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Scientology’s founder L. Ron Hubbard on the ‘God trick,’ Christ implants, and Muslims

 Our regular readers know that besides looking into the breaking Scientology news of the day, and keeping track of court cases, and asking around about church leader David Miscavige and his missing wife, we also, from time to time, like to dive into the source material of this wacky thing that calls itself a []


Scientology’s greatest lecture of all: It’s finally time we look closer at Xenu in all his glory

[L. Ron Hubbard, surrounded by the crew of the Apollo]

Over the last few months, we’ve made an occasional series out of bringing you Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard in his own words. On its new television network, Scientology itself has a program it calls “L. Ron Hubbard: In His Own Voice,” but that’s the safe []

Before Scientology was a ‘church,’ L. Ron Hubbard said religion controlled people with lies

[L. Ron Hubbard, circa 1952]

It’s one of those L. Ron Hubbard quotes that gets brought up a lot, especially by those who want to make the point that the “Church” of Scientology really isn’t one at []

Not-ready-for-Scientology TV: L. Ron Hubbard’s fortune telling tricks still being sold today

 Scientology has sent out another precious mailer to its members that includes an amazing L. Ron Hubbard quote, and we thank our tipster who sent it in. Once again, Scientologists are privately getting sent wacky Hubbard material that you aren’t going to see on the new Scientology television []

What Scientology TV should be about — but won’t dare to put on the air

[The Commodore]

With the news yesterday that Scientology TV is so imminent the church is having its videos tested on focus groups in Manhattan, we’re more anxious than ever to see what Scientology leader David Miscavige is going to put on the air, perhaps as early as this weekend. []

What L. Ron Hubbard said about religion — before Scientology became a ‘church’

[Hubbard, circa 1952]

Once again, we’re bringing you some original Source to let you hear L. Ron Hubbard in his words. And in this case, we hope we’ve found something for you that’s going to provoke some interesting []

Sunday Scientology sermon: L. Ron Hubbard on freeing kids from their bodies

[L. Ron Hubbard, circa 1952]

Rod Keller is on assignment this week, so we’re going to have some fun this Sunday by once again bringing you some of that sweet, original []

Scientology’s ‘scripture’ includes a thoroughly debunked mammoth-meat hoax

 David Miscavige and the Church of Scientology are doing their ecclesiastical best to play up the “religion” thing as much as possible these days. As their organization shrinks and comes under heavy fire from the media, they hold up their holy double-cross and proclaim that they are the victims of religious []

Even in 2018, Scientology is still selling L. Ron Hubbard like he had the universe figured out

 It’s true that church leader David Miscavige has made a lot of changes to Scientology over the 30-plus years that he’s been in charge. But some things never change. We were struck by that thought when one of our helpers sent over the latest copy of Source magazine, which is intended to get Scientologists excited []

Ugh. We just found a troubling L. Ron Hubbard Scientology lecture about little boys and sex.

 You have to understand something, dear reader. L. Ron Hubbard, the founder of Scientology, used to give lectures on practically a daily basis — and sometimes more than one a day — for decades. This character could talk and talk about anything for hours and hours, and his followers giggled and applauded their way through []