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Another Scientology rehab death — and why this one is particularly bad for David Miscavige


Just a couple of weeks ago, we were telling you that Scientology leader David Miscavige was responding to the difficulties faced by the church’s drug rehab network, Narconon, by relaunching it. While numerous Narconon facilities have been hit with lawsuits over patient deaths and other claims of harm and dishonest dealing, Miscavige was opening new centers around the world, and was reshuffling management of the network so that it was more tightly controlled by Scientology through one of its subsidiaries, the Association for Better Living and Education (ABLE).

That plan has already backfired in a tragic way.

The Underground Bunker has learned that on November 6, a woman who worked for a Scientology drug rehab facility in Texas was found dead in Los Angeles where she had been undergoing special training with ABLE for the Narconon relaunch.

Tabatha Lynn Fauteux was just 26 years old when she was found unconscious in her shower at the apartment where she was being housed during her several weeks of training.

“This has been a real tough one,” Tabatha’s father Guy Fauteux, 52, told us by telephone this week from Hudson, New Hampshire as his family prepared for Tabatha’s “celebration of life” on Saturday. He said that her remains had been returned to the family the week before, and on Tuesday there had been a small wake.

Fauteux was unhappy that Narconon had not contacted him about his daughter’s death — he learned about it from one of Tabatha’s friends.

“I have another daughter in Texas going through the program,” he told us. “It seemed to work so well for the first one, we thought, let’s do it again. She’s here now, and she’s supposed to go back after Thanksgiving, and they’ve been calling her every day to make sure she’s going back.”

Fauteux said he hadn’t really had time to think about whether his other daughter should return to the Texas program.

We sent a detailed message about Tabatha Fauteux’s death to the Church of Scientology. If we get a response, we’ll add it to this story.

At his Facebook page, Fauteux has replaced his profile with a photograph of his daughter standing near an old car awaiting restoration.

“Old school rat rods. My daughter Tabatha really enjoyed doing that with me. We’d talk about what we’ve done to our cars,” he said.

Guy and his wife Sheila have six children, all but one are daughters. Tabatha was their third child.

“The first three were girls, then the boy. And nine years after that, the oops. Twin girls,” he said. “Tabatha was a breeze. She didn’t have to study. She read it once and she had it locked in.”

Fauteux said his daughter’s drug issues began with painkillers that she had been taking as a teenager for a stomach problem. “We sent her to Job Corps in Maine to get her back on the straight line. It wasn’t like she was a punk, she was just trying to fit in, I think.”

Tabatha worked in the medical field, and she worked as a caretaker for a paraplegic patient, Fauteux said. “She really liked to help people.” But then, her drug problems worsened as she picked up a heroin habit.

“She got really sick here. We started looking for different places she could be treated. And we ended up sending her to Arizona. A three-day detox before you go into a facility. She never even made it to the detox. We lost her in the streets of Phoenix. My wife drove out there to Tabatha’s last known address, and found her there. That’s when we sent her to Narconon. She was down to 80 pounds,” he said.

“She was dating a boy, and he had gone through Narconon in California,” he added. Like many other Narconon patients who finish the program, the young man had been offered a job to work on the facility’s staff. (Narconon tells prospective patients that it employs medical personnel, but instead it hires recently dried-out addicts, who work for low pay.) Fauteux says that because Tabatha’s friend was working in California, Narconon made the decision to send her to the south end of Texas in the city of Harlingen. And after she completed the program, she too was offered work.

“The initial treatment was last year. It went well. She started making a paycheck out there,” Fauteux said.

Between her treatment and then her job working on the Harlingen Narconon staff, Tabatha had been clean for 16 months, which her father considered a huge accomplishment. She was doing so well, apparently, she was selected to represent the Harlingen center as Narconon workers from around the country were brought by Scientology to one of its world headquarters, Los Angeles.

“They’re doing something new, I guess? So they took her to California for training. She was supposed to go back to Texas after that,” Fauteux said. “She was only supposed to be in California for three weeks. She was actually there for five weeks, then she was going back to Texas to train people there on the new thing.”

In our story two weeks ago, we reported that Narconon was undergoing major changes as Scientology leader David Miscavige responded to the network’s vulnerability to lawsuits and negative press attention. A former Narconon official told us that Miscavige had essentially eliminated Narconon International, the former umbrella group that licensed the rehab centers, and had realigned the network under ABLE, which is staffed entirely with Scientology Sea Org workers, who sign billion-year contracts and work around the clock for pennies an hour. These super-dedicated and no-nonsense administrators were tightening Scientology’s grip on Narconon. The former official said that whole staffs were turning over as some Narconon workers wanted nothing to do with the new, stricter regime.

Tabatha Fauteux was flown to California to learn directly from ABLE what would be expected from Scientology as the Harlingen Narconon was brought into compliance. She was housed at the Oakwood Apartments at 3600 Barham Boulevard in the Toluca Lake section of Los Angeles, just 3.5 miles from ABLE’s headquarters on Hollywood Boulevard.

The Oakwood Apartments are well known for being used as temporary corporate housing, including crews in town filming movies — the complex is often listed on places to spot movie stars.

Guy Fauteux says that about two weeks before Tabatha’s death, and a few weeks into her training, she started to get the hard sell about becoming a Scientologist from a church official who took her and the young man she was dating at the time for a ride in his car. “Thanks, but no thanks, she told him. Then things got really hard on her training. There were long hours,” Fauteux said.

Then, about a week after that pitch, a Scientology employee approached Tabatha and her boyfriend telling them about an herbal drug he wanted to share with them, Fauteux said. “He said it gave the high of heroin, but it was over-the-counter and undetectable.”

Fauteux said he learned what Tabatha was given is called “Kratom,” a substance derived from the mitragyna speciosa tree, which is native to parts of Southeast Asia. It is not illegal to possess, and drug users often claim that it is completely safe and doesn’t show up in drug tests. But in a study of deaths associated with Kratom, researchers reporting in the Journal of Analytical Toxicology said that the leaf itself was not what endangered users…

Herbal drugs have always been popular because of their natural origin, and they are often thought of as safe alternatives to synthetic drugs. However, in recent years, several preparations sold as herbal drugs have actually been plant material spiked with synthetic active compounds.

Fauteux says his daughter used Kratom twice. The second time, her boyfriend found her unconscious in her shower with a needle nearby.

“Nobody called us from Narconon to tell us that she passed. One of her friends called us. They said it was [her boyfriend’s] fault. She had met him in Texas. He had been in and out of Narconon five different times,” Fauteux said. “But how could it be his fault when you knew he was that weak and you put them together?”

Fauteux said that his daughter had been talking about returning to New Hampshire to open her own drug rehab center after her training.

The Harlingen, Texas Narconon rehab center, like other Narconon facilities, claims a 70 percent success rate, which experts say is pure fantasy — legitimate drug rehab centers report success rates of closer to 20 to 25 percent. Narconon also gives patients no drug counseling, but instead puts them through the same kinds of exercises that new Scientologists experience when they first join the church. Fauteux told us that he’s become aware of those characteristics of the Narconon program.

He told us that he looked forward to talking more with us in the future. We’re looking forward to that as well. We’re particularly interested in what Fauteux will hear from Scientology, now that its celebrated Narconon 2.0 has already produced its first death.

In the meantime, Guy Fauteux’s Facebook page is now showing the photographs from Saturday’s celebration as the French-Canadian Fauteux clan gathered in New Hampshire this weekend to remember Tabatha.


FHCabanasBabywatch, day five: Lisa McPherson in Room 174

Dr. Janis Johnson, the senior medical officer at the Fort Harrison Hotel, had been assigned by Alain Kartuzinski to manage the caretakers keeping an eye on Lisa McPherson during her babywatch.

Johnson had been licensed as a medical doctor in Michigan in 1984, and worked at hospitals in New Mexico and Arizona with a specialty in anesthesiology. In 1992, however, the Arizona Board of Medical Examiners began an investigation of Johnson over allegations that she had been pocketing powerful painkiller medicine that was supposed to go to patients, and was instead injecting it into a catheter in her bladder for long-term treatment of a painful and chronic foot problem. As the investigation grew and depositions were taken, Johnson agreed to end the investigation by promising never to practice medicine again.

She was not licensed to practice medicine in Florida when she moved to Clearwater and began working at the Fort Harrison Hotel in the Sea Organization. Police investigating Lisa McPherson’s death found out about Johnson’s dubious record as a doctor. But when she was initially interviewed, she was not exactly forthcoming.

Johnson: I actually quit medicine in early ’93.
Det. Sudler: OK. So you quit practicing in early ’93?
Johnson: Uh Huh.
Det. Sudler: OK. And I guess would you refer to yourself as retired now from the practice or..?
Johnson: Well, I just did other things.
Det. Sudler: OK. OK.
Johnson: I wouldn’t say I retired. I just … you know … went on and did other things that I was interested in.
Det. Sudler: Change of profession.
Johnson: Yes, change of profession. That’s a good way to put it.

As Lisa’s babywatch began, Janis had been checking in with the caretakers, asking about how Lisa had been eating or sleeping.

She learned that when Lisa did eat, she seemed to like tuna fish sandwiches. So Janis instructed the kitchen staff to be prepared to make one, any time of the day or night.

She had heard that Lisa had gotten violent, and had really thrashed around for several minutes, kicking a dresser at one point. On Wednesay, November 22, 1995 — the day before Thanksgiving — Janis stopped into the room long enough to notice that Lisa was showing a nasty bruise on her upper arm. (On Thanksgiving itself, there were no records kept of Lisa’s condition that have survived.)

“It kind of looked like a one- or two-day old bruise is what I remember seeing. You know how it looks kind of purplish first and then it goes to a brownish color, and you kind of tell how long it’s been by looking at it,” she later told police.

Janis kept her visits to check on the other caretakers very short. For some reason, Lisa had the idea that Janis was an “evil psych,” and whenever Janis was in the room, Lisa would get very agitated.


Jonny Jacobsen checks in from Brussels

On the eve of the criminal prosecution of Scientology starting up again in Belgium, our man in Paris, Jonny Jacobsen, sent us this dispatch…

I’m writing this sitting on the Thalys, the Paris-Brussels express train which, as you might imagine, is a little light on passengers this evening.

Brussels is just finishing its third day on maximum alert over fears of a terrorist attack, so no one is likely to be lingering at the station when we get into Brussels Midi in an hour or so.

But even if most of the shops were closed over the weekend; even if the Christmas market shut down and the streets were virtually deserted; even if the schools stayed closed Monday; the courts are still up and running.

On Tuesday, the prosecutor will stand up and set out the charges against the defendants in the trial of Scientology which is accused of being a criminal organisation and of having committed a range of offenses, from extortion to the illegal practice of medicine.

The key question is: what kind of sanction is he going to call for? Given the seriousness of the charges he can, in theory at least, call for the dissolution of the organization and even the seizure of its assets.

How far down that road he is prepared to go remains be seen, but in the early days of the trial, the prosecutor Christophe Caliman, who has followed the investigation for 18 years now, did not strike me as someone in the mood for the compromise. And the feeling is mutual, it would seem: Scientology’s lawyers have filed a complaint against him with a UN body alleging “egregious” human rights violations.

The other question to be answered is, will Caliman himself be fit to deliver his closing arguments?

For those of you who haven’t been following the trial, in the week between the first four days of the trial (Oct 26-30) and Day Five (November 9), Caliman fell ill. It was sufficiently serious for him to be signed off sick for two weeks or so, which is why the calendar was pushed back to November 24.

When Judge Yves Régimont reorganised the calendar, he made it clear that either Caliman himself, or his colleague Jean-Pascal Thoreau, would have to deliver for the prosecution come Tuesday.

Thoreau is an experienced prosecutor: he handled a major match-fixing trial last year and is sufficiently well regarded to act as the spokesman for the federal prosecutors office. But as he himself made clear when he broke the news of his colleague’s illness earlier this month, he was attending this trial more as technical support for his colleague.

As redoubtable as he is — he gave as good as he got during some procedural clashes with the defense lawyers last month — he has no wish to be the one to sum up 18 years of investigation in a trial that has merged two major investigations into a single trial. And who can blame him?

I’ll be in the courtroom on Tuesday and between sessions I’ll tweet the main points. And when I get a breather, I’ll file a summary for the Bunker.

Over the coming weeks too, I’ll keep filing the proceedings from earlier in the trial, which has some very interesting material not covered in the daily press reports. (My apologies for the delay, but the coverage of the Paris attacks and one or two other matters have taken up a lot of my time.)

And I will also be in court over the next two weeks for the defense arguments, which are at least as important as Tuesday’s presentation.

You can catch up on my coverage so far here.

— Jonny Jacobsen



We didn’t get a chance to include photos in our book, so we’ve posted them at a dedicated page. Reader Sookie put together a complete index and we’re hosting it here on the website. Copies of the paperback version of ‘The Unbreakable Miss Lovely’ are on sale at Amazon. The Kindle edition is also available, and shipping instantly.

Our book tour is concluded for now. (But you can re-experience it through this nifty interactive map!) We’ll let you know about future appearances. Previous events: Santa Barbara (5/16), Hollywood (5/17), Orange County (5/17), San Diego (5/20), San Francisco (5/22), New York (6/11), Chicago (6/20), Toronto (6/22), Clearwater (6/28), Washington DC (7/12), Hartford (7/14), Denver (7/17), Dallas (7/20), Houston (7/22), San Antonio (7/24), Austin (7/25), Paris (7/29), London (8/4), Boston (8/24), Phoenix (9/15), Cleveland (9/23), Minneapolis (9/24), Portland (9/27), Seattle (9/28), Vancouver BC (9/29), Sydney (10/23), Melbourne (10/25), Adelaide (10/28), Perth (10/30)


Posted by Tony Ortega on November 23, 2015 at 07:00

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  • RIP Tabatha. Please don’t send your other daughter back Mr. Fauteux. Very sorry for your loss.

  • Free Minds, Free Hearts

    Another beautiful young life lost because of the cult of scientology. And yes, it is the fault of scientology – narconon is scientology.

  • Douglas D. Douglas

    What a double whammy today’s posts are. On top of this, I just found a group of responses from “elle.” the OSA -drone on another thread, crowing (oddly) over that fact that Tony had confirmed just which Emmy Award the Ted Koppel interview with David Miscavige had won.

    On a comical note, elle posted this tidbit, which I will be holding on to for a while:

    • Juicer77

      Oh, please, follow her around and repost this frequently. Pleaseandthankyou!

    • So much for “confront and shatter”.

    • Sherbet

      Wait — she still thinks the Emmy was real, that Tony confirmed it, and the rest of the Bunker is embarrassed over their ignorance?

      • Juicer77

        Yes! … and Hubbard was a nuclear physicist, Karin Puow writes all the PR releases and DM is a statuesque six-footer with a pleasantly quiet demeanor.

        • Sherbet

          It’s amazing how ignorant we’d all be without the easy access of the Internet. We might go along like lemmings, too.

          • Juicer77

            I had no clue about most of this stuff until early 2014.

            • Sherbet

              Unfortunately, so many people still think, Oh, that silly Tom Cruise thing? and let it go at that.

      • Joy Lover (Ex-CS)

        Tony did confirm yesterday that Koppel got an Emmy for that interview.

        • Joy Lover (Ex-CS)

          Tony Ortega Mod Eclipse-girl • 13 hours ago

          Yes, for the 14th News & Documentary Emmy Awards, awarded in 1993 for work in 1992, Ted Koppel won for Outstanding Interview Program for his interview of David Miscavige.

          As for it being the equivalent of an Oscar? Nah. They hand those things out like candy. But it was a remarkable program, and it did win Ted a statuette.

          • Sherbet

            It’s very impressive, because, as I said a couple of days ago, Koppel was just a guide, but Miscavige walked himself right over the cliff, all by himself.

            • Joy Lover (Ex-CS)

              Can’t wait to watch it! 🙂

            • Sherbet

              Be prepared to be (almost) embarrassed for Miscavige. He talks out of the side of his mouth, and he looks and acts like a punk.

            • Eclipse-girl

              That is why Davey had his own statute made.

          • scottmercer

            Is everyone missing the fact that this was NOT an Emmy Award? This was a News & Documentary Emmy. It’s not part of the mainline Emmy Awards. It is a separate ceremony which is held in the autumn, months after the Emmy Awards. The ceremony is not televised, and no celebrities attend (expect for broadcast journalists). I think Elle is banking on the fact that people are not understanding the distinction there.

        • Sherbet

          OK, but she missed the fact that it was Koppel’s subtle teardown that got the Emmy? Ha! That’s funny! DM comes across like a goofball from the streets.

    • Mark

      She/he/it has apparently gone right round the bend & started back again: is “Go the the bunker” a typo for “Go the bunker!” or “go to the Bunker”? In either case, the Freudian slip makes eminently good sense 😉

      • Sherbet

        Like in Mafia talk, “Go to the mattresses,” meaning, “Hunker down behind something safe, because we’re about to be attacked”?

        • Mark

          Aha! You may just have pinned down who ‘Elle’ really is—Frankie DiKnuckles:

          • Sherbet

            Hey, don’t foist elle onto my Italian heritage, mob or otherwise. I don’t want any claim on her.

            • Mark

              Here’s hoping she/he/it’s gone back to the Sicilian Lemon Club.

            • Sherbet

              //Taps side of nose meaningfully.//

            • Mark

              Snortle! 🙂

    • SuppressedPerson

      She’s really obsessed with us “Bunker Buggies” or whatever bizarre pun she’s attempting.

      I know some OSA drones go over everything we say! Hysterical! Hi, OSA! You can leave anytime! Freeloader Debt is illegal. We can help your escape the cult!

    • Douglas D. Douglas

      It has gotten even weirder over there, if that is at all possible. I think a third “elle” has arrived to “Handle” the flap. I just answered virtually the identical set of hysterical accusations for the second time.

      And it is only Tuesday…

  • Nat-leficent
    • Rasha


    • flyonthewall

      the cartoon clip, is that from Iron Giant?

      • Missionary Kid

        Yes, the clip is from Iron Giant.

      • One Human

        My fave Vin Diesel movie.

    • Juicer77

      Yikes, I can’t help but recognize Matthew Perry during the height of his battle with addiction (note the weight loss).

  • J. Swift

    Karen and I grieve with Tabatha Lynn Fauteux’s family. We know the pain.

    Fauteux was unhappy that Narconon had not contacted him about his
    daughter’s death — he learned about it from one of Tabatha’s friends.

    Karen and I found out that her 27 year old son Alexander Jentzsch died from a friend. A few years later we learned that the friend was Aaron Smith Levin. We are very grateful to Aaron for letting us know when he was still in the Church.

    The Church of Scientology will not tell families when their loved ones die. It is worse than criminal to withhold this from a family.

    Annie Tidman died and no one knew.

    Tony Ortega reported the deaths of Alexander, Annie, and now Tabatha.

    You can be sure that the Church of Scientology already has one if its outside criminal defense attorneys in the background to protect the Church and its dangerous quack program called Narconon.

    If Clark Carr had any courage or decency he would step forward and expose Narconon.

    • Observer

      I think all courage and decency were Scientologied out of Clark Carr long ago.

      • J. Swift

        Obs, I never underestimate the power of the Church to so brutalize one of its own that the person finally realizes they must speak out.

        Never underestimate the need Scientologists feel to put in Ethics on David Miscavige and the Church. This is the only way they can regain their integrity and true self-determinism.

        • Douglas D. Douglas

          Is Clark Carr still “hiding out” in Mexico? I think of him whenever I am driving past the former NN building on the unfashionable end of Hollywood Blvd.

        • Observer

          I hope he does, believe me. I bet Miscavige is scapegoating him on an epic level.

      • Saint

        What a verb. Says it all right there, Obs. “To Scientology: /verb/ to remove, delete, shanghai, negatively reinforce, and/or punish, decency, kindness, interest, caring.”
        I feel very cynical today. My go-to remedy for that is to go watch the Tom Cruise “dance” footage. You can choose the wedding footage or the BET footage (where they laugh AT him, and he thinks they are laughing with him). Either way, thank you, internet.

    • Sherbet

      J — I don’t want to quibble on your heart-felt post, but your last line has an error that makes it confusing, and it’s an important point to clear up.

      • J. Swift

        Understood and fixed.

    • Human-Kindness

      What people do not really understand is its TRULY, THE BLIND LEADING THE BLIND. Especially in Texas. There is no command, no one has a clue what they are doing, and no one has any idea whats expected of them in case of an emergency. No one is trained in or for ANYTHING. Its so bad there that I am failing to even portray it in the light it deserves. So as far as them contacting her father about her death, they seriously would have no clue who is even responsible to do so. They probably all thought the other had done so already. Its pathetic. For real show you should experience what happens when a student falls into seizures, or another throws up blood. And NO ONE has a clue what to do, even afraid the call 911.

  • Kristin Rawls

    Some of you are being pretty hard on the father here. He’s just lost a child. He’s probably in a state of shock, so of course he hasn’t had a chance to think about sending his other daughter back to Narconon. The question probably caught him off guard. Plus, if the other daughter is of age, it’s not really up to the father whether she goes back or not. It’s up to her, and hopefully he’ll be up to doing his best to discourage returning before the time comes.

    • Juicer77

      Sadly, he’s getting the crash course in NarCONon. It will take a while to sort things out.

      • Kristin Rawls

        He really is. From the interview, it sounds a bit like he hasn’t really had a chance to do much research on Narconon. I could understand wondering if this was a case of “bad apples” if I didn’t know anything about the organization to begin with.

    • Douglas D. Douglas

      You said this far better than I could have. Thanks.

  • Tony Ortega

    ADDED: Jonny Jacobsen gives us an update from the scene in Belgium

    • Rasha

      Many thanks, Jonny!!!

    • Andrea ‘i-Betty’ Garner

      Stay safe, Jonny. Looking forward to new blog posts.

    • scottmercer

      I salute you tireless scribes.

      • Juicer77

        IKR? Jonny apologizes for the delay in his reports. I think we can all understand that he’s been just a leeetle busy.

    • Eclipse-girl

      I look forward to Jonny’s articles at Byline.
      I am glad that Jonny is doing this work. He has been adept at keeping those of us not schooled in the way of European Law, and their various court systems apprised of various nuances.
      I hope the Prosecutor Caliman will be able to deliver his closing arguements

      • Juicer77

        It must be incredibly frustrating to work on something for nearly two decades (!) and not get to give it the final effort. I hope his health improves.

        • Andrea ‘i-Betty’ Garner

          Yes! Can you imagine?

  • Andrea ‘i-Betty’ Garner

    It’s good to know that the Brussels courts have full body security scanners. And they still have my tweezers, now I think about it.

    • Rasha

      You’ll get ’em back when this all blows over….

    • Juicer77

      Oh, for the love of… (facepalm)
      The defense case is bound to be Footbullet Central. Is there cross-examination allowed?

    • Simi Valley

      The scilons might need those to pluck a few stray body thetans.

  • Douglas D. Douglas

    Again O/T, but I think our “elle” is going through complete cognitive dissociation over at the Hollywood Reporter thread. Don’t know why I am wasting time on a thread linked to an article that posted three weeks ago, but I did feel a responsibility to set the record straight there about the Koppel Emmy.

    “Elle” has either split into different personalities, or is (as we have suspected all along) actually a group of posters operating under one name. There was an odd admission last night (see attached screen grab), and then today a complete reversal. Three-Hours-Ago “elle” was crowing over my admission of error, but Twenty-Minutes-Ago “elle” is now dressing me down for not admitting my error. For my part, I offered a heartfelt apology over the confusion and am trying to get back to work…!

    (The thread in question is here: )

    • Douglas D. Douglas

      (SHould have noted that the comment about “a couple Church members” was posted at a time that elle was holding down the fort solo. Not even one of the Usual Socks on hand. It is telling…

      • Sherbet

        I don’t know how anyone can keep up the conversation with elle. In reading through her posts, all I can think of is Tokyo Rose. “Nobody is your friend, you are being brainwashed and lied to, the Bunker is full of ignorance.”

        • Douglas D. Douglas

          I usually avoid it, but this thread was intriguing. And now I get notifications if there is a response. Why OSA thinks there is value in carrying on in such a lunatic manner in a three-week-old thread is anybody’s guess. (And for that matter, why am I spending any time there…!)

          • Sherbet

            Hey, everyone needs a hobby, and, right now, elle is yours!

          • SuppressedPerson

            Same reason I was intrigued by the crazy Scientology Twitter people. Like finding a rare bird, one with psychological problems and a tendency to rant. Or to mix metaphors, like a rare bird in a train wreck.

            I really don’t know what they think they are accomplishing. They seem to simply make fools of themselves on a regular basis. Perhaps it’s all for some kind of in-bragging. “Look, I shattered this suppressive here, and I called this other one a raft of name! Whoo! Winning!!!”

            They’re all out PR. ;))

          • Sherbet

            I should thank you and the others who spar with elle for defending my “bunkerbutt” honor. You do it, so I don’t have to.

            • SuppressedPerson

              I was posting about the “I’m not a Scientologist, BUTT” crowd, and Elle accused me of plagiarism because she “used butt first”.

              Can’t make this stuff up!

            • Sherbet

              Seriously? Apparently she has a copyright.

            • Not a Scientologist Butt

              I used it before she did, although I don’t know if the joke was original with me.

        • daytoncapri

          Yes, Tokyo Rose. But TR is an interesting story, she was eventually pardoned by Pres. Ford, and – in some histories – said to have been forced against her will to do these anti-American broadcasts.

          In a similar fashion, is elle being forced to do what she is doing? Is she another pathetic tool like any one of those squirrel busters? Is she some sort of hostage, and must post the same things over and over, and run the circular wheel like a hamster in her bid to gain points?

          Perhaps that would make more sense than anything she writes.

      • SuppressedPerson

        Usual elle projection. She’s accusing others of doing what she is doing. She may be referring to the other accounts, like In Fine Fettle as the other church members.

        How many times do they gang up on critics with their hatred and vitriol. Unbelievable.

        There’s always a tone of hysteria in their posts though. Cray!!!

        • Simi Valley

          Even the Hubtard said: “The criminal mind accuses others of things that he himself is doing.”

    • Simi Valley

      OSA shitting a HUMONGOUS brick. Bwahahaaaaa!!!

      • OOkpik

        And it’s name is elle!

    • Douglas D. Douglas

      I think “elle” #3 is now on the scene over there. It is really, really weird. I am now being asked virtually identical questions.

      Or could there be one “elle” who is having some kind of breakdown, like those robots in the “I, Mudd” episode of Star Trek?

    • chukicita

      There is precedent for the group of posters under one name scenario.

    • Sandy

      DDD. I once was a regular poster on a local site that was mostly political (before politics became so toxic). There was a poster named “a student” who was an evangelical, Biblical truther. He took on every comer – had to give the kid credit – he was a dog with a bone. But, eventually, it became obvious that “a student” broke into a group project. Poor kid probably just gave up being the sole voice in the storm. I still think of that delusioned kid sometimes, and wonder what became of him.

    • noseinabk

      Lou has been doing this for a long time. She consistently copy’s the same msg to multiple people and promotes the same website ( scientology myths) she did back in 2008.
      Any legit Scientologist who starts a discussion with her quickly back away when they get a whiff of her extremist views.
      What I find most amusing is that she expects that her tone 40 and “maybe I am OSA” threats to intimidate people posting on the internet. She also thinks that any person who knows that cos is scam is a bunkerite and attacks random people for any derisive comment about the cult.

  • Margie8

    Mr. Fauteux and family, our deepest condolences for your loss. I lost my sister to pain pills and had my own issue with them many, many years ago. It sounds like your daughter was a great girl! I love that she wanted to open her own facility, so generous. Getting off opiates is literally the hardest thing to detox from. It takes years and years of intense dedication and treatment. Narconon doesn’t work, especially for opiate addiction and I would urge you to do anything in your power to prevent your other daughter from associating with them. I was never a Scientologist but the fact that they didn’t even call you is not surprising. They are simply not concerned. Once your daughter could no longer produce for them she was not a concern. I hope you are investigating pursuing a legal case against them. I look forward to reading more about both of your girls. I have almost the opposite, seven boys and one girl! Our family will pray for you.

    • Simi Valley

      Beautifully stated!

  • Simi Valley

    Never-ins should keep in mind that a humanoid “dropping the body” is really no big deal to clams — they’ll come back soon enough in a new meat body. That is how clams justify a lot of shit — death, disconnection, blowing off friends, etc.

    • Always Amazed

      Thanks SV, the reminder is needed here, it is such a bizarre thing to wrap my head around.

      • Simi Valley

        When I was in the cult, I had a friend who had lost contact with her children via a messy divorce and she then went into the SO so didn’t have time to try to find them. Fast forward a couple of decades, this woman is out of the SO, her children are now adults, and she is constantly whining to me about the loss of her children. So I decided to give her a great Christmas present one year, and I spent 25 hours online searching for them (the weekend before Christmas). I found her children and she reunited with them a few days before Christmas. While she was very grateful for the next few years, once she got into some kind of heavy investment scam that she couldn’t get me involved in because I refused to invest, she would no longer take my calls, so she basically blew me off.

      • Simi Valley

        Someone usually mentions that around here; clams take it for granted but the never-ins don’t feel the full craziness of being a cultie.

    • Ben Franklin

      It is a dangerous mindset for Scientologists because it is a destructive mindset that devalues human life.

      The devaluation of human life is what terrorists count on to convince others that suicide bombing is OK because human life as we know it is not important and has no value. When life is devalued, death becomes nothing but a bridge to a “better” alternate life.

      For Scientologists, there are many lives to live, thus current relationships are not that important in the scheme of things. Any religion that devalues human life, is a destructive religion in my opinion.

  • dagobarbz

    PROTIP: Legit rehabs have a waiting list.
    Narconons always have an available bed.

    • Ha! But they tell people that one just opened up, and it’ll close in a moment if they don’t put down a deposit.

      • dagobarbz

        Yeah, that stimulates the “If I don’t get it first someone else will” reaction that people have. That’s how you wind up with time-shares!

    • chukicita

      The permanent “vacancy” sign is a giveaway.

  • Observer

    OT: Mr Observer is at the doctor. He’s still yellow and sickly, though he has discovered he can keep turkey sandwiches down. We still don’t have the results of his ultrasound from last week, so we still don’t know what’s going on.

    • ReallyMGM

      So sorry he is still sick. Glad he has something he can eat. Hope you get answers soon. Take care of you, too!

    • Sherbet

      Thank you for keeping us informed. I don’t want to pester you asking for updates, but you know we all care. <3

      • Observer

        I won’t even tell you about the fact that after a couple of days of turkey sandwiches his stomach was feeling so much better that Saturday, against my advice, he decided to go for broke and eat a Taco Bell burrito. Bad move. VERY bad move.

        • Sherbet

          The real test is whether he’ll be able to eat any turkey sandwiches AFTER Thanksgiving. If he can’t get them down then, it means he’s as normal as the rest of us who are sick of leftovers by Saturday.

        • Kestrel

          I use Taco Bell burritos for medicinal purposes. It’s bad medicine, but it gets the job done.

          • Sherbet

            Handy for a colonoscopy, are you saying?

            • Kestrel

              In a word, yes.

            • Sherbet


        • Douglas D. Douglas

          I have been in an ambulance exactly once in my life.

          After Taco Bell.

          My best wishes to Mr. O and you.

        • Juicer77

          Made a run for the border, did he? Sorry, very bad joke!

    • Andrea ‘i-Betty’ Garner

      I only upvoted to acknowledge reading the comment. You must be so worried, Obs. Why is it taking so long? Sending love to you both.

      • Observer

        I’m hoping that the delay means it’s not serious, or at least not life-threatening.

        • I’m hoping the same!! Usually if it’s serious/life-threatening they’ll get you in stat or have you speak to your doctor while you’re still there!

    • Missionary Kid

      I’m assuming that the yellow is from jaundice. I hope they discover the cause. Please tell him that he’s got a lot of Bunker people pulling for him.

    • flyonthewall

      That would be so scary and nerve-wrecking, sorry Obs. We’ll be thinking of you guys here on our end

    • daisy

      Obs Please take care and please gives updates if you can. I never know when its polite to ask or not. As you can read, we are all very concerned. I hope they can diagnose this quick and start treatment.

    • Rasha

      Very wishes and bunch thoughts for you and Mr. Obs. Such kittehs and hurry up, Doctor. Oh, and a hug and a joke…

      A dyslexic man walks into a bra…..

    • Thanks for the update! Was thinking of him today and was going to search for an update. Fingers crossed for the least worrisome thing it could be that can be easily handled! Sending you both love and strength!!!

      (Good week for turkey sandwiches too! 🙂

    • chukicita

      Sorry to hear of this, Obs. My best to Mr. Obs. I’m hoping that the delay of results means it’s something quickly treatable. I’m glad he can keep down a turkey sandwich. I’ll be drinking mine from a mug for awhile.

      (I hope I’m making sense. I had some oral surgery today that turned out to be a little more extensive than anticipated. Still woozy. And yes, I checked for Scn magazines in the waiting room first.)

      • nommables

        We’re thinking about you over here too. Thanks for keeping us posted! Take care of you, too!

  • ReallyMGM

    I read this morning’s story early, then had to take my husband to the doctor (and get my flu shot – an evil vaccination!). While waiting I reread the story again along with comments. My heart is broken for this family. To lose their child, then not be notified is criminal and outright cruelty. Flashbacks to all of the souls that have passed before. I hope the other daughter doesn’t return and they are doing everything within their power to prevent it. This disconnection is permanent. Now more than ever this crime syndicate has to be stopped, before more people die.

  • George Layton

    I’m sorry to hear about Tabatha. I hope Mr. Fauteux has a chance to speak some more with Tony before any decisions are made in regard to whether it’s a good idea for his second daughter to return to Texas.
    scientology calls it a human rights violation if they are prevented or hindered from violating peoples human rights.
    scientology teachs the knowingness of being completely fricking clueless.

  • Margie8

    Reading the Up The Bridge series right now, Claire’s part. It’s near having just finished her husband’s book! I hope she writes one too.
    Thank you, Tony for providing so much cool stuff for us newbies and never ins, I think I got that right.

  • Amy Forsythe

    Jonny Jacobson says he will be in court for the next two weeks for defense arguments, or more accurately put “defense lies”. God I hope they get creamed!

    • Juicer77

      I predict footbullets galore. The judges have very sharp eyes.

  • I want to chime in on this money hungry CULT who’s primary metric (called “STAT”) is hard cash revenue $$$$$.
    Jeff and I did a cold hard estimate of how much the CULT, i.e. Church of Scientology International makes annually off the Narconons.
    It is $100 million annually.
    This is because 20% of every dime *REGGED* goes upward to management.
    The fee is $35,000 to $40,000 a pop. We did very carefully estimates of how much they rake in, it is staggering.
    This is why the Church of Scientology International the senior entity that manages A.B.L.E and takes in 20% is foolishly and rabidly trying to give Narconon an extended life span. Its a cash cow.
    Virtually the same program other than some baby sitting and TR drills cost $1500 when done inside a cherch.

    • Sherbet

      Years ago there was the problem of Ford Pinto gas tanks exploding in an accident. I remember the Ford company admitted it was cheaper for them to pay damages after people were hurt or worse, than it was to retrofit all the Pintos on the road so that they wouldn’t explode. Maybe this is a reach, but that’s what I’m thinking now. Instead of letting go of the troublesome narconon, instead of being afraid of having to pay huge damages from wrongful death or other lawsuits, the cos just played a little shell game. It’s a lot more lucrative to continue running the death traps than it is to fix — or close — them. New slogan: Narconon: the Ford Pinto of safe rehab.

      • MostEthicalPimp

        Here is a story from someone who was actually there:

        • Sherbet

          I’ll read it later, but tell me: Do I have the story wrong? It wouldn’t be the first time.

          • MostEthicalPimp

            To be honest I started reading it at a docter’s office and you just reminded me to finish it.

            • Sherbet

              Ha! I often go full-tilt with confidence about a memory, and then find out I’ve forgotten or skewed the details.

    • Doc M

      Karen, I did some math from your figures, it comes to Narconon signing up 12,500 people a year.

      Do you know if that is true, we’re talking approximates here. ( I assumed the 100 mil is from the 20%).
      If so I had no idea that Narconon was doing that type of business.

      • Chee Chalker

        How many Narconons are there (world wide)? I would be shocked if that figure (12,500) is accurate

      • Ben Franklin

        12,500 people a year would be assuming that all of them are paying the same amount

        • Doc M

          Anyway you look at it, 100 mil is an astonishing amount of money. I hope it’s not true, but if it is, it would just make it that much harder to take Narconon and the church down.

          • Ben Franklin

            I hear you. Jeff is very adept with numbers though, and I am willing to take him at his word at this point unless I can prove otherwise, but, you raise an excellent point worthy of an explanation or further inquiry.

      • J. Swift

        Go see a partial list of the Narconon 990’s:

        This partial list is >$60,000,000 and does not include all of the US Narconon’s, Canada, Mexico, or other countries:

        Narconon Fresh Start, Glendale, CA. 990-2012. Gross receipts $17,612,933
        Narconon Arrowhead, Oklahoma. 990-2012.Gross receipts $12,602,608
        Narconon Vista Bay, Watsonville, CA 990-2012. Gross receipts $12,423,550
        Narconon International, Los Angeles, CA. 990-2012. Gross Receipts $8,483,722
        Narconon. Norcross, Georgia. 990-2012. Gross Receipts $3,505,879
        Narconon Louisiana, 990-2012. Gross receipts $3,984,580
        Narconon Spring Hill. Clearwater, Florida. 990 — 2012. Gross Receipts $1,971,567
        Narconon Western US. 990-2012. Gross Receipts $905,432
        Friends of Narconon, Pasadena, CA. 990-EZ-2012. Gross receipts: $103,948

        • Doc M

          Thanks for posting the link, I just read it and the lawsuit.
          It’s much more horrifying to see the figures from the 990’s as well as reading the actual accusations.

          It’s time that the I.R.S goes after the church, which really is what will permanently shut them down faster as compared to waiting and watching the slow implosion occur.

          I still don’t see how Glendale could gross 17.6 mil in 2012. Could they be that busy…I guess so.

    • ze moo

      NarCONon Arrowhead has approximately, 100 beds at the moment. Postulating 3 month stays for each patient means the customer base turns over 4 times a year. At 30k, per ‘stay’, that comes to 12 million per year. Any thing over that 30k is commission for the referral network.

      What are the total number of beds in the NarCONon system?

  • Paul J Salerno

    Quite often people who have been clean off opiates for a time then relapse with a lower tolerance and die. I’ve seen it over and over. The presence of this woman’s body in a shower tells me someone was there at some point attempting to revive her. Addicts in an unfamiliar city usually need another person, a local, to score.

    • OOkpik

      I wonder if the boyfriend has been shipped abroad…

  • Jgg2012

    “Fauteux was unhappy that Narconon had not contacted him about his daughter’s death — he learned about it from one of Tabatha’s friends.” In most states, you are required to notify the state and the next of kin of a death at a rehab facility. Also, the fact that ABLE (run by Sea Org members, who are considered ministers in training) controls Narconon shows what a fraud Narconon is. It would be like having Catholic Bishops run a rehab, and then saying “the Church has nothing to do with this. It’s secular–it was just founded by a man who was Catholic–and it provides medical services.”

    • ze moo

      Tabatha was at some sort of crash pad owned by the CO$, not NarCONon. By using a ‘friend’ to spread the word, the clams tried to distance themselves from the whole affair.

  • Hey friends, it’s your new buddy Rick, I came across a great documentary on YouTube that I wanted to share with you guys for discussion…Most people who hear about some of the illogical things that Scientologists believe or put up with (Even when their logic is saying to them that it’s incorrect or wrong), think to themselves: How can a rational intelligent human being get sucked into this??? Well I found this documentary that will explain (atleast I think it did for me anyways) why present time (PT) Scientologists agree with everything & anything that the official church or RTC throws at them.

    “The Human Behavior Experiments”

    Go figure, it’s another great documentary by Alex Gibney that appeared on the ‘Court TV’ channel [now TruTV] a while ago back BUT THIS IS BY FAR, the best explanation I have found so far that can explain to the general public & so-called “never-ins” why it is that a rational intelligent person, as most Scientologists are, would except what the cooperate church tells them to without hesitation…… Enjoy & let me know what you think fellow Bunkies! [In’s, Out’s, Never Been’s, or even those of you who are “WTF are you talking about Rick?”‘s] LoL…. =) ALSO –> ANOTHER GREAT REPORT TONY, TY FOR YOUR SERVICE SIR! A true Much Love to ALL!


    • Rasha

      Will watch. Thanks, Rick. Understanding is such a key tool.

      • Totally agree Rasha, let me know your after-thoughts. I’m really interested in what people other then myself think about this idea. ML!

        ***RICK in INDIANAPOLIS***

    • daisy

      Seen it before , it is good. Not up for an analysis tonight.

    • pixie dust

      Rick – Have you ever checked out Steve Hassan’s site? It’s
      If you found this video fascinating, you’ll really like it.
      I hadn’t seen this one you brought before. Thanks!

  • Thirty year ago today:

    Judge Bars Scientology Rivals From Using Group’s Teachings November 23, 1985, Associated Press

    In the end, Mayo’s group won that fight, but left the field.

    • ze moo

      I think that is the earliest mention of Xemu I have seen.

  • That’s how life inside the “Bubble” is anyways….

    • was there suppose to be an image to your post? I refreshed and there wasn’t one….a bunch of dots like that sometimes stands in for a F5….unless of course you write like me and it’s all just dot dot dot….

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        • i have a phd in ellipsis abuse…..

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            • Guilty of that too

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            • i ALSO will use capital letters a lot….and, clutch your pearls, i’ve been known to use bad language….like swearing….

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            • Douglas D. Douglas

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            • That’s ALL fucking lies!! FUCKING PROVABLE BULLSHIT!!!

            • Douglas D. Douglas

              Blast from the past:


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            • I know, hard to believe, I’m a fucking dainty little bitch, who would never call anyone on their shit. I just sit quietly in a corner cross stitching. 🙂

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      • Oh no, sorry, that “Bubble” message was just me adding to my previous post of that old Alex Gibney human behavior video post, my bad. Still learning the ways of the Bunker & Disqus =P

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          • right on Doug, thx for the tip brother

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      • and YES, I have a major problem with using “….” after each thought I type LOL, I also use (“) marks wayyyyyy too much also, its a problem lol

        • Douglas D. Douglas

          It is… something… that I indulge in from time to time myself…

  • TOMORROW i’m gonna be on damn crow patrol….i’m gonna catch this on video!!! the buggers in the first two masses today were a little too east of me so trying to video it from my back porch meant the trees (despite their bareness) blocked most of them…..i came upstairs and sat back down and 10 minutes later here comes the NEXT two masses of crows and they went right over my house, cuz OF COURSE!!!

    TOMORROW i’m just gonna take the screen out of the other window up here and just stick my head & camera out—and if they go to the east of me again i’ll be able to get them just fine since i’ll be on the second floor!! must video the crow night time migration!!!!

    • Rasha

      Good luck…. GET ‘EM!!!

      • I WILL DAMMIT!!!! I know they fly to wherever around 4pm or 4:10pm. So I’ll take the screen out at 3:30—just to be ready. A little before 4 I’ll open the window and then I’ll sit here and watch. When I see them approaching—from about a 1/2 mile away, I’ll go to the open window with camera in hand and VIDEO!!! 😀

        • Rasha

          I once saw the bird migration out of Mentor Marsh…. took hours, with the sky full of birds…. Wait, let me find a pic I got last year.. it was here in New England, though…Not nearly as cool as the marsh flight, but cool anyway…

    • Douglas D. Douglas

      Years ago we were at Disneyland just before dusk when suddenly the air around Sleeping Beauty Castle darkened with the arrival of swarms of crows. They filled the trees and wheeled in the sky, carrying on something fierce. I joked to one of the employees that it felt like the end of the world, but they just shrugged and said, “This happens every evening around this time!”

      • They are on a regular schedule it seems!! They don’t ‘clock out’ when it’s cold/rain approaching and just go to wherever they live–probably crow condos. They do ‘clock in’ around 7am every morning. Lunch break around 12/12:30—-because a bunch of them go to the ‘clock in/out’ tree and I guess discuss their day? For about 20 or so minutes then back to crowing. It’s really fascinating watching them and the other birds and nature.

  • Gotta get out in the Hoosier cold for a bit, talk to you friends later. Thanks for the comm cycles… 😉
    Rick (in you know where)

    • Rasha

      Bundle up!

  • Rasha

    I just remembered to click the heart. Silly Rasha!

  • Tony Ortega

    New post is up

  • Scientology Is A Dead-End Road

    The good news is Scientology continues to go down the tubes.
    The bad news is that people continue to suffer one way or the other.

  • WierdHarold

    Heard a short blurb on NPR News this afternoon while on the road: Scientology in (I think it was Russia) was denied standing as a “Church”, because the name “Scientology” had been trademarked in the USA. No other details, and I didn’t pay attention until they got to the term Scientology… So maybe somebody else already has the word…

  • flyonthewall

    Now that everyone has gone to the new article I finally have some much needed privacy to practice my dance moves. Tra-lalala umph ah be-bopabooba ya!

    • Kestrel


    • SarahDB

      That is twisted.

    • 5 Feet Long and Luminous


    • B4you

      It’s the Mc Fly – Dance! Just before Mr Beef shoots him. Am I right? 🙂

  • Bernie

    Oh this poor girl! After being clean for 16 months she is offered a herbal drug Kratom by a Scientology employee and dies!!

    Was this employee previously on the Narconon program as a public and then hired on as staff?

    ABLE is Sea Org and their staff likely don’t use drugs and they don’t seem to have any control over what Narconon employees are up to…. unless they are condoning herbal drugs??

    • Cosmo Pidgeon

      That wouldn’t be the case. But using former addicts as cheap labor to do a job that professionals have a tough time with? Yes.

      • Liberated

        Everything in scientology is built on slave labor. They make up some ridiculous infraction, assign the poor schmuck to the RFP, Then force them to work. GENIUS!

  • Simi Valley

    That goes without saying!

  • Kid Kat

    My deepest condolences to this sweet girls family. I hope Tony told her father to not send the other daughter back. This, yet another death from Co$, needs to be heard around the world!

    I’m wondering if the prosecutor in Belgium getting sick was at the hands of $cilons.

    It’s heart wrenching that Co$ keeps getting away with murder. : (

  • PoisonIvyHerself

    Such a horrible, tragic story. Yet another one. One is too many. What will it take to shut these places down?

    But Holy Xenu, Batman! I’m ashamed to admit it, but Mr. Ivy and I stayed at that Oakwood just last year (a terrible, terrible place btw – but we had to be there for 3 weeks and no one was paying for us. Never before and NEVER again). Had NO idea Scientology’s tentacles had stretched there.

    It makes sense, though, now that I think about it. I remember thinking that the place seemed so much shabbier and sleazier than I remembered from when I lived in the Valley. Back in the day, it was the place where everyone who divorced went – that is, the partner who didn’t get the house and/or was the one leaving or doing the cheating stayed there – until they could get their new lives off the ground. And like Tony said, it was where studios put up out of town actors and the recording labels put up their artists for long term stays. The way it is now, no star would ever put up with the place. It’s run down, the gym’s dirty, and there are all sorts of strange people skulking around. When I was there, I thought it seemed strange that the majority of people were early 20-somethings – back in my day, early 20-something wanna be actors and others couldn’t afford those places. They were then all furnished. This time, I noticed there was some places where a number of people were living that seemed like they had no furniture at all. One apartment I passed often on my way to my parking space had nothing in it but a card table, a bunch of folding chairs, and a lot of handwritten charts on the wall. I thought maybe it was a budding screenwriter’s place, but now I’m wondering if it wasn’t a Narconon apartment?

    Just the thought of what would’ve been going on there, right next door, makes me shiver.

    Thanks for reporting this…I hope this time, there’s justice for the family – as well as for all the “students” now being bilked of their money by a dangerous scam that probably encourages more abuse than it helps.

    • richelieu jr

      Yeah, I can attest to the ‘Newly Divorced’ vibe the place had… Some good parties with stars on their way down there, though…

  • Lighthouse

    I am very, very sorry about this young lady’s death and for the family.

    I hope the dad takes steps to incriminate ABLE and Narconon. I hope this puts the new Narconon’s in jeopardy.

    Miscavige must surely be freaking out. And ABLE. And so they should be!

    • Liberated

      Hey, Lighthouse where ya been ? One could only hope little Davey feels the heat , but seriously, as we all know the rules of common decency Will never apply to him.

  • daytoncapri

    O/T – elle used the term “atheistic” as a pejorative against another poster, among a long list of other terms.

    Given Scientology’s distinct theology, it makes no sense to me that she would use that ‘atheistic” term as an argument. I asked her to comment on the “knowledge” superbowl ad.

  • fell asleep again… late bollocks

    bonus gifs

    grab kitteh

    you really can OD on kittehs

    • WOG with Attitude

      Two amazing gifs!!!

  • My heart goes out to the Fauteux family.

    Since the criminal organisation known as the “church” of $cientology took charge of the relationship between Tabatha and her boyfriend, it follows that they’re directly responsible for the consequences of them hooking up. narCONon are just trying to blame the boyfriend because it’s their standards MO, not because they have anything concrete to add.

    Regardless of the consequences for narCONon, getting the other daughter out, now, would be my advice. At least look into the true success rate of narCONon and decide for yourself if you like the odds (and the fact of the odds being so enormously misrepresented). Once you find the true odds (not good, I understand) see if you can find reliable odds for just doing nothing as opposed to staying with a regime which is at best unable to care when it counts and at worst directly responsible fr deaths (Jocelyne Dorfmann in France – )

    • richelieu jr

      Absolutely! One has to believe that Tony did his best to inform the poor man of the real danger his children were (and one remains) in.

      Are you still in Bruxelles, Jens?

      • Lots of information about.

        I’m in and out of Paris (just back from holiday) these days.

        • richelieu jr

          Listen @jensting:disqus — Let’s have a drink when you a have the time, shall we?

          I’d say to invite Jonny, but he is a busy bee at he moment…

  • richelieu jr

    Jonny is a real hero, in my book.

    And I feel somplicated mix of deep sadness, revulsion, anger, hints of resignation followed by explosive, reflexive eruptions of near-hatred.

    Miscavige and all the little cyst-carriers in Hubbard’s Cupboard can reorganize, rebrand and slap the word ‘Ideal’ on as many turds, viruses, empty buildings and deceptive publicity they like, it is still the same nasty little rip-off with a side order of malice and family, home, health and even LIFE-threatening consequences.

    All to give a very little man one more sheckle to add to the endless pile of human hair, eyeglasses, gold fillings and broken dreams that Miscavige poses his throne upon, hoping that Cruise will bless him with a smile and an attaboy, so he can go back to his bedroom and mount his ‘mouthpiece’ whilst playing ‘Old Time Rock n’ Roll’ at full volume and grinding out his pathetic little cigarette inside her as she tries to keep the Tom Cruise wig on her head and the tight-whiteys that Miscavige had lovingly retrieved from Tom’s Celeb Centre laundry within easy sniffing distance of the diminutive dictator (talk about taking dictation! And no overtime!)

    “SHOW ME THE MONEY” cries COB, as he collapses like a kid-sized Napoleon on his high thread-count sheets and looks up at the Far and Away poster he has had recreated in oil with his face replacing that of Nicole’s. “SHOW ME THE MOO–OOO–NEY…”

    Risky Business indeed!

  • Sir Derf

    🙁 These deaths make me so angry! In my opinion these Scientology criminals sucker people in to their fraudulent quack medical frauds which loots them of money and does nothing for their addictions while diverting them from real treatment! Clinical studies bears that out as well as the growing body count.

    It’s horrible for everyone involved except for the Scientology criminals that get another victim’s bank account and merely moves on to the next victim, not giving one fuck about their victims so long as they get the money.

    Did Guy do any homework on line about these filthy Scientology criminals? Apparently no, he did not, otherwise I expect that he — and anyone else — would have seen that these bastards are the notorious Scientology crime syndicate and that science as well as their own fricken’ lawyers show their quack medical frauds don’t work.

    At the same time, I’m not surprised that people who fall for this deadly Scientology crap don’t do their homework when they have someone they love badly needing immediate help. That’s what these filthy vultures prey upon.

    And where the bloody fuck is the regulatory and Federal law enforcement agencies that are supposed to be keeping us safe from these fricken’ crooks?! Oh, right, the asshole Feds are too busy putting harmless dope smokers in prison, people whose doors got kicked in and a dozen fascist pigs with assault rifles ordered the non-violent, quiet, non-offending smoker to the ground. Meanwhile people’s children die because Scientology is diverting them from real treatment!

    There is a failure here among the on-line community also. When someone fails to be aware that Scientology’s Narconon is actually Scientology and that their quack claims do not work, it means that they did not get the information that’s available on the Internet. Some how we need a better process for inoculating people from falling for these Scientology bastard’s deadly Narconon.

  • Human-Kindness

    I graduated that hole with Tabby. We were the only 2 students to graduate that week and she was truly an inspiration to me, having been there already and doing well when I arrived. Her death is a BIG loss as her mere presence is much like a bright light on an otherwise dark day. What people do not really understand about that place is its TRULY, THE BLIND LEADING THE BLIND. Especially in Texas. There is no command, no one has a clue what they are doing, and no one has any idea whats expected of them in case of an emergency. No one is trained in or for ANYTHING. Its so bad there that I am failing to even portray it in the light it deserves. So as far as them contacting her father about her death, they seriously would have no clue who is even responsible to do so. They probably all thought the other had done so already. For a real show one should experience what happens when a student falls into seizures, or another throws up blood. And NO ONE has a clue what to do, even afraid to call 911.

  • Erica

    This is a terrible tragedy.

    Why would anyone IV kratom?