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Monthly Archives

Evidence that Scientology is adopting an anti-vaxx strategy, and with political aspirations

[L to r: Jonathan Lockwood, Renee Bessone, and Greg Mitchell, founders of Conscience Coalition]

There’s a new group of Scientologists and their allies calling themselves the Conscience Coalition. It doesn’t have the official blessing of the church yet, but there’s no doubt they’re well connected with OSA, the Office of Special Affairs, which is responsible for []


Is it time for Scientology to replace its cruise ship? If so, we’ve done the shopping.

[MV Freewinds]

With the opening of additional ‘Ideal Orgs’ in recent years Scientology claims to be experiencing rapid expansion. They have expanded their facilities at Advanced Orgs in Copenhagen and Sydney, and opened a new AO in South Africa. If this expansion in buildings is being met by an expansion in membership they should consider adding []

How Scientology treats a member in real need strains the notion of the word ‘church’

[Flag Land Base, Clearwater]

Today we have the story of a Scientologist in a tough situation. We’ll call her Grace. She’s going through a divorce, she has untreated medical problems, and has come to Clearwater to turn things around for her. Instead they have kicked her out. She’s desperate and asking her friends in Scientology for []

Scientology continues to use the United Nations as a prop for its propaganda

 Scientology front group Youth for Human Rights wound up its annual conference at the United Nations in New York yesterday. It’s a three-day event that brings Scientology allies together to discuss the importance of human rights and continue the process of “safepointing” the church. Associating Scientology with the U.N. is a huge victory in itself []

Scientology is hiring for a drug rehab whose location is a secret

 Scientology is keeping a secret: The location of its new Continental Narconon in Australia. []

While Scientology shrinks, its ‘Ideal Orgs’ pretend they are booming

[“How Big Was Old Saint Hill?” asked this 1960s Scientology booklet.]

How big was Old Saint Hill? Scientology published at least two versions of this booklet with photos and statistics of the East Grinstead, England org while L. Ron Hubbard was living there from 1965-1967, with a brief trip to Rhodesia in the middle. Hubbard fled []

Scientology in Sweden: A telling snapshot of a failed Ideal Org under pressure

 God morgon. Today we take a look at Scientology’s footprint in Sweden — a country with more residents than any other Scandinavian country at nearly 10 million. Scientology opened the Malmö Ideal Org in 2009. It’s really in the municipality of Arlöv, north of the city and an odd choice for the first Swedish Ideal []

Having conquered QR codes, Scientology goes all in on WhatsApp

 Scientology is moving towards modern communications technology. We have seen how they use Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other social media to communicate with non-staff members (known as “publics”) and to spread PR messages. []

Free of measles, Scientology’s cruise ship gets back to separating OTs from their money

[Freewinds in Aruba, May 17th]

The Scientology ship Freewinds was released from quarantine in Willemstad in Curaçao and arrived on Friday at the port of Oranjestad, Aruba. The scare when a passenger was diagnosed with measles is over, and Scientology is anxious to get the ship back to normal. The ship is the only place Scientology []

Scientology finds the dream solution to its recruiting woes — the QR Code!

[Melbourne staff learn to scan each other]

Scientology orgs around the world are receiving visitors from Scientology Media Productions, or SMP. It’s the new Sea Org Org that occupies the former KCET television studios in Hollywood and created Scientology TV. They are on tour because staff members have to be shown how to use the latest []