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DOX: A former L. Ron Hubbard business partner dishes on Scientology to the feds


[Hubbard, circa 1958]

For more than a year now we’ve been bringing you previously unseen and often startling documents that our friend and researcher R.M. Seibert managed, with the help of the MuckRock website, to pry out of the hands of the Food and Drug Administration in a Freedom of Information Act request.

The FDA investigated L. Ron Hubbard and Scientology from about 1958 to 1971, and raided the Washington DC church in 1963. The documents we’ve recovered have ranged from Hubbard’s high school grades to interviews with family members, former church members, and even some major science fiction figures.

Last January, we told you about a really odd little nugget that turned up in the pile. FDA inspectors became interested in a man named Joseph Ettelmann who had a business dispute with Hubbard. According to the FDA files, Ettelmann and Hubbard had become “close friends” and had gone into business together, becoming partners in a jewelry plant that manufactured Zodiac pendants for use in Hubbard’s church. Then they had a falling out, leading to a lawsuit and a wild scene when Ettelmann tried to serve the suit on Hubbard.

At the time, we noted how crazy that sounded. Hubbard and astrology? That’s not a connection we’d ever heard before. Well, now we have even stranger stuff to fill out that tale a bit. It turns out that in February 1963, the FDA tracked down Ettelmann and interviewed him, and we thought you’d want to see what the man said. Some of it is just plain weird.

On February 12, 1963, FDA inspector George D. Tilroe visited with Ettelmann at the office of his attorney. Ettelmann at the time lived in Kensington, Maryland.

Arrangements were made with Mr. Malcolm Houston, 1010 Vermont Ave. Washington, D.C., to interview his client, Mr. Joseph C. Ettelmann. Mr. Houston is currently involved in a civil action against Mr. L. Ron Hubbard on a charge of false arrest of Mr. Joseph Ettelmann, which was brought about following the acquittal of Mr. Ettelmann in a Civil Action No. 14-60, entered in the District of Columbia, June 14, 1962. Information concerning this particular court action was previously submitted in a memorandum to the Division of Regulatory Management.

Mr. Ettelmann, during 1957 and 1958, was involved in the sale of property to Mr. L. Ron Hubbard. In order to consummate this sale, Mr. Hubbard required Mr. Ettelmann to take courses in the Founding Church of Scientology. Mr. Ettelmann took courses in processing, and actually completed only four sessions. The civil action interrupted additional sessions which Mr. Ettelmann was planning on taking at the Founding Church of Scientology. Mr. Ettelmann supplied the following information. Most of the information which he supplied cannot be documented and is his personal opinion.

Hubbard had created Dianetics (1950) and then Scientology (1952) claiming that both of them were based in science, not religion. But after an initial boom had gone bust, in 1953 he admitted to close follower Helen O’Brien in a letter that things really couldn’t get any worse. They were being investigated and harassed by the government, the press was brutal, and they were having a hard time attracting new people. So, he told her, they might as well try “the religion angle.” On December 18, 1953, Hubbard and his son, L. Ron Hubbard Jr., and their wives signed incorporation papers in Camden, New Jersey forming the first “Church of Scientology,” as well as two other entities, the Church of American Science and the Church of Spiritual Engineering. A couple of months later, in February 1954, one of his followers started a Church of Scientology in Los Angeles that would eventually become the “mother church.” Hubbard didn’t start the “Founding” Church of Scientology in Washington DC until July 1955, but then it became his chief location until he left the United States a few years later and moved to England.

Mr. Ettelmann stated that during 1957 and 1958, Mr. L. Ron Hubbard, Jr. and Mr. Glenn Elliot were ministers of the church who presided over the religious sessions. Miss Marilyn Routsong was, at that time, treasurer of the various organizations. He stated that until October 1958 Mr. L. Ron Hubbard, Sr. was present full time at the Washington facilities. In 1958 Hubbard left to reside in England. Mr. Ettelmann indicated that several meetings were held by Mr. L. Ron Hubbard, Sr. during which he attempted to alleviate the fear of the members of the church about the use of the atomic bomb. To do this he indicated that clearing of the various individuals would protect them from atomic fall-out. Mr. Ettelmann described Dianetics as the bible of the organization and Scientology as the practice.

Yeah, that sure sounds like Hubbard. It’s sometimes hard to remember that for much of the early history of Scientology, Hubbard used the fear of atomic annihilation as a strong motivating force. Even into the 1990s, we’ve been told by former members, young people would be told that they needed to give up their regular lives to become Sea Org members because a nuclear holocaust was on the horizon. Imagine how much stronger that fear was in the 1950s.

Mr. Ettelmann stated that during his business dealings with Mr. L. Ron Hubbard, Mr. Hubbard indicated to him that the church had been set up as a means of eliminating tax payments, as the church is a tax free organization. He indicated that Hubbard told him, that through his church affiliation much of the businesses handled by L. Ron Hubbard could be handled through this tax free organization. During 1957 and 1958, Mr. Ettelmann received many checks from Mr. Hubbard, all of which were signed by L. Ron Hubbard. Most of the checks received were also countersigned by Marilyn Routsong and/or Mary Sue Hubbard. Mr. Ettelmann indicated that most of these checks were drawn on the Lincoln National Bank of Washington, D.C.

Mr. Ettelmann stated that “processing” was definitely indicated as a means of eliminating various physical afflictions. He stated that they indicated that after one was processed and had become clear, that these physical ailments would be eliminated. He further indicated that one can be audited without the use of an E Meter, but that an individual cannot be cleared without the use of an E Meter. He then went on to say, however, that the practice of Scientology was indicated as a cure for various ailments even though the E meter was not used.

The Food and Drug Administration was the federal agency investigating Scientology because, at least back then, the federal government was more vigilant about its role as a watchdog concerning bogus health claims. In Dianetics, Hubbard had claimed that nearly all of mankind’s physical ailments are actually psychosomatic and could be eliminated with his counseling techniques. In practice, this led to claims that he could cure just about anything with Scientology, and that had aroused the interest of the FDA.

An individual interested in being processed or becoming an auditor would go through a series of several sessions learning this practice. At the time of the first session, the E Meter would not be used. However, during the second and/or third sessions of processing, the E Meter would be an essential component. He indicated that the beds located in the various rooms of the building are used in the processing procedure when the E Meter is used. The patient being placed in a reclining position at the time of the processing.

Mr. Ettelmann stated that he could definitely testify to the fact that Dianetics was promised as a cure for physical ailments. He stated that he knew this by overhearing a conversation between an auditor (name unknown) and a female patient who had lesions on her legs. He also recalled another incident where an individual with lung trouble was promised help by the use of the Scientology practices. He stated that his only knowledge of the use of the E Meter and the attempted cure of a patient was with regard to a female who suffered from “female trouble.” He stated that he could not remember the patient’s name or the exact details, except that the auditor had inserted the cord of the E Meter into the vaginal opening to obtain his E Meter readings and that complications (believed to be an infection) had resulted.

We hadn’t heard this one before. Perhaps one of our oldtimers could expound on the notion of one of the E-meter cans being used in such a way. And yeah, those things are filthy.

Mr. Ettelmann stated that the organization freely practiced “free love.” He indicated that Mr. L. Ron Hubbard continually philosophized that “what the body is capable of the body shall do.” He further indicated that most of the rooms in the various buildings had tape recorders hidden beneath the beds and/or under various pieces of furniture. He felt certain that this information, obtained on the recorders, was used in a mild form of blackmail. Mr. Ettelmann stated that he, himself had been blackmailed by Hubbard when he was hesitating about the signing over of a piece of property to Mr. Hubbard. He stated that Hubbard had indicated to him that it would be wise for him to sign over the property if he did not want information concerning a previous divorce of Mr. Ettelmann to come out into the public. Mr. Hubbard indicated that the divorce action was not legal. Mr. Ettelmann stated that he had checked into this and as far as he could tell it was a legal divorce, however, he would not take the chance that it was legal, knowing of Hubbard’s ways and means of obtaining information. He also stated that Hubbard let him know that he knew of an arrest that had been made in Georgia on charges that Mr. Ettelmann had committed armed robbery and rape. Mr. Ettelmann had been acquitted of these charges. The information concerning this robbery and rape charge was obtained by Mr. Hubbard from the security check list which Mr. Ettelmann had filled out.

Wow, there’s a lot to unpack here. First, we have to admire the Crowleyesque nature of Hubbard’s edict, “What the body is capable of the body shall do.” We can totally see him saying that. Anyone know if he said something similar in a recorded lecture? As for Ettelmann’s claims that Hubbard had investigated him and was threatening to blackmail him — while we can’t check out Ettelmann’s claims, this follows precisely the practices that Hubbard described in the Manual of Justice (1955) and later policies of how to investigate and threaten someone Hubbard considered an enemy. While David Miscavige and his private investigators get all the ink today, there’s little doubt that Hubbard was ruthless with the dirt-digging even in the 1950s. And one of the chief tools used by both Hubbard and Miscavige is the “security check,” when Scientologists are compelled to spill their guts about their most private affairs while hooked to an E-meter. For 60 years, Scientologists have been handing over to the church the material that can then later be used against them.

Mr. Ettelmann was questioned as to his knowledge of various individuals who have been connected with the organization. He stated that Mr. Richard Steves did auditing during 1958, as well as Mildred Dean Galusha. Mr. John Galusha was said to have been in charge of all auditors, with particular emphasis on those auditors who traveled throughout the country. Mr. Ettelmann also indicated that Mr. Bonnie B. Turner had made several advances toward Mr. Ettelmann and on one occasion had been “slugged.” He also stated that Mr. George T. Elliott performed marriages at the church.

Mr. Ettelmann stated that he recalled hearing of a 13 or 14 year old girl, who had resided at the Academy of Scientology for over one year. He indicated that this girl had been classed as mentally retarded (this individual may be the Helene Mason referred to in my previous memo). Mr. Ettelmann stated that Mr. Brinkman (the attorney presently handling the FDA seizure action) was, at one time, a member of the Founding Church of Scientology and a close associate of L. Ron Hubbard. Mr. Brinkman is said to be in constant personal contact with Mr. L. Ron Hubbard and was believed to have been connected with Dianetics during its reign in Kansas.

Mr. Ettelmann was questioned as to his knowledge of the reasons for the change of name from “The Church of Man’s Religion” to the Founding Church of Scientology. He indicated that L. Ron Hubbard had informed him that this change was made due to tax implications. Hubbard had indicated that the New York Founding Church of Scientology was a tax free organization, whereas the Washington Church was not. The change of name was brought about to facilitate the purchase of equipment, supplies, etc. through the New York City church on a tax free basis. The equipment then was turned over to the Washington church by means which lower the tax rates.

We hadn’t heard this one before. “The Church of Man’s Religion”? Does that ring a bell for anyone? Also, we can’t find any reference online to a “New York Founding Church of Scientology.” Ettelmann may be mistaken, or it’s possible he’s passing on things Hubbard told him that were not true. But we love the idea that Hubbard had at one time called his outfit The Church of Man’s Religion, and we wonder if that can be corroborated.

Mr. Ettelmann stated that members of the church and auditors may buy E Meters. He further indicated, however, that auditors don’t have to be members of the church. Concerning the church, he indicated that he believed the membership fee was $25.00 a year and that in addition to this fee, donations were collected during the church services. He also recalled that a building fund drive was instituted sometime around 1958.

Mr. Ettelmann was questioned as to his personal knowledge of any immoral acts performed on the premises of the Founding Church of Scientology. He indicated that he had no direct knowledge, however, the female associates of the church congregated at a small restaurant on the downtown side of the Conn. Ave. and R St. interchange (across the street from Empire Drugs), between the hours of 9:30 and 11:00 PM. He stated that these women spoke freely and loudly of their relationships with Mr. L. Ron Hubbard and other individuals connected with the Founding Church of Scientology. He stated that this restaurant is still used as a hangout for the members of these organizations.

This is kind of the best thing ever. The Scientology gals hanging out at the corner drugstore each night, swapping stories about their exploits with Lafayette Ron in the sack. Observer, this scene sounds ripe for shooping.



Mr. Ettelmann stated that he had been requested to design and build a “memorial for the living.” This memorial was to be hung in the Founding Church of Scientology. He described the memorial as a large brass plaque with a light behind it, and a means of cutting script names into the plaque. Each name would be for an individual who was willing to pay $400.00 to have his name placed on this “memorial for the living.” Due to the court action, this plaque was not finished. He also indicates that he had manufactured bracelets with a small emblem on the top. This emblem consisted of a triangle with two S’s embossed on top. On the back of the emblem were the following letters:

AD 8
John Doe
Scientology clear

Mr. Ettelmann stated that the “AD 8” indicated 8 years after the founding of Dianetics (After Dianetics 8). These bracelets were presented in January of 1959 to some 350 individuals who attended a Scientology Congress at the Shoreham Hotel. Mr. Ettelmann stated that most of these individuals were from foreign countries.

Mr. Ettelmann stated that he would be more than willing to be a witness at any trial, or to help us in any way that he could.

George D. Tilroe

We don’t know if Ettelmann was ever called to testify in the litigation that followed the 1963 FDA raid and that dragged on into 1971. Eventually, the two sides settled, and Scientology was required to put a disclaimer on all of its E-meters that it was not a device for medical diagnosis. But thanks to R.M. Seibert, we’re finding that the FDA’s investigation resulted in so many great documents. Isn’t this fun?

Here’s the document itself…


FDA 1963 interview of Joseph Ettelmann


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            • It was a photo shoot of some kind. Probably for some compliance program.
              I remember nothing about this photo at all.

              Dude holding the cans is Keith Abell, he was a Course Supervisor, but after years of psychological abuse from Chief Reg David Sonenfild he agreed to stay on staff as a Treas Sec. Still there, as far as I know.

            • outraged

              Your eyes are wild.

            • I look like a hungry vampire.

            • Cedilla

              You’re not the one holding the cans.

            • No.

            • Cedilla

              Ok. I know.
              ” Dude holding the cans is Keith Abell”
              I misread.
              So. Why is he the course supervisor?

            • Ask him. Eta: he wanted to be a teacher?

            • grundoon

              “Keep both cans on the table where I can see them, Mister.”

            • Frodis73

              Weren’t we all? You still are a cutie pie Dodo.

        • daisy

          Oh that is hilarious I thought you were the one on the cans. You look far too happy and eager .

          • Mark Foster

            Daisy, it´s the slivovitz 🙂

        • Baby

          This is a keeper.. absolute fabulous picture.. You have such distinctive eyes..and so handsome Do..

  • Oh Poor Tom. Looks like he is on the RPF. (Courtesy of

    • Ha! If only.

    • outraged

      Poor Tom is also thought of as narcissistic. Who knew? A Blind (F5) about narcissistic personality disorder asks about a president, presidential candidate, rapper and actor. Everyone is guessing Tom Cruise for the actor. Self centered perhaps, but he doesn’t really have ALL the other characteristics. DM, however, is a horse of a different color.

  • outraged

    Robert Ettelman seems like a character from a spy movie, the one with all the secrets and all the hidden evidence. Is he still alive? Stunning that he just spits right out like a sunflower seed that Mr. Hubbard indicated to him that the church had been set up as a means of eliminating tax payments, as the church is a tax free organization.

    game set and match. In a perfect world.

    • Cedilla


  • seriouslyWTF
  • Spike Robinson

    Xenu window progress:

    I am planning to create an OTIII-themed faux stained glass window – currently in sketch form. Thank goodness for Photoshop. The whole thing is going to be three panels, the center 2’x2′, the sides 1’x2′, executed in glass paint and rubber stripping on thin sheets of acetate. When it’s done, it shall portray the OTIII story in all its meretricious glory. But for now, I’ve got the first panel sketched out. This is a sketch; this is only a sketch. Otherwise, I’d be up to my elbows in paint by now. Soon…

    (Although I’m still working out the fine details, I hope to raffle this off in salute of HowdyCon, and then use the proceeds to purchase a care package with various goodies and a couple cards bearing the current blown Scn staff helpline number. Logistics of how to get these bits o’ love to the right folks inside the Orgs is being taken under advisement.)

    • Ella Raitch

      Looking good Spike

      • Spike Robinson

        Thanks. 🙂

    • daisy

      It is going to be beautiful. I want it.

      • Spike Robinson

        Well, I’m still trying to figure out the best way to raffle it off online – that way everyone only pays a little no matter the amount of funds raised, and yet everyone has an equal chance of winning…

    • Frodis73

      This thing is going to be so cool.

      • Spike Robinson

        Thanks… been working on it still. Here’s an update:

    • Mark Foster

      I WANT ONE! 🙂

  • Jimmy3

    I need advice… I have a crush on this former auditor, but I’m pretty sure they’re married. What to do?

    • daisy

      For God sake fight for her-him.

      • Jimmy3

        I should. It’s not like there are more like him. He is the last of his species.

        • daisy

          Any pics?

          • Jimmy3


            • daisy

              You know what is fun , laminating photos and make them into kick ass collages. Photo shop yourself into them. Cut up letters and write him a love letter. Mail the photos to him.

            • Jimmy3

              I said a crush, not a stalker obsession. Jeez, daisy.

            • daisy

              Oh that is what I am doing wrong.

        • Todd Tomorrow

          Give him some oral!

    • Ella Raitch

      Donating big bucks to the IAS would be a logical first step

      • Enturbulated Masterbator

        Brilliant move my dear!

    • We can always Snapchat.

  • Joy Lover (Ex-CS)

    Don’t know if it’s been mentioned, but just got hit in LA w/ Scientology commercial while watching “Amazing Race” on CBS!

  • seriouslyWTF
  • Frodis73

    I was trying to locate any reviews of the movie Holy Smoke that tackled the horrible way they handled “de-programming”. While searching I came across this pp presentation about LRH from 2014. Basically, what I gathered from a quick look, they are saying Hubbard didn’t support brainwashing.

    • Bobby Tolberto AKA TDA

      Chris Shelton covered it in one of his Q and As on YouTube, he watched it after being asked about it and he was very negative about some of it. It was within the last 6 to 8 weeks, maybe November or so? If you drop him an e-mail, he’ll be able to tell which one it was.

      • Frodis73

        That is why I watched the movie today, until his video I didn’t realize it was about cults. I was hoping to find some articles that criticized how they handled it. I am going to email Chris over the weekend too.

        • Bobby Tolberto AKA TDA

          Another movie about cults but much more realistic than HS is Ticket to Heaven, based on the Moonies. Meg Foster does a great job as a cult leader who is ruthlessness in her service to the cult.

  • I wonder what the genuine brilliant minds at the TED 2016 conference thought when they came across this guy, lol

    …. I think his tag says they could talk to him about “Peace”


    • Frodis73

      Gag. I really want to smack that kids smirk off his face. Not really, I would never hit a child…I am not violent, but he is beyond the normal annoying teenager.

    • Enturbulated Masterbator

      One more reason why I dislike the TED conference. I want to barf from all the smug pollution anytime I hear it on NPR.

  • TheCommodeDoor

    CoS ran their “Cos Supports 1.5 Million Volunteers To Help Change Lives” commercial tonight in the middle of The Amazing Race. LA, KCBS.

  • Frodis73

    Another link discussing sci’s influence in the arts. The site is worth checking out considering we were just speaking of academics selling out for the cult. I did a quick search and some of the stuff i have read before (like a study of both the SO and the RPF) but others, like the topic of art and scientology are new.

    • If I had my way, every single article link to CESNUR in Wikipedia that wasn’t to a verifiable document copy would be scrapped as non-Reliable Source.

      And any document link that began “preliminary version, do not cite”, would not be cited.*

    • Good grief, what pretentious twaddle!

    • A wonderful example of;

      1) Taking inconsistant, made up nonsense at face value and seriously (i.e. Scientology)
      2) Cherry-picking details from this doctrinal mess (just like a Scientologist) to support a rather banal thesis. He is seeing connections which exist only in his mind.

      In actual fact there is no influence to speak of. Scientology is remarkable in this regard only in that it has little influence on anything in the wider world, let alone art. This is a consequence of Scientology being so insular and demanding. Members typically have no time for creative endevours and those who did produce before joining seem to find that it puts a damper on their ability and output (exactly the opposite of what the CofS promises). Once you are in, all that matters is pusuing Scientology to the exclusion of all else (and paying for it).

      This is a guy who gives academia a bad name – he’s even been stomped on by a UK satirical magazine

      I’m not sure Melton is actually corrupt… he is a classic useful idiot who would attract no attention whatsoever for his work if it was not for his connection with the CofS.

      • Frodis73

        Great link. I don’t know why I’m surprised these guys lie…it just seems so crazy because they know they are going to get called out on it, but they don’t care. They are definitely more concerned with legitimizing the new religious movement field by any means necessary.

        • I think people like Melton really believe that they are doing sterling work (with a little help from the subject of their ‘study’). He really is a useful idiot who can be relied upon to fool himself for as long as is neccessary.

          Melton occupies an intellectual cul-de-sac where people believe that the most bizarre docrines should be taken at face value. No real-life influences are allowed to intrude – for example, the fact that Scientology doctrine was invented on the fly in resonse to practical challanges to L Ron Hubbard’s power, not to mention the abuses of the CofS.

          Legitimising high-control groups is a by-prouduct of his efforts in the niche market he has made for himself – a ‘brave’ academic defender of ‘religious freedom’. He’s not doing it to advance the cause of Scientology, he’s doing it to advance his own career with Scientologys’ connivance.

          Thing is, he’s not taken seriously by a satirical magazine, let alone his own peers. Truly a useful idiot.

  • daisy

    I am sure this is posted somewhere, but Harper Lee, the author died.

    • Frodis73

      This year is off the hook when it comes to death.

  • I’m not really a fan of religious albums but must admit I do have quite an inkling to hear this one….


  • here’s a little bit of snark thrown at tiny tommy from Family Guy

    • messed about with it in some comic software


  • Enturbulated Masterbator

    In the year of our Xenu, AD 66.

    Ok, building fund drive in 1958. Sounds familiar…hmmm.

    And that vaginal e-meter brings clarity to the claim of being screwed by $cientology.

    BTW, Mr Bonnie B. Turner sounds like a fun guy! I wonder if they recorded his bed sessions, too.

    • I wonder what read an e-meter might get from my ass?

      • ithilien

        A floater?

      • ithilien

        A floater

  • Intergalactic Walrus

    OMG! She has already mastered that CO$ stare!

    This was posted on Instagram by Chloe Kardoggian, who is described as “3 pounds. 2 teeth. 1 giant tongue. NYC senior rescue (dob 5/11/04).”

    PHOTO CAPTION – “Today I’m strategizing about my celebrity path. QUESTION: At what point should I announce I’m studying Scientology and kabbalah? Discuss….”

    • Juicer77

      Awesome XD
      +1000 points for senior rescue doggie!

  • Intergalactic Walrus

    I guess these clams are unaware of what David Bowie thought of the CO$…

    Thorsten Overgaard ~ “A mural of Bowie records made on Joy’s body. Our final memory of Bowie.”


    • Blissfully unaware of how the real world views their crazy cult. Smug and snug in their superiority.

  • Dave Reams

    If you were a devoted Scientologist who worshiped Ron like a god (on your knees, on all fours, … ) and got implanted by him, wouldn’t you be thrilled to have his love child? Despite Ron’s probable insistance that the pregnancies be disposed of quietly and without sorrow, surely a few babies must have slipped through the cracks?

    These Children would be in their 60’s and 70’s now … Donald Trump’s age

  • Chocolate Velvet

    Well, I haven’t had time to read the entire thing yet, but in the first few pages there is stuff like this:

    “Mr Ettlemann stated that the organization freely practiced ‘free love’. He indicated that Mr L. Ron Hubbard continually philosophized that ‘what the body is capable of the body shall do’. he further indicated that most of the rooms in the various buildings had tape recorders, hidden beneath the beds and/or under various pieces of furniture. He felt certain that this information, obtained on the recorders, was used in a mild form of blackmail.”

    That is a very Crowleyan “philosophy” there that Ron was allegedly spouting about the body. The blackmail, though — that is pure LRH. What a fatal blend…

  • J breezy

    What is the significance of the stars on the continents on the cloth behind hubbard in the photograph used as the article thumbnail?