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Monthly Archives

Scientologist anti-vaxx group fundraises on the idea its big California loss was a win

[Renee Bessone‎ and Jonathan Lockwood at a Ulan Nutritional Systems symposium]

The Scientologist-led Conscience Coalition is continuing its anti-vaxx agenda despite losing the battle in California over SB 276, which made it more difficult for doctors to lie about their patients’ condition to get a medical exemption from required school vaccinations. Other bills are being introduced []


Just what Panama City needed, a new Scientology ‘Ideal Mission’!

 Scientology’s Ideal Org drought continues as they have opened none so far this year. It’s been speculated that leader David Miscavige has postponed openings to avoid being served legal papers in Scientology’s court cases. Miscavige has never attended the opening ceremonies of ‘Ideal Missions,’ and this week saw the opening of one in Panama []

Who had the biggest booth at the Black Caucus DC confab this month? Scientology, that’s who.

 The Congressional Black Conference Foundation held its Annual Legislative Conference this month and Scientology was on hand to spread its message of hatred against psychiatry. The event draws over 30,000 attendees to Washington, DC. []

Scientology is making plans for a Narconon drug rehab in the land of the rising sun

 Scientology is planning expansion of the Narconon program to Japan. Carlo Balasini (left, above) and Giovanni Citterio (right) held briefings at the Tokyo Ideal Org this week to recruit staff and to generate excitement for the new facility. Balasini is the Executive Director of the Narconon Europe facility in Helsinge, Denmark, while Citterio is the []

Scientology reels in politicians and gets photo ops out of Hurricane Dorian

[In search of cameras and willing pols]

Scientology Volunteer Ministers traveled to the Bahamas this week to provide relief in the wake of Hurricane Dorian. We have no evidence that the hygiene packs assembled last week have been distributed, but we know of one boat and one airplane that have been making the trip. The 82-foot []

Hurricane Dorian’s destruction provides Scientology another chance at make-believe

[Disasters are fun!]

Glendy Goodsell, Executive Director of Scientology Volunteer Ministers of Florida, wants to send 150 volunteers to join relief efforts in the Bahamas following Hurricane Dorian. She recorded a video (below) from the VM center on Fort Harrison Ave. in Clearwater this week. []

Another capital to get a ‘national’ Scientology center. Can you feel the excitement?

 Fresh off the purchase of an Ideal Org building for Adelaide in August, Scientology is buying a building in Canberra which will be known as the National Church of Scientology. Canberra is the capital of Australia and although it’s surrounded by New South Wales, the city is a small independent enclave known as the Australian []

If Scientology’s Ideal Org grand openings are on hold, fundraising steams ahead

[Hawaii Ideal Org fundraising]

Is Scientology’s Ideal Org program on hold? It’s a theory based on the lack of an opening this year while the average is about seven. Scientologists are being told that all remaining orgs are being worked on “simultaneously.” If grand openings starring church leader David Miscavige are on hold, the rest of []

Scientology is staffing its Narconon in Ireland like it’s already won court approval

 Scientology isn’t waiting for official approval before recruiting staff for the planned Narconon Ireland facility in Ballivor, County Meath. We last reported on the planned Narconon Ireland in 2018 as neighbors were organizing to oppose the facility. Scientology has a permit for converting the old primary school to a nursing home and hoped to open []

Scientology’s efforts to suck up to power is appearing to pay off

[Big time Scientology donor Tom Cummins gets a thumb’s up.]

It was a good week for Scientology’s efforts to connect with powerful people. []