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Scientology drug rehab policy: Get the sexual assaulter out of state before police arrive


In the many lawsuits filed against Scientology’s drug rehab network Narconon in recent years, the allegation is often made that the facilities are not as safe as advertised. Not only have sexual assaults been reported, but some lawsuits have alleged that Narconon staff — who are often just recent “graduates” of the program themselves — offer drugs for sex in the supposedly drug-free facilities.

Way back in 1991, when Scientology was trying to get its new flagship operation going in Chilocco, Oklahoma (later moved to another part of the state and renamed Narconon Arrowhead, pictured above), the state’s Board of Mental Health could see the danger of recent graduates being hired right after they themselves were drying out, and then giving each other unsupervised “touch assists,” which essentially amounted to faith healing in the form of massage.

The practice of touch assists between male and female patients who are recovering drug addicts or alcoholics in private rooms renders the program unsafe in this respect.

The Oklahoma Board of Mental Health also noted that the idea of “detoxifying” by sitting in a sauna five hours a day for a month was completely bogus and unscientific, but that hasn’t kept lazy governments from allowing the quack Narconon method to operate pretty much unregulated around the country.

Anyway, the folks who keep a close watch on Narconon — at NarcononReviews and ReachingfortheTippingPoint — have documented voluminous examples of sexual assaults that have been reported at Narconons over the years. And we wanted to tell you about just one of the more recent ones for what it reveals about Narconon and its policies regarding crimes committed in their centers.

We’ve told you that friend to the Underground Bunker and researcher R.M. Seibert has been making requests for records of police calls to various Narconons around the country. As part of a records release Seibert pried out of the Pittsburg County Sheriff’s Office, where Narconon Arrowhead is located in Oklahoma, she noticed a 2011 record which said that the father of a 47-year-old man wanted to report his own son for assaulting an 18-year-old woman at the rehab center. The father was turning in his own son, the brief record said, because Narconon itself refused to report the crime. Wow.

Seibert followed up with another request — was there more information about that incident?

Her persistence paid off. Not only did the Sheriff’s Office dig up the more complete record of what they learned in 2011, but they also made a call this month to follow up on finding the perpetrator — and they got a surprise. Here, take a look at the report Seibert recently received (we’ve removed the name of the victim)…


So what did we learn? That Narconon will get your ass on the next plane out of Oklahoma if you are accused of shoving your hands down the pants of a female at their facility, and they’ll do it before the police arrive, which they aren’t about to call anyway.

We also learned that requesting documents from a law enforcement agency might actually get them up off the couch to see if they can locate a fugitive. But in this case, it all turned out OK, with the perp dead and all.

American justice!


FHCabanasBabywatch, day four: Lisa McPherson in Room 174

Alice VanGrondelle, librarian for the Flag Land Base, was so unhappy that she’d been pulled in to help watch over Lisa McPherson, she wrote up a Knowledge Report about it to complain about the people who sent her there.

At 1:30 in the morning on November 22, 1995, she’d been awoken by Leslie Woodcraft, a personnel officer, who told her she needed to go relieve a woman name Susanne Schnurrenberger.

Susanne had done two days of watching a public Scientologist who had gone “Type III” — psychotic — and Susanne needed rest. Leslie said there was a car waiting for Alice to take her from her apartment to the Fort Harrison Hotel.

Alice refused. “This is not my hat,” she said angrily, using Scientology jargon to say it wasn’t her job to watch some crazy public. Leslie said it wasn’t her “hat” either, but Alice had been chosen and needed to go. She was a veteran and could handle a Type III, Leslie told her. And while Alice was there, Susanne would watch the library for her.

Alice continued to refuse, and Leslie started cursing at her, telling her to get the fuck out of bed. The argument went on for 25 minutes.

Knowing there were no senior executives she could appeal to at 2 in the morning, Alice finally gave in and agreed to go.

She arrived and replaced Valerie Demange, who had been working for more than 24 hours straight. Alice confronted the same scene her previous caretakers had. Lisa McPherson was in Room 174, one of the cabanas out by the pool, but this was no vacation setting. Lisa was “blabbering” and “incoherent,” and she was dressed in only a bra and panties and was cold as an “ice cube,” Alice later wrote in her Knowledge Report.

Alice herself was wearing thermal sweats and a coat, but she was wary of getting close to Lisa, after hearing that she’d been violent with the other caretakers. When she sat down next to her, Lisa talked gibberish but seemed harmless.

Alice went through Lisa’s luggage and pulled out a pair of jeans and a long-sleeve shirt. She also put shoes and socks on Lisa, who indicated that she liked Alice’s coat, so Alice gave it to her to wear. She wore it throughout Alice’s 16-hour shift.

Around four o’clock in the morning, Lisa laid down to get some rest, and slept through about 6:30.

About an hour later, Alice asked her, in a written note, if Lisa was hungry. Lisa said she was, and when Alice wrote another note asking what she wanted, Lisa said she wanted a shake. (If you’re just joining us on this series to remember, in real time, what happened to Lisa McPherson 20 years ago this week, her caretakers were prohibited from saying anything in her presence, according to the rules of the “Introspection Rundown,” which L. Ron Hubbard came up with in 1973.)

Alice went outside where a security guard, Alfonso Barcenas, was sitting on a bench. She asked him to go to the kitchens and bring back a breakfast of eggs and potatoes, but also a protein shake. What he brought back was huge.

“It must have been almost a quart shake with protein, bananas, strawberries, some kind of a fruit, I think. It looked fantastic,” Alice testified later.

Lisa nibbled at the eggs and potatoes, but she drank the entire shake and drank some orange juice.

While that was a good sign, Lisa was also still talking nonsense and moving around the room erratically.

She would count to eight and then spin around like she was dancing, about 30 or 40 times during the day, Alice estimated. Lisa talked about people Alice had never heard about, and a man in particular.

“If he was here, I’d like to see him. He was so much to me,” Lisa said.

Hour after hour, Alice wrote, Lisa talked incoherently, and her breath was “foul.” A sign, Janet Reitman noted in her book Inside Scientology, that Lisa was beginning to suffer from uremia, a toxic condition caused by her kidneys functioning poorly.

At times, Lisa would suddenly burst into tears and say, “E.T., go home. E.T., go home.” She did it one time while resting her head on Alice’s shoulder.

Another time she talked about a woman she’d had fun with, and the bars they had gone to for drinking and dancing. She would tell a story like that, and then suddenly go into her count and spin around again. Or she’d put her legs on Alice’s and talk “gibberish” as if she were having a conversation with her.

Besides the disconnected talk, Lisa was also spitting, Alice told police. “She’d spit all the time, spit on the floor, spit into her juice and spit on the food. And then at one point she spit and threw my coat on top of it. I was like, Oh, God.”

Lisa also got violent, kicking a dresser to the point that Alice worried she was going to hurt herself. She called Alfonso for help, and Lisa then took swings at Alice and bruised her. After about 45 minutes of taking swings at the two of them, and saying “horrible profanities about men,” Lisa finally calmed down again and sat down on the bed.

When Alice had dressed her, she didn’t notice any bruising or other marks on Lisa. But she did see half a dozen red marks on her face, and wondered if she had measles.

She also noticed that afternoon that Lisa was warm, and might be developing a fever.

That evening, after her 16-hour stint, Alice was replaced by Valerie Demange, who was back for another shift. Alice never went back to the room or saw Lisa again.

In her Knowledge Report, what seemed to anger her the most was that, in fact, her post at the library had not been covered as promised and it had been a busy day there. Also, she had not had any food or drink during her entire time with Lisa, and then she had no way to get back to her apartment and had no money with her to get anything to eat.

Alice complained that she was “out of sorts from the whole ordeal.”



We didn’t get a chance to include photos in our book, so we’ve posted them at a dedicated page. Reader Sookie put together a complete index and we’re hosting it here on the website. Copies of the paperback version of ‘The Unbreakable Miss Lovely’ are on sale at Amazon. The Kindle edition is also available, and shipping instantly.

Our book tour is concluded for now. (But you can re-experience it through this nifty interactive map!) We’ll let you know about future appearances. Previous events: Santa Barbara (5/16), Hollywood (5/17), Orange County (5/17), San Diego (5/20), San Francisco (5/22), New York (6/11), Chicago (6/20), Toronto (6/22), Clearwater (6/28), Washington DC (7/12), Hartford (7/14), Denver (7/17), Dallas (7/20), Houston (7/22), San Antonio (7/24), Austin (7/25), Paris (7/29), London (8/4), Boston (8/24), Phoenix (9/15), Cleveland (9/23), Minneapolis (9/24), Portland (9/27), Seattle (9/28), Vancouver BC (9/29), Sydney (10/23), Melbourne (10/25), Adelaide (10/28), Perth (10/30)


Posted by Tony Ortega on November 22, 2015 at 07:10

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  • Chee Chalker

    Completely O/T….Glen is alive! Hooray!! (Walking Dead reference)

    • Jo

      Haven’t watched it yet 🙁

      • Chee Chalker

        Aaargh….sorry….never mind…..he’s still dead……
        I do have to say, I didn’t think they would kill.him off that way…..if he dies, it will be saving Maggie.
        I do think something is going to happen to Rick….not death, but something. He’s going a little crazy

        • Jo

          No, still haven’t watched it, waiting till Mr Jo off work. I still think he could be alive, he could have crawled under that dumpster. Love Glen’s character, Are you watching The Leftovers? It’s so thought provoking, every episode is good.

    • order66

      I don’t watch the show (prefer the comic book), so tell me, has a character named Negan shown up yet?

      • daisy


      • Frodis73

        No, but Jeffery Dean Morgan was just cast last week in this role.

        • order66

          Business will pick up when Negan arrives. If you aren’t familiar with the comic, he is one of the most despicable villains I’ve ever seen in any medium.

          • Juicer77

            Many of us watchers don’t read the comics. Plus the producers and directors often throw in some twists to change the plotlines for the show. But yeah, dude is on the horizon…

    • Eclipse-girl

      haven’t watched it yet.
      Daughter E and I watched the scene from 3/4 weeks ago where glen may have died , MANY times.
      We were sure he had not died and this is something the producers are doing because everyone loves Glen and Magigie, but they are so damned bored of Rick and Carl.

      • Juicer77


      • Juicer77

      • Douglas D. Douglas

        I’ve never seen two minutes of the show and I’m bored…!

      • Chee Chalker

        Well, I don’t think they can kill off Rick….but maybe Carl?
        Idk….if that kid doesn’t cut his hair, may kill him.
        I’m sorry if I spoiled it for you!
        I do think there is going to be a major cast death this season…. Now, who will it be??

    • Ella Raitch

      Spoiler!! But I had already looked it up on line and had been scouring every page to convinve myself that his unseen death was not so.

      I am happy (although it is possible he will die soonish anyway).

      • Juicer77

        How do we know he’s not “bit”? I predict a tearful goodbye anyway at the mid-season break.

        • Ella Raitch

          There are strong indications that he will go – I wish they’d stop messing with us though. I thought he was a goner last season when the dude at shot him (I haven’t bothered with many Alexandrian names as I think they will mostly be zombie food).

          • Juicer77

            We’re getting hardened by the zombie apocalypse! 😉

      • Chee Chalker

        If I spoiled it for you too, I am very very sorry! I did not even think that other parts of the world would see later. Normally, wouldn’t other places be a few seasons behind? That’s been my experience…. But again apologies!!
        I have to say, the show did a good job of making us believe he was a goner

        • Ella Raitch

          No worries Chee Chalker – since Glenn’s death I have been looking on the internet anyway (desperately!) to see if/when he was coming back. I had already found out when I read your post xx

          • Chee Chalker

            I too have been searching and hoping the dumpster rumors were true.
            I am happy Glen survived, but you just know one of the major characters is going to get it soon.

            • Ella Raitch

              Let it be Tara!

            • Chee Chalker

              I agree….not only because she is a Scibot and treats her father like garbage, her character is annoying.

    • daisy

      Talking Dead tweet – i

      • Chee Chalker

        Me too….I’m hoping that after 18 months of a zombie apocalypse I would have lost a little weight…

    • thanks for ruining it for me… the episode is shown the next day in the UK

      • Chee Chalker

        Yikes! I’m so sorry!!! Next time I will highlight with Spolier Alert.
        I did not even realize you were getting the current season of TWD….usually you guys are a season or two behind.
        I blame my Scottish cousins…..they made no mention of TWD…..they are fixated on The Good Wife, so that should show you how behind the times they are….
        Anyhow, again I am sorry…. But you have to say you’re happy Glen is OK, right? I won’t tell you how other than to say Jon Snow saves him…

        • “us guys” actually get the very top shows at the exact same time as the US – Game of Thrones and True Detective were broadcast similtaneously (early morning in the UK)… just about everything else is pretty much the next day. One of the main reasons they do this nowadays is to combat all the ftp sites that put up the programs as soon as they’ve been broadcast as good broadband allows you an HD copy an hour or so after.

          but thanks for your kind thoughts

          • Chee Chalker

            I didn’t watch the second season of True Detective…. (I really liked the first). I started to watch it, but kept falling asleep…is it worth it to power through?

    • Juicer77


    • Ella Raitch

      Now if we could just resolve the Jon Snow situation

  • Jimmy3

    Completely O/T…. The Planet of the Apes is Earth.


    • daisy

      You Bastard why didn’t you yell spoiler alert first ! Pffffft

      • Jimmy3

        Because I’ve been dead the whole time. Didn’t you notice how cold it is here?

        • daisy

          I must be in hell, I am warm and toasty, sort of like menopause. Oh hell, does that mean I am going to have mood swings too?

      • Eclipse-girl

        Daughter E had never seem the movie. It was made before she was born.
        She still wanted spoiler alerts about the ending

        It made me chuckle

    • Paul V. Tupointeau

      Hey Jimmy3, is your avatar picture a wafer of Soylent Green? 😉

  • mon elle

    Final thought for the night ….

    An ambitious young Sea Org registrar was in her office late one night when David Miscavige appeared. He said that he had a proposition for her. “I will make you the best registrar in the world. You will win every case. Your colleagues will be in awe. You will be rich and famous and everyone will be jealous of you because you are so smart and so talented. In return, I want the souls of your siblings, their kids, your parents, your grandparents and everyone in the world you love.” The years young registrar looked at Miscavige and replied, “So what’s the catch?”

    • B4you

      Reminds me of – Needful things! – With Max von Sydork

  • order66

    The bit about the Narconon facility jogged my memory about something that happened last summer. My best friend (brother from a different mother, father to my three godsons) was home on leave from the Air Force in July. He got to talking about his cousin who was, not for the first time, in drug rehab. I asked him where, fearing he would say Narconon Arrowhead. Fortunately, it was a center somewhere else, with a reputation for actually helping people. Later on, I told him about my concerns. That’s when things got scary/funny.

    My blood brother was shocked and offended that scientology has even a minimal presence in our beloved Oklahoma. He looked me straight in the eye, and said with a conviction that scared me a little, that if his Uncle This-And-That and Aunt So-And-So had sent his cousin to a scientology rehab center, then he and I would have been taking a trip to Eufala to break the boy out. Would we have been taking someone else, the guy who is the closest either of us has to a big brother, a man who is frankly intimidating even to close friends, and is a former corrections officer with CLEET certification, along for the ride? Oh yes, my brother said, big brother would have been going with us. This was scary, because he as serious about it as he’s ever been about anything else. Funny, because he thought that his wife and our brother’s wife (who I call Mama Bear for a reason) would have allowed it. Don’t know how interesting anyone will find this, just remembered it and figured I’d share. Anyway, good night everyone. Working retail at this time of year is exhausting.

    • Juicer77

      Whoa. I hope you explained to Captain GungHo that he would get himself into serious legal trouble doing that. Bless you, Retail Worker, for putting up with the crap that gets thrown at you during the holiday season! Been there, dealt with the crazy.

      • order66

        After he ranted for a minute, he said “We wouldn’t be able to do that would we?”. I said “No, brother, but it sure would be tempting.”
        As for the crazy this time of year, crazy I can handle. It’s all the stupid that gets to me.

  • Jimmy3

    . . .

    • Eclipse-girl

      DO you have memes with Rat Finks?

      • Jimmy3

        I just make em as I sees em.

  • Doc M

    Off the topic of scientology for a second.

    My wife and I binge watched a British Psychological dramatic series (6 episodes) on Netflix.It was just released.
    It’s called “River” and it was really, really excellent. It also costarred one of my favorite actors: Nicola Walker.

    Be warned, don’t start unless you have 6 hours to spend, it was that good!

    • PerpetualOutflow

      Thanks Doc. LOL, I needed to kill another six hours.

      • Doc M

        It’s worth it!

    • PerpetualOutflow

      Are you sure that’s the titlle? Not seeing an exact match.

  • daisy

    Good Night buggies Science Doc and Mrs. Verve sending up more prayers and positive wishes for a speed recovery. Salin, I also feel like your family. So sorry for what you and your family are going through. Pull each other through this. I will send up special prayers to give you strength and courage. Lisa RIP, you are not forgotten.

  • Eclipse-girl

    Paging Tony O

    Downstream just a lil bit,
    Chee Chalker, D^3, Margie8 and others were debating the Emmy that we have been told Ted Koppel won for the David Miscavige interview in 1992.
    Evidence of the award seems sketchy.

    Please help us out.

    Thank you in advance.

    • Jimmy3

      It’s not really something Tony has to look into, unless you’re asking him to track down where the rumor started. Neither Nightline nor Ted Koppel won an Emmy in 1992, and they weren’t even nominated that year. Simple web searches confirm this.

      • Eclipse-girl

        I ask Tony O to research the HOW and WHY this rumor was perpetuated.

        There are lesser known award, just like for the oscar, that do not get the same attention as the big 5 oscar awards.

    • Paul V. Tupointeau

      Can’t find it listed here:

      • Eclipse-girl

        I looked there too
        In a different search I found that Ted had won 37 Emmys, but I could not find each one of them specified

    • Intergalactic Walrus

      Would you doubt Freedom Magazine?
      “Then, too, the only previous television interview to which the Church leader had consented was a 1992 appearance on Nightline with host Ted Koppel. It is still remembered in the annals of broadcast journalism. For here was a show originally scheduled for Koppel’s usual 30-minute slot, but so compelling was the exchange, so entirely unique in both the history of Nightline and live interview journalism as a whole, the segment was extended to a full 90 minutes. Moreover, the last half hour was entirely without break and all paid commercials were canceled (unheard of on network television). That the show was also critically acclaimed goes without saying; it earned an Emmy, which is the television equivalent of a Hollywood Oscar.”

      • Eclipse-girl

        yeah, because we all know how reliable FREEDUM magazine is /s

        Hell, I am boggled by people who thing the pyramids are storage for grain, or that Syrian widows and orphans constitute a threat.

        • Intergalactic Walrus

          I was just laughing at the rest of that Freedom article. They claim that Anderson Cooper is not smart enough to interview Miscavige. That must be why there have been no interviews since Koppel. Nobody has the smarts to match wits with that genius Miscavige! HA!

          “Larry King was the only CNN host qualified to interview the Scientology leader; while in contrast, Cooper lacked the intellectual heft to carry a one-on-one interview with any intelligent subject for any substantive length of time.”

          • Eclipse-girl

            I never cared for Larry King.
            I would not consider him a man of intellect.

            • Douglas D. Douglas

              King is/was a facile chatterer who would have given CoS exactly the level of gravitas they desired.

            • Sejanus

              King made me cringe everytime that stoop shouldered scarecrow opened his mouth.
              An infected tapeworm attached to an intestine would be better conversation.

          • Serena Romeo

            Intellectual heft? From a high school drop out? If he hadn’t lucked into becoming boss of a criminal enterprise, Davy would only be qualified to work in “You want fries with that?” kinda job. And even McDonalds has standards. No punching people for example.

      • madame duran

        The hyperbole in that paragraph…ay yi yi. The interview that’s still remembered in the annals of broadcast journalism!! Surprised they didn’t add, “The interview forever changed the way TV interviews were done henceforth!!” Funny how the Emmy back then was viewed with such importance–the television equivalent of a Hollywood Oscar!! But when Alex Gibney wins not one, not two, but THREE Emmys for “Going Clear”, the cult dismisses the achievement as a sign of him being “obsessed” with awards. LOL!!! Talk about sour grapes! I hope the documentary goes on to win an Oscar next year just to have Miscavige feel the burn and stew in his own fetid urine pool.

        • ccyankee

          For realz. Who writes like this?:
          The annals of broadcast journalism?
          Goes without saying? (But apparently not without writing 😉
          “Hollywood” Oscar?
          Are these gems straight from the pen of Miscavige?

          • Juicer77

            Dan Sherman, author of “ShermanSpeak: You Too Can Sound Like A Pompous Windbag”

            • ccyankee

              Ahh…Got it. I’ve seen references to Shermanspeak on occasion when the subject involves Dave’s marathon speeches. It’s such an obnoxious way to present material, for a group that claims to be the authority on communication. (Reminds me of my 15 year-old Honors English students from when I taught high school who were so, so eager to show off their thesaurus referencing rather than focusing on depth and message. I used to buy red pens by the bundle back then.)

          • Andrea ‘i-Betty’ Garner

            “Goes without saying? (But apparently not without writing)”

            Heh 😛

      • Douglas D. Douglas

        Now, now. I am sure everyone remembers where they were on that unforgettable night of February 14, 1992, when David Miscavige held the nation spellbound for ninety minutes.

        • Ella Raitch

          Who? 😉

        • Chee Chalker

          More like it was such a spectacular 90 min car crash, that no one could walk away…..

    • Tony Ortega

      Yes, for the 14th News & Documentary Emmy Awards, awarded in 1993 for work in 1992, Ted Koppel won for Outstanding Interview Program for his interview of David Miscavige.

      As for it being the equivalent of an Oscar? Nah. They hand those things out like candy. But it was a remarkable program, and it did win Ted a statuette.

      • Douglas D. Douglas

        Thanks for providing a complete description.

        Yes, this was such a momentous award that it is absent from all but a few on line sources about the career and awards of Ted Koppel!

        Interesting to note that the same year Koppel won this for the Miscavige interview, there were also awards for Charlie Rose and Barbara Walters.

        • Jimmy3

          The “14th News & Documentary Emmy Awards” were hosted in the same year (1993) they gave out the “45th Annual Emmy Awards”. So even the Academy of Television and Whatever considers it a separate deal.

          • Douglas D. Douglas

            Yep. This is the “separate deal” that also gives out the regional Emmys.

  • beauty for ashes

    Any light night visitors, would you please click the HEART right next to the # of recommends. Thank you kindly!

    • Graham

      ‘The organisation, which describes itself as “non-religious church of health and healing”, claims MMS is no different from giving sacrament in church services.’ ie we’re not religious but we want to be allowed to do nasty things under the cloak of religion.

      If they want to make money off the desperate by selling something which doesn’t work why have they chosen something so corrosive? If they’d chosen something more benign (dihydrogen monoxide perhaps?)they could presumably have stayed under the radar?

    • Juicer77


  • Juicer77

    OKAY – if anybody posts news from the lastest TV show, ending of a book or twist in a movie, they must precede it with this: (f5)

    I gotta go lie down now 😉

    • Douglas D. Douglas

      Psssst! Glen (whoever that is) is not dead.

      Pass it on.

      • Juicer77

        *pinches DDD so hard*

        • Douglas D. Douglas


  • STOP PRESS… photos of scientology’s OT IX and X supposed top secret cloning revelations show a lot of work still needs to be done


    [does anybody have the link mentioning the cloning thing in the next OT levels?]

    • B4you

      That’s what i say! They all become One… No need to worry.

    • Juicer77

      it. all. makes. sense. now.

    • nommables


    • I don’t have the source link but I suggested someone should do the same thing with Cruise/Miscavige [calling Obs or Mark P]

  • pamphlet#1

    Has this shown up and been confirmed yet? (sorry on mobile device)

  • Chee Chalker

    Don’t be bummed!…Koppel. Did win the Emmy, but not for the reasons the cult thinks….
    The confusion came.about because I guess there is not much not there about it…..
    I agree that an Emmy is not ‘just like an Oscar’, but I think the funny thing about this while situation is that the.cult thinks Miscavige was the reason Koppel (20/20) won the Emmy…… And he was in a way… one could believe that 1) Miscavige kept putting his foot in his mouth and 2) he agreed to continue for a longer interview!
    Just goes to show how oblivious they are to the truth.

    • Margie8

      I read that when asked if he has graduated from High School, he responded, “I don’t understand the question,” LOL! God, I don’t wanna watch it but if he really addressed up that bad…

      • Chee Chalker

        I don’t remember the high school question from the Koppel interview. I think you may be thinking about a deposition Miscavige gave many years ago (it’s out there on the net for all eternity to enjoy).
        He was asked that question and gave that answer during that dep.
        How the attorney did not lean across the table and smack the $hit out of COB is beyond my comprehension!

  • theworldahead1

    Alice said she was out of sorts, and heavily angered because her library post had not been covered; even though she had just attended to an extremely malnourished, mentally unstable woman, that for all intents and purposes was being held as a prisoner. Now, to me; this sounds like someone who has an aberrated mind, not like someone who is successfully using the tools of Scientology. How could someone leave a human being in that condition; yet have no sense of guilt, not even the slightest? I would never in my life want a woman like that to attend me; if I were ever in need of a caregiver. The people responsible for Lisa McPherson’s demise, and subsequent death; deserve to be prosecuted for murder and given the death penalty. But they should make them go through the exact same process that they did with Lisa; as the means of execution.