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Scientology, stop being so stupid during the pandemic. We have some advice for you.

 We have a message for the Orlando Scientology org. There is no such thing as coming together to fight the coronavirus. Staying apart is how you fight the pandemic. And yet, you sent a team of six into this Catholic priest’s home to spray disinfectant (see above), and all you did is expose him to []


Scientology tries to rah-rah its way through the pandemic while endangering its members

[Dianetics happiness, posted Friday by Scientology]

Scientology continues to deal with the Coronavirus outbreak this week. The Black Scientologists Convention has been rescheduled and it’s safe to assume all events on the Freewinds have been suspended. []

Report: Scientology cancels LRH Birthday, but still spreads quackery about coronavirus

 Last night we received a report that Scientology had moved its holiest annual event — L. Ron Hubbard’s Birthday — from Friday to Saturday, and then cancelled it []

Scientology attempts to clean up its balloon mess by clearing beach of syringes

[Cleaning up the beach in Ventura]

Scientology made national headlines when it released hundreds of balloons at the opening of the Ventura ideal org last month. Neighbors and concerned citizens complained, and Ventura Mayor Matt LaVere claimed “The truth is that the City EXPRESSLY FORBID the Church of Scientology from doing this balloon release, and they []

Videos capture Scientology’s bizarre ideas about Clearwater election and Mark Bunker

[Mark Bunker and Ryan Prescott]

Clearwater is holding an election on March 17 for mayor and two city council seats. Scientology is worried that critic Mark Bunker might win seat 2 on the council and is supporting his opponent Eliseo Santana Jr., an army veteran and retired worker for the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office. Santana is []

For once Scientology gives up on Ideal Org, settles for a fancy ‘mission’ instead

 This week Scientology opened an ‘Ideal Mission’ in San José, Costa Rica. They have abandoned the plan to open an Ideal Org in the capital city and have sold the property they purchased for that purpose. As they did in Panama, an Ideal Mission will have to serve in place of Latin America’s third Ideal []

Scientology and eyesight: The familiar totem of claiming clarity of vision to emulate Ron

After I completed the Purif I felt light, with a renewed source of energy, could focus more clearly and I’m more determined and excited for the future. My eyesight has improved slightly. I also feel very above and in control of my body. Thank you to the Purif staff and to []

One sure sign a new Scientology ‘Ideal Org’ is on the way: the Central Files mayhem

 ODD, an upcoming “Ideal Org” slated for Mexico City, has started its Central Files project and it threatens to bury Scientologists under towers of paper folders. []

Scientology honors its bodysnatchers with stars on its Xenu-rrific walk of fame

 Scientology has two main awards ceremonies per year. Donors to the IAS draw attention for the huge trophies awarded at an October event at Saint Hill in East Grinstead, England that mirror their millions in donations that keep the organization going. The other awards are made during the New Year’s event in Los Angeles where []

Does Mexico really need a Scientology ‘Advanced Org’? We’ll soon find out.

 The seals on the gates of the Palmas Plaza have been removed and work has started again to renovate the former shopping mall into Scientology’s Advanced Org for Latin America. Scientology purchased the building in 2008 and began renovating without permits in 2017. How Scientology convinced officials to issue a permit and remove the seals []