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Monthly Archives

Another capital to get a ‘national’ Scientology center. Can you feel the excitement?

 Fresh off the purchase of an Ideal Org building for Adelaide in August, Scientology is buying a building in Canberra which will be known as the National Church of Scientology. Canberra is the capital of Australia and although it’s surrounded by New South Wales, the city is a small independent enclave known as the Australian []


If Scientology’s Ideal Org grand openings are on hold, fundraising steams ahead

[Hawaii Ideal Org fundraising]

Is Scientology’s Ideal Org program on hold? It’s a theory based on the lack of an opening this year while the average is about seven. Scientologists are being told that all remaining orgs are being worked on “simultaneously.” If grand openings starring church leader David Miscavige are on hold, the rest of []

Scientology is staffing its Narconon in Ireland like it’s already won court approval

 Scientology isn’t waiting for official approval before recruiting staff for the planned Narconon Ireland facility in Ballivor, County Meath. We last reported on the planned Narconon Ireland in 2018 as neighbors were organizing to oppose the facility. Scientology has a permit for converting the old primary school to a nursing home and hoped to open []

Scientology’s efforts to suck up to power is appearing to pay off

[Big time Scientology donor Tom Cummins gets a thumb’s up.]

It was a good week for Scientology’s efforts to connect with powerful people. []

Scientologist-led anti-vaxx ‘Conscience Coalition’ is off to a humble start

[Coalition member Veronica Rodriguez‎ (in yellow) and friends meet with Assembly member Ed Chau]

The Conscience Coalition is continuing to organize against SB 276, a bill that would require California health officials to monitor doctors and schools that have more than usual rates of medical exemptions from required childhood vaccines. Members are being asked to contact []

Scientology finds a friendly physician to help out in its attack on an effective drug

 Scientology front group CCHR recently published an article opposing a new drug to treat tardive dyskinesia (TD). They’re a little late to the party, as Ingrezza was approved by the FDA in 2017 to treat adults for the side effects of some antipsychotic medications. Patients on these medicines may develop TD, involuntary jerking motions of []

Miscavige changes course: All remaining Scientology orgs to go ‘Ideal’ at the same time

[It’s convention season for Scientology!]

“Doing it all simultaneously.” This cryptic slogan showed up at an “Ideal Org Convention” for Canada last week. But it’s becoming clear that this is a message that is being sent to all Scientologists around the world. So what does it []

Evidence that Scientology is adopting an anti-vaxx strategy, and with political aspirations

[L to r: Jonathan Lockwood, Renee Bessone, and Greg Mitchell, founders of Conscience Coalition]

There’s a new group of Scientologists and their allies calling themselves the Conscience Coalition. It doesn’t have the official blessing of the church yet, but there’s no doubt they’re well connected with OSA, the Office of Special Affairs, which is responsible for []

Is it time for Scientology to replace its cruise ship? If so, we’ve done the shopping.

[MV Freewinds]

With the opening of additional ‘Ideal Orgs’ in recent years Scientology claims to be experiencing rapid expansion. They have expanded their facilities at Advanced Orgs in Copenhagen and Sydney, and opened a new AO in South Africa. If this expansion in buildings is being met by an expansion in membership they should consider adding []

How Scientology treats a member in real need strains the notion of the word ‘church’

[Flag Land Base, Clearwater]

Today we have the story of a Scientologist in a tough situation. We’ll call her Grace. She’s going through a divorce, she has untreated medical problems, and has come to Clearwater to turn things around for her. Instead they have kicked her out. She’s desperate and asking her friends in Scientology for []