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Monthly Archives

Having conquered QR codes, Scientology goes all in on WhatsApp

 Scientology is moving towards modern communications technology. We have seen how they use Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other social media to communicate with non-staff members (known as “publics”) and to spread PR messages. []


Free of measles, Scientology’s cruise ship gets back to separating OTs from their money

[Freewinds in Aruba, May 17th]

The Scientology ship Freewinds was released from quarantine in Willemstad in Curaçao and arrived on Friday at the port of Oranjestad, Aruba. The scare when a passenger was diagnosed with measles is over, and Scientology is anxious to get the ship back to normal. The ship is the only place Scientology []

Scientology finds the dream solution to its recruiting woes — the QR Code!

[Melbourne staff learn to scan each other]

Scientology orgs around the world are receiving visitors from Scientology Media Productions, or SMP. It’s the new Sea Org Org that occupies the former KCET television studios in Hollywood and created Scientology TV. They are on tour because staff members have to be shown how to use the latest []

Scientology and Nation of Islam figure picks worst week to rail against measles vaccine

 Rizza Islam picked the worst possible time to go on tour spreading misinformation about vaccines used to prevent the spread of []

Scientology stepping up its promotion of chiropractic, demonizing of the AMA

 There’s a new article by the Scientology front group Citizens Commission on Human Rights. CCHR blog posts and press releases are generally intended for an internal Scientologist audience rather than the public. This article is aimed at members of Scientology who are chiropractors, and there are hundreds, perhaps thousands of them. Many Scientologists will see []

Scientology’s mad real estate splurge has real consequences for its indentured workers

[Westfield House, Scotland’s future Ideal Org]

The quest to completely replace old Scientology org buildings with new quarters continues, and the consequences can be severe for some members caught up in the project. []

Foreign ‘expansion,’ thanks to US Scientologists forking over the millions

 Rod Keller keeps us up on the latest news about Scientology’s plans for []

Scientology is putting Ideal Orgs in every country where it operates — except one

 Rod Keller keeps an eye on the Ideal Org racket David Miscavige is running, and he notices something very []

Scientology pitches a fit about sensible mental health reform in wake of Parkland shooting

[CCHR Florida President Diane Klein, center]

Rod Keller keeps us up to date on Scientology’s latest anti-psychiatry []

A new drug shows promise for depression, so naturally Scientology is fighting it

 Rod Keller keeps an eye on Scientology’s most unhinged front group and its quixotic battle against modern mental []