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Jefferson Hawkins: Getting our ethics in

GettingOurEthicsInJefferson Hawkins was once the top marketing executive for the Church of Scientology and helped it reach its greatest extent with the famous “volcano” TV ads in the 1980s. He’s told his tale of getting into and out of the church with his excellent books Counterfeit Dreams and Leaving Scientology, and in 2013 he helped us understand the upside-down world of Scientology “ethics.”

We were thrilled that Jeff helped us slog through L. Ron Hubbard’s book Introduction to Scientology Ethics. If there was one subject we had wanted a better understanding of, it was the complex system of control that Hubbard invented. One of the things that non-Scientologists have trouble understanding is how Scientologists can talk so much about “ethics” and yet do things that a normal person would consider unethical — such as disconnection, the RPF, participating in shady business deals, and a host of other questionable actions. In 14 installments, Jeff waded through this material for us.

Here are the 14 posts…

Starting Today: Jefferson Hawkins Helps Us Get Our Scientology Ethics In! (10/17/13)
Jefferson Hawkins on Scientology Ethics: Let’s Get Utilitarian! (10/24/13)
Honesty in Scientology: Jefferson Hawkins Helps Us With Another Ethical Quandary (10/31/13)
Statistically Speaking: Jefferson Hawkins Takes Us Into Scientology’s Numbers Fixation (11/7/13)
Jefferson Hawkins Drops In To See What Condition Our Scientology Condition Is In (11/14/13)
The “Ethics” of Political Power: Scientology’s Worship of Ruthlessness (11/21/13)
Jefferson Hawkins Explains the Ethics of Scientology’s “Suppressive Person” (11/28/13)
How Does Scientology Take Over a Mind? Jefferson Hawkins Tells Us About “PTS” (12/6/13)
How Scientology ‘ethics’ creates your very own Truman Show (12/19/13)
Scientology’s snitching culture: Jefferson Hawkins explains the ‘Knowledge Report’ (1/2/14)
Jeff Hawkins: How Scientology’s ‘Third Party Law’ explains anything they want it to (1/9/14)
High crimes and misdemeanors: Jefferson Hawkins on Scientology’s bizarre criminal code (1/16/14)
Jeff Hawkins on Scientology’s brand of court martial — the ‘Comm Ev’ (1/23/14)
Jefferson Hawkins finishes off our series on Scientology ethics with a reprieve (1/30/14)

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