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Ryan Hamilton files his 28th fraud lawsuit against Scientology’s drug rehab network



Las Vegas attorney Ryan Hamilton is at it again, filing his 28th federal fraud lawsuit against the Church of Scientology’s drug rehab network, Narconon.

Once again, he’s filed a lawsuit against Narconon’s facility in Nevada, Rainbow Canyon Retreat in Caliente, and this time the plaintiff encountered problems with the rehab center just this year, in January.

Hamilton has filed lawsuits against Narconon facilities in California, Nevada, Florida, Louisiana, and Colorado, while other attorneys who have been watching his cases closely have also filed them in other states. Before he started filing the cases, Hamilton advertised for plaintiffs, and lately we’ve been seeing others do the same, including a Minnesota attorney, James Rolshouse, whose TV ads our readers keep noticing. We tried to reach Rolshouse, but he didn’t get back to us, so we don’t know when he plans to file a lawsuit.

But Hamilton keeps plugging away. We found court records that suggested that three more of his cases settled recently, which tells us that Narconon’s attorneys are cutting checks to make them go away. But that hasn’t kept Hamilton from filing yet a new case.


This time, he’s representing Paul and Carla Savoie of Saskatoon, Canada, and they’re suing Narconon Fresh Start, the entity that runs the Rainbow Canyon Retreat. They’re also suing Narconon International, Narconon West US, and ABLE, all Scientology umbrella groups that oversee individual Narconon centers.

On January 8, 2015, the Savoies went looking for a facility for their son, and called an 800-number at a website. They talked to Narconon representatives who told them the usual spiel — that the Narconon program consisted of professional counseling with a high success rate.

The Savoies paid $33,000 and their son arrived at the Caliente facility on January 13.

The next day, though, Narconon called and said their son’s withdrawal was too severe, and they sent him to another facility in Huntington Beach, California.

At that point the Savoies were sent an “admission agreement” which explained that the Narconon program was written by L. Ron Hubbard. When the Savoies asked Narconon representatives about a connection between Narconon and Scientology, the reps denied that there was a connection.

The Savoies didn’t believe it, and went to Huntington Beach to pick up their son before his program had even begun.

The Savoies asked for their money back, but even after Narconon promised a partial refund, they received nothing.

In the complaint, Hamilton then describes the actual elements of the Narconon program that he’s put together over his many lawsuits. That Narconon is thoroughly controlled by Scientology and trains patients in Scientology, and delivers none of the things it promises.

Fresh Start is using the Narconon program to introduce Scientology and L. Ron Hubbard’s “technology” to unwitting patients seeking drug rehabilitation. This is exactly as the Church of Scientology directed as part of its “Social Coordination Strategy.”

The Savoies are suing Narconon for unjust enrichment, fraud, and negligent misrepresentation.

Here’s the complaint…


Savoie vs Narconon: Complaint by Tony Ortega


NAFC files a new complaint, attends hearing in LA

Continuing our legal updates this weekend, we’ve been trying to keep up with what’s happening in the giant National Association of Forensic Counselors lawsuit against Scientology. If you remember, NAFC director Karla Taylor filed a federal lawsuit in Oklahoma against 82 defendants, including Scientology leader David Miscavige, over what the NAFC characterized as a deliberate misuse of its logos and certifications. Scientology’s drug rehab network, Narconon, was fraudulently misusing the NAFC’s trademarks to make it appear that its counselors had credentials they hadn’t actually earned, the lawsuit alleged.

Narconon International president Clark Carr struck back with a class action lawsuit in Los Angeles that appeared to be a pretty naked legal maneuver. After the NAFC had sued Scientology (including Carr) over the way its certifications had been misused, Carr countered that he was harmed because NAFC’s certifications had been useless to begin with. (Um, then why did you advertise for years that you had the certificates, even in cases where they had long ago expired?)

Since then, we noticed that NAFC recently filed an amended complaint in the big Oklahoma suit, but that according to the case’s court docket some of the original 82 defendants are being dismissed from it. NAFC attorney David Keesling tells us that based on the feedback they were getting from the court, they have decided to break up the case and file against some of the defendants in California and other venues. So we’ll be looking forward to seeing those new complaints.

Meanwhile, on Thursday a hearing was held regarding the Clark Carr class-action suit in Los Angeles. And get this — Scientology now says it wants to replace Carr as the lead plaintiff with Daniel Manson, president of Narconon Fresh Start, the Northern California network of rehab clinics. Why? Well, maybe the fact that Carr suddenly absconded from the Narconon International offices in Los Angeles, which were hastily shut down, and lately has showed up in Tijuana has something to do with it. (We’re told that Carr’s adventure south of the border won’t keep him from being deposed in the NAFC suit. We can’t wait to hear about his sudden urge to close up shop in Hollywood and vamoose to TJ.)

Anyway, Keesling says that the NAFC’s motion to dismiss the class-action suit will be heard on August 11 in Los Angeles, and it sounds like it might be a pretty entertaining day in court. We hope to have someone there to watch.


David_MiscavigeAnonymous hacks Swiss company for Ideal Org link

Hey, this feels like a blast from the past. On April 24, Scientology opened its newest “Ideal Org” in Basel, Switzerland. It’s always fun to see which local dignitaries get suckered into appearing on the podium with Scientology leader David Miscavige. This time, one of the folks who spoke at the event included Marco Pulver, identified at Scientology’s website as “Executive Director of Implenia North-West Switzerland.”

A major construction firm in Switzerland, Implenia’s website was hacked Thursday, and made inoperative. The hackers left the message, “Hello Implenia, your cooperation with organized crime Scientology is obvious and disturbing. Marco Pulver is one of the rats of Scientology and is not the only one in your company. While the Swiss government cares shit, we, the people respond for the people.”

Implenia responded with its own message, put out in a press release…

Implenia’s website was the target of a hacker attack on Thursday night. Hackers gained access to the website and posted false messages on it. At this stage it is still unclear who exactly is behind the attack. Implenia condemns this criminal activity and has filed charges against the unknown perpetrators. The attack seems to have been motivated by the recently completed conversion work done on the Scientology offices in Basel. Implenia would like to make it clear that it has no connections with Scientology.

Gosh, it kind of feels like 2008 all over again, doesn’t it?

We noticed that since the attack (which got wide media coverage in Switzerland), Marco Pulver’s description at Scientology’s site has been changed to “leading Swiss construction manager.”


Jorge_FloresNever trust a Scientologist in a yellow jacket’s excellent resident translator, mnql1, has a fascinating story this morning out of Mexico. We’re not entirely sure we understand the situation, but it appears that Mexican journalist Jorge Flores (pictured) embedded himself with a search-and-rescue group, Topos de Tlatelolco, that was flown to Nepal by Scientology along with a couple of its “Volunteer Ministers,” and now finds himself stranded in the earthquake-ravaged disaster zone.

Here’s mnql1’s translation of the story, from Mexico’s Excelsior newspaper…

Mexican reporter stranded in Nepal because of bad planning by a Scientology NGO

by Raúl Flores Martínez
May 9, 2015

Bad planning by a Scientology non-governmental organization has left a Mexican journalist stranded for a month in Nepal’s disaster area, which was hit by a powerful earthquake measuring 7.9 degrees on the Richter scale.

In a telephone interview, Mexican reporter Jorge Flores, said that the NGO had sponsored his transportation to the devastated area, along with a team of 23 members of Topos México. However, he has to stay at least a month in Kathmandu to justify the trip.

“I was told that I had to stay at least a month to justify the cost of the trip. I’ve been waiting three days for them to make the change, but I haven’t received an answer. They’re only giving me the runaround.”

His words punctuated by a bad cough, he said that the food there is presently contaminated, so he hasn’t eaten anything. He reiterated that the invitation he received had come from Topos México, a group sponsored by Scientology.

“After the earthquake, the Topos invited me and the NGO, Scientology, paid them. My understanding was that I could return whenever I want, but now it turns out that I have to stay at least a month to justify the expense.”

To return home, Jorge Flores must come up with 90,000 dollars to pay for three flights: from Nepal to Delhi in India, from India to London, and from London to Mexico City.

“For three days, I’ve been trying to ask them to send me back, but I don’t see when. There was an American in the same situation, but they sent him back the same day without any problem.”

He concluded by saying that, because of the bad planning of his itinerary, he remains in the region without a return ticket to Mexico, since he doesn’t have sufficient financial resources. He said he has tried to contact the authorities at the Mexican Secretariat of Foreign Affairs to facilitate his transportation to Mexico.

So Scientology wanted to make a show of sending Mexico’s famous “Topos” rescue team, and now a reporter is risking his life because the church is too cheap to send him back after stranding him there? Well, you know, Scientology always wants to get its money’s worth out of every catastrophe.


Bonus photos from our tipsters

“Best team ever,” says the person who posted this photo.




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The Kindle edition is now available for pre-order at Amazon, and will be delivered on May 14. Go order your copy today!

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