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Monthly Archives

Where it all began for us: Rick Ross, David Koresh, and the Church of Scientology

 Twenty years ago today, the new weekly edition of the Phoenix New Times featured a man named Rick Ross on its cover, and a byline that was printed there for the first time: “By Tony []


Scientology’s apocalyptic ‘expansion’: A hint at the real story in a Brighton shiny moment

 A number of our readers noticed that Scientology has been putting out gushing news about its unstoppable “expansion” in press releases that show up in the oddest places, like in a piece masquerading as a story that showed up in Digital Journal and in Jim Cramer’s news website The Street. We have to wonder at []

Scientology wants to force a drug rehab center on Maryland: Here’s the local county’s response

 We have an interesting document for you today. It’s the response from Frederick County, Maryland, to Scientology’s appeal of a zoning decision that is preventing its drug rehab network, Narconon, from building a boutique rehab center with 20 beds in a fishing camp known as Trout []

We’re giving thanks here in the Underground Bunker, and we hope you’ll help us out

 Here in the United States, today is the biggest Thursday of the year. It’s the day we give thanks, and the Underground Bunker certainly has a lot to be thankful for this []

Lisa McPherson and the doctors: Hamstrung by the ‘spiritual’ needs of a thetan

 Lisa McPherson’s first week under confinement at the Fort Harrison Hotel ended twenty years ago []

Strange scenes from the Moscow hearing that banned Scientology yesterday

 Yesterday, some of our commenters seemed confused that your proprietor wasn’t celebrating the news coming out of Russia that a Moscow city court had called for Scientology to be banned and its Ideal Org in that city to be shut down within six months. (Scientology vowed to []

Another Scientology rehab death — and why this one is particularly bad for David Miscavige

 Just a couple of weeks ago, we were telling you that Scientology leader David Miscavige was responding to the difficulties faced by the church’s drug rehab network, Narconon, by relaunching it. While numerous Narconon facilities have been hit with lawsuits over patient deaths and other claims of harm and dishonest dealing, Miscavige was opening new []

Scientology drug rehab policy: Get the sexual assaulter out of state before police arrive

 In the many lawsuits filed against Scientology’s drug rehab network Narconon in recent years, the allegation is often made that the facilities are not as safe as advertised. Not only have sexual assaults been reported, but some lawsuits have alleged that Narconon staff — who are often just recent “graduates” of the program themselves — []

Scenes from the divorce of the second marriage that L. Ron Hubbard never had

 As you can probably imagine, things here in the Underground Bunker are rather hectic, and in order for a new story to pop up every day, a lot happens behind the scenes that doesn’t necessarily get reflected in what we present to our []

Five months later, Ponzi schemer and Scientologist Reed Slatkin is still dead

 In 2008, the website Business Pundit listed Scientologist Reed Slatkin’s Ponzi scheme as the 8th worst in all []