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Monthly Archives

Scientology amps up shattering suppression in the wake of Leah Remini’s onslaught

 In the past year we have seen an increase in the number of Scientologists taking the How To Confront And Shatter Suppression – PTS/SP Course. It’s been a required course for years and one that many members have done repeatedly but now we learn it’s been revised again, this time with more “clay demos.” It []


Scientologists use faith healing to convince fire victims they’re actually helping

 Australia’s largest city, Sydney, is surrounded by brush fires. Smoke covered the city this week leading some residents to seek medical attention. Six have died so far and more than 2.5 million acres and hundreds of homes have been burned. As we reported last year, disasters of this scale are an opportunity for Scientology to []

Scientology’s sleep cures are enough to keep you up at night

 The Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR) has a new article on its blog that deserves comment. CCHR has a harder time than other Scientology front groups who can keep their writings based on some truth in their chosen issue. Foundation for a Drug Free World can write truthfully about how using illegal drugs is []

Scientology promotes its expensive propaganda TV channel one flier at a time

 The Scientology Network (Scientology TV) may be the only digital property in the world being marketed primarily by hand. []

Add ‘The Last Samurai’ to Tom Cruise movies Scientology uses for themed fundraising

[Brisbane ‘Last Samurai’ Ideal Org event]

How do you get Scientologists to come to fundraising parties when they know they’re going to be hounded for donations for new building projects? Themed costume parties continue to be a popular strategy, and we’ve seen them use everything from gangster and vampire films to Star Wars and yes, the []

A Scientology front group that duped celebrities for Narconon: It’s baaaack!

[‘Family Ties’ stars Justine Bateman, Michael J. Fox, and Tina Yothers, 1985]

A once-dormant Scientology front group is making a resurgence. This month Friends of Narconon launched a new Twitter account, and they’re making the remarkable claim that their educational program is endorsed by SAMHSA, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. The agency is []

Scientologist anti-vaxx group fundraises on the idea its big California loss was a win

[Renee Bessone‎ and Jonathan Lockwood at a Ulan Nutritional Systems symposium]

The Scientologist-led Conscience Coalition is continuing its anti-vaxx agenda despite losing the battle in California over SB 276, which made it more difficult for doctors to lie about their patients’ condition to get a medical exemption from required school vaccinations. Other bills are being introduced []

Just what Panama City needed, a new Scientology ‘Ideal Mission’!

 Scientology’s Ideal Org drought continues as they have opened none so far this year. It’s been speculated that leader David Miscavige has postponed openings to avoid being served legal papers in Scientology’s court cases. Miscavige has never attended the opening ceremonies of ‘Ideal Missions,’ and this week saw the opening of one in Panama []

Who had the biggest booth at the Black Caucus DC confab this month? Scientology, that’s who.

 The Congressional Black Conference Foundation held its Annual Legislative Conference this month and Scientology was on hand to spread its message of hatred against psychiatry. The event draws over 30,000 attendees to Washington, DC. []

Scientology is making plans for a Narconon drug rehab in the land of the rising sun

 Scientology is planning expansion of the Narconon program to Japan. Carlo Balasini (left, above) and Giovanni Citterio (right) held briefings at the Tokyo Ideal Org this week to recruit staff and to generate excitement for the new facility. Balasini is the Executive Director of the Narconon Europe facility in Helsinge, Denmark, while Citterio is the []