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Twenty-five years ago today: The final hours of Lisa McPherson’s Scientology life

 We want to warn you the story we’re reprinting today is very disturbing and contains graphic descriptions that some may find difficult to deal with. Five years ago we marked the 20th anniversary of the death of Lisa McPherson by recording, in real time, the final weeks of her life. Today marks the 25th anniversary []


Former members of the Lisa McPherson Trust reflect on Tuesday’s ‘Aftermath’ episode

[Bob Minton and Stacy Brooks]

Tuesday night’s Scientology and the Aftermath episode was another stunner, and contained surprises even for some of us jaded, longtime Scientology Watchers. []

How Scientology’s mental health ideas end up enabling the worst compulsions

 Chris Shelton and Sunny Pereira — two longtime former Sea Org members who really know the subject — today wrap up a series of discussions they’ve put together about Scientology and mental []

Returning to Clearwater with a Miscavige cutout and memories of the Lisa McPherson Trust

[Jeff brought a life-size cutout with him, that card]

Way back in 1999, we wrote a story for the Phoenix New Times about a local resident who was getting the full “Fair Game” treatment from the Church of Scientology. Jeff Jacobsen was a knowledgeable church critic who had alerted the world to the plight of a []

Why Scientology has no business pontificating on mental health — a discussion

 Whether it’s about the shocking way people have been treated at a remote Tennessee facility, or the infamous death of a woman in Florida, for years we’ve been writing about Scientology’s poor record of handling the needs of the mentally ill. Now, Chris Shelton and Sunny Pereira are beginning a series of discussions specifically about []

Postscript: How David Miscavige spun the death of Lisa McPherson

 We’re very glad to be done with our series about Lisa McPherson, who died 20 years ago yesterday. But after paying such close attention to Scientology’s grimmest of scandals, we thought we owed you a laugh []

Twenty years ago today: The final hours of Lisa McPherson’s Scientology life

 What Laura Arrunada, Lisa McPherson’s final caretaker, saw in Room 174 of the Fort Harrison Hotel in the last three days of Lisa’s life was so upsetting, Marty Rathbun made her reports []

How Scientology ‘caretakers’ could stand by and watch Lisa McPherson deteriorate

 Inside the room there was hardly anything other than a bed and the person being given the silent treatment. Outside the room, there was someone watching to make sure that the door stayed closed and the person inside didn’t get []

Augustine: How Scientology changes its story to fit what it’s trying to get away with

[David Miscavige, captain of a legal fiction]

 Frequent contributor Jeffrey Augustine is back, and this time he digs into the way Scientology changes its story, depending on who it’s trying to threaten or hoodwink. Take it away, []

Hey, Legoland: A former Scientology youth explains what your money will buy

 On Monday, the Legoland California theme park invited actress Jenna Elfman to preside over its annual Christmas tree lighting ceremony and thanked her by donating $10,000 to the charity of her choice. Elfman, a longtime and ardent Scientologist, asked Legoland to donate the money to Youth for Human Rights, a Scientology front group that uses []