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Visualizing Scientology’s latest ‘Going Clear’ public relations disaster


As former Scientology spokesman Mike Rinder pointed out yesterday, Scientology’s attempt to frighten a Clearwater, Florida movie theater out of showing Alex Gibney’s documentary Going Clear only ended up with straight up and vertical expansion: Now two theaters in the area will be showing the movie.

If that doesn’t sum up Scientology PR, we’re not sure what does.

This all began to play out on Friday, and we know you’ve been following it. But we decided to get a visual of the situation, since we’re in the Big Apple and we don’t really know Tampa-area geography all that well.

Gibney’s documentary has had quite an interesting journey. It tells the stories of eight former Scientologists, and your proprietor is also fortunate enough to be included. It premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in Utah in January. Then it had a two-week theatrical run in New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles (where it was held over a third week) in order to qualify the film for Oscar contention.

The HBO-produced documentary then got its first wide opening when it debuted on HBO on Sunday, March 29, and then played numerous times over the next month, and on demand. It quickly became the most watched HBO documentary in a decade. Since then, the documentary has made other openings in countries around the world. But it was delayed for legal reasons in the United Kingdom and Ireland, where it finally played last night on Sky Atlantic. In the meantime, it picked up three Emmy Awards — for best documentary, and Gibney also picked up awards for best writing and best directing.

Now, the film is getting another theatrical run, opening in several cities on Friday. (Meanwhile, you can now pre-order the DVD at Amazon, for shipment October 6.)

It isn’t any wonder that among the select cities chosen for the new theatrical run was Clearwater, the location of one of Scientology’s most important headquarters. But then, that plan ran into a snag. As the Tampa Bay Times pointed out yesterday, the reasons are somewhat disputed, but let’s see where the controversy ended up.

On the map, we’ve marked the location of Scientology’s complex in downtown Clearwater with a red star. Initially, HBO arranged for Going Clear to get a run at Cobb Theatres’ Countryside 12, which we’ve marked with a “1”. (For scale, the distance between the Cobb movie complex and Scientology’s Fort Harrison Hotel in downtown Clearwater is about seven miles.)

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Cobb changed its mind after receiving threats from the church, which Scientology denies. So HBO then arranged to have the movie shown at AMC Woodlands Square 20 in Oldsmar, which we’ve marked with a “2”.

But yesterday, we learned that AMC Woodlands had also dropped out, citing “space” reasons. Well, whatever. What’s more important is that now HBO has arranged viewings at two theaters — Muvico Palm Harber 10 in Palm Harbor, and AMC Veterans 24 in Tampa — which we’ve marked “3” and “4”.

Yes, they’re a little farther away, but not inconvenient for the people in Clearwater. (It’s a car culture down there, and the locals are accustomed to driving a bit for events.)


And of course, besides the number of theaters doubling, the real miscalculation for Scientology has been creating a news story that’s only going to get more people talking about Going Clear. But then this is the idiot regime that took out full page ads about Going Clear in the New York Times and Los Angeles Times before the Sundance premiere which, Gibney pointed out, could only have been more useful to him if they’d included film times.

Where does the bullying of a couple of movie theater chains rank on the all-time Scientology PR-fail list?

We still think this is going to be hard to beat: When Scientology leader David Miscavige learned that the Los Angeles Times was working on a story about him and Tom Cruise in 2005, he tried to convince the paper that there was really no story, and that he and Tom were just a couple of regular guys who liked to hang out. And to help make that point, Miscavige had this photograph sent to the newspaper, which it happily used in its piece about what a couple of weirdos these guys are…


David Miscavige, public relations genius.


Bryan Seymour has questions

Vicki Dunstan, Scientology’s head in Australia, gets a few questions from our man Down Under, Bryan Seymour…

And here’s the full report…



Bonus photos from our tipsters

Kelly Preston is the latest celeb sent to a far-flung locale for fundraising. Check out her fiesta in Mexico City, and with fellow whale Tom Cummins!




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Posted by Tony Ortega on September 22, 2015 at 07:00

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  • Todd Tomorrow
    Love soldiers dancing must have some gay in me!

  • RBE

    Another Brian Seymour clip, hot off the Twitter timeline:

    • hansje brinker

      Scientologists masters of communication.Laughable.

    • Missionary Kid

      The clam uses the camera just like the Squirrel Busters.did, and he’s communicating as much as they did, too.

    • Graham

      Thanks RBE. The only time you see people stone-walling like this is when they are on their way into, or out of, the court room and their lawyer has advised them not to say anything, because anything they might say could only make matters worse. Scientology- looking more like a blatantly criminal organisation with every passing day.

    • ReallyMGM

      Confront and shatter with a Fisher-Price toy camera.

      I know it’s probably a $300 Sony, but this is what it reminded me of…

    • EnthralledObserver

      Ahh… Bryan Seymour is a card, isn’t he? Hammer those questions at him… haha.

      • Unex Skcus

        Cool how he squeezed in so many choice tidbits about Co$ in just 2 mins. 🙂

  • Pierrot

    *** RED X +–+ Reminder +–+ RED X *** Wednesday, 23 September 2015.

    Good morning Night Owls and Early Birds,

    Sunday 20th: Detroit did well and leads SFBay.
    Monday 21st: Boston scored a couple and saved the day.
    Tuesday 22nd : LA leads SFBay & San Antonio

    RedX tips & Complaints procedure are included in the google doc under the RedXTips tab.
    Flag the lies, whack a few bait & switch ads :

    F5… Tycho by Pklkmike enhanced by DodoTheLaser for RedX and flickred by Aeger Primo

    • salin

      A 24 hour project – conceived of yesterday afternoon: focused whacking. Let’s see if we can’t make some of the CL ads from Ohio (Columbus) disappear in honor of our Proprietor’s appearance in Cleveland (Ohio) tonight. If you reset your modem (or wifi connection if on wifi) between rounds – you can go for more than one round of whacking.) Columbus ads are: 344 – 381.

  • madame duran
  • madame duran

    No reply from JAW (apt acronym for Scientologist John Alex Wood. All flappin’ jaw, no self-thinking brain)

    • Juicer77


      • ReallyMGM

        JAW asks, “What about the rest of us?” Does this obsessed little toad think anyone, let alone Alex Gibney, would want to interview him about anything?

        • GrandEclectus

          Can’t imagine Miscavige would let this John “My Precious” Wood be any more a mouth piece for the cult than he is. He has already proven he can’t do interviews. Couldn’t answer basic questions about NarCONon and proof. (Well, tbf, there isn’t any.

          Gonna predict his time will be up soon. Sadly, I’ve heard too many stories about people like him being discarded by the cult.

          Has he ever converted anyone but his g/f through his social media efforts? I’ve seen him fumble the ball on a couple of contacts, one seemed genuinely interested.

          • ReallyMGM

            JAW is a odd piece of work. He actually seemed to be distressed he wasn’t interviewed for “Going Clear.” I question whether he as important as he he seems to think he is. From what I see he is operating from a script he has concocted from Freedom magazine articles yet views himself as a PR representative for the organization.

            I have always ignored him, but today I responded to that particular tweet. I would have liked to have had more than 140 character to have been clearer that it was Miscavige’s job to speak first before any secondary interviews (whether used or not). But let’s face it, JAW is chattering to himself, not engaging In conversation. He responded with an answer taken from Freedom. I didn’t respond and don’t intend to in the future.

            • GrandEclectus

              He’s not worth your time. Sick man. The cult destroys people. He’s fully indoctrinated.

            • ReallyMGM

              The ones that need the psychiatric medications the most campaign the loudest against them.

      • Vaquera

        Look at you up so early!

    • EnthralledObserver

      Do be sure to let him know there’s going to be a sequel and if his offer is legit to get in touch with Alex Gibney. 😉

    • Miss Tia

      wait, he WATCHED it?!

      • madame duran

        Most likely he was TOLD about it. Can’t take his eyes off his Monty Python obsession, you see.

    • GrandEclectus

      He doesn’t answer us directly. He just gets his girlfriends to harass critics, carrying on over whatever we say. What a weasel.

  • Jack99

    I’ve shot myself in the foot and I can’t get up…

  • Richard

    So, David Miscavige, will you arrive in Harlem to open the Ideal Org in a Fiat?

  • Miss Tia

    Who knew one could be excited to visit Parma??

    • jazzlover

      I too could get excited if you make it parma-giana 😉

  • TheMirrorThetan

    Hey. Don’t make fun of those of us that are vertically compact.
    Wait, hold on you are making fun of the Petty Little Bitch, Carry On. 🙂

  • Miss Tia

    hey now, i asked mr. google and it APPEARS they do!!!

  • jazzlover

    O/T: Emails from the Corea camp are no longer being “signed” by the Rooneys. The latest is:

    Dan Muse
    Community Manager
    Chick Corea Productions

    Is he a known sci guy?

  • Unex Skcus

    Vicki Dunstan appears to have rigor mortis of the mouth…

  • willloomis

    Bryan Seymour is awesome, you can tell the CO$ abuse really bugs him and thats what makes him relentless. Nathan Bacca is pretty cool too

  • PappeKak

    Scientology PR is of “Titanic” proportions.

  • GhostOfFloBarnette

    I’m sorry but this is so funny! The Emmy win doesnt help them either. The Scientology doomsday clock is ticking louder than ever!