the scientologists reading this; Go hug your kids. Now. They need you.

    • Ella Raitch

      Just watched it for third time today and have watched it with all of my kids #innoculated

      • A New Day

        and working toward herd immunity!

    • From83

      To be fair most but not all Scientology parents at least the ones not in the SO are quite against their children joining the SO. I know since I have been subject to their recruitment tactics. I have heard the recruiters explain how they know how to handle your parents and how they handled their own parents. If they thought the SO was great they would have joined it themselves. One of my fellow bunkerites really upset a Scientologist Mother with a young baby by telling her, “only 12 more years till he can join the SeaOrg!” Getting the kids into the SO not only brings in cheap labor but it helps cement the parents to the ocean floor.

      • Viktoria

        But that’s just the thing. It is not coherent. You are a scientologist and so should support all activities within the CoS including child labor in the SO. Wouldn’t it be an honor if your child considered joining (considering it because of early indoctrination from mum and dad?)? But clearly some members of the CoS knows that the SO is a horrible place and don’t want their children near the billion year contract, but still “Scientology is the best thing that has happened to me”- speach is not more than a few seconds away. Then again, as a never-in and obviously a beginner-bunkerite, much in the CoS is very incoherent. At least to me.

      • Viktoria

        You’re fortunate, and so are your parents.

  • Mymy88

    Welcome to the Hotel California (is it just me…)

    Photo from the ‘Underground Bunker’ at, April 13, 2015, Category: Scientology Studies.

  • WiselySaid

    Do we really need to separate these nuts from any other religious nuts? The better question is why does anybody get a tax exemption for simply believing unprovable information. That’s a weird and unjust rule.

    • PickAnotherID

      Will you please either get a clue and pay attention, or change your posting name to “Duh!”

      It’s not about what anyone believes. Whether you agree with those beliefs or not.

      It’s about their actions towards others. Whether it’s their own members, or those who are critical of them.

      IRS Form 13909 complaint form can be found at:

      • WiselySaid

        No, it’s about whether I should be on the hook to pay extra taxes so that the Scientologists and every other religious nut can enjoy a tax exemption for their donations. Believing in, and taking orders from, an invisible friend is not anything the government needs to be encouraging through public policy.

  • Ag

    what happened to the Oregon senator that was going to look into this UNFAIR tax exemption as well.

  • Gabreya Bradley

    I pray that people taking these steps and report the obvious abuses of this “church” can help capture the attention of the IRS and hopefully, they’ll finally grow some guts and investigate Scientology.

  • bellatrix318


  • Meme Sosoui

    Ohh yeaahh ’bout time for this spearhead

  • Ag

    Where in the legal law world does it say that religions are allowed to maintain their own prison system?
    People may sign up voluntarily but when they want to leave they can’t so how can religion hold people against their will?
    How is any religion protected to allow for people to go to be missing, be denied medical attention, murdered or driven to driven to kill themselves?
    How does religion freedom allow children to be separated from parents and brainwashed into child labor. How can a 7 year old be allowed to sign any valid contract, when they don’t understand what signature means or how to write a billion?
    How are the tax-payers ok with this? Why are the political parties ok with this? Every time a 3rd of your earnings are taken away in taxes, or better yet you look at your property tax bills to be paid, remember that you are paying into the bucket that covers a lot of losers who don’t have that debt to pay, because we tax exempt them, and YOU end up covering the maintenance and the loss of income from properties 100 times bigger and more expensive than your house. So all the people that make comments as if this issue doesn’t pertain to them, well it does. This is a bad seed in US system and only few are stepping up to address it. I can’t help but think that 1993 scam is somehow sealed by a presidential seal and that’s why none of the agencies will ever do anything about it.

  • Libby Mae Brown

    *WHY* was the recent white house petition shut down after garnering 30,000-plus signatures and less than one month online? Was there a deadline by which a certain number of signatures had to be reached, or was something more sinister behind its yanking???? I’ve asked countless people online and *nobody* seems to know the answer. SO frustratingt !

  • Libby Mae Brown

    mea culpa….might have helped had i read this article before posting that message. great information and suggestions – and the mystery has been solved at last ! extremely important article…thank you so much for elucidating.

  • sj

    The fact that our Gov is giving Tax Exemptions to a major CULT is disgusting. Good citizens are working hard and paying their taxes while this CULT gets away with exemptions?

    It’s documented that Hubbard chose to claim this CULT is a church FOR the tax exemptions!

    Both the FBI and the IRS should be looking into Scientology and their leaders. There are enough American’s who’ve suffered at their hands and yet our Gov ignores them.

    It doesn’t take a genius to realize they seduced Tom Cruise and other celebrities to mask their illegal activities and the way they treat people who unfortunately joined up only to be punished and treated like slaves.

    How it has come to be, that people can hear about Xenu and sign up to be part of this big Scientology scam I will never understand. Xenu is so laughable, a big bad joke and for a science fiction book to become a religion; makes it absurd that anyone with a brain would continue to give them the time of day in the 21st century!

    Helping this Cult to make more billions, giving them tax breaks while they harm people, is not what our Gov is suppose to do.

    Many countries abroad are on to their cult scams…and refusing to give them tax breaks, etc. What not the US?

  • Sue D.

    I just tried to fill out a complaint however the section after the nature of the violation is requiring names of people
    involved, organization title, date of violation and dollar amount of violation. I would love to see a campaign to get people to complete the form but I think you need to change your guidance a little, so we know what we should put in for the specific details.

  • Sean Shamblin

    I can’t get the official form to fill out. Some other thing comes up.

  • Sean Shamblin

    The Scientology IRS complaint form.

  • Jeffrey Augustine has updated his “IRS Tax-Exempt Complaint” web page, that explains more about, how to help and how to fill it out – Go take a look: